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Last updated : 12. July 2024

11 July 2024             

The Circus farm in Løkken. Many things have happened since Katja Schumann bought a dilapidated agricultural property outside the Danish seaside resort Løkken in 2015 to establish a circus farm with a focus on animals. Together with Luffe Bøgh, she has created an impressive circus farm. For several years there has been an arena with a ring for performances and an environment that attracts many visitors every summer. And the plans for a circus museum focusing on the Schumann family are being implemented. The premises already contain a collection that is absolutely worth seeing.

The entrance to the arena is decorated with Viggo Salting's beautiful clown paintings

Grandstand and ring

The entrance to the museum is not yet fully completed

From the museum. In the middle photo, you can see the clown painting, which is the visible proof of the honorary award The Danish Circus Award, which Katja Schumann received in 2022. In the bottom photo, the painter Viggo Salting looks at the exhibition.

During the summer period, there is an almost 2-hour-long performance every day at 16, however not on Mondays. For the many who like to see horses in a circus, a visit to the Circus Farm is a must. Today, the farm is the only place in Denmark where you can see a liberty horse act in high quality. Part of the performance consists of Luffe explaining how to train horses etc. with the animals in the ring. And where Katja, when she enters the ring, shows that she is what you call a horse whisperer. The contact between her and the horses is absolutely fantastic.

In addition to Luffe and Katja, you will meet 3 young girls, Frida, Lilje and Liv, in the ring. They all have a past with Einar Trie at the Circus Factory. At Katja, they get the opportunity to improve their skills in a professional environment. Katja says (my translation):

We have a talent program where young people are helped into the real circus world.

When they come here, they have the dream, they have played and learned, but mastering is what separates pranks from art. We can't always do it ourselves, which is why we have assigned the very best supervisors:

Paul Binder choreographer, frequently asked questions, can this be sold.

Dolly Jacobs technical.

The animals. Freddie Knie Junior. Liv has been in Zurich and trained with the famous Circus Knie. Liv is an apprentice and now, after high school, 100% enters the role of trainer student.

Lars Rasmussen, rider. Daily horse training.

Norman Barrett, Ethics and Discipline.

Eric Smiley, horse trainer.

Bjarne Pedersen, officer and medal winner at the Olympics. Coach for the young.


Frida (Frida Lindskov Dyrholm Nørskov) opened the performance with a fine act in a prop kindly provided by Agnete Louise Enoch.

Luffe explains how to train a pony

The talented Liv is a trainer student with Katja Schumann

Katja with one of her horses

Luffe in the saddle

The just 13-year-old Frida presented the best act in the aerial ring (aerial hoop) that I remember seeing. With help of videos that are sent back and forth, she is trained by, among others, the legendary American aerialist Dolly Jacobs.

Liv with goats. Photo: Jens Chr. Sorensen. All other photos: Ole Simonsen

Lilje in trapeze

Luffe with ponies

The horse whisperer Katja Schumann with four beautiful Arabian horses. The Circus Farm is the only place in Denmark where you can see high quality liberty horses.

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10 July 2024

Obituary: Bjoern Schult – Bjoernlys. The German-born artist and animal trainer Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys has passed away after a long time of illness. He was 75 years old. He had performed in several Danish circuses and felt something special for Denmark, where he lived for the last several years.

He was born in Freiburg, Germany, where his mother and father were respectively ballet master and chief technical officer at the local theatre. In 1963, Bjoern joined the Cossack rider troupe Golgojew, where he was for three years. In 1968 and 1969 he worked with the Adamski bears, three brown bears that ran on a bicycle etc. He worked also for a while as reprise clown in Circus Busch-Roland and as Cossack rider. In 1970 he established in partnership with Alex Wandruschka a jockey riding act ”Three Hansel” in which they appeared in musketeer costumes. In 1970 they toured with Circus Bouglione. Afterwards, they performed at circus festivals in Lisbon and Madrid. In 1971 they worked in Spain and in 1972 and 1975 in Norway at Circus Berny. Following that Bjoern created together with his wife at that time a jockey riding act "Bjoernlys" which first appeared during the winter of 1975 in Cirque D' Hiver in Paris. They also took a young man into the troupe which then had three persons.

In 1976 Bjoern toured Denmark with Claus Jespersen’s newly established Circus Dania. The troupe's young man didn’t like life in a touring circus and left the Bjoernlys troupe shortly after the start of the season. Thus Bjoern and his wife decided to become "Two Bjoernly”. In 1977 they were at the Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth, England. In 1978 they toured Denmark with Circus Dannebrog. Later Bjoern became head groom in Circus Benneweis. In season 1980 the Benneweis audience could see him with a comical entrée called Bjoern and his horse. With the same act he appeared in 1982 in Circus Arena where his act was called Bjoernlys and partner. After the season 1982 Bjoern left Denmark and worked in Italy (Circus Nando Orfei / Circo Berlin) and later in France with Circus Amar, Circus Pinder-Jean Richard and Circus Diana Moreno.

From 1990 to 2005 Bjoern worked for Berufsförderungswerk Schomberg in southern part of Germany. Then he got an interesting offer from Luffe Bogh who at that time run a permanent circus No Name Circus in connection with the socio-educational institution No Name. Bjoern was artistic director of No Name Circus until 2008.

Since he came to the now closed Christianshede Zoo Circus and trained at the same time animals which he rented out to the show, movies, commercials, etc.

Bjoern Schult - Bjoernlys in No Name Circus in 2008

Recently he published his memoirs "Sägemehl im Blut". The book has 304 pages with more than 50 photos etc. It costs 25 Euros + shipping. It can be ordered from Dr. Friedrich Hoffmann, at

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9 July 2024

Circusland summer 2024. In the theme park Circusland, located in Circus Arena's winter quarter in Aarslev by Slagelse, you can during the summer holidays see:

The magician Christofer Eötvos (Christofer Eötvös Dobritch). He comes from Hungary and has performed in a number of European circuses.

Michael the clown (Michael Alves), who also performs with ladder balance

Kelly Folco on unicycle

Suzanne Berdino with her dogs, goats and the pet pig Gulli

Aerial acrobat Georgina Szotkó in aerial rope

There is a magic show at 12, children's show at 13:15, Circus school at 14 and performance in Circus Landino at 15.15.

Changes may occur. Circusland is until 19 August open every day from 10 am to 4pm.

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1 July 2024  

Circus Trapez in Madsbyparken in Fredericia. Isabella Enoch Sosman tells that it is her son David Sosman, who manages the performances in Madsbyparken as ringmaster and with juggling, comedy and illusions, assisted by his girlfriend Soley.

You will also meet Duo Fantasia. Two young Africans who should have been with Trapez for the entire circus season, but whose work permit has only just gone through. That's why they perform in Madsbyparken with a roller-skating act, diabolo, hula hoop on a ball and aerial ring. Furthermore, Barbara Schnegg performs with something Isabella Enoch has never seen before, namely trained lambs.

Trained lambs are not an everyday sight in a circus ring.

Performances from 6 July to 4 August. Every day at 11 and 14:30, 6 July, however, only at 11. No performance on 14 July. The performance lasts approx. 1 hour. Tickets cost DKK 125 for adults and DKK 95 for children under 12.


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