Circus news from Denmark 2002

28 December 2002

60 years birthday. On 3 January 2003 the Danish author and circus expert Jorgen Lorenzen can celebrate his 60 years birthday. Jorgen Lorenzen is Bachelor of Divinity and worked as vicar in Hvorslev-Gerning from 1970 to1976. Then he took at Master of Arts decree and have since then been teaching at the Randers High School. But Jorgen's hobby is circus. He has published a couple of books on this item and made a film on clowns. It is named between tears and laughter - a film on the circus clown. Jorgen is often used as lecture on circus related topics. And he is a very frequent visitor to circuses in Denmark and Germany and has many friends within the circus world.

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26 December 2002

Pete Robinson back to Benneweis. As in 2002 the English keyboardplayer Pete Robinson will conduct the band at Circus Benneweis in 2003.  And he will also be the arranger of the music. The music for 2001 and 2002 was arranged Marcus Jaichner who conducts the band at Swedish Circus Scott. However Marcus Jaichner wants to modernise circus music and circus owner Diana Benneweis prefer the traditional type of music. Marcus Jaichner calls the appointment of Pete Robinson as both arranger and conductor an excellent choice for Bennewewis. – Peter Robinson and his 3 musicians (bas, drums and sax beside Pete himself on keyboard) did a fine job in 2002 although Danish fans are missing the larger orchestras used by Danish circuses until the Danish Musicians Union in 2001 prohibited use of circus musicians from Poland.

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19 December 2002

Classical clown festival in Lyngby (suburb to Copenhagen). ”The National classical clown festival” is the official title of a festival to be held at the Lyngby Culture Centre 22 and 23 January 2003. Among the performers are Charlie & Binalto from Circus 3, Circus Luna, Tonny Trifolikum from Circus Mongo, The Danish Clown Circus, Clown Don Carlos,  Clown Pio, Clown Tapé and Trio Pok. In connection with the festival it is possible to see Danish circus historian Jorgen Lorenzen's film on clowns named between tears and laughter - a film on the circus clown and to se an exhibition from the Copenhagen Circus Museum in Hvidovre. You can fin the full program under What’s on.

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18 December 2002

Anybody knowing Ranelli? A former neighbour Karin have told me that her father Hjalmar Edvard Christian Petersen (1912 – 1964) when he was young performed as a escape artist using the name Ranelli. He performed in Denmark and in Germany and maybe even in other countries. Around 1940 he retired from the world of artist and worked from then on as a master cabinetmaker. Karin has only one picture of her father as an artist. Send me a mail if you have any information on Ranelli's career as an escape artist.

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12 December 2002

Tented Christmas Circus. The small Circus Krone from Jutland used their own 2-pole tent during their visit in Copenhagen from 8 to 13 December. The presented in total 8 performances all sponsored by a local furniture dealer. After Copenhagen Circus Krone will visit Korsor and Kolding sponsored by a supermarket chain.

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11 December 2002

Danish pickpocket artist Kenny Quinn and his partner Joan are until 12 January 2003 at the Star Club variety theatre in Kasel, Germany. From 4 April to 5 November they will tour with Circus Finlandia the largest circus in Finland.

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2 December 2002

Monte Carlo Circus Festival. The 27th Circus Festival in Monte Carlo will take place from 16 to 23 January 2003 in a brand new big top produced by Ferrari (not the carmaker) in Italy at a price of 305,000 Euro. Among the performers at the 2003 festival are the Russian risley act Kourbanov who toured with Danish Circus Arena in 2001, Maike and Jörg Probst with their farm animal which they presented at Danish Circus Benneweis in 2000, the female clown Marie-Therése from Switzerland, an all-female flying trapeze act from Korea, Jasons Peter’s bears, and a teeterboard act with an elephant from Annie Fratellini’s school in Paris.

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2 December 2002

American Circus to Germany. American Circus will tour Germany in the summer season 2003. Despite the name American Circus isn’t American but owned by Italian Enis Togni. For several years Danish Circus Arena rented horses and elephants from American Circus and had them presented by the brothers Kim and Miller Benneweis.

25 November 2002

René Marvin of Circus Baldoni/the Circus Theatre will for the next four weeks tour with an indoor show called Circus Nissesjov in schools and kindergartens. The performance runs for 45 minutes. The performers are René Marvin (magician and ventriloquist), actress Sisse Sigumfelt and the acrobats Sergej and Eugenia who toured with Circus Baldoni during the summer season.

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22 November 2002

The International Clown Festival 2003 at Bakken north of Copenhagen will take place from 7 to 17 August 2003 producer Benny Schumann tells.

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Benny Schumann and the performers at this years International Clown Festival at Bakken, Photo by courtesy of Benny Schumann.

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20 November 2002

Circus Arena will in January next year give details on their 2003 performance called Giant Circus 2003. Opening day will be in Copenhagen sometime in March 2003 hopefully in a brand new big top. I have heard that sealion trainer Ingo Stiebner will be among the performers. Ingo toured with Circus Arena in 2000. He has spent the 2003 season with Circus Knie in Switzerland.

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19 November 2002

Danish Nelly Jane Benneweis former ringmistress at Danish Circus Benneweis was member of the jury at the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden in Germany in the beginning of November 2003. The only Scandinavian participant in the Festival was the contortionists Twisted Fantasy from Sweden.

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12 November 2002 

Circus Scott prefers Nimes for Copenhagen. After an performance in Helsingborg in Sweden 12 November circus owner Robert Bronett explained that the reason for abolishing Copenhagen this year was an invitation to a four day visit in Nimes in the southern part of France. As Circus Scott's ticket sale in Copenhagen has been rather poor in 1999, 2000 and 2001 the invitation from France was more tempting. - The performance in Helsingborg was almost sold out. Amongst the performers was the silverclown winner from Monte Carlo Fumagalli and arial artist Eva Garcia. For a Dane it was interesting to have a chat with Kim Benneweis after the performance. Kim has this year worked as Supt. Canvas with Circus Scott. Kim told me that his brother Miller Benneweis had stopped his career with circuses.

 fumagali-1s.jpg (9365 bytes)        garcia-2s.jpg (6607 bytes)

Fumagalli and Eva Garcia. (Photos: Micael Engström/Bronett Bros.)

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11 November 2002

The Danish/Finnish clown duo Bonbon & Tiina is again this year back with the Bergen Variety Theatre in Norway. Bonbon toured with Circus Arena in Denmark this summer. Bonbon & Tiina may be best known for their famous Badminton Comedy Act. The Badminton-Act is an outstanding number and for the time being probably the only Badminton-Act in the circusworld.

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Bonbon and Tiina (with kind permission from Bonbon)

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7 November 2002

As in 2001 the Danish comedy cascadeurs Steckel's (Freddi Streckel and Line Vittrup) can be seen at Gala Tours in France in December. The duo toured with Circus Merano in Norway this summer. 

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1 November 2002

Project Barly has since January 1993 done registration of the artist and collector Olund Barly's large collection of circus material. Today the registration has included 110,000 objects, mainly photographs but also posters, costumes, stage props and programmes. The Greater Copenhagen County has paid the cost of the registration. Manager of Project Barly is Susanne Torgard. Most of the work is done now and the database - Danish Museum Index - holds the material of several thousand artists. And thus the Greater Copenhagen County Council has decided to close Project Barly as of 31 December 2002. Items from Olund Barly's collection can bee seen at the Copenhagen Circus Museum in Hvidovre. This fine museum will continue to exist although they will miss the excellent assistance they over the years have received from Susanne Torgard and her staff.

M351-32 bygning.jpg (11582 bytes)

The Copenhagen Circus Museum (Photo: Lise Kokholm)

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27 October 2002

"Hello Ole and Lars", writes Ton from the
Netherlands. "The two of you have made a fantastic web-side. Father and son, I presume? (Yes) A dreamteam for sure! Well-structured, with an interesting and almost overwhelming content. In short it's a big pleasure to navigate and to surf through it! Be sure that I (and, with me, many others) will visit your web-side regularly. I wish you good luck. Keep on doing. (Honestly said: I am a little bit jealous!)" - Thanks for the kind comments, it makes all the work worthwhile!

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24 October 2002

Kim Benneweis in Sweden. According to the Swedish circus magazine Cirkuläre Notiser no 4/2002 the former elephant trainer Kim Benneweis has since June this year as General Superintendent been in charge of technical matters in the Bronett Bros. organisation. Bronett Bros. is producing Circus Scott, the all female circus festival Cirkusprinsessan (the Circus Princess) and Circo Massimo (produced for Italian television). For the time being Kim should be with Circus Scott as Supt. Canvas. When Kim worked for the Benneweis family's own circus that he left in 1995 and for Circus Arena from 1997 to 2001 Kim was acting as superintendent in addition to being in charge of the elephants.

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24 October 2002

Will Circus Scott cancel its stand in Copenhagen? The large Swedish Circus Scott visited Copenhagen late autumn 1999, 2000 and 2001 with fine performances but did only attract a very limited audience. Circus Scott was scheduled to visit Copenhagen from 14 to 16 November 2002. However is seems likely that the visit will be cancelled. Circus Scott will visit Malmo (20 minutes by train from Copenhagen) in the southern part of Sweden from 6 to 10 November.

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23 October 2002

Lise Kokholm who is assisting con amore at the Copenhagen Circus Museum has sent me these fine photos of some of the costumes you can see at the museum. You can see more photos at my page with Facts about Danish circus collections

  M350-37 dragt.jpg (11867 bytes)   M348-13 dragt.jpg (8728 bytes)    M348-17 dragt.jpg (8962 bytes)

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19 October 2001

"During the winter season we a presenting several different performances, including a Christmas show with acrobats from Latvia, clowns and a magician," René Marvin Moenster from Circus Baldoni and the Circus Theatre tells. Right now René is in Germany looking for a new tent with a diameter of 25 meter for his 2003-season.

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17 October 2002

Danish magician Jorgen Samson has passed away. Jorgen Samson who was born on 30 October 1926 passed away on 8 October 2002. He was well known for conjuring up an enormous number of flowers during his act, which was presented in a most charming way.

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16 October 2002

You will find a photo of Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building on the opening page to this website. The photo is from Benny Schumann's archives and was taken in 1953. Among the performers in 1953 were the famous clown Charlie Rivel (father in law to circus owner Albert Schumann) assisted by the clowns Maiss and Mimille, Edith Crockers Teddy Bears, the outstanding handstand acrobats Yong Sisters and Brothers and Les Perchleys with Looping the Loop.

rivel.jpg (5275 bytes)

Charlie Rivel (Photo from Benny Schumann's archives)


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14. October 2002

New circus in Sweden. From Sweden Toledo reports that Pierre Wallberg alias the magician Valentino is planning to start his own circus in 2003. The name will be Circus Hellas. Pierre Wallberg has ordered a tent from Germany with a diameter of 20 meter. Stig Nilsson and Kettil Thordarsson will assist Pierre Wallberg in the preparations for the new show.

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12 October 2002

Circus posters on exhibition. Dansk Plakatmusum (the Danish Poster Museum) in Aarhus has opened a fine exhibition of circus posters: the famous Polish Cyrk posters, old Danish posters from Benneweis, Schumann, Belli, Louis, Krone and Dannebrog and from smaller circuses as Circus Hjaelpelos, Circus Tusindben, Circus Charlie, Cirkus Tvaers, Circus Himmelblaa etc. The exhibition can be seen until 15 December.

 plakat1.jpg (17560 bytes)             plakat2.jpg (18264 bytes)

Two of the posters on exhibition. The artist is the late Oscar Knudsen.

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11 October 2002

The Circus Museum in Rold to be extended. On 11 October Circus owner Irene Thierry from small Danish Circus Krone cut the first turf for the extension of the exhibition hall at the Circus Museum in Rold in Jutland. The museum is situated next to the wooden circus building from 1913 used for many years for training purposes by Circus Miehe.

cirkusmuseet3.jpg (9513 bytes)

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2 October 2002

Lease agreement regarding the Copenhagen Circus Building signed. On 30 September Hasse Wallman, CEO of Swedish Wallman's Nöjen (Wallman's entertainment), signed the 10-year lease agreement with the City of Copenhagen regarding the Copenhagen Circus Building. Wallman's is taking over the lease of the building from 1 January 2003. Wallman's will primary use the building as a variety theatre and dancing restaurant. Apart from a short visit in 1996 by German Circus Roncalli the building has not been used by circuses since 1990. And now it will end up as a variety theatre - however with circus artists among the performers.

 cirkusbygn.schumann.jpg (19969 bytes)

Photo of the Copenhagen Circus Building taken one of the seasons when the famous clown Charlie Rivel performed with Circus Schumann. Charlie Rivel's daughter Pauline was married to circus owner Albert Schumann. (Photo from Benny Schumann's archives).

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1 October 2002

Close of season 2002. All tented circuses in Denmark havde had their final stand for 2002. The last circus to close the 2002-season was tiny Circus Mascot with the closing day being 1 October at Thise in the northern part of Jutland. The first circus to open its doors (or rather its tent) to the public in 2002 was Circus Dannebrog, which had its opening day on 21 March in Vojens in the southern part of Jutland. From an economical point of view 2002 can hardly be considered as a record-breaking season. More exact information is hard to get from the circus owners.

 mascot2002.jpg (11907 bytes)

 Circus Mascot had its final stand at 1 October 2002 (photo taken earlier in the season)

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25 September 2002

Circus Arena has ordered a new tent from Italy for season 2003. Arena will also acquire a new and better seating system for 2003. Circus Arena had planned to get a new tent for season 2002 but the purchase was postponed one year. The new tent will probably be a 4-pole tent. Arenas present tent (the largest in Denmark) has 8 poles. However the number of poles says nothing about the size of the tent.

arenatelt2001.jpg (13838 bytes)

The tent used by Circus Arenas in season 2002

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17 September 2002

Diana Benneweis's finds her present tent with at diameter of 40 meter and seating capacity of 1,700 a bit to large. It takes a crew of 22 workers to take the tent up and down. And in Denmark most stands are one-day stands. She is looking for a smaller tent as the one used by German Circus Roncalli with a diameter 36 meter and a seating capacity somewhere between 1,200 and 1,400. She is going to order such a tent for her Circus Benneweis. For some years Diana Benneweis has as a number of other circuses used English Laci Endresz as "director". However his efforts with Benneweis in 2002 were not to successfully and Diana had to made a number of changes shortly after the opening in April 2002. Diana Benneweis receives every week between 10 and 15 videos from artist. If she is interested she asks where she can see the act live. For some years artist with Circus Benneweis have only presented one act each - their top act. This will also be the case in the coming season 2003. However this is clearly more expensive than asking each troupe to do two acts and Benneweis might some day revert to that practice.

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16 September 2002

"During the winter season I will tour with my one man show Hey Clown with 10 to 15 performances every month, ", tells Benny Schumann. Benny is also making preparations for the International Clown Festival at Bakken in August 2003.

 klovnefestival2002a1.jpg (22271 bytes)

Benny Schumann and the performers at this years International Clown Festival at Bakken, Photo by courtesy of Benny Schumann.

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15 September 2002

Danish trapeze artists Josephine Randrup and Rasmus Madsen have been re-engaged to perform in their double trapeze in the ABBA-musical Chess at the Stockholm Circus Building while Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm are singing "You and I". The audience likes the two talented Danes - they are getting much applause. Chess will continue at least until spring 2003. Josephine and Rasmus are educated at AFUK circus school in Copenhagen and at the Moscow Circus School. The have performed with a number of new wave circuses.

 stockholmcirkus1.jpg (15410 bytes)           stockholmcirkus2.jpg (19157 bytes)  

The Circus Building in Stockholm

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12 September 2002

Chinese acrobats. In connection with the Asiatic - European ASEM 4 meeting in Copenhagen a number of artists, actors, musicians from Asia will perform in Copenhagen 19 to 21 September 2002. Among the performers are 20 Chinese acrobats performing at tight wire, with juggling, with acrobatics etc. They can been seen at Amagetorv in Copenhagen 21 September from 1 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

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10 September 2002

As I mentioned on 7 August thanks to Anders Enevig dean of Danish circus historians an old living wagon from Circus Benneweis has just been donated to the Circus Museum in Rold in Jutland. For a number of years the wagon (still occupied by an old artist) has been placed on a lot called Skibshusene in Odense. But the old artist living in the wagon is now at an old folk home. The black and white photo shows the wagon. Another old wagon builded in 1939-1940 also used by "travelling families" has been donated to the Odense Museum. The colour photo is from 21 August 2002 when this wagon was transported to the Odense Museum. Photos: Anders Enevig.

 cirudvogn.odense.1.jpg (22437 bytes)        cirkusvogn.odense.2.jpg (14629 bytes)

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8 September 2002

Diana Benneweis has told a Danish TV-station that Circus Benneweis' 2003 programme for the summer season 2003 is ready. But she did not want to give names of any of the performers. But elephant and horse trainer Diana Rhodin who has toured with Benneweis this season might very well be re-engaged. As the same time Diana proudly told that Swiss Circus Knie, generally considered at the finest in Europe, this seasons has no less than 5 acts on the programme which in earlier seasons has been with Benneweis in Denmark. It is the juggler Serge Percelly, who toured with Benneweis in 1984 and 1988. The trapeze star Sabu and wheel of death performers Alegria Brothers, who was with Benneweis in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1990 and at the tented show in 1992. The sealion trainer Ingo Stiebner, who performed at Benneweis in 1998. And the breakdance troupe Enemy Squad who enjoyed the Benneweis-audience in 2000.

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4 September 2002

Denmark is a kingdom in northern part Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The tented circus season in Denmark, Norway and Sweden runs from March to September. It is too cold to continue performances in tents in October and November. (Well - Swedish Circus Scott does not have its closing day until mid November - but it is pretty expensive to heat their tent!). Among the Danish circuses Circus Arli had its final stand for this season on 1 September. This year 143 performances were given in 98 cities. Both Circus Arena and Circus Benneweis will close their season on 15 September. Circus Charlie will tour until 16 September. Circus Krone's will end their summer season on 20 September. Circus Dannebrog will have their final stand at 28 September. Circus Baldoni will close their season on 29 September. Circus Mascots final 2002 stand is early October.

Circus Arena will present a winter circus in February 2003 in some sports centres etc.  Also Circus Krone and Circus Mascot is active during the winter season with performance in shopping malls etc. René Marvin from Circus Baldoni in touring with indoor performances during the winter season using the brand Cirkusteatret (The Circus Theatre). Also the Arli family is active during the winter season.

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28 August 2002

Diana Benneweis memoirs "Alting har sin pris" ("There is a price at everything") has almost become a best-seller in Denmark now printed in its third impression since it was published 3 weeks ago.

dianabog.jpg (11654 bytes)

Front page of Diana Benneweis' book copied with permission from the publisher. (Photo: Sara Skytte)


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26 August 2002

René Marvin from Circus Baldoni is pretty satisfied with this season - he best season so far. As Diana Benneweis and Benny Berdino he wants a new tent for season 2003. And he wants to sell the old tent. Anyone interested in a 4-pool tent 26 meter in diameter?

 baldoni2002-1.jpg (13153 bytes)

Circus Baldoni

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19 August 2002

According to producer Benny Schumann the 7th International Clown Festival at Bakken had more visitors than the previous clown festivals and more visitors than any other performance at Bakken's Open Air Stage this season. The festival ran from 5 to 18 August. A special feature in connection with the festival was a small tented exhibition on clowns from the Copenhagen Circus Museum.

 klovneudstilling.2002.jpg (17947 bytes)

The tented clown exhibition at Bakken

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18 August 2002

Diana Benneweis wants a new tent and some new wagons for Circus Benneweis. Her present tent is from 1996. Also Benny Berdino from Circus Arena has a new tent on his Christmas presents list. His present tent is about 10 years old. He had hoped to get a new tent for season 2002 but decided to de with a new stable tent. Circus Arena's present tent is an 8-pool tent seating approximately 1,700 people.  The largest circus tent in Europe seating 4,500 people is used by German Circus Krone. The largest tent in the Nordic Countries belongs to Swedish Circus Scott whose tent has a seating capacity of 2,400 people.

kronetelt.2002.jpg (22351 bytes)

German Circus Krone seats 4,500 people

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14 August 2002

The gifted sealion trainer Ingo Stiebner toured with Danish Circus Benneweis in 1998, with Danish Circus Arena in 2000 and with Swedish Circus Maximum in 2001. In season 2002 he and his sealions Ruby (female) and Cecil (male) is with Swiss Circus Knie. 2003 will se him back in Denmark with Circus Arena. Ingo's mom Claire Harrison and stepfather Peter Harrison presented for many years a sealion act called Clarrison.

 stiebner2.jpg (15289 bytes)        stiebner1.jpg (15735 bytes)              

The sealions Lola, Ruby and Cecil. Ingo Stiebner and his fiancé and assistant Jennie Mikaelson. Photo: Johan Vinberg

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 August 2002

Danish sealion trainers Vicky and Hans Petersen can this season be found at French Cirque Medrano.

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11 August 2002

At the gala performance in connection with the 7th International Clown festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen 78 years old Italian clown Alfredo Rastelli was presented with The World Artist and Clown Award. The price is a painting of Austrian painter Adi Holzer. Alfredo Rastelli started as clown in his father's troupe in an age of 7. Thus he has almost performed as a clown for 70 years. And his intention is to continue as long at he can make it. More than 1,000 people attended the gala performance.

 klovnefestival2002pris.jpg (11775 bytes)

Alfredo Rastelli, Benny Schumann and Adi Holzer

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10 August 2002

Diana Benneweis has written her memoirs. Circus owner Diana Benneweis (born 1947) of Circus Benneweis has assisted by Britta Bjerre written a book (in Danish) on her life called "Alting har sin pris"("There is a price at everything"). From the book you can see that Diana's life has been no bed of roses.

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7 August 2002

Thanks to Anders Enevig dean of Danish circus historians a old Benneweis living wagon has just been donated to the Circus Museum in Rold in Jutland. For a number of years the wagon (still occupied by an old artist) has been placed on a lot called Skibshusene in Odense. But the old artist living in the wagon is now at an old folks home. Another old wagon also used by "travelling families" will be donated to the Odense Museum.  

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5 August 2002

Today was opening day for the International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen. Performing at the festival are the famous musical clowns Rastellis from Italy. 78 old Alfredo Rastelli will in connection with a gala performance on 11 August receive The World Artist and Clown Award. Cube Triu presented a combination of clowning and magic. The will be presented with the festival's second price The Golden Nose. Other performers are Florin with his clever dog Cato and Benny Schumann and his daughter Patricia with their Elvis/Dolly Parton impersonation.

 rastelli2002.jpg (12184 bytes)                floin&cato.2002.jpg (9165 bytes)

Alfredo Rastelli & Co.                             Florin & Cato

klovnefestival2002.jpg (29464 bytes)   

Cube Triu og Benny Schumann i Rivel-dress

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 August 2002

Circus Owner Benny Berdino from Circus Arenas likes to call himself the singing circus owner. (As a matter of fact during the circus performance he sings Circus Arena's signature tune "Circus, Circus, come and see the circus/circus is in town today"). Benny has just released a new CD called Life is a Party. One of the songs from the album Give me a kiss was tested for the Hit List in the Danish Radio. However it was not rated (only 10 songs are rated).

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 July 2002

The Swedish circus Scott did open their 2002 season on 26 July in Gävle, Sweden. The season will end in Copenhagen from 14 to 16 November 2002. Among the performers in this years show are Georg Harrison with his dog act called Harrisons hot dogs, Gabi Dew presenting liberty horses, Alexander Sharkovs with a hand balancing act, the Italian clown Fugmagalli (Gianni Huesca) who won a silver clown in Monte Carlo in 2001, escape artist Merlinis with one of Houdini's tricks, The Goratjevs in flying trapeze and Lazlo Brothers acrobatic act. Cirkus Scott was established in 1937.

scott 1999.jpg (33318 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 July 2002

One of the main attractions at the International Clown Festival from 5 August to 18 August at the amusement park Bakken 10 miles north of Copenhagen is Alfredo, Oreste and Vittorio Rastellis of the world famous Italian Rastellis clown troupe. Rastellis has through generations developed their own original tragic-comical world class clown act. Benny Schumann producer of the festival says that 78 old Alfredo and his sons Oreste and Vittorio Rastellis are looking forward to their visit to Copenhagen and the International Clown Festival.

Alfredo Rastelli was born in 1924 as son of Oreste Rastelli who in the 1930's toured together with his wife Lina, Brazilian Aristide Alyes Ferreira (often called Mr. Chocolate) and the white face clown Antonio Poletto. They presented two acts: a trampoline act called "Four Rastellis" (sometimes with 5 performers and then called 5 Rastellis). As clowns the performed under the names "Chokolade Boys", "Chocolate comp" or "Chocolate and Company."

Alfredo's first visit to Denmark was in 1949, where he together with papa Oreste, Alves and Antonio performed at Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building. Alfredo had a separate act presented as Alfredo the Italian music phenomena. Alfredo plays 22 instruments and can play at two trumpets at the same time. Rastellis was back in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1954. Rasteillis toured for several years with Holiday on Ice. In  2000 Alfredo Rastellis was awarded the jury's special price at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.

Apart from Rastellis the performers at the clown festival will be Cube Trio, Florin and Cato (clown and dog), Patricia Schumann (Benny's daughter), Peter Bagger and Benny Schumann.

 rastellisplakat.jpg (45401 bytes)

Poster by Oscar Knudsen from 1949 mentioning Rastellis both as Chocolate-Boys and as 5 Rastellis. Poster copied from the book Circus Posters by Anders Enevig (Borgen publisher Copenhagen 2001). The book has several other prints of posters by Oscar Knudsen and Erik Stockmarr. The book has summary in English, German, French and Spanish and is thus also of interest for non-Danes.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 July 2002

Leif Damsgaard Nielsen is writing on a book on the Danish Circus Arena. Leif and circus owner Benny Berdino hopes to have the book ready for publishing in connection with Circus Arenas opening day in 2003. Circus Arena is for the time being the largest circus in Denmark.


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14 July 2002

Danish Youth Circus Flik-Flak from Odense has visited Iceland. More that 8,000 spectators saw one of their 10 performances. Certainly not bad for a circus with kids as performers!

flilflak.jpg (18913 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)


10 July 2002

10 July Circus Arena was visiting Karrebaeksminde. The circus lot is placed on the small island Eno and unfortunately the bridge from Zealand                                       to Eno could not bear the weight of the trucks with the elephants. Thus Sonny Frankello's elephants has to walk across the bridge.

Karrebaksminde.jpg (12226 bytes) 

Sonny Frankello's elephants crossing the bridge to the circus lot at Karrebaeksminde. (Photo: Christian Warrer/Circus Arena)

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2 July 2002

Circus elephant passes away.  Tuffi one of Diana Rhodin's African elephants died in 2 July due to a disease of the stomach. Tuffi was 22 years old. This season Diana Rhodin is touring Denmark with Circus Benneweis presenting elephants and liberty horses. In 2000 she toured Denmark with the same acts with Circus Dannebrog. Diana Rhodin is daugther of the late Trolle Rhodin who for several years worked as artist agent for Ringling-Barnum. Until 1998 Diana performed at the Swedish Circus Brazil Jack which until then was owned by Diana and her brothers Carlos and Trolle Rhodin Jr. Today Trolle Rhodin Jr. is the sole owner of Circus Brazil Jack. Diana Rhodin has performed with Tuffi and its pal Micky since 1985 where both elephants were babies, cf. photo. - Tuffi took part in the performance in Circus Benneweis at the start of the 2002 season but had for at while been taken out due to health problems. For the remaining part of the season Micky will be the only elephant performing at Circus Benneweis.

diana.rhodin.elefanter.jpg (17406 bytes)
Diana Rhodin with Tuffi and Micky in 1985

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22 June 2002

A lot of young talents. 21 talented young artists from the acrobats class at the Academy of Untamed Creativity (sic!) ended their education by presenting a new wave performance called "Fucking French Curtains 21 and 22 June. They performed on tight wire, in trapeze, with hand stand, on slack wire, in silk, with juggling and as mine artists. 7 of the youngsters have been admitted to international circus schools. The artist class at the Academy of Creativity is a one-year education.  In connection with the performance the Academy presented a new wave festival. Among the performers were some of the most successful Danish new wave artist: Lars Gregersen and Camilla Sarrazin (well, she actually is from Chile) who for a while have toured Europe with the new wave group False Majeure and Josephine Randrup and Rasmus Madsen. Josephine and Rasmus performed in the spring in their double trapeze in the ABBA-musical Chess at the Stockholm Circus Building while Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm were singing "You and I".

festival4.jpg (8822 bytes)                 festival8.jpg (23142 bytes)

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21 June 2002

According to the newspaper Politiken Flemming Ostergaard CEO of Parken Sport & Entertainment is very upset because Parken's lease of the Copenhagen Circus Building was not prolonged. He has asked the Minister of Internal affairs to look into the matter. The lease was granted to Swedish Wallmans Salonger who offered at better rent than Parken.

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9 June 2002

For several years Suzanne and Karsten Berdino (daughter and son in law of Danish circus owner Benny Berdino of Circus Arena) has been in charge of daily management of Swedish Circus Skratt. However in this season Suzanne and Karsten is touring with Circus Arena in Denmark. Their task in Circus Skratt has been taken over by Jacki Steckel, assisted by Bent Solberg. Jacki Steckel owned for 10 years together with his wife Ulla Spinoza Circus Stella Nova that toured in Finland and Denmark until 1993. Owner of Circus Skratt is a Swede, Bo Rönnberg, who rents the circus, tent and all, from Benny Berdino.

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Marianne and Jess Deleuran, now touring for their 9th season as circus owners with their tiny Circus Mascot will celebrate their 12˝ years anniversary (Danes are celebrating a 12˝ years anniversary almost as an 25 years anniversary) when Circus Mascot in 15 June is visiting Skibby. Congratulations! In the month of July you can meet Circus Mascot in Sommerland Sjaelland, an amusement park close to Nykobing Sjaelland.

due.jpg (7948 bytes)

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5 June 2002

German/Danish comedy Cascadeurs Lott & Leslie, who right now is touring with the small Danish Circus Krone has from 30 September to 7 December been engaged to a variety theatre performance at Rode Kro Theatre in Copenhagen. As in Krone the female partner will also perform with her limbo act under the name Yvonne Miree. Other performers will the foot juggler Svetlana.

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31 May 2002

A stout fellow. The clown and multi-artist Benny Schumann have bought a new ventriloquist's dummy named Guttermann ("a stout fellow"). The photo shows Benny and his Guttermann. (Photo: Benny Schumann).

guttermand+B_09.jpg (15388 bytes)

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30 May 2002

Circusowner René Marvin (alias René Moenster) wasn't too happy with Circus Baldoni's performance at the beginning of the season in late April. He has now changed his performance - certainly an improvement. "The audience like it, and so do we" claims René. The non-animal performance is presented on at stage in a tent wit a seating capacity of 500.

 baldoni2002-1.jpg (13153 bytes)    baldoni2002-2.jpg (15859 bytes)

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29 May 2002

New Danish website on circuses. Circusfan Kenneth Severinsen has made a homepage presented as "CIRKUS Skandinavia, A monthly circus internet magazine for CIRCUS FREAKS". The address is - Kenneth Severinsen has no connection with the small Circus Skandinavia, which toured Denmark from the late 1980's until 1995. Circus Skandinavia toured even for a short while in 2000.

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28 May 2002

Circus in the Copenhagen Circus Building. Nicolai Joergensen, CEO for Wallman's Entertainment in Malmö (Sweden) and CEO for the coming Wallman's Saloons in the Copenhagen Circus Building intent once in a while to present international circus performances in the building. Wallman's is taking over the lease of the building from 1 January 2003. Wallman's will primary use the building as a variety theatre and dancing restaurant. In addition to this they intent assisted by Eva Schumann to open a small exhibition with items from the circuses which have used the building.

  hasseframcirkus_s.jpg (41313 bytes)

Hasse Wallman (owner of Wallman's Entertainment) in front of the Copenhagen Circus Building. Photo: Wallmans Nöjen.

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24 May 2002

Swedish tenant in the Copenhagen Circus Building. According to several newspapers the City of Copenhagen's committee of cultural affair decided at a meeting on 23 May to give the lease from 1 January 2003 and 10 years ahead to Swedish Wallman's Salonger who intent to rebuilt the building to a variety theatre and dancing restaurant. The present leaseholder Parken Sport & Entertainment (closely connected with the professional soccer team FCK) is said to be very disappointed. Nobody considered using the building for a circus!

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23 May 2002

Ole Hoyer has passed away. The composer Ole Hoyer who for a number of years was musical director with Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building has passed away 74 years old. Benny Schumann tells that Ole Hoyer was a gifted arranger of music for the Schumann family's speciality: horses. Ole Hoyer furthermore composed the music used by Benny when he under the artist name Rec Benny for some years toured as a juggler.

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21 May 2002

In August 2002 the Copenhagen International Theatre (KIT) will present 3 new-wave-circuses in Copenhagen. Circus Baobab is called a grand cocktail of acrobatics, dance and music, where characters from West African comedies are revived in energy, joy and dance. And explosion of senses for the entire family when the anarchy of New Circus meets African folklore. The Belgium Clown Duo Okidok (Benoît Devos and Xavier Bouvier) are called Clowns in new clothing. The duo OkidOK2 has reinterpreted the classic clown in a poetic, hilarious and warm performance for the entire family that incorporates Hobbit-country, circus and theatre.  And James Thierrée and his Compagnie du Hanneton are presented this way: They sing, dance, juggle, roll, fly, play the violin and... suddenly transform into dragons before the very eyes of the audience. Naturally KIT introduces Copenhagen to the son of Le Cirque Invisible – the youngest bud on the Charlie Chaplin family-tree.

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20 May 2002

The Barly Association celebrated their 10 years anniversary on 20 April 2002. The association is the organisation behind the Copenhagen Circus Museum, which opened last autumn.

 barlysvenner.jpg (44796 bytes) 

Members of the Barly Association in front of the Copenhagen Circus Museum (Photo: Lise Kokholm)

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19 May 2002

Kjeld Jorgensen who for a number of years were press secretary for several Danish circuses has passed away 77 year of age. Kjeld worked for Circus Royal 1951-55, Circus Belli 1956-57, Circus Arena 1959-66 and Circus Arli 1973-75.

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17 May 2002

Ebba Thierry has passed away. The late circus owner Regnar Thierry's widow Ebba Thierry has passed away 86 years of age. She was trained as sandwich maker but shifted to the artist business when she met Regnar. Assisted by Ebba and her brother Ejner Holmberg Regnar Thierry established the small Danish Circus Krone (no connection with the large German show) in 1939. In 1983 ownership passed on to Regnar's and Ebba's daughter Irene Thierry. Irene is still in charge of Circus Krone assisted by her husband Jan Allan, her sons Frank and Mark and her brother Richard.

 ebba thierry.jpg (18824 bytes)

Ebba Thierry as magician in 1951.

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15 May 2002

Did you know that the elephant trainer Sonny Frankello who this season is touring with Circus Arena started his career at the age of 8 as a clown with a pony? He is the 6th generation from a German artiste family working in the circus-business and the 4th generation performing with elephants. At the age of 14 he performed for the first time with an Indian elephant of his father's together with a little pony. A few years later, as the elephant grew bigger, Sonny presented an act called "Tarzan and Sahib". With this act he toured with Circus Dannebrog in 1981. In 1988, Sonny performed for the first time with two elephants at Circus Benneweis in the Copenhagen Circus Building. Sonny is today presenting an excellent act with 4 African elephants treating the bulls in a friendly and caring way.

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9 May 2002

The magician Heinz Saxburger has written a book called "Verden rundt med flagrende kjoleskoeder" (Around the world in a fluttering frock coat). The publication will be celebrated in Circus Arena in Aarhus on 22 May at 14.00.

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8 May 2002

Shortly before season opening one of the camels in Circus Dannebrog foaled. And recently another of the camels got a foal. Bernhard "Casselly" Kaselowsky presents the camels. Before re-establishing the Enoch family's circus Dannebrog in 1977 (the first Circus Dannebrog closed in 1928) circus owner Haddy Enoch and his wife Solvej performed all over Europe with a fine bike act called The Haddies. The act was taken over by their son Dennie Enoch and his wife. The later years Dennie and his son Jimmy Enoch have presented the act. This year 4 other family members have joined the act: Isabella Enoch, Katja Enoch and Isabella's two sons 11 year old Edward and 9 year old David.

Casselly.gif (33214 bytes) 

Bernhard "Casselly" Kaselowsky with camels (Photo: Circus Dannebrog)

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3 May 2002

Danish arial acrobats in Chess. For the time being you can see the ABBA-musical Chess at the Stockholm Circus Building. (The building is sadly enough not any longer used for circus purposes). Johan Vinberg of the Swedish Circus Academy has told me that the Danish trapeze artists Josephine Randrup and Rasmus Madsen take part in the performance. When Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm sing "You and I" Josephine and Rasmus is performing in their trapeze over the singers' heads. The stage manager Lars Rudolfsson is also stage manager for Swedish New wave Circus Cirkör and former stage manager for Swedish Circus Brazil Jack (The Trolle Rhodin family's circus). That's how circus acrobats came into the performance.

 josephine & rasmus.jpg (13517 bytes)

 Rasmus Madsen and Josephine Randrup in their double trapeze act (Photo from the Nova Exit performance Apropos)

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1 May 2002

Circus music 2002. As in 2001 the Danish Musicians Union has banned the use of polish circus musicians in Danish circuses. This has however not created any jobs for Danish musicians. Circus Arena and Circus Benneweis has English musicians (4 piece bands: organ, bass, drums and saxophone). Circus Dannebrog , Circus Arli, Circus Baldoni and Circus Mascot are using taped music. Tiny Circus Krone has live music (plays by members of the owners family) backed up by taped music.

Baldoniforestillung.jpg (20869 bytes)

As in most Danish circuses Circus Baldoni is using taped music

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30 April 2002

Accident in the Globe of Death. 25 April an accident happened during Circus Arena's performance in Odense: the 3 Dioris had a collision and the drivers and their motorbikes fall to the bottom of the globe. One of the bikers Alfredo Silva was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, he was not seriously hurt and was back in the performance the next day.

Dioris.jpg (19809 bytes)

3 Dioris

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27 April 2002 

A while ago Benny Schumann told me that he had engaged the world famous Italian Rastellis clowns for the International Clown Festival at Bakken (north of Copenhagen) in August. Apart from Rastellis the performers will be Cube Trio, Florin and Cato (clown and dog), Patricia Schumann (Benny's daughter), Peter Bagger and Benny Schumann.

The festival will run from 5 to 18 August 2002.

 Rastellis.gif (17596 bytes) 


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27 April 2002

The discussions about a new lease-holder for the Copenhagen Circus Building from 2003 and 10 years ahead continue. The City of Copenhagen owns the building. Swedish Hasse Wallmann want to use the building for "Las Vegas shows" with dining, entertainment and dancing. The present leaseholder Parken Sport & Entertainment (closely connected with the professional soccer team FCK) want to run the same business as the later years: to rent the building out to various form for entertainment: musicals, comedians, sport games etc. A decision on new tenant is expected before midsummer. Benny Schumann, son of the late circusowner and horsetrainer Albert Schumann is sad to realise that is does not seem like there will be any chances to see the building used for its true purpose: Circus.

 Cirkusbygningen1886.jpg (19870 bytes)

At the time the Copenhagen Circus Building was used for its purpose. Drawing from opening night in 1886 when Circus Renz used the building. (From Carl Muusman: Copenhagen's Circuslife through 100 years).

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24 April 2002

Not a Danish news, but anyhow: Swedish magician Toledo has told me that Swedish Circus Wictoria was recently sold by the former owners magicians Birgit and Stig Mosshagen to Aake Skogh, former owner of a Swedish Carnival. Aake Skogh toured his own circus Aake Skogh in 2000 and part of 2001 apparently without much success. He will from now on tour his show under the well-established name Circus Wictoria.

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18 April 2002

Henry and Robert Bronett, owners of the all-female Swedish Circus Festival The Circus Princess in Stockholm and of the Swedish Circus Scott tells that The Circus Princess will be transmitted in television in more than 70 countries. This year 35,000 spectators saw the show life. The brothers hope to increase this number to 100,000 by 2004 and plans at that time to tour the Circus Princess in other Nordic countries and later in the rest of the world. - The Bronett Brothers touring show Circus Scott will open their 2002-season in Gävle (north of the Swedish Capital Stockholm). Scott will end their tour in Copenhagen from 14 to 17 November 2002.

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 17 April 2002

On 12 April I mentioned some of the artist performing this season in the small Danish Circus Charlie: Daria with performing dogs, the acrobat Tatjana, artist from Scandi Balti Circus School and the clown Charlie. - Circus owner Einer Trie has told me that Daria is performing with cats, not dogs. Other artist with Charlie are Pawel & Darija on roller-skates, Tatjana Saiko in an arial act and the jugglers Tania , Steff + ” 3 Baltic Girls ”.

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16 April 2002

Circus Arena has bought a new menagerie tent for the 2002 season. It was also their intention to get a new big top. But it looks like the new big top not will be ready until the 2003-season

Arena_new_telt.jpg (7241 bytes)

Circus Arenas Menagerie tent (Photo Christian Warrer/Circus Arena)

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15 April 2002

As previous years Circus Arena will produce a short circus performance for the Danish amusement park BonBon-Land in Holme-Olstrup. The clown Lars Larna will be ringmaster. Among then performers are the clowns Dudda and Alexandra and the comedian Mr. Chap. In additions there will be acrobats and dromedaries. Daily performances at 3 and 5 p.m. from 15 June to 11 August.

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14 April 2002

Among the performers with Cirkuuz Baldoni in 2002 is magician and ventriloquist René Marvin (owner of Baldoni), the clown Emma Swenninger, the circus princess Anne Gerd Sindballe, The Baltic jugglers, 6 years old hula hop acrobat Ernita from Latvia, The skipping Waiters, the acrobat Katharina from Russia and the comical cascadeurs The 4 Beach Boys.

 baldonimedloeve.jpg (6546 bytes)

Baldoni (René Marvin) with the lion Leo

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 April 2002

Circus Charlie has its opening day in Aalborg on 18 April. Among the performers are Daria with performing dogs, the acrobat Tatjana, artist from Scandi Balti Circus School  and the clown Charlie.

 charlie.jpg (5396 bytes) 

Circus Charlie (photo courtesy of Einar Trie/Circus Charlie)

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12 April 2002

"Greetings from Norway," writes Freddi Steckel from the Danish comedy cascadeurs
duo Steckel's. Steckel's are this season touring with Norwegian Circus Merano. "We have now reached
Bergen and have toured for 1˝ month. Weather has been perfect - even sunshine the 8 days we stayed in Bergen. The largest newspaper in Bergen was pleased with Merano's performance and had a picture of Steckel's in their review. You can find it at my website. Merano is an well-organised organisation where everything works perfect. We are enjoying the nice weather, the mountains and the inlets - incredibly beautiful. " - You can find Steckel's homepage at

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11 April 2002

It's Magic is the title of an exhibition to open on 6 May at the Copenhagen Circus Museum. Well known Danish magician Erik Truxa left his props to The Barly Collection, Props, posters and photos from Truxa's and Barly's collection will be on exhibition. - The photos are from the collections.

Trylle1.jpg (10957 bytes)    Trylle2.jpg (12235 bytes)     Trylle3.jpg (10439 bytes)

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9 April 2002

Performers at Circus Mascots' 2002-performance are: 12 year old Daniel Deleuran (son of the circusowners Jess and Marianne Deleuran) in a rola rola act. Miss Alice from the Czech Republic presents an antipodian act (see photo). Miss Odmaa from Mongolia is contortionist. Don Carlos is Mascots clown. Trio Dvorak`s from Czech presents ladder balancing. Marianne Deleuran presents her poodles and Jess Deleuran his Shetland ponies. Youngest member of the Deleuran-family is 4 year old Andreas performing with a small goat assisted by the local "sherif" Svend O.

Mascot_alice.jpg (16094 bytes)    Mascot_bukke.jpg (19474 bytes)

Miss Alice, Andreas, his goat and Svend O (photo Peder Jensen/Circus Mascot)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 April 2002

Magic in the Circus Building is the title of a gala performance Sunday 26th May to celebrate Leo Topp's 75th year birthday. Among the performers are Soeren Oestergaard, Joachim Solberg, Per Pallesen, Michael Deutsch, Flemming Jensen and Soeren Pilmark.

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4 April 2002

The Danish Artist Union has appointed Nelly Jane Benneweis as member of board for the Circus City in Hvidovre. The Copenhagen Circus Museum is placed in the Circus City. Furthermore The Danish Artist Union has donated DKK 70,000 to the Circus City. The amount has been used to buy an old circus tent.

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2 April 2002

On 26 March 2002 I did mention that the horses and camels presented by Suzanne and Karsten Berdino in this years performance in Circus Arena (owned by Suzanne's father Benny Berdino) was rented from Herbert Bengtsson from the Swedish Circus Olympia. Martin Arli from Circus Arli has corrected me. The camels is owned and trained by Herbert Bengtsson. But the horses is owned and trained by Suzanne Berdino herself.

 Hest_arena.jpg (9927 bytes)

One of Suzanne Berdino's palomino horses

in the new stable tent. (Photo: Circus Arena / Christian Warrer )

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

29 March 2002

Circus Arli have called their 2002 performance for Festival in St Petersburg. Among the performers are Anna & Katharina (hoola hoop), the Moskova twins (tight wire), 4 Moskovi (rola rola) and Kalin & Mario (jugglers). Both Moskovas/Moskovi and Kalin & Mario toured with Arli in 1993. Furthermore Duo Arli (Martin Arli and his wife Bettina, circusowner Soren Arli's son and daughter in love) will perform with knife throwing and Alexander Arli (grandson to Soren Arli) with a number called "Work in Progress". In addition there will be funny clowns (I am sure it will be Martin, Bettina and Alexander Arli), magicians, trapeze acrobats and trained animals.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 March 2002

Suzanne Berdino's  8n years old daughters Charmaine and Stephanie had their début in the ring in Circus Arena today riding high school together with their mother. Their father Karsten Berdino (circus owner Benny Berdino's son in law) presented camels. Both horses and camels are rented from Herbert Bengtsson from the Swedish Circus Olympia.

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24 Marts 2002

Circus Mascots webmaster Peder Jensen have told me that circus owner Jess Deleurans youngest son Andreas, 5 years old, will have his début in the ring this year presenting a llama and a small goat. Season opening for Circus Mascot is on 4 April.

Mascot1.jpg (13338 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 March 2002

Cirkus Dannebrog had their opening day on 21 March. The performers in this season's program are Bernhard Kasselowsky with the Casselly's elephants and camels. Gavin Stevens presents parrots on slack wire and house cats. Miss Silva is a foot juggler (antipodian act). Bogatyrov's from Ukraine presents 16 Russian dogs. 13 year old Leonora is a contortionist. The 3 Mariani's from Portugal are in charge of clowning. The Moisseeva-troupe from Minsk in White Russia performs on Russian bar and as jugglers. Several members of the Enoch family are to be seen: Isabella Enoch in tissue, Katja Enoch with magic, music and tap dancing, Dennie and Jimmy Enoch as the bike artist The Haddies. Circus owner Haddy Enoch present liberty horses. His eldest daughter Agnete Louise Enoch is a previous years ringmistres. The performance is backed by taped music.

Dannebrog.gif (25080 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 March 2002

Tivoli Gardens opens the 2002 season on 19 April. Tivoli is as always presenting some fine acrobats and other circus artistes on the Open Air Stage. From 20 April to 9 June: The Seguras (Spain) (Partner equlibristic) and Roger & André (Sweden) (Unicycling/Cycling). From 10 June to 14 July: Mr. KAI (Switzerland) (Ceiling Walker), Monastyrsky (Russia) (Magical transformation) and Claudius (Tempo-juggler). From 15 July to 25 August: Mr. KAI (Switzerland) (Ceiling Walker), Curatola Bros. (Italy) (Hand voltige) and Les Sandros (Rola Rola Balance). And from 26 August to season closening on 22 September: Les Rados (Tempo juggler) and Les Sandros (Rola Rola Balance). Daily performances except for Fridays.

plaenen.jpg (19402 bytes)

From a performace at The Open Air Stage in Tivoli

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 March 2002

At the Swedish circus festival Circus Prinsessan (the circus princess) Hungarian handstand acrobat Eva Nereus won the price as Circus Princess of the World 2002. Other prices went to Russian arial artists Maria Sergeevna Mamintchenko and Oxana Yurjevna Veprintseva , to Russian Andreeva Maria Aleksandrovna  and to Canadian Ganna Maximova.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 March 2002

For a number of years I have every spring send a short review of the previous circus season in Denmark to some friends in the English-speaking part of the world. Click here to read The circus year in review 2001 - Denmark.

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14 March 2002

Kim Benneweis as truck driver. Neither Kim Benneweis nor Miller Benneweis is touring with Circus Arena in season 2002. The two brothers have toured with Arena the last 4-5 seasons presenting elephants (Kim) and horses (Miller). According to the weekly magazine Se og Hoer Kim Benneweis has decided at least for the time being to stop working in circuses because it is to difficult for his and his wife Kirsten's 5 children to combine circus life with school.  Kim is now working as long distance driver. His brother Miller has not yet found a job outside the circus world. - Until 1995 the two Benneweis brothers worked for Circus Benneweis, owned by their cousin Diana Benneweis. The left Benneweis after season 1995 after some disagreements with Diana.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 March 2002

Circus Benneweis has published its 2002 programme. Opening day will be on 4 April in Hillerod (25 miles north of Copenhagen). Biasinis will present a comical dog act. Clown Chico and Tony Alexia & Family are in charge of clowning. Diana Rhodin presents liberty horses and African elephants. She toured with Circus Dannebrog in 2000. Duo Kalade perform in vertical rope. Duo Passion presents an arial act. Juggler Kris Kremo is known as an outstanding hat and cigar box juggler. He performed at the outdoors-open stage in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens in 1992, 1993 and 1999. Marina Osinskaya performs at high wire. Seven Priz presents a comical teeterboard act. Willer Nicolodi is a ventriloquist. And Yelena Larkina should be an outstanding hula hop dancer.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 March 2002

Danish pick-pocket artist Kenny Quinn and his partner Joan who performed with circus Arena in 1999 will tour with Austrian Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi in the coming season. In November 2002 the couple will perform at the Star-Club in Kassel, Germany. In 2003 they will tour with Finnish Circus Finlandia.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 March 2002

Stamps on the theme Circus. On 15 May 2002 Post Denmark will release two stamps on the theme of "The Circus". These two stamps constitute the 2002 Europe issue. The motifs were found via a children's drawing competition organised by Post Denmark in the nation's schools. The winning designs were chosen from among the approximately 12,000 entries. The stamps will be printed in offset.

  klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

25 February 2002

Clown Festival in Svendborg (Isle of Funen). From 30 May to 2 June 2002 a clown festival will for the fourth year in row be held in Svendborg. Apart from Danish clown you can meet clowns from New Zealand, England, USA, Holland, Polen and Belgum. The Danish Clown Association arranges the festival.

19 February 2002

New wave circus. In a press release KIT (Copenhagen's International Theatre) announce that they will present some brand new new wave circuses in Copenhagen in July 2002. During the last 10 years KIT has presented a number of new wave circuses to the audience in Copenhagen: Le Cirque Invisible, Les Arts Sauts, Archaos, Zingaro, Circus Oz, Cirque O, Que-Cir-Que and many others. The names of new wave shows to visit Copenhagen in 2002 are not yet published.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 February 2002

Benny Schumann has told me that he has engaged the musical clowns Alfredo, Oreste and Vittorio Rastellis for The International Clown Festival from 5 to 18 August 2002 at Bakken north of Copenhagen. Rastellis has through generations developed their own original tragic-comical world class clown act. 78 old Alfredo and his sons Oreste and Vittorio Rastellis are looking forward to their visit to Copenhagen and the International Clown Festival. Presently Rastellis are performing witt Circus Krone in Munich, Germany.

 Rastellis 4.jpg (13127 bytes)    Rastellis.gif (17596 bytes) 


 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 February 2002

On 15 February I received the sad message that my friend for many years Al House, Oakland, New Jersey, USA, had passed away after a long fight against cancer. Al was former president of Circus Fans Association and was for several years together with his wife Maxine visitor to the circus festivals in Monte Carlo and Budapest. I met Al and Maxine first time in Copenhagen in 1971 and Al had been a truly great friend ever since.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 April 2002

I have received a number of inquiries regarding Kim and Miller Benneweis. The two brothers have toured with Arena the last 4-5 seasons, presenting elephants (Kim) and horses (Miller). But they are not listed as performers for Arenas 2002-performance. Only comment from Arena is that the two brothers did not want to tour with Arena this season.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 February 2002

Circus owners Rene Monster toured with his Cirkusteatret (The Circus Theatre) from 1998 to 2001. In 2002 he will call his outfit Cirkuuz Baldoni. René calls Cirkuuz Baldoni the newest and the only old-fashioned circus in Denmark. Opening day will be on 23 April in Roskilde. Before the end of season in late September Cirkuuz Baldoni will visit 122 cities in Denmark.

Baldoni.jpg (31144 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 February 2002

The Danish Comedy Cascadeurs Steckel's (Freddi Steckel and Line Vittrup) will from March to September 2002 tour with the Norwegian Circus Merano.

Steckels.jpg (19003 bytes)


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2 February 2002

Circus Arena has published its 2002 programme. Opening day will be on 26 March at Bellahoj in Copenhagen. Argentinian Devils presents a gaucho-act. The troupe was also with Arena in 1997. 3 young guys from The Diori Troupe perform in their Globe of Death. Duo Camades is tight wire performers. Sonny Frankello is in charge of the African elephants. He was with Benneweis in 1996, 1997 and 1998 and before that some seasons with circus Dannebrog. Ravelinos presents a classical clown act. Elane Panova presents her trapeze act. Black Warriors are tumblers from Kenya. Robert Berousek speciality is ladder balancing. He was last time with Arena in 1994. Bonbon and Tiina are as last year fun-makers. Suzanne Berdino (daughter of circus owner Benny Berdino) presents liberty horses, high school and trained camels. - Neither Kim Benneweis nor Miller Benneweis is listed on the programme. Kim has been with Arena since 1997 and Miller since 1998.

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1 February 2002

The XXVI International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo took place from 17 to 24 January. A golden clown was granted to LOS QUIROS and THE GUANGDONG TROUPE (Pas de deux Acrobats from China). Silver clowns went to THE PYONG-YANG TROUPE (Springboard/Russian-Swing Acrobatic/ Russian-Bar Acrobatic from D.P.R. of Korea), PICASO JR. (Ping-Pong Ball/Plate Juggling from Spain). The bronze clowns went to THE CIRNEANU PLATINIUM TROUPE (Horizontal-Bar from Romania), TRIO MUNOZ (Musical/Entrée Clowns from Portugal/France/Colombia) and THE FLYING PAGES (Flying Trapeze from USA). Some of the winners have earlier visited Denmark. The Guandong troupe performed in Copenhagen in 1998. Picaso JR was with Swedish Circus Scott in 2001. And Trio Munos toured with Circus Benneweis in 1988 and Circus Arena in 1995.

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31 January 2001

Tiny Danish Circus Krone (no connections to the large German circus) will from 5 to 13 February present winter circus mainly for kids at Gellerupscenen (The Gellerup Stage) close to Aarhus in Jutland. Benny Schumann will from 11 to 16 February perform with his Mini Circus at the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse. And circus Mascot will from 11 to 16 February perform at shopping malls in Herning and Randers.


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The clown Benny Schumann with his ponies

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25 January 2002

Oh, what a Circus! The discussions about a new lease-holder for the Copenhagen Circus Building from 2003 and 5 or 10 years ahead continues. A majority in the City of Copenhagen's committee of cultural affair was at a meeting in December in favour of giving the lease to Swedish Wallman's Salonger who intent to rebuilt the building to a variety theatre. The present leaseholder Parken Sport & Entertainment (closely connected with the professional soccer team FCK) claimed that Wallman's offer did not fulfil the requirements in the invitation to tender. Wallman's replied that Parken's present lease was surprisingly cheap and in reality might be an unlawful support from the City of Copenhagen to the FCK soccer team. Wallman's offered a much higher rent and invited a number of politicians from the Copenhagen municipal council on a nice trip to Oslo in Norway to se one of their show restaurants. On 24 January 2002 the Copenhagen City council decided "to start on a fresh" and to send out a new invitation for offers from possible leaseholders.

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21 January 2002

Danish circus historian Jorgen Lorenzen's film on clowns is now ready. It is named between tears and laughter - a film on the circus clown. The film runs for 20 minutes. Jorgen hopes to sell the film to the Danish Television. Amongst the clowns portrayed in the film is Josef Dubsky who retired after season 2000.

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Josef Dubsky. The photo in "civil" is from Jorgen Lorenzen's collection.

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18 January 2002

Magic after Nine. Producer Michael Frederiksen tells that the performers at his shows on 12 and 13 March 2002 will be the dean of Danish Magicians Paul Arland, Klaus Mulbjerg, Martin Brock, Hans Ulrik and Michael Frederiksen himself.

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16 January 2002

Magic after Nine. An enthusiastic audience saw the magician performance called Magic after Nine 3 October 2001 in Copenhagen. The producer Danish magician Michael Frederiksen has decided to present a new show with the same name 12 and 13 March 2002 at ABC in Copenhagen. You can mail Michael Frederiksen at if you want further information.

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16 January 2002

 New lease-holder for the Copenhagen Circus Building. A majority in the City of Copenhagen's committee of cultural affair was at a meeting in December in favour of giving the lease to Swedish Wallman's Salonger who intent to use the building as a variety theatre. A decision was expected to be taken by the municipal council on 17 January 2002. But the item has been taken of the agenda and will now be discussed in the council on 24 January.

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15 January 2002

 The special exhibition at the Copenhagen Circus Museum of posters by Erik Stockmar and Oscar Knudsen has been prolonged until 19 February 2002. The next special exhibition at the museum will be an exhibition on magical acts.

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12 January 2002

Eli Benneweis' Cabriolet 1939. Did you know that the late circus owner Eli Benneweis was fond of large cars and that he once had a car which former belonged to the late Danish king Frederik IX? King Frederik had received the car as a gift from General Motors when he opened the World Fair in Chicago in 1939. Some weeks ago a journalist asked me if I had a photo of the car. The photo showed beyond is from the collection of the Copenhagen Circus Museum.

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 6 January 2002

As previous years Circus Arena will tour an indoor circus in January and February. The show will visit 7 cities in Jutland. Performers in the 2002 indoor circus will be The Jindrich Four (jugglers), Lars Larna (clown with balloons), Faltinnis (wild west act), Mister Chap (comedian), Ingo Stiebner (sea lions), Vary Balazs (BMX bike), Slinky (acrobat in tubes), dromedaries. - Name of performers for Arena's summer season is not yet available. The summer season will open at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on 26 March 2002.

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4 January 2002

 Une Circusspectacle fantastica, por favor! promises the artist group Yksi Kaksi when advertising their performance to run from 11 January to 20 January at the address "Under Dybbolsbro", Ingerslevgade 101-103 at 20:00. No entry charge. Performing artist are two girls from NovaExit: Arendse and Mille.

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3 January 2002

 Daniel Deleuran, son of circus owners Jess and Marianne Deleuran from Circus Mascot, will in the coming season perform with a rola-rola act. Edvart fom Duo Binka trained him during the 2001 season. Daniel is 12 years old.

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Daniel Deleuran. Photo: Peder Jensen (Mascot's webmaster)

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2. January 2002

 This website had 9,413 hits in 2001. Hits through deep-links is not registered.

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1 January 2002

Opening of the 2002 tented season for the largest of the Danish circuses Circus Arena will be in Copenhagen on 26 March. Arena will stay in Copenhagen until 21 April.

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