Older circus news from Denmark 2021

29 May 2021

Circus Mascot skip this summer's performances at the circus farm in Roslev. Due to Covid-19 restrictions Circus Mascot decided about at moth ago not to tour in 2021. Instead they planned to have summer performances in their winter quarter in Roslev, Jutland. But they have now given up making such performances.

For many years, Daniel and Marianne Deleuran have had a good and close cooperation with the Ukrainian clown Gulio (Ulmas Gulyamo) and his family. They should have been part of the summer performances in Roslev. But problems with obtaining a work permit mean that Cickus Mascot so far has dropped their summer concept. In a press release, they write (my translation):

“Who in the world is the clown… who has not understood the system? Circus, like other parts of Danish cultural life, is challenged by both the covid pandemic and the handling of the same. Circus Mascot has again had to cancel already planned performances, workshops and tours of the circus farm - but this year because SIRI, the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, does not see itself able to carry out an otherwise standardized procedure, and issue working permission to our house clown through 18 year.

Our Ukrainian clown family, the Gulyamov family, cannot travel to Denmark and participate in our summer events because - this year - a return permit cannot be granted to the family as long as SIRI is still looking at Gulio, our clown, application for extension of work and residence permit, which was applied for in October. It is, they say, landed at the bottom of the pile when first-time applications are handled first.

We have, in Circus Mascot, now employed the same clown for 18 years and cannot just replace him with another. Our audience expects to meet Gulio when we open the doors. We had hoped the same.

We have been shut down both last year and this year because the area requirement means that we will only be able to play for 127 people - and that is not profitable. Therefore, our season has not started as we usually do in the month of March. As an alternative - and financial foundation for our circus survival - we had planned 60 circus performances with accompanying workshop and tour, now that the aid packages are being phased out on 30 June. None of this can be accomplished.

We have a great understanding of a pandemic as a condition that no one can do anything about - but the handling that must support the survival of the small Danish companies, we think it is fair to make demands to! "

The Ukrainian clown Gulio could not get a work permit this year, even though he has performed in Denmark since 2003 and until now always has received the necessary permissions.

Artists who do not come from EU or EEA countries must have a work permit to perform in Denmark. It is well known that this is a cumbersome process, and the requirements of SIRI (the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration) are very cumbersome and sometimes impossible to meet. Many that the requirements act as bureaucracy for the sake of the bureaucracy itself.

The time frame for handling applications is long - currently it is reported to be more than 3 months - and there is no understanding that you cannot just wait until some weeks into the season to bring an artist to the show. This meant, for example, last year that Circus Arli had to replace a booked Russian artist with a pair of artists from an EU country at short notice. The fee for applications is currently DKK 4,295 (575 Euro), and there can be significant additional costs associated with obtaining a biometric face photo and fingerprints. Without such, SIRI will not even start looking at the application. And even if it ends in rejection, one gets neither the application fee nor the cost of biometrics reimbursed.

A new requirement is that the salary to the artist must be paid into a Danish bank account in a bank that operates a legal banking business in Denmark. The artist cannot have his salary paid in cash. The Danish bank account must be set up within 90 days after the residence permit being granted. For the first 90 days in Denmark, however, the salary may be paid to a foreign bank account.

The requirements are not made for tax purposes, as artists who stay less than 6 months in Denmark must be taxed in their home country and not in Denmark. And the requirement presents the problem that Danish banks are not interested in establishing an account for persons who are only on a short-term stay in Denmark. Duties to comply with the "know your customer rules" are far too extensive for there to be economics in creating such an account. The possibility of transfers to foreign accounts is hampered partly by fees for such transfers and partly by the fact that there are many countries where it is not common for citizens to have a bank account at all. Something that is difficult to understand for SIRI's employees who grew up in a country where even children have a bank account and salary payments in cash sound like something from a distant past.

Neither of the two circuses that are on tour this year, Arli and Baldoni, have artists from countries outside EU / EØS.

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28 May 2021

BOOKED UP – BOOKED UP – BOOKED UP. These are the happy messages from the two circuses which are on tour in Denmark this year: Circus Arli and Circus Baldoni. Until now, most of the performances have been sold out, often several days before the day of the performance. However, sold out does not mean, as in the old days, a full tent, but only that you have sold the number of tickets that the Covid-19 restrictions allow you to sell. The many sold-out performances proves that there are many who want a trip to the circus, and that demands for corona passes and the use of face masks do not keep the audience away.

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26 May 2021

Obituary: Belita Fossett Kaye. The retired artist Belita Kaye passed away on May 25 after some time of illness. She was 95 year old. She came from the famous English artist family Fossett. Charley Kaye, who together with a friend performed as Clifton Brothers, met her during an engagement at the variety and dance restaurant Bonbonnieren in Esbjerg, Denmark, and immediately fell in love with the beautiful red-haired girl. When Charley's partner in Clifton Brothers wanted to stop, Charley and Belita decided to do an act together - and they did so both in private and as artists. For many years they toured Europe with a comic knockabout table act, and Charley simultaneously jumped around among the spectators acting as a monkey (chimpanzee). The couple performed no less than 25 times at Hamburg's legendary Hansa Theater. The Englishmen met them at the Black and White Minstrel Show at London's Victoria Palace Theatre. The Danes met them, among other things, in Volmer Sørensen's Revykøbing revue in 1972. In 1988, Charley restarted with the assistance of Belita Amager's old Red Inn Theater in a gymnasium at a closed school at Amager, Copenhagen. The theater quickly became a success and offered, among other things, revues with artist performances instead of the usual chorus girls. In November 2006, the board of the theater thought it was time for a generational change and sent the couple to retirement. In recent years, the couple has lived in the Copenhagen suburb Dragør. Belita Kaye is survived by her husband Charley.

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25 May 2021

Circus Arli 2021 – a charming visit to the Seaside Hotel. The Danish journalist and theater critic Jørgen Siegumfeldt compared some years ago Circus Arli with the German Circus Roncalli and believed that Circus Arli was inspired by the German cult circus. As Circus Arli was founded in 1971 and Roncalli in 1976, one can discuss who is inspired by whom. But the two circuses have in common that they always present elegant and well-composed performances and can be said to be in a class of their own.

Circus Arli next to the Mill Hill in Floeng

This year's show is no exception. This year, the Arli family has chosen to present it as a themed performance under the title Fun at the Seaside Hotel. A title that fits very well.

The recurring characters in the performance are the multi-artists Alexander Arli and Francesco Fratellini, who, as in previous years, have a formidable interplay. In this year's performance, they have clown make-up with red noses, but have the part as waiters who get jobs at the Seaside Hotel.

Alexander Arli, like Francesco, is painted as a clown with a red nose

The performance begins with a bubbly charivari, where all the show's artists are on stage and show a few tricks. Jennifer and Anthony Ramos, for example, show a couple of the tricks from their roller skating act which thrilled the audiences in 2020, and Alexander and Francesco juggle. The culmination of the opening act is when Bettina Arli is conjured out of some suitcases stacked on top of each other. As a hostess at Seaside Hotel she then guides us through the performance.

Duo Ramos

Hostess Bettina Arli has just been conjured out of her suitcases.

The next act on stage is Duo Polupans with a funny entrée with buckets.

Duo Polupans

Bettina Arli is having trouble getting a bell to ring. It leads the entrée where Francesco plays the bells.

Bettina and Francesco

The show's first aerial number is a number in double tissue, performed by Sarah Floores and Jennifer Ramos.

Synchronous act in tissue with Sarah and Jennifer

Then Martin Arli enters the ring (which with Arli is a circular stage) with an entrée with soap bubbles and a little magic.

The next act starts as the classic entrée where a fine lady (Sarah Florees) is going to a restaurant. However, the waiters Alexander and Francesco have added a lot of new gags to the entrée so it's not just the familiar act with spaghetti - in fact, spaghetti is not included in the entrée at all.

Did they get tips?

Now Jennifer Ramos comes into the ring to show what she can do in trapeze. Unfortunately, she cannot reach the trapeze, so Anthony Ramos must help her. It turns out to be a terrific comic trapeze act, a bit like what we've seen the Wolff brothers do before. An act which the brothers actually had their debut with at Arli 2011, and which later brought them to the circus festival in Monte Carlo.

Duo Ramos in their comic trapeze number

They are followed by Martin Arli in an act where he makes a standard lamp fly. A bit in in style with the well-known flying table.

Jelena Vasiljeva now enters the stage with a hula-hoop entrée where several of the tricks are performed while she is up in the air. Unlike many others who allow themselves to be hoisted up under such an act, she can actually do something in the air. And luckily we get rid of the eternal final trick in hula hoop acts where the artists have to handle hoops that her partner throws at her.

Hula hoop in the air with Jelena Vasiljeva

After Jelena, Alexander and Francescos have a short run-in with a bottle conjured up from a pipe.

Now Sergeis Polupans comes into the arena with a suitcase, which he uses as a podium for his handstand act where he finally comes up high under the circus dome.

High up under the dome with Sergeis Polupans

The last act on the performance is a festive entrée where Alexander and Francesco are at the bar and juggling dishes, bottles and plates.

Party at the bar

"Is it already over?" one thinks involuntarily when the almost 2 hour long performance is over. And it is far better than if you sit at the end of the show and think "Isn't it over soon?"

Congratulations to the Arli family with another good and child-friendly performance. It deserves to be as popular as Danish TV2’s Seaside Hotel ( a Danish drama and comedy series which has been running since 2013) But among other things, Covid-19 limitations in the number of spectators means that the hardly gets the same number of viewers as the TV drama! It hurts a little on Martin Arli when they repeatedly have to side: "Unfortunately, we are not allowed to let more in", even though under normal circumstances he would have room for more in the tent. So when you go to Arli it is definitely recommended to buy tickets online in advance.

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22 May 2021

Successful circus day. The Danish celebration of World Circus Day took due to Covid-19 restrictions place with a 5 week delay. But fortunately, the day of May 22nd became a huge success when one takes into account the corona-related limitations.

Almost 50 persons listen to the retired artist Kurt Flemming when he with humour and many funny anecdotes told about the journey from being an artist and magician to first being Pierrot 5 years in Aalborg and then for 23 seasons at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen. Kurt Flemming was born on Sydfyn in 1952 and was trained as a mechanic under pressure from his father, but immediately burned his apprenticeship letter to create a livelihood as an artist and magician.


Charlie and Binalto from Circus 3 were able to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a glorious performance in the Fencing Hall. The performance was fully booked and several had unfortunately to be turned away. The Danish clown group Circus 3 originally consisted of 3 members: Jan Maartensson (the white-faced clown Alfredo), Bo Bjerregaard (the clown Charlie) and Jan Kierulf (the clown Binalto). For the last two decades, however, it has only been Charlie and Binalto. The corona has meant they have not been able to perform for the past year. Great again to see them in activity! Photos: Lise Kokholm


This year, Circus Baldoni had put up their tent on the lawn at Fægtesalsvej. Here too everything was sold out and the atmosphere was in top.

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21 May 2021

Circuses in Denmark 2021.

Just two of the Danish circuses are on a traditional tour this year: Circus Baldoni, which started the season on 6 May in Hillerød, and Cirkus Arli, which opens the season on 22 May at the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Fløng.

Circus Baldoni will tour until 26 August on Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn. After that, the plan is to continue the tour with performances in a number of arenas on Bornholm, the Faroe Islands and in Jutland. This year's performance was reviewed on this page on May 7th.

From the finale of this year's performance in Circus Baldoni. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Circus Arli is touring on Zealand until mid-September. This year's performance will be reviewed on this page at the May 29 update.

The theme park Circusland in Circus Arena's winter quarter in Aarslev near Slagelse offers performances from 22 May in Circus Landino as well as a number of other shows, including magic shows. In addition, there are a large number of rides - many more than in previous years. Until the summer holidays, it is open on all weekends and public holidays from 10 to 17. From 26 June to 8 August, open every day from 10 - 17.

Kim Kenneth, known as the Dane in the fast lane, is in charge of magic shows etc. in Circusland. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Circus Krone has cancelled this year's tour, but offers as sold performances the clown show Trifolikom & Thierry.

The Circus Farm in the Jutland seaside resort Løkken is open during the school holidays. It is owned by Katja Schumann. As it looks now, there will from week 26 be performances every day at 16, however not on Mondays.

Katja Schumann with the three white Arabs. Photo: Rikke Threms

Circus Trapez has given up their usual tour due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, they present a number of short Open Air performances. Some performances are sold performances, for others tickets can be purchased.

Circus Trapez Open Air performance last approx. 1 hour and is shown as an outdoor performance in a tent without a top

Circus Arena and Zircus Nemo are both taking a break this year. The limited number of tickets that the Covid-19 restrictions allow them to sell simply does not provide enough money to cover the daily costs. However, the Berdino family is active in running their theme park Circusland, see above. Also Circus Mascot has cancelled their 2021 tour but is considering having summer performances in their winter quarter in Roslev, Jutland

As in 2020 the Smash Man (aka the circus owner, actor and comedian Soren Ostergaard) has not the opportunity to complain about everything in Zirkus Nemos' ring. But he promises to be strong back in 2022. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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20 May 2021

International clowns at the Circus Museum. The Circus Museum in Hvidovre writes (my translation):

Sunday 30 May at 12.30 you can see the performance The Clowns Show, where a troupe of sweet and sympathetic clowns will entertain with a number of different entrées.

The good clown makes fun of himself and primarily exhibits his own flaws and shortcomings. It's a trait the clowns in The Clowns Show specialize in throwing themselves into spectacular magic entrées, “dangerous” acrobatics or presenting real flying carpets.

The clown characters in the show have been developed over the past year by students at the internationally acclaimed Commedia School, which has students from all over the world.

The Commedia School is a 2 year actor training program founded by Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1978, each September, a new group of students from around the world have been attracted to Northern Europe’s oldest physical theater school to develop themselves as performers. The school has started students on successful careers in many areas of performing including stage, street theater, circus, puppet theater, magic, children’s theater, performance, cabaret, and film. Because each class has students from many countries, the English language is used.

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20 May 2021

Circusland. The latest reopening agreement allows for indoor facilities in amusement parks, zoos, etc. to be open from 21 May with requirements for coronapas. This allows Circusland to open the playground and the arenas and to present a number of shows.

Subject to change, the daily program looks like this:

Kl. 10:30: Pony riding

Kl. 11:00: Animal ABC. See how the circus animals are trained and get tricks to practice with your own animals. Laura Berdino is in charge of the show. Kim Kenneth speaks.

Kl. 11:30: Magic show with Kim Kenneth, who has miracles and tricks up his sleeve in the impressive family magic show on the big show stage. His assistants are Jessica Caveagna and Kelly Janecek.

Kl. 12:30: Show with guest stars, presented by the Danish tv host Bubber.

Kl. 13:15: Kim Kenneth and the clown Jimmy Folco entertain young and old on the small show stage in the indoor Playground.

With a few exceptions, then Italian clown Jimmy Folco has been part of Circus Arena's performances since 1997. Here he is seen in the well-known entrée with the shark in the bathtub. The entrée was "invented" by the Russian clown Andrei Nicolajew (known as Nico), who showed it as early as 1971, although with a crocodile as opponent. The version with a shark as an opponent probably originates from the Swiss clown André Broger.

Kl. 14.00: Circus Landino - a real circus performance. You meet Kelly & Rudolf Janecek with perch. Rudolf also has a juggling entrée and Kelly an aerial act. Jessica Caveagna performs with sword balance and she and Kim Kenneth present illusions. Rudi Althoff presents liberty horses. The running character of the show is the clown Jimmy Folco.

Jessica Caveagna shows impressive sword balance over a ladder with fire. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Kl. 15:15: Show with guest stars, presented by Bubber.

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20 May 2021

Small Danish Circus Krone cancels season 2021. Frank Thierry writes (my translation)

Corona has had a hard grip throughout the entertainment industry and has cost many sleepless nights and it is unfortunately not over yet. Also Circus Krone has problems. We have fought a hard fight to keep our spirits up and tried to uncover all possible and impossible scenarios for season 2021. Time and lack of guidelines have been constant enemies. Rome was not built in one day and neither does a circus tour.

Now some guidelines have finally come and we have considered how to comply. Of course we could follow the guidelines, that's not the problem. It is just not possible for us to run a decent business under the current restrictions. These are the same challenges as last year and even with added demands on us and the audience.

We're a small circus and we love it. However restriction means that can in no way have enough spectators in the tent to cover our costs. Normally we can seat 220 spectators in the tent, now we can have a maximum of 78.

Unfortunately, the reality is that again this year, we must see ourselves beaten by the corona pandemic. It is with a bleeding heart that we must once again cancel our season.

How big consequences this has, we are investigating, but it is no secret that this is a very tough game both personally and businesswise.

That said, we are still continuing to work on alternatives for the summer. It is always possible to contact us with all kinds of inquiries. We can still offer sold performances, tent rentals and Denmark's best Circus workshops.

Just as in 2019 and 2020, the small Jutland Circus Krone has cancelled this year's tour. Photo: Per Krogh Petersen.

Circs Krone's cancellation of this year's tour provides an opportunity for a special offer, which they hope many will take advantage of: Trifolikom & Thierry - a terrific clown show for the whole family. The performers are Professor Trifolikom and the musician and multi-artist Frank Thierry. Click here to read more.

"Professor" Tonny Trifolikom and Frank Thierry

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14 May 2021

World Circus Day 2021. Usually, World Circus Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in April. However, due to the corona, the Danish celebration of the day has this year by agreement with the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque been postponed to Whitsun Saturday 22 May.

As in previous years, the Danish celebration takes place at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, and is arranged in cooperation between the museum, the Danish Circus Friends Association and Cirkus Baldoni.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and admission is free. Remember face mask and corona pass.

At 11:15 Kurt Flemming talks about being Pierrot and the journey that preceded as a magician and circus artist. The lecture takes place in the auditorium in Avedørelejren. There must be a maximum of 50 people in the auditorium. Free admission. During the lecture, wear a face mask when you are not sitting down and show coronapas.

Kurt Flemming, as hundreds of thousands of children and adults remember him from the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen

At 1 pm there is an clown show with Charlie & Binalto from Circus 3. The two clowns had their 40th anniversary in January this year which the corona prevented them from celebrating. So now it will be the performance on Circus Day that marks their 40th anniversary. In these corona times, there is a ceiling on how many people there can be in the Fencing Hall. If you want to secure a seat, click here to buy a ticket. Tickets cost DKK 20 + ticket fee.

Charlie & Binalto. Photo: Per Krogh Petersen

In connection with the clown show, wear a face mask when you are not sitting down and show coronapas.

At 14:15 there will be a gala performance in Cirkus Baldoni, which this year will put up their tent on the lawn at Avedøre Tværvej / Fægtesalsvej, a few minutes’ walk from the museum. Ticket price reduced by DKK 30. Also in Cirkus Baldoni, you must wear a face mask when you are not sitting down and show coronapas. If you want to secure a seat we recommend that you make a purchase or reservation at www.baldoni.dk - the corona means that Cirkus Baldoni is far from allowed to sell all their 483 seats.

Gør link aktivt

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14 May 2021

New shows after the reopening in Circusland. Until now, all outdoor rides in Circusland have been open but there have been no indoor performances. But from 22 May, you can once again see circus and magic shows in Circusland.

It's Kim Kenneth and his assistants you will meet in the magic shows in Circusland. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

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13 May 2021

Circus Trapez does not have a normal tour this year, but present a number of short open air performances. Here you can see the tent without a top at Hejlsminde camping.

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11 May 2021

Circus Mascot cancels this year's tour of Denmark, but is planning summer events at the winter quarter in Roslev, Jutland

They write (my translation):

It is with great annoyance that we have to bring this sad message: Our entire planned tour of Denmark 2021 has been cancelled.

We had waited with hope in our hearts that the final guidelines for cultural life in Denmark this summer would allow us to get back on the roads.

Unfortunately, this will not be the case, as the area requirement for indoor cultural activities is 2 m2 per seated member of the audience. In our small 18-meter circus tent which normally can accommodate 270 guests, this will only allow us to play for approx. 127 guests for each performance and that cannot at all cover our expenses.

BUT! Even though we had hoped that this year we would succeed in getting around Denmark and do what we are best at - then we had of course feared that it would not be possible and it obviously put a lot of thoughts on it…

And therefore we can now - after all - lift a little of the veil for a some good news that we have had considered for some time. At the end of June, we will open the doors to our new summer holiday format "AT HOME WITH CIRCUS MASCOT", which we expect to offer performances, guided tours and workshops here at our circus farm in Roslev. We cannot reveal more here and now, but stay tuned on our website, where we will continuously tell about the new format and what it will offer in terms of experiences for children!

The Circus farm in Roslev, winter quarter for Circus Mascot

The planned summer performances at the circus farm will feature Circus Mascot's many animals: dogs, goats, Canadian mini pigs and geese. As well as the ponies, including 2 newly purchased ponies. In addition to members of the Deleuran family, you can e.g. meet the clown Gulio and his family.

The cancellation of Circus Mascots summer tour means that guests in Summerland Zealand for the second year in a row must do without circus entertainment. Sad!

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10 May 2021


In 2020 and again this year, it is Morten Eisner who has the role of Pierrot at the amusement part Bakken north of Copenhagen where he plays the nitwit talking to and entertaining children. Each Pierrot must have his own style, and Eisner’s differs i.e. from the style of his predecessor Kurt Flemming in that there is more singing and music and less magic. At the same time, the corona means that it is not possible to invite children on the stage. - In the old days, there were artist performances at Bakkens many varieties and at the open air stage. Today, Pierrot is the only performer who is left on Bakken as all the varieties are closed and the Open Air stage doesn’t any more present artist.

Morten Eisner was born and raised in Frederiksberg with his family: father and Bakken painter Ib Eisner, mother and painter Inger Larsen, older brother and Bakken painter Jeppe Eisner. He was trained as an actor at the School of Acting at Aarhus Theater in 1978. Among other things, he has been associated with the Betty Nansen Theater, where he played one of the robbers in When the Robbers came to Cardamom Town. In 2013, he was clown in Circus Arena. His predecessor as Pierrot Kurt Flemming had the task for 23 years.

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9 May 2021

Jacob Boas Leitisstein, one of Denmark’s best circus photographers, was at Baldoni's premiere on May 6. Below you can see some of his photos. Click here to see more photos.

Peter Norgaard with Charlie

Allando and the panda


One of the show's top acts: the young Italian hat juggler Sage Maccaci

Kaya Janacek at just 14 years old. An upcoming world star?

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8 May 2021

Zircus Nemo gives up touring in 2021. Circus owner Soren Ostergaard writes (my translation):

“I'm very sorry to have to announce that we've had to push this year's Zircus Nemo's tour to next year. We are coming to the same cities that we should have visited this year.

The government's latest guidelines for the reopening of cultural life impose on us a limit on the number of spectators we can have in our tents. Normally we can seat approx. 600 people, and with the new restrictions the number has been reduced to approx. 220 people. With such a low number of spectators income from ticket sale will be lower than our costs.”

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7 May 2021

Circus Baldoni at the top. A performance I would give 5 out of 6 possible stars if I were a newspaper reviewer.

As the first circus in the Nordic countries, Circs Baldoni opened the season in Hillerød on 6 May. It was a good and well-composed performance, which is staged by Kim Kenneth.

At the same time a bit of a change of Baldoni’s usual concept: the ventriloquist Peter Norgaard has replaced René Baldoni as ringmaster and the task as clown has been taken over by the poetic clown Allando. A new name on Zealand, where Baldoni spends most of the season, but well-known in Jutland from the small Danish Circus Krone. Allando is a clown type who certainly does not scare anyone. The more vociferous clowns can sometimes make smaller children a little insecure.

The show's recurring characters are the ringmaster and ventriloquist Peter Norgaard and the clown Allando.

The warm-hearted clown Allando began the show with his entrée with the mischievous rabbits. The poetic entrée ended with him juggling plastic bags.

Then Peter Norgaard opened the performance with swinging gospel music. Assisted by Allando and 5 other of the performers, Peter Norgaard ended up taking a swing in a rope that hung down from the circus dome.

A festive way to start the show, although some may miss Circus Baldoni's traditional welcome song.

The first artist act was Duo Ferrandino with a nice and fast-paced roller skating entrée which offered everything that such an act has to offer. However, without involving spectators - that is not possible in these corona times.

Duo Ferrandino - Michele Giovanni Ferrandino and his wife Marina Curci

The next act was couple Maria and Eddie Janacek in a fine act with a prop that I do not remember having seen before: a quadrant. A square construction that Eddie tunes up against his legs and with a chain around his neck. Maria swings around in a pole on the prop with tricks known from an aerial act. See photo.

Maria and Eddie Janacek

Then Allando was back in the ring with an entrée with a beach ball and a hula hoop.

There are many jugglers, but not many who juggle hats. But that the young Italian Sage Maccaggi does so with both talent and charisma.

Sage Maccaggi

The last act before the break was a ventriloquist act with Peter Norgaard who is one of the best and most entertaining ventriloquists in Denmark. It featured both his own dog Charlie and the Baldoni mascot the lion Leonardo. The latter had a slightly less prominent role in the performance than in previous years.

The first act after the break was Allando with a short version of the well-known entrée with 3 buckets and a head moving under the buckets. Such an entrée makes happiness. Peter Norgaard put his head under the buckets.

Allando and Peter Norgaard's entrée with the 3 buckets

They were followed by the contortionist Sheyen Caroli, who is one of the few who masters to tighten a bow with her feet and hit a balloon.

Sheyen Caroli

One of the top acts at Baldoni in 2018 was the young rola bola acrobat Kaya Janacek, who that year was among the nominees for that year's talent award. Now he is 14 years old and masters even more tricks than in 2018. He can develop into a star of international format.


Kaya Janacek

Next, Allando entered the ring with his entrée with a dangerous animal - a panda with a prop man inside.

Then Peter Norgaard was back with another ventriloquist entrée where Leonardo came up with several of his well-known remarks. Like "I love children - with gravy and potatoes" and "the adults taste better - they are fatter". Peter Norgaard was best, however, with his own doll Charlie, who can both speak and sing Rock'n'roll.

Eddie Janacek now presented together with the children Kaya and his little brother Rudi, a distinguished and fast-paced juggler entrée with clubs, balls and rings. Talented Kaya also mastered juggling ping-pong balls with his mouth.

The last artist act was a beautiful number with Duo Ferrandino in aerial cradle, accompanied by evocative song with Peter Norgaard with the Danish lyrics from A whole new world from the Disney movie Aladdin.

Next, Peter Norgaard led to the festive finale, where Baldoni's normal farewell song was replaced by a song to the tunes of Barry Manylow's Copacabana ("Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…"). A glorious end to a show that will hopefully draw many children and adults throughout the season. After the winter lockdown all of us need real live entertainment!

The circus director René Baldoni, who is staying away from the ring this year, told that ticket sales and pre-sales was clearly better than last year and that they have full house for all performances in Hillerød. So luckily enough it does not look as the requirement for coronapas keeps people away.

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6 May 2021

Circus Arena, being the largest circus in the Nordic countries, gives up touring in 2021. They write (my translation)

The new reopening plan contains a wide range of restrictions that do not allow us to give our audience the full experience in the circus tent. We have examined each option, but with the limitations that the reopening plan places in relation to assembly sizes as well as access and area requirements, we unfortunately realize that at present it is not possible to carry out the performances in the quality we want to present to our audience. Therefore, we must unfortunately accept that this year's performances cannot run as planned.

Normally, our circus tent can seat 1750, but the assembly ban and area requirements mean that it is only possible to sell approximately one third of the tickets. The limited ticket revenues due to the assembly ban are not enough to cover the costs associated with such a large circus production, the daily movement of the entire circus from town to town and the extra covid-19 initiatives that the reopening plan prescribes that cultural life must provide. We would therefore have to change significantly in the performance and tour schedule. In addition, there is a risk that the tour may be stranded in regional parish lockdowns, where city activities and cultural life may be required to shut down just prior to the performance.

Furthermore many performances in March, April and May has been cancelled due to the lockdown. The large number of cancelled cities does not make it possible to merge the performances in these cities into the existing tour schedule. These performances can therefore first be played in 2022.

The cancellation of this year's tour make us very sad, and we look forward to being able to fill the tent again and let the world's best artists perform for you in 2022. At that time it must be expected that we are on the other side of the vaccination program.

The cancellation does not affect Circus Arena’s theme park Circusland in Aarslev near Slagelse, which is open on all weekends until the summer holidays - Saturday and Sunday at 10 - 17. From 26 June to 8 August open every day from 10 - 17. All outdoor rides and activities are open while the indoor arenas with shows have been closed. Circusland hopes however from May 22 again to be able to present their many shows.

Open in Circusland, which has got many new rides and expects soon to be able to offer shows.

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5 May 2021

Circus Arli opens the season on 22 and 23 May at 15. As usual at the Mill Hill in Floeng (a Copenhagen suburb). This year's performance is called Fun at the beach hotel. Among the cast are, in addition to members of the Arli family, the clown and multi-artist Francesco Fratellini and the aerial acrobat Sarah Florees.

The clown and multi-artist Francesco Fratellini. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

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4 May 2021

Tonight the majority of political parties in the Danish Parliament agreed on further reopening which seems to mean the following for the Danish circuses: 

Possibility of reopening from 6 May with coronapas and up to 2,000 spectators in sections of 500 according to the same model, which was valid before the lock down in December 2020: the spectators must essentially sit down in fixed places facing the ring, area requirement of 2 m2 per spectator, distance requirement of 1 meter (an empty chair) between spectators who are not close contacts, protective equipment and requirements for health plan for events with more than 500 participants. In practice, the m2 requirement means that a circus only can have approx. half as many spectators in the tent as usual.

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3 May 2021

CIRKUSFABRIKKEN - THE CIRCUS FACTORY - in LINDUM, small location in Jutand, Denmark

The travellig circus shows suffer a lot from the pandemic restrictions, but at the CIRCUS FACTORY there are many activities, maybe a sign that CIRCUS sees the light at the end of the tunnel and will perform normally. All the summer activities at the CIRCUS FACTORY are fairly scheduled and sold out, and this is in pace with what is called a center for experiences and events.

On top of the usual circus performances, there are plenty of musical and other cultural events.

Summer always brings weekly circus courses.

These events are a mix of the very special Danish FOLK HIGH SCHOOL, that has the aim of spreading culture to the people -  and holidays with the family.

Everyone who is participating has the possibility to reach a personal summit - and even beyond !

This means to attain the ability to get a better knowledge of oneself - and to exercise personal talents.

This concept includes a means to expose already known talents - and the same that were always there - only hidden !

It all happens in a festive and positive environment: circus wagons, a circus ring, there are possibilties to rehearse both outdoors and indoors, there are furthermore stage facilities, wardrobes and a coffee shop - where the performers can gain new strength. Part of the exercises, as well as the final show/s/ do take place in CIRCUS CHARLIE's welcoming and beautiful chapiteau, shaped as a skittle.

Circus Charlie's chapiteau shaped as a skittle is raised nearby of the CIRCUS FACTORY


From the gala show in 2017. Photo : LISE SORENSEN.

The transformation from a closed down diary to a center for circus arts and a cultural monument is in constant development:

EINAR TRIE is the personality who gets the ideas and acts as a promotor and coach.

Actually the following bodies are active on the premises:

THE CIRCUS FACTORY/ SALLING CIRCUS CLUB/ THE ASSOCIATION DUBAL i.e. association of Danish youth circuses / , some festivals sporting concerts, artistry and family events, THE SOCIETY FURSUNDEEGNEN, acting to increase the spirit of solidarity between the local inhabitants.

EINAR TRIE, former manager of CIRCUS CHARLIE, enthusiastically leads the activities. caption: CIRCUS CHARLIE was on tour 1988 thru 2007. Photo from 2015.

This lively place is both local and national, but also international: every year some non-Danish instructors come to work, thus backing up the in situ monitors, proving that CIRCUS ARTS are international, being understood by all and sundry.

Photo from 2019, 10 years jubilee by THE CIRCUS FACTORY.

There are projects to renew and re-construct these old dairy premises. In the pipeline: a new roof, a new heating system, new thermo window panes, a modern insulation. This requires a substantial budget:  2.5 million DKK. Participation from diverse funds and state support are being asked for.

See more: www.cirkusfabrikken.dk hands out more info, in Danish, but try GOOGLE translation.

Danish text by JORGEN LORENZEN, PHD, freely interpreted by ZARRO ZARRO,PHD, Paris.

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3 May 2021

DUBAL – national association of Danish youth circuses.

Summer 2021:  European Circus Camp for young artists. Week 26/ Fee: DKK 1.500 / inclusive catering and night accommodation, in a circus wagon.

Start: 26 JUNE thru 3 JULY,  2021.

See more at http://www.cirkusfabrikken.dk/european-circus-camp/english.html

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30 April 2021

Guidelines for circuses etc. The final version of the guidelines, which will apply from 6 May, is not yet ready. This is the reason why Circus Arena has postponed the start of the season until 6 June, and that’s why several other circuses are waiting to announce the start of the season. As it looks now, Circus Baldoni expects to start the season on May 6 and Circus Nemo on May 12.

The guidelines will undoubtedly stipulate that anyone over the age of 15 for the time being must show a coronapas. Experience from the museum and zoos shows that the requirement for coronapas limits the number of visitors considerably, as everyone who has not been fully vaccinated (2 weeks after the vaccination) has to go around a test centre to get a negative test. Circus directors fear they too will notice a drop in the number of spectators.

It must be assumed that everyone over the age of 12 must wear a face mask in the tent when they are not sitting down.

It is also certain that there can be a maximum of 1 spectator per. 2 m2 floor area in the tent. The floor area is calculated wall to wall regardless of furniture, etc. The number of people present in relation to the floor area is calculated excluding staff and performers.

In addition, it must be expected that special requirements apply if more than 500 spectators are to be allowed into the tent. Of the Danish circuses, only Arena and Nemo have room for more than 500. The above-mentioned limit of 1 spectator per 2 m2 means that the legal number of spectators for Nemo for the time being is less than 500. Dueto this the special requirements for large gatherings only have practical significance for Circus Arena. If they want to let in more than 500 people, they must sit in separate sections with max. 500 spectators per. section and with separate entrance, and a number of additional conditions apply.

The National Board of Health recommends that there should be at least 1 meter or an empty chair seat between each spectator. The distance recommendation can be deviated from between people who are close contacts. It is recommended to keep a distance of 2 meters for activities with strong exhalation, where drops are formed and thrown farther away from the person than in normal speech, e.g. singing, shouting, lecturing, acting, physical exertion. This will mean that there have to be a distance of 2 meters between the performers and the spectators in the first row of ringside chairs.

The guidelines will also apply to theatres, cinemas and revues.

Of course, guidelines limiting the number of spectators also limit revenue. Due to this some of the Danish circuses might not find it profitable to go on tour.

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29 April 2021

The circus museums open. For the Circus Museum in Rold, Jutland, it is quite usual that the season does not begin until 1 May. From this date until the end of September, it is open Tuesday-Sunday at 12.00-16.00. The museum is closed on Monday. The address is Østerled 1, Rold, 9510 Arden.

The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, is usually open all year round. However due to the corona it has been closed since the beginning of December. The museum could not like the other museums in Denmark reopen on 21 April because they are located in Avedøre Parish, which has been locked down due to a high number of Covid-19 infections. But from 2 May, it should be possible to visit the museum again. They present a completely new exhibition concept.

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29 April 2021

Circus Arena postpone season opening to June 6th. Originally, Circus Arena should have premiered at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on March 24. Covid-19 restrictions meant that the premiere had to be postponed until May 6 in Nykøbing M. Although circuses in principle are allowed to open the season on May 6, there are still so many demands and restrictions and uncertainty about what applies that Cirkus Arena has now postponed the premiere until 6 June in Esbjerg.

This year, Cirkus Arena will first time put up the tent in Esbjerg with its first performance on 6 June. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

They write (my translation)

We have been very much looking forward to present circus for you again, but we unfortunately have to announce that all performances until 5 June have been cancelled, as we still lack clear guidelines for holding of major events.

Although the Danish society has gradually begun to open up, it has not yet been politically decided what restrictions cultural life must be subject to from 6 May. This means that we do not yet know for sure how large audiences we are allowed to play for, how the performances are to be conducted, etc. At the end of last week, an expert group presented a number of long-awaited recommendations for the reopening of cultural life. Recommendations that promise well in relation to making it possible to gather the audience in the circus again. We just do not yet know exactly what the detailed guidelines will be. The political parties which have to agree on the final restrictions have been convened for negotiations at the end of this week.

We have been waiting for over a month for the final restrictions that cultural life must be subject to, and we must now unfortunately announce that the first performance will not be ready to take place as originally planned on 6 May.

Our many foreign artists and employees who together create the circus performance have not come to Denmark yet due to the global Covid-19 lockdown and the uncertainty about the restrictions' continued influence on such a large production as Circus Arena is. They are still in their home countries and must when coming to Denmark in isolation before we can begin rehearsals for the show.

In order to have the opportunity to fulfil to the upcoming restrictions and at the same time create a good performance for our audience, we therefore feel compelled to cancel all performances until 5 June. As it looks now, the first performance can take place no earlier than June 6 in Esbjerg, but we will continuously keep you updated via Facebook and our website.

Thank you for your patience and see you in the circus tent!

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29 April 2021

Cirkusbladet 2021. Danish Circus Friends Association and Cirkusmuseet have just published this year's edition of their joint yearbook Cirkusbladet. 28 pages in A4 format with lots of photos, also in colour. Due to the many photos it can also be on interest for persons which cannot read Danish. This year's articles include an interview with Irene Thierry of Danish Circus Krone, where she very openly talks about an exciting, but not always quite easy life. Additionally, there is an article about Borra, King of the Pocket Thieves and his son Charley Borra. There is a look back at the dental athlete Pierre Hoffland and electrician man Roberto Bengaly. From the present, you can read about Karsten Mathiasen's small Circus Bella Donna's summer tour with a horse-drawn prairie wagon. The magazine has been sent to all members of Danish Circus Friends Association. For further information send a mail to info@danskecirkusvenner.dk

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23 April 2021

Guidelines for circus visits in a corona time. Although there are less than 14 days to the circuses in Denmark after the latest decisions can start the season, the Ministry of Culture's guidelines for circuses and other performances with seated audiences are not yet ready. Well enough, there were some guidelines late Friday, but it says that both the general and special guidelines for cultural productions and cultural events with seated audiences at the moment apply only to a limited extent. It does not make planning easy for the circus directors, theatre directors and cinema directors!

However, it is certain that all guests who have reached the age of 15 must present a corona passport at the entrance, which either shows a max. 72-hour-old negative Covid-19 test or that the guest is fully vaccinated (minimum 14 days since last bite). In addition, the guest must be able to present a health insurance card, passport, driver's license or other publicly issued ID card that matches the name of the corona passport.

Most likely guest who has reached the age of 12 has to use mouthpieces inside the tent until they sit down.

The guidelines, which came late Friday, state that access must be allowed for 1 visitor per. 2 m2 floor area. The floor area is calculated wall to wall regardless of furniture etc. The number of people present in relation to the floor area is calculated excluding staff and performers. But it is added as mentioned that the guidelines pt. only applies to a limited extent! So it is not easy to know what will actually apply, including what additional requirements there will be!

An expert group set up by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Business and with representatives from the culture and health area, came Friday afternoon with their recommendations on how this summer's events can be carried out. The recommendations will on Monday 26 April be discussed on with the political parties behind the framework agreement for the reopening of Denmark. Thus, clarification of what applies from May 6 is hardly ready until the middle of next week at the earliest.

The expert group's recommendations are mostly about larger events and especially those with over 500 participants.

For such events the experts recommend that the organizers prepare a health plan for a health-sound conduct of their event. The plan must contain a description of the infection-reducing measures that will be implemented in connection with the event. Participants must be placed in "essentially seated at fixed seats", and if the number is over 500, they must sit in separate sections with a separate entrance. In phase 1, there must be a distance of 1 meter (“an empty chair”) between participants, but not between spectators from the same household and corresponding close contacts. There is an area requirement of 2 m2 per seated participant and a requirement to use protective equipment indoors when you are not sitting on your seat.

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23 April 2021

Henrik Krogsgaard turns 70. On Tuesday 27 April, the pianist and bandmaster Henrik Krogsgaard turns 70. In 1969, just being 17 years old, he became the youngest bandmaster ever for the band in Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building. He continued as bandmaster when Cirkus Benneweis took over the operation of the building the following year. He stayed with Benneweis in the Circus Building until 1972 and was back again from 1976 to 1980. He had a long-term revue cooperation with Volmer-Sørensen, first in Nykøbing Falster and then in Cirkusrevyen where he was conductor for several years. Cirkusrevyen is the biggest revue in Denmark located in Dyrehavsbakken north of Copenhagen.

It is many years since Henrik Krogsgaard last time worked in a circus. But he played organ/piano both at Nelly Jane Benneweis' funeral in 2009 and with Lotte Arli's funeral in 2019.

Henrik Krogsgaard. Photo from the Benneweis years

In 1976, the music from that year's performance in the Circus Building was recorded on record and cassette tapes.

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22 April 2021

Wallmans cancels all dinnershows in May and June in the Copenhagen Circus Building. All performances in May and June have been cancelled. July is always the holiday month at Wallmans. They write (my translation): The reopening plan for May and June contains a number of restrictions that do not allow us to give you the full Wallmans experience. You only deserve the best - and when we reopen on August 27, we will do EVERYTHING to give you and your company a bang of a party!

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20 April 2021

The circus museum postpones the reopening. The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, had hoped as other museums in Denmark to be able to reopen on Wednesday 21 April. But on 18 April, Ishøj parish, in which the museum is located, was forcibly locked down due to high Covid-19 infection rates. This means that schools, clubs and cultural and association life in the parish is closed until at least Sunday 25 April.

When the museum reopens, it is with brand new exhibition which they are looking forward to present to the visitors. Among other things there is a completely new introduction to circus history and the museum experience, which is radically different. At the same time, they display some of the most iconic items from their collection and items that have never been displayed before, such as an impressive circus poster from Cirkus Renz from 1868.

The German Circus Renz was then one of Europe's leading circuses. They had visited Copenhagen with great success in 1860 and played in a wooden building built for the occasion at Gyldenløves Bastion. The visit was repeated in 1877, where they built a building in the extension of Nørregade. It was Cirkus Renz who in 1886 was the very first circus to play in the newly built Copenhagen Circus building.

Poster for performance May 13, 1860 in Circus Renz. The poster is not from the visit in Copenhagen, where they first premiered at the end of May or the beginning of June.

The Circus Museum’s collection is among the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It consists of more than 100,000 different artefacts, including many thousands of photos and posters, costumes and props, personal notebooks, programs and newspaper clippings. The Circus Museum’s collection contains material relating to acrobats, jugglers, animal trainers, clowns, magicians, illusionists, workers, musicians, actors and dancers. While it focuses on Danish artists, the collection also contains quite a lot of international material.

The large majority of the museum’s artefacts come from the artist Ølund Barlys’ large circus- and artistcollection, on which the Circus Museum is based. Later on Truxa the magician’s collection was added, along with a large number of other artefacts which have been donated by individuals, artists, various circuses and other museums and archives.

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19 April 2021

"I just want to tell you that Cirkus Kæphøj has put its circus tent up on April 15," Uffe Neise from Holbæk's children and youth circus writes. He continues: “We hope to be able to do a show in this June, but in the first instance the tent will be used so that the young people in Cirkus Kæphøj can practice in different disciplines and otherwise just be together, but with distance. At the moment, there are 54 young people between the ages of 10 and 16 who go to Cirkus Kæphøj, which is a municipally run club ”. - The photo, which is from 2017, was taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

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16 April 2021

Still no updated guidelines. The guidelines for cultural productions and cultural events in Denmark with seated audiences, including circuses, which are to apply from 6 May, are still unknown.

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15 April 2021

The Danish Circus Award - new jury member. Lars Wallenberg has joined as a member of the board / jury for the Danish Circus Award. The Board of Directors now consists of Ole Simonsen (Chairman), Jan Hertz, Niels Christian Hansen and Lars Wallenberg. Lars Wallenberg was born in 1960 and has a master's degree in theater studies. He is a theater and culture reviewer for the newspaper Børsen and has also made a large number of cultural features for DR (the public Danish Radio). He is chairman of the jury in Revyernes Revy and author and co-author of a large number of books, including Gyldendal's Theater Lexicon. He has been appointed to the circus award’s board by the Association of Danish Theater Journalists.

Lars Wallenberg

The Danish Circus Award was established in 1957. I 1958 the award was given to Albert Schumann and in 1959 to Eli Benneweis. There was no prize-giving from 1959 to 2015.

In 2016 The Danish Circus Friends Association took jointly with the Circus House Museum Association (support group for Circus Museum in Rold), a group of former artists and persons with special interest in circus initiative to reestablish the Danish Circus Award.

The "new" circus award was first time handed out on 23 August 2016, when the Danish Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder presented the award to Benny Berdino from Circus Arena. In August 2017, the award was presented to Søren Østergaard from Zirkus Nemo and in 2018 to Martin Arli from Circus Arli. Both times it was the Minister of Culture Mette Bock who was in charge of the award ceremony. In 2019, the Minister of Culture was Joy Mogensen, and it was she who presented the award to the clown and multi artist Benny Schumann. Due to the corona, there was no award ceremony in 2020.

In addition to the honorary award The Danish Circus Award has a talent prize, a prize for the best act of the year and an effort prize.

The talent award went in 2016 to Alexander Arli (Circus Arli), in 2017 to the now closed AMoC (Academy of Modern Circus), in 2018 to Charmaine Berdino (Circus Arena) and in 2019 to Kolev Sisters (Circus Arena). The award for best act of the year went in 2016 to Captain Frodo (Zirkus Nemo), in 2017 to Rafaella Honden (Circus Mascot), in 2018 to Duo Solys (Zirkus Nemo) and in 2019 to Andrejs Fjodorovs (Circus Arena).

The effort prize, which was first awarded in 2017, went to Bertel Haarder that year. At that time he had retired as minister of culture. In 2018 it went to Mayor Anders Gerner Frost from Gribskov municipality and in 2019 to Mayor Helle Adelborg from Hvidovre municipality.

From the award ceremony in 2019. On the stage is seen the two Kolev Sisters. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The Danish Circus Award believes and hopes that the corona will come under so much control that the Danish circuses will be on the roads again during May. The board of the Circus Award hopes to be able to return in August 2021 with a bang of an award ceremony: the awarding of the honorary award, the prize for the best act of the year, the talent prize and the effort prize.

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14 April 2021

Circus exhibition in Lund, Sweden. Martin Lasson Berglund writes (my translation):

The Culture in Lund Museum right now has a nice exhibition about the circus. Posters, costumes and beautiful photos are displayed to the public. There are also film sequences from the film "The Last Circus Princess" which is a documentary about Circus Rhodin. Don’t miss a visit! On November 20-21, a circus meeting is planned for all circus friends, in Lund with a visit to the exhibition and dinner. The exhibition can be seen until 27 February 2022!



The Culture in Lund Museum is currently open Tuesday - Friday from 12 to 16 and Saturday - Sunday from 10 to 16. The museum is located at Tegnérsplatsen in central Lund, a stone's throw from the cathedral and approx. 10 minutes’ walk from the central railway station. The address is Tegnérsplatsen 6, 223 50 Lund.

“It is a beautiful exhibition and they have lots of interesting and beautiful costumes and props. So it is definitely worth a visit ", the Danish juggler David Sosman says. The exhibit also features some of his grandfather Pipo Sosman Sr.’s costumes. In the picture to the left at the top David is seen in his grandfather's costume. The other photos show David's grandfather in the same costume and David and his uncle Pipo Sosman in the children's version of the same costume. Picture bottom center is of David and his mother Isabella Enoch Sosman.

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11 April 2021

Obituary: Enrique Romero. The excellent Spanish rola bola acrobat Enrique Romero (Salvador Enrique Riquelme Romero) has passed away. He was 82 years old. As a half-grown kid, he acted as a clown together with his father. From 1966 he presented the rola bola act which later earned him international fame. He first met the Norwegians in 1976 in Circus Merano, where he was back again in 1983. The Danes saw the little temperamental Spaniard at Benneweis in 1990 and 1992. Nelly Jane presented Enrique, who only reached her shoulders, as the balance phenomenon from Spain. In 1998 he was in Norway and performed at the Zoo in Kristiansand. He was back in Norway in 2006, this time at Circus Agora. In 1996 and 2005 he was with Circus Finlandia in Finland. Click here to watch a video with his act.

Enrique Romero in Cirkus Benneweis in 1990

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10 April 2021

Peter Nørgaard on a circus tour. One of Denmark's best ventriloquists Peter Nørgaard, will soon be touring with Circus Baldoni as ringmaster. But he will not live in a circus wagon.

"I go home every night. I have two small children and a lovely wife that I am going home to. I  cannot say goodnight to the children, but I will be there in the morning,” he tells a local weekly newspaper and adds:" But when we hit Rødvig, it may well be that I spend the night in the circus."

In Circus Baldoni you will see Peter Nørgaard both with the lion Leonardo and his own dog Charlie (both are ventriloquist’s dolls).

Peter Nørgaard. Press photo from Cirkus Baldoni

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10 April 2021

THE CLOWN/ CIRCUS/MAGIC/MUSIC/ CABIN. Circus commentator Jorgen Lorenzen, Ph.D, writes:

Near AARHUS, 2nd largest town of Denmark, close to Tirstrup airport, you find the village of FELDBALLE, and nearby FRILAND compound/concession, sporting a non - traditional architecture, representative of its residents, original and full of imagination.

In the very center we encounter THE CABIN, as above, here Professor TRIFOLIKOM and his partner SOFFI do live!

Tonny Trifolikom. Photo: Ulla Traedmark Jensen

Tonny Trifolikom in front of the Cabin. Photo: Ulla Tindal Hjorth

TONNY TRIFOLIKOM, although mainly known in Denmark, might be one of the most creative people in popular entertainment. He manages to perform comedy, magic, music, acrobatics and clown acts. He is performing in the circus, at festivals and everywhere. He is a combination of a street performer, a teacher, a fairy tale teller, he is a creator of joy, laughters, wonders and wonderings - all that is welcome within the framework of the traditional Danish show business, as well as other cultural and pedagogical events.

His rather philosophical approaches and views on: the clown, street performances and every kind of popular entertainment deserve to be written down for the benefit of coming generations.

However, actually TRIFOLIKOM is shaving down on his activities, thus selling out of his props, costumes and other items - to circus people, collectors, circus friends and everybody interested in entertainment.


On the photo to the right you can see Jorgen Lorenzen together with Tonny Trifolikom. Both of them with mouthpieces. Photos: Ulla Tindal Hjorth

On Facebook he now and then displays his talents, his sharp look at our society and his linguistic knowledge, when sprawling on various philosophical thoughts. E.g.: “The community is getting more and more complex and we are gaining more and more influence, but we want to decide more than we can figure out. We make more rules than we are able to comply with. I am a camp follower in something being too difficult to understand. We become the silent majority, although only few are speaking for us. We are limited in our opportunities for development. I miss my freedom.”

It is a statement applying to the circus, but also to community in general!


Danish text by JORGEN LORENZEN, Ph.D, interpreted and with some comments by ZARRO ZARRO. Ph.D, Paris

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9 April 2021

Danish Guidelines for cultural productions and cultural events with seated audiences. In principle circuses in Denmark can open the season on 6 May. However the have to follow the above mentioned guidelines. An updated version of the guidelines, which will be prepared by the Ministry of Culture after discussion with the sectoral partnership for seated entertainment, will hopefully be ready during the coming week. The guidelines are expected to include both a limitation of the total number of spectators and a certain square meter requirements per spectator. They guidelines can be crucial for the possibility for a circus to come on tour in 2021. If the max income in the box office due to the guidelines are less than the daily costs is doesn’t make sense to go on tour.

Here are the premiere plans as they look right now:

Circus Arena: 6 May in Nykøbing Mors

Circus Arli: awaiting the guidelines

Circus Baldoni: 6 May in Hillerød

Circus Krone: awaiting the guidelines

Circus Mascot: awaiting the guidelines

Circus Nemo: 12 May in Herning

Circus Trapez: no tour in 2021

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7 April 2021

Circus Days and Nights. Circus Days and Nights is a circus opera in three acts, written by the composer Philip Glass. Its inspiration is Robert Lax’s Circus Days and Nights, a collection of poems that draws us into the poet’s fascination with acrobats and the circus lifestyle and takes us on the road with him when he “runs away” and joins a circus in 1940s America. For Lax, the circus becomes a metaphor for life itself – the cycle of life and death – and for human yearning and striving. Circus Days and Nights will be a boundary-crossing performance that brings the circus ring into the opera house. 

Circus Days and Nights is a co-production between Swedish Circus Cirkör and Malmö Opera. Swedish Circus Cirkör is considered by many to be Scandinavia's leading contemporary circus company.

The performance should have had its world premiere on May 29 at Malmö Opera and play until June 13. But due to the corona, the opera in Malmö has no performances in the spring with the audience in the opera. Instead, the performance is now launched as a performance, which for a fee of 100 SEK can be livestreamed on Thursday 29 May at 18, so you can see it at home. The language is English, but it is subtitled in both English and Swedish. It lasts approx. 2 hours.

See more at https://www.malmoopera.se/in-english (text in English)

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4 April 2021

Swedish TV broadcast about the youngest generation in Circus Olympia. Martin Lasson Berglund writes (my translation)

Swedish Television has made a very good and interesting broadcast about Simon Bengtsson, son of Niklas and Natascha of Swedish Circus Olympia!

A broadcast about growing up in a circus from a children's perspective. Simon usually tour Sweden with his family and Circus Olympia, which consists of both people and animals from all over the world. But he also goes to a Swedish school just like all other children in Sweden!

Right now it's a pandemic and unfortunately Olympia cannot tour but we all hope that they can soon open the season and once again entertain Sweden!

Follow the link below to see the program which can be seen all over the world!


Just like the other Swedish circuses, Circus Olympia due to the corona break didn’t have a tour in in 2020. This photo shot by Linda Himsel, is from the grand finale 2019. Circus Olympia hopes that it will be possible to complete a tour this year.

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2 April 2021

The circus princess from Viborg. On Friday 9 April, Laura Berdino, Aarslev at Slagelse, turns 40. As daughter of the Jutland business matador John Staaling from Viborg, it was not written in the stars that she would become a circus princess. But already as a little girl she loved horses, and one of the highlights of the year was when Circus Arena visited Viborg. "I wish it was me," she thought when she saw with what elegance, trainers presented liberty horses.

Laura Berdino

In 1992, the Berdino family invited her to be a holiday visitor. Day after day she saw day how Alexia and René Cassely trained their horses and elephants and performance after performance got great applause for their great act. Also in the following years she was a holiday visitor at Circus Arena. Later, education and work came first, and the holidays with Circus Arena were put on hold. However, Laura was still a regular guest at the circus lot in Viborg when Circus Arena visited her hometown. Every year she was invited once again to be spending her holiday with Circus Arena. In 2007, Laura said yes to be a holiday visitor when Circus Arena toured Bornholm. And at Bornholm she and Benny and Hanne Berdino's son Jackie fell in love. They got engaged in December 2008 in Paris at Restaurant Le Jules Vernes in the Eiffel Tower and got married in 2009.

Since 2010 season, it is Laura who has presented Circus Arena's beautiful horses. In 2011, Laura and Jackie got a daughter, Scarlet, who made her debut in the ring with ponies in 2019. Laura Berdino is chairman of the holding company behind Circus Arena, Berdino Holding. In the autumn of 2020, Laura and Jackie also took over the day-to-day management of the theme park Circusland in Aarslev. The corona meant that Circus Arena did not come on tour in 2020, and that the 2021 season could not as planned start in March. "I'm looking forward to being on the road again," Laura says. And I am sure that there is hundreds of thousands of Danes who are looking forward to seeing the pretty Viborg girl and her beautiful horses in Circus Arena's ring again.

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30 March 2021

World Circus Day is usually celebrated every year on the 3rd Saturday in April. For many years, Danish Circus Friends Association has celebrated the day in cooperation with the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, and Circus Baldoni. However, the corona meant that the day could not be celebrated in 2020. Neither in Denmark nor in other countries.

3rd Saturday in April is this year April 17th. But according to the latest Danish Covid-19-restrictions, museums cannot open until 21 April, and the Danish circuses cannot start the season earlier than 6 May.

Due to this Danish Circus Friends, the Museum and Circus Baldoni have decided to postpone the celebration of the World Circus Day until Saturday 22 May. Subject to possible new restrictions.

The Circus Museum will be open from 10 to 14. This day free admission

At 11:15 Kurt Flemming tells about his life as Pierrot at ‘Bakken’. Free admission

At 13 there is an artist performance in the Fencing Hall. Free admission.

At 14:15 there will be a gala performance in Cirkus Baldoni, which as in previous years has pitched the tent at the lot behind the Circus Museum. Ticket price this day reduced by DKK 30

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30 March 2021

Kenny Quinn to Holland. In the Netherlands, there are more visitors to the Christmas circuses than in the circuses that tour during the summer season. For the 2020/21 season, the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn was engaged to Kerstcircus Haarlem. But due to the corona the season was cancelled. The Dutch Christmas circuses expect the corona to come so much under control that there will be performances in the 2021/22 season. They have already engaged several of the artists. Kenny Quinn and Mrs. Joan are engaged to Wintercirkus Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn is a town in Gelderland in the central part of the Netherlands with a population of 160,000

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29 March 2021

Circus Agora 2021. Jan Ketil from the Norwegian Circus Agora writes (my translation):

Circus should be an experience of joy, humour and excitement. However, Covid-19 has given circus people a little too much excitement! We're still wondering when we can get on tour. The circus' management has now made a decision. For the sake of the public, employees and partners, Cirkus Agora will look at the progression in the vaccine program and the development of infection before starting a tour in Norway. Due to this we have decided to postpone the premiere, which usually takes place in mid-March. But if the vaccination goes according to plan, we are ready to go on the road again sometimes during the spring. We hope it will be as soon as possible!

Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

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28 March 2021

The large Swedish Circus Maximum, which was one of the leading circuses in the Nordic region, closed their 2017 season in September at Heden in Gothenburg. And it became their last season. For 35 seasons, Bengt Källquist had toured with his circus. The first years under the name Circus Minimum, but the last many years under the name Circus Maximum.

The April issue of the Swedish circus magazine Cirkuläre Notiser contains an interview with Bengt Källquist, who is now 62 years old.

He says that everything went well for Cirkus Maximum until the 2015 season. But suddenly something happened. The newspapers stopped writing about circuses TV stopped broadcasting circus performances. Many companies that used to buy tickets stopped buying tickets, and animal rights activists promised to run Circus Maximum down. All this affected the number of visitors and the economy. Bengt Källquist went in with personal capital to avoid bankruptcy. But the 2017 season was a pure disaster: reasonable visitor numbers in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but far too few in the rest of Sweden.

Today, Bengt Källquist run Källquist Equestrian AB, a wholesale store with riding equipment etc.

Dark clouds over Cirkus Maximum in 2017, which was the last season for the large Swedish circus.

Circus Maximum is not the only large Scandinavian circus which is closed. Norwegian Circus Merano closed after season 2014. Danish Circus Benneweis closed after season 2015. Swedish Circus Scott stopper touring after season 2015. Danish Circus Dannebrog closed after season 2016.

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26 March 2021

Season opening in Denmark - updated overview.

Circus Arena should have premiered at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on March 24. Time and place have now been changed to 6 May in Nykøbing Mors in the northern part of Jutland. They write (my translation):

The government's reopening plan was presented the day before yesterday, and here a date was presented for when Denmark's cultural institutions and venues may once again have an audience. The date is May 6th.

We are happy that a date has now been set for when the indoor culture can start to open up, but we are also sorry that the performances before this date can unfortunately not can take place as originally planned.

We are working on finding new dates on which we can play the cancelled performances. In the same way as the performances in Copenhagen, where we should have been in March and April, have now been moved to August and September 2021.

We are still anxiously awaiting the precise guidelines for how large an audience may be, as well as any restrictions that may apply in the Circus Arena after 6 May. The authorities expect to be able to present these in 2 weeks at the earliest, and we will return as soon as possible when we know more about how we can best gather around the ring in Circus Arena for this year's anniversary show.

Our winter quarter 'Circusland in Slagelse' is facing a reopening. The outdoor cultural institutions - including amusement parks - have been allowed to open now! From Saturday 27 March and throughout the Easter holidays, Circusland in Slagelse opens all outdoor rides and activities every day from 10 to 17. Circusland's indoor facilities with shows are still closed, but outdoors all carousels are in full swing.

We look forward to seeing you all again - we have missed you.

Circus Arli had planned to start the season at The Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Fløng on 27 March. They write (my translation):

We should have started our 51st season on March 27th. Unfortunately, the government's restrictions make this impossible. We are ready, so when we get the “green light” we will start. Take care of yourselves. We look forward to seeing you again.

With a little bit of luck, Martin Arli, who is seen here with his son Alexander, can take his circus on tour in May. But Martin Arli waits with an announcement until he has seen the guidelines for how large an audience may be etc.

Circus Baldoni had planned to start the season on April 4, but has postponed the start of the season to May 6, where they are in Hillerød (40 kilometres north of Copenhagen).

Circus Baldoni was established in 2002. Thus it's their season No. 20. They call this year's show It's too wild

Circus Mascot had planned to start the season in their hometown Roslev on 31 March. They have postponed season opening until further notice.

Marianne Deleuran and her playful doggies are looking forward to getting back in the ring. Undoubtedly, there are also many who look forward to meeting them again in Circus Mascot. Photo: Per ”Mr. Sputnik” Krogh Petersen

Zirkus Nemo had planned to start the season on April 11 in Horsens. As the restrictions looks now look, they cannot start earlier than May 6th.

Not sure when you can meet The Smash Man aka the circus owner and comedian Søren Østergaard and his assistant Laura in the ring again. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Circus Krone writes that a season 2021 is conditional on them being able to follow and comply with the guidelines, which have not yet is known. They are following the situation closely and hope they soon can take a decision.

Circus Trapez writes (my translation):

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel our usual 2021 circus tour, due to the Corona restrictions. Instead, we present for the first time, Cirkus Open Air - a small compatible outdoor circus show that can be performed at home in your gardens! The show is suitable for parks, care centres, SFOs, birthday parties and much more. If you are interested in supporting us in these difficult times, while having a great experience, please contact us on telephone 40 10 39 39, or at Info@Cirkus-Trapez.dk

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23 March 2021

Small change in program at Circus Baldoni. The season should have offered a reunion with the duo Hands to Violin (Daniella Virtova, who plays violin and handstand acrobat Michal Mudrak). They were the top act at Cirkus Baldoni in 2016, where they were among the nominees for the prize for the best act of the year from the Danish Circus Award. Unfortunately, Michal is injured during training, so it will not be until 2022 that you can meet them at Circus Baldoni.

Instead Circus Baldoni has engaged the Italian hat juggler Sage Macaggi. He won silver for his performance at the 21st International Circus Festival of Italy Latina in 2020. The prestigious festival is usually held every year in October as a physical festival. Due to the corona, it was in 2020 held as an online festival.

Sage Macaggi. Click here for video with clips from Sage Macaggi's entrée.

In addition, Circus Baldoni has engaged the contortionist Sheyen Caroli, who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for shooting with a bow and arrow with her feet. She calls herself Mistress of Contortion and is 25 years old. She comes from Italy.

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22 March 2021

Circus and reopening. The framework agreement on a plan for the reopening of Denmark which a broad majority in the Danish Parliament agreed on last evening propose that venues, theatres and cinemas and the other premises where cultural activities are carried can open on 6 May. This also applies to circuses.

For all spectators over the age of 15, there is a requirement for showing a coronapas which show that the spectator has been vaccinated, has passed infection or has been tested negative within 72 hours (both PCR and antigen test).

Relevant infection prevention measures will apply. These will be discussed in the sectoral partnership for seated entertainment on the basis of proposals from the authorities. The Circus Directors' Association is represented in the sector partnership.

For example there will be square meter requirements, requirements and recommendations for the use of mouthpieces. limitation of the total number of spectators and guidelines will apply regarding distance, hygiene, etc. The Ministry of Culture states that it is unknown when the guidelines will be ready.

Due to this it is difficult to know how the conditions will be for the Danish circuses. The development in the corona epidemic may also result in the mentioned start date of 6 May.

The public aid packages will be extended in the light of the gradual reopening in the coming months now being valid until 30 June 2021. Companies that have been subject to closure as a circus will be able to assess that it is not appropriate to open. In such situation, they can receive up to 90 percent in compensation for the fixed costs.

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21 March 2021

The floor i lava, Cirkör style! The Swedish contemporary circus Cirkus Cirkör writes:

This is the circus artist Aaron Hakala’s contribution to Cirkus Cirkör’s 25th anniversary!

Aaron Hakala applied to Cirkus Cirkör’s upper secondary school so he could carry on with his greatest passion, parkour, but he quickly fell in love with contemporary circus. Now he works as a professional circus artist.

Cirkus Cirkör has spent 25 years pushing boundaries and changing society with circus art by making the impossible possible. Through hard work, facing our fears, using every failure as a lesson, stubbornly continuing to see the next opportunity round the corner and being the best version of ourselves every day. Life is an obstacle course and every day is a wonderful challenge.

Click here to watch the clip.

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19 March 2021

Season opening for Circus Baldoni. René Baldoni and Camilla Frimann have decided to start the season on April 6 at the circus lot at Firskovvej in Lyngby. Unless there are restrictions that prohibit it or make it impossible. They will open the season even if there should be a slightly lower cap of spectator than in 2020, where you had to have 1 spectator per 2 square meter area of ​​the tent. The Ministry of Culture's guidelines for cultural productions and cultural events with seated audience suggests that the requirement in 2021 may be 7½ square meter per spectator.

Circus Baldoni will also start if there will be a requirement to present a negative Covid-19 certificate.

Assuming that Cirkus Baldoni can get started as mentioned, they are at the lot next to the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, on World Circus Day 17 April.

World Circus Day is usually celebrated at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre in cooperation between the museum, Danish Circus Friends Association and Circus Baldoni. Doubtful if it will be possible this year. But Circus Baldoni is planning to have performance on the square behind the museum on April 17.

This year's Baldoni performance is staged by the magician Kim Kenneth. He has previously with great skill staged circus performances both in Denmark and abroad. For example performances in English/Irish Circus Vegas and the 2015 performance in Danish Circus Benneweis. He has also had a hand in the game at recent years' Baldoni performances. And this year he is engaged to put the performance on stage. Kim Kenneth himself are not among the performers.

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18 March 2021

Just as in 2020 Circus Trapez hopes to be able to sell some outdoor performances to nursing homes, parks, etc.

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17 March 2021

Retired circus tigers to Knuthenborg Safari Park. Last year, Knuthenborg Safari Park and Animal Protection Denmark built Europe's largest elephant facility for four retired circus elephants. Three of them came from Circus Arena and one from Circus Trapez.

Now Knuthenborg Safari Park is working together with Animal Protection Denmark and with support from the QATO Foundation on establishing a facility that will house retired circus tigers and in the long run other so-called 'rescue tigers'. The facility will be the largest of its kind in Europe, where tigers can be out all year round. The first new resident will be a retired circus tiger from Spain.

Photo by courtesy of Animal Protection Denmark

None of the circus tigers will come from Denmark, as there since 1963 have been a ban against presenting predators in Danish circuses. In the wild, a tiger turns 12-20 years old. In zoos up to 26 years. Thus the tigers which have performed in Danish circuses have died many years ago. The tigers that you can see today in circuses in a number of countries are all born in "captivity" and are cubs of tigers which also were born in "captivity".

You have not been able to see lions and tigers in the Danish circuses since 1962. In Germany, there are big cat acts in several of the large circuses, and the animals have far better conditions than the circus and zoos offered them in the old days.

The tiger is a so-called endangered animal, and there are probably more tigers in "captivity", including in zoos, than in nature.

The QATO Foundation is non-profit and was founded in 2012 by Signe and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen. The QATO Foundation supports projects that contribute to promoting and ensuring animal welfare.

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12 March 2021

Arne Björk aka the clown Jody turns 80. Today Arne Björk can celebrate his 80 year birthday. He has for many years been associated with Odense Theatre. But he is also known as the clown Jody. Arne Björk was educated at Odense Theatre's Dramatic Arts School in 1970. In 1971 he had under the stage name Jody his debut as a clown in Circus Benneweis. From 1983 - 1987 he was with Benneweis the Copenhagen Circus Building and on tour with their tented outfit. He has also toured Sweden, Germany, Hungary and Japan. In recent years, Arne Björk has worked with his poetic one-man-show "The Smallest Circus".

In the autumn of 2020, the audience could see him at Odense Theater with the performance “Den stille klovn” (The Silent Clown), built on Arne Björk’s critically acclaimed book “Den stille klovn”. Arne Björk and his wife hope that the performance on the other side of the corona can be shown in selected theaters and in smaller contexts.

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12 March 2021

Postponed circus premieres. All the Danish circuses which had planned to open the season in March or early April have now pushed the season opening due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Circus Arena should have premiered at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on March 24 with dress rehearsals from March 19. They should have been at Bellahoj until 11 April. But corona restrictions force them to change plans. About the performances in Copenhagen they are writing the following (my translation):

Circus Arena's upcoming national premiere and tour has like all other indoor culture activities been temporarily shut down due to the authorities' extended COVID19 restrictions and the assembly ban. We have to be patient and we are looking forward to welcoming the audience to this year's circus show. The restrictions currently have consequences for our performances in Copenhagen until 11 April.

We are currently working on moving these performances in Copenhagen to August.

Take good care of yourselves until we can meet again.

As it looks now Circus Arena’s first performance in 2021 will be on 13 April in Holbæk.

Circus Arli had planned to start the season at the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Fløng on 27 March. They write (my translation):

We should have started our 51st season on March 27th. Unfortunately, the government's restrictions at the moment make this impossible. We are ready, so when we get the green light we start. Take care of yourselves. We look forward to seeing you again.

Circus Baldoni had planned to start the season on April 4th. They write (my translation):

We are counting down to the start of the season this year. Pt. we expect it to be Tuesday, April 6. Due to the uncertainty, it is not possible for us to open up for ticket sales, as the guidelines are expected to be revised during March. We are working on a solution so that we can at least disclose our planned tour schedule. However, there will not be the big changes compared to previous years, so if you usually come to Baldoni during the summer holidays, we will be there at about the same time as last year.

Cirkus Mascot had planned to start the season in their hometown Roslev on 31 March. They write (my translation):

As it still not is known when cultural institutions, such as the circus, will be allowed to open we are temporarily postponing our premiere and tour of Denmark. We will be back with new dates as soon as we know more!

Circus Mascot's house clown Gulio and his family were looking forward to open the 2021 season in the Deleuran family's Circus Mascot on March 31st. But due to the corona pandemic the start of the season has been postponed.

Zircus Nemo still hopes to be able to start the season as planned on April 11 in Horsens.

Circus Krone and Circus Trapez have not yet announced premiere dates.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that on 23 March she will present a plan for reopening of Denmark, subject to the Covid-19 pandemic still being under control. A so-called script that will make it possible for everyone to know when Danes again can go to a restaurant, to a concert or visit the hairdresser. The government is now convening the political parties for negotiations. Hopefully on March 23 we will get an indication of when the Danish circuses can start their season 2021.

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10 March 2021

New clown in Circus Baldoni. When Cirkus Baldoni starts the season, it's with a new clown in the ring. At least new to persons from Zealand. The clown is Alando (Jan Allan Hansen), who for many years was a recurring figure in the performances in the small Jutland Circus Krone.

About the other performers Cirkus Baldoni writes (my translation): “You will meet a number of top artists, among others the Italian Ferrandino's who have a breath-taking roller skating act and a bold aerial act on the program. From the Czech Republic you will meet the super talent Kaja Janacek with the balancing art Rola-Bola and his parents Eddie and Maria in a whole new acrobatic discipline that has never been seen before. Duo Hands to Violin in a new and modern composition with violinist Daniella, who plays up to the super strong handstand artist Michal. As ringmaster we have the ventriloquist and musical star Peter Nørgaard, who leads the audience through the performance, of course accompanied by the lion Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll).”

Ferrandinos toured Denmark in 2011 with Circus Arli. The versatile Janacek family has been house artists with Baldoni since 2016. Hands to Violin was with Baldoni in 2016.

In 2021 circus owner René Baldoni will not be responsible for the performance himself but has passed the duty over to Peter Nørgaard. Cirkus Baldoni writes (my translation): “René has many projects up his sleeve in addition to Cirkus Baldoni. Thus he takes a year away from the spotlight to explore and try new things, and of course there must also be room for that in Baldoni, so he has handed over the director role to his partner Camilla Frimann. However, René still has a finger in the pie when it comes to Circus Baldoni, and of course you will still be able to meet him around the country. The new projects and adventures he is going to embark on are something René has wanted for many years, and NOW it shall be. ”

In 2021 it is not as in the former years circus owner René Baldoni who is ringmaster in Circus Baldoni

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9 March 2021

Big plans for Circusland. Benny Berdino has big plans for expanding the theme park Circusland in Circus Arena's winter quarter in Aarslev near Slagelse. He wants to turn it into a holiday and event venue with holiday accommodation for 600 overnight guests, an 8,000 m2 water park and a concert and event venue with room for up to 3,000 guests. Already last year, Benny told friends and acquaintances about his plans.

According to TV2 Øst Slagelse Municipality has now given the green light for the first step on the road for Circus Arena, which has applied for permission to build a holiday and event venue.

- We want to make even more out of Circusland. This must be a “lighthouse” for Slagelse, Benny Berdino says to TV2 Øst. He continues:

- Now we have had a break from thinking during Covid-19 and all of a sudden have been in a situation where we have had to think about what we should do if the circus cannot be basis for our income in the future. And then we thought that Circusland could be expanded and be something for the benefit of the region and for ourselves.

TV2 Øst quotes the chairman of Slagelse municipality's Environment, Planning and Rural Affairs Committee Jørgen Grüner for saying that they are generally positive about the idea, even though there are some things which shall be investigated before the municipality possibly approves a local plan.

Circus Arena does not know what exactly it will cost to expand, but according to Benny Berdino, the costs quickly run up to 50 million DKK (6.7 million Euros). It may take up to a year before a local plan permitting the expansions is approved.

Circusland opened in November 2006.

Until sea lions in 2020 were banned from circuses there was performing sea lions in Circusland. This photo from 2007 shows sea lions with their trainer Addie Jepsen.

Tim Delbosq with a pony. Photo from 2007.

Circusland always offers performances in Circus Landino. Here photo from 2011 where Charmaine and Stephanie Berdino rode high school.

During the autumn holidays of 2012, guests could see the Berdino family's own elephants. As there is a ban against performing elephants in circus the elephants are now in Knuthenborg Safari Park.

In 2015 you met Chief Taking Waterfall aka Brian "Briano" Behrendt on horseback.

Jan Navratil who the audience remembers from Circus Benneweis and Circus Arena. In 2016 he performed at Circusland.

In the summer of 2017, the Austrian clown Don Christian was among the performers. The audience remembered him from several seasons in Circus Benneweis.

In 2018, the theme in Circusland was "The pirates are coming"

Suzanne Berdino and Mr. Tik Tak (Brian Behrendt) in 2019. Press photo from Cirkusland

Since opening in 2006 Circusland has usually been open during the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays. For some years, Finn Bendixen was the general manager. Since then, the task was taken over by Suzanne Berdino assisted by her husband Daniel Koscik and the dynamic Brian "Briano" Behrendt. In the summer of 2020, there were several new mechanical rides, and from the fall of 2020, Laura and Jackie Berdino took over the management. In addition to artist performances, there were now shows with Bubber as host, just as the budget for artist performances and thus the artists' quality was increased.

An innovation in the fall of 2020 was shows hosted by Bubber. Here he is seen with Silja Okking. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

Circusland was supposed to have stayed open during the 2021 winter holidays but that prevented Covid-19 restrictions. The Berdino family now hopes that Circusland can be open on all weekends from 22 May - 20 June and every day during the summer holidays from 26 June - 8 August as well as on all weekends from 14 August - 12 September. They have expanded with brand new rides, carousels and new shows and concerts.

The entrance to Circusland 2020. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

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8 March 2021

Female circus directors. Today on the International Women's Day, there may be reason to mention that the circus industry is one of the industries where we over the years have seen many female managing directors.

When the founder of Circus Dannebrog Theodor Enoch died in 1909, it was his wife Wilhelmine Enoch who took over the management of Circus Dannebrog. It was probably even before Theodor's death Wilhelmine, who was the “main force” behind Circus Dannebrog. She ran Circus Dannebrog until her death in 1922.

From 1902, Heinrich Miehe handed over responsibility for the operation of Circus Miehe to his wife Louise and daughter Dora Miehe. However, it was soon Dora who became the managing director. Until her death in 1945, she was the director of Cirkus Miehe. 

Dora Miehe. Although Cirkus Miehe never became Denmark’s largest circus it was for many years one of the leading Danish circuses

When Giovanni Belli died in 1929, his wife Meta Belli took over the management of Circus Belli, which during her time as owner became Denmark's largest circus. She was the director of Cirkus Belli until her death in 1953.

Meta Belli was daughter of a rag dealer from Grenaa, but ended up as director of Denmark's largest circus

When Eli Benneweis died in 1993, his daughter Diana Benneweis became owner of Circus Benneweis. Benneweis stopped touring by the end of the 2015 season after for some years, like other major circuses in Denmark and abroad, having experienced a significant decline in the number of spectators.

Diana Benneweis. The beautiful blue dress can now be seen at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre

From 1984 to 2017, the small Jutland Circus Krone was run by Irene Thierry

Irene Thierry. The costume is a gift from Thyra Miehe

Click here to read more about the mentioned Danish circus families.

Also outside Denmark we have met prominent female circus directors. Europe's largest circus, the German Circus Krone, was run by Christel Sembach Krone from 1995 until her death in 2017. From 1984 to 1995, it was run by Christel together with her mother Frida.

From 1952 to 1991, the now closed Swedish Circus Scott, which for many seasons could fight with Circus Benneweis over which was the largest in the Nordic region, was led by Käte Bronett. From 1982 assisted by her son Francois.

As you can see there have certainly been strong women in the circus industry. In addition to those mentioned there have also been a number of spouses to male directors, which has been an absolutely invaluable help to the individual circus.

Of course, there have also been men who have been an invaluable help to female circus directors.

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8 March 2021

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - but also in LEBANON and IRAQ, where particularly the children suffer from a cruel and dangerous environment.

LEBANESE CLOWN FARHAN tries his best to bring relief, joy and happiness to the kids in the sinister and dangerous refugee camps.

Here is the story: THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY is threatened in IRAQ. CLOWN FARHAN/ the name means JOY / performs in front of children to make them feel happy, relieved and experiencing good feelings, like in normal life. While performing, CLOWN FARHAN has eased the lives of thousands of children in LEBANON and IRAQ.

He achieves good results in a region where the Christians are under pressure.

It is sad to follow the development of Christianity in IRAQ that is several thousands of years old.

Ten years ago more than a million of Christians lived in IRAQ. Today we count about 300,000, who for the greatest part are pushed into the Kurdish area in the north, ERBIL.

Here is where the Lebanese clown FARHAN performs his one-man-show.

The situation in IRAQ:  oil-related problems and local warlords mix with religious problems, between sunnie and shiite Muslims where radicalized groups attack Christians.

A number has left for US, CANADA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA, i.e. those who could do so.

The modern history of LEBANON and IRAQ is tainted by war, terror, corruption and instability, affecting daily life. Local demonstrations have occurred in the streets.

CLOWN FARHAN says: Throw your worries into the bag - thus promising that GOD will care for the oppressed.

By his performances FARHAN has invited thousands of refugee kids to get rid of their fear, both in LEBANON and IRAQ.

FARHAN is a clever young man and a professionally trained entertainer/clown, nursing the belief that by having faith in GOD, can make man /in the sense of human beings/ support spiritual hardship.

FARHAN grew up during the civil war in LEBANON and got to know only too well - about fear when hearing the noise of shelling getting nearer.

But how do you convey ethical values and the faith in a loving GOD - to refugee kids who are impatient and hardly remain quiet for more than a few minutes ?

FARHAN succeeds - offering a mixture of ventriloquism, dolls and dummies, easily understandable stunts and selected stories from the BIBLE.

Clown FARHAN entertains using serious topics that make the message of the Bible clear. Sometimes biblical texts are handed out after the show. Photo from the Danish Bible Society. Click here to see more photos.

The juvenile audience roars with laughter !!! When performing on a large scale, he can easily play for more than 500 children.

Christians are exposed to danger in IRAQ.

Clown FARHAN invites the children to get rid of their sorrows.

Throw your worries into the bag, he says, while promising that GOD will certainly receive them and protect the kids.

FARHAN: ”I do try to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness by introducing the message of the BIBLE, in a simple and creative way, Give your worries to JESUS !"

On stage FARHAN inflates a heart-shaped balloon.

A boy is invited up on stage and is asked to hold the balloon.

FARHAN is holding a brown paper bag - everybody is following the scenario, all are deeply concentrated!

A moment later FARHAN seizes the balloon, making it burst and a big noise is heard!

Such things do happen, he explains. We are hit by sorrows in our hearts. FARHAN makes another balloon burst to visualize when something terrible happens in our lives.

Now he seizes the brown bag, putting short questions, each time met by loud cries.

The church echoes from the loud YES, followed by attentive looks, the children are eagerly waiting.

FARHAN distributes his own worries by hand, to the children.


The boy gets the worries, putting them down into the bag, several children come up on stage putting down theirs, FARHAN says: now I throw all our worries up to JESUS -

one-two-three --- now they are all gone !!!

All the children clap their hands and shout for joy.

After the show FARHAN explains: the kids can concentrate only for a few minutes.

He chooses a new topic for each year.

This year it deals with worries, made by other people, it is about forgiveness and GOD'S LOVE.

It is a remedy for broken hearts.

This topic is very important as many children in our region have been exposed to violence.

As a child, I suffered and was very afraid, but I felt better - believing in GOD'S protection.

JESUS gave me the strength to love even the people who had made me suffer earlier.

Wise of his own experiences, FARHAN tries to help refugee children in LEBANON and IRAQ.

The small ones need not only food, medical care and a safe place they can call home; they need as well a clown like FARHAN to heal psychological disorders, learning from one of the world's most inspiring stories - the BIBLE.

FARHAN succeeds entirely, using his humour and charming and likeable character.

IRAQ is one of the busiest oil-producing states that should be able to allow people to live a happy life.

Alas, it is not so.

There are some peaceful pockets, but the majority of people suffer from lack of stability.

Around ERBIL, Christians live in refugee camps, sporting but few facilities for a decent life.

Many children suffer from traumatic events.

Realizing that, the Lebanese BIBLE SOCIETY decided to organize events for the most vulnerable ones.

CLOWN FARHAN went to ERBIL, where he entertained and backed up the most exposed little ones.

Synne Garff of DANISH BIBLE SOCIETY saw a FARHAN show in BEIRUT, performed for Syrian refugee kids - never had she seen such an enthusiastic audience.

The Danish Bible Society continuously supports projects aimed at persecuted Christians, fugitives and bible translation- and distribution. Click here to read more.


Text from the DANISH BIBLE SOCIETY, published in Danish at www.circus-dk.dk 

March 02, 2021,

Text in ENGLISH, somewhat a free version, not a word to word translation, by ZARRO ZARRO, Paris correspondent for www.circus-dk.dk  The text has been read and certified corresponding to the reality in the concerned region.


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5 March 2021

Circus and Covid-19 restrictions. As of 1 March most Danish shops could open again. However, there are still a number of restrictions. Among restrictions extended to April 5 is the ban on indoor cultural activities. Outdoor cultural institutions such as zoos had the opportunity to reopen from 1 March. However, visitors are required to present documentation for negative COVID-19 testing (maximum 72 hours old).

If there were circuses hoping that they could call themselves "outdoor cultural institutions" and be allowed to open the season, possibly after removing the sidewalls of the tent, they must change their mind. The Ministry of Culture has stated that the assembly ban of 5 also applies to cultural activities that are held outdoors. This means that not even open air performances can be presented. Unless the restrictions are eased the assembly ban of 5 applies up to and including 5 April (Easter Monday). It may be prolonged.

Circus Baldoni had planned to open the season on April 4 which is impossible due to the extended restrictions. Now they are hoping for a season opening on Tuesday, April 6th. However, they will not open up for ticket sales, as the guidelines for cultural activities are expected to be revised during March.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 March 2021

Usually you meet the Danish ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard with the dragon Dennis. But in the coming season you will meet him in Circus Baldoni, where he replace circus owner René Moenster Baldoni as the lion Leonardo's “father” and will be this year's ringmaster. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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25 February 2021

Circus and Covid-19 restrictions. Although the Danish lockdown was somewhat eased as from 1 March there is still a large number of restrictions. Among restrictions extended to April 5 is the ban on indoor cultural activities. This means e.g. that Wallmans has cancelled all dinner shows in the Copenhagen Circus Building during the period. They hope to be able to resume their shows on April 8th.

Outdoor cultural institutions have the opportunity to reopen from 1 March. However, visitors are required to present documentation for negative COVID-19 testing (maximum 72 hours old).

The Ministry of Culture has previously stated that they do not consider a circus tent as "outdoor". If that interpretation is maintained, those circuses that had planned to have performances before 6 April must cancel these performances, unless further easing of restrictions occurs. These are Circus Arena (scheduled for first performance on 19 March), Circus Arli (scheduled for first performance on 27 March), Circus Mascot (scheduled for first performance on 31 March) and Circus Baldoni (scheduled for first performance on 4 April).

Circus Arli has taken the consequence of the extended restrictions and writes (my translation): We should have started our 51st Season on March 27th. Unfortunately, the government's restrictions make this impossible. We are ready to open the season as soon as we get the green light. Until then take care of yourselves. We look forward to see you again. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

When last year’s restrictions were eased in June 2020, it became possible for cultural events with seated audiences such as circuses, cinemas and theatres to have performances if they lived up to the following requirements:

·         A maximum of 500 people for each event, including staff and performers.

·         Every 2nd seat empty or 1 meter distance between the members of the audience measured from the centre of the seat. Groups that already have close contact can sit by contiguous seats, even if there is less than 1 meter between them.

·         Maximum access for 1 visitor per 2 m2 floor area in the room / tent. This is exclusive staff and performers. The floor area is calculated wall to wall regardless of furniture, stage, etc.

Circus folks and other organizers of events for seated audiences were highly praised by the authorities for complying with the rules, and not a single case of infection was found that had occurred in connection with a performance with seated audiences.

When the current restrictions hopefully are eased with effect from 6 April, there may again be rules on the number of visitors in relation to the area and a cap on the total numbers of visitors. The rules might be stricter than in 2021. It may have an impact on whether it will be profitable for a circus to go on tour at all.

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19 February 2021

The Danish lockdown. Some of the present restrictions, which for the time being make it impossible to take a circus on tour, will lapse by the end of February. However it seems likely that at least some restrictions will be prolonged. Is has to be seen if it as planned is possible for Circus Arena to open the season on 19 March and for the other circuses to open the season late March or in the beginning of April.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 February 2021

A Finnish circus. January 29, 2021 I brought a list of circuses in Norway, Finland and Sweden. As far as Finland is concerned, Peter Lindfors has made me aware that also Sirkus Valentino had a 3-month tour in Finland in 2020.

Circus Valentino is a small circus that used to use the name Circus Caliba. It is owned by Ines Ullmann-Dimitrova, who also is ringmistress. She writes on Facebook that she hopes that there will be another tour in 2021.

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14 February 2021

Europe's culture hard hit. A new study has been published, commissioned by GESAC (European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers): 'Rebuilding Europe: The cultural and creative economy before and after the COVID-19 crisis'.

According to the report, revenues in the sector – which includes TV, cinema, radio, music, publishing, video games and the performing and visual arts such as circuses – plunged by 31.2% last year compared with 2019. It was hit even harder than tourism, which lost 27% of its income.

• The total turnover of cultural and creative industries in the EU28 is reduced to €444 billion in 2020, a net drop of €199 billion from 2019.

• With a loss of 31% of its turnover, the cultural and creative economy is one of the most affected in Europe, slightly less than air transport but more than the tourism and automotive industries (-27% and -25% respectively).

• The shockwaves of the COVID-19 crisis are felt in all cultural and creative industries: performing arts (-90% between 2019 and 2020) and music (-76%) are the most impacted; visual arts, architecture, advertising, books, press and AV activities fell by 20% to 40% compared with 2019. The video games industry seems to be the only one to hold up (+9%).

• All sectors are affected: even those that seemed to be protected by home consumption faced a sharp drop in income, given the central role of physical experiences and sales

in their business models, as well as uncontrollable production and distribution costs.

The performing arts industry, which also includes circuses, is among the industries hardest hit by the effects of the corona pandemic. Since we in Denmark in 2020 only had 2 of the country's 7 circuses on tour, and even with a shortened season, the loss of turnover for the Danish circus industry has undoubtedly been more than 75%. Also keep in mind here that neither Circus Arena nor Zirkus Nemo, which usually has the highest turnover, were on tour in 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis will have a massive and lasting impact on the entire cultural and creative industries value chain, and the report mention 3 challenges:

Challenge 1 – “Finance”

Provide massive public funding and promote private investment in cultural and creative businesses,organizations, entrepreneurs and creators – two indispensable levers to support and accelerate their recovery and transformation.

Challenge 2 – “Empower”

Promote the EU's diversified cultural offering by ensuring a solid legal framework to allow

for the development of private investment in production and distribution, providing the

necessary conditions for an adequate return on investment for businesses and guaranteeing appropriate income for creators .

Challenge 3 – “Leverage”

Use the cultural and creative industries – and the multiplied power of their millions of individual and collective talents – as a major accelerator of social, societal and environmental transitions in Europe

Click here to read the report

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12 February 2021

John Thur turns 75. Thursday, February 18, John Thur can celebrate his 75 years birthday. He is perhaps better known as JohnJohn Thurano. For 54 years he presented together with his father Konrad Thur the comic wire act Die Thuranos. Father and son did a formidable act, where they used the wire as a prop, while the wire by many other tight wire artists almost is the "main character". JohnJohn has told me that he and his father actually never needed to train together! Impressive when you think of the many years when Die Thuranos was one of the artist world's most demanded acts. (John John trained himself, of course).

JohnJohn and his father Konrad. Photo from the International Clown Festival 2004.

Last time the Danish audience met Die Thuranos was at the international clown festival at the amusement park Bakken in 2006, where Konrad was deservedly the audience's favorite. However, he could not get the festival's honorary award, the World Clown and Artist Reward as he had already received it in 2004! Konrad Thur passed away in 2007. After his father's death, John, who at that time was turned 61, chose to retire as an active artist. However, he continued to teach young people about juggling and wire numbers.


JohnJohn Thur. Photos: Lise Kokholm

JohnJohn is actually christened Johannes. The name JohnJohn was used as an artist name when performing as a plate spinning juggler. Many circuses and varieties wanted artists to have two acts. Also as a plate spinning juggler, he insisted that the plates were props and not the "main characters" in the entrée.

For many years he has lived in Svindinge on Funen, Denmark.

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10 February 2021

The Circus Museum's annual poster 2021. Many circus enthusiasts have a weakness for circus posters. In recent years, there have not been many new posters because many circuses use the same poster year after year. For poster collectors, it is therefore great that the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, present a new poster every year. This year's poster has just arrived...

The artist behind this year's poster is Oliver Streich. Oliver Streich was born in 1968 in Bern, Switzerland. After a year at the school of arts and craft in Bern, he was trained as an illustrator and graphic artist at the school of arts and craft in Kolding. In 1990, he received a scholarship for a one-year stay at the Art Academy in Bratislava. Here he met his girlfriend / partner Els Cools from Belgium. In the following year, the couple lived in both Switzerland and Belgium, before moving to Faaborg in Denmark in 1992 and starting their drawing studio and a small gallery. Oliver has illustrated many books, teaches at Billedskolen and the high school in Faaborg and has participated in numerous exhibitions.

The poster can be ordered via email: info@cirkusmuseet.dk. It costs 50 DKK, - and 45 DKK in postage and 35 DKK in handling fee. The postage to other countries than Denmark will be somewhat higher than 45 DK.

When the museum reopens, the annual poster can of course also be purchased in their museum shop. In the museum shop, they have a wide selection of circus posters, including reprints of historical posters from old Danish circuses such as Benneweis, Moreno, Miehe, Dannebrog and Arena. In addition, they have for sale the museum's own annual posters since 2006 created by various Danish artists such as Leif Sylvester, Carl Quist Møller, Nelly Jane Benneweis and Adam O. See more at https://cirkusmuseet.dk/butik/plakat/

In the old days, circus posters were printed on paper and were, for example, put up on lampposts with crayons or staples, where they remained for a long time after the circus had left the city. Often the poster told something about program of the year. See e.g. this poster from Circus Renard 1955. It was by the way Cirkus Renard's only season - they went bankrupt after a few months. A copy of the poster can be purchased in the Circus Museum's shop.

Today, a circus has a duty to remove their posters shortly after the performance, and the posters are often printed on long-lasting plastic sheets. This makes the unit price much higher and means that posters can be used for several years, as long as they are affixed with a streamer with venue and date. And the idea of ​​mentioning the names of the performers does not quite work when a poster is just something you see from a fast passing car and not like in the old days on foot, by bike or from a horse-drawn carriage.

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7 February 2021

Historical review of the music in Benneweis! Martin Lasson Berglund writes (my translation):

Stig Vognsen from Ringsted, Denmark, has a great interest in circus and circus music! He asked Diana Benneweis if he could be allowed to film the musicians during a performance, just to show how the musicians feel on the orchestra podium. A good and interesting idea that was realized in 2014 and 2015. You can see the result below.

Stig's father, Axel Johansen, played the trombone in Benneweis' band in the 1950s and worked in the circus for about 10 years. Axel borrowed a caravan from Eli Benneweis, and for four seasons Stig got the opportunity to travel with his father and get a real insight into circus life. During this time, one of his playmates was Diana Benneweis.

Stig Vognsen's father was a member of the Benneweis Orchestra in the 1950s, where the bandmaster was Orla Thomsen. The poster shown is from 1952

For many years, the Benneweis Orchestra was led by pianist Bogdan Szlachcic from Poland. Together with his musicians, he delivered wonderful circus music in Benneweis’ tents. Circus Benneweis stopped after the 2015 season, and now Bogdan plays in the Swing & Blues Jazz Orchestra in Poland.

Bogdan Szlachcic and his 6 pieces Benneweis Band. Photo from 2015. Bogdan is seen to the right. He became bandmaster at Benneweis in 1994. At that time he had 8 men in the orchestra. In 2001, he was replaced by an English bandmaster, as the Danish Musicians' Association had succeeded in preventing a work permit from being given to musicians from non-EU countries. However, it did not create jobs for Danish musicians: the 23 Polish musicians, who in 2000 had provided the music in Danish circuses, were replaced by 9 Englishmen. Several circuses switched to using taped music and Circus Arena and Circus Benneweis, who were the only ones to keep an orchestra, employed 4 and 5 English musicians respectively. Poland joined the EU in 2004, and the following year Bogdan was back in charge of the Benneweis Orchestra.

When circuses disappear or change, there are also more orchestras that disappear, and in the Nordics and Europe today it is quite rare with orchestras, if you compare with how it was 20-30 years ago. A piece of circus history worth remembering!

Below you will find the video clips with the orchestra, which Stig Vognsen made!

So turn up the volume and enjoy the music!







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5 February 2021

Josette Dubsky turns 90. On Thursday 11 February Josette Dubsky can celebrate her 90 year birthday. Josette Carmen Dubsky was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer on 11 February 1931 as daughter of Charlie Rivel’s brother Polo. Thus, she is cousin to Paulina Schumann and worked for many years as an August clown together with her spouse Joseph Dubsky and with their son Janos as white-faced clown. Joseph in Josette’s father’s Polo Rivel's costume with the little black nose, Josette as her uncle Charlie Rivel in the long red wool sweater with a red nose and red wig. She was good, with very beautiful feeling for the August-role. Josette and Joseph's last season as clowns were in 2000 when they toured Demark with Circus Dannebrog. However in the winter holidays in week 8 in 2004 they had a single week's comeback in Circus Kenny in Rosengaardcentret in Odense. Joseph Dubsky passed away in September 2016.

Josette and Joseph Dubsky in Circus Kenny in 2004. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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3 February 2021

Circusland does not open during the winter holidays. Circusland is a theme park owned by the Berdino family and situated in Circus Arena’s winter quarter in Slagelse. They write (my translation):

Circusland is following the authorities' extended restrictions against covid-19. Due to this we can unfortunately not as planned open during the winter holidays in week 7 and 8.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but the most important thing in this situation is that we all listen to the authorities and take good care of each other.

We look forward to seeing you again in Circusland when we open again for the spring and summer months - this year from May 22 and on all weekends up to the summer holidays and every day during the summer holidays from June 26 - August 8 and on all weekends from 14 August to 12 September.

The entrance to Circusland. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Just as during the autumn holidays, Circusland had in addition to other activities during the winter holidays planned a large number of shows with the TV host Bubber as host. Among the guests in the autumn was the Danish singer, actor and TV host Silja Okking who in this photo from the autumn 2020 is can be seen together with Bubber. Other winter guests should have been other popular Danish singers and entertainers. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

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2 February 2021

Save the art of circus from covid-19. The Swedish Circus Academy writes (my translation):

Swedish circuses take their responsibility and have cancelled their tours due to the corona pandemic.

The country's three remaining touring circuses (Brazil Jack, Olympia and Rhodin) are hardest hit as they do not receive any public grants or public commissions. Contemporary circuses which is largely financed by public support, is better equipped for this extreme situation.

The Circus Academy take note of the fact that the circuses meet all the requirements set for taking part in the SEK 500 million that the government has set aside in support of culture. In other grants, social values ​​are unfortunately taken into account, but this time we expect the support to be distributed on the basis of objective criteria. If that happens, the touring circus will survive the pandemic.

During April and May, to which the 5000 million grant applies, the three remaining circuses would have played 180 performances. Many of these in places where the event would be the year's only cultural visit with performing professional artists and musicians.

It is the circus that brings the whole of cultural Sweden to life.

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29 January 2021

Circuses in Denmark 2021 – an update. The Danish lockdown has been extended until 28 February. Due to this it is not possible to have circus performances during the school children’s winter holidays in week 7 and 8. Most likely also theme park Circusland has to give up being open to the public during the winter holidays.

Only time will tell if it will be possible for the Danish circuses to open the season as planned. According to the plans, they will have their first 2021 performances as follows:

Circus Arena: March 19th

Circus Arli: March 27

Circus Mascot: March 31st

Circus Baldoni:  April 4th

Circus Nemo April 10th

Circus Krone: not stated

Circus Trapez: not stated

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

29 January 2020

Circuses in Norway, Finland and Sweden. There is great uncertainty about what will be possible this year.


In 2020, neither of the two traditional Norwegian circuses toured. The stationary Circus Jesper in Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park had performances from 16 June to 9 August. The Norwegian contemporary Circus Xanti with the Circus Village had a mini tour in Sandvika and Oslo.

In Sweden, only the small German-owned Circus Bambino was on tour in 2021. The tour lasted almost 7 months, but there had to be a maximum of 50 spectators in the tent.

Things went better in Finland, where the large Circus Finlandia managed to complete an approx. 3 month long tour. The somewhat smaller Circus Tähti had a 4 month long tour.


In Norway, both the large Circus Arnardo and the medium-sized Circus Agora hope that it will be possible to get on tour this year. Uncertainty about restrictions means that none of them have announced a date for season opening. Circus Jesper hopes to be able to complete the usual summer performances in Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park with a premiere on 19 June and then performances until 15 August.

Circus Arnardo in snow. Photo from March 10, 2018. Doubtful whether it this year will be possible to open the season as early as March. Photographer: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo.

Circus Agora 2018. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

In Sweden the large Circus Brazil Jack, the medium-sized Circus Olympia and the small Circus Rhodin are hoping it will be possible get on tour. But like their Norwegian colleagues, they are waiting to announce a premiere date. As Trolle Rhodin III from Cirkus Brazil Jack writes: "Until the government decides on opening for larger gatherings, we simply have to be patient and wait quietly." When the family Weisheit's small Circus Bambino closed the 2020 season, they wrote: "We hope that we can continue our tour (in Sweden) next year 2021".

Circus Brazil Jack at The Mill Hill in Malmö at the premiere on April 4, 2019

Circus Olympia is known for its many well-groomed animals: dogs, horses, ponies and camels. Photo from 2017

In Finland, Cirkus Finlandia has not yet announced the date for season opening. Their season usually starts in April. Circus Tähti hopes to be able to start the season on April 9 in Jalasjärvi. Only time can tell if it will be possible.

Circus Finlandia in Helsinki. Photo from 2013

The Magician and musician Samir Abdelmeguid in front of his Circus Tähti, which had its first season in 2015 or 2016.

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21 January 2021

A circus prince is born! Tara Toya and Alexander Arli got on Saturday 16 January at 18:30 a little circus prince. The little boy measured 49 cm at birth and weighed about 3600 grams. "We are extremely happy now to be grandparents," Bettina and Martin Arli write. It is their first grandchild.

Congratulations to both the proud parents and the grandparents.

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20 January 2021

Circus Mascot 2021. The corona meant that the only activity Circus Mascot had in 2020 was the winter holiday performances in February in shopping centres in Herning and Aalborg. The tented summer tour was abandoned.

Like the other Danish circuses, Circus Mascot hope that this year it will be both legal and justifiable to have a summer tours. The usual winter holiday performances in shopping centres in February have been abandoned. But they hope to be able to open the tented season in their hometown Roslev on 31 March and continue until 26 September. This year's performance is called FOR FULL EXHAUST.

Circus Mascot writes (my translation): “We still believe in the value of gathering around experiences that are taking place right here and now. We believe it is important to give children the opportunity to rejoice - and we know that something very special happens between people when they take a seat on the circus bench”.

Audience on their way into the two pole tent

Daniel Deleuran is ringmaster. He also presents the small circus' ponies. His mother and co-director Marianne presents the many other animals: dogs, goats, geese and pigs. Because in Circus Mascot, they believe that happy and well-groomed animals are an indispensable part of the show.

Daniel Deleuran and two of the ponies

Marianne Deleuran is an excellent dog trainer

The clown Gulio and his family have been associated with Circus Mascot since 2003. Also this year you will experience the beloved clown and his family: Mrs. Tetyana and the children Husik and Julia in the ring. Rumour tells that Gulio this year not will be the only clown in the ring!

Mascot's regular house clown, the colourful and happy wag Gulio.

The circus tent is 18 m in diameter and can accommodate 270 circus guests. As their tour in 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions season 2021 will be No. 27 and the purpose is just as from the start in 1994 to provide happy and lively entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together!

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 January 2021

Danish Circuses and Covid-19. The corona pandemic meant that only two Danish circuses were on tour in 2020: Circus Arli and Circus Baldoni. Both with a shorter season than usual and with a ceiling on the number of spectators. Baldoni had also in November started their usual Christmas performances, but had to cancel the last 12 performances due to new restrictions. Circus Trapez had planned to make a Christmas circus in Kolding. But it had to be cancelled due to the restrictions. The restrictions also meant that Wallmans had to cancel the last 6 Christmas dinner shows in the Circus Building in Copenhagen and that the Circus Museum in Hvidovre had to stay closed.

The prevalence of the more transmissible B.1.1.7 strain is increasing in Denmark. The health authorities find that there is a considerable risk that the number of infections with this virus strain will escalate. Accordingly, the extensive lockdown in Denmark will continue and both cultural events and museum visits are prohibited until and including 7 February. This means that both the Circus Museum and Wallmans are closed until and including the said date. If the restrictions are extended, they must extend the closing period.

The restrictions have also resulted in cancellation of other events. E.g. the contemporary circus performance Only Bones v.1.0 was supposed to be shown on a number of stages around the country in the second half of January, but it has been cancelled.

Circusland in Slagelse plans to be open from 15 to 28 February. If the restrictions are extended, they will this year have to give up their winter holiday opening in whole or in part.

Let’s hope it will be possible to visit the theme part Circusland in week 7 and 8. The Danish schools are closed for winter holidays either in week 7 or in week 8.

The Danish circuses plan to open the season by the end of March / beginning of April. With Circus Arena as the first with the first dress rehearsal on March 19 and Circus Arli as the next with dress rehearsal on March 27. All circuses hope that the Covid-19 situation at that time is such that it is both legal and justifiable to start as planned. Let's hope so. Until then take care!

Ringmaster Bubber and singer and ringmistress Julie Berthelsen hope to be able to welcome to the first circus performance in 2021 in Denmark on 19 March.

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15 January 2021

Three birthdays with a round figure:

Jörgen Börsch 80 years. On January 18, Jörgen Börsch turns 80. Jörgen's father owned a large men's clothing store in Hillerød north of Copenhagen. But Jörgen wanted to do something else. Thus, it was his two older brothers who took over the business. Among other things, Jörgen has worked as a promoter and artist agent. In the latter capacity, he has e.g. booked artists for Danish circuses such as Baldoni, Krone and Mascot. In 1993, he was the producer and daily manager of Danish Circus Fantastico, which only toured this season. He also assisted Bossle Monster Truck Show for many years with their touring in Denmark. For many years he has been a regular guest at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, where he is one of the few Danes who have been in the ring. However, not as an artist, but as an audience participant in Fausto Scorpion's entrée. The year was 1989. Click here to watch a video clip.

Ordinary Jörgen spends his birthdays in Monte Carlo, where there usually is a circus festival in January. But this year's festival has been cancelled due to the corona, so he has to stay in Denmark.

Jörgen Börsch

Bernhard Kaselowsky 60 years. On January 19, Bernhard Kaselowsky, Mølby in the southern part of Jutland, turns 60. He was born in Germany, where his family ran their own circus, Circus Kaselowsky. Like other circus children, he was trained with everything possible in circus and artistry. The only thing he did not work with was animals! When Bernhard was 20 years old, the family began a  cooperation with another circus, Circus Hercules. Here Bernhard began working with animals. In 1983, he bought the elephant Ramboline, which he had until the ban on elephants in the Danish circuses in 2019 forced him to part with the elephant, which is now in Knuthenborg Safari Park. Ramboline was barely 2 years old when she came to Bernhard. Later he acquired horses, oxen and camels. With his animals he performed in the following years in a number of circuses: Arlette Gruss and Christiane Bouglione in France, Circus Agora in Norway (several seasons), Circus Americano in Ireland (several seasons), just as he performed at a number of galas. The Danes first time met him in 2001 in Circus Dannebrog, where he presented horses and elephants. He stayed at Circus Dannebrog until the 2006 season. In 2009 he performed at Circus Benneweis. From 2010 to 2015 he was back in Circus Dannebrog.

In 2016, he and his spouse Isabella Enoch Sosman established Circus Trapez, which tours in Jutland and on Funen. Due to the corona, Circus Trapez did not tour in 2020, but had just a few short performances in Madsby Playground in Fredericia, in nursing homes and during the autumn holidays in Arrild Ferieby. A Christmas circus in Kolding had to be abandoned due to the corona.


To the left: Bernhard Kaselowsky. To the right Bernhard and Isabella Enoch Sosman in front of their circus, which in 2019 featured the Indian performance Yakari.

Judy Glosted 60 years. When you see the elegant Judy, you can’t believe it! But the baptismal certificate dislose the truth: Judy is born in 1961 and turns 60 on January 21st. Judy Glosted became nationally known in Denmark 2006, where she became singing ringmistress in Circus Benneweis. She kept that position until 2008, when she wanted to get a few years break. She was back again with Benneweis in 2011 and stayed this time until the 2014 season. For a period in 2017, she was ringmistress in Danish Cirkus Trapez.

Judy’s mother was a circus performer and appeared as an acrobat and dancer, until she got children. Judy’s father was a musician. Her sister is the Danish actress Betty Glosted. The parents never lost their interest in circus, and both Judy and Betty were dragged along when Circus Benneweis visited in Funen. Judy took a business degree and had her first job as a host at a local TV channel TV Aarhus. Later she came to TV-Funen. After that she became marketing manager of Kolding Shopping Centre. As an artist Judy is autodidact. Besides the above jobs she travelled in around in Denmark and entertained with singing and music and cabaret. In 2003, Judy decided to put the uncertainty of nomad life on the shelf and said yes to a job as manager of Schur Conference Centre in Glud at Horsens. But when you have the fascination of the circus in your blood, you don’t say no to an offer from Diana Benneweis - and Judy said yes in 2006.

But today, Benneweis is closed, and Judy Glosted was not quite happy in the somewhat smaller Circus Trapez. So in 2018 she made another career change and became a singer in the Danish band Fat Finn & Funny Boyz. When the corona does not prevent it, she also has a number of jobs with senior entertainment in nursing homes, etc.

Judy Glosted in Benneweis’ ring. The beautiful blue dress, which was previously used by Diana Benneweis, can today be seen at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

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11 January 2021

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- this pandemic has closed down all theatres and circuses /  the result is financial hardship,  but on the human side as well it has caused a number of people to develop psycho ailments, by distress and loneliness, in turn due to lack of interaction with peers and people. Some surgery interventions have been postponed, as the troubles caused by the pandemic have priority.

Theatres as well as CIRCUS, including MAGIC SHOWS/which indeed is a kind of theatre/ should have been allowed to open per JAN 07, a decision that was cancelled,  then JAN 20 was cancelled as well, the latest but sure enough not the last info says: end of JAN.

The famous Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione opened the season on October 17 (see my review here on this website dated 22 October, 2020), but restrictions meant they had to close after a few weeks. The season was supposed to last until the beginning of March, but it is doubtful whether they can resume the performances this winter.

The Cirque d'Hiver in Paris was opened by Emperor Napoleon III on 11 December 1852 as the Cirque Napoléon. The theatre was renamed Cirque d'Hiver in 1870. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec repeatedly found inspiration in rehearsals and performances at the Cirque d'Hiver. Photo by courtesy of Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione

CATASTROPHE for all ENTERTAINMENT, the smaller cafées/ outlets within CATERING BIZ - are closing down in numbers.

Apparently necessary, but bringing personal tragedies in numbers: Paris has lots of performers who are stuck without being paid - and thus having but little chance of getting home.


-------------------------------------------Feedback/info by ZARRO ZARRO.

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8 January 2021

Orbituary: Erik Christgau. On January 7, Erik Christgau passed quietly away after a long illness. He would have turned 90 in February. In 1972, he married Vivi Schmidt. She was daughter of Louis Schmidt from Circus Louis, which was closed after the 1960 season. In 1963, Vivi started with the assistance of Erik Christgau Cirkus Vivi, which toured Denmark until 1967. The tent was a brand new 6 pole tent with room for about 1,200 people, and the equipment was new and modern. The performances were always of good quality. Vivi Schmidt was known as a skilled sea lion trainer, and after 1967 she continued for a couple of seasons presenting her sea lions in other circuses, assisted by her assistant and niece Addie Jepsen. Later, Addie took over the act which continued to be presented as Vivi's sea lion. It was Vivi who owned the animals.

Also after Circus Vivi was closed and Mrs. Vivi had stopped with the sea lions, Erik and Vivi kept their interest in the circus and had especially close relationships with the Berdino family from Circus Arena. Vivi passed away in 2015, but Erik Christgau maintained his close connection to Circus Arena.

The Berdino family writes (my translation):

The friendship with Erik meant a lot for us in Circus Arena. As recently as the summer of 2020, Erik welcomes the audience, while checking tickets at the entrance to Circusland in Slagelse, just as he has for many years faithfully helped to welcome the audience during Cirkus Arena's Denmark tours. Despite his advanced age, Erik loved to travel around with us in his caravan and we always enjoyed having visits from him. R.I.P.

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7 January 2021

Obituary: Yrsa Zidla. The former Danish trapeze artist Yrsa Zidla passed away on December 31, 2020. She was 93 years old. She was married to the Austrian master juggler Eric Zidla who in his acts was assisted by Yrsa. Eric Zidla passed away in 1984. In Denmark we saw him with Yrsa as assistant in Cirkus Moreno in 1959 and in the variety theatre Lorry in 1963. It was Yrsa Zidla years ago taught Bettina Arli of Danish Circus Arli to perform in trapeze.

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5 January 2021

A birthday with a round figure: Violet Ørum turns 90. On January 6, the former trapeze artist Violet Ethel Ørum turns 90. As a young woman she wanted to become an acrobat and worked for a season with Professor Tribini at Danish funfair garden Bakken north og Copenhagen. But she was too heavy and inflexible in the bones and instead she became a trapeze artist. In 1949, she signed a contract with the Lazana sisters, who performed in Danish Circus Moreno with the act 3 Lazana. It was the start of a decade with lots of travel and experiences. She performed all over the Middle East. In connection with performances Lebanon, Iran and Iraq in 1958 and 1959, she met the bike artist couple Haddy and Solveig Enoch and has since maintained close contact with the Enoch family. Violet Ørum stopped as an artist in 1959 and went to Australia, where she married a childhood friend. However, the marriage did not last, and she returned to Denmark with her daughter. 45 years ago, she started practicing karate at Shotokan Karate Academy in Copenhagen, where she quickly became known as Mama San and where she is still active. They would have held a reception for her on Saturday, January 9, but it has been postponed due to the corona restrictions. For many years she was also a regular crew member with Jørgen Friland for the Oldboys sailings in Sundby Sailing Club.

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3 January 2021

Large exhibition in Lund about classic circus. If possible due to corona restrictions Kulturen in Lund opens a large exhibition on circus on 10 April. It will be Kulturen's largest exhibition this year. According to the plan, it can be seen until the end of February 2022.

Older illustration of female trapeze artists. Unknown Artist.

Kulturen writes (my translation):

The next large exhibition at Kulturen in Lund is about the circus' exciting and enchanting world. We will present circus history from the 19th century to today.

Among other things, we borrow beautiful handmade costumes from Cirkus Rhodin, which is based in Scania and is one of the few traditional circuses left in Sweden. The owner Diana Rhodin's grandfather Brazil Jack and her father Trolle Rhodin were also two of Swedish circus world’s great personalities during the 20th century. For the exhibition we have also borrowed exciting items and costumes from other lenders.

We will also present the photographer Åsa Sjöström's magical circus pictures and parts of her documentary The Last Circus Princess.

For the exhibition, Kulturen has borrowed various effects from the Swedish Circus Academy, including from the Swedish Circus Museum in Ingelsträda.

The juggler David Sosman tells the exhibition features some of his grandfather Pipo Sosman Sr.'s costumes. David, who is the son of the late clown Eddy Sosman and Isabella Enoch Sosman, was in Lund a few months ago, where he was photographed in his grandfather's costume. The photo to the left shows David in the costume. Photos to the right: Pipo Sosman Sr. along with David's uncle Pipo Sosman Jr.

Kulturen (full name, Kulturhistoriska föreningen för södra Sverige) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1882 and currently has around 3,500 members. They curate Sweden’s largest collection of cultural objects from southern Sweden, major collections of comparative artefacts from around the world and the largest number of mediaeval archaeological finds in northern Europe. Kulturen runs museums in Lund and Sjöbo municipalities.

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2 January 2021


IT ALL HAPPENED IN PARIS -- but elsewhere as well -  viz. at a JUMBLE SALE , near the big circus lot in COPENHAGEN, I was hired to create a sympathetic atmosphere and put the people in a good mood - in a catering-and-beer tent, in fact not necessary as the local guests had already tasted the evil alcohol, happily enough there were a lot of foreign people, sober enough, who were expecting ENTERTAINMENT: I had chosen an old circus act: THE LADY WHO WALKS THRU SOLID MATERIAL, in this case, walking right through a circle of ropes. 

As my entré I made 2 playing cards disappear, one re-appeared in a photo frame, the appearance of the other one needed som ABSTRACT THINKING: using a pair of scissors and knowing a certain technique, you can by a simple cut make 3 diagonal holes, that are identified as THREE OF DIAMONDS - by adult people.

Zarro Zarro with Three of Diamonds. Photo : Marie Louise Djomguem

After show,  a little boy came up to me, asking in a broad Copenhagen dialect:


He seemed troubled and worried, I chose to explain the phenomenon to him, he became visibly relieved, leaving the spot having had a good time, so had I -


---------------------------------------------- ZARRO ZARRO.

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1 January 2021

Danish circuses in 2021. Below find an overview in alphabetical order of the circuses which we hope to see on the Danish roads in 2021, as well as the planned opening dates. Of course, subject to corona-related changes and lockdowns.

Circus Arena: Season opening at ‘Bellahoej’ in Copenhagen on March 24. Ringmasters Bubber and Julie Berthelsen. The performing artists are Alex Porsing and his motocross team FMX Denmark, the Danguir troupe on the high wire, the rola-bola acrobat Paulo Kaiser, Wolfgang Lauenburger and his dogs, the Mustafa Danguir Tumbling Troupe, Laura Berdino with liberty horses, Duo Costace, Circus Arenas house clown Jimmy Folco and Circus Arena's dancers.

The rola-bola acrobat Paulo Kaiser was also at Arena in 2016. In 2019, he performed in Circusland. His specialty is jumping from board to board. Press photo from Circus Arena

Wolfgang Lauenburger was also at Arena in 2010 and 2015. In 2008, he performed in Benny Schumann's autumn performance. Press photo from Circus Arena.

Duo Costache was also at Arena in 2017 and 2019 with respectively a perch act and an aerial act. Press photo from Cirkcs Arena

With a few exceptions, Jimmy Folco has been part of Arena's performances since 1997. Press photo from Cirkus Arena

Circus Arli: season opening in Fløng (Copenhagen suburb) March 27. In addition to members of the Arli family, you can meet the clown and multi-artist Francisco Fratellini. The names of other performers have not yet been announced.

Martin Arli and his son Alexander are always among the performers in Circus Arli. Prior to the circus season, you can meet Alexander Arli in Jan Schous' REVY PICNIC SCHOU-TUR at Østergaard's hotel in Herning.

The Super talent Francesco Fratellini was also at Arli in 2017, 2018 and 2020. Press photo from Cirkus Arli.

Circus Baldoni: season opening in Lyngby (Copenhagen suburb) on 4 April. They write (my translation):

We are proud in 2021 to present our show no. 20. It will be a completely wild show so we rightly call it THAT TOO WILD !!!

You will meet a number of top artists, including the Italian Ferrandino´s who have a breath-taking roller skate act and a bold aerial act. From the Czech Republic, you will meet the super-talented Kaya Janacek with the balancing act rola-bola and his parents Eddie and Maria in a whole new acrobatic discipline that has never been seen before. The duo "Hands to Violin" in a new and modern composition with the violinist, Daniella, who plays up to the super strong handstand artist Michal and then of course we have lots of clowns and the lion Leo Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll)

Duo Ferrandino consists of Michele Ferrandino and Marina Curci. In addition to the roller skate act they have an act in aerial cradle. Click here and here to see video clips of the two acts. They toured Denmark with Circus Arli in 2012. Press photo from Circus Baldoni.

The duo Hands to Violin (Michal Mudrák and Daniella Vitová) were also with Baldoni in 2016, where they were among the nominees for the Danish Circus Award’s prize for best act of the year

This is the 6th season in a row that the versatile Czech Janacek family (father Eddie, mother Maria and sons Kaya and Rudy) perform in Circus Baldoni. In 2018, Kaya was among the nominees for the talent prize from the Danish Circus Award. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Circus Krone: no information.

Circus Mascot: if possible season opening in Roslev by the end of March. In addition to members of the Deleuran and Clown Gulio and his family, the names of the cast have not yet been released.

Marianne Deleuran and her playful doggies are an indispensable part of a Mascot show. Press photo from Cirkus Mascot

Zircus Nemo: season opening April 11 in Horsens. In addition to Søren Østergaard, the names of the participants have not yet been published. It is conceivable that to a greater or lesser extent it is those who were engaged for 2020 where the tour had to be abandoned: the Russian acrobat Vladimir Georgievsky in a comic trampoline act, the rola bola acrobats Meleshin Brothers, the super juggler Cladius Specht, the hula-hoop star Geraldine Philadelphia and the handstand acrobats Duo Solys.

Although Zirkus Nemo offers excellent artists, it is first and foremost Søren Østergaard himself that the audience comes to see. Here as Smadremanden, seen together with his assistant Laura Kvist Poulsen. Photo from 2019. Photographer: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

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1 January 2021

Birthdays with a round figure in 2021. Several persons from the Danish circus and artist world can celebrate a birthday with a round figure in 2021.

18 January: Jörgen Börsch, artist agent etc., 80 years

19 January; Bernhard Kaselowsky, Circus Trapez, 60 years

18 February: John Thurano, artist, 75 years

9 April: Laura Berdino, Circus Arena, 40 years

3 August: Benny Berdino, Circus Arena, 75 years

19 October: Patrick Berdino, Circus Arena, 30 years

22 October: Michael Deutsch, magician, 60 years

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1 January 2021

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