Older circus news from 2024

21 February 2024

Baldoni's winter circus. In most municipalities, the Danish school-children’s winter holiday is in week 7. But there are municipalities where the holiday is in week 8. This applies e.g. to the Copenhagen suburb Ishøj. Ishøj Shopping Mall has been visited by Circus Baldoni during the winter holidays for almost 10 years. This was also the case this year where Baldoni from 15 to 23 February presented approx. 40-minute-long performances which, as in previous years, drew many people to the centre 

Eddie Janecek had a short "hello welcome" entrée before René Mønster Baldoni and the lion Leonardo welcomed.


The first artist in the ring was 12-year-old Rudi Janeček. He did a fine act first in pole and then with handstand. He may very well turn out to be a rising star. Quite as it has been the case for his older brother Kaya, who in 2023 received the talent prize from the Danish Circus Award.


The next act was Roberta Saba in Cyr Wheel.

Next came Eddie Janecek, who entered the ring on a bike in two parts and then wanted to skip. Something he certainly was not allowed to do by the ringmaster René Mønster Baldoni, who time after time confiscated his skipping rope. A bit as you know from the "Don’t play here" entrée. The act ended with Eddie managing to skip while balancing a bottle on his hat. And ended up revealing that the bottle had Velcro tape at the bottom and was fastened to the hat. The children in the audience cheered!

Next, Maria entered the ring with an excellent hula hoop act. She is married to Eddie and mother to Kaya and Rudi.

Then Eddie Janecek came back to the ring. This time riding a tiny bike. He then did a role bola act with several comic elements.

Then Roberto Sala was back. This time with a female partner. The couple had an adagio-entrée with several comical touches.

The last act of the performance was Trio Janacek – Eddie with his two sons. In a fast-paced juggling entrée with rings, balls and clubs.


Kaya can juggle table tennis balls using his mouth

From the finale of Baldoni's winter circus

The versatile Janecek family has been with Baldoni for several seasons. But for the coming season, they have signed a contract with a German amusement park and they will not be part of Circus Baldoni's summer show. But the Janecek’s might very well be back with Baldoni in later years. In next week's update, you can see who will be with Circus Baldoni when they start the season on April 6.

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16 February 2024

Enoch's Circus Show. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in the Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense 14 February at 14 and writes (my translation):

Half an hour before the start of the performance, there is a lot of people - with many expectant children sitting on the grandstand. All around the ring is lot of with circus people. Many from the Enoch family, but also others who are attracted to the circus - artists and circus friends. Jimmy Enoch is of course also present - as the centre and “powerhouse”. He is always happy, welcoming and with lot of charm and energy.

The performance begins with a welcome, where Jimmy Enoch warms up the audience. And then comes Kelly Saabel. She is a sea goddess or a mermaid or a sea spirit who rises from the sea in white robes as she boards her ship. She performs acrobatics of another world. With slow, gliding movements, she performs handstands and contortion. A perfect act, both in terms of execution and presentation. It ends with archery, where she – standing in handstand – fires the arrow with her feet. Kelly Saabel was most recently in Denmark in 2019, where she toured with Circus Trapez, where you also saw the Saabel family's famous act with white husky dogs. In the upcoming season, we can see Kelly in Circus Baldoni. But not with dogs, as Baldoni has opted out of having animals in the performances.

Victor Rossi is a mix between a clown and a comedian. First you see him with a bagpipe that emits children's cries, and then the pipe is transformed into a cradle. Later he appears with a hunk horn hidden in his overcoat. The entrée continues with music as two children are invited into the ring. They hold a xylophone suspended by rope. He plays the xylophone while the children operate rhythm instruments.

The Enoch family's bike act has now reached the 4th generation. Jimmy is cycling with his children Emily and Jeremy. Pace, charm, virtuosity on the bike, balance and movement – everything adds up to a higher unity.

Animals should not be missing in a circus performance. Peter Taylor has 4 dogs which have fun. And one remember Old Regnas, who apparently formed a school within dog training. The gag about the dogs teasing their "father" by knocking over a rubbish bin is probably his idea.

The performance ends with a fine diabolo act. Georgio Hromadko has a slightly creepy mask and a kilt, which is however quickly thrown away. It is beautiful, colourful with many diabolos with lights. Fast-paced and with stimulating music – what we old people call thunder music. The final trick is that he cast 4 props high into the air - very high! And he keeps them in play.

The expectations were fulfilled. Children and adults could then continue the tour around the centre. And the Rosengaard Centre can boast that there has also been room for real circus entertainment - as an offer among many others in the centre.

Jimmy Enoch and his artists

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16 February 2024

Circus Trapez, winter holiday 2024, seen 13.02 at 16 in Blue Water Dock in Esbjerg

Circus News’ reporter Finn Stendevad entered the Blue Water Dock (a modern sports arena) approx. 20 minutes before the performance started. The entrance hall was filled with expectant children and parents. From the toilets there was a door to the upper floor of the arena. It was great to come in and be able to take an overview of the line-up before the doors to the arena opened. Circus Trapez has never been more beautiful and more beautifully put up and decorated than this year. Everything was very well maintained.

Behind the curtain, Bernhard Kaselowsky was giving his four beautiful black ponies the final touches.

At 15.45 doors was opened for happy children and parents. The reprise clown Rudy Brukson walked around and created an atmosphere in the arena. There was a full house. Rudy dusted the winter dust off people. Huge turnover in the kiosks!

After Rudy's good warm-up from the arena, Isabella welcomed presenting a charivari with artist from all acts.

Then followed Rudi Brukson juggling in a clown costume, juggling with everything belonging to the kitchen. Then Elena Brukson in vertical rope of pink silk. Very well presented.

After this, Katrine Markevich entered the ring with her grey poodles. They were excellent, did many very things in a quite natural way, also with a skipping rope.

All photos are press photos from Circus Trapez

Now followed Tarbeev jr. On a unicycle and with juggling. Nice act. Even getting up and down stairs the young man mastered.

Now Rudy presented an old clown classic: The big apple with a worm in it. Tightly presented and not too long. Completely okay.

Duo Markevich did an excellent diabolo number.

Finally, Bernhard's lovely black ponies entered the ring

Nice to see the well-kept horses. They knew their routines and were delightful to watch. The act ended with a pyramid and then there was a 20-minute break with pony rides for the children and the queues were very long! Huge success.

First act after the break was Katrina Markevich with carpet juggling. Beautiful act which she presented very well. After this, Rudy had a run-in with broom balance, before Elena did an excellent and not too long hula hoop and contortion act.

Now Bernhard entered the ring with a calculating horse. It worked well and the audience were impressed.

Rudy now created an orchestra with the people from audience. They had to play different instruments while Rudy conducted. A classic reprise.

The “icing on the cake” was an incredibly good juggling act with tennis rackets and ditto balls at the same time and much more. Really high difficulty.

The whole performance ended with a charivari.

A great show with good acts. Isabella Enoch Sosman is good at engaging talented artist families for her performances.

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14 February 2024

Circus Mascot. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the winter performance at the Herning Shopping Centre 12 February at 14 and writes (my translation):

I left home with the following comment from an acquaintance: Why do you bother to go? You've seen Marianne's dog show and the clown Gulio many times before. And why did I bother? I answered my acquaintance: you go to a pop star concert to hear the songs you have heard before. And you and I go to the concert hall in Aarhus to hear Beethoven's 5th symphony again, which we know so well. But it's not the same experience as last time, even if the notes are the same.

Going to the circus is the same: the joy of hearing and seeing again is the driving force. And by the mind: even though it's well known, it's brand new every time. No two performances are alike. That tension between the known and the unknown, new and different is enough to get me going.

And luckily! Mascot delivered a well-composed performance with versatility in genres, good rhythm and nerve. There were 3 rows of benches so that the children could come forward and sit undisturbed. And the show lasted 45 minutes. - not half an hour, as has been the case for many years in the Herning Centre. Luckily enough because there is now time to enjoy it all. It requires composure and concentration to fall into the circus universe. And time! 45 minutes!

The clown Gulio began by warming up the audience. He likes the children, and therefore they like him. And the best part: he seems to be enjoying himself too.

The performance started straight and hard. The juggler Oleksi Trunov started with ball juggling. Not like the classic tempo juggler, but with soft, plastic movements, he threw the balls around - almost meditatively. Adagio, if you can say that about a juggler. But with many balls at a time.

Daniel Deleuran then welcomed, after which he tested the audience's form together with Gulio and a clap-o-meter. It was so good that the clap-o-meter exploded.

Daniel Deleuran welcomes. Smartphone photo, taken by Jørgen Lorenzen

Marianne's dog revue is a must in Circus Mascot. But also for the spectator who is more for cats than for dogs. There is a firework of display of canine tricks – 9 dogs, apparently all poodles, of all sizes and colors – all happy and eager to show what they can do. Versatile, and proofing that animals have a natural place in a circus ring.

Marianne and her dogs. Press photo from Circus Mascot

And then Gulio had to try swinging hula hoops around his stomach. It didn't go well until some children were invited into the ring to help him. Funny and simple. And everyone had a great time.

Tatyana Primachenko and Gulio were then comic magicians – with tricks that the children revealed with a: It's cheating. But also with more difficult tricks. In the end Tatyana disappeared, but lay hidden under a table and put her head up, unless there was a bucket in the way. This act has of course been seen before, but it is still a hit.

Press photo from Circus Mascot. Photographer: DirkJan Ranzijn

The final act was an adagio number, where Gegee Ganbold and Oleksi Trunov presented a perfect partner balance – standing, sitting and lying down. With several highlights, e.g. as Gegee stands in a one-hand stand on Oleksi's head. Aesthetic, elegant, emphasis on strength, but light and effortless at the same time.


Gegee and Oleksi. Smartphone photos, taken by Jørgen Lorenzen

Mascot will soon start their summer season with performances in sport centres and other indoor arenas. It was noted that Mascot has now been in the Herning Shopping centre during the school winter holidays for 28 years in a row. Old love never dies!

In previous years, Gulio and Tatyana's children Husik and Julia have taken part in the performance. But not this year – not even in the coming summer season. Husik works on a cruise ship. Julia is studying at Aarhus Tech. Photo: Jørgen Lorenzen

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9 February 2024

Circus during the winter holidays. Danish schools are closed for winter holidays either in week 7 or in week 8. As in previous years, you can see several circus performances in during the winter holidays – sometimes with free admission.

Circus Mascot. The Herning Shopping Centre offers performances with Circus Mascot from 12 to 18 February. Performances Monday to Friday at 11.00, 14.00 and 17.00 and the weekend at 11.00 and at 14:00.

In the circus ring both children and adults can look forward to see Denmark's largest dog show with circus director Marianne and her 9 lovely doggies. The approx. 30-minute-long performance also features the juggler Oleksi Trunov, who also performs adagio (partner acrobatics) together with Gereltuya "Gegee" Ganbold. And then, of course, the clown Gulio assisted by Mrs. Tatyana as well as by the ringmaster Daniel Deleuran. Free admission.

Gulio and Daniel with clap-o-meter. Press photo from Circus Mascot. Photographer Lise Kokholm

Marianne Deleuran and her 9 poodles are an indispensable feature in a Mascot performance. Press photo from Circus Mascot.

Benny Schumann. In the West Zealan Shopping Mall in Slagelse you can meet Benny Schumann together with the super musical Swedish artists Max, Ulf and Gustav Carling. The performance offers, among other things, the premiere on a Schumann and Carling clown trio. Every day at 12 & 15. Furthermore, Benny Schumann will have a circus workshop for children for approx. 20 minutes before the start of the first performance. Free admission.

Max, Gustav and Ulf Carling with full music. Press photo from Benny Schumann

Enoch's Circus Show. In Odense, the Rosengaard Shopping Centre offers Enoch's Circus Show from 12 to 18 February. Every day at 11, 14 and 17. Free admission.

Circus Baldoni. In Ishøj Shopping Centre in Copenhagen you will meet Circus Baldoni from 15 to 23 February. Every day at 13 & 15. No performance 18 February. Free admission. The performers are the Janecek family and Roberto Saba. And then of course René Baldoni and his ventriloquist’s doll Leonardo. Free admission.

From the finale of the 2022 winter performance, where the Janecek family was also among the cast.

Circusland in Circus Arenas winter quarter in Aarlev a Slagelse is open from 10 to 18 February 10 to 17. There are rides, playland, shows and performances in Circus Landino. Entrée.

In a press release, they write, among other things (my translation):

In the past few years, Circusland has acquired several rides, among other things there are several playgrounds (indoor playgrounds several places in the park), so there is plenty for a whole day of experiences. In the winter holidays 2024, you can also meet Max, Dut and Dino on the big show stage in Magic Circus Kingdom. A really fun family children's show with the lovable characters Professor Max, his sweet assistant Dut and a slightly dangerous 65-million-year-old dinosaur named Dino. There is some magic about this wonderful family show, where the audience is carried away from start to finish. Wonderful children's songs will be sung and the children will take an active part in the show.

Throughout the day, guests have the opportunity to explore our circus park and get closer to circus life. Try the circus school and learn tricks from our artists. You will also be able to meet Mister TIK TAK, who is back on a guest visit during the winter holidays.

Mr. TICK TACK (Brian Behrendt)

During the day you have the opportunity to see different shows. Among other things a circus performance in Circus Landino, where you can see skilled artists, lovely animals and much more. It will be presented by ringmistress Suzanne Berdino. The performers in Circus Landino are in addition to Suzanne Berdino and her animals Jessica Caveagna with sword balance and David Hammarberg with hula hoop.

Jessica Caveagna with sword balance over a ladder in fire

Circus Trapez present a winter circus in a number of Jutland arenas from 9 to 25 February. Entrée. The performers are the Rudi Brukson family with reprises, juggling, jumps and tissue, the Markevich family with diabolo, unicycle, antipode and a dog act and Bernhard Kaselowsky with 4 ponies. The performance is presented by Isabella Enoch. Originally, the idea was that her son David Enoch Sosman should be ringmaster and do a few short numbers. But David was offered an exciting job on a cruise ship at short notice. See more in the What’s on.

Rico Brookson. All photos press photos from Cirkus Trapez

Anton Tabeev and Katrina

Circus Panik from Vanløse, Copenhagen, writes (my translation)

True to tradition, Circus Panik can once again the winter holiday in week 7 present the family performance "Circus Panik holds the banner high". For this performance, we invite you to a Mardi Gras party afterwards. Come dressed up!

We are happy to invite you inside the circus building at Vanløse, Skjulhøj Allé 21, Copenhagen for a moody, exuberant, surprising and heartwarming performance in a cold time. You can experience fantastic and equilibristic juggling, exciting aerial acrobatics, exuberant clowning, magical illusion and the traditional fire finale.

Cirkus Panik is one of the few surviving old-fashioned families of fair performers and circus blood flows in our veins. We have toured at home and abroad for more than 35 years, with both classic circus performances, circus schools and workshops as well as the rental of unique cotton circus tents. See more in What’s on.

The circus museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen offers a one-man circus show for the whole family on Monday 12/2 and Wednesday 14/2 to Friday 16/2 at 11 with the clown Tapé. Tuesday 13/2 at 11 there is original and completely insane artistry with Mr. Toons.


Tapé at the Circus Museum. Photo from 2012

Before or after the performance you can visit the museum. Their collection is among the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It consists of more than 100,000 different artefacts, including many thousands of photos and posters, costumes and props, personal notebooks, programs and newspaper clippings. The Circus Museum’s collection contains material relating to acrobats, jugglers, animal trainers, clowns, magicians, illusionists, workers, musicians, actors and dancers. While it focuses on Danish artists, the collection also contains quite a lot of international material.

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30 January 2024

Changes in the list of performing artists at Circus Arena 2024. There have been a few changes in the list of artists you can see in Circus Arena in the upcoming season. The two Russian artists, the aerial artist Olga Moreva and the handstand artist Oleg Izossimov, will not be part of the performance. Instead, you will meet Jessyca Jaster with foot juggling and in the roller-skating act Skating New Vision. The show's dog act will be presented by Fabiana Köhler and not, as previously announced, by Jolanda Hoffman.

Skating New Vision is Jessyca Jaster and her partner Sonny Caveagna.


Last year, Jessyca Jaster toured with Swedish Cirkus Brazil Jack with a foot juggling act, where she juggled up to four scarves with her feet. The act ended with her being hoisted up under the circus dome while juggling four scarves. Very spectacular! Jessyca was also with Brazil Jack in 2016, that year together with her parents Elena Busnelli & Giacomo Sterza aka The Jasters, who we saw in Arena in 2023 and in Benneweis in 2011.

In addition to those mentioned, as previously announced, you will meet David Hammarberg with bungee acrobatics, Pablo and Vicki Garcia with their space rocket, the Garcia Brothers with handstand/hand-to-hand, Leonardo and Vita Costache with a brand new act, trained donkeys, Robi Berousek with ladder balance, the stunt cyclists BMX Riders and Arena's house clown Jimmy Folco. Subject to changes.

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29 January 2024

Distinguished award to Trolle Rhodin. Trolle Rhodin, circus director and artistic director of Swedish Circus Brazil Jack, has been awarded the The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry's cultural prize in memory of Ulf and Greta Renborg. The award is aimed at people who, in a broad rural perspective, have contributed with qualified and reorienting efforts in cultural work and public education.

The cultural prize was awarded by H. E. National Marshal Fredrik Wersäll during a ceremony in Stockholm City Hall.

The citation was (my translation):

To circus director Trolle Rhodin, Malmö, who brings the ancient circus art into our age. He makes visible the long history of the Swedish traveling circus families - a living cultural heritage, with rural tours since a hundred years and now established within the artistic high school.

In his speech of thanks Trolle Rhodin said (my translation):

- It is an extremely great honour to receive this important cultural award. It is a fine proof that the circus art continues to have a clear and important place even in this century. With this in mind, I am very much looking forward to starting this year's large-scale anniversary tour all around Sweden later this spring.

Trolle Rhodin

Circus director Trolle Rhodin is the fourth-generation director of Circus Brazil Jack. Since 1899, Brazil Jack has toured Sweden, however not every year. Circus art of the highest quality has met a wide audience far from the cultural scenes of the big cities. Trolle Rhodin can speak nine languages, play fifteen instruments, juggle, swallow fire and much more. Nowadays, circus education is included in the Swedish High School and the art form is in strong development.

The Ulf and Greta Renborg Foundation's cultural prize consists of SEK 100,000. The prize was awarded for the first time in January 2020.

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28 January 2024

Special award to Robi Berousek. At this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo, Robi Berousek, who is known as Lord of the Ladder, received one of the many special prizes: the award from the German circus friends. In the upcoming season, you can see his ladder balancing act at Circus Arena, where he first presented the act in 2002. The last time we saw him in Arena’s ring was in 2022.

Robi Berousek can juggle while standing on a free-standing ladder! Photo from 2022

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25 January 2024

Circus Trapez on Bornholm? Isabella Enoch Sosman has posted photos on Facebook of trucks from Circus Trapez on their way to the Isle of Bornholm. But the small Danish circus is not visiting Bornholm. It is Hyæne Film, which has rented their small tent, wagons and various other things for a film they are making. It is the same film for which they previously filmed at Katja Schuman's circus farm at Løkken in the Northern part of Jutland.

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24 January 2024

The prize winners at this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo

Golden clown to 3 acts

Elvis and Cvetomira Errani – 3 elephants

Charles & Alexandre Gruss – Juggling on horseback, including a horse skipping with a rider on its back, as well as the Alexis Gruss family

Kolev Sisters – hand to hand

Silver clown to 3 acts

Troupe Amaraa - springboard

Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe – Russian swing

Duo Disar – Aerial Straps

Bronze clown to 5 acts

Pneumatic Art – flying trapeze                          

White Gothic – hand to hand

Troop Addis Ababa – Hand voltge

Extreme Light - LED Show

Alexey Goloborodko – contortion

In addition to the aforementioned awards to artists, golden clowns were awarded to two of the festival's long-term supporters: Dr Alain Frere and Urs Pilz. Dr Alain Frere has been the festival's technical advisor for many years and assisted the late Prince Rainier III in establishing the festival in 1974. His private circus collection Musée du Cirque Alain Frère is one of the world's largest. Urs Pilz has been the festival's artist director for many years and has been responsible for selecting the artists who have participated in the Monte Carlo festivals. He is 82 years old.

In addition to the prizes mention above there were a lot of special prizes.

The Danes saw Elvis Errani and his elephants in Circus Dannebrog in 2007 and 2008. In January 2009, he received a bronze clown in Monte Carlo. The act, which this year brought him a golden clown in Monte Carlo, he performed together with his wife Cvetomira Kirova-Errani.

Elvis Errani and his elephants in Monte Carlo in 2009

The Kolev Sisters performed in Circus Arena in 2019 and received the Talent Award from the Danish Circus Award the same year. It was their first prize ever. They won silver at the Circus Festival in Budapest in January 2000. Since then, they have received many other awards and now also a golden clown in Monte Carlo.

The Kolev sisters at Circus Arena in 2019. Rud Kofoed wrote (my translation): The Kolev Sisters' hand-to-hand acrobatics are so beautiful, powerful and wildly impressive, that they triggered a standing ovation from the excited premiere audience in Arena at Bellahoj. Nicole and Michelle Kolev have been on their way but was in the shadow of Flying Wulber, where their parents are stars... Here, for the first time, the Kolev Sisters stand on their own two feet and shall carry a performance. They have the power and elegance to do so - without looking like artificially inflated testosterone bombs, which have just left the fitness center with impure doping flour in their muscles. Where they get all that strength and all that agility from is hard to see, but they have both and serve it with a calmness and confidence that can take anyone's breath away. In 2019, girl power was introduced in the Danish circus! - Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Click here to watch a short 2-minute video clip with highlights from the Monte Carlo festival. We expect to bring a report from the festival next week.

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22 January 2024

Norwegian Circus Agora 2024. As the first Norwegian circus, Cirkus Agora has published the names of the artists in this year's performance, which premieres in Bergen on March 22:

Pedro Rivelino - Cirkus Agora's own mood spreader with delightful and expressive clowning to the delight of young and old circus children.

Pedro Rivelino. All photos are press photos from Circus Agora

Axel Gottani, who present spectacular balance acrobatics on a free-standing ladder!

Agora's horses are cute, they are mischievous and a favorite among the little ones. Agora's horses are presented by director Jan Ketil and come from the Swedish Cirkus Olympia.

Jan Ketil with ponies. Photo from 2023

Vanessa Àlvarez - one of the world's absolute best foot jugglers with a pace that takes your breath away and makes you question the laws of physics

Giorgi - from our friendly country in the east - Ukraine - comes the juggler Giorgi with fast, precise and impossible arts.

Duo Glavatsky gives us a quick-change act like we've never seen before!

Peter Taylor - There are many people who would like to put their dog at the school desk! Peter's school desk is something special.

Peter Taylor. The Danes have seen him several times at winter performances in Benny Schumann's Mini circus.

Duo Crystal presents breakneck and poetic aerial acrobatics.

Jan Ketil brings you circus arts that have actually been shown around Europe, for royalty and on the BBC

Alexandra & Edi from Hungary give us the world premiere of their amazing roller-skating show!

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21. januar 2024

Circus exhibition in Budapest

In connection with the circus festival in Budapest there was an impressive circus exhibition. Definitely worth a visit if you get to Budapest before it close on 29 February.

The exhibition of the 15th Budapest International Circus Festival brought together for the first time Hungarian artist dynasties, special artist relics and stories, historical documents of Hungarian world number circus productions, as well as important works of circus art and film.

The exhibition provided an opportunity to meet the most outstanding foreign collectors, collections and museums of the international circus heritage, as well as to gain insight into the collections and scientific work of the Museum, Library and Archives of Hungarian Circus Arts.

The visible wonders of the circus world is accompanied by a wealth of hands-on experiences: a 100-year-old carousel, museum education games, virtual tightrope walking and group circus education, so that anyone can discover their hidden talents as an artist – or even as a circus museologist.

Jörgen Börsch writes (my translation)

At the Vajdahunyad Castle in the Városliget (Budapest's city park), a large exhibition of circus-historical interest, initiated by the indefatigable Petér Fekete, the director of the circus building, can be seen until February 29:

Vajdahunyad Castle with banners for the exhibition. Press photo from the Budapest Circus Festival

Countless numbers of posters, photos and costumes from several private and a few public European circus collections have been collected and exhibited.


Photos: Jörgen Börsch and Ole Simonsen

Among the standout items is Hungarian Ferenc Török & Margit's "Cycle-Balance" prop. The 2 Ferenczy were engaged for Danish Circus Baldoni's 2008 program by Jörgen Börsch, and in 2013 by Danish Krone, and Jörgen had an in-depth reunion talk with Ferenc.


Jörgen Börsch and Ferenc Török

The prop / act was originally developed by Ferenc Eötvös in 1964. It was then continued by Zoltannak Krasznai. In 1985, Ferenc and Margit took over and rehearsed the number and worked it with great success. Click here to see a video clip.

Furthermore, Ferenc worked with a solo "Wheel of Death", which was rare. Click here to watch a video clip from Circus Krone 2013

With Baldoni, the acts were also shown on Iceland and on the Faroe Islands. And in 2012 Börsch got them on the program for Rigas Cirks.

- The "Wheel of Death" continues to rotate with another artist, but the "Bicycle balance" has "come to the museum" …

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19 January 2024

As previous years, you can see Benny Schumann's Mini Circus in the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse during the winter holidays in week 7. With him this year Benny has Max, Ulf and Gustav Carling, who has several different acts. Also premiere of a Schumann & Carling clown trio. Press photo from Benny Schumann

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18 January 2024

15. Budapest Circus Festival. The festival is second to the Monte Carlo Festival one of the circus world's most prestigious festivals. It is known among circus managements as a good place to find artists for future performances. This year the festival took place from 10 to 15 January. From the Danish circus and artist world, you met Agnete Louise Enoch, Irene Thierry and her son Marc, the clown Lasse "Bonbon" Nørager and his son Joakim, the Circus Museum's resident artist Line Vittrup, the clown Per "Tøffe" Nielsen from Baldoni 2023, the clown and actor Thomas Vilhelm Larsen (Knud the clown) and the artist agent, etc. Jörgen Börsch. From Norway Jan Ketil from Circus Agora and from Sweden Carmen Rhodin from Circus Brazil Jack. The Scandinavian countries was further represented by a number of circus friends from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The festival offered 4 different performances:

The main shows RED SHOW and GREEN SHOW, both shown twice. WHITE SHOW - Lyrical Late Night Show and RED-WHITE-GREEN SHOW with Hungarian artists, both shown once.

Here are the winners at this year's festival:

Gold as well as the Budapest Grand Prix: China National Acrobatic Troupe for their amazing bicycle act. It included, among other things, jumps with backwards somersaults against the backs of cyclists, jumps over cyclists and 7 men in 3 floors on a bicycle. Click here to see an approx. 13-minute long slideshow with video clips and smartphone photos from this and other acts from the Red and Green show.


China National Acrobatic Troupe

Gold: Troupe Zola from Mongolia for an excellent act with springboard, where they, among other things, managed 7 man high and jump to a perch chair carried by man on perch stilts, who in turn stands on a barre carried by 2 other performers.



Evgeniia Zavadskaia – aerial rope

Russian Evgeniia Zavadskaia presented a fine act in vertical rope

Andrei Pogorelov – wheel of death, where he i.e. did both forward and backward somersaults as well as a somersault with a screw on the outside of the wheel. You can see video clips of these tricks in the slideshow mentioned above.

Andrei Pogorelov's wheel of death is a one-man wheel. Most other wheels of death have two wheels, with one artist acting as “motor” while the other performs stunts on the outside of the wheel. In some death wheel acts the artist can do a forward somersault on the outside of the wheel. Andrei is the only one who also does a backward somersault and somersault with screw. Impressive, but perhaps a little too risky. I didn't dare book him for a season for fear that one day things could go wrong.

Elisa Cussadie – parrots


In most parrot acts parrots are doing tricks on a table, Elisa lets her parrots do tricks while she holds them or they climb around on her body. Finally, they fly around freely.


Duo Antresol – aerial ring

Duo Antresol consists of Alina Gabbasova and Svetlana Mikhniuk, both from Russia

Alex Giona – liberty horses. The most elegant horse act I have seen since the late Albert Schumann stopped in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1968! Alex is a horse whisperer and the contact between him and his horses is fantastic. He got a silver clown in Monte Carlo in 2023, and in my eyes, he should at least have got silver in Budapest. The Hungarian circus directors gave him their top prize, the Arany Award.


Alex Giona and his horses

Groupe Tightrope Walkers Antik – high wire. The troupe's specialty is walking across the wire up to 3 men high, one time with man number 2 carrying 2 female artists on his shoulder. Apart from the man on the wire luckily enough everyone wears safety lunges. At the performance I saw, the lungs were needed once.

One of the troupe's tricks, where 2 men carry a girl doing splits

Les Étolies De Mongolia – Contortion

Artists from Les Étolies De Mongolia

In addition, there were prizes for the best act from the Lyrical Circus Late Night show and from the show with Hungarian artists.

A jury's choice of winner is always debatable. This also happens in Denmark when the year's circus awards are handed out by the Danish Circus Awards. In Budapest, a model is used which is somewhat reminiscent of the one we know from e.g. the sports world's ice-skating competitions: Each of the 9 jury members score the technical quality of the act from 0 to 10 and the artistic execution from 0 to 10. This means that the maximum score that can be awarded per occasion is 20. At the end of each competition day, the scores is totaled by jury member based on the scoresheets submitted that day. The preliminary order after the last scored competition program is determined from the total scores, by the automatic cancellation of the lowest and the highest scores for each competitor for each day. Based on the resulting scores, a jury meeting takes place after the last competition program, where the jury members will determine the final rankings by consensus.

The model differs from what is done in Monte Carlo, where the jury president Princess Stephanie has the decisive word.

Three acts which we have seen in Denmark took part in the festival, but without winning a prize:

Anton Monastyrsky, whose great act with rings Danes saw in Circus Benneweis in 2005. Swedes could see him in Helsingborg Christmas Circus in 2014.

Danes could experience Duo Pile ou Face at Wallmans Dinnershow in the Copenhagen Circus Building in the 2019/2020 and 2020/21 seasons. However, the act did far better at Wallmans than at the festival in Budapest.

Lennart and Daniella Matos toured with Circus Baldoni in 2022 and were part of their Christmas show in 2023. In Budapest they were part of the Hungarian show.

Many of the other acts could deserve mention and would do well in a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian circus ring. This applies, for example, to the two young guys from Pal's Compagnie. They performed with a springboard at the Hungarian show and got very well deserved the most prestigious award at this show: the Arany Award.

Pal's Compagnie with high jumps.

At the same show, it was silver to Flying Weis Junior, where an approx. 8-year-old girl was one of the flyers!

Flying Weis junior from Hungary mastered i.e. the triple somersault. During the double passage, one of the flyers fell into the net. The little girl did a single somersault

The English clown Fraser Hoober showed his very own version of the well-known boxing entrée in the Red Show. Tremendous! The three volunteers he got into the ring acted so so well that I wondered if at least one of them was "brought along".

Fraser Hoober

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17 January 2024

Cirkus Trapez winter circus can be seen in a number of Jutland indoor arenas from 9 to 25 February.

Isabella Enoch say that the performers are

David Enoch Sosman: ringmaster, glass balance and comic juggler.

The Rudi Brukson family with run-ins, juggling, jumps and tissue

The Markevich family with diabolo, unicycle, antipode and a dog number.

Bernhard Kaselowsky with 4 ponies

Rudy Brukson toured with Circus Dannebrog in 2006. In 2009 he worked in the amusement park BonBonland. Together with Mrs. Irene and the children Rico and Elena, he was also part of Circus Trapez's winter performance in 2020. Katrina Markevich and her partner Anton Tabeev have performed in Circus Arli, Circus Baldoni and in one of Circus Trapez's autumn performances.

Rico Brookson. All photos press photos from Cirkus Trapez

Katrina Markevich

Anton Tabeev and Katrina

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17 January 2024

Circus Baldoni 2024 - NOSTALGIA AND NEW ADVENTURES. Circus Baldoni writes (my translation):

Welcome to the 2024 performance at Circus Baldoni, where we will take you back to the beautiful and nostalgic atmosphere that was once the hallmark of Circus Baldoni. In 2024, our show oozes of youthfulness and energy and offers a lot of fun features that will get both children and adults laughing heartily. We are proud to present one of Europe's best clowns, José Michell, who masters the art of spreading smiles and laughter among both children and adults throughout the tent.

On the artistic front, you can expect to be amazed by our cool jugglers, impressed by our talented break dancers and on the edge of your seat during our nerve-wracking aerial acts. Our circus princess will enchant you with her elegant and breathtaking soap bubble show. We have carefully selected the best artists to create an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

The performance is presented by the young Mickey Juel Prüssing. His ability to entertain both children and adults is exceptional, and he has Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll), our faithful partner, on his arm. Mickey has trained hard with our skilled instructor and former ringmaster and ventriloquist, Peter Nørgaard, to deliver a spectacular performance.

All in all, we promise a performance that will take you back to the real Baldoni atmosphere with thrills, laughs and laughter that you will remember long after you have left the tent. We look forward to sharing this unforgettable experience with you and your family.

The title of this year's performance Nostalgia and new adventures may be inspired by the title of the Benneweis performance Classic & New Wave from 2000. At that time, the pierced and tattooed hula-hoop star Denise Randol shocked many spectators. That would not be the case today.

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16 January 2024

Norwegian Circus Arnardo's Christmas show 2023 - Snøkrystallen. Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo writes (my translation) 

Tour in Norwegian theater and cultural centres, Risør 10-11 December, Vennesla 15-16 December, Lillesand 17 December, Kristiansand 25-31 December. Performance seen 30.12.23

All photos: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo

Animal free performance with the following artists:

Are Arnardo and Paola Folco Arnardo – magic

Luigi Folco Arnardo - juggler, unicycle, diabolo and comic elf.

Shannon Folco Arnardo - foot juggler.

Laurine Dumora - vertical rope, German wheel.

Victor Rossi juggler, Bumbull clown figure.

Alexia Voirol - elf, juggler

Are Arnardo had a dream to carry on his grandfather's work from theatre. Arne Arnardo had the task as the clown Bumbull at Oslo Nye Teater in December 1970 in the circus comedy August August August.

The costumes from that show are carried over to Victor Rossi's character in the show. Victor Rossi has also written the script for the show.

Snøkrystallen is a Christmas show in two acts and lasts about 95 minutes with a break. The search for the snow that is gone is told with simple gestures such as pictograms and monologues. It is Bumbull's helpers, the two elves Luigi Folco Arnardo and Alexia Voirol, who carry the common thread in the performance. The story disappears a little between artist acts.

You meet artist from Arnardo’s summer tour and a new engaged artist from France, Lourine Dumare, who works in vertical rope and German wheel. Somewhat averagely executed. Are and Paola with their illusions.

Are and Paola with illusions

Victor Rossi as Bumbull the clown. Luigi Foco Arnardo as multi artist. Shannon Folco Arnardo as foot juggler. I will highlight Luigi Folco Arnardo who shows his versatility to the fullest as a comic elf. Performs disciplines such as juggling, unicycle and diabolo.

Luigi Folco Arnardo

Most effective is the finale when Are Arnardo finally conjures up the snow that disappeared. To the great excitement of the audience. Fantastic ending.


Christmas circuses have no great tradition in Norway. It can be exciting to see if Arnardo in the future has success with such shows.

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5 January 2024

Danish circuses in 2024. Here is an overview in alphabetical order of the circuses that we expect to see on the Danish roads in 2024, as well as the planned opening dates.

Circus Arena: Season opening at ‘Bellahoj’ in Copenhagen on 25 March. The performance will be presented by Bubber and Malene Qvist. Among the participating artists are aerial artist Olga Moreva, handstand artist Oleg Izossimov, David Hammarberg with bungee acrobatics, Pablo and Vicki Garcia with their space rocket, Garcia Brothers with handstand/hand-to-hand, Leonardo and Vita Costache with a brand-new act, dogs presented by Jolanda Hoffman, trained donkeys, Robi Berousek with ladder balance, the stunt cyclists BMX Riders and Arena's house clown Jimmy Folco. Subject to changes.

With a few exceptions, Jimmy Folco has been part of Arena's performances since 1997. Press photo from Circus Arena

Circusland in Circus Arena’s winter quarter in Aaslev will be open during the Danish winter holidays from 10 to 18 February.

Circus Arli: national premiere next to the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Floeng on 7 April. The names of the performers have not been announced.

Martin Arli and his son Alexander are always among the main forces in Circus Arli.

Circus Baldoni: opening day in Hilleroed north of Copenhagen on 9 April. Among the performers is the clown José Michell. The performance is presented by Mickey Juel Prüssing.


José Michel is one of Europe's great classical musical and slapstick clowns. He was born in 1962. His civil name is José Luis Santos Rodrigo. Many remember him from the funnel routine, where he performed together with his wife Gulia (white faced clown) and his partner Kike. The last time we saw the act in Denmark was in Circus Arena in 2015. Kike, whose civil name was Enrique Riquelme, passed away in 2021. Since then, José has either performed solo or together with Gulia. Photos from Circus Brazil Jack 2016. In the bottom picture, you can see from the left José, Gulia and Kike.

Circus Mascot: no information about the summer tour yet. As in 2023, they tour in indoor arenas and not with a tent.

Marianne Deleuran and her playful doggies are an absolutely indispensable part of a Mascot performance. Press photo from Circus Mascot

Zirkus Nemo: Season opening April 27 in Horsens. Apart from Søren Østergaard, the names of the performers have not been published. 

Although Zirkus Nemo present excellent artists, it is primarily the owner, the actor and comedian Søren Østergaard the Danish audience comes to see. Here as the smash man together with Søren's PA Laura Kvist Poulsen. Photo from 2019. Photographer: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

Circus Trapez: From 9 to 25 February winter circus in a number of Jutland indoor arenas. No information about the summer tour yet.

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4 January 2024

The XV Budapest Circus Festival takes place from 10 to 15 January. Many Danish, Norwegian and Swedish circus owners and circus friends usually visit the festival. "There you can find artists you can use and pay - you can't do that in Monte Carlo", said the late Finnish circus director Calle Jernström to me a few years ago. Click here to read more, including a list of the performers. The language is English - the sub-page for booking tickets is only in Hungarian, however. We bring a report from the festival in the update on January 20.

The facade of the Circus Building in Budapest. Photo from 2020. The building is from 1971 and has room for 1,450 spectators. The Hungarians plan for building a new and more up-to-date circus building elsewhere in Budapest.

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2 January 2024

Birthdays with a round figure 2024. Several people in the Danish circus and artist world can celebrate a birthday with a round figure during 2024:

16 March 2024: Anna Conradi, former bike acrobat, 90 years old

20 March 2024: Jimmy Enoch, artist and show producer, 40 years

12 April 2024: Jan Allan "Alando" Hansen, clown, 70 years old

16 September 2024: Katja Schumann, 75 years old

30 October 2024: Hanne Berdino, 80 years old

22 November 2024: Josefine Wulff Randrup, artist, 50 years

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1 January 2024

This website had approximately 25,000 visitors in 2023. The news section, being a weekly internet magazine and the tour list (“What’s on) are usually updated every Saturday. Apart from news and tour list the website has pages with facts about Danish circuses, Danish circus families etc. Links to those pages can be found at the bottom of the opening page.

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