Older circus news from 2023

28 February 2023

Circus Baldoni in Ishøj Bycenter 2023. Jacob Boas Leitisstein has sent me the photos below and writes (my translation)

True to tradition, Circus Baldoni presented a number of performances during the winter holidays in the shopping mall Ishøj City Centre. A performance that gathered many of the centre's customers around the ring. The performance was presented by circus director René Baldoni and Leonardo the Lion (a ventriloquist’s doll). In addition, the audience could meet a number of familiar faces from Baldoni's previous performances.

After a break of 4.5 years, the clown Danilo (Daniel Dimitrijevic) was back. From 2008 to 2018, Danilo was a regular part of Cirkus Baldoni. It was a happy reunion to see the clown with the red-checked clothes again. Danilo had a few of his well-known entrées with him in Ishøj. First, a version of "don't play here", where Danilo got to play trombone, triangle and smartphone, before René got to throw it all in the bin.

Later in the performance, Danilo invited a fine lady (Camilla Frimann) to a restaurant. A restaurant visit that developed into a fast-paced entrée where there were sprayed with water, pasta was juggled with and custard pie was thrown.

The artist couple Katrina Markevich and Anton Tarbeev were also present in Baldoni's winter performance. First Katrina with her beautiful foot juggling act, where she juggled carpets, tables and giant umbrellas.

In addition, Katrina and Anton presented their diablo act. An act where diablos are hurtling through the air and where Anton ends up grabbing diablos by the head while riding a tall unicycle.

Last. but not least, the audience could see the show's strongman: Michal Mudrak. Michal presented his great handstand act with power and strength.

The performance ended with Baldoni's farewell song sung by René Baldoni and the clown Danilo.

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26 February 2023

Halloween Circus. In October this year, Circus Arena will, just like in 2022, present Halloween Circus in cooperation with the rapper Clemens. There will be 11 performances at Bellahoj in Copenhagen from 13 - 22 October 2023, i.e., a slightly shorter period and slightly fewer performances than in 2023, when there were 18 performances and they continued until 31 October.

They write (my translation):

HALLOWEEN CIRKUS once again leads families with children safely through the spookiest holiday of the year.

In what is already is tending to become an autumn tradition, circus performers gather together, with singers, actors, influencers and dancers in a huge total show.

Are you into musical ear hangers, dangerous circus tricks, fire cannons and sleazy acting? Or if you just want to see if this year will be even more raucous than the debut in '22, now is the time to get tickets to the big event of the autumn holidays, HALLOWEEN CIRKUS with this year's disturbing tale:


Bram Stoker's well-known character, Dracula, has become too big for his anaemic hometown, which just can't accommodate his grandiose format. He wants to go to London and hang out with real world vampires.

But when he realizes that the finer company is a blood orange juice-drinking, closed circle that ridicules his medieval vampire habits, he declares war. In a humorous revue, Dracula's hot-blooded temperament meets the icy and calculating western vampire union.

Dracula must gather all his most dangerous (circus) warriors out of the ground to go to the big battle on the battlefield, where it must be decided once and for all who is the world's greatest vampire (with inferiority)!

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24 February 2023

Just as Circus Mascot in Herning, Jimmy Enoch in Odense and Benny Schumann in the West Zealand Centre in Slagelse, Circus Baldoni has attracted a lot of spectators to their winter performances in Ishøj City Centre. There is no doubt that these kinds of performances attract lots of customers to the shopping centres. Click here to see Jacob Boas Leitisstein’s photos from Baldoni’s winter performance.

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23 February 2023

David Sosman's one-man juggling show. Danes have just been able to see David Sosman in Circus of Torrent’s' performances in Vejle and Aalborg.

On March 5 at 2 p.m. you can see him in a more traditional performance: his one-man juggling show. It takes place at Circus Flik-Flak premises in Odense. They write (my translation):

David Sosman comes from an old circus family. As the son of Isabella Enoch from Circus Dannebrog and the famous French clown, Eddy Sosman, David has literally grown up with circus blood in his veins. He has studied two years in Italy at an international high school, while also attending the highly recognized circus school, Accademia d'Arte Circense, to be trained as a juggler.

Since then, David has appeared all around the world with his juggling act and won countless circus awards. Including the first prize at Festival International du Cirque du Loir-ET-Cher in France, the Bronze Award at the Nanchang Circus Festival in China and Cirque d'Hiver honour prize at the circus festival in Budapest. In 2016, David was invited to the Vatican for a special performance for the Pope.

In 2021, the Danes saw him as ringmaster and juggler in Isabella Enoch's Circus Trapez. For the time being, he is one of the performers in Mystike le Grand Cirque in Spain. In the summer of 2022, he worked at Roncalli's Apollo Variety in Düsseldorf. David is also involved in Dark Thrills Entertainment, which, among other things, produces the horror show Circus of Torment, where he also performs with his juggling act. David's one-man show is filled with humour, balance art and of course a lot of impressive juggling.

David Sosman

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21 February 2023

Circus Trapez winter holiday performance 2023. Finn Stendevad-Nielsen writes (my translation):

On 17.02.23 we saw Circus Trapez winter circus in Blue Water Dokken, Esbjerg.

To put it bluntly and immediately: It was ladies' night. Three women dominated the program with many and good acts.

The first woman was Isabella Enoch, who revealed herself as an excellent ringmaster. Excellent vocal presentation, good control of every detail. Clear and good pronunciation. As she could “sell” the show, yes, all the acts. And the microphone setup was perfect.

The other two women were Sandra and Chantal. Just before the performance, one of them did a little pre-act with a charming tiny dog. It gathered interest in the good performance which was to come.

The performance opened with a Charivari, where the entire staff entered with Mardi Gras barrels and walked around the ring, singing the Mardi Gras song, after which Isabella welcomed.

Charivari with Mardi Gras barrels. Facebook photo from Circus Trapez

Of course, some artist was the same as we saw in the Christmas performance in Egtved in December, but all acts were polished up and transformed compared to then.

The first act was Sabrina in a trapeze shaped like a sugar walking stick. Fresh twist with new content. After this Juan presented his diabolo act. As in all the acts in the show, they were of the perfect length. Therefore, it was the right pace and the best coherence in the performance.

After this, Chantal worked in a trapeze, consisting of a toboggan, where she did many good tricks.

Chantal Lutzny with her toboggan. Smartphone photo, taken by Finn Stendevad's wife. The lighting conditions made photography difficult.

The clown Franz was also a regular from the Christmas performance in December, but even he had both new entrées and tightened existing entrées up. His first entrée in the performance was with a huge photo apparatus where he "took" photos of people and showed these photos. It caused a lot of fun.

Now came the dog number act with a couple of big dogs who did their thing really well in a charming way. After this, Franz came in as a totally unsuccessful magician. The children had a great time.

He was replaced by Chantal's hula hoop act. It was also tightened up and had just the right length and just the right pace. One of the good hule hoop entrées.

Now Isabella invited four burly men to come in and sit on four stools, lie one on top of the other, and then the chairs were removed one by one. The act is known as the 4 stools gag. Also a regular from the Christmas show, but very funny.

The well-known act with the 4 stools. Photo from the Christmas performance, provided by Circus Trapez

After this, there was a 20-minute break before the performance resumed.

The second part started with Bernhard's goat act which was greatly expanded compared to the Christmas performance. There were, among other things, a goat balancing on a thin beam, as well as several different jumps.

Now an excellent tempo juggler entered. Nice tempo and great difficulty throughout his number. Correct length.

The juggler Joel Lutzny

After him came Franz, the run-in clown, as a juggler with giant beach balls. Skilled and with good pace.

After this Chantal came with several African costumes and danced, drummed etc. The number ended with her fine contortion act.

After this, Franz brought another repetition from the Christmas show, the elephant Bimbo, the inflatable elephant with a human inside. Funny way to get around the elephant ban.

The show's clown Franz Sulc with the elephant Bimbo. Photo: Per Krogh Petersen

He was followed by a terrific wild west act with lassos, whips, knife throwing etc. Everyone was there and dressed up, including Bernhard and Isabella. There was pace and joy about it.

The Lutzny family with their cowboy show. Press photos from Circus Trapez

The whole performance ended with a presentation of all the performers after which they, as always, stood at the entrance and said goodbye to us. All in all, a fine performance lasting two times 45 minutes with a 20-minute break in between.

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20 February 2022

Enoch's Circus Show. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in the Rosengaard shopping centre in Odense on 16 February and writes (my translation):

You have seen several of the acts before, you thought. But that was not true. For two reasons: it is with the circus as with a piece of classical music. It bears or requires repetition. And the second reason: the circus performers know how to vary the act so that it is different - and feels new.

The performance began when Alexander Arli conducted the audience in the audience cheering competition. He was in a completely new costume – no longer a young boy, but a grown-up man.

Jimmy Enoch and Alexander Arli

First artist act was Duo Drive. A classic roller-skating act - fast-paced, but not rushed. Next came Jimmy Enoch and Alexander. They conjured up bottles and commented with jokes.

Valentino with shirt frill and top hat had 6 different breeds of dogs in a classic and relaxed dog act. Like the roller-skating act: fast-paced but not rushed. And the kids love it. They have a dog at home - or know someone who does.

5 of Mr. Valentino’s dogs. Smartphone photo, shot by Jørgen Lorenzen

Jimmy and Alexander now wanted to present the audience for the world’s best marksman. And then balloons were popped, accompanied by cheerful comments. And the kids had fun!

Josefine Kaselowsky has a very nice number in tissue. In a beautiful white costume, she performed the act with a high degree of difficulty. She rotated down the rope, did pirouettes and did splits. Aesthetic, difficult, executed with certainty and excess.


Josefine Kaselowsky. Foto smartphone photo shot by Jørgen Lorenzen and photo from Rosengaard Shopping Centre’s Facebook page.

And finally, Eddy Carello entered the ring with his juggler and drum act. Different than seen before, although the substance is the same. And it must be difficult to juggle three different objects that do not have the same weight. But he can! And it always causes cheers when he sends a ping pong ball from his mouth to the drum - and it flies back into his mouth, almost like a movie, it's played backwards.

40 minutes of great circus entertainment. Professional, versatile with both thrills and laughs and room for wonder and amazement. The way a circus should be. And crowded around the ring and on the large, built-up grandstand.

From the grand finale. Smartphone photo shot by Jørgen Lorenzen

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20 February 2023

Fatime and Mr Jumping. Many Danes and Swedes remember the domestic cats of Fatima and the comedy trampoline act of her husband Mr Jumping from Danish Circus Baldoni and Swedish Circus Olympia. This season both of them are with Jozsef Richter's Hungarian National Circus.

Fatime Horwart and one of her cats. The Danes most recently saw the act in Enoch's Circus Show in February 2020. In her younger days, Fatime, together with her spouse Peytchev Plamen Metodiev (Mr. Jumping), did a nice act that combined hula hoops with acrobatics. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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17 February 2023

Circus Mascot has drawn a large audience to their winter holiday performance in the shopping mall HerningCentret. Thanks to Daniel Deleuran for the photos below.

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17 February 2023

Benny Schumann at the West Zealand Center in Slagelse. Danish Circus Friends president Kim Thanning Olsen has sent me the photos below from Benny Schumann's performance. Just as Mascot has done in Herning, Benny has drawn thousands of spectators to the centre. Click here to see a short video clip that Benny has posted on Facebook, with the Swedish bicycle balancer Erik Ivarsson, who is part of Benny Schumann's performance.

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16 February 2023

Circusland. The photographer Jacob Boas Leitisstein visited the theme park Circusland in Circus Arena’s winter quarter in Aarslev. The park is due to the school children’s winter holiday open in week 7. Jacob writes (my translation) 

Circusland in Slagelse is always open during the school holidays. And this winter holiday was no exception. As usual, the park's program offered - in addition to a number of rides - various shows. This winter holiday Circusland "host" was the Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth, who with elegance guided the audience through all three shows.

The first show of the day took place on Circusland's large stage (covering the old sea lion pool), where Kim Kenneth was at home. Here, Kim presented his big magic show together with his partner Jessica Caveagna. The show featured a wide range of magic and illusion acts – including substitution trunk and the lady sawn in half. And as always, Kim and Jessica presented it all with humor and at a good pace.

Kim Kenneth and his assistant Jessica. All photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

In Circusland's indoor playground Kim Kenneth and the clown Jimmy Folco were ready with the "Fun and joy show". A show that took place at children's level with funny tricks and comic entrées.

Kim Kenneth on stage in the playground

In Circus Landino, the audience could sit back and enjoy a real circus performance with both artists and animals. Kim Kenneth entered through the curtain as the day's ringmaster and started the performance with his floating table.

Kim and his floating table

Afterwards, Jimmy Folco took over to take a tour of the Italian kitchen with flying pizzas and potatoes. The footjuggler Adriana Wolf now entered the ring, juggling with everything from large soccer balls to hula hoops.

Adriana Wolff

Jimmy Folco was then ready with the puppet Jimmy Junior - a version of the "you must not play here" entrée.

Jimmy Folco and Jimmy Junior

After Jimmy Folco was stopped by his partner Claudia, a large ladder was placed in the middle of the ring. In came the show's "Wonder Woman", Jessica Caveagna, who presented her beautiful sword balancing act.

Jessica with sword balance

Jimmy Folco now invited a girl into the ring to make a real water fight. The show's animal act consisted of a herd of Shetland ponies, presented by Karsten Berdino.

Karsten Berdino and the ponies

And as the end of the performance, Antonin Navratil presented his great act in the Washington Trapeze, where tricks were shown both with and without Antonin being blindfolded.

Antonin Navratil, also called Mad Tony. Click here to see more of Jacob's photos from Circuslan

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14 February 2023

Circus of Torment. Jørgen Lorenzen attended the premiere in Vejle on February 11. He writes (my translation):

Circus of Torment had put up the at Dystopia's premises in Vejle. A beautiful, red tent with 6 rows of grandstand seating and 2 rows of ringside chairs. And with an elevated ring as Danes know it from Circus Baldoni and Circus Arli.

As soon as you enter the tent, you feel that you are in a different universe. It's dark, foggy and a little creepy. Is it a dungeon with torturers and victims? Is it an underworld? Is it a ghost world with apparitions and spirits? Are we in Count Dracula's castle or are you Frankenstein's monster waiting to pounce on us? Or are we in a completely different universe than the one Earth belongs to, with aliens and visitors from other galaxies?

The actors walk around silently, many with masks, all disguised. There are prison costumes, monk suits, rococo costumes and aprons from the world of Harry Potter, monsters and ghosts. All silent in the dim lighting.

The performance begins. An old performer has risen from the dead and reminds us that the circus can never die - but that the audience must die. Which is an indisputable fact. But fortunately, we manage to see the show before we pass away!

And then goes on with high pace. One act after another. And you can see that there are real circus performers behind it, namely David Sosman and Michael Betrian. Beyond the horror, the dark lighting and the inciting, quiet music, the artist step forward - and are allowed to shine. Not, as in Arena's Halloween circus in 2022, where the world class artists were used as illustrations for a story. But here they came like pearls on a string and reinforced the atmosphere of the supernatural, incredible and sometimes creepy.

And there was much to see. And as is customary in parts of the modern circus, the artists were not introduced by name, neither when they entered nor during the presentation in the finale. But they were there! A nice handstand act combined with contortion. There was a mysterious and cunning magician. There was hula hoop. There was a hideous man who could dislocate bones and twist the body out of balance. There was an artist who ran around looking for the cone of light that sipped from him. One of those moments where the laughter was allowed. There was magic with a banana, there was a sword swallower. Who also could twist a spiral through the nose and draw a trapeze with a hook stuck in the tongue. Or was it the nose? And to make it more difficult there was a girl sitting in the trapeze.

There was a knife thrower, who had to have help from the audience - not to throw the knives, but to be the target. And there was a classy roller-skating act. And there was a juggler, whom old circus connoisseurs could identify as David Sosman.

And there was much more. There was so much that at the end you wanted to see it all again. And as in a good theater performance, the performance posed questions to the audience: what was it that we experienced?  How should we interpret it? There was not just, as in a good circus performance, a bombardment of the senses, a joyous demonstration of the many facets of circus art and its beauty. There was after the show homework to do for the audience as the audience could not accommodate it all here and now. What was the meaning? What was it that we experienced?

And two comments. First a question or an objection: at the beginning of the performance, we heard that the circus remains, while the audience disappears. True enough! But why do you shoot a couple of artists during the performance? Is it the audience or the outside world, who - in vain - are trying to eradicate the circus art? Or? And why is the last scene a hanging scene? Quite obviously and fortunately, the artist raised again in the finale - but still? What should he symbolize? The scene is probably not included just to show a theater trick!

And the second: the show was sometimes creepy, but not really macabre. There was horror along the way, but everywhere you felt that there was a commitment, a joy and a pride in showing circus, dressing up and making theater - new, different, but still circus like in the old days. And among the audience sat many who did not know the classic circus. You could both see and hear that. They got a good experience and left amazed. You will see them in the circus again - for sure!

And yes, the circus is alive. Circus has always survived and has always been good at finding ways out and new ways of expressing themselves. Think about how Roncalli's circus in its time left its mark on the whole of circus art, which is constantly absorbing what was created back then. Because there is so much power in Torment, that it will set tracks in the circus from tomorrow.

And yes, the circus is alive. Circus has always survived and has always been good at finding solutions and new ways of expressing themselves. Think about how Roncalli's circus in its time left its mark on the whole of circus art, which is constantly absorbing what was created back then. Because there is so much power in Torment, that it will set tracks in the circus from tomorrow. And Torment builds a bridge to the dystopian world in movies and literature – and indeed also in the real world. Circuses cannot and should not save the world. But it can give us in the audience - as long as we live - some tools, as all good art does. Tools to move forward.

The show can be seen in Vejle until February 18 and in Aalborg from February 21 to 26. See more in What’s on.

Jørgen Lorenzen surrounded by the performers. Other photos are press photos by courtesy of Circus of Torment

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7 February 2023

Cirque du Soleil visits Gothenburg and Malmö, Sweden. In the month of May, you can see Cirque du Soleil's performance Ovo in Sweden. It can be seen in Malmö Arena from 11 to 14 May and in Scandinavium in Gothenburg from 25 to 28 May. Ovo is a touring circus production by Cirque du Soleil that premiered in Montréal, Canada in 2009. Ovo's creator and director, Deborah Colker, took inspiration from the world of insects. The idea for Ovo was not to be about the acts, nor dancing, nor insects, but about movement. Ovo is the Portuguese word for egg. Click here to see a video trailer for the performance.

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6 February 2023

CirkusMania is Stockholm´s annual contemporary circus festival, presenting an insane amount and variety of circus, and showing what a fascinating, lively and dynamic artform circus is today. From 10 to 19 February, you can see 36 performances, 32 venues, 13 municipalities – over 100 opportunities to experience a broad panorama of circus all over the Stockholm region. See more at https://www.cirkusmania.se/en/

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5 February 2023

The Swedish Circus Academy. On 16 March it is 50 years since the Academy was founded. They celebrate it on March 18 in Stockholm, Sweden and write (my translation)

The Academy for the Preservation of Circus Arts in Sweden (Circus Academy) is an interest organization for the cultural area Circus. This Circus Academy,

was instituted in the Circus Building at Kgl. Djurgården (Stockholm) on 16 March 1973.

The Circus Academy must work for

1. preserving circus as a generally recognized art form in Sweden

2. spreading awareness of the circus arts

3. promoting interest in this art form

The Circus Academy's Board of Directors has decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary

on Saturday 18 March 2023. This will take place in the Djurgårdsalen at the Elite Hotel

Marina Tower, Saltsjöqvarns kaj 25 in Stockholm with a lunch at 12.00.

Invited are Circus Academy Members and Honorary Members and Swedish and

Nordic circus managements and other circus friends with company.

The program is attached and it shows the anniversary day's activities, which start at 12.00.


The hotel offers overnight accommodation, single room SEK 1,415, double room SEK 1,615 incl. VAT and breakfast and wireless internet. Feel free to book at https://bookings.elite.se/ibe/details.aspx?propertyid=16769&nights=1&checkin=18/3/2023&group=8676767&lang=en-gb

RSVP. no later than March 5 to Hans Lindgren, Dalagatan 28E, 692 31 Kumla

tel. 070-6230166, e-mail: hans.k.lindgren46@gmail.com, and payment of

participation fee SEK 375 to Circus Academy Pg 158957-1 alt. Bg 5789-5674

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3 February 2023

Winter circuses in Denmark 2023. In several places in the country, you can see circus performances in weeks 7 and 8. The Danish schools are closed for winter holiday either in week 7 or week 8.

Circusland in Aarslev by Slagelse is open from 11 to 19 February, every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. They offer a magic show with Kim Kenneth and his assistants Jessica and Adriana. The performances in Circus Landino are presented by Kim Kenneth and feature Cirkus Arena's house clown Jimmy Folco, Jessica Caveagna with sword balance, Antonin "Tony" Navratil in Washington trapeze, Adriana Wolf with foot juggling and Karsten Berdino with liberty horses.

Antonin "Mad Tony" Navratil toured in 2014 with Danish Circus Krone.

In week 7 the shopping mall HerningCentret present Circus Mascot's winter circus. In the ring both children and adults can look forward to see Denmark's largest dog show with circus director Marianne and her 9 lovely doggies. The acrobat Tatyana takes her many hula hoops under her arm and demonstrates that through many years of practice you can go from just 1 hoop around your waist to holding over 20 up and running at once! Gulio the clown probably doesn't need much of an introduction. Everyone knows that it can be difficult to catch all the balls you have in the air - you must therefore allow yourself to be impressed by how everything comes together into a higher unity when the music plays and the incomparable juggler Husik throws the rings around, which he grabs again with impressive precision. Daniel Deleuran is ringmaster. The performance lasts approx. 30 minutes. Free admission.

Archive photo from Circus Mascot's performance in the Herning Center in 2019

From 18 to 26 February, Ishøj City Center in Copenhagen present Baldoni's winter circus with two daily performances. The program features Danilo the clown, Katrina Markevich and Anton Tarbeev with foot juggling and diabolo, as well as Michal Mudrak with handstand. Free admission.

Danilo clown was from 2009 to 2018 a consistent figure in the Baldoni performances. During the winter holidays you can now again experience him in ring.

The Rosengaard shopping mall in Odense present in week 7 Enoch's Circus Show with 3 daily performances in week 7. Among the performers are Dutch Mr. Valentino with dogs, Eddy Carello as a drum juggler and Alexander Arli as a comedy/clown. The performance is presented by Jimmy Enoch. Free admission.

Eddy Carello at Enoch's Circus Show February 2020. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The West Zealand center in Slagelse present Benny Schumann's Mini Circus from 13 to 18 February. Every day at 12 & 15. 20 minutes before the performance, Benny holds a circus workshop. In the show, he performs with his clowning, the chair balance number, magic, the ventriloquist dolls Hunni and Nina von Tutti and as the inflated dancer. In addition, the audience meets the Swedish artist Erik Ivarsson, who began developing his talent as a boy in the Swedish youth circus Ludvika Mini Cirkus. Erik Ivarsson is among the best bike artists and is also skilled in handstand / head balance and juggling. He also has a clown entrée with Benny Schumann. Free admission.

Circus Trapez winter circus has performances in a number of Jutland arenas from 10 to 26 February. The performers are Franz Sulc with clown run-ins, John and René Lutzny comedy, Sabrina Lutzny with goats and dogs, the Lutzny family with a cowboy show with knife throwing and spinning lassos, Chantal Lutzny contortion and hula hoop, Joel Lutzny juggling, Samantha Lutzny on floating sled and René Lutzny chair balance.

Link to ticket booking.

Cirkus Panik's 10-year anniversary performance can be seen in their Circus Building in Vanløse from 12 to 19 February. The address is Skjulhøj Allé 21, 2720 Vanløse. The performance was described in more detail here on this page on 15 January. Tickets via billetto for DKK 120 (excl. fee).

Circus of Torment (Horror circus) has performances from 11 to 18 February in Vejle and from 21 to 26 February in Aalborg. Both in England, Germany and the Netherlands, you have been able to see horror circuses for a number of years, but this is the first time we can see a real horror circus in Denmark. A horror circus mixes horror with dark humor, rock music or horror film-inspired electronic music and artistry.

Circus of Torment is produced by Dark Thrills Entertainment with Michaël Betrian at the helm. The Danes could experience his diabolo number in Cirkus Dannebrog in 2014 and in Cirkus Trapez in 2021. David Sosman has the role of Gustavo, the insane juggler.

David Sosman as Gustavo, the insane juggler

You can read more about the show and buy tickets at https://www.circusoftorment.com/

The Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen offers from Monday to Thursday 13 to 16 February every day at 11 on the crazy drum phenomenon Kalle Mathiesen's World Tour. Armed with loop station, drum set, bass, balloons, pied animals, knight's helmet, drill and a good dose of self-irony, he serves up world-class musical entertainment. Kalle Mathiesen trained as a drummer at Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium and has created his one-man show based on the motto that "There is music in everything and everything is music".

Kalle Mathiesen

On Friday 17 February, Kalle leaves the stage to Mugge, the Lizard Jester, who, with a fart in his cap and lots of enjoyable artistry, will entertain with jokes for all ages.

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1 February 2023

New exhibition at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Everyone is welcome to the opening of the museum's new exhibition "We don't live from it, we live with it" - an exhibition about circus culture, Friday 10/2 from 14 to 16 at the Circus Museum. The ventriloquist doll Charlie the dog and Peter Nørgaard will cut the cord, and there will be speeches by Martin Arli, chairman of the circus directors' association, Kenneth Bak, chairman of the culture and leisure committee Hvidovre Municipality and museum curator Mikkel Knudsen.

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1 February 2023

The Circus Museum's annual poster is the 18th in the series of annual posters, and this year the task has been put in the hands of an artist to whom the circus world is in no way a stranger. The artist Anne Marie Johansen has traveled with Circus Arena herself for a period of time to make studies for the picture book "Rundt og rundt sådan cirkus". The annual poster can be bought in the museum's shop, measures 60 x 80 cm and costs DKK 50. If you don't live nearby, you can order the poster by sending an email to info@cirkusmuseet.dk

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30 January 2022

Swedish Circus Brazil Jack opens the Swedish Melodifestival 2023. Melodifestivalen 2023 will be the 63rd edition of the Swedish music competition Melodifestivalen, which will be organized by Sweden’s Television (SVT) and take place over a six-week period between 4 February and 11 March 2023. The winner will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, to be held in Liverpool in May 2023. The first broadcast will be broadcast from Gothenburg on SVT1 on February 4 at 20. In the opening act, Circus Brazil Jack brings some of the world's leading circus artists from Ukraine, Italy and Brazil together to offer fire, aerial acrobatics and death-defying roller skating. The Swedish magician and entertainer Carl-Einar Häckner is also in the broadcast. And then, of course, the singers who are fighting to win the Swedish competition and go on to the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

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23 January 2023

Winners at the 45th Festival International Du Cirque De Monte-Carlo & 10th New Generation.

Golden clown

This year, only onde golden clown was awarded. It went to the jockey riders René Casselly Junior, Merrylu Casselly and Quincy Azzario, who among other acts presented "pas de trois" on horseback.

Quincy Azzario, René Casselly Jr. and Merrylu Casselly. Quincy is daughter of the clown José Michel and his wife Giulia. Together with her sister, she appeared as Azzario Sister in Zirkus Nemo in 2014. In 2012, the sisters were with Swedish Cirkus Brazil Jack. René and Merrylu Caselly's parents are René and Alexia Casselly. Until 2010, the parents and the two children worked for several seasons in Danish Cirkus Arena. Merrylu Casselly later married Joseph Richter Jr. and together with him won a golden clown in Monte Carlo in 2018. Today they are divorced.

There was a silver clown for the following:

Fleming Martini – flying trapeze

Bruno Togni – tigers. He also received the audience award

Alex Giona – horses in liberty

Victoriia Dziuba - equilibrist

Mustafa Danguir Troop – high wire and double death wheel

Secret of my Soul - ring trapeze

This year’s bronze clowns went to

Mystery of Gentlemen - ball balance

Deadly Games - knife throwers

Elisa Cussadie - parrots

The Bingo Troupe.

The Bingo Troupe is a large troupe, which is often divided into smaller units. They have also previously won prizes in Monte Carlo. In 2014, one of the troupe's units performed in Danish Circus Dannebrog. The photo is from 2018, when 8 of the troupe's female members worked for Danish Circus Arena. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Junior Gold

Ameli Bilyk – slack wire

Junior Silver

Sofiia Hrechko - contortion

Vladyslava Naraieva - equilibrist

Junior Bronze

Kimberly Zavatta – aerial straps

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21 January 2023

Circus Cirkör on tour in Norway. The Swedish contemporary circus writes:

Since its premiere in Marseille in 2013, Cirkus Cirkör's performance Knitting Peace has successfully toured both in Sweden and internationally. Last week, an attention-grabbing site-specific version of the performance was created at the Nordic embassies in Berlin on the occasion of the inauguration of Sweden's presidency of the EU. Knitting Peace, with its peace theme, is (sadly) highly topical and in March 2023 a larger Norwegian tour with four stops awaits: Nøtterøy, Skien, Haugesund and Stavanger.

See more at https://cirkor.se/en/knitting-peace/

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16 January 2023

Circus Arena 2023 – Jimmy Saylon. Some of the artist in this year's performance were mentioned on this page on 2 January.

Cirkus Arena says that in addition to those mentioned, you can meet the Italian magician and illusionist Jimmy Saylon. He enters the ring with his time machine and lets the adventure begin. The magic is alive, and before the eyes of the audience he conjures so that you cannot believe your eyes. Jimmy Saylon performed last summer in Cirkusland in Slagelse.

Jimmy Saylon. Click here to see a video clips from his act

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15 January 2023

Circus Panik winter circus. The small circus writes (my translation)

Highly honored audience welcome to the celebration of Circus Panik's 10th anniversary performance, during the winter holidays in the Circus building in Vanløse, Copenhagen, in week 7. We present the performance "Den Glade Galla" (the Happy Galla) to mark this 10th anniversary. Experience Cirkus Panik in cooperation with the contemporary circus company Volantes, presenting a terrific gala performance for the entire family.

Experience a gala show filled with

Crazy flying Acrobatics

Amazing illusion

Gravity challenging juggling

Laughter convulsive clowns

Music and rhythms from all corners of the world

Signature Fire and Fakir finale

We are looking forward to seeing you! Entertainment for the whole family. but we recommend + 3 years.

Tickets via billetto for DKK 120 (excl. fee)

Venue: Circus Panik - Skjulhøj Allé 21, DK- 2720 Vanløse, Copenhagen. The circus building in Vanløse is situated within 10 minutes' walk distance from Vanløse station. The doors open one hour before the show starts.

There will be an opportunity to buy popcorn, something to drink, etc. in our cozy cafe.

We are extremely grateful for the granted support from Vanløse Local Committee, thank you for the support.

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13 January 2023

Circus Trapez winter circus. The first circus performance of the year in Denmark is Friday 10 February at 17, where Circus Trapez premieres their winter circus in Thorhallen in Jels. They present the performance as this (my translation):

During the school’s winter holidays in weeks 7 and 8, Circus Trapez carries out the tradition in a number of sport centres and other arenes in Jutland with a cozy Winter Circus performance that brings lots of fun and circus nostalgia for the whole family.

Look forward to see among other things a skilled juggler, a beautiful snake person (contortionist), great aerial acts, wild wild west show, lots of clowning, naughty goats, cute dogs and much more.

Take a seat around our enchanting ring and forget the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life, while you let yourself be enchanted by our magical show.

We look forward to welcoming you to Winter Circus in World Class 2023

Isabella Enoch Sosman tells that the performing artists are:

Franz Sulc with clown awards

John and René Lutzny comedy

Sabrina Lutzny with goats and dogs

Sabrina Lutzny with dogs

The entire Lutzny family with a cowboy show with knife throwing and spinning lassos.

Chantal Lutzny contortion and hula hoop

Joel Lutzny juggling

Samantha Lutzny on a floating toboggan

René Lutzny chair balance

Franz Sulc was run-in clown in a number of last year's autumn and Christmas performances in Circus Trapez. The versatile Lutzny family, who in recent years have toured with the Austrian Circus Picard in the summer season, were also part of the Trapez Winter Circus 2022. This year, however, with several new acts. The family consists of René & Sabrina Lutzny with their children Samanta, Chantal and Joel.

The Lutzny family with their cowboy show. All photos press photos from Circus Trapez

Joel Lutzny

Samantha Lutzny on her floating toboggan

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7 January 2023

This year it is 50 years since the Swedish Circus Academy was founded. They celebrate it on March 18 in Stockholm, Sweden. The detailed program has not yet been published

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2 January 2023

Circus Baldoni 2023. Circus Baldoni writes (my translation):

Season 2023 starts on Easter Monday, April 10. This time it will be with a completely new setup and with the comedian, singer and actor Amin Jensen as ringmaster and not least the one who has Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll) on his arm. It will hardly be a problem as Amin has added voices to over 1,500 cartoons over the years.

Amin is looking forward to presenting a wide selection of super talented artists. You will, among other performers, meet Martyne Chabry with her formidable quick-change and musical act. Nandor Varadi and Diana Boiachin a Hungarian couple with juggling, acrobatics and air pole. Kaya Janacek our super talent within rola bola reaches completely new heights. The Western family Buffalo Family makes lassos, knives and axes flying through the air. We also have a brand-new clown on the programme. It is Tøffe who is making a comeback after a break of several years. Connoisseurs remember him for his unique comic impersonations and he is sure to bring smiles and laughter throughout the tent. In seasons 20 and 21, Peter Nørgaard was ringmaster. He is still assisting us as he put the performance on stage. All in all, plans have been made for another blast of an experience for the whole family.

The tented season lasts until August 29, after which we move indoors to sports centres visiting as always, the Faroe Islands.

Martyne Chabry is daughter of the clown Toto Chabri and Mrs. Norah. She performed in Circus Benneweis in 1998, 2005 and 2014 and in Circus Baldoni in 2020. Martyne Chabri is her stage name – she is christened Martine Gombert.

Martyne Chabri

The juggler Nandor Varadi was with the small Danish Circus Krone in 2007 and with Circus Baldoni in 2008 and 2010. In 2018, he was together with Diana Boiachin in the Norwegian Circus Arnardo - he as a juggler, Diana with aerial acts.

Nandor Varadi.

The Buffalo Family, also known as the Janacek family, has worked for Baldoni for several years. The eldest son Kaya last time presented his formidable rola-bola act in 2021. The act was also presented a few times in season 2022, when other artists couldn’t perform.

Maria and Eddie Janacek with lasso in 2019

The comedian Tøffe has previously entertained the audience at Benny Schumann's clown shows at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen. Tøffe has also appeared in numerous commercials, short films and feature films both in Denmark and abroad. Most recently in "Journal 64" and "A fortunate man". For a number of years, together with the Swedish comedian Yan Swahn and the singer Gitte Johnson, he was part of the show group "Two tons of fun". Tøffe also had some good seasons with Bakkens Andy, Kai Løvring and Bjarne Lisby in Restaurant "The four Oaks" at Bakken. Most recently, in the run-up to Christmas, you have been able to meet him as Santa Claus at H.C. Andersen's Christmas market in Copenhagen.

Tøffe. Photo from a clown show at Bakken 2011. Photographer: Per Krogh Petersen

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2 January 2023

Danish circuses in 2023. Here is an overview in alphabetical order of the circuses that we expect to see on the Danish roads in 2023, as well as the planned opening dates.

Cirkus Arena: Season opening at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on 3 April. The performance will just as in 2022 be presented by Bubber and Julie Berthelsen.

Among the performers are the juggler Michael Ferrari, his brother the tight wire dancer Steven Ferrari, the high wire troupe Ortiz, who also perform in the wheel of death, the aerial acrobats Duo Costache and Circus Arena's usual clown Jimmy Folco. Changes may occur.

With a few exceptions, Jimmy Folco has been part of Arena's performances since 1997. Press photo from Circus Arena

Circusland in Circus Arenas winter quarter in Aarslev is next time open during the winter holidays from 11 to 19 February. This summer they have planned a series of open-air concerts: 23 June Kandis. 30 June Stig (Stig Rossen) and friends. 7 July Lars Lilholt band. July 28 Queen Machine. 6 August Hansi Hinterseer.

Circus Arli: season opening at the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Flong 2 April. The names of the performers have not yet been published.

Martin Arli and his son Alexander are always among the main forces in Circus Arli.

Circus Baldoni: season opening in Hillerod 10 April. Names of the cast mentioned above.

Circus Mascot: no information about the summer tour yet. As in 2022, they will tour in sport centres and other arenas and not have tented performances. During the winter holidays in week 7, you can see them with short performances in the Herning Shopping Mall.

Marianne Deleuran and her playful doggies are an absolutely indispensable part of a Mascot performance. Press photo from Circus Mascot

Zirkus Nemo: season opening April 29 in Horsens. Apart from the circus owner, the actor and comedian Søren Østergaard, the names of the performers have not been published.

Although Zirkus Nemo offers excellent artists, it is primarily Søren Østergaard himself that the Danish audience comes to see. Here as the smash man together with Søren's PA Laura Kvist Poulsen. Photo from 2019. Photographer: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

Circus Trapez: From 10 to 26 February winter circus in a number of Jutland sport centres and other arenas. No information about the summer tour yet.

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1 January 2023

Birthdays with a round figure 2023. Several people in the Danish circus and artist world can celebrate a birthday with a round figure during 2023:

20 January 2023: Philip Schumann, former artist and ringmaster, 70 years old

3 April 2023: Camilla Frimann, Circus Baldoni, 50 years old

16 April 2023: Sonja Solberg, former aerial artist, 80 years old

7 September 7: Charmaine, Stephanie and Oliver Berdino, artists, 30 years

13 September 2023: Bjoern Schult-Bjornlys, former trick rider etc.

1 November 2023: Marc Thierry, bandmaster and musician, 50 years old

6 November 2023: Ole Bünger, ventriloquist, magician etc.,80 years old

18 December2023: Jacki Steckel, former artist and circus owner etc. 70 years old

18 December 2023: Michael Frederiksen, magician, 50 years old

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1 January 2023

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