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Last updated : 19. April 2024

18 April 2024

Zirkus Nemo can celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2024. It is a combination of a circus and comedy show, owned by the actor and comedian Søren Østergaard. They write (my translation):

The anniversary will be celebrated with an anniversary performance, where we will surpass everything, we have presented in previous years. The audience will, among other persons, will have the opportunity to make meet old acquaintances such as Målermanden, Marianne, Baglænsmanden, Baker Jørgen, The Man who can't whistle, Kim Tim, the Smash Man and many more. (Editors comment: all of then parts performed by Søren Østergaard).

Zirkus Nemo is also known for presenting some of the world's most talented artists. This year you can meet nerve-wracking acrobatics from Isabela y Ernesto, the jugglers Strahlemann & Söhne and many more international artists.

Isabela and Ernesto Alves present an aerial act in Russian cradle. It is their first time in Denmark. Click here to watch a video clip from the act.

Strahleman & Söhne (Pat and Leif Gordon) have previously performed in the Night Cabaret at Aarhus Festival. There they presented an act where the juggled with clubs while removing their suits, ties, shirts and trousers - to end the number as impeccably dressed as when they opened it.

The names of the other performers have not yet been announced. But at Nemo, it is mainly Søren Østergaard that the Danish audience comes to see.

The Smash Men believes that he and not Søren Østergaard is the biggest draw. Press photo from Zirkus Nemo. Photographer: Steen Brogaard.

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16 April 2024

New premiere city for Zirkus Nemo. For many years, Zirkus Nemo has had its season opening in Horsens. That was also the plan for this year. But the recent months' heavy rain has made the lot in Horsens so soft that Zirkus Nemo now has chosen to move the national premiere on 27 April to Vejle.

Other circuses are also bothered by the soft lots. For example, Circus Baldoni has had to move the performances on April 19 and 20 from Avedørelejren to a lot at Hvidovrevej 361, close to Frihedens Shopping Centre. The performance 20 April is a gala performance celebrating World Circus Day.

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14 April 2024

Correction to the reviews of the performances in Circus Arli and Circus Baldoni.

Martin Arli has told us that it was not true when we wrote that Adriana Wolf had not previously performed in Circus Arli. She was part of the performance in 2014, where she did foot juggling. In the same season, her father and uncle toured with Arli under the artist name Wolf Brothers.

It has also been brought to my attention that at the premiere in Circus Baldoni it was Kelly Saabel and not Diana Boiachin who performed in the aerial ring. It is probably the idea that Diana will take over the act later in the season.

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14 April 2024

Circus Rhodin 2024. The small Swedish circus had its premiere at the shopping centre Mobilia's parking lot in Malmö on Good Friday 29 March. I saw the performance on April 1st. A nice performance, which will surely please the audience in the smaller Swedish towns that they visit during the season.

The small tent can seat well over 200 spectators on 2 rows of ringside chairs and 3 rows of benches without backrests.

The central character in the performance was the Bulgarian clown Dimo, who has also previously been with Circus Rhodin. He is what in the old days was called a run-in clown, i.e. a clown with very short entrées between the other acts.

The performance started with Dimo briefly entering the ring before circus director Diana Rhodin welcomed.

Diana Rhodin herself presented the numbers in her small circus.

The first artist number was a nice act with glass balance, performed by Maksym with Olena as partner. They both come from Ukraine.

Sword balancing with a tray with glass on top

Dimo now had a short entrée, where he was bothered by baby cries from the rows of spectators. Finally, he found the crying baby (a doll).

Dimo and the baby

Next came Duo Esenbekovi into the ring with a nice quick-change number with many changes. Both in "bags" (see photo) and in a "cabinet" in front of the artist entrance

Quick change of clothes. Later in the performance we met the couple on roller skates

Dimo now had a short run-in with a large ball.

The next number was the 13-year-old Maksym Jr. with an impressive handstand number. He might be a rising star.

If the Swedes had a talent prize Maksym Jr. might be considered

Now followed a short limbo intermezzo with Dimo and two spectators.

The first act after the break was 16-year-old Yana, who did acrobatics in a rotating heart-shaped prop, see photo. She is daughter of Veselka Medieval and Nedyalko Vaskov. As a little girl, she performed with her parents in the small Danish Circus Krone.

As a little girl, Yana performed with hula hoops. Now she shows acrobatics in the rotating prop

After another short run-in with Dimo, Diana Rhodin entered the ring with her 3 dogs. An excellent act that shows that the quality of a dog act does not depend on the number of dogs.

Diana Rhodin and her dogs. In previous years, she has also had ponies in the show.

Next, Nedyalko did cube juggling. Danish circus friends remember him from Circus Baldoni, Circus Krone and Circus Trapez.

Nedyalko with cube juggling

Dimo now entered the ring with a dripping package. He tasted the drops and thought they were whiskey. The package turned out to contain a toy dog. The entrée is presented by many other clowns with a live dog.

The next act was an aerial number with Maksym and Olena.

Maksym and Olena were responsible for the performance's aerial number

Dimo then had the well-known entrée with the radio, which he was not allowed to turn on, and which was smashed and ended up in a rubbish bin. And made a sound every time he lifted the lid.

Last act was Abdynaly Abdi Kydyraliev and Mariana with a nice roller-skating number. Where most roller-skating artists perform on an approx. 1-meter-high podium shaped like a round table Abdi and Marianna use a quite low podium. They come from Kirgizstan, and you met them earlier in the performance with quick change under the name Duo Esenbekovi.

On roller skates


Just as Circus Brazil Jack, Circus Rhodin does not have a printed program. The experience is that fewer and fewer people buy a program. Those interested can find the names of the performers online.

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11 April 2024

Circus Baldoni – Nostalgia and new adventures. This year's performance is called Nostalgi og nye eventyr (Nostalgia and new adventures). This covers the fact that the audience meets both veterans and very young artists. In a successful mix.

The tent was packed at the premiere on the somewhat swampy lot at on Kirsebær Allé in Hillerød

Last year, the stand-up comedian Amin Jensen was the performance's ringmaster. Some liked him, but several missed the more youthful style which Peter Nørgaard introduced when he was ringmaster in 2021 and 2022. This year, at the suggestion of Peter Nørgaard, Circus Baldoni has entrusted the task of ringmaster to the young Mickey Juel Prüssing. Judging by the reactions at the premiere in Hillerød on April 9, the choice of the singing and dancing Mickey was very much to the audience's liking.

Lots of dynamics with Mickey as ringmaster. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

After Mickey Juel Prüssing's welcome, where he both sang and danced, three riders briefly entered the ring riding on inflatable plastic horses. Baldoni has opted out of having live animals in the performance. It doesn't seem as their audience misses the animals.

The first artist number was three young guys from Hungary, who under the name «Artist of Dance» showed a fast-paced knock-about table act.

One of the classic stunts in a table act. Usually, it is performed by a duo. But at Baldoni there were three in the ring. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

After a short interlude with Mickey and the lion Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll), Diana Boiachin entered the ring. We saw her last year in Circus Baldoni with an act in hanging pole and an adagio number together with her husband in Nandor Varadi. This year she presented a completely different act, where she made giant soap bubbles and finally wrapped a little girl in a bubble.

Diana Boiachin and her bubbles. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

After a short run-in with the clown José Michel, there was an interlude with Mickey singing about how it wasn't him at all, but the artists, who were at the center in the performance.

Next José Michel entered the ring with one of his classics, where he mimed with a mop in his hand to the old 80s hit Save my love. An entrée which always brings happiness. We have previously seen the clown Danilo do it at Baldoni. But it is not José who has been inspired by Danilo. It was Danilo, who was inspired by José's entrée.

The hair on the mop is used as a wig when José mimes Renato's voice. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Now the young Kelly Saabel entered the ring in a Viking ship, the deck of which was used as a podium for her beautiful handstand act. The act ended with her using her feet to shoot an arrow from a bow and puncture a balloon on a target. In first attempt! Impressive.

Kelly Saabel. Her younger sister Jennifer is touring with Circus Arli, assisted by her mother. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

After the interval, Diana Boiachin came back in the ring. Or rather over the ring. She did acrobatics in an aerial ring. It was not to be seen that she a month before the start of the season had become the mother of a son – her and Nandor's child no. 2.

A new mother in aerial ring. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Next, Artists of the Dance returned to the arena. This time with a terrific breakdance number.

One of the three Hungarian breakdancers. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Most circus performances feature a juggling act. Baldoni's juggler of the year was, just like last year, Nandor Varadi with Diana Boiachin as assistant. The entrée ended with Nandor juggling lit torches.

Nandor can juggle with seven clubs. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Now it was time for the number that the older circus friends had been looking forward to: José Michel and Mrs. Giulia's entrée as musical clowns. José is one of the veterans of the circus world: He was born in 1962. The first time we saw him in Denmark was at Benneweis in 1987, where he was the youngest member of the Michel family's clown trio Los Michels. Many old circus friends found it nostalgic when José and his wife played Over the Rainbow on tenor sax and soprano sax respectively from opposite sides of the tent. Next came their well-known funnel gag. I've seen it done by others, but never as well as José and Guilia do it. They are absolutely terrific! The act ended with another musical feature.

Giulia with soprano sax

Music in the ring. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

"I love watching Jose and Giulia Michel and their wonderful water act and always get a little tear in my eye when they stand on opposite sides of the tent between the audience and play "Somewhere over the Rainbow"... They bring back wonderful childhood memories ❤️ Thank you for a lovely premiere evening at Cirkus Baldoni 🌺🎉" writes the photographer Lise Kokholm, who sent me this photo.

Thanks to Circus Baldoni, Danes can experience classic musical clowns for the first time in many years. Even world class clowns.

After an interlude with Mickey and Leonardo, Ukrainian Ruslan Islamov entered the ring with a cool number in aerial straps. His spouse is Kelly Saabel, who, however, was not part of Ruslans act.

A cool guy in the air. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Next, we had reached the final, where Mickey Juel Prüssing led the artists to the tunes of Queen's well-known song We are the Champions song with the text We are in Baldoni.

From the final. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein. Click here to see more of Jacob's photos from the performance.

The premiere performance was deservedly greeted with a standing ovation.

From the after-party of the Baldoni premiere: Even if you are a circus director, the season and the lot are not always for patent leather shoes! Photo: Preben Palsgård

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9 April 2024

Cirkus Arli 2024 – rush in the skirts. There was a rush in the skirts when the actress and musical performer Tara Toya was the first to come into the ring at the premiere on 7 April. Tara is married to Alexander Arli and thus the daughter-in-law of the circus owners Martin and Bettina Arli. Although she has plenty of stage experience, it was her debut in the circus. She did it very well - "Tara's debut was a breath of fresh air for the show," writes the young circus friend and circus photographer Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

Tara was a breath of fresh air in the performance. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

It was the 44th time an Arli premiere took place next to the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Fløng. This year in a completely new tent – a 2-pole yellow and orange Scola Teloni tent with room for for 220 spectators. The tent is just like the old tent 18 meters in diameter. But 1½ meters higher, which makes it possible to have more aerial acts than possible in the old tent.

Circus Arli next to the Mill Hill in Fløng

Einlass – the circus term for when you let the spectators into the tent.

As mentioned, the performance started with Tara entering the ring. She sang a brand new welcome song and then handed over the microphone to Bettina Arli, who welcomed and presented the year's first artist number: Polupans with a fine and fast-paced act, where they mixed acrobatics with juggling with buckets. A terrific way to start a performance !

Terrific acrobatics and juggling with buckets

Then Martin Arli entered the ring with cosy magic, something Arli's faithful audience loves. The entrée ended with the floating table trick. The prop teased a bit at the premiere, which the seasoned Martin managed well.

The floating table. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

He was followed by a nice slinky number, where it was Adriana Wolf who was inside the tubes. Adriana is new in Arli's ring, but has previously been around with Circus Arli together with her parents David Wolf and his wife. But without performing. Today she is married to the trapeze artist Antonin Navratil. The couple have two children who are not much older than Martin and Bettina's grandchildren. Thus, with Adriana and Antonin, Martin and Bettina have at the same time once secured themselves skilled artists and playmates for the grandchildren.

In a Human Slinky, the performer is inside a suit made up of a kind of oversized exhaust tubes for cooker hoods

Now Tara came back and lured Alexandro (aka her husband Alexander) into the ring, where she wanted to show that she was the world's greatest marksman. A classic entrée which always brings happiness when Alexandro pops one balloon after another.

"I am the world's greatest marksman". Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

It is not every year that Circus Arli has animals in the performance. But when they have, it's always a high-quality acts. This is also the case this year, when they present the Saabel family's beautiful number with husky dogs. When the Danes first saw the number at Benneweis in 2011, it was Tiziana Saabel who presented the act, assisted by her and Bernhard's eldest daughter Alexandra. This year, the Saabel couple's youngest daughter Jennifer is in charge of the presentation – however, mother is in the background.

I had wondered in advance whether there was room for dogs, igloos and other equipment in Arli’s ring, which is not as big as the ring in the now closed Circus Benneweis. But it went well with having 6 beautiful husky dogs in the ring and proved that you can easily have such a world class act in a small ring.

A dog act far beyond the usual. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The first act after the break was an excellent number in aerial ring, performed by Adriana Wolf.

Adriana in the air. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Next, there was a reunion with Jennifer Saabel, now as a foot juggler with props from Candyland. The act ended with her juggling 4 scarves being hoisted up under the circus dome. A great way to end the act!

Jennifer in the air. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Hula hoop acts always works well when there are children in the tent. Jelena Vasiljeva – one half of Duo Polupans – did a fine act, where she was also hoisted into the air.

Jelena in the air. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Then Tara once again lured Alexandro into the ring. She wanted to hypnotize him so she could stick knitting needles, a roasting fork and finally a garden hoe down his bum. A well-known entrée which always brings happiness.

When you are hypnotized, you cannot feel anything. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The last act in the performance was Antonin Navratil with impressive balancing skills in the Washington Trapeze. Finally, he balanced on his head blindfolded!

He is sometimes called Mad Tony. And you might have to be a little crazy before you dare to do this. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein. Click here to see more of Jacob's photos from the performance.

In the final, all the performers entered the ring together with the youngest generation of the Arli family: Tara and Alexander's sons Noah and Jamie, aged 3 and 2 respectively. There was a well-deserved standing ovation.

Grandparents with grandchildren. From left Bettina, Jamie, Noah and Martin

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4 April 2024             

Swedish Circus Brazil Jack 2024 – a good and fast-running performance. Seen at the Mill Square in Malmö, Sweden, on 1 April.

When Trolle Rhodin III a few years ago took over the management of the Swedish circus from his parents Trolle Rhodin JR and Carmen Lupasco Rhodin, he changed the concept.

He was tired of the Swedish animal rights activists' many demonstrations and at the same time believed that the audience's interest in seeing animals in the ring was declining. That is why he dropped presenting animal acts. He also chose to have comic acrobats in the ring instead of classic clowns, and opted for fast-running performances without a ringmaster and with a duration of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The lighting was upgraded and the band was replaced by well-adapted pre-recorded music.

The new concept was liked by the Swedish audience. Nor will they be disappointed with Brazil Jack's 2024 performance, marking the 125th anniversary of Circus Brazil Jack. However, Cirkus Brazil Jack, which today is Sweden's largest circus, has not toured in all 125 seasons.

The comic acrobats Wolf Brothers (the tall David and his somewhat smaller older brother Richard) have, apart from the corona years, been with Brazil Jack since 2017. Previously, they have, among other engagements, toured with Danish Circus Arli.

When the audience entered the tent, they saw a hot air balloon with a gondola in the middle of the ring. When the performance started, the Wolf brothers entered the ring and the hot air balloon was used in an entrée in the style of their well-known comic trapeze act. A nice way to start the show.


Two balloon captains having troubles

Next Trolle Rhodin welcomed and introduced Warren Niemen with his crack of whip and lasso tricks. Warren showed with charm and energy everything you can do in that discipline. Trolle Rhodin's great-grandfather Brazil Jack performed, among other things. with such an act.

With crack of whip and later with lasso

Warren was followed by Michael Zorzan, who entered the ring with a small suitcase containing some diabolos. He then proved to be a true master, both getting diabolos up to the top of the tent and getting several diabolos in the air at once. He ended up having 5 diabolos in the air. Something I don't remember seeing others do.

Four diabolos in the air. A little later during the act the fifth diabolo also came into the air. Impressive!

The next act was The Jasters. They were also at Brazil Jack 8 years ago. Giacomo and Elena's fast-paced act, throwing knives and shooting crossbows, is as impressive as it was back then. Elena doesn't even blink when Giacomo, like another Wilhelm Tell, shoots an arrow through an apple that she carries on her head, or throws knives at a rapidly rotating disc that she is strapped to. Without hitting her! The Danes saw the number last year in Circus Arena and back in 2011 at Cirkus Benneweis.


Not many will dare to take over Elena's part in the act. But she trusts her husband's skills as a marksman and knife thrower

Next came the two Wolf brothers in the ring with 3 others of the show's artists. As old-fashioned acrobats, a bit like Fumagalli's entrée Fuma Boys. As in Fumagalli's entrée, the act ended with a spectator jumping onto a springboard which broke when he tried to send one of the artists into the air.

Acrobats like in the good old days

Now Warren Niemen came back into the ring. This time as a juggler who bounced up to 7 balls down the pedestal he was standing on. Impressive, but perhaps a little too long-winded.

7 balls in play

The last act before the interval was the well-known gag with 4 spectators who are placed on stools and lay down their upper bodies on each other's thighs. After which the stools are removed one at a time. Impressive for those who have not previously seen such an act. At Brazil Jack, it was the Wolf brothers who were responsible for the entrée.

The fourth and last stool is removed

First act after the break brought us up in the air. The young Anna Demeter showed a nice act beginning and ending in aerial rope, but where the majority of the act was what is called a cloud swing. She was hanging both by the neck and by one knee, see photo. It didn't bother me that she used a safety wire. Anna comes from the circus school in Budapest and is probably hoping that one of the foreign circus directors who visit Brazil Jack during the season will offer her a contract.

Not many will have the courage to hang by one knee in a swinging rope

After a comic entrée with the Wolf brothers and spinning plates, a younger member of the Jaster family entered the ring: Giacomo and Elena's daughter Susan, who together with her artist partner Jimmy showed a roller-skating act with everything such an act has to offer. An accident where Susan ended up on her bottom was perhaps faked to show how difficult the trick, which was performed flawlessly in the next round, was. Skating Jasters was also at Brazil Jack in 2022.

Skating Jasters

The last number of the performance was, just like last year, Diorio's troupe with their globe of death. It took some time to get the big globe into the ring. There were up to 4 riders in the globe, whose upper part could be lifted, so there was one rider below and three above. Not least young people like to see the brave stuntmen race around in this modern version of a marketplace wall of death.

The Diorios troupe has several units. There are 4 riders in the unit that appear at Brazil Jack.

In the final, the artists were greeted with a standing ovation

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2 April 2024

Swedish Cirkus Olympia 2024. Jörgen Börsch attended he premiere in the Swedish circus on Saturday 23 March and writes (my translation):

Idyllically at the river Nissan, which flows through Oskarström, the Swedish Olympia had its national premiere as the season's first Swedish circus.

And it's not an acrobat/artist show, but a circus with horses, goats and dogs, clowning, "wheel of death", quick-change, rotating washing tubs, hula-hoop etc.

A small selection of the artists opened the 40th anniversary performance to a song by Swedish Josephine with the circus orchestra – percussionist, synthesizer and bandmaster on sax/trumpet (?). The trio is supported by pre-recorded music. Surprisingly good-sounding and effective.

A short welcome from the young director, Niklas Bengtsson, who appears more free and relaxed then earlier years.

And then Sonny Gärtner rode his bicycle around in a "bar-funnel", suspended above the ring. More unusual than dramatic. A different way to open a show.

Sonny Gärtner in his cycling drome. All photos are smartphone photos taken by Jörgen Börsch

Quickly thr reprise clown Tumpy entered and immediately created a positive and pleasant atmosphere by "just" walking around, throwing up popcorn and catching them with his mouth.

No less quickly, Tumpy finished his entrée, and Ukrainian Duo Drive entered "in the same second" and impressed with their quick-change. It took 12-14 shifts with enormous variety and lively smiles.

Quick changes of dress

Tumpy juggled balls and had spectators throw the balls at him and "caught" them in small net bags in a belt, and finally surprised with a giant ball!

Tumpy and his giant ball

Hardly had the cheering stopped before Henrika's lively wagging dogs entered the ring and, according to tradition, to the cheers of the audience, ran and jumped through rings and other props of varying sizes and designs at an enormous pace.

Henrika Bengtsson and her dogs are a regular and indispensable element in an Olympia performance

New Swedish talent, Frida Evelina Persson made her entrée smiling, calm and sensual in her glittering bodystocking. She was pulled up under the circus dome and presented a complicated aerial straps act where she truly "made curls on herself".

Is Frida the future Swedish Queen of the Air?

In full pelt and with somersaults, Daniel came from Ghana with a completely new discipline at our latitudes ... rotating washing-up tubs! On tiptoes and toes, stick in mouth and limbo-crawling under flames with a few saltos and smiles in between, the tubs spun safely and brightly.

Daniel on his way under the limbo bar

Spectators were also given a spinning tub to balance on a parasol tip. Non-stop in activity! (Daniel will be with a Danish circus next year).

Immediately after, Tumpy was in and the audience's laughter muscles were in full swing when he kindly got a spectator to limbo dance as well. But without flames.

Niklas Bengtsson announced the interval and offered the audience the opportunity to ride two large horses and a small pony.

Relaxed and almost discreet, the 2nd section was opened with Olympia's 6 Frisian horses... black and powerful, without harness. Liberty training covers Niklas Bengtsson's work and presentation really well, with all the classic formations beautifully sliding one after the other... without whiplash and eager commands. By the mind: are brown, spotted, golden and white horses visually more suitable in a circus?

Niklas and his black Frisian horses

Tumpy had an (apparently shortened) plate juggling and spinning intermezzo.

In came the mature and slightly strong (absolutely not negative meaning) looking couple, whimsically costumed: Duo Drive - Ukrainian Viyacheslav & Oksana. Last season they were the "Ersatz" number in the Olympia ring for 2 weeks. It was a glorious reunion with their remarkable hula-hoop act with unusual arts and combinations. ..... Extremely funny !

That Olympia is a circus is emphasized by the presentation of animals - well-kept and obviously very happy, if you can use that term. Natascha Jarz (Mrs. Niklas Bengtsson) in a dirndl costume tumbled with the circus' herd of goats, one of whom could also "nod" a ball into the goal!

Will the goat end up on the national soccer team?

Sonny Gärtner opened this year's Olympia show, and also closed it. With a Colombian partner and under the artist name Duo Shock, he showed effective jumps, skipping and blindfolded somersaults on the Wheel of Death.

High jumps on the outside of the wheel of death

After a pleasant, experience-rich 2 hours (plus break) it was the Grand Finale, where Sam Bengtsson, Gärtner and Duo Driver juniors, who had assisted in the circus's dog and goat acts, were called up and complimented!

Grand Finale

Russian Bandmaster Valentin Smirnov stood together with 2 musicians for good-sounding musical accompaniment assisted by pre-recorded music, arranged by Alex Bozic. The other Circus' musicians - all Ukrainian - could not come to Sweden this year due to the war between Russia's and Ukraine.

With hospitably and true to tradition, the Bengtsson family offered an after-party with "bubbles", cider, potato and fruit salad, soft roles and delicious cold cuts for all employees, tent workers, artists, Swedish Circus Academy members and guests.

Party in the ring

The circus season 2024 in Sweden has started with style!

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29 March 2024

Circus Arena 2024. Opening night was on 25 March in a packed tent at Bellahoj, Copenhagen. In the colourful weekly magazines, you can read about the many celebrities who came to the premiere. But not so much as a word about the performance itself, although it certainly deserves to be mentioned. My good friend Jørgen Lorenzen, who has written several books and articles about circus and artists and made a few documentaries, would give it many stars if he were a reviewer. And several of the digital cultural medias have given the performance 5 out of 6 possible stars.

All of the tent's 1,293 seats were occupied for the premiere

This year's show is called Circus according to Bubber & Malene Qvist. As the name suggests, it is presented by the veteran Bubber together with the young singer Malene Qvist from the pop trio Sukkerchok. Among those who visit Circus Arena, Bubber is probably today better known today as the ringmaster in Arena than for the popular children's TV programs Bubber’s Bathtub which was broadcasted in the early 1990s. But Malene Qvist is from the generation who as a child saw Buber’s bathtub. Thus, she pays tribute to Bubber, who she remembers from her childhood TV shows, at the end of the performance.

After a rather long introduction with Bubber, who said that this year he was happy to be the only one to present the show, Malene entered the ring. Together they sang Circus Arena's welcome song Circus is in Town. At the end of the performance, Bubber explained that he was happy to be together with Malene and did not mean what he said when he told us that he would rather be alone.

Malene Qvist and Bubber. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

First artist act was Robi Berousek with ladder balance. The act ended with Robi juggling 5 clubs while balancing on the free-standing ladder. In addition to doing ladder balance act, he is also Circus Arena's head prop man.

The man on the ladder. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

For the first time in many years, there were no horses in Arena's performance. This year they have chosen to show some animals that we rarely see in a circus ring: 6 donkeys, presented and trained by Circus Arena's former elephant man Rudy Althoff.

Trained donkeys are a rarity in a circus arena. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Last year we experienced the knife throwers and crossbow shooters The Jasters in Circus Arena's arena. This year it was their daughter Jessica who entered the ring – her parents perform in the Swedish Cirkus Brazil Jack, where Jessica was last year. She presented a fine act where she juggled scarves with her feet. The end of the act, where she was hoisted under the circus dome while juggling, was both impressive and spectacular.

Up under the circus dome. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Then it was time for Arena's house clown Jimmy Folco with an entrée where he invited a boy into the ring. They were both drenched with raincoats and drinking bottles and spat out water so that the boy did the same as Jimmy. At the premiere, so convincing that one could suspect that the boy was a stooke. The entrance ended with Jimmy getting a bucket of water on his head.

Water splash. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The next number was Duo Costache - Leonardo ”Iron Jaw” Costache and Mrs. Vita, who we have previously seen at Arena. This year they presented a completely new act in perch, where the props were inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man. Extremely spectacular. In the final trick, Leonardo carried a perch, at the top of which was a kind of pendulum, which Vita swung around, see photo. Impressive.

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Leonardo Costace and Mrs. Vita's version of Vitruvian Man. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The pendulum swings – even 360 degrees around. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Last year, we saw David Hammarberg in tissue, while Julie Berthelsen sang. This year he performed in the bungee trapeze while Malene Qvist was singing.

David Hammarberg in bungee straps. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The last number before the interval was 2 young artists who showed some of the tricks you can do on a BMX bike. They rode up and down ramps, and one rider jumped from pedestal to pedestal. Bubber told that they came from the Ukraine, and had left the country a few months before the war broke out. Since they have toured with their number outside Ukraine. If they went back to their homeland, they risked being sent to the trenches.

Ukrainian artists on BMX bikes. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The first act after the break was Skating New Vision, consisting of Jessica Jaster and Sonny Caveagna. At the premiere, they had an accident when one of his roller skates came too close to the edge of the circular platform and they both fell. They came up again, but were clearly affected by the accident and did only one more trick. The accident makes it difficult to give a fair assessment of the act. Jacob Boas Leitisstein, who this year has helped Arena with their press photos, tells that the act worked perfectly and without incident at the 3 dress rehearsal he had seen.

On roller skates. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Dogs in a ring always arouse cheers, not least from the younger part of the audience. In this year's performance, it was Fabiana Köhler who had 6 happy doggies of different breeds in the ring in a fun and well-executed number, which ended with the dogs going out in a row, see photos. The act and the final trick are reminiscent of Wolfgang Lauenburger's dog act, which was with Arena in 2010 and 2015. Fabiana's father Rudy Althoff had probably helped her with the training of the dogs. dressage. The dogs have previously been with Circus Louis Knie in Austria.

Fabiana and one of the dogs. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The dog parade. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Now the Garcia Brothers entered the ring with an act that must be an obvious candidate for nomination for this year's talent prize from the Danish Circus Award. Antonio and Connor Garcia, aged 17 and 21 respectively, showed pure acrobatics and handstand requiring both strength and a sence of balance. The performed partly individually and partly synchronously. In one of the handstand tricks, one brother used a segboard to stand on with his hands. Something I don't remember seeing before.

Handstand on segboard. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Two rising stars. Press photo from Circus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The two young super talents were replaced by Jimmy Folco, who had three men and a woman from the audience with him in the well-known rock band gag, It seemed as if the four volunteers in the ring were enjoying themselves. Important in these kinds of acts to take a no for a no and not to force spectators into the ring.

While Malene Qvist sang There is magic in the air, there was an entrée where Bubber was hoisted up under the circus dome in a fabric cabinet, which later turned out to be empty.

The last act in the show was the Garcia brothers' parents Pablo and Vicki Fosset Garcia with their space rocket. The number is just as strong and well performed as when we first time saw it at Arena in 2001. Since then they have been with Circus Dannebrog in 2008 and 2014 and with a comical Marry Poppins version of the act with Circus Benneweis in 2013. As mentioned, the number continues to impress. When they are not on tour they live in England. Pablo's father is Spanish and his mother is Irish. Viccki comes from the well-known English circus family Fosset.

Duo Garcia performs impressive acrobatics hanging from the underside of their space rocket. Press photo from Cirkus Arena, taken by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

As an introduction to the final, Malene Qvist sang Kim Larsen's One moment will be here silence. Both the performers and many from the audience used their mobile phones as lights.

A happy Benny Berdino was with good reason proud of his performance. And looked forward to welcome to Circus Arena's 70th anniversary performance next year. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

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26 March 2024

The shark in the bathtub. In the March 21 review of the performance at the Norwegian Circus Arnardo, I gave the Swiss clown André the credit for inventing the gag with the shark in the bathtub. My English circus friend John Cooper has corrected me. The first time he saw such an act was in 1983, when he saw it performed by the Russian clown Andrei "Nico" Nicolajev, who, however, had a crocodile and not a shark as his opponent. Clown André had not started his clowning career in 1983.

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25 March 2024

On March 25, Sweden's circus queen Carmen Lupasco Rhodin turns 70. She was born in Romania and came to Sweden in 1982 to work in the Swedish Circus Brazil Jack, where she later married the director Trolle Rhodin JR. Nowadays, Cirkus Brazil Jack is run by the couple's son Trolle Rhodin III, who, however, receives good help from Carmen.

Carmen Rhodin

Trolle Rhodin JR turns 70 on April 3. He is the son of Sweden's circus king Trolle Rhodin, who passed away in 1997, and grandson of the legendary Swedish showman Brazil Jack.

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24 March 2024

Benny Schumann in the West Zealand Centre. Benny Schumann has made approx. 12-minute long video clip from the performance he presented during the winter holidays at the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse together with Max, Ulf and Gustav Carling. Click here to see the video.

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21 March 2024

Circus Arnardo 2024. The Norwegian circus can this year celebrate their 75 years anniversary. Season 2024 opened on 8 March in Kristiansand. Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo saw the performances on 9 March at 14.00 and 17.00 and writes (my translation):


Opening parade

Kenya Boys - Skipping Rope

Kevin Probst - dogs

Paola Folco Arnardo and Are Arnardo - illusions

Clown André – run-ins

Kevin Probst - Donkeys

Luigi Folco Arnardo - diabolo

Hector Rossi & Pierrot – run-ins

Clown André – run-ins

Marine Duand - tight wire

Clown André – run-ins

Kevin Probst - parrots

André the Clown run-ins

Alfio Macaggi - juggler

Tunde Szabo – aerial straps

Kenya Boys - acrobats


The performance last approx. 1 hour and 35 minutes without intermission. Snow in the air and warmth in the tent. Two full houses, the first with a standing ovation.


As in 2022 and 2023, Circus Arnardo uses a tent, owned by Kevin Probst. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

About the performance

Are Arnardo, André and Paola Folco Arnardo open this year's show. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Opening parade with dancing artists, then straight to the Kenya Boys with skipping rope acrobatics.

Kevin Probst's playful dogs always charm audiences. Must be Europe's best dog act.

Kevin Probst with playful dogs. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Paola Folco Arnardo and Are Arnardo with their illusions, this year with new chair illusion. Quite surprising. Well done.

Paola and Are Arnardo – illusions. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Clown Andrè is a skilled and original reprise clown with very good run-ins.

André the clown (André Broger) in the act with the shark in the bathtub - a number that he was probably the first to do. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Kevin Probst donkeys have become a hit in Arnardo's ring for several seasons. This year with new costume and new music. But the light setting could be better.

Luigi Folco Arnardo with diabolo at a very high tempo is a favourite among the younger part of the audience.

Luigi Folco Arnardo is the 4th generation Arnardo and performs with diabolos in Circus Arnardo's anniversary show. Press photo from Circus Arnardo. Photographer: Unni Hjellnes

Hector Rossi & Pierrot are classic musical clowns. Great costumes and professionally performed with high musical performance. Bur too long run-ins can unfortunately be boring. Could be advantageously been cut down in length.

Hector Rossy was for many years one half of the clown duo Les Rossyans. His partner in that duo was his brother Yann Rossy, who was the white-faced clown. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Clown Andrè with new original gags. Interact very well with the audience, fantastic facial expression.

Marine Durand performs a strong tight wire act. Topped off with tiptoe dancing and chair balancing.

Marine Durand. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Kevin Probst present Alessio Fochesato's parrots with in pirate style. Brilliantly presented and to the great excitement of the audience, 6 Macaw parrots fly over the audience in the grandstands.

Kevin Probst with parrots. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Clown Andrè with new original inventions.

Alfio Macaggi with fast-paced juggler act, well done.

Alfio Macaggi. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Tünde Szabo present her aerial straps act with great precision. New twists and new music.

Aerial acrobat Tünde Szabó in aerial straps in Circus Arnardo in 2024. Press photo from Circus Arnardo. Photographer: Gunstein Myre

Kenya Boys close this year's performance with acrobatics in the African style.

Kenya Boys. Photo: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Grand finale with all artists.

The performance can be advantageously cut down in length. It appears to be too long with approx. 1 hour and 35 minutes without a break. It is a bit too long. But the audience gets a lot for their money. 

We hereby recommend this year's Circus Arnardo 75th anniversary performance. Arne Arnardo started the circus in 1949. They have since toured Norway every year apart from one season due to corona. Circus Arnardo is the longest-running circus in Norway. Congratulations.

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17 March 2024

Brand new poster from the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The museum writes (my translation):

Jakob Ingvorsen, who works daily as an illustrator and visual artist, has created the Circus Museum's new poster. Jakob has, among other things, been inspired by the magical atmosphere and the almost supernatural experiences you can have in the circus. The poster costs DKK 50 and can be bought in the museum's shop Sunday-Thursday at 10-15.

It is possible to order posters and have them delivered to your home for an administrations fee of 35 DKK plus shipping costs. Send your order information and shipping address to, and we will send your order as soon as we can.

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17 March 2024

Circus Rhodin 2024. On March 8, I wrote that Diana Rhodin's adopted daughter Simona was among the performers in the small Swedish circus. But that has turned out to be wrong: on Circus Rhodin's website it says that this year Simona has decided to try something new. Thus. she will perform abroad in the coming season.

During the Easter holidays, the small circus is located in Malmö in the southern part of Sweden, just like the large Circus Brazil Jack. This makes it easy for visitors to Copenhagen to visit one or both circuses at there is a bridge/tunnel from Copenhagen to Malmö. By car or by train - Circus Brazil Jack is a fifteen-minute walk from Central Station in Malmö. Circus Rhodin is a little further away, but there are good bus connections. About performance times and ticket booking: see and

In addition to the two circuses mentioned visitors to Copenhagen can from 22 March to 7 April see Circus Arena, being the largest circus in the Nordic countries.

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15 March 2024

Anna Conradi turns 90. On March 16, the former artist Anna Conradi, Copenhagen, turns 90. She is married to Leif Conradi. Together with him she toured from 1950 to 1988 as the bike acrobats Les Conradis. They worked in Europe, the Middle East and Japan. In Denmark, the couple toured with Circus Arli, Circus Arena and Circus Belli. The couple also worked as jugglers under the artist name 2 Maxell. After stopping their touring life, they performed for a period at festivals, in fairgrounds etc. but only in Denmark. Later, like several other former artists, they both got jobs as inspectors in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.

Anna Conradi

Jimmy Enoch 40 years. Jimmy Enoch turns 40 on March 20. As the son of bicycle virtuoso Dennie Enoch and grandson of circus director Haddy Enoch, he was born and raised in Circus Dannebrog. For many years he was part of the family's bicycle acts. In 2012 he wanted to try something different and started a cooperation with Lars Godbersen from Flying Superkids, where he has now been a member of the management team for many years. He has also for many years produced winter circus performances for the Rosengaad Shopping Centre in Odense. In December last year, he presented Christmas circus at Bispetorvet in Aarhus. He has also appeared at Østre Gasværk Theatre in the role of the bicycle mosquito Egon.

As a bicycle artist, Jimmy Enoch is particularly known for the act "The Glass Balance", where he builds a huge tower of stacked glass on a unicycle.

In addition to working for Flying Superkids and producing performances, he is co-owner of Enoch Show Production, which, among other things, owns and rents out a number of tents, including the large tent used by Circus Summarum (not a circus, but a childrens theatre).

He is married to Melanie, daughter of Bernhard Kaselowky. Together they have the children Emily and Jeremy, respectively 10 and 8 years old, who sometimes participate in Jimmy's bike acts.

Jimmy Enoch

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15 March 2024

Circus Arli 2024.

In this year's performance you will meet

Circus director Martin Arli

Martin's wife Bettina Arli as ringmistress

Alexander Arli and his wife Tara Toya in a glorious clown act, where Tara, among other things, is performing as a singing clown. Alexander also has some run-ins.

Tara and Alexander. Tara is an actor, singer and dancer and is educated at the Performing Arts School in Gothenburg. Sweden. Among other things, she is known for standing on the big musical stages in Denmark, where she e.g. has starred in Mamma Mia and Grease. Tara is also a choreographer. This year she will make her circus debut. - All photos are press photos from Circus Arli.

Jennifer Saabel with Siberian huskies and as a foot juggler. She has chosen to present the

latter number in a universe of sweets.

Jennifer Saabel with beautiful Siberian huskies. Circus friends remember the Saabel family's elegant dog act from Circus Benneweis in 2011, Circus Dannebrog in 2013 and Circus Trapez in 2019. In Benneweis and Dannebrog it was Jennifer's mother and her older sister Alexandre who presented the act. In Trapez is was Jennifers sister Kelly who presented the dogs.

Jelena Vasiljeva with a hula hoop act of a special class. Together with her husband Sergejs Polupans, she also presents the act with juggling with buckets, which the couple had great success with at Arli in 2021.

Miss Adriana in aerial ring. Adriana is daughter of Natali and David Wolf. David is one half of the Wolf Brothers, who toured with Circus Arli in 2011 and 2014. Adriana got her circus debut at Arli in 2014, performing as a foot juggler.

Adriana's spouse Antonin Navratil in Washington-trapeze. The Washington Trapez was not invented in the US capital, as the name might suggest. But by the artist Kaye Washington in the middle of the 1800s. The prop is wider and heavier than a normal trapeze and the discipline requires the artist to balance on the trapeze bar. Antonin toured with the small Danish Circus Krone in 2014.

Antonin Navratil

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13 March 2024

New tent for Circus Arli. When Circus Arli open the season on 6 April in Fløng, it will be with a brand-new circus tent. Not like their very first tent from 1971, which was home-made in Søren and Lotte Arli's small apartment. Now the tent comes from one of Europe's leading tent manufacturers, Italian Scola Teloni, who also supplied Circus Arli’s 2 previous tents. The new tent, just like its predecessor from 2016, has a diameter of 18 meters and room for 220 spectators. In addition to the tent the king poles, circus dome and quarter poles are new.

Computer drawing of the new tent

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

13 March 2024

Rudy Althoff back in Circus Arena. From 2015 to 2018, it was Rudy Lashoff who trained and presented Circus Arena's three elephants. He was also the one who looked after them in the winter quarters in Slagelse from the end of the 2018 season until they came to Knuthenborg Safaripark in May 2020. It was also to his credit that it went well with putting Bernhard Kaselowsky's elephant Ramboline together with the three Arena elephants. This year, Rudy Althoff is back in Arena’s ring. Not with elephants, which are no longer allowed to perform in a circus, but with trained donkeys.

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12 March 2024

Francesco Fratellini in France. Our English friend John Cooper writes:

At the start of March, Hilary (my lady) and I spent some time in and around Lille in northern France.

Why am I telling you this?

Because while we were there we saw Cirque Arlette Gruss with which two of the artistes are Francesco Fratellini and Sarah Florees, both of whom have spent the last few years in Denmark with Circus Arli.

It is Sarah who performs the first proper act after the introduction with her very stylish aerial chandelier number.

Sarah Florees. Photo from Cirque Arlette Gruss

As befits his family name, Francesco concentrates on clowning, although he does show some of his many other skills. As such, his character is very similar to that I have seen him portray with Arli, although his appearance is different. The Gruss tent is far bigger than Arli's but he fills it easily with his various routines, most of them being performed solo.

Francesco Fratellini. Photo from Cirque Arlette Gruss

At times he works with French clown Pieric (given name Pierre Furic) who was in Denmark with Circus Dannebrog about ten years ago. (Editors comment: Pierric was with Dannebrog in 2013. In 1990 he was with Benneweis in 1990 together with Pipo Sosman). Having spoken to him (via Facebook) he tells me that he has spent most of the time since then working in horse shows but has now retired/sold all but one of his horses and decided to return to circus.

He, too, works alone most of the time.            

Pieric. Photo from Cirque Arlette Gruss

Both clowns were very much to the liking of the French audience - and to us. Likewise the entire show. Animal acts are limited to horses and dogs.

The season of Cirque Arlette Gruss runs from October to May/June and I would certainly not discourage you from seeing the current production. (

The show will usually visit Paris for two or three weeks at the start of December before moving to Bordeaux for Christmas and New Year. I have NEVER felt let down by "Arlette". Both content and presentation are always of a high standard, and I would recommend that you see the show somewhere, sometime.

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9 March 2024

Danish Circus Krone will be back on the roads. Apart from very few sold performances, the Thierry family's small Circus Krone has not been on tour since 2018. But this year there will be a tour. The Thierry family writes (my translation):

In 2024, Circus Krone will once again have a summer tour.

After several years without touring we have made the decision to go ahead with Circus Krone's 2024 season. It has been in the pipeline several times, but a pandemic and therefore a depressed economy, as well as illness, changed things. Thus, in recent years we have not been able to present a "real circus tour", but have limited ourselves to projects in cooperation with municipalities and companies etc.

Circus Krone has always been a family circus, but this will be cemented to that extent this season. The majority of the staff is family.

We will also have a completely new concept compared to previous seasons, but since we are starting up after a 5-year hiatus, we think there is room to do something different compared to what we usually are doing.

We don't change everything - we still perform in a tent. For us, this is how Circus should be seen and experienced.

Einlass to Circus Krone in 2018. PR photo from Circus Krone

The new thing is that this season we are staying in the same city for several days. Thus, we do not have as many of the so-called one-day cities on the programme. Also to be able to keep a reasonable ticket price, as this way we can keep costs down. It is also not necessarily to play 7 days a week, as we choose to spend time moving and getting the tent ready for the next town

This season, the performance will still be for the whole family, but will especially be aimed at the youngest, from 2 years and up. We feel obliged to teach children to go to the circus and show what the circus is and has been without the ticket prices flying off in packages of light-up novelties. A big news is that we can tell you that the children's favourite clown, Allando, will once again be in Circus Krone's ring this year. We are very much looking forward to presenting him again. What is also new is that the performances last for a little less than an hour without an interval. We believe that it gives the smallest children the opportunity to be involved in the entire performance.

In the coming season, you can meet the lovable clown Allando (Jan Allan Hansen) in Circus Krone. He was most recently with Circus Krone in 2017. In 2021 and 2022, he toured on Zealand with Circus Baldoni.

Out tent is small, the benches and the prices are low, but the entertainment is top notch! Shortly said; Small, but good! – and as always Circus with the Heart.

Tour list is not yet published.

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8 March 2024

Swedish circuses in 2024

Circus Olympia premieres in Oskarström on Saturday 23 March. It is 40 years since Herbert and Henrika Bengtsson founded Circus Olympia, which today is run by their son Niklas. This year Circus Olympia expects to visit 170 cities from Smygehuk in the south of Sweden to Södertälje in the north of Sweden and have 200 performances during the 6-month tour.

This year's program looks like this:

Musical overture

Sonny Gärtner - Aerial cyclist

Duo Drive - Quick change

Tumpy the clown

The circus patrol - Henrika Bengtsson with dogs

Henrika and some of the dogs. Press photo from Circus Olympia. Photographer: Emelie Kindblad

Frida Evelina Persson - Aerial straps

Frida Persson. Press photo from Circus Olympia. Photographer: Emelie Kindblad

Tumpy the clown

Daniel Lamptey – Acrobat



Natascha Jarz with playful goats

Tumpy the clown

Duo Drive – hula hoop

Duo Drive. Press photo from Circus Olympia

Circus director Niklas Bengtsson with Friesian horses. It is also Niklas who presents the performance.

Niklas Bengtsson with horses. Press photo from Circus Olympia. Photographer: Linda Himsel

Tumpy the clown

Duo Shock - Wheel of Death

Grand Finale

Circus Brazil Jack opens the season at the Mill Hill in Malmö on Good Friday, March 29. This year they can celebrate that it is 125 years since the artist Brazil Jack, whose civil name was Carl Max Alexander Rhodin, started his circus. However, it has not toured every year. The current Circus Brazil Jack has, apart from the corona years, toured every year since 1982. It is today run by Brazil Jack's great-grandson Trolle Rhodin III and is Sweden's largest circus.

In the anniversary performance, the audience meets

Anna Demeter with cloud swing. Anna has not previously performed in a Swedish or Danish circus.

The roller skating duo Skating Jasters (Susan and Jimmy). They were also at Brazil Jack in 2022.

Skating Jesters

The comedians Wolf Brothers. The brothers David and Richard (who are the oldest and smallest) have, apart from the corona years, been with Brazil Jack since 2017.

The Wolff Brothers with their comic aerial act. The Danes know them from several seasons with Circus Arli

Juggler Warren Niemen, who also performs with lasso tricks. Something that Brazil Jack also did. Warren has not previously performed in a Danish or Swedish circus.

The Jasters with knife throwing and crossbow. The Danes remember the couple Elena Busnelli & Giacomo Sterza from Circus Arena 2023 and Circus Benneweis 2011. They were also at Brazil Jack in 2016.

The Jasters. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The Diorios troupe with their globe of death. Diorios has several units and has toured several times with Scandinavian circuses - in Denmark with Circus Arena. They are i.e. known for their "splitting globe", where the globe splits into an upper part and a lower part.

The Diorios troupe

Michael Zorzan with diabolo. He has not previously performed in a Danish or Swedish circus.

Circus Brazil Jack present a fast-running performances without a ringmaster. The performance lasts approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes incl. a 20-minute break. There are no animals in the show.

Circus Rhodin premieres at Per Albin Hansson Väg in Malmö on Good Friday 29 March. The owner is Brazil Jack's granddaughter Diana Rhodin, whom the Danes saw with horses and elephants in Circus Dannebrog in 2000 and in Circus Benneweis in 2002. She herself presents the performance her circus.

Circus Rhodin on the lot next by Mobilia Shopping Mall in Malmö

In this year's performance, the audience meets:

Simona Rhodin with various acts, i.e. with crossbow.

Diana Rhodin with her dogs and ponies

Diana Rhodin and her ponies

Dimo the clown

Dimo the clown has also previously toured with Circus Rhodin

Yana, who comes from Bulgaria present a brand-new act. She is 16 years old and daughter of Veselka Metodieva and Nedyalko Vaskov. As a little girl, she performed in the Danish Circus Krone.

Duo Esenbekovi with quick change. They come from Bulgaria

Maksym and Olena from Ukraine with an aerial act

Their 3-year-old son Maksym Jr. with handstand

Nedyalko Vaskov from Bulgaria with cube juggling. In Denmark, we have seen him several seasons in Dansh Circus Krone and in Baldoni's Christmas performance in 2013.

Nedyalko with cube juggling in Circus Krone 2015

Abdynaly and Mariana come from Kyrgyzstan and present a roller-skating act.

Circus I Love You begins their season with the performance I Love You Two in Gävle on Wednesday 3 April. In Falkenberg, they have the premiere of the performance Utopia on Thursday 2 May.

Circus I love You was founded in 2017 by a group of multitalented acrobat-musicians.

The first tour of Circus I love you started in France in June 2018. Since then, Circus I love you performed around 130 times in France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Lithuania.Currently the company is based in Skåne, Sweden, and performs around Europe with its two circus tents. The performances of Circus I love you are animal free and suitable for the whole family.

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7 March 2024

Circus Trapez 2024. Circus owner Isabella Enoch Sosman writes (my translation):

On March 30 we begin our summer tent season. The artists we have are:

Jasmin Nørgård as a circus princess and in her tissues.

The talented young Danish aerial acrobat Jasmin Nørgård was last year part of the Open-Air performances in Circus Trapez

From the month of May, the clown Gabor. He will be performing in France until then. We will find a replacement until Gabor arrives.

The Hungarian reprise clown Gabor was the ongoing figure in last year's Open-Air performance in Circus Trapez. He has appeared in a large number of circuses, e.g. for several seasons at Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey in the USA

Duo Fantasia from Ethiopia with roller skates, aerial ring, hula jump on ball, diabolo and cube.

Swetla Roslyakova cat act and a number with ferrets.

Zsolt Duda's juggling and comedy

Stine Marie Greisen with the calculating pony

Bernhard Kaselowsky with our 4 ponies

In smaller towns, we use the small tent from Madsbyparken. When we have sold performances a slightly larger tent.

Circus Trapez small tent in Madsby Park

In previous years, Cirkus Trapez, apart from nursing home performances, has only toured in Jutland and Funen. But this year they also visit some towns on Zealand. Isabella tells (my translation):

“We go to Zealand because there were some people from a veteran car meeting who saw us in Madsbyparken and bought us three days for their veterans meeting. To make it worthwhile to drive to Zealand and back, we also try a few other cities.”

Before the summer season starts, Circus Trapez has mini-performances in the weekend of March 23 and 24 in a tent on the city square in the seaside resort Blokhus.

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1 March 2024

Circuses in Denmark 2024.

The Danish circus season begins at the end of March. Here is an overview of circuses and the artists you can expect to see in the coming season. You can find tour lists in What’s on.

Circus Arena

Season opening 25 March at ‘Bellahoj’ in Copenhagen with dress rehearsals from 22 March. This year's performance is called Circus according to Bubber and Malene Qvist, and it is Bubber and Malene who will present the performance. As previously mentioned on this website the performing artists are:

Jessyka Jaster with foot juggling and together with Sonny Caveagna in the roller-skating duo Skating New Vision.

Dogs presented by Fabiana Köhler.

David Hammarberg with bungee acrobatics

Pablo and Vicki Garcia with their space rocket

Garcia Brothers with handstand/hand-to-hand

Leonardo and Vita Costache with a new 'Da Vinci'-inspired act which not previously has been presented in Denmark.

Trained donkeys

Robi Berousek with ladder balance

The stunt cyclists BMX Riders

Arena's house clown Jimmy Folco

Subject to changes.

Circus Arli

Season opening April 7 in the Copenhagen suburb Fløng with dress rehearsal the day before. The tour list and name of the performers will be announced on March 15. Bettina and Martin Arli are of course part of the performance. The same applies to their son Alexander and his wife, the actress Tara Toya. It will be the first time we can see Tora in a circus ring.

Circus Baldoni

Season opening April 9 in Hillerød with dress rehearsals April 6.

This year's performance is called NOSTALGY AND NEW ADVENTURES and is presented by the young Mickey Juel Prüssing, who makes his circus debut. Of course, he gets help from the lion Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll) – a must in Circus Baldoni.

Today, it is rare to see classic musical clowns in a Danish circus. But you do se this year in Circus Baldoni. Even some of the very best: José Michel and his wife Giulia. You will see them in their excellent version of the funnel gag. In addition, José has some run-ins.

Kelly Saabel presents her beautiful handstand number, and her boyfriend Ruslan has an act in aerial straps.

From Hungary come 3 young men who do freestyle breakdance and a knock-about table act.

Nandor Varadi and Diana Boiachin were also at Baldoni in 2023. But in 2024 they show new acts with juggling, soap bubbles and aerial hoop.

Circus Mascot

Season opening March 22 in Balling. The tour last until 20 October. Just like in 2022 and 2023, they play in sport centers and other indoor arenes and with a break from the end of June to the beginning of August.

They call their 2024 performance "OPPE PÅ DUPPERNE" (On the ball) and writes (my translation):

We've done it before, and now we're doing it again. Mascot is going on the road for the 31st time with a completely new performance - and it will be quite a circus.

We still believe in the value of joining for seeing something which are happening in the very moment. We believe it is essential to give children the opportunity to enjoy themselves and we know that something very special happens between people when they take a seat around the circus ring.

The smell of popcorn, the sound of animals and that particularly sweet music that makes most people feel that they have finally found the melody. It's all there, and then it's warm and delicious. Children and adults can enjoy and forget their everyday life.

This year's show is just as daring as ever with silly poodles and dog tricks. Experience balancing art, clowning, two pigs, two goats, a pony, and a circus director with (lime) light in his eyes. Finally, it's time for the circus.

As usual, the performance lasts 90 minutes plus an intermission. The sound and light contribute to the circus magic, the popcorn tastes as it should and the candy floss melts in your mouth.

It's cozy, really fun and present entertainment at children's level. It's a circus for everyone and an experience you take home with you. Welcome around our magical circus ring in 2024.

After the corona crisis, Circus Mascot no longer travels with a circus tent, but now only performs indoor in local sports centers etc. The audience get better comfort and a pleasant temperature indoors, regardless of the weather outside. It is no longer necessary to arrive in large rubber boots due to bad weather, and both children and adults take of their outerwear and have the option of running around in socks, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The performance is still as long and rich as ever, with talented performers and impressive animal acts, including poodles, pigs, a pony, a donkey and a goose.

The artists in this year's performance are Gereltuya "Gegee" Ganbold and her husband Oleksi Trunov. They do 4 acts: Juggling, contortion, adagio and slinky. In addition, the audience meets Marianne Deleuran with all the animals, Ulmas with various clown reprises and Daniel Deleuran as ringmaster.


Oleksi and Gegee

Zirkus Nemo     

Season opening April 27 in Horsens.

Zirkus Nemo is a combination of circus and comedy show, owned by the Danish actor and comedian Søren Østergaard. There is no doubt that the biggest draw in Zirkus Nemo is Søren Østergaard and his well-known comedy characters. Zirkus Nemo can celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2024. It will be marked with an anniversary performance, where they promise to surpass everything, they have presented in previous years. The audience will, among other things, have the opportunity to make acquaintances with old acquaintances such as the Measure Man, Marianne, Baglænsmanden, Baker Jørgen, The Man who can't whistle, Kim Tim, the Smash Man and many more (all of them Søren Østergaard’s characters. In addition, the audience can look forward to see world class artists. The names of these artists have not yet been announced.

Circus Trapez

Season opening 30 March in Tønder.

This year's performance is a themed performance called I Drømmenes Verden 2024 (Dream world 2024).

Isabella Enoch Sosman's small Jutland circus writes (my translation):

This year's performance is about our young and beautiful circus princess who has always loved the circus and dreamed of performing like a real circus princess in the magical ring.

This dream came true last year, when she floated high up under the circus dome.

But the dream does not end here. Our young circus princess wants much more in the circus than just being a circus princess.

Her biggest dream is to become a circus director.

She therefore decides to pack her suitcase and head out into the world to make her dream come true.

Along the way, she checks into a hotel, where she falls into a deep sleep after the long journey. This is where the dream begins, because while she sleeps, she dreams about being a circus director.

During the dream, she meets a funny and slightly crazy personality - It is the clown in the circus.

Together they go around to explore even more of the magical world that is the circus.

The trip takes them, among other things. to Germany, Hungary, France and all the way to Ethiopia in Africa - where they meet and see skilled acrobats, great aerial acts, a young gifted juggler, an impressive and fast-paced roller-skating act and of course a lot of lovely and wonderful animals, including horses, ponies, cats and some very special animals that you rarely see in the circus.

After such a trip, our circus princess, together with her new best friend the clown, has gained a lot of new knowledge about the circus, but will the dream of becoming a circus director come true for the young girl?

Because was it real that the clown entertained and took her on the journey, the acrobats did wild stunts, the juggler juggled, the horses and ponies turned and turned and our circus princess has become a real circus director who can both fly high in the air and conjure and entertain in the ring? - Or was it all just a dream?

Time and this year's performance "I Drømmenes Verden" will show.

The names of the performers have not yet been announced.

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