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Last updated : 25. September 2020

25 September 2020

Danish circus season 2020 is soon at an end. Due to the corona, it has been a strange season. Circus Arena, Circus Krone, Circus Mascot, Zirkus Nemo and Circus Trapez all gave up touring. Circus Arli and Circus Baldoni did not start their tour until June and have had to live with restrictions on the number of spectators they were allowed to admit into the tent. Both, however, report that the season circumstances taken into account have been quite reasonable, and both have chosen to extend the season.

Circus Arli, which usually ends the season at the end of August, this year ends the season on the weekend of 3-4 October with performances in Værløse (a Copenhagen suburb) at 15. As usual the entire season has been spent at Zealand including the capital area.

It has been Circus Arli's 50th season

Circus Baldoni would normally have ended the summer season on 24 September, but has chosen to continue until 18 October with performances at various sports centers etc., including performances on Bornholm and in Jutland, which they do not usually visit. On the other hand, due to corona restrictions, they have had to abandon their usual tour of the Faroe Islands this year.

Apart from touring on Zealand, Lolland and Falster they have for the first time in many years visited Funen and will as mentioned above for the first time ever visit Jutland.

On their website, Cirkus Baldoni claims that they were the first circus in the world to start up on 6 June. The information is not entirely correct as e.g. the small German family circus Bambino started touring in Sweden in May. However, Bambino's program can hardly be compared to Baldoni's program, and Bambino has had to live with only having 50 spectators in the tent (the limit in Sweden).

Circus Baldoni changed the color scheme of the wagons this year. This year they were white with blue edges and the Baldoni name in red. Previously, they were red with blue edges and the Baldoni name in yellow. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The autumn holidays in week 42 usually offer circus and artist performances in a number of shopping malls. E.g. Circus Arena usually produces a performance for Kolding Storcenter. But this performance has due to the corona been canceled this year, and the same goes for most other shopping center performances.

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23 September 2020

Circus Days and Nights. “See Puccini's moving love story Madame Butterfly in Copenhagen's fantastic opera house and enjoy the world premiere of Circus Days and Nights, where opera and circus meet on stage. We also get a tour of the Opera in Copenhagen, come behind the stage and go on a historic city walk in Malmö, Sweden. ” You have been able to read this advertisement in Danish for a 3-day trip in June 2021 in Albatros Travel's ads in the dailies.

Circus Days and Nights is a circus opera in three acts, written by the composer Philip Glass. Its inspiration is Robert Lax’s Circus Days and Nights, a collection of poems that draws us into the poet’s fascination with acrobats and the circus lifestyle and takes us on the road with him when he “runs away” and joins a circus in 1940s America. For Lax, the circus becomes a metaphor for life itself – the cycle of life and death – and for human yearning and striving. Circus Days and Nights will be a boundary-crossing performance that brings the circus ring into the opera house. Click here to read more (English text):

World premiere on May 29 at Malmö Opera where the performance can be seen until June 13. From 15 September to 15 October 2021, the performance can be seen in Stockholm. Then it's the idea of the show going on world tour.

Cirkus Days and Nights is a co-production between Cirkus Cirkör and Malmö Opera, Cirkus Cirkör is the leading Scandinavian Contemporary Circus.

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21 September 2020


Performers: semi-pros CHRISTIAN DE WILDE and SIMON OLESEN, and the pro HENNING NIELSEN /known from DENMARK GOT TALENT/ featured together a 2 hours' performance to the delight of the 40 people present. The spirit of STEEN PEGANI, props dealer was clear!

Christian de Wilde. All photos: Chr. Langballe

The spectators were treated to a menu of effects and stunts: cards, silks, ropes, everything presented in various manipulations. Mindreading and balloon sculptures were as well featured.

Each performer had his own way and personality, the program was well composed and furnished, the level was high, accompanied by a lot of patter/talk/, that is used by the majority of magic entertainers in order to ensure MISDIRECTION, i.e. the audience has its mind turned away from the real happening. Bons mots, jokes, pranks and whims appeared out of nowhere, likewise the props. The magic entertainer is thus a cousin to the communication person as well as to the stand-up-comedian who is supposed to entertain and retain the audience's attention, using only words - a hard task !

Simon Olesen

SIMON OLESEN used his patter with maestria, unfortunately HENNING NIELSEN appeared to a deficient PA-system, which rendered the comprehension somewhat difficult, he would also do well working on obtaining a better personal diction. So: we have three clever magic entertainers on a quiet Wednesday night in the little town of HOBRO, DK.

Henning Nielsen

They all used a lot of card tricks, otherwise they displayed a great inventive talent.

Some young magic entertainers-to-be attended the event, surely to pick up and learn...

Simon Olesen and Henning Nielsen

Maybe the time is ripe for more magic entertainment, what about combining it with stand-up-comedy, BURLESQUE /= comedy strip-tease/ dance acts....?

This very show points to the fact that many local entertainers have the proper ideas - and the courage to bring them out in broad daylight -

We would then profit from the ancient VARIETY that deserves a revival !!

Next issue: theater MAGISTRATEN, in the Danish town SILKEBORG, will feature magic entertainer ANDERS LILLEORE. This kind of entertainment is perfectly suited to rather small stages, café outlets and the like.



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21 September 2020

Tetiana goes to the High Court. Tetiana "Tanya" Koreneva fell 8 meters and broke her neck in four places when her cable broke in August 2018 during a performance in Circus Arena. She got lasting injures and cannot resume her career as an artist. She subsequently filed a lawsuit against Circus Arena because she believed they had a joint responsibility for her injury.

By judgment of 21 August, the court in Næstved gave judgment in favour of Circus Arena.

But it was a wrong decision, says lawyer Søren Kroer, who represented Tetiana Koreneva. Together with his client, he has therefore applied for legal aid in order to bring the case to the High Court. If legal aid is granted it, Tetiana will not have to pay the costs. It is a prerequisite for being able to take the case further that we get legal aid Søren Kroer says.

It may take several months before the Department of Civil Affairs which is part of the Ministry of Justice, has taken a position on the application for legal aid. If they grant such legal aid the case will hardly reach hearing in the High Court before at the earliest in the autumn of 2021 and most likely not until 2022, 4 years after the accident.

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18 September 2020

Benny Schumann is among the performers in some of the performances in the Tivoli Variety, which can be seen the Glass Hall Theatre from 16 to 19 September. “In the second section, it swings in a double sense when the old circus veteran Benny Schumann shows his brilliant act with dancing plates to Chuck Berry - "Johnny B Goode" from 1959. The orchestra is in high spirit, while Benny Schumann is busy holding 10- 12 plates in motion. When it's all over, the audience shouts and gives the circus artist standing ovations,” Kulturkupeen writes about Benny's performance on 16 September (My translation). - The photo is not from the Glass Hall Theatre, but from a talk show with Benny Schumann at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, on 11 September. Photographer: Lise Kokholm

The Tivoli Variety was a regular feature in the Copenhagen’s Tivoli Garden’s Glass Hall Theatre from 1959 to 1972. From 2005 to 2009, it was revived under the name Søren Østergaard's Tivoli Variety with performances in Zirkus Nemo style.

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18 September 2020

New director of the Swedish Circus Academy. They Academy writes: At the Circus Academy's annual meeting on 17 September 2020, member Janne Näsström, Faarhult, was appointed as new director of the Circus Academy. Janne replaces Roy Himsel, Växjö, who has held this position since 2001, i.e. for 20 years! Roy remains chairman and convener of the Jury for the Charlie of the Year award. In addition, Roy was named the Circus Academy's first Honorary Director!

The Swedish Circus Academy (Akademien for Cirkuskonstens Bevarande i Sverige) is the organization for Swedish Circus Friends. In most countries such organizations are formed as associations, but for historical reason it is in Sweden an academy.

The Circus Academy's new director Janne Näsström

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13 September 2020

A good-humored Buber presented as ringmaster the gala show on Sunday at 10:30 and 12:30 at the TA`DAA festival at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. "TA`DAA is the sound that often follows a compliment," museum curator Mikkel Knudsen says. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Originally, the show should have been shown outdoors at the square behind the museum. However, due to the corona development, it had moved into the Fencing Hall and there were restrictions on the number of spectators. Several had to give up getting a ticket. Photo: Ole Simonsen


The first act was the hula-hoop princess Zanya Abelgren, who showed a fine act with several difficult tricks. Zanya is educated at AFUK’s artist school in in Copenhagen. She does not have her talent from foreigners: her mother is the actress Jenny Abelgren and her father the circus owner René Mønster Baldoni. Photos: Lise Kokholm


The next act was the parterre acrobats Sonia and Alfred, who in 2017 helped to get AMoC this year's talent prize from the Danish Circus Award. AMoC - the Academy of Modern Circus - was a pilot program, which is later closed despite their ability to train talented artists. Photos: Lise Kokholm

Next, the audience met the two glorious entertainers Søren Visby and Jørgen Mortensen from The Flying Suitcase Circus. They showed with great humor diabolo, juggling on a high unicycle, formation juggling and the trick where Jørgen hits newspapers etc. held by Søren with a whip. Søren and Jørgen, who are both trained as leisury-time teachers started The Flying Suitcase Circus 1989 with street fun and circus workshops. For the past many years, they have been full-time entertainers. Photo: Lise Kokholm

The last act of the gala show was the ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard. Peter Nørgaard was in 2015 in the final of the Danish version of the TV-program Got Talent. In Hvidovre he performed with the dog Charlie and the dragon Dennis, both of them ventriloquist’ dolls, providing lots of laughter. Photo: Lise Kokholm

All the performers. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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11 August 2020

Circusland during the autumn holidays. Circusland is a theme park situated in Circus Arena's winter quarters in Aarslev near Slagelse. Circusland is open during the autumn holidays from 10 - 18 October, daily at 10-17. In addition to performances in Circus Landino, they offer magic shows with Kim Kenneth, shows with the clown Bonbon and the show Bubber & Friends, where Bubber is visited every day at 4 pm by a new guest, all of them popular names in Denmark:

• Sigurd Barrett (Oct. 10)

• Mek Pek and Oh Abe (Oct. 11)

• HipSomHap (Oct. 12)

• Silja from Ramasjang (Oct. 13)

• Mika and Tobias (Oct. 14)

• Calles World Tour (Oct. 15)

• MGP potpourri (Oct. 16)

• Vera aka the actor Michel Castenholt (Oct. 17)

• HipSomHap (Oct. 18)

Sigurd Barrett opens the festival week in Circusland with a family concert on Saturday 10 October at 16.00 on Circusland's big show stage.

Circusland also offers pony riding, indoor playground, mechanical rides, animal stables with many animals and a circus museum. The food can be bought at reasonable prices in Circusland's bistro. However, it is also possible to bring a packed lunch.

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9 September 2020

No Monte Carlo Cicus festival until 2022. The Organizing Committee of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, under the Presidency of H.S.H. Princesse Stéphanie, announces the postponement of the 45th Edition of the Circus Festival to 20th to 30th of January 2022, as well as the changing of the dates for the 10th Competition of young circus-artists “New Generation” to February 5th and 6th 2022.

In view of the sanitary and health conditions around Covid 19 this decision has been taken in accordance with the Government of Monaco and also due to the fact that the biggest Circus-Event in the world presents more than 200 artists from over 20 countries and receives a very international public.

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8 September 2020

Niels Christian Hansen has joined as a member of the jury of the Danish Circus Award. The jury now consists of Ole Simonsen (Chairman), Jan Hertz and Niels Christian Hansen. Niels Christian Hansen tells:

I was born in 1950. I am a trained teacher from Ranum College of Education. From 1975 to 2012 I was employed as a teacher in Arden municipality / Mariagerfjord municipality. The first two years I worked at Vebbestrup School and the last 35 years at Arden school. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by circuses and take every opportunity to visit circuses. I am a member of the board of directors of the Circus House Museum’s Friends in Rold.

The chairman if the jury Ole Simonsen is born in 1945. Master of Laws from the University of Copenhagen 1970. Until retirement in 2010 employed as senior vice president in legal department of Privatbanken / Unibank / Nordea. 2011- 2015 artistic advisor to Circus Benneweis. Deputy chairman of the Association of Danish Circus Friends.

Jan Hertz is born in 1949. He is an actor, director, stage artist and former theater manager and entertainment manager in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. In the circus context, he put for several years the performances on stage for Circus Benneweis. He was for 15 years a member of the jury behind the Danish theater award the Reumert.

Due to the corona, the Danish Circus Award has not awarded prizes in 2020. But hopefully the award ceremony can resume in 2021.

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7 September 2020

2 x Schumann in Rold. On Sunday 6 September, you could see a wonderful performance with clowns and horses in the Riding Hall next to the Circus Museum in Rold, Jutland.  Benny Schumann performed as a clown, artist, ventriloquist, magician and plate spinning juggler, and his cousin Katja Schumann presented 3 beautiful Arabian horses and a goose. Nice that the performance could be carried out despite the corona, which, however, limited the number of spectators.

The Corona epidemic's need for “Keep Distance” limited the number of spectators. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Benny Schumann once again delivered a great performance. I was, as always, deeply impressed by his ability to capture the kids among the audience. And if you catch them you also have their parents and grandparents in your hollow hand. Below are some photos from his part of the show

Benny Schumann welcomes. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Despite being 75 years old Benny Schumann can still do the splits while balancing a shoe on his forehead. Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

Balance with chairs on the forehead. Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

Benny Schumann is also a skilled and entertaining ventriloquist. Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

Benny Schumann made his debut as a plate spinning juggler in 1967. And he still masters the art. Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

Inflated rock star. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Katja Schumann is a horse whisper. She presented 3 beautiful Arabs: a young horse which was still grey, and 2 white Arabs. (Arabian horses are not white from birth). At the same time, Luffe Bøgh told a little about horses, and later Katja's brother Philip took on his old glamorous role as ringmaster. Except for the dress just like he did in his father Max Schumann's tent circus and a single year at Benneweis. It was an aesthetic pleasure to see Katja's unique contact with her horses. Her part of the show ended with her presenting a movie star: the goose Wise, who had the role of Nissemand in the Danish movie Gooseboy.

Katja Schumann and her horses. Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

She has an understanding of horses! Photo: Ole Simonsen

Liberty horses. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Photo: Ole Simonsen

Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

Katja and Nissemand alias the goose Kloge (the Danish word for clever). Photo: Jens Chr. Sørensen

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3 September 2020

Majestique. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Spiegeltent Paradiso, Nordkraft, Aalborg, 28 August at 21 and writes:

It was a world premiere of a new performance. Nothing less! The team behind the production of the show La Soirée, which was presented in the Spiegeltent last year, has produced a new show called Majestique.

And it was a completely different performance than last week's performance with the

Australian ensemble Le Coup – reviewed on this website on 24 August. Le Coup leaned towards the theater genre. It took place in a historical environment, admittedly difficult to determine. And it had consistent characters who together created a kind of action.

Majestique, on the other hand, is a classic variety as it was known in Denmark years ago, but which more or less died out in the sixties. Throughout the evening you felt like being in a nightclub, and the acts came like pearls on a string - with no inner connection between the acts. And the large audience were happy with the performance. The big applause was a proof that the variety genre has a future ahead of it - a renaissance, one can hope for.

There was no real ring, but a wide corridor from the backdrop to a small stage. There was a talented singer, Anna Cabaret, who sang between the artist acts and there were a few features with live music. But otherwise everything was accompanied by recorded music.

The absolute highlight of the evening was Captain Frodo, who is known in Denmark from several seasons in circus Nemo. And two seasons in circus Barnly. In 2016, Frodo received the Danish Circus Award's prize for best act of the year. Tonight he was on stage three times. First with the act where he torments himself through two tennis rackets - during a lot of half-disturbed talk, with wildness in his eyes and countless stunts and a single fall all the way down from the stage. Later in the show, he did an act which he also presented in circus Barnly last year. He comes in and conjures a cucumber out of his hat. The cucumber is cut into pieces by a brought-in sword which he eventually swallows. A real sword swallower and an achievement that brings to mind the fairground entertainment. His outfit: long black coat, gaily coloured trousers and a turban-like headdress are more the juggler's uniform than the artist's costume. And again you were carried away by the raving stream of speech and the half-wild gaze behind his moustache.

Captain Frodo. Pia Kirstine Foto / Skråen

His third act is the one where he is on the bucket, literally, and takes his legs on his neck, too, literally.

When he received the circus award, I heard voices that found him unaesthetic and on the verge of the macabre, because he has hypermobile joints - and shows it, especially in his third act where he literally sits on the potty and dislocates arms and legs. The applause tonight showed that the audience was delighted with his acts.

Another artist who rose above the others was the magician Charlie Caper. In two rounds he showed magic - manipulation, as it is called in the technical language. The word manipulation is a negative word in the world outside of magic, but it is the opposite for the magician. Here it is a matter of manipulating. Here the word is positively meaning. Things came out of thin air - or they disappeared to the same place. He left the table he was standing at, with 6 bottles of wine, a myriad of oranges and a large melon on the small table. His raving flow of speech and rapid movements have, of course, been part of the art of misdirection. When he left with the tabletop, he passed next to me. And I can attest that the tabletop was quite thin. There could hardly be anything hidden in it.

Melanie Chy presented a handstand act. Maybe not the best in the world, but effective because she performed it standing on a potent, roaring motorcycle that she entered the stage riding on. An example of how both difficulty and the way the number presents is important. One can be stronger and bigger than the other. Here, "sales" were greater than performance. Varnish, leather and roaring engine power gathered in. Melanie is the daughter of Freddy Chy, whose Chinese troupe Chy-fu-dey had great success with Benneweis in the late 1980s and 1990s. Under the name Chy Mei Ling, she was part of Benneweis' Supergirls performance in 2001.

Melanie Chy. Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto / Skraaen

Marco Motta worked in aerial straps. A different and strong number, because he, hanging in the straps, performed exercises as a contortionist. And Iryna Bessanova and Andrey Shapin did good handstand acrobatics parterre, that is, on the stage floors, and Iryna performed hair hanging.

Iryna Bessanova and Andrey Shapin. Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto / Skraaen

Andrey Shapin also performed a nice chair balance with 10 chairs. I sat so close that I could see how the row of chairs fluttered a bit back and forth as he stood in handstand on the 10th "floor". Francois Borie had two skilled tempo juggling acts.

The juggler Franois Borie. Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto/Skraaen

The two assistant stage mangers Ready and Knot had small run-ins during the evening. Ending with a number in which the woman was the puppet master, standing behind the man wearing the mask.

A beautiful evening - another beautiful evening in the Spiegeltent in Aalborg. Real nightclub atmosphere. The time has come. The old variety is back - as a great addition to any other good entertainment.

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2 September 2020

Circus Arli extends the season. Season 2020, which due to the corona only started on June 20, was scheduled to end on September 21. But the Arli family has now decided to extend the season by two weeks so that it does not end until 4 October. The extended playing period is used to visit some of the cities Arli usually visits, but which due to the late start of the season was not included in the initially tour schedule.

Until October 4, the elegant ringmaster Bettina Arli presents the performance in the small circus’ 50th anniversary season

Circus Baldoni has also extended the season, which now ends on 18 October. Unlike Cirkus Arli, they choose to visit parts of the country where they do not normally come, and to carry out a number of the performances as indoor performances in sport centres etc.

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29 August 2020

In some of this year's performances in Circus Baldoni, Daniel Dimitrijevic has replaced circus owner René Mønster Baldoni as ringmaster. Here is one of Jacob Boas Leitisstein's photos from a performance in Herlev on 25 August. From 2009 to 2018, Daniel was under the artist name Danilo Baldoni's popular clown.

Due to the corona, Circus Baldoni has cancelled the planned autumn tour to the Faroe Islands. Instead, they will visit Isle of Bornholm and that some cities in Jutland and Funen with an arena-version (indoor version in sport centres etc.) of this year's performance. Take a closer look in What’s On.

Indsæt internt link

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28 August 2020

Wallmans 2020/21. Usually, every year, Wallmans puts on a new dinner show in the Copenhagen Circus Building. It runs from approx. 20 August to approx. 20th of June. The 2019/2020 show Carnival was an excellent show that thrilled both critics and audiences. But the corona meant that Wallmans had to stop the show in the beginning of March, i.e. almost 4 months before usual. And that the 2020/2021 season can first start in September with the first performance 3 September.

Due to this Wallmans have chosen to revive the show Carnival, although with a few changes and surprises.

The language at Wallmans is English.

Artistically, Duo Pile ou Face is still part of the show with their fine acts in sway pole and Cyr Wheel.

Duo Pile ou Face in Cyr Wheel. Press photo from Wallmans. Photographer John Resborn

Duo Pile ou Face in sway pole. Press photo from Wallmans. Photographer John


New to the show are the show's hostess Megan Moore, one of Denmark's best and most entertaining Drag Queens, and the Swedish crazy comedian / juggler / acrobat David Eriksson, who has taken the international stage by storm.

David Eriksson worked also for Wallmans in the Circus Building in 2006 with his partner at this time. Today, David works solo and with his 22 years on stage has managed to establish himself as one of Europe's most brilliant circus artists and comedians.

He has won an Olivier Award 2015 with cabaret power house La Soirée and toured the globe with international circus companies such as Circus Roncalli, Circus Monti and Cirkus Cirkör, Circus Flic Flac etc. He also received a Herald Angel at Edinburg Fringe 2001 and a Silver trophy at Les Feux de la Rampe in Paris the same year. Click here to read more about David Eriksson.

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25 August 2020

Obituary: Francois Szony. Benny Schumann writes:

Sunday 23 August Francois Szony said goodbye to dance and life. Francois was my biological father. I have known that since my early youth. One and a half years after my birth, my mother Paulina married Albert Schumann, whom I will always feel and respect as my father. I have since my knowledge of Francois had a warm and wonderful good friendship with him. Francois was close to 95 years old, born in Budapest 30/9 1925, living in Florida the last many years and known as one of the world's best adagio dancers. Even though he was almost 95 years old, he was completely clear in his mind and did some training every day. We were on the same wavelength both with showbiz and life. He was incredibly strong personality. He was unfortunately infected with corona 3-4 weeks ago and struggled with the disease, but would not go through respirator etc. Francois and I had agreed that I should tell that he was my biological father in my lecture and possibly in a book etc. Click here to read more about Francois Szony.

The photo above was shot in Las Vegas in 2010 and shows Francois Szony and Benny Schumann (standing to the right) and his half-brother Ferenc Szony (standing to the left).

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24 August 2020

Le Coup. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Spiegeltent Paradiso, Nordkraft, Aalborg, 28 August at 21 and writes (my translation):

The Australian artist troupe Le Coup was actually committed to a 6-month engagement at the Theater Chamäleon in Berlin. But the corona changed the situation and the troupe had - involuntarily – to stay in Berlin for 5 months. But now it had been released and had come to Aalborg. And for the spectator, it became a wonderful experience.

First: there was live music - lively. The 3 multi-musicians mastered a myriad of instruments, and the artists regularly grabbed another instrument and fell into the musical abundance. And everyone could sing and form choirs when it was time for it. I gave up counting instruments, but there were at least 30. A lively, well-playing orchestra emphasizes and supports what goes on on stage. It is like the heartbeat of a living body. The trio's name was Father Grant and the Blunt Objects.

Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto / Skraaen

The artists had roles. We were in a kind of total theater. They were presented from the start: The Boss, Sally the Alley Cat, Sister, Barry and the King - and not least Ugly. He was awful, completely raving - and awfully funny. He was tall as a lighthouse, rattled, with mustache, dressed in black. And then he could play with his tongue like a snake, and his facial expressions were unfathomable. Out of one eye radiated madness and savagery. The second sent merriment and humor out into the room. There was the Boss, who throughout the performance wore a kind of priest's collar as a sign of his highness and dignity.

Each artist played his role in the colorful environment. Indeterminate, yet it felt like a unit. Was it the old one medieval age marketplace with jugglers and conjures one was dropped down to into? Were we in Dickens` London environment with tarnished and down-at-heel characters? Or in Shakespeare's colorful universe, where the fool mixes with jokers and good people? We were in the wild west of the prairie with settlers heading out on the prairie. The orchestra supported that feeling when they played blue grass music. The strange thing is that it seemed integrated - as a whole. One was everywhere at once. The whole world and the whole history of the amusement park were gathered in Aalborg in a single evening.

Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto / Skraaen

The artistic performance was incomparable. I think that all the many disciplines of artistry were involved - at a very high level. A textbook in art could use this performance as pictorial documentation. It's hard to highlight something or someone because everyone was so talented. But when was the last time you saw a finger stand - that is, an artist standing on one finger? When was the last time we saw an artist lying on his back balancing a trumpet with his mouth while playing the free-standing trumpet? Jugglers, aerial artists, acrobats, snake people, equilibrists. They were all there. The ABC of the whole art, presented as pearls on a string, but - as opposed to the classic held together by the figure they played and formed. And art at a very high level. Excellent Multi-artist.

Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto / Skraaen

So it became, as written in the presentation, a "tribute to original variety shows". And as previously written: set in a timeless, almost adventurous environment, which at the same time was deeply rooted in different historical epochs and environments.

Photo: Pia Kirstine Foto / Skraaen. Click here to see more photos from the show

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22 August 2020

No compensation to Tetiana. Tetiana "Tanya" Koreneva fell 8 meters and broke her neck in four places when her cable broke in August 2018 during a performance in Circus Arena. She got lasting injures and cannot resume her career as an artist. She subsequently filed a lawsuit against Circus Arena because she believed they had a joint responsibility for her injury.

Cirkus Arena refused to be responsible for the accident, as artists themselves are responsible for the maintenance and installation of their equipment. Tetiana was not employed by Circus Arena, but by Circus Theater Bingo in Ukraine, from whom Cirkus Arena had booked the troupe, Tetiana was part of.

In the circus world, it is quite common to engage a troupe through the troupe manager. The contract is signed by the manager, and he is paid the salary The circus does not know what salary the individual troupe members receive or whether the troupe leader has taken out insurance for his artists. The agreement reminds in principle about the situation where you are ordering a plumbing company to solve a task. Here you will not be in doubt that it is the company and not you who is responsible if their plumber is injured.

Tetiana worked in tissue, i.e. long webs of fabric hanging down from a wire in the circus dome. Tissue acts are usually not dangerous. But if the wire on which the fabric webs hang is broken, things can go horribly wrong.

Tetiana photographed at the premiere in Copenhagen in March 2018. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

By judgment of 21 August, the court in Næstved gave judgment in favour of Circus Arena. The court's summary of the case states (my translation):

The female circus artist used a 14-meter-long piece of fabric under the circus act in question, which she had wrapped around herself. She was lifted up into the wire and the wire was hooked to the fabric. Up in the air, she made an act using the fabric. When the wire broke, she fell approx. 8 meters down. In the fall, the artist broke her neck and hip and sustained other injuries.

The female artist brought the case to court and demanded that the defendant circus acknowledge being liable for her injury.

The defendant circus claimed acquittal, claiming that the artist was booked from a Russian circus troupe and that the defendant circus had not done anything wrong.

Based on an overall assessment of the information, the court has not found that the artist has proved that there has been an employment relationship between the defendant circus and her. As a result, the defendant circus has not incurred any liability as an employer.

Furthermore, the court did not find that the defendant circus had otherwise incurred liability for damages.

The court emphasized that no information had emerged during the court hearing that the safety layout of the circus had been defective, and the court had assumed that the accident was solely due to the wire which was owned by the Russian circus troupe and which the artist used for her performance and was responsible for controlling suddenly broke.

Furthermore, after the presentation of evidence, the court did not found it established that the artist's wire was used for other purposes in the circus than her performance. The artist has thus not lifted the burden of proof that the defendant circus has acted in a compensatory manner, and since then the defendant circus has been acquitted.

As Tetiana had been granted legal aid it is the Treasury that must pay the costs of the case. She has the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Eastern High Court. The appeal deadline is 4 weeks. However, legal aid does not apply during such an appeal.

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22 August 2020

Katja Schumann's Circus Farm in Løkken ended the season on 16 August. However, it is still open to associations and groups. Zora Nikodemova has sent me the above photo of this summer's team in the Circus Farm. Zora was there in the high season and writes (my translation) says: “We arrived on the 13th of July and went home on the 30th. There were several full houses due to the many holiday home guests and not least the fantastic summer weather. I performed with the Mega balloon and in aerial silk and had my sons as helpers. During the day we were in town and advertising - it was nice"

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21 August 2020

New Danish artist festival: TA´DAA

There is a wide range of artistry on the bill from 11 - 13 September at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Here, for the first time, the museum invites you to the new artist festival 'TA´DAA'.

The festival takes place in and around the Circus Museum in Hvidovre and will consist of both talkshows and performances. The program also provides an opportunity to get a glimpse behind the facade. The three-day long festival spans a wide range to attract a large and diverse audience. Museum curator Mikkel Knudsen says:

"With the festival, we want to both show the broadness of Danish artistry from contemporary circus to funfair and at the same time reach different target groups from the small children to the seniors."

During the festival TA'DAA ' you can meet persons as Benny Schumann, the clown Tapé, Jan Hellesøe, the ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard, the TV-host and ringmaster Bubber, the acrobats Alfred and Sonia and The Flying Trunk Circus.

Benny Schumann


The ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard

All photos are press photos from the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

The artist festival is supported by the Danish Artists' Association, Hvidovre Municipality and the Danish Ministry of Culture.

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17 August 2020

THE TIVOLI VARIETY THEATRE 2020. The Tivoli Variety Theatre began as an experiment. When Tivoli opened the summer season 61 years ago, it was with a brand new Varieté theater in The Glass Hall Theatre.

And this year they put new life into the proud variety traditions. They are picking an artist bouquet of the finest artists, performers and entertainers.

Tivoli Varietiety 2020 will be a cornucopia of music, good laughs and surprises. They invite you to four special evenings, where the actor Rasmus Botoft as compere presents the audience with a number of entertaining features wrapped in live music. No two evenings are alike. From 16 September to 19 September.

When Tivoli opened for the summer season in 1959, it was as mentioned with a new Varieté theater. The idea was that there should be a number of international artists, world class stars and a popular Danish performer as compere. Until the variety theatre was closed at the end of the 1972 season, the audience met stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Mills Brothers, Eartha Kitt, Josephine Baker, Swe-Danes, Charlivels, Petrula Clark, Vera Lynn, Nina and Frederik, Ella Fitzgerald, Victor Borge and Tommy Steele. Otto Lington was bandmaster.

Since 1972 The Glass Hall Theatre has been used for theater performances, revues and shows.

The Glass Hall Theatre dates from 1946 and was designed by the Danish architect and designer Poul Henningsen. It replaced a building that had burned down after the Schalburgtage (German counter-sabotage) in 1944. Famous personalities from all over the world have appeared in the historic building over the years. The unique architecture forms a distinguished background to the many and varied events.

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15 August 2020

No night cabaret in Aarhus. After dialogue with the state authorities and the Ministry of Health, Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard has received a clear recommendation to cancel Aarhus Festival’s events due to the corona. Thus, Aarhus Festival cancels all its events. This also applies to this year's international night cabaret, which should have taken place 28 August to 5 September at Hermans in Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus.

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7 August 2020

Two international circuses visits Denmark. As mentioned on 15 July, the community centre Skraaen in Aalborg present 2 exciting performances at the end of August. Skraaen writes (my translation):

At a time when Circus Nemo, Circus Arena, Cirque du Soleil, Edinburgh Fringe and almost everything else that has to do with circus and contemporary circus have had to be cancelled, Skraaen welcomes 2 new fantastic international circus performances:

Aug 20 - 23 Live from Australia Company2 with the circus show Le Coup

Aug 26 - 30 Live from Canada and London World premiere of the brand new circus cabaret Majestique

Both performances are presented in the Spiegeltent Paradiso - the most famous mirror tent of them all. Created for theater and shows. Great, impressive, an experience in itself. Has been the setting for some of the world's most famous shows.

LE COUP - IT’S FIGHT NIGHT AT THE CIRCUS is an action-packed award-winning circus show about the traveling artists and performers at fairs who competed at the fairs for the audience's favor with the most difficult acts and most dangerous stunts. The story is told with original music by a live band. Click here to watch a video clip.

PR photo from Le Coup

MAJESTY - The production team from La Soiree is now ready to turn the world upside down with a new star-studded circus cabaret - and yes, look forward to meet again among others Captain Frodo (formerly La Soiree and Circus Nemo). Click here to watch a video clip

Captain Frodo. PR photo. In 2016 the Danish Circus Award gave him the prize for the best act of the year presented in Denmark.

See What’s On for playing times and ticket booking.

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5 August 2020

Sirkus Jesper. The Norwegian Sirkus Jesper i Kristiansand Zoo close their season on 9 August. Lasse “Bonbon” Nørgager writes: “With 8 weeks, and almost 100 shows of this "corona-edition version 2.1." (with a limited number of seats in the tent), we actually manage to top the number of visitors from last year! Thank you to our fantastic team of artists, actors and crew”. Sirkus Jesper is a theme performance based on characters from Thorbjørn Egner’s When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town. With professional artists and actors.

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2 August 2020

The shark in the bath. In connection with the presentation Circus Arena’s 2021-program and one of the clown Jimmy Folco’s entrées I wrote that the entrée with the shark in the bath probably was invented by the Swiss clown André Broger (see photo). My English friend John Cooper has corrected me and writes: I think we have mentioned this before, but the Russian clown Andrej Nicolajew (now known as Nico) was doing the Shark in the Bath routine (of which Jimmy Folco is fond) before the Swiss clown Andre started to work in circus. Certainly I saw "Nico" perform the routine at Carre in Amsterdam in 1983. A videoclip from 1971 shows that Andrej Nicolajew already at that time used the entrée, however with a crocodile and not a shark. As André Broger's debut in the circus ring not was until 1984 the entrée has been used at least 13 years before André first time entered the ring. André Broger is born in 1966.

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2 August 2020

Circus Krone im Bild 1985-2005. The Dutch author and circusfriend Henk van den Berg writes: In September 2020 comes my new book “Circus Krone im Bild 1985-2005.

This book has 130 pages with 600 photos and comes in the German language.

Now you can order the book and make a reservation, the books comes in a limited edition. You can write to

The price is including postage 35 Euro in Holland and Germany and 39 Euro in the rest of EU.

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