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Last updated : 17. August 2019

15 August 2019

Danish Circus Krone. For the first time in many years, the Thierry family's small Circus Krone has not had their usual summer tour. They have in 2019 only been active in February when they had performances in the Music Hall in Aarhus as well as recently for 5 days in connection with The Randers Festival.

Circus Krone in Randers. Smartphone photo shot by Jørgen Lorenzen

Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance at Randers party week August 14 and writes (my translation)

Circus Krone is back! At least for one week during the Randers Festival.

There were two performances on the 14th in the morning. Most of the audience was children who participated with heart and soul. Circus Krone is in the middle of a generation change. Irene Thierry presented the performers. Everything looked as in the old days. But it was not so: you could that Frank Thierry slowly is treading new tracks. His subtle but contagious humor and his linguistic skills are impressive and greatly contributing in making Krone Denmark's coziest circus. This slogan is one of two. For Circus Krone is also: Circus with heart.

E.g. Frank notes that the band has not met on time. So you play with the aid telepathy. Thus he sets himself to the piano and lets the thoughts and notes flow freely. And quite rightly, it is Circus Krone’s signature tune that comes to him from the atmosphere.

Irene Thierry and her two assistants Kate and Zitha, are dressed in fancy dresses with lots of sequins - a mix of a buffoon and a white-faced clown. The clown Don Carlos has optimal working conditions when he delights the children and gets them divided into two groups where one shouts: no and the other: yes. His problem is that he doesn't dare get up on a unicycle, but eventually the kids agree to shout no – don’t dare. But precisely this no makes the clown do just the opposite: he enters the bike and the children cheer for joy. So he wheels off - on his one-wheeled vehicle, which he calls a discount bike because one wheel is cut!

But most attention is awakened by the dog whisper Leo Beljakov. He has two entrées. First with a solo dog, and then with 5 dogs of different breeds. You will inevitably think of pigeon trainer Andrejs Fjodorov, who recently received this year's Danish circus award for the best act of the year. Both are capable to interact with the animals so that unexpected situations arise - and the audience has to ask the question: how can this be possible? How to get a dog to balance on a wire, to run backwards, to stand on the hind paws and on the front paws in Leo’s hand and to climb around him as if he were a prop or a stand. But he is not, and his dressage goes beyond the art of possible. And a circus performance must have a moment when the audience thinks almost unanimously: that’s impossible; one cannot do that. But yes, we are in the circus, and here everything is possible.

And Circus Krone keeps to the forms and traditions. Grandpa's pole is still tied to one of other poles. And you probably don't end up attending a Krone performance unless you get the story of that pole.

One must sincerely hope that Circus Krone will be back on the road. For Krone is an indispensable part of the Danish circus world.

Irene Thierry with her son Frank who last year took over ownership from his mother. Smartphone photo, taken by Jørgen Lorenzen

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14 August 2019

The Kolev Sisters. This year's Talent Prize from the Danish Circus Award was given to the two Italian sisters Nicole and Michelle Kolev for their impressive hand-to-hand act. They are daughters of Gilda Vulcanelli and Miltcho Kolev. The latter is one of the flyers from The Flying Wulber, who from 2016 to 2018 toured with the large German Circus Charles Knie. The same was the case for the Messoudi Brothers. It was by training with them Nicole and Michelle created their amazing act. It was only shown a few times in Circus Charles Knie. But in December 2018, the girls had great success with their act in Cirque de Noel Christiane Bouglione in Paris. From February 15 to March 9 this year they performed in the prestigious American Circus Sarasota. One reviewer wrote that they were the outstanding hit of the whole show. The season with the Circus Arena has been their first full season as a solo artist. Their amazing talent and charm will undoubtedly make them a sought-after act in the circus world.

The Danish talent prize was their first award ever. But it will undoubtedly not be the last!


The Kolev Sisters presented their act at the awards ceremony for the Danish Circus Award on August 8. Photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

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13 August 2019

Circus Dannebrog's grandstand sold to Germany. A few years ago, Circus Benneweis sold their tent and grandstand to a German circus. Now also Circus Dannebrog's grandstand has landed in Germany, where it was bought by Circus Voyage. They even bought both the grandstand used by Circus Dannebrog in their last season (2016) and an older grandstand. – Circus Benneweis has not toured since 2015 and Circus Dannebrog stopped touring after a bankruptcy in 2016.

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12 August 2019

Circus Rhodin 2019. Jörgen Börsch has visited the Swedish circus and writes (my translation):

Circus Rhodin tours Sweden as the country's third and smallest circus, currently in the Gothenburg area. Under Diana Rhodin's management, the family name is upheld under the motto: Circus as at Grandpa's time which probably doesn't relate to Circus Brazil Jack's style. (Editor’s comments: Brazil Jack, which for the time being is the largest circus in Sweden, is owned by Diana Rhodin’s nephew Trolle Rhodin III. In 2018 and 2018 Brazil Jack have been an all-human circus)

Does the tent seem familiar for Danes? So is it - Diana Rhodin bought one of Circus Arli's old tents a few years ago. Photo: Jörgen Börsch

Diana opens the performance with liberty ponies. Jindra Faltyni jr. does glass-balance with mama Edita Faltyni as assistant. The clown Jerry hides under the mask Jindra Faltiny snr. Diana's daughter, Simona, shows a hula-hoop routine. And then Diana lives up to the concept of the circus, with another animal act: the dog Bosse. Clown Jerry pop up as a snake charmer. The first part of the performance ends with of Edit Belitzky-Arrieta and Raul Angel Arrieta's Argentine Drum and Bola act.

Diana Rhodin with ponies in the ring. Photo: Jörgen Börsch

Jerry clowns as a prelude to the second part of the performance followed by Simone on the tight wire. Clown Jerry draws (?) a spectator, and Diana shows that she has taught the dog Bosse to ride a pony. Jindra jr. has a rola bola act and Simona shows magic. And then Edit & Raul Arrieta end the performance with their crossbow act, followed presentation of the artists and thank-you words from Diana.

See more at

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12 August 2019


Please see a summing up of just about everything carrying the label CIRCUS, particularly since the eighties.

Paris boosted the slogan PARIS AIME LE CIRQUE / Paris loves circus.

Paris sports lots of spaces to welcome the different circuses:  the large park PELOUSE DE REUILLY, the park BOIS DE BOULOGNE nearby, not to mention other facilities.

The presence of wild animals can be discussed, but on serious and knowledgeable grounds.

LA MAIRIE / the TOWNHALL/ has chosen not to welcome circus with predators any more.
They are not habilitated to decide, the issue is on the Government's table, however they have other more urgent problems, their decision is not for tomorrow.

Since about  1980 I have seen and mentioned numerous circus productions: ALEXIS GRUSS, /horsemanship not seen since the  SCHUMANN days, PINDER, /lions and tigers in classy acts/, ARLETTE GRUSS, /traditions combined with renewed ideas/, CIRQUE D'HIVER BOUGLIONE, /super circus in the ancient and magnificent building/, CIRQUE DE NOEL,  CHRISTIANE BOUGLIONE, / family-friendly circus/.

Earlier we could enjoy up to 8 different circus productions, i.e. CIRQUE ROMANES, now at a different location when playing in Paris, CIRQUE PAUWELS, having moved to BRUXELLES, CIRQUE MORENO BORMANN, now located near Metro Balard, CIRQUE KINOS, closed, CIRQUE ZAVATTA, large circus family operating several productions, FRATELLINI proposing a circus school on the outskirts of Paris, CIRQUE GONTELLI, small family circus for the smallest fry, playing PARIS summertime, MARSEILLE wintertime.

This Christmas season Cirque PHENIX, is playing at PELOUSE DE REUILLY sporting super clever Chinese acrobats, elite -gymnastics, not circus, if you ask me, I respect other opinions.

As for classical circuses we will in the coming X-MAS season just see ALEXIS GRUSS and CIRQUE D'HIVER BOUGLIONE - a shrinking number, I regret to say. And CIRQUE D'HIVER BOUGLIONE will not any longer present big cats of elephants. Sad.

This winter's performance in the famous Cirque D'hiver Bouglione is called Delphi. There are premiere October 12th. Last day March 15, 2020. For part of the season only performances on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition to the two circuses you can from 16 November to 15 December see CIRQUE DE NOEL CHRISTIANE BOUGLIONE in Porte de Passy.

ARLETTE GRUSS won't turn up, since last year's audience ... didn’t!

PINDER that has cancelled its usual tour, will come, without lions, and according to relevant info, has a show based on newly examined artists /circus school/, and apparently having given in to a trend that is not supported by all public, they also have to deal with an economic situation that is plummeting thus producing a bust, i.e. they have lost a great deal of their school shows, as the school scheme for the minors has been changed, thus making these economically speaking necessary school shows next to impossible.

I close this résumé in a  rather sad mood, thinking of the time when real circus was popular and highly appreciated - on a large scale it still is ...  a pious thought  :   MAY IT COME BACK -  and eventually a quotation from DANISH UNION OF ARTISTS:  LIVE ENTERTAINMENT   -- 



PARIS,  AUG 2019.

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8 August 2019

The Danish Circus Award 2019 to Benny Schumann. Talent Prize to Kolev Sisters. Best Act Prize to Andrejs Fjodorovs.

The Danish Circus Award 2019 was today by the Danish Minister of culture Joy Mogensen given to Benny Schumann.

Benny Schumann is born in 1945. For 40 seasons he has toured all over Denmark with his kid-friendly clown- and artist show. A couple of years ago we saw him with his famous plate spinning act at Wallmans in the Copenhagen Circus building, where he 50 years earlier he had his debut as a plate spinning juggler and where he as member of the famous Schumann family spent his childhood and teenager years.

The Danish Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen presented the biggest honor in Danish circus world, the Danish Circus Award, to the clown and artist Benny Schumann. The visible evidence of the award was a painting by Viggo Salting. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen took the opportunity for a very personal and warm talk about how important it is to dare something - and also fail. Often you will find out how much can be done - even from what you did not think possible. The young people have never been under greater pressure than now. Therefore, they prefer not to throw themselves into something they are not sure they can, the minister said.

-I hope they go to the circus and feel the energy - and feel that they can, Joy Mogensen added in her speech to Benny Schumann,

She praised him as a clown for making us laugh both together and also a little bit of ourselves and found his efforts to bring the circus on to the new generation important.

Benny Schumann humbly thanked for the distinguished award which has a very special meaning to him. His famous father, Albert Schumann, was the first to receive it. It happened in 1968, and shortly after, Albert Schumann left the circus and never returned to the ring.

Benny Schumann will never do the same, he assured. His greatest role model throughout his life has been his maternal grandfather, the world-renowned clown Charlie Rivel, who stayed on until the last breath.

Benny Schumann took the opportunity to highlight that, in his opinion, banning many different animals from the circus, most recently with a bill banning elephants, is crazy.

-There have been animals in the circus for hundreds of years. Instead of one ban after another, some animal psychologists should go out and study how artists and animals communicate in a circus, Benny Schumann said.

The circus museum hosted the awards ceremony and museum curator Mikkel Knudsen welcomed. In the foreground the Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen. Smartphone photo taken by Ole Simonsen

As previous years, many artists and circus friends had found their way to the awards ceremony. Here they salute with standing applause Kolev Sisters, who presented their act before the awards was handed over. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The awards ceremony again this year became a festive event, which for the fourth consecutive year took place in the Fencing Hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The actor and stage director Jan Hertz, who is a member of the award jury, was compére.

Jan Hertz was the events good-humored compére. Or ringmaster / sprechstallmeister, as it is called in the circus world. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Jan recalled that the large Danish circuses of the 1950’ties were Benneweis, Belli, Louis, Moreno, Miehe and Schumann. He continued:

“Today, all the mentioned circuses have disappeared, but new ones popped up. This is how it has always been in the circus industry: some disappear and others come. And remember: the traveling Danish circuses are unique privately owned businesses that receive no state aid.

During my childhood, we met in in the ring in addition to artists and clowns lots of animals including lions, tigers, bears, chimpanzees and elephants.

The predators disappeared from the Danish rings in 1963 and the chimpanzees in 1980. Now the elephants are also on their way out. Let's hope there is a solution that will guarantee them a good future when they can no longer perform in Danish rings.

But we have talented artists and wonderful clowns. Some circuses also feature horses, dogs, cats, pigs, goats and parrots in the performances. This year we have even been able to experience both pigeons and rats in the Danish rings. Common for all the Danish circuses - Arena, Arli, Baldoni, Barnly, Mascot, Nemo and Trapez - is that they create wonderful performances, which every delights hundreds of thousands of Danes.”

This year's Talent Award went to Kolev Sisters from the Circus Arena. It was sponsored by the Simon Spies Foundation and was presented by the mayor of Hvidovre Helle Adelborg

The Sisters Nicole and Michelle Kolev had a breakthrough with hand-to-hand acrobatics with international girl power, triggering the Talent Award in 2019. The two Italian sisters can undoubtedly look forward to more awards at upcoming circus festivals, etc. Their act which they presented as an introduction to the awards ceremony is unique and never before performed by female artists. Nicole and Michelle are the daughters of two of the artists from The Flying Wulber and tell that during the three years where Flying Wulber toured with German Circus Charles Knie, they trained with the excellent handstand and hand-to-hand acrobats Messoudi Brothers. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The award for the best act of the year went to Andrejs Fjodorovs from Circus Arena. Jan Hertz revealed that the choice between the three nominated acts which were all was very good had been difficult. The jury had looked not only the technical difficulty but also the artist's personal magnetism and whether there was anything that made the number very special. The award, which was sponsored by the Circus House Museum Association and Danish Circus Friends, was handed over by representatives from the two associations: Leif Andersen from the Museum Association and John Lington from the Danish Circus Friends.

Andrejs Fjodorovs surprised everyone when he appeared as a self-taught pigeon whisperer in 2008 in the small Circus Arli. A foreign circus agent spotted him. Two years later, he performed at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo, and the international breakthrough was a reality. This year, Fjodorovs is back in Denmark, this time in the Circus Arena. The lord of the pigeons knows the impossible so convincingly that you get reincarnation thoughts! He must have been a dove in his past life. The jury found that Fjodorov's act is absolutely unique and light years better than any other pigeon numbers they have seen. John Lington from Danish Circus Friends and Leif Andersen from Circus House Museum Association presented the diploma

The chairman of the Association of Danish Circus Directors Martin Arli presented the Effort Award to Mayor Helle Adelborg. The award goes to the politician or public person who has done the most for the circus in the past year. Hvidovre municipality, where Helle Adelborg is mayor, has through the operation of the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, made a unique effort to preserve the history of the Danish circus and created a combination of activity and museum that makes the experience unique and something more and more than that traditional museum visits.

Martin Arli and Helle Adelborg. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein. Click here to see more of Jacob's photos from the awards ceremony.

The Danish Circus Award 2019 consisted of a painting, created and donated by the painter Viggo Salting.

The Talent Prize consisted of a diploma and an amount of DKK 10,000.

The prize for the best act of the year consisted of a diploma and an amount of 500 Euro.

The Effort inaugural prize consisted of a painting by Viggo Salting.

The winners from the left: Helle Adelborg, Kolev Sisters, Andrejs Fjodorovs, Joy Mogensen and this year's recipient of the Danish Circus Award Benny Schumann. Behind them the prize jury: Ole Simonsen, Jan Hertz, and Rud Kofoed. Photo: Trine Kofoed / Ajour Press

In his closing speech, jury chairman Ole Simonsen said:

“We are a little proud that this year, for the fourth year in a row, we have been able to award well-deserved awards to a few artists and circus people. The original circus award from 1968 only survived for two seasons. We have ensured that at least for the fifth time in 2020, we will be able to award prizes to honor the industry that every year delights hundreds of thousands of Danes with their performances.

Choosing recipients of the prizes has not been easy. The year has offered a lot of great numbers and talented circus people who deserve recognition. But as a jury, we have to make a choice. And I am glad that today we have had the opportunity to honor a few of the talents that we have met in this country since the awards ceremony last year.”

Finally, three cheers for the Danish circuses.”

I am delighted that you, as everyone can see, are in an advance stage of pregnancy thus doing your part if ensuring that there will also be a future generation of circus happy children, Danish Circus Award’s chairman Ole Simonsen said with a twinkle in his eye to the Culture Minister Joy Mogensen. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Three former recipients of the Danish Circus Award. Benny Berdino from Circus Arena received the award in 2016, Søren Østergaard from Zirkus Nemo in 2017 and Martin Arli from Circus Arli in 2018. Photo Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press. Click here to see more of Rud's photos

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4 August 2019

On Saturday, August 3, a group of Danish circus friends visited Laura and Luis Torres Schumann excellent horse show at Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm in Morud on Funen. On the photo you can see some of the circus friends together with Laura, Luis and the couple's 2 children as well as standing second from the right Daniel Hamre, who was one of the performers in the show.

The Schumann Torres family: Laura, Luis, Natalia and Adriana, photographed after the show at Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm. Click here to see photos from their show.

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1 august 2019

Wallmans season 2019/2020. About the upcoming show in the Copenhagen Circus Building Wallmans writes:


Get ready! It’ll be action all the way and there’ll be no sitting still at the biggest dinner party in town – a sparkling cascade of laughter, excitement and amazing surprises from start to finish. Do you have something special to celebrate or do you just fancy an evening packed with magic, celebration and colour? Welcome to Wallmans’ Dinnerparty!


You and your fellow guests will enjoy a delicious 4-course menu. But make sure an artiste doesn’t land in your soup! Like a firework display, the performers will surround you, filling every conceivable nook and cranny in the huge Circus hall. You’ll no longer be a mere spectator. At Wallmans you sit in the midst of the whole experience. Before you even have time to look around, you’ll be part of the show.

We guarantee several breaks in the course of the evening to allow you to enjoy your food, the chilled drinks and the company of your friends and family. Mind you, you can never be sure! Before you know it, you might just be joined by a magician…


We’ve listened to our guests and this time we’re featuring even more humour – including the totally off-the-wall variety. Look forward to the the one-of-a-kind Abigail Collins, who has performed in the West End and at the National Theatre in London, receiving nothing but the highest of praise from the British media. She has a personality that fills the entire room, and as the character ‘Peggy Sued’ she has made thousands and thousands of audiences laugh until their ribs ached.


The circus hall will really hot up, when an amazing American-Canadian circus duo performs their stunning act on two swinging sway poles way up under the Circus dome. It’s an award-winning act, which will have the whole audience holding their breath in a state of intense excitement.

We’ll also take you on a sensational, whistle-stop journey, featuring artistes on live instruments and some of the most talented singers and dancers in the business! Let your hair down and step on it as the pace really picks up with a funky Bruno Mars medley and a selection of the Eurythmics’ greatest hits.

Time flies at the best party in town, but we’ll end with a huge bang that will simply blow the roof off! Now it’s time to stamp your feet and party your heart out, as the whole company goes berserk in a torrent of song, dance and artistry, to the explosive tones of the greatest rock legend of them all: Queen! We will rock you!

Welcome to the biggest party in town at Wallmans Circus Building!

CARNIVAL is an international show that is performed in English and can be enjoyed by everyone.

CARNIVAL can be seen Thursday - Saturday from August 23, 2019 through mid-June 2020. Ticket prices vary depending on the day, period, category and menu you choose.

Wallmans Creative Director Johan Espeland tells us that the American-Canadian circus duo is Duo Pile ou Face. The two artists Philippe Renaud and Shannon Maguire have been working together since 2014. Philippe received a bronze medal bronze at the Cirque de Demain festival in 2009. Shanon got the audience award at the Latina Circus Festival in 2012. They are very versatile and can do several acts. At Wallmans you will in addition to the entrée in sway pole see them with Cyr Wheel (see photo) and adagio / hand to hand acrobatics / dance. The act in the swing pole is probably a bit like the legendary Fattini's famous comic entrée with the lamppost, which visitors to the Copenhagen Circus building enjoyed both in the Schumann years and in the Benneweis years.

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Duo Pile ou Face. Photo: Pablo Wünsch Blanco

25 July 2019

German Circus Krone 2019. Many Danish circus friends visited Circus Krone when they visited Flensburg just south of the Danish/German border from 16 to 23 July. We know that another group of Danish circus friends and a group of Swedish circus friends will visit them when they visit Kiel from 8 to 19 August.

Among the guests for the afternoon performance Sunday were Danish Circus Friends’ chairman Kim Thanning Olsen and this website's webmaster Lars Simonsen and his son Sebastian

Circus Krone is Europe's largest circus and probably also the world's largest touring tented circus.

Last year, there were rumours that Circus Krone would purchase a slightly smaller tent. But in Flensburg they still used the old slightly oblong tent, which probably has room for 3,500 spectators. However, it is rare with that many visitors.

Their new performance is a themed performance entitled Mandana - Circuskunst neu geträumt. The story is about the horse princess who falls in love with the lion prince and eventually gets married to him. Just as it happened to current Circus Crone owner Jana Mandana Lacey Krone and the big cat trainer Martin Lacey Jr. Jana Mandana took over ownership to Circus Krone when her adoptive mother Christel Sembach-Krone passed away in 2017.

Small sketches between the artist’s acts tied the performance together.

There may be different opinions as to whether it is an advantage with some form of theme in a circus performance. It works best if the artist numbers are good, and that is certainly the case in the 2½ hour performance at Circus Krone. But the performance might be just as good, even if you dropped the theme.

Circus Krone’s ringmaster for many years Nikolai Tovarich welcomed and bid farewell but did not present the individual acts.

Several acts deserve to be highlighted.

Duo Stipka (Eliana and Daniel Stipka) rode an elegant pas de deux, where Eliana ends up standing on Daniel's head. The couple got a bronze clown in Monte Carlo in 2012. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Aleksandr Bautuev did a good and not too long contortion act. He got a bronze clown in Monte Carlo in 2017. Photo: Lise Kokholm /

Jana Mandana and Hans-Ludwig Suppmeir rode beautiful high school.


The Colombian troupe Los Robles presented an impressive number on high wire. There were both dancing, leapfrog over other acrobats, skipping and two men on a bicycle with a female artist in between on a bar, see photo. And we got rid of the faked fall, where the artist grabs the line at the last minute, which many high wire artist seems to love. The act ended with the famous 7-man pyramid. They must be obvious candidates for awards at the big circus festivals. Photos Lise Kokholm / (bike) and Ole Simonsen (pyramid)

Troupe Non Stop presented dressed as travelling entertainers a trampoline against wall-entrée. It is probably the same troupe which that the Danes experienced in the Circus Arena in 2016. Photo: Lise Kokholm /


Jana Mandana presented beautiful horses in liberty. At one time, there were 15 horses in the ring and a total of about 30 horses in the ring in the various entrées with horses. Photos: Ole Simonsen

Duo Stauberti (Ditmar Stauberti and his niece Nancy) showed their impressive perch act, with Ditmar ending up balancing the perch while riding a mono bike. The Swedes saw them last year in Circus Olympia. They got a silver clown in Monte Carlo in January 2018. Photo: Ole Simonsen

The main clowns in the performance were the Russian Trio Without Socks, which had a number of fine entrées with much new ideas. They made their international breakthrough at the Budapest Circus Festival in 2018, winning silver. At the Monte Carlo festival in January this year they got bronze. Some believe that clowns should have red noses and will call Without Socks for comedians and not for clowns. However, I found it excellent with a little renewal instead of Fumagalli and his give me the honey-entrée. Photo: Ole Simonsen


The show's last act was Martin Lacey Jr. with lots of lions and a few tigers. Impressive, not least because of the number of animals – I believe there were at least 15. For his act he has several times been awarded a gold clown in Monte Carlo. Photos: Ole Simonsen

One artist did not appeal to me: the Hungarian comedian Steve Eleky, who laughed more at his own whims than the audience did. It is fair to say, however, that a Danish family sitting right behind me laughed very much at him. Photo: Lise Kokholm /

As something new, this year there was a "live" orchestra in Circus Krone. Slightly unconventional placed on a bandstand above the audience entrance. However, they only played during a few acts, including the clown entrees. For most of the performance, the music was pre-recorded as in previous years.

The Danes and Swedes who visit the Circus Krone in Kiel or elsewhere in Germany have something to look forward to. Many will probably think it's the best circus performance they've seen this year.

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22 July 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  even in summertime – for the  benefit of the small fry who have not yet left for school holidays  -- a rather small avant-garde theatre :  COMEDIE NATION proudly presents an hilarious sketch, 45  min, called  ABUDADABEL – a fancy name for a show by and with BALTHAZAR GAULIER and  SUSANA ALCANTUD who between  stage and audience ramble around , performing all kinds of funny actions  -  mostly clowning , easy to understand and very lively – thus allowing the youngest kids to follow all that happens, the entire show is spiced up by magical stunts, as well as a large portion of interaction with the lot of the public.

Using the stage names of BUMBEL and  CROQUETA these allround artists produce a lot of laughter and the audience is captivated.

In the grand finale, Croqueta loses her right arm in a box, I never saw  before appeared that BUMBEL had bought it from  Norwegian international  magic entertainer  FINN JON !!

Stage setting : Pablo Gomis /Cirque du Soleil.

Well worth seeing!


Photos by courtesy of Balthazar Gaulier. Photographer Majid Khalili

Abudadabel is touring internationally. They will be back in Paris from 11 September

See more:

Venue: COMEDIE NATION, 77 rue de Montreuil, 75011 Paris. Metro: Nation, then a short walk, there are plans of the area in each Metro station.


................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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19 July 2019

Nominations for this year's Danish circus award.

Since last year's awards ceremony in August 22, 2018, members of the jury have seen more than 60 artists / artist acts in Denmark.

The jury has now decided which of these will be nominated for the prize for this year's best act in Denmark and the year's talent prize.

For the prize for the best act of the year is nominated:

Andrejs Fjodorovs, Circus Arena

Duo Kvas, Circus Nemo

Alan Sulc, Circus Arli

ANDREJ'S FJODOROVS surprised everyone when he in 2008 appeared in the small Danish Circus Arli as an autodidact pigeon trainer. A foreign circus agent spotted the sensation. Two years later, he appeared at the international circus festival in Monte-Carlo, where he received the distinguished "Prix de l'Association Monegasque Des Amis du Cirque". Now the world had seen him, and the international breakthrough was a reality. The pigeon act has been a sensation ever since at the biggest festivals and in the major circus rings. This year, Fjodorovs is back to Denmark. The lord of the doves can make it impossible to not get reincarnation thoughts! He must have been pigeon in his former life. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

DUO KVAS is with their fantastic balance head to head in the literal sense the head act the year’s performance in Zirkus Nemo. It is their neck vertebrae that you can almost hear the crunch when the two Ukrainians Vladimir Kostenko and Anton Savchenko present their absolutely incredible acrobatic strength. There is a more than usual good head on Vladimir, because not only can manage that Anton stands on his own head on top of it, but at the same time Vladimir can go to his knees and up again. The power demonstration is world class. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

ALAN SULC is 28 years old, from the Czech Republic and one of the best tempo jugglers you can think of. In discreet little-flowered, white shirt and black pants with mica edging in the side seam, he jumps up on his little podium, while his girlfriend, Miss Veronica, stands ready with a bag of balls. That's all he uses. Alan Sulc's style is pure - and so sure you think it's a lie. He juggles up to nine balls - and they are all in play and rushing around and up and down in tight-fitting patterns. In 2004, as a 14-year-old, he got a bronze clown in Monte Carlo. Shortly after, Alan appeared in Circus Benneweis before continuing into the world and becaming a world class star. That he now is back in Denmark seems miraculous.

For this year's talent prize has been nominated: 

Adrienn, Circus Baldoni

Kolev Sisters, Circus Arena

The brothers Ikaros (Dessto and Abebe), Circus Mascot

ADRIENN with the surname Fehérgyamati comes from Hungary and is a delight to the eye in the good old-fashioned circus discipline: trapeze.  Her act is done with talent, charm and elegance and in a way that makes her much more than "just another trapeze acrobat" when she makes elegant acrobatics with elements of contortion and high above the ring is using her trapeze as a somersault bar. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

KOLEV SISTERS are girl power! The fact that two young sisters, the youngest is 19, should become an outstanding top act is one of the dreams that comes through in the season's Circus Arena show. And no, it is not just because they are good-looking, which of course is no disadvantage. Well, the fact is that the chain of at least 250 years of strong men in the ring here is severely broken by girl power hardly seen before. Kolev Sisters' hand-to-hand acrobatics is so beautiful, powerful and incredibly impressive that it every night trigger standing applause from the excited audience. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

IKAROS BROTHERS - the two Ethiopian "brothers" Abebe and Dessta - are this year's guest artists in Circus Mascot. They start with a juggling entrée with hats, but it is in the final Risley act that is going on. Big brother Dessta juggles with his charming little brother Abebe at a furious pace - and here everything goes really crazy. For he does it with his legs, lying on his back, and with a security and a talent that promise good for the future and shows that not only European and Asian circus schools can produce young talents. Photo: Daniel Deleuran

The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, August 8 at 10 in Fencing Hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. with the participation of the Danish Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen and Hvidovre’s  mayor Helle Adelborg.

Four prizes will be awarded: The Honorary Award "The Danish Circus Award ", the Talent Prize, The best act of the year prize and an effort award to the politician or public person who has done the most for Danish circuses in the past year. There is no nomination for the honorary award and the effort award

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15 July 2019

Obituary: Calle Jernström, Circus Finlandia. The founder of Finland's largest and oldest circus, Carl-Gustaf "Calle" Jernström, passed away Sunday 14 July after some time of illness. He started Cirkus Finlandia in 1976 and would have turned 75 late July. He was known as a fine and noble person. Several years ago, the management of Circus Finlandia was handed over to Calle Jernström's son, Carl "Calle" Jernström junior.

Circus Finlandia is touring all over Finland and has each year more than 200 performances in approx. 100 different cities. The annual number of visitors is approximately 200,000. Circus Finlandia offers every year an international performance of high quality.

Carl-Gustaf ”Calle” Jernström in front of Circus Finlandia

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14 July 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  also in summertime - THEATRE DE L'ATELIER proudly presents a fantastic, original and sympathetic show: CIRCUS INCOGNITUS by and with  JAMIE ADKINS, a US-Canadian multi-artist,  who elegantly and skillfully  performs on slack wire, with and without juggling, acrobatics on a surprising ladder, an incredible sequence juggling 5 ping pong balls using his mouth ....  and a chair!!!

Furthermore a kind of hilarious comedy, mime, movements, - everything perfect and well worked thru, particularly one remembers the stunts with the red chair!

A great deal of interaction is displayed, JAMIE ADKINS, holding a fork in his mouth, catches a number of oranges that are thrown towards him - by the spectators!

The entire show reminds me of BUSTER KEATON and of STAN LAUREL as well, / LAUREL AND HARDY/, surely for all of us, having seen these comedians.

THEATRE DE L'ATELIER is a place, worthy of this magnificent show, while waiting for the curtain to rise, we were treated to a kind of happy-jazz-music, the theater is decorated in traditional style, red and gold - and all that makes the audience turn into a happy mood.

JAMIE ADKINS show is clearly inspired by the American VAUDEVILLE and likewise by all Music Hall entertainment of quality - you feel like shouting BRAVO!!!

See more: &

Click here to see a video clip

Venue: Theatre de l'Atelier, Place Charles Dullin, 75018 Paris. Metro:  Pigalle, then 10 min. walk.

Playing until AUG 11, 2019.  65 min. show.


......................................  reported by ZARRO ZARRO.

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11 July 2019

Circusland 2019. The theme park Circusland in Circus Arena's winter quarter in Aarslev close to Slagelse offers far from as many rides as other Danish amusement parks as Bakken, Bonbonland, Legoland, Tivoli and the various summer parks. On the other hand, it offers live entertainment what many miss in most of the other amusement parks. The summer edition of Circusland makes it an obvious place to visit for families with smaller children.

And it's even cheap. The entrance fee is just 129 DKK (17.5 Euro), parking is free, free admittance to all shows and the large playground. It is allowed to bring your own lunch basket. There is also a bistro with reasonable prices.

Last year's theme was pirates. This year there are two themes. In the morning, the theme is pirates, and in the afternoon the fairy-tale country Esdelot.

The first show of the day is a pirate and sea lion show. Kalle Cannon Ball (Brian Behrendt) welcomes and the show is presented by pirate mummy Suzanne Berdino.

The Pirate mummy presents the performance. All photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The approx. 20 minutes long show offers foot juggling with Sylvana Biasini, sword-fighting and pirate acrobatics with all the 8 performers, an act in pole with Katja Kaiser as well as the sea lions Luna and Sally, presented by Chang. The large male sea lion Oscar is in rut and for this reason not part of the performance. Towards the start of the season, the sea lions have been trained by veteran Addie Jepsen, who in her younger days was one of Europe's best sea lion trainers.


To the left: Sylvana Biasini. To the right: Katja Kaiser

Chang and the sea lions. The coming ban against sea lions in circuses might make it the last chance to see performing sea lions in Denmark.

The children's show on the stage in the large playground is presented by Brian Behrendt, who now has changed artist name and costume to Mr. Tik Tak. Together with the clown Berty Balder he does a little magic and makes balloon animals.

Mr. Tik ​​Tak and Berty

Next, Madam Betty (Suzanne Berdino) presents a nice little dog show, assisted by Berty's daughter Delilah and another small girl. The last act in the show is the robot Bumblebee, known from the movie of the same name. First, Berty shows him as a little doll, and then he is transformed into a 2½ meter tall robot which asks the children to dance just like him. Inside in the robot is the artist Paolo Kaiser. After the show, the children can be photographed for free with Bumblebee. (Parents / grandparents can take photos their smartphone or camera).

Bumblebee and Madam Betty, Mr. Tik ​​Tak and Berty

A little later there is a festive fairy-tale parade with many beautiful fairy-tale figures. The beautiful and colourful costumes are as far as know made by Sylvana Biasini.

At 13:30 there is an approx. 40 minutes long performance in Circus Landino. It is a circus fairy-tale performance that begins with Mr. Tik Tak entering the ring together with the Tigger Tiger Lilly (not a live tiger and not her from the Peter Pan film). The performance is presented by Madame Betty (Suzanne Berdino) and begins with Circus Arena’s long-standing chief animal trainer Tim Delbosq presenting an act with a dromedary, a knabstrupper-horse, a zebra and a pony and finally a two lamas.

A Pippi Longstocking horse (the breed is called Knabstrupper) and a zebra. The coming ban makes it perhaps the last chance to see a zebra in a Danish circus ring.

Then the clown Berty enters the ring with a nice little entrée where he makes a painting of two spectators who are invited into the ring. Next come Claude and Sylvana Biasini in the ring with an entrée which combines quick change with magic.

Then, Mr. Tik Tak tries his luck as big cat trainer with Tiger Lilly, followed by Suzanne Berdino's entrée with her 4 dapple-grey Arabian horses.

Suzanne Berdino and her horses

Berty then enters the ring with his "ostrich" who wants popcorn.

Berty and his ostrich

The performance last act is the rola-bola acrobat Paolo Kaiser, who many Danes remember from Circus Arena 2016. He shows, as at Arena, great and bold jumps from one rola bola podium to the other, concluding with a backward summersault from one board to the other. Tough!

Paolo Kaiser doing a backward summersault from board to board. Click here to see more of Jacob Boas Leitisstein's photos from Circusland.

All the performers are wearing colourful fairy-tale costumes.

Circusland is open until 11 August, daily from 10-16. Driving directions: If you come at motorway E20, turn off at exit 39. Take road 225 towards Jyderup. In Sonderup turn left towards Aarslev. Then follow the signs. To the GPS: the address is Aarslevvej 6, 4200 Slagelse.

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9 July 2019

In the small circus museum in Circusland in Aarslev near Slagelse 4 of the circus queen Agnete Louise Enoch's beautiful dresses from her time as ringmaster in Circus Dannebrog is exhibited during the summer season. Today, Agnete Louise Enoch works e.g. with tour planning for a Monster Truck Show, which visits Denmark. The show, which is owned by the German Aranis Klaas family, also visited Denmark in 2017 and 2018. Photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein


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7 July 2019

The subway under the railway track at Holte Station is decorated with a number of Photostats - local rail-historic photos. At the door on the Vejlesøvej entrance, Sonny Benneweis is seen getting one of the circus' elephants out of his railroad wagon at Holte Station in 1958. Photo:

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7 July 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS --  LA SCALA, formerly a legitimate theater that went bust, ending as a porn-cinema - and closed -  after being entirely refurbished in a nice blue colour,   proudly presents excellent shows, now a contemporary circus program "5es  HURLANTS" , a creation by RAPHAELLE BOITEL, co-operation by TRISTAN BAUDOIN.

PROGRAM/CASTING:  JULIETTA SALZ, aerial ring, SALVO CAPPELLO, straps, ALEJANDRO ESCOBEDO, juggling, LOIC LEVIEL, tight and slack wire, CLARA HENRY, acrobatics.

Performing excellent acrobatic stunts, RAPHAELLE BOITEL wants to show us solidarity within a group, thus human behaviour at its best. Emotions are supposed to be felt by all these moving stunts and at the same time it says BRAVO to the circus art.

An entirely original show where each spectator can feel a personal interpretation.

Show 65 minutes.


Photos by courtesy of Dominique Racle Consultants. Photographer: Sophian Ridel

To my mind it is essential to refer to the printed program to seize the messages entirely, this is true concerning all contemporary circus mixing visual effects with theatrical messages!!

Well worth seeing!

The performance can be seen from 4 to 21 July.

See more


Metro: Strasbourg Saint Denis.


.................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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4 July 2019

The Danish Circus Award 2019. This year's awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, August 8 at 10 in the Fencing Hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre. The Danish Minister of Culture, Joy Mogensen, has promised that, like her two predecessors, she will be present and hand over the Danish circus world’s most distinguished award The Danish Circus Award. The name of the prize recipient is first published in connection with the award ceremony. Everyone is welcome to attend the award ceremony. Apart from the Danish Circus Award there is a talent prize and a prize to the best act of the year.

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2 July 2019

Circus show at Lalandia Rødby. Again this year, the tropical holiday centre Lalandia in Rødby present an artist performance during the summer holidays. This year the performers are Ina Sopova and Kristaps Pavlovs-Lipinskis as well as the couple's 10 year old son Aleksis. They come from Latvia, where Kristraps’ mother was the manager of the now closed circus building in Riga. The couple appeared in Circus Arli in 2006 and 2010.

There was premiere of this year's show on Friday 28 June. Kristaps started with a little comical magic followed by his and Ina's excellent quick-change act which also offered a little comedy.


Even after being tied with ropes, Ina can change her dress with (almost) lightning speed

Then the couple's son entered the stage in a nice entrée on a one-wheel bicycle and some acrobatics.

Aleksis on monobike

Next, Ina and Kristaps were back with comical magic - the trick with the hangers on the string, where they were assisted by one of the many children who saw the show. Then Ina took over the stage with two dachsdogs.

Ina Sopova and her dachsdogs

The next act was Kristaps’ well-executed cigar box juggling with a good deal of humour in the trick with the many boxes.

Kristaps - can he also handle box no. 22?

The performance ended with a couple of nice quick-change tricks.

At the premiere, the circus show lasted approx. 40 minutes. But it will probably be tightened up, so it takes 30-35 minutes.

Up to and including 9 August, the show can be seen on the square in Lalandia Rødby every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 20. Free admission for everyone, i.e. not just for guests at Lalandia. The rest of the days, Lalandia's regular entertainer Mr Plys appears. His civil name is Niels Lærkegaard, and he started as attendant at Lalandia in 1988. After he had booked a not too successful magician to entertain in 1990, he realised that he could do better. And it was the beginning of his career as an entertainer, balloon clown and magician, both at Lalandia and elsewhere.

Mr Plys photographed together with my 8 year old granddaughter Pernille

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2 July 2019

This year it is the entertainer Bubber who is ringmaster in Circus Arena. There are, however, a few days where he cannot participate, and Benny Berdino takes over position as ringmaster. This was the case at the performance in Nykøbing Sjælland on July 1, when Jacob Boas Leitisstein took this photo of Benny in his old star part. Benny concluded by saying that next year's performance will be a "Circus according to Bubber 2".

Jacob Boas Leitisstein also took this photo of the Alexander troupe, which in mid-May replaced the Cheban troupe in this year's Arena performance

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2 July 2019

Marvelous Moments in Hansapark. The northern German amusement park Hansapark, which is located just north of Lübeck, offers besides the many rides also an artist show in their variety theater Fiesta del Mar. This year's show is called Marvelous Moments. Before that approximately 30-minute long show a well-playing 5-man band warmed up the audience. For the show itself, however, the music was pre-recorded. The first act was springboard with the troupe 4 Happy Boys, who primarily used the springboard as a seesaw and a kick-off for high jumps. Several of the jumps were with somersaults, but no one ended with the flyer landing on the shoulder of one of the other acrobats.

4 Happy Boys. All photos reproduced from poster in Hansapark. It was not allowed to take photos during the performance

The next act was Stepan Melnyk in aerial straps.

Stepan Melnyk comes from Ukraine and is trained at the Circus School in Kiev (Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts)

Third and best act was Trio Liazeed. The Danish audience saw them on the open air stage in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens in 1991 and 1998 and on the open air stage at Bakken in 2001. In 2008 they toured with Circus Benneweis and in 2012 with Circus Dannebrog. In the two circuses, the troupe consisted of Papa Omar, daughter Zaida and her boyfriend Francisco. In 2012, however, one could sense that Omar was on his way to retire from the act... In Hansapark the troupe consisted of Zaida and Francisco and his son Armando. The latter the Danes met in Circus Dannebrog in 2016, where he among other things jumped on his head and on one hand up and down a staircase. He was one of the three artists who The Danish Circus Award Jury nominated for the prize for 2016’s best act. He did the same impressive tricks as part of the Liazeeds 2019 act. You don't reveal the age of ladies, but Zaida was probably 10 years old when she had her artist debut in 1969...

Trio Liazeed

The fourth and last act was an aerial act with 3 Ferreiras.

3 Ferreiras

It is an excellent idea that an amusement parks in addition to all the rides also offers artist entertainment. Something many miss in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens and at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen.

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