Older Circus news from Denmark 2019

27 June 2019

Flying Superkids. Flying Superkids started many years ago as a traditional gymnastics team, but has evolved into an internationally renowned show ensemble, and today the show has performed in more than 35 countries. Audiences everywhere and of all ages are blown away by the show, and Flying Superkids is a wonderful experience for the whole family. The show is a high tempo mix of acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing, singing, comedy, tumbling and of course twists, double and triple somersaults on trampolines and other crazy equipment. The true centre of the show, however, is the joy of life within each of the young performers.

Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Tilst (Aarhus suburb) on June 21 at 6.30 pm and writes:

An hour before the performance began, there was busy activity on the large area around the beautiful, brand new tent palace. A proud Jimmy Enoch showed me the palace: a tent palace without poles, but with room for 1,000 spectators. All spectators sit on a steep 10-row seating, and all sit on comfortable, upholstered benches with a good backrest. The design of the seating is well suited to give the audience a sense of solidarity. And in a good mood, the performance is well on the way to becoming a good and life-affirming experience - both for the actors on the stage and the spectators who can see and hear the other spectators' companionship and applause. A steep seating section strengthens the experience.

But before the performance, children romped about in the open air. It was almost like a fun fair or as a festival. There was a trampoline, a climbing track, a moon bounce, a playing field, swings - and much more. And a car on which it was allowed to paint with a marker. Plus a number of stalls where food and merchandise were for sale. And a stage for warm-up for those who wanted to join.

The circus lot with the palace tent. All photos by courtesy of Flying Superkids

The concept of Superkids is different from the classic circus e.g. because the performers are children and young people who love to perform - and do so in their spare time. But the performance has a leg in the circus and moves in a tension field between gymnastics, dance and circus.

Superkids are distinguished by a nice design - both in terms of suits and lighting. All the time you get surprised – you are almost bombarded with light and visual impressions. Everything is run at a tight pace, where nothing gets stuck and nothing is forced. It seems immensely worked out - and yet relaxed, like a play with the body, with props, with costumes, with light, sound and colours. And everything is supported by the actors' obvious joy and pride in what they do and can do.

The performance starts with a jump from a mobile tower, which can be driven forward and pulled back and rebuilt, so that it is adapted to the individual disciplines. And there were lots of circus elements. E.g. lots of jump - as a good Arab troupe a team of elite gymnasts can do it. Jump on mat or with springboard. Handspring, somersaults and flip-flop.

Lots of impressive jumping

Double somersaults with pirouette and as far as I could see a triple somersault. And the circus genre acts came as pearls on a string. There was vertical rope, hula-hoop (with 120 hoops), German wheel, skipping rope, chair balancing, a knock-about table act, parterre acrobatics and a living doll.

Hula hoop with 120 hoops!

Chair Balancing

How to skip at the Flying Superkids

And several song soloists. Everything in a colourful stage management with light and fire effects. Occasionally, there were movies with pictures from Superkids traveling around into the big world. And Lars Godbersen (CEO for Flying Superkids) in top form as the one who connected the different elements in the performance where it was necessary. And in the middle of it all a mighty Viking ship that was pulled in to illustrate that the young performers did not neglect their schooling, but took care of it even when they were on tour. Thus, there was visual education in the Viking Age. And you could meet Jimmy Enoch with hair and beard - a terrifying Viking.

Flying Superkids has found a niche that has a large audience. And everything seems so well run and worked through. Click here to read more.

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25 June 2019

Ludvika Minicircus 35th anniversary. This year, the Swedish children's and youth circus can celebrate its 35th anniversary. It was created in 1984 by artist couple Ola and Barbro Nordström.

Barbro Nordström writes (my translation):

"Yes, almost exactly 35 years ago, Ludvika Minicircus had his first show in connection with the inauguration of the ABB Hall.

That Ludvika Minicircus - Young Stars became well-known artists who made shows

all over the world, and became prize winners at all major circus festivals, you probably know. Many of our children have become professional artists.

The association now has about 150 young students who for one year have trained to be able to present a great 35 year anniversary show.

Our Young Stars are training every day and during week 27 all of us will have rehearsals for the program.

We have performances 5-6-7 July. Co-organizers are Ludvika Culture & Leisure and Ludvika 100 years.

In week 26 we run our annual summer circus school.”

See more at www.ludvikaminicircus.com

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24 June 2019

Accident in Circus Arena. On Friday 22 June, Circus Arena visited Nakskov. The first act after the break was flying trapeze performed by the Flying Wulbers. During one of the troupe’s tricks, the double passage where two leapers are in the air at the same time, the leapers hit each other, and one leaper Patricio Alexis fell into the safety net. Unfortunately he hit one of the bars holding the net. The unfortunate artist was quickly helped out of the ring and taken to the hospital where a gash in the head was sewed. He does not work anymore this weekend, but he expects to be back next week, when he and the rest of The Flying Wulber once again will impress the audience.

While it often happens that a leaper without any harm fall into the net while attempting to make a triple, there is very rare occurrence of an accidents during a double passage.

During the double passage, two leapers are in the air at the same time. First one flies and is caught by the catcher. At the same time as the jump back to the swinging trapeze, the other flies and is caught by the catcher. Next, the trapeze swings back, and leaper number two hangs next to leaper number one on the way back to the bar. It went wrong because the two leapers brushed each other. Photo from Circus Arena’s season opening where the double passage was performer without problems. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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24 June 2019

Small program change in Circus Trapez. Michael Cadima, who has had the part as clown and juggler in this year's performance Yakari and Little Thunder, has for the rest of the season been replaced the German / Russian artist and bounching juggler Ilja Smyslov. Ilja also performs with comedy and juggling in the air.

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21 June 2019

Zirkus Barnly 2019. Zirkus Barnly is owned by the actor and comedian Søren Østergaard who also owns the very successful Zirkus Nemo which is a combination of a circus and a comedy show. Zirkus Nemo calls itself Denmark’s only circus for adults. Zirkus Barnly is circus for children.

Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance at ‘Tangkrogen’ in Aarhus on June 19th at 17 and writes (my translation).

Zirkus Nemo has got a little sister. Next to the beautiful Nemo tent a more humble two-pole tent is put up, a tent which certainly has been in use previously.

Zirkus Barnly’s small 2 pole tent. Photo: Lise Kokholm

It's called Zirkus Barnly and the key performer is captain and is called Frodo. He is an indefinable mix of a wizard, artist, barker and oriental snake charmer - and much more. Some of what he does is successful in the first attempt. Others do not succeed at all or get messed up. But with humour and the gift of the gab he gets it turned into a complete success. He is indeterminate, can rattle off, rambling, subtle and first and foremost sympathetic when, with disbelief in his eyes, he tries make the children believe that this is how it is and how it should be - and so has it always been! And we adults is carried away - brought back to the lost childhood and lost faith of the childhood where everything was possible and nothing unlikely.

Captain Frodo welcomed and showed a completely different part of himself than the one known from La Clique, La Soirée and Zirkus Nemo. In Zirkus Barnly he was a very entertaining and talking as a waterfall. Photo: Lise Kokholm

He leads the fun in the 50 min. long performance. And he is well assisted by two female co-players and opponents. Captain Nemo bosses Line Vittrup and Jennie Mikaelsson about. He cannot do without them if he shall prevent the world from collapsing around him. And the multimedia musician Henning Amstrup is present everywhere - with new instruments and happy music.

And one should pay attention to the cascades of words that flow freely and that help to explain what is not successful - and to emphasize the successes that arise during the process. Such is the recommendation: a linguistic waterfall - and linguistic renewal. About the rope trick: "Why cut it when it has to be put together again?" Yes, honestly! About the bear cub Little Ole, a stuffed animal that is conjured up from the sawdust: "It is so stiff of fear that you cannot see that it is alive." on it, for it is invisible egg: "It comes from a hen that has had an imaginary pregnancy."

A large part of the performance consists of Frodo's cozy magic for children with the use of among other things the trick with the rope, cut into 3 pieces. He also got a lot of fun from the invisible egg. He is not a stranger of magic: he is the son of the Norwegian magician The Great Santini. Photo from 2018. Photographer: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

And finally he sets himself up on a pedestal. He does not sit on the barrel, which he has otherwise brought, but on a can - while taking his legs on his neck.

Frodo's famous act with buckets. Photo: Lise Kokholm. Click here to see more of Lise’s photos from this year’s performance

Good entertainment is characterized by the fact that it can create great and accurate expectation (the late Danish author Per Højholt's words). That's how it is here - just like in big sister Nemo. An accomplished, well-thought-out staging, which, however, is not tighter than there is room for improvisations and horny whims. A good example of this was last Wednesday in Nemo, where it was a terrible thunderstorm during the performance. Søren Østergaard had presence of mind enough to comment on the thunderstorm in a manner, so that the uneasiness in the tent passed away. The same was the case in Barnly. It must be a game and in the game you cannot foresee everything, even if the rules are set in advance. And the good artist and juggler is the one who - with a quote by Philip Schumann - shows what needs to happen - in a fraction of a second before it happens.

Great that Zirkus Barnly sticks to popular genuine fair performer and circus culture. For we need it!

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14 June 2019

Circusland in Slagelse opens in the summer holidays from 6 July 2019. Circusland is a theme park situated in Circus Arena’s winter quarter in Aarslev, Slagelse. In a press release, park manager Suzanne Berdino writes (my translation):

Take a break from the busy everyday life; get into the whimsical world where you are welcomed by Mister Tik Tak from Esdelot - the fairy-tale world where everything can happen. Suddenly you see Tiger Lilly who ran away from Mister Tik Tak. Or Flora Cake who is in search after Professor Magic, whom she has fallen in love with. Madame Betty is crazy about dogs, and together with little Miss Mynte she try to get control of them. Best as you think you saw them all, a real pirate suddenly appears. Namely Kalle Cannonball, who takes you to the pirate country, where you can meet the sea lions Luna, Sally and Oscar, who are frolicking in Denmark's largest sea lion basin.


Mister Tik Tak and Kalle Cannonball. In civilian life also known as Brian Behrendt from Briano’s Circus Travel. All photos by courtesy of Cirkusland

Throughout the day, you have the opportunity to explore Circusland and get close to all our lovely animals in their stables. We have among other things horses, sea lions, llamas, zebras, pigs, goats and ponies. Come and greet the robot Bumblebee which for the first time can be seen in Denmark, and participate in our new adventure hunt, where you can win a prize.

The robot Bumblebee

All activities and shows are free when the entrance to Circusland is paid. It is possible to buy food and drinks at reasonable prices in the park's bistro. Circusland is open in all kinds of weather, so remember clothes according to the weather as some of the activities take place outdoors.

Every day there is festive parade through Cirkusland - the parade ends with shows the stage. Every afternoon there is also a children's show, a pirate fairy-tale show and an adventurous circus performance with the park's figures.

Do you dream of becoming a juggler, tight wire dancer or diablo juggler? The visit our circus school and learn new tricks with the help of professional circus artists and Berty the clown. The funniest summer school for kids and adults - and learning a few new tricks does not cost extra!


The clown Berty is one of the 3 Balder brothers who years ago worked at appeared as clown trio in e.g. German Circus Barum and Danish Circus Dannebrog.

Every day during the summer holidays, Circus Landino present an adventurous circus performance at 13:30. In the performance you can e.g. meet Professor Magic and Flora Cake who appear with their enchanting pigeons. There are also funny dogs and you can see cute unicorns in the ring. Access to the circus performance is free when the entrance to Circusland is paid.

A number of performers in Circusland

Practical info about Circusland in Slagelse: From 6 July - 11 August. Open every day at. 10-16.

Entrance ticket per person 129 DKK. 25 DKK discount for members of Danish Circus Friends Association. Family entrance ticket 4 persons 476 DKK.  Free entrance for children under 90 cm.

When the entrance fee is paid, all shows, rides, activities and parking are free.

Brian Behrendt, who in Circusland can be experienced seen as Mister Tik Tak and Kalle Kanonball, tells that the name of the fairy-tale country Esdelot is something that Circusland itself has made up with various characters from the fairy-tale and fantasy world. The name may be inspired by the song about the fairy tale land Camelot, where summer lasts from March to September, where it is never too hot and where it never rains until after sunset.

Brian will for the time being not disclose other performers than Berty Balder, Silvana and Claude Biasini and Suzanne Berdino and himself. But there will be more artists.

Circusland is located in Circus Arenas winter quarter in Årslev near Slagelse. Driving directions: If you come off the motorway E 20 turn off at exit 39. Take road 225 towards Jyderup. In Sønderup turn left towards Årslev. Then follow the signs. To the GPS: the address is Aarslevvej 6, 4200 Slagelse.

Be careful: There are 5 Danish villages called Årslev. 3 in Jutland, 1 on Funen and 1 on Zealand. Circusland is situated in the one at Zealand: it is a small village 9 kilometres north of Slagelse.

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14 June 2019

The photographer Mr. Sputnik (Per Krogh Petersen) saw Circus Mascot's performance in Gudme on 13 June. Click here to see his photos and video clips from the show.

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10 June 2019

Markko Karvo stops at the end of the year. According to the Swedish website www.magiclund.se, the excellent Finnish magician Markko Karvo stops by the end of this year's end with his excellent act with pigeons. For the time being you can see him in Danish Zirkus Nemo where he also was in 2013 and 2015. His first performance in Denmark was in the fall of 1996, when he was at Charley Kaye’s Red Inn Theater in Copenhagen.

From the final in Markko Karvo and Mrs Vanessa's act. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Markko Karvo was born in 1962. He mentions the English magician Johnny Hart as one of his role models. He has performed over most of the world and was among other places 6 years in the famous cabaret Lido in Paris. Click here to see a video with his act.

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7 June 2019

Circus Jesper 2019. Norway has 3 circuses: the large Circus Arnardo, the medium-sized Circus Agora and Circus Jesper. The first two are traditional touring tent circuses. Circus Jesper is a stationary circus in Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park.

Sirkus Jesper’s tent. Photo from 2018. Photographer: Lise Kokholm

The approximately on-hour long performances are a theme performance, based on the end of the book When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town where the robber Jesper becomes circus director. Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park writes (my translation):

Jesper is proud as a circus horse over having got his own circus. This year, he invites you to a fun and spectacular circus performance out of the ordinary. Meet the funny clown Bonbon, hairdresser Sorensen with an impressive plate juggling act, the trampoline artist Costin, circus director Jesper with the elephant Mimo (not a real elephant), little Kamomilla and the Lionman. Moreover, it is rumored that Jesper has a plan to get a grumpy aunt to float ...

In Circus Jesper, there are professional circus artists from all around the world in a new and fun mix with famous characters from Cardamom Town. Circus Jesper certainly is for the entire family - let yourself be thrilled too! This is unparalleled circus exprrience!

Danish Lasse "Bonbon" Nørager, who is a creative producer of the performance, says that the performers in this year's performance are

Joakim (Comic)

Bonbon & Tiina badminton, turtle etc.

Bonbon & Tiina badminton. Bonbon turtles. All photos: Lasse Nørager

Nelma Pietela foot juggler from Finland in the part as Columbine

Lajos Nagy (Nereus) plate juggler in the part as of hairdresser Sorensen

Julia & Joakim juggling

Julia and Joakim with their juggling act. They are daughter and son of Lasse Nørager and Mrs Tiina.

Costin Bellu trampoline

Costin Bellu on trampoline. The Swedes met him in Circus Maximum in 2013 and the Danes in Circus Benneweis in 2015.

Hairdresser Sorensen's miraculous hair cure, demonstrated by Julia (hair-hanging)

Piano virtuoso Kamomilla

Auntie Sofie (floating!)

(the robber) Jesper, circus director!

In the ensemble in various roles also Finnish Maria Jernström, Angelika Varga and Danish Freddi Steckel.

Director: Jostein Kirkeby-Garstad. Choreographer: Sindre Postholm. Lighting design: Bjørnar Skutleberg and Joakim Foldøy. Technical: Vegard Skretting and Mathias Gunnulfsen. Sound design: Lasse Nørager and Vegard Skretting. Music organizer: Nikolai Bøgelund. Music production: Lasse Nørager, All of Music (DK). Circus equipment: TL Production

The performance can be seem:

* June: 15 and 16 June. June 17-21: private performances. June 22 - June 31: Tuesday - Sunday.

* July: All days Tuesday - Sunday.

* August: 1st - 4th August.

* Performance start every day at  17.30

If you are on facebook: click here to see some of Lise Kokholm’s photos from Sirkus Jesper 2018.

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4 June 2019

Circus on Gottland. The small zoo Stenkyrka Djurpark - B&M Gården, located on the northern part of the Swedish island Gottland, is from 14 June to 25 August visited by a small circus called Lattjo Lajban. The park promises "A entertaining show with people and their best friends the dog". B&M stands for Bongani & Malin, who bought the farm in 2010 with a dream of creating a zoo. The small circus has earlier toured in Germany under the name Cirkus Lattjo Lajban from Sweden. It is as far as I know owned by Anton Frank's daughter and son-in-law. Anton Frank was chief animal trainer in the Swedish Circus Maximum, who has not toured since 2017. - Lattjo Lajban was a children's program in Swedish TV4.

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3 June 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- always a very lively theatre life, a tradition since MOLIERE / 17th century/, now: THEATRE DE L'ATELIER proudly presents MADEMOISELLE JULIE (Miss Julie) by AUGUST STRINDBERG /1849-1912/, famous Swedish author. Other Scandinavian authors, IBSEN, Norway, H.C. ANDERSEN, Denmark, are fairly often represented on the Parisian stages.

Usually I comment on visual shows only, but this play has a strong visual impact, that is what motivates me.

MADEMOISELLE JULIE is set on Midsummer's Eve on the estate of a count in Sweden. The young woman of the title is drawn to a senior servant, a valet named Jean. The action takes place in the kitchen of Miss Julie's father's manor, where Jean's fiancée, a servant named Christine, cooks and sometimes sleeps. On this night the relationship between Miss Julie and Jean escalates rapidly to feelings of love and is subsequently consummated.

There have been several screen versions of the play.

At the very first performance,  it was met with an outcry of disrespect and disgust, it was seen as immoral and  was, for a certain time, hit by interdiction.

MADEMOISELLE JULIE respects "the three units" i.e. time, place and action and remains of interest even today, a battle between the social classes and for the position of women in our society!

The stage setting gives us a real idea of that time, end of the 19th century, the costumes likewise, and the spectators are thrilled by the dramatic action, performed in the translation by TERJE SINDING, the stage scenery conceived by JULIE BROCHEN.

The actors: ANNA MOUGLALIS, XAVIER LEGRAND, JULIE BROCHEN  are quite convincing in their interpretation - you leave the theatre having seen a masterly performance of a master piece!

The three actors. Photo copyright Franck Beloncle, by courtesy  of Dominique Racle Consultants

The performance can be seen until 30 June.

See more: www.theatre-atelier.com

Venue: Theatre de l'Atelier, Place Charles Dullin, 75018, Paris. Metro: Pigalle or ANVERS.


------------------------------------  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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27 May 2019

News from GLiMT. The Danish performing arts and contemporary circus company GLiMT writes: "We look forward to busy and exciting summer - in fact, this will be one of our busiest summer ever!"

Among the summer's performances are:

On the 24th April, GLiMT travelled to Sandefjord in Norway, for the annual Market for Performing Arts – Markedet for Scenekunst I Sandefjord– specialized in performing arts for children and youths. They presented their show “Sisyphus Ascending” as part of the 30 other performances displayed during the 3 days of this showcase.

GLiMT presented its performance “Dance with me” in May 2019 at the Dance Pavilion by Karens Minde Kulturhus in Copenhagen’s South Harbour, on the occasion of the next edition of CPH STAGE, the biggest theatre festival in Copenhagen.

On the 14 June GLiMT will travel to Kaunas in Lithuania in order to present its now famous performance “Sisyphus Ascending” on the occasion of the circus festival CIRKULIACIJA.

This summer, 60 children from 8 to 12 years old of the primary school Østerbro Lilleskole will create a site-specific performance around the theme “Colonization”, guided and directed by artists from GLiMT. They will be introduced to circus and physical theatre disciplines by 3 professional performers, with whom they will also get to learn the basis of creation process. Finally in two intense working weeks, they will create their own site specific performance, which will be presented by the end of June.

On the 23 June, the performance “opHAV” will play in Ebeltoft, Denmark, at the site of the impressive old ship “Fregatten Jylland” in the harbour. It will be a part of the annual celebration of Sankt Hans, and be followed by a huge bonfire for the city. “opHAV” premiered last year and toured in waterfront cities all over Denmark and Sweden, and this year will be an updated version of the performance with a slightly changed cast.

From 7 - 10 August, the Denmark’s second largest music festival Smukfest takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Skanderborg. This year, GLiMT will create a theatrical universe on "Never Land", close to the festival centre, where the festival guests can sail over to enjoy a different experience, away from music and crowds. GLiMT writes: “We lead the guests into a path to a relaxation area, through a portal to a different reality. We change the forest with sculptures and installations used by acrobats and performers, and we change the way the festival guests experience the forest and allow them to give their tired heads and bodies peace. The performance takes place over 5 hours every day, and is an immersive installation performance where every audience visiting the island gets a different experience.”

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27 May 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - cultural events, minor and major:

CIRQUE GONTELLI is doubtless an important element, in spite of its small size, sporting a SMALL TOP, seating about a hundred persons, often a full house.

SERGE GONTELLI, born in an old Italian circus family, manages this circus together with wife FABIOLA and the children:

CHRISTIAN /juggler, circus cowboy, clown and acrobat/ 

MARY /acrobat with and without hula-hoop, performer with soap bubbles, clown/,

CLINTON, the youngest one who is being trained as an all-round circus artist.

Christian as juggler. All photos by courtesy of Cirque Gontelli

OPHELIE, a promising tight rope walker and trapeze performer has married and left the circus.

SERGE has put in his excellent antipodean/footjuggling act that would easily qualify in any bigger circus, he also presents a MAGIC ACT where the kids may pat the magically produced rabbits - great success!!

FABIOLA acts as RINGMASTER and takes part with SERGE in the clown sequence that closes the show.

As a new feature 2019, MARY performs an act with small and big SOAP BUBBLES it is elegant and poetic and requires the interaction by several kids.

Mary has ‘caught’ a child in a soap bubble

This show that is geared to the small fry, 2 - 6, does also include another novelty:  the well-known TV stunt LA PAT PATROUILLE (Paw Patrol) enters the ring to the delight of the children - imagine to be allowed to shake hands with a famous TV star who otherwise is out of reach behind his screen!

The performers with one of the cats from Paw Patrol

CIRQUE GONTELLI is second to none, i.e. in entertainment for the smallest ones, the only competition would be the PUNCH AND JUDY shows.

CIRQUE GONTELLI is a unique cultural event, presenting a challenge to all kinds of electronic entertainment, thus a healthy and human alternative to a world of robots.

Click here to see at video clip from the performance

Venues: consult L'OFFICEL DES SPECTACLES, in all newspaper stalls, playing in Paris,  MAY thru NOV, playing in MARSEILLE, DEC thru APRIL, the winter weather being milder.

See more: www.les-gontellis.e-monsite.com


--------------------------------  reported by   ZARRO ZARRO.

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 24 May 2019

Cirque Éloize in Aarhus. The world-renowned Canadian Cirque Éloize visits 24 and 25 May Aarhus Music Hall with their new show SALOON. The show is a wonderful mix of dancing, acrobatics and theatre and is based on the tales from the Wild West of America.

The visit is part of Aarhus' international theater festival ILT.

The producers write:

When you walk in the saloon doors, you will be met by a show that will amaze, entertain and excite you to the wonderful sound of folk music. A mythical world will appear before your eyes in a high pace filled with spectacular performances by the talented Cirque Éloizes ensemble.

Click here to see a video clip from the show.

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24 May  2019

Circus from the Nordic Sea. Saturday 25 May at 19:00 and Sunday 26 May at 14:00 you can see a new contemporary circus performance called Circus from the Nordic Sea in Odense at Estlandskajen behind the skate park. Free admission.

DYNAMO Workspace has produced the performance in co-operation the Swedish contemporary circus company Spinning Circus Performance. They write:

The wooden sailboat Johanne has sailed thousands of nautical miles from the North Sea through insidious Skagerrak, to the open Baltic Sea. Her hull has experienced madness and scurvy, and in the cover of the night, her crew has conspired, been drinking and taught themselves new tricks!

In strong gale the heroes of the sea fog stand weathered, raw and ready with a wild and beautiful circus-show! A mad and ingenious balancing act about life aboard, and the world on land.

With neck-breaking acrobatics from the mast, handstand in the wind, and precision second to none in everything that takes place, the crew of artists and musicians demonstrates what happens when the line of command disappears, and creative anarchy breaks free! CIRCUS FROM THE NORDIC SEA is an impressive and seductive circus-show with a duration of approximately 50 minutes with live music by Swedish electronica-artist Jenny Nilsson and is recommended for all ages.

CIRCUS FROM THE NORDIC SEA is the 2nd in line of DYNAMO's co-productions made with the support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Cast: Andrea Hilario, Johannes Starke, Matthew Horton and Rebecca Seward. Live music by: Jenny Nilsson. Producers: Spinning Circus Performance og DYNAMO Workspace

The show is created with financial support from: the Municipality of Odense, the Danish Arts Foundation, Odense Havnekulturfestival, The Swedish Arts Council and the Region of Skåne.

The performance takes place on the old 18 meter long sailboat Johanne and at the quay in front of the ship. It is the plan that the performance after Odense will be on tour to other Danish harbors.

DYNAMO is a workspace for circus and performing arts located in the middle of Denmark at Odense city harbor. Dynamo facilitates the framework for artistic work in progress, development of ideas, residencies, and courses in master classes/open training.

DYNAMO is an important force for the development of the cultural life of Odense, primarily for contemporary circus and performing arts. Odense is Denmark’s third largest city with a populations of 170,000.

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17 May 2019

"Hot air - action now" requires the politician on this poster for the upcoming general election in Denmark. "Don't worry - we're on our way" Circus Arli calms down. - The election posters have in some places given problems for circuses as the politicians to get room for their own posters have pushed circus posters up to such a height that they cannot be removed using a regular ladder.

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16 May 2019

Grand Circus Hotel in Malmö, Sweden. A new hotel, or perhaps rather a youth hostel, has opened at a former railway depot in Malmö. They advertise that you can spend the night in a circus wagon. The hotel is called Grand Circus Hotel and the address is Södra Bulltoftavägen 51, Malmö. On the website www.grandcircushotel.com the hotel is presented as:

On a disused railway lot in Malmö, we’ve created a hotel consisting of circus wagons. Each wagon is one room, and all twelve rooms are decorated in different themes; the Clown’s Wagon, the Manager’s Wagon, the Magician’s Wagon, and so on.

There is a built-in kitchen and bathroom in some of the wagons, and shared ones for others. Our facilities include a shared kitchen, a house with showers and lavatories, and a reception with a minimarket.

All the rooms come with two bikes, free to use during your stay. Additional bikes are available to rent. The hotel also has ten spaces for guest caravans, with access to electricity.

Nearby, there is a street food truck, a supermarket, pizzerias, laundry etc. The city centre can be reached by bus, train or a fifteen minute bike ride.

Welcome to Malmö’s most spectacular accommodation!

The prices for an overnight stay are between 800 and 2,100 SEK (bases on current exchange rate from 75 Euro to 195 Euro)

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14 May 2019

Small program change at Circus Arena. The Cheban troupe is not any longer part of this year's performance. That's not a big loss - in his 5-star review of the performance, Rud Kofoed wrote (my translation): "The weakest act in the performance is probably Cheban with their Russian swing and the jump on inflated giant hoses from landing wheels ..."

For the rest of the season, the Cheban troupe is replaced by the Alexander troupe with springboard. Undoubtedly a good bargain.

Five men high - the Romanian Alexander troupe in Swedish Circus Maximum in 2014. The year before they were at Cirkus Merano in Norway. Now you can meet them in Circus Arena. Jørgen Lorenzen writes that they are excellent. Click here to watch a video clip with the troupe.

"A classic and fast-paced act with human pyramids to both four and five men high", Tobias Schött wrote about the Alexander troupe when they performed at Maximum in 2014. Photo: Tobias Schött

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13 May 2019

Children in the ring are the title of a project that Cirkus Baldoni has been successful with since they launched it in 2017. It is cooperation between Circus Baldoni and schools which get a project to work with, which ends in a private performance with a combination of the school children and Baldoni's artists. For that performance, the children help to sell tickets to family and friends, who of course want to see their children and grandchildren’s act. Circus Baldoni put up their tent and equipment near the school, and they come with all their artists and popcorn machines etc. which belong to a circus. On the performance day  the children come to Circus Baldoni in the morning, where they, together with Baldoni's staff go through the acts with music, light and the practical issues such as taking props in and out, so that everything is ready when the children later in the day perform for parents, siblings , family and friends.

Circus Baldoni's tent forms the framework for a number of private performances, where both school children and Baldoni's artists are in the ring

"It has been a huge motivation for the children to perform in a real circus tent in front of a real audience," says a teacher from Høsterkøb School to Frederiksborg County's newspaper. The school has just had such a project, where 90 children from the school were actively involved in the circus's performance at the playing field in Høsterkøb. "We have had children, who from the beginning would not be involved, but who then have thrown themselves into it and found the joy of being really good at something," another teacher tells the newspaper.

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8 May 2019

The Circus Farm 2019. There is premiere at the 2019 performance at Katja Schumann's Circus Farm in Løkken on Sunday 11 May at 16. At the Circus Farm horses and animals are the focus. The animals are presented in the theme "play - learn - masters".

From May 11 to June 23 there is a performance every Saturday and Sunday at 16. In the holiday weeks 26 - 32 there is a performance every day except Monday at 16

The address is Cirkusgaarden, Vrenstedvej 287, 9480 Løkken.

From the 2018 show

Løkken is a holiday resort in the in the northern part of Jutland. Katja Schumann bought the 21,000 m2 large former farm in 2014. At that time the property looked like it was waiting for a bulldozer. But since Katja and her friend Luffe Bøgh have worked hard to put the ramshackle property in order and to create a circus farm focusing on animals as well as a circus museum focusing on the Schumann family. The last goal has not yet been completed, but Katja and Luffe have certainly created a circus farm and an environment worth a visit. And they are also working to get the museum established.

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7 May 2019

Ban against circus elephants postponed due to a forthcoming general election.

The Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has called for a general election to be held on 5 June 2019.

Elections for the Danish Parliament take place at least every four years, but a prime minister can call an election at any time. The last general election was on 18 June 2015.

When a general election is called for all bills which not yet have passed by parliament are withdrawn. And as a proposal for animal welfare bill with ban against circus elephants wasn’t passed by the Parliament before the call for general election the proposal is withdrawn.

A large majority in the Danish Parliament are in favour of a ban against circus elephants. But there were elements regarding regulation of the agriculture sector in the proposed animal welfare bill which was more controversial.

After the general election the next ordinary session in the Danish Parliament will not start until October. At that time it is likely that a revised animal welfare bill will be presented to Parliament and can pass through parliament in December.

Conclusion: It is still allowed to present elephants, sea lions and zebras in Danish circuses. As for other wild animals such as big cats there has been a ban since 1963.

The two circuses which have elephants – Circus Arena has three and Circus Trapez one - have however chosen to leave the elephants in their winter quarters this year. They know that a ban is coming and seem more interested in getting financial compensation for the elephants than in letting them perform.

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6 May 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  forever and ever -- a lot of visual shows that are thrilling, interesting and hilarious -- now THÉÂTRE ALAMBIC COMÉDIE proudly presents a family show based on magical effects and surprises.

THÉÂTRE ALAMBIC COMÉDIE is a rather small theater, nicely refurbished and sporting a middle-seized stage, an elegant curtain and a good sound-and-light-system, everything that happens on stage is clearly seen.

THE ACTOR MAGIC ENTERTAINER, OWAN NEMO calls his show "ET TOUT CELA POUR DES CHAMPIGNONS", free translation: "OUT IN THE FOREST TO PICK MUSHROOMS", a trip creating plenty of funny incidents, original as well as pleasant.

The small fry responds readily, some of them are invited up on stage, there is thus plenty of interaction, all of them are active.

Points of interest:  the French and particularly Parisian tradition of going to the theatre is alive and kicking, one goes to the circus and the theater, and this since MOLIERE produced his plays, the children experience that funny and pleasant stories can be produced without electronics -  LIVE ENTERTAINMENT has advantages!!

Absolutely worth seeing for both kids and parents!!

Photo by courtesy of Owan Nemo. Click here to see a video clip from the performance.

See more: www.owan-nemo.fr och https://www.alambic-comedie.com/

Venue: THÉÂTRE ALAMBIC COMÉDIE, 12 rue Neuve de la Chardonniere, 75018 Paris. Metro: SIMPLON.


-------------------------------  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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2 May 2019

Circus Mascot. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Stevnstrup on May 1st at 17 and writes (my translation):

Circus is both tradition and innovation. Tradition, because the audience want to have the joy of recognition. It must be as it has always been. But if at the same time there isn’t innovation - sometimes imperceptible - it feels stiff and irrelevant. The circus has to accommodate both.

Circus Mascot holds on to the traditions - quite literally. It is the two artist families Deleuran and Gulyamov who are responsible for most of the performance. Just like last year. And there are two new artists, two brothers from Ethiopia. They replace the two Polish artists who starred last year. And this year the performance has been titled: circus goes crazy.

But: both the Gulyamov family (father, mother, daughter and son) and the Deleuran family (Marianne and her son Daniel) surprise with completely new acts. Everything feels fresh, new and rejuvenated. And then the performance takes place in a tight and fast pace. It always strengthens the attraction.

The clown Gulio (Ulmas Gulyamov) is getting better and better. Every year, his entrées are brand new - and are a celebration of whim, creepy ideas and ridiculous, technical inventions. And he uses many lines - are periodically a speaking clown. But one proof of his abilities, for example, you get when he flings an enlarged bath ball to the audience. Many clowns do that, but Gulio makes it so subtle that the whole tent is full of joy and laughter – pure fun and games. Everyone is involved - everyone feels delighted. Only the good clown can act like this. And another original entrée: the clown comes up against a human-sized teeth in a giant mouth that can walk by its own power. It is then Gulio's job to make sure that the giant mouth’s teeth are brushed. Not an easy tasks, because the giant mouth both can walk around, responds and bite.

Gulio with toothbrush. All photos: Daniel Deleuran, Circus Mascot

And this year he has constructed an applause-board to measure the strength of the audience's applause. He does so, and the applause becomes so great that the machine explodes.

With his daughter Juliya, he has a priceless, funny entrée. It begins as the classic spaghetti entre, where the clown must serve for a restaurant guest. Here it goes completely grassy when the guest is served rat soup. Rat Soup! Who get such an idea? In the beginning, the soup floats with dead rats (of clothing), but soon the ring is swarming with rats. It's screamingly funny.

Juliya and Gulio will serve rat soup

Mrs. Gulyamov, who has kept her surname Primachenko, we have seen before - in a tissue act. This year she is still an aerial artist, but now in the vertical rope. And she does that superbly. with fast pirouettes while hanging in a foot, in an arm and in the neck. Strength, beauty and superb command of prop and body.

Tetyana Primachenko

Their son Husik appears in a costume that reminds one of an astronaut. Or is it a knight? He juggles with diabolos and makes it safe and convincing

Husik with diabolos

There at lots of animals in the performance. For circus and animals belong together. You've seen Marianne's dog show before? But no, it feels fresh and new. Among other things because it starts with the dog Bobby which can do sums and this year also has learned to play piano. It does so - eagerly encouraged by Marianne's dog biscuits when it hits the right keys. And there are many other animals: ponies, the pigs Yrsa and Sille (presented by Marianne in a smart young girl outfit), goats, a goose, during the interval a donkey - and as mentioned rats.

Marianne Deleuran and Sille

The two African artists appear in costumes that do not look like the classic European costume. It seems like a colourful sportswear and it is probably an Ethiopian dress. They start the show with a hat juggling and they end it with a fine Risley act.

Abebe and Dessta with a Risley act i.e. foot-juggling with a partner while lying back on a trinka

In short: it's new, but it's classic. It's fast-paced and humour-filled mood-filled without being hurried. It's true circus. What the full house tent also acknowledged with warm applause. No one got tired. But many wished it would continue. That's what it does - next year! So just go crazy again next year.

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29 April 2019

THE ILLUSIONISTS -- a splendid magic show has performed in COPENHAGEN. It is difficult to sell tickets to a magic show in Denmark. A producer had rented Royal Arena, trying the risky business, proudly presenting 3 shows, sporting prices of DDK 470 -  770 (equivalent to from 60 to 105 Euro) resulting in an less than half full arena offering 7,500 seats, dates 26 and 27 of April , 2019.

THE ILLUSIONISTS SHOW initiated on Broadway, but is now touring the world, visiting 19 European cities, ending its European tour in London, at the Shaftesbury Theater, July 06 thru September 01.

One other unity is currently touring the US.

The cast is subject to changes: several acrobats performed amazing stunts in between the very acts, they were marvellous before leaving the stage to Luis De Matos, and Danish TV speaker Anders Breinholt as MC /master of ceremonies/.

The cast: escapologist Andrew Basso featuring the Houdini Water Torture Cell, being immerged in a kind of milk container, shackled and head down, but nevertheless free in less than three minutes.

Kevin James sporting a person sawed in halves and Snowstorm in China; all kids up to the age of seven were encouraged to get up on stage...

Sos and Victoria, elegant quick change of costumes.

Yu Ho-Jin, card and coin manipulations, seen on giant screen.

James More, featured several illusions, as did also Enzo Weyne.

Luis De Matos, an impressive prediction stunt, having the audience completely stunned.

The editor of www.circus-dk.dk, Ole Simonsen and his son Lars as well as his grand-child Sebastian were enthralled and ready to see the show a second time.

However, as mentioned the ticket sale was disappointing is seems doubtful if the show another time will visit Copenhagen.

See more at www.theillusionistslive.com


Translated from DANISH by ZARRO ZARRO.

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27 April 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS --   LA SCALA has been refurbished and welcomes the audience!!

History: LA SCALA was once a theater having a good reputation, welcoming a numerous audience, unfortunately it went bust and remained a ruin for years.

Since  OCTOBER 2018 it has been rebuilt, totally refurbished and offers a rich and changing production -  LA SCALA is located in a rather international district and is really one of the central parts of  Paris, a great tourist attraction sporting theater plays and visual shows.

The interior is beautifully decorated, all in blue; it offers a comfortable suit of seats, all on different levels, making a good view of the stage possible, and a friendly welcome desk.

LA SCALA proudly continues the theater tradition from MOLIERE:  TRISSOTIN OU LES FEMMES SAVANTES /TRISSOTIN OR THE KNOWLEDGEABLE WOMEN/, written in 1672, stage setting by MACHA MAKEIEFF, treats an issue that is super actual today, viz. the emancipation and rights of all women.

All photos by courtesy of Dominique Racle Consultants

Decoration and costumes by  MACHA MAKEIEFF, a team of 12  actors feature the play to fight for the women's right to find their place within all the structures of our society, and this is performed in a dynamic as well as comical way -  all that make men doubtful, insecure and often unhappy !!

The play is featured in French, but - knowing the topic and closely following all the visual stunts, - it is possible to follow - there are translations at your bookshop, if needed.

LA SCALA sports a restaurant and a bar connected to the theater.

A great performance in PARIS. Last performance on May 10th.

See more: www.lascala-paris.com

Venue:  13 Boulevard de STRASBOURG, 75010 Paris. Metro:  STRASBOURG SAINT DENIS.


--------------------------  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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24 April 2019

Circus theatre in Circus Trapez. Circus Trapez is this year market as “Yakari - Indian Horse Show”. The performance is just like in the Danish Circus Theater, which in 2002 was changed to a circus under the name Baldoni, a children's theater performance with inserted artist acts.

Circus owners Isabella Enoch Sosman and Bernhard Kaselowsky are this year trying their luck with an Indian horse show rather than with a traditional circus performance. We can hope that it attracts a larger audience than Circus Trapez’ past performances has done. Photo: Ole Simonsen

This year's performance is based on story about the Indian boy Yakari, who is in search of the golden tree which leaves can give the chief his wisdom and magical powers back. Yakari is a comic strip / cartoon film character, which the children in Denmark know from DR television channel Ramasjang, which is DR's channel for 3-6 year old kids. The target group for this year's Trapez performance is parents and grandparents with children up to 7 - 8 years.

The part as Yakari is played by a 12-year-old girl Nynne Hulsig Samuelsen. She got her circus interest during a circus summer camp at Einar Trie’s Circus Factory. In the winter holidays this year she was part of Isabella Enoch's performances in some Jutland and Funen arenas. In this summer’s Trapez performance, however, her part is more as children's actor than as artist. It is probably necessary to get the authorities' permission to have an only 12-year-old girl on tour. And it certainly looks as if Nynne is enjoying her part.

Yakari aka Nynne Hulsig Samuelsen. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The story about Yakari's search for the tree is a bit “thin” and largely based on Indian tableaus combined with artist or animal acts. All artists are wearing Indian suits. Artistically, the 3 Saabel daughters Alexandra, Kelly and Jennifer are the mainstay of the performance. The Danes know the Saabel family from Circus Benneweis 2011 and Circus Dannebrog 2013. At that time Alexandra did a nice handstand act. And together with her parents Tiziana and Bernhard, she rode elegantly high school and presented the family's well-known act with Siberian husky dogs. Today, the family has dropped the horses, but still travels around with the dog act and the daughters' acrobatic acts.

In this year's performance, the now 30-year-old Alexandra has handed over the handstand act to her little sister Kelly. When I saw the performance on Easter Sunday, Alexandra played the part as Yakari's mother, appeared in tissue and presented a big and little  horse act. However, the division of parts in the performance is not entirely in place, partly because a work permit for a Cuban artist is delayed.

In addition to being an artist, Alexandra has got a career as a costume designer.

The performance was initiated with a tableau with an Indian camp, where the youngest member of the Saabel family Jennifer did foot juggling with scarves and Alexandra appeared in tissue.

In the first tableau we met Jennifer Saabel as foot juggler and her elder sister Alexandra in tissue. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Next Yakari entered the ring with the pony Thunder, and it turned out that the Indian chief, played by Bernhard Kaselowsky, had lost his wisdom and magical powers which he could only get back if they found the golden tree.

Then Alexandra presented a classic big and little act - a Frisian horse and a pony. We were in the beginning of the season so you could feel that the horses were trained by Bernhard Kaselowky and not by Alexandra. But she will undoubtedly learn it in a few weeks. And she is much prettier than the not quite young Bernhard!

Not at least smaller children love the entrée with a big and a little horse, here presented by Alexandra Saabel. Photo: Ole Simonsen

The clown in the performance is the young Michael Cadima. To fit into the story he is like the other performers dressed up as Indian and has no makeup, and his entrées are few and relatively short. In the first, a gentleman from the audience was allowed to dance limbo after Yakari and Michael had done so. Even blindfolded - and of course the limb was removed. The entrée is seen before, but most often with a skipping rope.

A tableau with canoes ended with Kelly Saabel's handstands / contortion act. Her final trick is when she while standing on her hands with her feet are firing a bow so the arrow hits a balloon, see photo. Impressive!

Kelly Saabel as an archer. Photo: Ole Simonsen

The clown gag with the shark in the bathtub is an old acquaintance. The best version is probably with the Swiss clown André Broger. Michael Cadima also used the entrée and his version was neither worse nor better than Jimmy Folco’s in Circus Arena. Some smaller children found the shark music a little scary.

Jennifer Saabel and Yakari then presented Bernhard Kaselowsky's Welsh goats, which look great but cannot do much. Next act was an entrée with Bernhard Kaselowsky riding a horse, Kelly Saabel in aerial ring and Alexandra as the one who stood with the whip in the centre of the ring.

Next tableau featured Michael Cadimi as a juggler (not a clown edition). Also Yakari juggled with 3 balls. Then followed the Saabel family's elegant dog act where mama Titiane assisted her daughters.

The Saabel family dogs. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Most people know the clown gag where the clown want to have the audience clapping. Michael Cadimini did it in a quite charming version, where he used a drum instead of clapping his hands.

After a brief intermezzo with juggling with large rings, Bernhard Kaselosky's 4 Frisian hoses entered the ring.

Bernhard Kaselowsky and his four Frisian horses. Photo: Ole Simonsen

It was the last act before you brought in the golden tree, and the adventure could get a happy ending.

The final with the golden tree. Photo: Mr. Sputnik (Per Krogh Petersen). Click here to see more of his photos and video clip from the show.

It has to be seen see if there during the summer is more interest in an Indian horse show than for a classic circus show. Isabella hopes that this is the case, so she next year can welcome to a new Yakari performance.

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21 April 2019

Zirkus Nemo 2019. Zirkus Nemo is a combination of circus and a comedy show. The comedy gags are performer by the owner Søren Østergaard who plays a lot of different parts in the performance. The acrobats in the show are always top class artists. 

Rud Kofoed saw the performance at the premiere in Horsens on 18 April. He gives the performance 6 stars and writes (my translation):

Congratulations to Zirkus Nemo, which for 20 years has added to the Danish zirkus world an originality that has been worth waiting for.

The actor, comedian, the juggler, the knight of the Dannebrog, the artist, the clown and the circus director Søren Østergaard forgot to celebrate the anniversary last year, but in return does it this year with a six-star performance.


It is in the Zirkus Nemo’s ring that nothing becomes anything. It happens with an originality that remains so surprising that one has to lie down and breathe: - I have never seen anything like this!

Now it happens for the 21st time. It must be celebrated with a bang - and it becomes so emphatically that it must be advised Zirkus director Zøren Østergaard to tighten his guy ropes twice to avoid the tent suddenly being blown away by the audience’s enthusiasm!

All photos: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

It was a strong performance that last year which grew from five to six stars during the season. Here, the anniversary performance starts with a direct course towards an extension of the star system by being, if possible, even better and even more in its quirky disharmonious structure with Zøren Østergaard's personal gallery in the middle of a handful of star artists of a quality caliber, each standing as a superb top act. It's just too crazy.

This year's head act is literally said Duo Kvas. It is their neck vertebrae that you can almost hear the crunch when the two Ukrainians Vladimir Kostenko and Anton Savchenko present their absolutely incredible acrobatic strength. There is a more than usual good head on Vladimir, because not only can manage that Anton stands on his own head on top of it, but at the same time Vladimir can go to his knees and up again. The power demonstration is world class.

Duo Kvas - a power demonstration from Ukraine. All photos: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

That is Kim Tim (one of Søren Østergaards many parts) too - at least in his own greasy and seductive eyes. He preserves to some extend the gentleman style. This is somewhat more difficult for German ventriloquist Ernst Ditmar Bruchendorff Jr (another of Søren Østergaards parts)

The climacteric hit Marianne's energetic anniversary sweat in the left armpit should not be bypassed. Again, one of Søren’s parts. Well, she does not have rats in the belfry, but she has two who come flying into the ring after surviving the last season's rat race. The fact that you can train rats these years with a ban on wild animals in circuses life is in itself surprising, but at Nemo they can do it. It hardly lasts long before we see the first rat walk on hands in the ring. The animal trainer Ingo Stiebner has done such before with sea lions. Now the rats - almost - can do the same!

Marianne and a rat after the animal trainer Ingo Stiebner has taught the rat all his tricks from his time with the sea lions ...

The Zirkus director has a new part to offer: Ove Rudolf. He reveals how he unobtrusively smuggled his huge toaster as cabin baggage on the charter flight!

The Anniversary Surprise: The Zirkus Director as the sausage Ove Rudolf 

Zøren Østergaards good friend the Norwegian-born Las Vegas star Captain Frodo, is back with his external fight with tennis rackets, which in 2016 triggered The Danish Cicus Award for "Best act of the Year". The fact that nature has equipped him with a loose-jointed rubber body and an embracing confetti-enchanting charm makes him a very unusual phenomenon that one would defeat could be suitable for entertaining children, but he does so with as much success as in Nemo's Zirkus for Adults. Caroline Wozniacki certainly has a lot to learn about how to treat her best racket!

Captain Frodo could teach Caroline Wozniacki a lot about the tennis racket's secrets ...

The season's most prestigious magic act is presented by the Finnish couple Marko & Vanessa Karvo. The fact that Søren Østergaard succeeded in getting those world-class artists to Nemo is impressive because they do not belong to those who just have many birds on the roof. They also have them in their hands - and in the air over the head of the audience, being "awakened" the stroke of the wings of a large, colourful parrot. Cockatoos and other pigeons fly out of it just nothing when the bird king and the lady bewitch us.

The elegant, mysterious Finnish bird king Marko Karvo makes his magic entrée

Now, of course, we are not too wise either. We are told so by the smash man (another of Søren Østergaards parts). "Have you never seen yourself in the mirror, for the hell??!!! He was not particularly impressed with the anniversary dress. He actually vomited on his own underwear.

The lady who gets sawn in half with a loose hand in the middle of the nightmare ... for the shabby man is nothing sacred

After all that crudeness Menno & Emily van Dyke danced romantically into their great love adventure - the immortal meeting between the juggler and the ballerina, who ends up being for life. The Dutch Menno van Dyke and the French Emily Weisse are an aesthetic pleasure taking clubs and making a wild dance in a different way than the one we know from TV.

Menno and Emily - the romantic meeting between the juggler and the ballerina ...

Throughout the magnificent show, several eye-catching anniversary gifts are sprinkled. This is due to Tatiana & Hector. Behind the names hides the internationally renowned Duo Solys, who last year received the Danish Circus Award for "Best act of the Year" for their characterful acrobatic handstand act.

It now continues in a completely different style - as members of the Zirkus family.

In this gag the Cuban Hector Yzquierdo changes sex for a while. Click here to see more photos from the performance

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18 April 2019

Obituary: Marta Carbayo, also known as Cantaclown, passed away Maundy Thursday in the morning after some time of illness. Marta Carbayo was born in Spain and has since 1992 lived by getting adult people guffaw. Living in Aarhus, Denmark she travelled all over Denmark and Europe to spread laughter and joy. She communicated without words from heart to heart and created a universe where everything could happen. Her amazing mime and sublime timing made her an eminent clown and one of the few female clowns.

Surviving relatives is her spouse the artist and juggler Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen and their 2 sons Felix and Sylvester.

Marta Carbayo at the clown festival at ’Bakken’ in 2006

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17 April 2019

Stolen motorcycles. Cirkus Arena has since Saturday put up their tent at ‘Tangkrogen’ in Aarhus. The night between Monday and Tuesday there was burglary at the lot, where the six yellow Suzuki motocross motorcycles of 125 ccm that Diorios use in their globe of death was stolen. Later Tuesday, 3 of the motorcycles were found. On Wednesday, Circus Arena managed to get hold of three motorcycles similar to the stolen ones from a dealer in Horsens. Thus Wednesday's performance could be carried out with the usual five riders in the globe of death. The media coverage of the theft has hardly damaged the ticket sales! Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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15 April 2019

Small Danish Circus Krone takes a break from the summer tour in 2019.

Director Frank Thierry writes: (my translation)

After careful considerations I have, together with my family, decided that not to take Circus Krone on a summer tour 2019.

This is because I, Frank Thierry, have undergone a longer course of disease with cancer. I have been through an operation that fortunately went well and I am currently declared healthy. But not without temporary injuries so I need time to recover, which we have chosen to prioritize very high.

All of our other activities such as workshops, stand-alone events, productions, tent rental and the like continue as before. Therefore, you are still very welcome to contact us.

It does not mean that Circus Krone closes, on the contrary. We have just successfully completed our annual Winter Circus in the Aarhus Music Hall.

It just means that you have to wait for the summer tour, as you know it, until next year.

We already have a number of workshops, tent rentals and single events on the program in 2019, which we look forward to fulfil.

Circus Krone returns fit for fight with a summer tour 2020!

Loving greetings from the whole family in Circus Krone

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15 April 2019

World Circus Day 2019. On Saturday 13 April, Danske Circus Friends Association for the 10th year in row took the initiative to celebrate World Circus Day in Denmark. Again this year in co-operation the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, and Cirkus Baldoni. In addition to the possibility of museum visits, the day offered juggling training in Circus Baldoni's ring, an entertaining lecture and a formidable show with the magician Henning Nielsen as well as a well-attended gala performance in Cirkus Baldoni.

Henning Nielsen in the museum’s Fencing Hall. Photo: Ole Simonsen


Show with Henning Nielsen. The boy on the stage is my 11-year-old magic interested grandson Sebastian. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein. Click here to see more of Jacob's photos from the day

Queue in front of Circus Baldoni. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Actually, the international circus day is held on the 3rd Saturday in April. It's this year's Easter Saturday. Easter is in Denmark celebrated from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday. Due to this the circus friends moved the Danish celebration one week ahead.

In Sweden, they also believe that fewer people will come if you celebrate the day on Easter Saturday. Thus, they have moved the celebration of the day to a week after Easter, where the Swedish Circus Academy in co-operation with Circus Olympia celebrates the event in Växjö in the days 25 to 27 April. Program:

Thursday April 25th

Kl. 17.00 - 20.00 Shopping evening in Växjö City. All stores in town have extended opening hours with CIRCUS theme. Speakers Corner: balloons, face painting for children, sale of Circus Olympia tickets, etc. On the stage in the middle of Storgatan, circus artist Johanna Abrahamsson occasionally performs with hula hoop.

Friday April 26th

Kl. 15.00 - 16.00 Circus parade through central Växjö. Artists, animals, circus orchestra.

Kl. 18.30 Circus show, Spetsamossen.

Kl. 21.15 Mingle with dinner at Restaurant La Castellina (Hotel Royal Corner), Liedbergsgatan 11 for everyone interested together with members from the Circus Academy and artists from Circus Olympia. 3-dishes SEK 350: - incl. a glass of beer, wine or water with Skagenrøre, Grilled steak, Marmängswiss and coffee.

Saturday April 27th

Kl. 10.00 - 11.00 Open house at Circus Olympia. See training with artists, horses and dogs in the ring.

Circus artist and circus teacher Johanna Abrahamsson (Charlie of the Year 2018) tells about the Association Reinos Friends, Cirkusexpressen and Project Cirkuskvarnen.

Kl. 12.00 Service in the Circus tent with Bishop Fredrik Modeus and dean of the chapter Jens Linder. The Östrabo singers conducted by Anna Holmström. Mona G song. Artists from Circus Olympia participate. Free admission, collection.

Kl. 16.00 Circus performance at Spetsamossen. Buy ticket in Cirkuskassan, 070-338 11 88.

Kl. 19.30 gathering at Restaurant La Castellina (Hotel Royal Corner) over a piece of food.

Registration for dinner with Roy Himsel tel. 070-6998944 or roy.himsel@telia.com no later than 22/4. (Notify if you don't want meat)

Make link to email active

Welcome to celebrate the 10th World Circus Day with the Circus Academy in Växjö!

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15 April 2019

Again this year, Alexander Arli has participated in Jan Schou's revue-variety Schou-tour at Østergaards Hotel in Herning. In April, with performances 5, 6, 12 and 13. Those days, Martin Arli therefore took over Alexander's part as clown in Circus Arli, and the main clown entrée ”The art shooting entrée" was performed by Martin and Bettina Arli. The run-in where Alexander is tap-dancing was replaced with foot juggling Miss Edita, sister of Alan Sulc and partner of Yuriy Mamchych. While antipodists lie on their backs when juggling their feet, Edita stands up. In her final trick, she climb a sort of ladder, every time she goes one step up, with her foot throwing an elongated cylinder over to the other foot, see photo.

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15 April 2019

It was the very heart of the city of cities -- Paris -- that was hurt when Notre Dame on 15 April was hit by a violent fire. Paris has, after all, during the latest years, been heavily stricken by terror, giant demonstrations (the yellow vests) and now the fire devastating much of a worldwide known symbol of the city. However, Paris and the Parisians don't surrender, neither does my Paris correspondent for many years --  ZARRO ZARRO. Thus - please enjoy another write up about artistic shows in Paris.

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - always interesting, appealing and hilarious shows, -- just now COMEDIE NATION proudly presents a very sympathetic and festive magic show geared at the small fry and their parents - magic entertainer CLEMENT treats us to ZYGOMAGIQUE, where the title makes us expect a funny and surprising show.

COMEDIE NATION is a rather small theater, nicely refurbished in a classical style, it sports a large span of programs, many artists have here had their first encounter with the public.

The program is based on magic, but the numerous funny stunts are what really carry the show, as it is performed with lots of energy and dynamics, everything contributing to the children's joy; they take part by laughing and shouting magic words.

Elegantly dressed in a black suit, CLEMENT features his effects, at a brisk pace and using lots of interaction with the kids, he treats them all in a friendly and humorous way, making them all feel safe and in a good mood, which is appreciated by their parents.

A wonderful afternoon sporting funny stunts, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, and all see that a festive, hilarious and entertaining show can be produced without - electronics.


Photos by courtesy of Clement

Absolutely worth seeing!!

See more: www.clementlemagicien.com

Venue: COMEDIE NATION, 77 rue de Montreuil, 75011 Paris. Metro: NATION.

Sometimes news from Paris may appear when the show is closed. However, such shows

keep touring the world and often come back to Paris.


............................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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12 April 2019

Steen Pegani 50 years. Tuesday, April 16, Steen Pegani, Horsens, middle-sized town in Denmark, celebrates his 50 years birthday.

He got hooked on magic in early childhood. Together with a friend he performed magic shows in the family garage, and then - being inspired by Leo Topp, a well-known dealer in magic props in Saxköbing, Denmark, he started at 16 selling magic props. At 18 he opened a magic shop in Horsens, which during the years has grown to be the leading one in Scandinavia.

To prop up the interest for magic he has organized numerous conventions, starring Danish and foreign magic entertainers, and he has created a system for coaching beginners.

He is frequently called upon as a specialist by TV, cinema, theater, circus and other shows.

Happily married to Bettina, children Josefine 14, Victor 16, 0liver 20, he acts as a magic entertainer, as well as the manager of his shop.

For 18 years he edited the Scandinavian magic magazine Pegasus, sporting lots of competent writers and a generous lot of photos.

A particular greeting from ZARRO ZARRO, Paris:

PEGANI turns 50 - that is nice, but possible for all and sundry ... I take pleasure congratulating to that mature age, but rather more to a brilliant career both as a business man and a magic entertainer.

Following in the footsteps of other great promotors of the magic art in SCANDINAVIA: LEO TOPP, DK -   EGELO, N - HARRIES, S - who all had a great impact, PEGANI keeps the flag flying high, an important event was - and still is - the Scandinavian magic magazine PEGASUS, where I was happy to contribute - although we didn't always have the same opinion - this magazine was an appreciated part of Scandinavian culture.


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11 April 2019

Swedish Circus Olympia 35 years - with a fun filled show!

Martin Lasson Berglund saw the premiere performance and writes (my translation):

Circus Olympia opened the season on April 6 in a warm Oskarström outside Halmstad. It is a pleasant tradition to go there and meet all circus friends, employees and the management. This year, you have a newly renovated box wagon, larger than before and very beautiful made in wood. At the premiere, one had also set up a fine fence in the facade with light chains that gave a welcoming impression. Another detail was that a couple of horses grazed in front of the foyer tent. This also looked very nice when you entered the circus lot.

The program this year, which is the 35th anniversary, offers the Swedish clown Cito whose character is played by Albin Ganovic from Helsingborg.

The clown Cito. All photos are press photos from Circus Olympia. Photographer: Linda Himsel

Despite his young age, he has already produced winter circus and set up fantastic cabaret shows (both in Helsingborg and Malmö). I highly recommend the Cabaret show which usually is set up during the autumn. This year he works as a clown at Olympia, which also has the clown Tito Medina (who some years ago performed in Danish Circus Benneweis) on the program.

Tito Medina

Niklas Bengtsson presents the circus' own Frisian horses and ponies. His spouse Natascha Jarz presents the riding dog Lekzsi and Henrika Bengtsson the circus' playful dogs.

Henrik Bengtsson with dogs and assistants

Jessica Bengtsson is not in the ring this year but stays at home in the winter quarter to take care of the animals that have "season off" and stay home.

The Medina family starts with a quick-change act where even the family's children change clothes. Duo Lameth performs in aerial straps and later in an impressive entrée in trapeze.

Duo Lameth in aerial straps

Other artists who participate in the year's performance are Irena Lagroni as foot juggler, Miss Nanou as equilibrist and Duo Lagroni with knock-about table acrobatics.

Duo Lagroni

Last but not least, Circus Olympia's large band, 6 piece led by Valentin Smirnov who have been with Olympia for many years.

Let's just stop here! It is actually unique to have orchestra today for looking around in Europe there are very few circuses who have live music in relation to how many circuses there are. More and more circuses use pre-recorded music and the music is not really given priority, which is a pity. I personally love when there is live music and musicians playing. Circus Maximum's former bandmaster Krzysztof Majewski, for example, works this year at Danish Baldoni but only as a drummer i.e. he plays together with recorded music. Parts of Maximum’s orchestra can be heard in Norwegian Arnardo and others elsewhere in Europe, but the gang will play together again at the circus festival in Lille as they did in previous years. Circus Krone in Germany this year has a circus orchestra during their tour which plays together with pre-recorded music so here's a little bit the other way around, going from just recorded music to hiring an orchestra during their tented season.

So don't miss this year's performance of Swedish Circus Olympia where you get to experience real circus in modern vintage!

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7 April 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  a super original show  -- SPEAKEASY -- is in Paris proudly presented by LA CIGALE, located in the Pigalle area, earlier a sleazy spot for crime and hookers, today a tourist area without real interest, although there are several theatres, also LA CIGALE, formerly a dance hall, now refurbished to an elegant theatre and concert hall.

SPEAKEASY refers to the clandestine beer halls that appeared during THE PROHIBITION, 1919 - 1933 in USA, the period when all trade with alcohol was illicit; however those who managed to find and drink this very alcohol - didn't risk anything!

SPEAKEASY created and performed by THE RAT PACK, a group of excellent acrobats and comedians, all round artists; CLARA HUET dance, comedy, aerial ring, / ANN-KATRIN JORNOT acrobatics, voltige, equilibrist/ ANDREA CATOZZI acrobat, Chinese mast, comedy /GUILLAUME JUNCAR acrobat and CYR WHEEL, /XAVIER LAVABRE acrobatic stunts/ VINCENT MAGGIONI acrobat, Chinese pole.

Photographer: Jumo Photography. By courtesy of KI M’AIME ME SUIVE

Stage setting REGIS TRUCHY // Live music by the French Music collective Chinese MAN.

SPEAKEASY gives us a good idea of the special surroundings and environments in the thirties, it is very dynamic, sporting incredible acrobatic stunts, and it does hit the target when visually describing this very special community, the costumes, haircuts and the interior of these speakeasies are perfectly depicted.

Absolutely worth seeing - they do tour just about everywhere in the world! Back in Paris from June 13 to August 10, Tuesday to Saturday at 19:30, this time at Palais de Glaces, 37 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 Paris.

Se mer: www.kimaimemesuive.fr and www.lacigale.fr

Poster for the performance. Click here to see a video teaser for the upcoming performance

Venue: LA CIGALE, 120 Boulevard ROCHECHOUART, 75018 Paris Metro: Pigalle. From 3 June to 10 August: Palais de Glaces, 37 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 Paris.


----------------------------  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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5 April 2019

World Circus Day 2019

Saturday April 13th we celebrate World Circus Day in Denmark for the 10th consecutive year.

The World Circus Day is celebrated on the initiative of the Federation Mondiale du Cirque, which has Princess Stephanie of Monaco as honorary president. The day is usually celebrated the third Saturday on April. Since it this year is Easter Saturday which in Denmark is a public holiday with many on vacation we have in the Copenhagen region moved the highlighting of the day one week ahead.

World Circus Day is celebrated at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. It is in cooperation between Danish Circus Friends Association, the museum and Circus Baldoni.

On the World Circus Day, the museum is open from 10-14. This day there will be free admission.

From 11 to 12.30 there is Circus Fun in Cirkus Baldoni’s ring. A true hit for kids! You can experience the magic of circus and among other things learn how to juggle with the help of professional artists. Circus Baldoni’s tent is put up at the square just behind the Circus Museum. Free admission.

At 11:15, the magician Henning Nielsen tells about his life, including about his experiences, when in 2015 he took the judging panel and the whole family Denmark by storm, when he achieved a nice 3rd place in the Danish version of "Got Talent". The lecture takes place in the Auditorium in the Avedøre camp, close to the Circus Museum. Free admission.

At 13 o'clock Henning Nielsen presents his magic show in the Fencing Hall which is located next to square behind the museum. Free admission.

You can meet Henning Nielsen twice: first as a lecturer and then as a magician

At 14:15 there is a gala performance in Cirkus Baldoni. To celebrate the day all ticket prices are reduced by 30 DKK.

Circus Baldoni puts up their red / blue tent on the square just behind the Circus Museum

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5 April 2019

Circus Brazil Jack 2019 – an excellent anniversary performance. 5 stars out of 6 possible if I had been a newspaper reviewer.

This year it is 120 years since the Swedish artist Brazil Jack (Carl Max Alexander Rhodin) established his circus. So even though the current Circus Brazil Jack was first established in 1982, they choose to celebrate the anniversary. For in the circus industry you are always celebrating anniversaries with extra strong programs and a little "noise and bang in the advertisement".

Circus Brazil Jack opened the season at the Mill Square in Malmö on 4 April

The tent is worn, and before the performance you almost feel that you look up in a starry sky, which is not just painted on the tent dome. But when the performance starts, it is certainly nothing worn over it: a beautiful and fast-paced performance with several top acts. And accompanied a well-playing band and not just pre-recorded music.

The white spots are not stars on the canvas or errors in the picture, but the places where the big top is worn. A new tent is on the wish list

This year's clown is Tony Florees. He has several run-ins where he gets members of the audiences in the ring and is trying to direct by the frequent use of is pea whistle. In his first run-in he masked an audience member as a lion and wanted him to jump through a ring of fire. However, Tony himself had to take the jump when David Wolff of Wolff Brothers took over the command.

Tony Florees is fond of his pea whistle!

Next came a colourful and fast-paced skipping act with 8 artists from Compania Havana, who also delivered artists to Brazil Jack last year. They mastered, among other things, skipping with a "pyramid" of 4 people, something I not previously remember having seen.

Compania Havana can skip in many different ways

After a brief welcome by the director Trolle Rhodin III, one of the show's top acts came in the ring: the only 18-year-old Frenchman Vioris Zoppis, with an impressive number in aerial straps. An act which last year brought him gold at the New Generation festival in Monte Carlo. It made the act extra spectacular that in the ring was placed a flat basin with a little water in which he could dip when he was down and which sprayed off him when he hurriedly came up again.

Vioris Zoppis - a master of aerial straps

In the latest 3 years in a row Wolf Brothers has been with Brazil Jack. Last year they tried their luck with new entrées. This year has gone back to their main acts, which is also is their best. Their first entrée was the comic trapeze act where younger brother David, a head taller than the elder brother Richard, as a trapeze star tries to reach a trapeze. They are actually brothers despite the difference in height.

Wolff Brothers. The Danes know them from several seasons in Circus Arli

After a short run-in with Tony, 4 members from Compania Havana came again in the ring this time with a hand-to-hand number presented in a quiet pace.

A girl at the top

Most male contortionists look very grave during their act and not everyone find such acts aesthetic. George from Ghana, however, had a smile on his lips, while turning his elastic body in every possible and impossible direction.

A smiling contortionist

The first act after the intermission was a reunion with Wolffs Brothers, now dressed as Scots in their well-known knock-about table act.

They were followed by Raisa from Compania Havanna with an aerial act in hanging perch.

After another run-in with Tony - the one with the baby in the pram - we met his wife: Maud Florees Gruss on tight wire with an act which was far better than what most female tight wire artist usually does. In addition to various balances and split the act included cycling on one-wheeled bike, skipping and toe dancing. Even while the wire was being lowered, ending up as a slack wire. A very impressive act!

Tony now had a new run-in with 3 members of the audience: the version of the rock band entrée where the musicians are pulled out behind the curtain and shot one by one.

The performance last act was Compania Havana with Russian swing. During the mounting of the swing Wolff Brothers entertained with a comic springboard act. The number in Russian swing offered several great jumps and were levels above what the Cheban troupe this year shows in Danish Circus Arena. Among the spectacular tricks were leaps through a ring of fire and jump to a chair as known from the springboard acts.

From Russian swing and into the fire

As usual with Brazil Jack there was no ringmaster. Only by purchasing a program in the circus kiosk you could you see the names of the performers. "We're Brazil Jack, a show and not individual artists," Trolle Rhodin III explained.

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5 April 2019

Circus Trapez chooses this year chooses to market themselves as "The beautiful Indian-horse-show Yakari and little Thunder". The role as the Indian boy Yakari, who can talk with the animals, is performed by the 12-year-old Nynne, who had her circus debut in Isabella Enoch's Sosman's winter circus. There is premiere in Kolding April 12th.

Usually children under the age of 13 must not work. However, the police chief of the Central and Western Jutland Police may, on application in each case, allow children under the age of 13 to take part in, participate in or participate in cultural and similar activities, including circus performances.

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2 April 2019

Arli in top form - Circus Arli 2019. Last summer, Martin Arli got a detachment of the retina in one eye. Such detachment can cause that you to a greater or lesser extent lose sight of the affected eye. It is treated with surgery, which sometimes have to be repeated. Martin has had four eye surgeries during the last year and has been told not to overstrain his eye before it is okay again. That is why this year he is forced to omit some of the things he usually does, including playing on the trumpet and using make up.

Due to this have been a few changes in Circus Arli's usual concept. The clown and the magician Martino are replaced by Alejandro aka Alexander Arli, and Martin himself has taken over the role as ringmaster from Mrs Bettina.

However, the many Arli friends and fans need not fear that the mood and elegance that characterize an Arli performance has been lost. Arli is in top form this year an even present a world-class artist act.

The opening spectacle is according to Lotte Arli the most expensive horse act ever presented in Arli - the costumes were expensive! And at the same time something that even the most fanatical animal welfare activist can’t complain about.

Gee up all my horses!

Then Duo Bench entered the ring with an elegant and well-presented act with balance on and around a bench. "Don’t I not know them from last year?” I asked after the performance. And yes: The couple was also with Arli in 2018, where he did handstand on a "penny-farthing" and she appeared in tissue and with hula hoop, where she was hoisted up in the air.

Duo Bench

After a short run-in with Alejandro - "Don't play here" - Yuriy Mamchych came in the ring with an aesthetically extremely elegant number in aerial straps performed to classical music.

Now another run-in followed with Alejandro, who by the way this year can celebrate 30 years anniversary as artist. He was only 2 years old when he had his debut! In the run-in he tap-danced on a platform he brought with him. But the spotlight constantly changed direction and Alejandro had to move to a new place.

The tap-dancing was followed by Jelena Vasiljeva – the female partner in Duo Bench - with graceful artistry in the ringstand, see photo.

Jelena with ringstand

Last number before the intermission 28-year-old Alan Sulc, who presented an act of a standard which rarely is seen in a small circus. It was 15 years since we first saw him in a Danish circus: Benneweis, where he bounced balls into his podium with incredible speed and security and became the top act of the year. Already in 2001 he won only 12 years old with the late Nelly Jane Benneweis in the jury gold at the European Youth Circus festival in Wiesbaden. In January 2004, he was one of the youngest artists ever to get a bronze clown in Monte Carlo, and later that year he was as mentioned at Benneweis. He certainly has not deteriorated over the years, and Martin Arli can with good reason be proud being able to present his audience for such a world class act.

Alan Sulc - a world class star at Arli. Jackie Berdino from the large Circus Arena was also impressed.

"Alan works with his hands and his wife with her feet." In this way Martin presented Miss Veronica alias Mrs Sulc, who with her feet juggled first one, then two, since three and finally four scarves. There were also a few handstand elements in her entrée.

Next came a "slinky" in the ring. It turned out to contain Bettina Arli, who later flew over the ring - even hanging in her hair! Something the former lady hairdresser first time tried 35 years ago.

She is flowing over the ring

Under the name of the Polupans, Sergeis Populans and Mrs. Jelena presented a short, but well-performed illusion act with props that they have borrowed from the Arli family. "Where did she go?" my wife asked when Sergeis made his tall wife vanish from the boxes.

For many years, the clowns in Circus Arli have been called Martino & Co aka Martin and Alexander Arli. This year, the troupe is called Alejandro & co. The many who have loved Martino & Co, however, should not despair - Martino alias Martin and Alexander are still in the duo, Martin however without make up. Their main entrée this year was one of the couple's most beloved entrées: the art shooting entrée.

Alejandro & co.

The performance last act was an elegant number in tissue, also called silks. Duo Mamchych consists of Yuriy - the one with the aerial straps - and his wife Edita, who by the way is the sister of Alan Sulc.

Duo Mamchych - elegance in the air

The performance runs for a little less than 2 hours. 

Click here to see Jacob Boas Leitisstein’s photos from the performance

Click here to read Rud Kofoed’s review with many photos

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1 April 2019

Circus Arnardo 2019. Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo saw the season opening performance in the Norwegian Circus and writes (my translation):

Circus Arnardo with 70th anniversary. Norwegian Circus Arnardo premiered in Arendal with an almost full tent and well deserved standing applause. Many good artists of high quality.

Laura Urunov's dogs are a quality act. All photos: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo.

Are and Paolina stick to grandfather Arne's magical traditions. Priscilla Errani with a strong hula hoop act. Trixi & Roy's pony act for the second time in Arnardo’s ring, presented in a playful way.

Mikhail Milla is a tempo juggler with more than a glimpse of the eye, high tempo absolutely.

Laura Urunov's parrots were also a highlight and worthy to be in a jubilee performance.

Los Sito's custard pie humour was well received at the opening night. I noticed that also Are Arnardo did a great job. Not all ringmasters are good assistants to clowns.

Interval of about 15 min. Los Sitos back with merry tricks.

Jan Extreme bike show, BMX and trail action sports in a spectacular show. With many highlights and high jumps. Well done and well presented.

Swedish David Hammarberg worked very well in bungee-trapeze

Trixi & Roy was back with ponies and llamas in nice dressage. It's great that Arnardo chooses to keep the animals in a time where other circuses skip the animals. With this quality of animal husbandry there is everything to be won.

Duo Urnov with the fastest quick-change .... excellent

Double risk - Marco and Priscilla is the last act in this year's performance with both knife throwing and crossbow shooting with high risk level. High tempo and a lot of charm

Circus Arnardo was established in 1949, not the easiest time to build a circus. Since it has toured every season and is thus the circus in the Norwegian circus history which has survived for the longest time. Let’s hope for another 70 another years!


A sad addition: Since the mid-1980s, the circus lot in Oslo has been in Tøyen next to the Munch Museum. For more than 30 years the district's residents have been able to see Cirkus Arnardo's arrival as a safe sign of spring. But now lot have been built on, and the Oslo municipality has not been able to find another circus lot. Thus, no more circuses in the Norwegian Capital Oslo. The city's new slogan may be: "We focus on nature and not on culture"! Oslo is certainly the only Nordic capital that does not have room for circuses.

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29 March 2019

Circus Baldoni 2019 - the flying circus. The flying circus is the title of a Danish film from 1912 and on a Danish novel from 1914written by Carl Muusmann. However, it is doubtful if is the film or the novel that have inspired René Mønster Baldoni to let a trip in a flight be the theme of this year's performance. Rather, it is René's love for ultralight aircrafts and his helicopter.

In any case, this year's performance got a "flying start", when Captain Baldoni welcomed the audience to Baldoni Airways and as in an aircraft got through a special flight safety instruction. For example “In the event of a decompression due to convulsive laughter an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you”. And “Smoking is only allowed outdoors in a parachute”. When the flight crew - 3 stewardesses and the purser Paczo - came on stage (Baldoni’s ring is a circular stage), they were wearing aircraft uniforms. The same was true of Captain René himself and even his lion Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll).

The crew at Baldoni Airways. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The purser Paczo (Peytchev Plamen Metodiev) was the clown in the performance. He replaces Danilo, who after 10 years at Baldoni tries something else. Baldoni's audience also met Paczo in 2006, 2011 and 2017, where he as Mr. Jumping appeared in the classic comic trampoline act with the pool.

An old and a new clown. For the last 10 seasons, Baldoni's house clown has been Danilo aka Daniel Dimitrijevic. Despite his surname he is Danish. This year he is replaced by Paczo (Peytchev Plamen Metodiev) from Hungary. Baldoni's audience met Paczo as Mr. Jumping in 2006, 2011 and 2017 in the classic comic trampoline act with the pool. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Not everything is new. Here you see Leonardo and director Baldoni, who have their well-known remarks. However, they have both got new uniforms that fit the theme of this year's performance: Take a trip with Baldoni Airways. Very appropriate in a circus whose owner loves to fly in an ultralight plane and helicopter. Photo: Ole Simonsen

After the safety instruction and Baldoni's traditional welcome song, the audience met an old acquaintance: the Czech all-round artist Eduard "Eddie" Janacek. It's his fourth season at Baldoni. In previous years, he has worked as juggler, with rola bola and as a clown. This year he presented a classic and well-performed juggling act with rings, clubs, hats and cigar boxes.

Next came Hungarian Adrienn on the stage  – or rather above the stage.  She presented a nice act in trapeze. (Not swing trapeze).

Adrienn. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Then it was time for comedy in the form of a run-in with René and Pazco and a springboard. It became obvious that Paczo has a past as a knockabout acrobat.

The flight had now reached Ireland where, under the title of Ireland Riverdance, we met the Bulgarian foot juggler Suliana Tomova with hula hoops, balls and cylinders.

Then Baldoni Airways reached Las Vegas, where you saw elegant magic with the Danish magician Kim Kenneth and his 3 girls, primarily the assistant and girlfriend Jessica. With one exception, Kim presented tricks that were neither on the program when he in 2018 was with Baldoni or when he was with the now closed Circus Benneweis in 2009, 2010 and 2015. Among other tricks he presented an elegant but updated version of the classic number with the lady who gets sawn in half. Eventually, he made Jessica float out of the ring.

Kim Kenneth and his girls. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Ready to saw the pretty Jessica in half. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Now Captain Baldoni and Leonardo announced that there were problems with the engines - it was a Boing 737 Max! So you had to land on an airfield where, incidentally, there were well-stocked kiosks!

After the break, the captain came again on the stage, this time on the segboard and "wearing" a little Cessna with which trip would continue.

The first country on the further trip was Japan, where we experienced Japanese tight wire dancing with Bulgarian Stiliana Tomowa, who mastered to walk on the wire with wooden blocks on the feet.

Splits on the wire. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Then we came to the Wild West, where the whole Janacek family entered the stage: papa Eddie, Mama Maria and the son Karel (Kaya), who last year were among the nominees for the Danish Circus Award’s talent prize. The family did whiplashing, lasso spinning and knife throwing. The last thing even with mama Maria clinging to a rotating disc.

Buffalo Family aka the Janacek family. Here Eddie throws knives at his wife. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Kim Kenneth, like many magicians, has a weakness for card tricks. Helped by a gentleman from the audience - at the premiere the Danish Strictly come dancing-jury member Jens Werner - he presented a trick where Jens Werner, by shooting after a card pile, should hit a card exactly similar to what he had previously pulled without showing it to Kim. The act was presented with charm and elegance and a few of the gimmicks that Kim both loves and masters.

It always does well with a "celebrity" on the stage - here the Strictly come dancing jury member Jens Werner. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The next act was called King of Air in free dressage. Unfortunately, he king didn’t show up, and Pazco tried, with greater or less luck, to replace him in an entrée which start could remind us of Wolff Brothers' comic trapeze act. Whether Pazco succeeds in getting up into the trapeze or not you will have to visit Circus Baldoni to see.

The last act of the show should have been Ababa Brothers / Abu Boys, who in 2015 excited Baldoni's audience with an excellent Risley act. Unfortunately, they have jobs on a cruise ship, so René had to use another couple from Ethiopia, which he presented under the name Ethiopian Brothers. Although they may not be quite in line with their countrymen from 2015, they did a nice and fast-paced act which ended with the flyer performing 29 somersaults.

Ethiopian Brothers. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

It was a well-composed and well-produced and smoothly running performance without acts which was too lengthy or of second rate. The performance was staged by Kim Kenneth and René Mønster Baldoni.

There is no doubt that the audience through the season will feel well entertained in Circus Baldoni. So find the flight socks and go to the circus!

After the performance, an enthusiastic audience greeted the 11 performers with standing ovations. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein. Click here to see more of Jacob's photos from the show

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26 March 2019

Performers in Swedish Circus Brazil Jack 2019. Sweden's largest circus opens the season at the Mill Square in Malmö on Thursday 4 April. On facebook they have presented some of the performers in the upcoming performance:

The 18-year-old Vioris Zoppis comes from Italy. He is a sixth generation circus artist and trained as an aerial acrobat at the Accademia D’arte Circense in Verona. In January 2018, he won gold at the 7nd New Generation Festival in Monte Carlo. Click here to see a video clip. All photos are press photos from Cirkus Brazil Jack

The rubber man George Faining was born in Accra in Ghana. He discovered early on that he had incredibly agile joints and spine, which along with his interest in acrobatics made it easy to choose a career as an acrobat. Unlike many other male contortionists he presents his act with a smile on his lip.

Maud Florees Gruss is daughter of Alexis and Gipsy Gruss of the large great French circus Alexis Gruss. She is the 6th generation of the famous French circus family. Both her mother and her grandmother were excellent tight wire dancers, and that Maud Floress Gruss is as well. She was born in 1982 and is married to the comedian and multi-artist Tony Florees, who is also a part of this year's Brazil Jack performance.

After spending the winter season in Paris' famous Cirque D'hiver Bouglione, the Wolf Brothers are back at Brazil Jack with new exciting and funny features. They were also with Brazil Jack in 2017 and 2018. The Danes know them from Cirkus Arli 2011 and 2014

Of course there is more artists in the performance than those mentioned.

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24 March 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  always interesting and thrilling events -  THEATRE DE L'ATELIER proudly presents a show of international interest:  BELLS AND SPELLS, by VICTORIA THIERREE CHAPLIN/ dotter till den store  CHAPLIN/, the actors are her daughter  AURELIA THIERREE and  JAIME MARTINEZ.

THEATRE DE L'ATELIER is a beautiful theatre, in traditional style, red velvet and gold - pleasing !

This show can't be described exactly, as it goes beyond common frames, using an abundance of surprises, particularly the stage- props that, apparently on their own, appear on stage.

The nearest we can come a description - is a personal idea  of the scenario, viz. an

individual interpretation of the play.

The stage illusions do remind us of magical illusions, although it is not an illusion show.

Professional magic entertainers might get some inspiration from it. The performers are trained professional dancers, to a great extent. They display a clear joy of performing and the audience responds willingly.

An important detail: the accompanying background music is limited to a discreet and  low level, thus a pleasant little extra.

Absolutely worth seeing !! // Playing until MAY12. Folowing that perforamces in UK, Russia and Switezerland.

Photo by courtesy of Theatre de L'atelier. Photographer : Richard Haughton

See more : http://www.aureliathierree.com/bells-and-spells/

Click here to see a short video clip

VENUE: THEATRE DE L'ATELIER, 1 Place Charles Dullin, 75018, Paris. Metro:  PIGALLE or  ANVERS.


-----------------------------------------reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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22 March 2019

Circus Arena 2019 – season opening. Rud Kofoed from Ajour Press was as me and my youngest son and grandson among the guests at the premiere of this year's performance on Wednesday 20 March. Rud gives this year's performance 5 stars and writes (my translation):


The fact that two young sisters, the youngest is 19, should become an outstanding top act is one of the dreams that Bubber makes come through in the season's Circus Arena show. And no, it is not just because they are good-looking, which of course is no disadvantage. Well, the fact is that the chain of at least 250 years of strong men in the ring here is severely broken by girlpower hardly seen before.

Kolev Sisters' hand-to-hand acrobatics is so beautiful, powerful and incredibly impressive that they triggered standing applause from the excited premiere public in the Arena at Bellahoj (the circus lot in Copenhagen). We guess it will continue throughout the summer. Nicole and Michelle Kolev have been on the road for some time, but a little in the shadow of their parents from Flying Wulber which fortunately also is part of the show.

Here Kolev Sisters really for the first time stands on own feets and is the main act in a performance. They have the power and elegance - without looking as artificially inflated testosterone bombs that have just left the gym with unclean doping flour in the muscles. It is hard to spot from where they get all the power and all the suppleness, but they both has it and present it with a peace and security that can take everyone's breathe away.

In 2019, the girlpower was introduced into the Danish circus ring!

The Kolev sisters - a surprising top act. It is not a regular gymnastics lesson we are witnessing with the two sisters. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

However, it should now not get the performances other handstand artist, the Russian Oleg Izossimov to pack his suitcase, even though you ask yourself: 'Why another handstand act?' However, it is justified because he is an elegant and balanced hand stand acrobat when he as light as a feather is dancing and floating over the ring. I noticed that he lit strikingly many girls desire for taking smartphone photos!

Oleg Izossimov. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

But there were more great experiences in the performance, Firstly, Bubber is back 29 years after he first jumped into Circus Arena’s ring with his bathtub. (Bubber’ Bathtub was at that time a popular serial in Danish children TV). It was fun then - and for the next seven years when he continued as ringmaster. Now he is back in the ring with an equally enthusiastic childish circus enthusiasm. He justifies the poster cry: "Circus according to Bubber".

Niels Christian Meyer has become 54 old. But as the uncrowned king of the circus ring he is the incomparable, always curious and warmly engaged show- and ringmaster.  Bubber is born to unite generations.

Bubber is back after 29 years. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The experiences continue with yet another top act. The pigeons flying for Andrejs Fjordorovs from Latvia are an almost incomprehensible but beautiful and deeply fascinating experience of what can happen when man and bird find each other in a symbiosis which is difficult to understand.

It was Andrejs Fjodorovs when he, as an autodidact pigeon whisper in 2008, humbly appeared in the small, Danish circus Arli and surprised everyone, at least this reviewer, with his act with pigeons. He had learned their 'language' so he could train them to do the most incredible, which triggered a five-star review in the tabloid Ekstra Bladet, where I allowed myself to write: -No doubt that this is a world class act we here is witnessing . It's just so new that very few have discovered it yet.

The artists - the pigeons - flew freely around in the nature during the day and only came in cages at night and when the circus moved from lot to lot. Andrejs just called them when they were going to 'sleep'.

It was a world class act born in Arli! A foreign circus agent spotted the sensation. Already two years after - in 2010 - I met Andrejs Fjodorovs once again, this time under the greatest possible conditions, namely at the international circus festival in Monte-Carlo, where 4,000 audiences each evening sat and "dissected" the act. There he repeated with an equally eye-catching security his art with pigeons.

It did not trigger a metal clown at that time, which says more about the fierce competition than about Andrejs Fjodorovs. However he received the distinguished "Prix de l'Association Monegasque Des Amis du Cirque". Now the world had seen him, and the international breakthrough was a reality. The pigeon act has been "a sensation" ever since at the biggest festivals and in the major circuses.

Ten years later, Fjodorovs is back to Denmark, where it all started - this time in Scandinavia's largest circus. The number has been so developed, beautiful and fantastic that I had to bite my arm and contact a credible circus expert to confirm that it really is the same Andrejs Fjodorovs it was all about. It was!

The act is difficult to describe. The Lord of the pigeons makes it impossible not to get reincarnation thoughts! He must have been pigeon in his past life.

Andrejs Fjodorovs - the lord of the pigeons. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Year 1 after the elephants has left the Danish circus rings such an act mitigates.

In addition, Karsten Berdino - father of the Arena triplets - provides an exotic supplement with a desert walk with one hump camels, also known as dromedaries. They are beautiful, well-kept animals. It is the beautiful brown Arabian stallion presented by the circus princess Laura Berdino also. They are almost as elegant and lovely as their trainer.

Laura Berdino with 6 brown Arabien stallions. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Finally, Laura's and Jackie Berdino's daughter, 6-year-old Scarlett, enter the ring - with a Shetland pony, a popular win in any ring. Now Arena has not only one but two circus princesses in the sawdust this year. On the other hand, the Crown Prince Patrick Berdino has gone on leave to experience something new for the first time in his 27 years in circus.

We can't ignore it: The five cool riders in Diorio's petrol-burning globe of death are the best in the industry and evoke the same thrill every time - this year with even greater speed. It's an audience hit - every time!

It takes contempt for death and not a single bad day to embark on this race, which takes place with five motorcyclists for full blowout is in the globe of death which opens here in the middle of the race. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The weakest act in the performance is probably Cheban with their Russian swing and the jumps on inflated giant wheels from an airplane, but there are entertaining moments in it. Part of the explanation for the slightly low-fire effort may be that two men from the troupe have not arrived due to problems with the work permits. They will come in a few days, it is said.

In return, Duo Costache is back with a new trapeze act. It is risky but they stay on the safe side. It failed in 2017 when the "Iron Lady" Vita took a crash when she had to climb her husband, Leonardo's "Jaws" Costache's shoulder-carried perch in Viborg. Luckily, she escaped without major injuries. This year, the very tough attitude is taken out of the act. Good!


Duo Costache. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Otherwise, it is the Flying Wulber that dominates in the air with triple summersaults, great "jumps" and what you might otherwise want from a traditional flying trapeze act.

The triple. Photo: Rud Kofoed / A

Whether you like the reprice clown Jimmy Folco or not is a question of taste, also the good one. One cannot ignore that he fights for the case with Italian charm. But when he says: "On with the boxing gloves" in an audience-driven entrée it becomes a bit long-drawn-out.

This year Benny Berdino’son Jackie Berdino has taken over the task as production leader after the daily manager Klaus Jochumsen, who has retired - however, no more than Jochumsen has helped introducing the new people to their tasks. And his wife Kitt Jochumsen, continues as a tour manager.

The soundman Lasse Nørager, also known as the clown Bonbon, has, together with Jackie Berdino, been responsible for a successful putting on stage of this year's performance.

The old male ‘elephant’ Benny Berdino is still the circus director and can take a round of honour in the ring whenever when he wants, but mainly he  can he be happy for the fact that the circus for the future is in good family hands. We too can be happy for this fact - especially with such a splendid performance with three top acts.

Bubber, Laura and Scarlett and the old circus director Benny Berdino, who are delighted to see his circus in safe hands. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

To see more of Rud Kofoed's photos: Click at https://ajourpress.smugmug.com/CIRKUS-ARENA-2019-GIRLPOWER-I-F%C3%98LGE-BUBBER/

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20 March 2019

"May I take a selfie with you", my grandson Sebastian asked Bubber after the premiere of Circus Arena's 2019 performance. As you can see, he was allowed to take such selfie.

For the first time in many years, there were no elephants in the Arena performance. Arenas 3 elephants are at home in their barn in Aarslev and are waiting for an agreement to send them to retirement in Knuthenborg Safari Park. This presupposes partly that funds are provided for an elephant facility in the safari park and partly that agreement is reached on a reasonable compensation to Circus Arena. Although a broad majority in the Danish Parliament wants elephants banned from circuses and would like to see the country's four circus elephants retired under good conditions, politicians' focus is currently more on the coming parliamentary election (there has to be an election before the middle of June) than on the fate of four circus elephants. (The 4th circus elephant belongs to Circus Trapez)

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19 March 2019

Circus with and without animals. When Philip Astley "invented" the circus in 1768, the performance consisted of horse acts with inserted performances of clowns and acrobats. Looking at programs from the Copenhagen Circus building's first 25 years, the emphasis was on horses. Including high school, where in every performance there were riders who fought for the public's favour. Slightly hard to understand today, where high school is not the big draw, and where virtually no spectators have knowledge to judge the difficulty and many find such acts boring.

Some circus friends, especially the slightly older ones, believe that animal acts are a "must" in a performance and that a performance without animals should really be called variety and not circus. For others among the audience, animal acts are not important and some even prefer non-animal performances.

Of the Danish circuses, Baldoni has no animal acts. The last season, when they had many animals with - season 2013 with the Igen family with dogs and goats - became looking at the number of visitors one of the worst seasons in Baldoni's history. René Mønster Baldoni found out that his audience would rather see clowns, acrobats and comic acts than acts with animals. "In every business one must listen to the wishes of the customers," René says. Therefore, he has the last couple of years opted out having animal acts in the performances. "But I don't want to criticize other circuses for making another choice," René says.

Although both the act and animal welfare were good it was audience wise not a success when Circus Baldoni in 2013 presented the Igen family with dogs and goats. Baldoni's audience would rather see clowns, acrobats and comic acts. Due to this René Mønster Baldoni dropped the animal acts. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Among the other Danish circuses, Arena, Mascot and Trapez always have animals in the performances. Cicus Arli and Zirkus Nemo have sometimes animals in the performances. But far from every season. "Animal acts are not a must for us," says Martin Arli. "But if we are offered numbers of sufficiently high quality and where animal welfare is in order, we do not in advance say no to present an act with eg. dogs or cats. However, we have no animals in our 2019 performance."

In Sweden, Circus Brazil Jack in 2018 opted out of having animals in the show. Not because they oppose animals in a circus or have made an alliance with the Animal Protection. But because they like Baldoni in Denmark realised that their audience became less and less interested in animal acts.

In addition, a circus which like Brazil Jack is touring all over Sweden, also in the northern part of the country, comes to many lots where the foundation is asphalt or concrete. In other words, not grassy lots as we know it from Denmark.

"It makes it difficult to give large animals such as horses and camels optimal conditions," Carmen Rhodin says. "All that meant that my son Trolle III, who today is the owner of Circus Brazil Jack, last year decided not to have animals in the performance. It was appreciated by our audience, and in 2018 we had clearly more spectators than the year before. Therefore, there are no animal acts in our 2019 performance.”

Both Carmen, her spouse Trolle Jr. and their son Trolle III respect the fact that other circuses continue to have animals, and have no doubt that the Nordic circuses, which have animals, treat their animals well.

In Swedish TV4's program "Malou after ten", Malou von Sivers on March 19 had a visit by Trolle Rhodin III, who told how he as a teenager, after his brother tragic suicide gradually took over responsibility for the circus, which got more spectators after they dropped animal acts. Click here to see it approx. 14 minutes long interview (Language: Swedish. No subtitles)

Internationally, the trend is towards no or fewer animals in the performances. One of the most successful circus companies of the past decades, Cirque du Soleil, has, with one exception, never included animals, and the German cult circus Circus Roncalli has also chosen to drop the animals.

You can make excellent performances both with and without animals. We should be pleased about that. And for the fact that those who want to see animals still can do so. And those who are preferably free of animal act can find a circus that suits their taste. Personally, I judge a performance based on its quality, whether it is with or without animals. And I love good performances. With or without animals.

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18 March 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  a super-original show on the theme  GEORGES MELIES, pioneer in the cinema industry, an inventor of what we today call SPECIAL EFFECTS, he operated in PARIS and  NEW YORK, organizing magic performances as well.

GEORGES MELIES, 1861 - 1938, created a great number of cinema and magical features, some of them are reproduced in the show GEORGES MELIES CABARET MAGIQUE, they have been featured a number of times at the THEATRE LA VIEILLE GRILLE /today disappeared/ PARIS, direction LAURENT BERMAN and ANNE QUESEMAND, recently it was performed at the THEATRE EL CLANDESTINO, direction DIEGO STIRMAN, located in the BELLEVILLE quarter, that by the way, also houses the big CHINATOWN of Paris.

This show displays a number of GEORGE MELIES' films, featuring special effects and magical stunts, the old copies are nicely restaurated, giving us an excellent picture of the cinema of that time.

Alternatively we are treated to a magic entertainer, who entertains in between the 4 cinema sequences, performing different magical stunts, there are live music and hilarious jokes.

When I saw the show, magic entertainer PAUL MAZ appeared performing excellent magical effects.

Paul Maz. Photos by courtesy of Charlotte Popon

All in all, a wonderful and unique cultural experience, particularly as GEORGES MELIES is fairly unknown to the general public.

About George Melies : see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8is28gAOTcA or try to google.

Om Diego Stirman and the performances he present : see http://www.familia-stirman.com/el-clandestino


....................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.                 

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15 March 2019

Anna Conradi turns 85. Saturday, March 16, the former bike acrobat Anna Conradi, Copenhagen, can celebrate her 85 years birthday. From 1950 to 1988, she and her husband Leif Conradi toured Europe, the Middle East and Japan as the bike acrobats Les Conradis.  In Denmark, the couple worked in Circus Arli, Circus Arena and Circus Belli. The couple also worked as jugglers under the name 2 Maxelli. But their main act was their bike number which they developed over the years and which ended with Leif jumping up a staircase with many steps on a one-wheeled bike. After stopping the tour life, they for a while still went around and performed at fairs, in exhibition centers etc., but just in Denmark. Later, they both as other former acrobats got jobs as attendants in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.

Les Conradis. Photo from the 1971 program for Swedish Circus Ray Miller

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14 March 2019

Circus Mascot 2019. The Deleuran family's small circus opens the season in Roslev on Wednesday 27 March. This year's performance is called Går Amok (Crazy). Circus Mascot writes (my translation):

This year's performance we have chosen to call « CRAZY » - and what does that really mean? In short, we once again spare no efforts in order to deliver a hit of a show.

We look forward to introducing you to outstanding aerial acrobatics, fast-paced diabolo, a  great dog show, adorable ponies, our TALENT pig Yrsa and her girlfriend Sille, funny goats and lots of fun with our absolutely funniest clown, Gulio.


To the left Circus Mascot's beloved clown Gulio. To the right his son Husik, who this year works with diabolos. All photos are press photos from Circus Mascot

This year's new circus artists are 2 brothers, whom we have brought to Denmark from Ethiopia. Abebe and Dessta are a two talented young boys with charm, self-confidence and delicious hair. Still, they are happy to wear a WHOLE lot of hats - at the same time. We have no doubt that t it will be hair-raising when one brother with his feet throws the other around in series of fast-paced somersaults. #WORLD CLASS

Abebe and Dessta come from Ethiopia

This year's show is "CRAZY" and it's all in honor of you and for the circus magic we insist on bringing to our audience!

The season will close on 22 September. During the season Circus Mascot will visit Jutland, Funen, Lolland-Falster and Zealand

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14 March 2019

Summer artists at Lalandia Rødby. The children's friend, the tropical holiday center Lalandia's regular entertainer Mr. Plys, writes that this summer's artists at Lalandia Rødby are Duo Creative. The duo consists of Ina Sopova and Kristaps Pavlovs-Lipinskis from Latvia. They appear with quick change, foot juggling and dachshunds. The couple must not be confused with Polish Duo Creative, who performed at Wallmans in the Copenhagen Circus Building in season 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Kristaps can juggle with cigar boxes

From 28 June to 9 August you can see them on the stage in Rødby every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 pm, where they replace Mr. Plys, who these days appear at Lalandia Billund. The show lasts approx. 30 minutes and is for the entire family.

You can read more about Duo Creative at www.creativeduo.lv.

Ina and her dachshunds

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14 March 2019

Circus Olympia 2019. The Swedish Circus Olympia is this year celebrating their 35th anniversary. This year's program is:

Circus Olympia's orchestra led by Valentin Smirnov

Duo Lameth – Aerial acrobats aerial credle

Clown Cito - Circus Olympia's funny clown

Duo Lagroni - Comic knock-about table acrobatics

Tito Medina - Comic run-ins

Henrika Bengtsson - Circus Olympia's charming dogs

Miss Nanou - Equilibrist

Medina Family - Quick Change

Niklas Bengtsson – liberty dressage with Circus Olympia's beautiful horses and ponies.

Duo Lameth- Aerial straps

Irena Lagroni – foo juggler

All participating in a color-filled Grand Finale

Helena Bengtsson's playful dogs are an "Olympia Classic". Photo: Linda Himsel

The performance is presented as follows (my translation): The Swedish clown Cito, engages both children and adults with laughter and joy. The aerial acrobats Duo Lameth presents two amazing aerial acts: one in aerial craddle and another in the circus discipline aerial straps where the artists work in long straps, which hang from the circus dome. From the Czech Republic, juggler Irena Lagroni comes presenting an antipod number, which means she juggles with her feet! The ekvilibrist Miss Nanou presents a beautiful and advanced handstand act and The Medina Family presents a magical Quick Change act. The show has a clear comic emphasis and we get to know both the Clown Cito and the Spanish run-in clown Tito Medina and the comic knock-about table acrobats Duo Lagroni. Circus Olympia's own horses and dogs have of course their obvious place in this year's performance. Niklas Bengtsson presents his beautiful Friesian horses and big Tinker horses and small Shetland ponies and Henrika Bengtsson pressent her playful dogs.

Clown Cito's civil name is Albin Ganovic. He is known as the producer of Helsingborg's Cabaret Candy Club and the recent winter circuses in Malmö and Helsingborg.

Duo Lagroni was also at Olympia in 2011, where they performed in aerial straps.

The Danish audience saw the clown Tito Medina in Circus Benneweis 2011, where he and a partner among other things presented a comic number in low-hanging flying trapeze and Tito appeared with an inflatable elephant.

Not even opponents of animals in the circus can object to Tito Medina presentting this elephant!

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12 March 2019

If you visit Circus Africa during their season in Germany, you may recognize the tent: It is the former Benneweis tent that Dawid Benneweis sold to Germany a few years ago. Circus Africa is owned by the Weisheit family and, like many other German family circuses, offers many animal acts: elephants, horses, camels, dromedaries, donkeys, llamas, zebras (a cross between a zebra and a pony), ponies and dogs.

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10 March 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS ON A CRUISE The many cruise ships are a growing labor market for artists. The larger ships are a kind of traveling luxury hotels, where in addition to lots of restaurants and bars, there is also a theater with shows in the evening. During a cruise in February through the Panama Canal with Norwegian Star, I saw the Russian artists Duo Maria and Dmitry's show Marrambola, which among other things offered adagio acrobatics, aerial ring (hoop), straps (aerial straps) and tissue. The last two act were of such a quality that they could easily been used by one of the large Nordic circuses

The Stardust Theater at Norwegian Star has room for 1,200 people. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take photos during the performances. Norwegian Star has room for 2,348 passengers and an crew of 1,031.

Another evening, the English magician Michael White, along with his spouse Hulan from Mongolia, presented an impressive magic and illusion show "White Magic", where the audience between all the magic also saw a couple of Huan's great tricks as contortionist.

Michael White & Hugan. The latter was one of Kim Kenneth's assistants when he made a show in Blackpool Tower in England a few years ago.

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10 March 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  THEATRE ALAMBIC proudly presents a great number of theatre plays for the adult audience and also plays geared at children, 2 - 8 years.

Out of the  last mentioned, the numerous sketches, about 50, about the twins  GABILOLO and MALOLOTTE are frequently performed at the ALAMBIC, they are a surefire institution that are played in the rest of  France, the teams  represent hilarious situations performed by GABILOLO and MALOLOTTE.

All photos by courtesy of Jérémy Martin/Gabilolo

The author   CATHERINE DEGAY is indeed very productive, her activity has a confirmed and great success,  all the sketches show a rich variety, including music, dancing, all kinds of hilarious jokes, magical effects, everything in a mixture of colorful costumes and theatrical  props, making the audience wonder "what is going to happen with these interesting items ?"

It is a full package of dramatic actions, songs where the small fry can join in  the singing, furthermore interaction that makes the children happy, and thus their parents are pleased as well, seeing their offspring  in a good mood and laughing a lot.

Catherine Degay

The stage setting is appropriate and pleasing, clearly showing the situation on stage, the PA system is good, the joy of performing is clearly displayed, nothing that might scare the kids is there, they all get an experience of live theater, as opposed to the electronic one, thus it  is a unique experience of live theater - the sketches featured by  GABILOLO and  MALOLOTTE is an excellent alternative when parents want to give their children a wonderful afternoon !

The entire performance is visual enough to enable even children who might not know French - to follow, grosso modo.

THEATRE ALAMBIC  is absolutely worth visiting !!

See more: www.alambic-comedie.com  and www.gabilolo.fr

Venue: 12 rue Neuve de la Chardonniere, 75018  Paris. Metro: SIMPLON.


............................................ reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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7 March 2019

Circus Arli 2019. This year's performance, which premieres at the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Fløng on March 31 with dress rehearsal the day before has the following performers:

Alan Sulc – juggler

Veronica - foot juggler (Alan's wife)

Duo Mamchych - Double tissue (consists of Yuiry and Edita, sister of Alan. They are engaged independently of each other)

Yuiry – aerial straps

Elena Vasiljeva - Stand ring

Duo Bench - handstand

The Polupans - illusions

Alejandro (Alexander Arli) as clown

Bettina Arli - comeback with hair hang

Martin Arli will himself present the show this year.

Alan Sulc is born in 1990 and comes from the well-known Berousek family. Only 12 years old he won gold in 2002 at the European Youth Circus festival in Wiesbaden. The late Nelly Jane Benneweis was member of the jury. In 2004, the Danes saw him in Circus Benneweis, where he bounced balls into his podium and clearly was the year's top act presented to Safri duo’s music. A couple of special prizes from this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo show that he still belongs to the top of the juggling world. He got the German circus friends' prize.

Rud Kofoed took this photo at this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo and wrote (my translation): There was a reunion with the young Czech, stylish juggler Alan Sulc in the second of the opening performances. He was only 14 when he in 2004 first time made his entrée at the festival with the act he had trained since he was five years old. Prince Albert handed him a bronze clown at that time. This time there was no metal clown, but on the other hand, several prominent special awards and giant applause for the development he can now present. 15 years later with a safety and finesse - with up to nine balls in the air at the same time. He uses both arms and legs when juggling - and has an exemplary and concentrated way to do it. It leaves respect - and admiration - and not least a belief in a future for the discipline.

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6 March 2019

Circus in Sweden 2019 Circus Brazil Jack opens the season in Malmö on 4 April. Circus Olympia premieres in Oskarström on April 6th. Circus Diana Rhodin premieres April 7 in Åkarp.

Circus Brazil Jack writes (my translation): "We present an outstanding animal-free performance with artists from 4 continents. Gravity-defying aerial acrobatics, French tight wire dancing, international clowns and comedians, athletes from South America, a large live band and this year's sensation from Ghana: the rubber man George"

This year it is 120 ago since Brazil Jack established his circus

The names of the performers in this year’s performances in Circus Olympia and Circus Diana Rhodin have not yet been published.

Circus Maximum takes as in 2018 a break. But the Swedish circus magazine Cirkuläre Notiser writes with the newspaper Hallandsposten as the source that Maximum might be on the roads in 2020 with a performance with smaller animals and artist acts, preferably with a comical twist. And it will be a performance with a high tempo. "But nothing is definite," says Maximum's tour manager Helena Schicht. "But if we come back, it will be with a changed concept."

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6 March 2019

The Cheban troupe to Circus Arena. In addition to the artists whose names previously have been mentioned on this site Circus Arena has engaged the Cheban troupe from Moldova for the upcoming season. In 2011 they toured Denmark with Circus Benneweis with jumps on bouncing wheels (big black inflated rubber wheels) and jumps from Russian swing.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 March 2019

Circus in Norway 2019

Circus Arnardo opens the season in Arendal on March 16th. The can this year celebrate their 70th anniversary.

About this year's artists, Cirkus Arnardo writes (my translation):

Enjoy when Priscilla Errani to lively rhythms increases the pace of dozens of hula hoops, watch out as 19-year-old Mikhail Milla from Chile is juggling fast with balls and rings, hold your breath while Steacy Giribaldi is approaching the top of a stand-alone ladder.

Get surprised and amazed by Duo Urunov's amazing Quick-Change where fashionable outfits disappear in the air right in front of your own eyes. Watch the crossbow shooter bend his bow while his partner is being fastened to a rotating disc.

Marco and Priscilla present spectacular crossbow shooting and knife throwing acrobatics. All photos are press photos from Cirkus Arnardo.

Expect nifty backflips and spectacular jumps with BMX and Trial, tough bikes not much different from the ones you have at home.

The stuntmen in the Jan Extreme Bike Show do bold tricks.

Watch and hear musical clowns with elegant Spanish twist. Enjoy the gags with Los Sitos. Experience Laura's magnificent parrots and an epic "ara-flight" you'll never forget. Be ready for a close encounter with Russian borzois and playful poodles with a whirlwind of ambitions.

Laura Urunova presents both parrots and dogs

And say "Hi!" to Swedish David Hammarberg who flies in bungees high over the ring.

Trixi and Roy present ponies and llamas.

Circus Arnado's junior director Are and Mrs Paolina are this year in the ring with a completely new magic and illusion act. Are’s grandfather, the late Circus King Arne Arnardo, is Norway's most famous magician through the ages.

Circus Agora 2019. Jan Ketil’s Circus Agora opens the season in Straume on March 13th. This year's program features the soccer juggler Rafael De Carlo, Romanian Marius Gagiu in pole, Edi Laforte’s dog show, Andreas Quaiser with his ponies Max and Moritz, Martyn Chabry with musical quick-change, the clown Francesco, Mr. Gagiu in aerial straps and Jan Ketil himself with balance with cups and dishes. A number he in his time presented on the slack wire


Martyn Chabry and her husband Rafael de Carlo toured Denmark with Circus Benneweis in 2014. Martyn, who is the daughter of the clown Toto Chabri, was also with Benneweis in 1998 and 2005.

The clown Francesco (Francis Brunard) has had several seasons at Benneweis, most recently in 2005, and has also appeared several times in the Swedish circuses Brazil Jack and Maximum. Photo: Roy Himsel, shot in Circus Maximum in 2016.

Other shows in Norway. The Swedish contemporary circus Cirkör is on the new mini tour with a METOO theme. The Norwegian artist Christer Pettersen, who has previously performed at Monti, Soleil, the Olympics opening in London and Arnardo, is on tour in Norway with his girlfriend Mara with the performance Fisken and Plasten. Arr. Eskil Rønningsbakke.

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2 March 2019

Circus Baldoni in Ishøj Bycenter 2019. Jacob Boas Leitisstein saw the performance in week 8 (winter holiday week in some municipalities in the Køge Bay area) and writes (my translation):

Since 2016 every year there has been a winter performance with Cirkus Baldoni in Ishøj City Center. This year it was once again Baldoni who was responsible for the entertainment during the winter holidays.

When the performance began on February 21 there were lots of people round the ring. René Baldoni welcomed and suddenly, among the audience, one of the members of the Trio Sáközi appeared. He was dressed as a shoplifter and should of course be caught. This was done by the other two members, and it developed into a high speed acrobatic act.

Then René came back with his ventriloquist doll the lion Leonardo in order to present the clown in the performance. The clown Danilo is no longer with Baldoni, so the audience should meet a new clown: the Danish clown Don Carlos. He came straight from Aarhus, where he had participated in Circus Krone’s winter performances. First entrée with Don Carlos was his violin act where he played the violin in many different ways.

Don Carlos. All photos are shot by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The next act was the Danish foot juggler Nathalie Enoch Fröchte. A nice act where she both juggled with scarfs, basketballs and hula hoops.

Nathalie Enoch Fröchte

After Nathalie's act Don Carlos was back again - this time as "graceful" tight wire dancer. He placed the wire on the floor, but the children shouted loudly that the wire of course should go up in the air. So it did, but he did quite not manage to show tight wire dancing …

Last act in the performance was a fast-paced juggler entrée performed by Trio Sáközi. A nice act that really filled the entire ring.

Trio Sáközi. Click here to see more photos from the show.

Finally, all artists came in the ring and sang Baldoni's farewell song.

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25 February 2019

Enoch's Circus Show. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Rosengaardcentret, Odense on 13 February at 13 and writes (my translation):

It was true circus. It run for 45 minutes.

It is the 30th time there is a winter circus in the Rosengaardcentret. For the past 8 years, the producer has been Jimmy Enoch. And immediately as he comes cycling into the ring and welcomes you, you can feel that he passionate for circus - the circus that is close to his heart and which he himself is an integral part of.

Jimmy Enoch. All photos shot by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The performance was opened by Sharon Berousek. She walks in the footsteps of her father Mario Berousek. But what she can - unlike him – is to do the splits with 5 clubs in rotation. As a final trick, she did what is his trademark: speed juggling. And it must be taken for face value. A furious pace where the 3 clubs rotate so fast that look like mill wheels.

Sharon Berousek

The clown Don Christian is seen before in Denmark - in circus Benneweis. He presented the clown entrée where he plays bells and needs a child from the audience to help. It was a boy who literally had to give him a kick in his ass. With a big club, the boy was to give Don Christian's "backing" a proper kick. The back cover was a large pan. But then something happened: the boy became unsafe and scared. Don Christian quickly realized this and handed him over to his father before inviting another teenager to swing the club.

Don Christian

Next we saw Peter Sarger, who with a bunch of playful dogs provoked laughter. Not least the gag that originates from Old Regnas, where a naughty dog ​​topples a garbage can - to tease Peter Sarger, who is sweeping the ring clean of paper. And the dogs jumped, ran, rolled and barked before leaving the ring walking in a line. The largest dog in front, the others in sequence with the forepaws resting on the back of the dog that goes ahead.

Thai Ferreira worked in vertical rope - black as her costume. She entered the ring with a cowl making her look both as a nun and a witch. But she threw the cowl and gave a nice show in the discipline that is inevitably in any circus performance.

Don Christian then came back. This time with it - worn out? – rock band gag. This gag is also difficult to avoid if you regularly visit the circus.

But then came the final act - the main number. Armando Liazeed walks in his parents' footsteps. He is an outstanding handstand acrobat - absolutely unique. It's so clean, so real, so hard. There is nothing but what you can see. Yet one does not believe one's own eyes. And his attitude: proud, but not boastful. Superb - and he knows it! But he never showed off. And the final tricks: head jump over a plank and jump on one hand up and down a staircase's 8 steps. It is an act one can see again and again - and each time with wonder and respect.

Armando Arano Liazeed. Click here to see more photos from the show.

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25 February 2019

Circus Mascot had well-attended performances in the HerningCenter in week 7 and in Aalborg Storcenter in week 8. Photos by courtesy of Daniel Deleuran, shot at the performances in Herning.

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17 February 2019

Circusland - Winter holidays 2019. Jacob Boas Leitisstein visited Circusland in the winter holidays and writes (my translation)

"The pirates go on new adventures" - this was how the headline of Cirkusland’s winter program 2019 wrote. The theme of the park was thus still a mixture of pirates and circus. Circusland still attaches great importance to live entertainment in the form of various shows, and during the winter holidays you could both see pirate shows, children's shows, circus performances and sea lion show.

The pirates in Circusland. All photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The day started out with a pirate show on the "stage" at the large sea lion pool. The pirate show featured lots of artistry in pirate dress. The first feature was Patrick Harrison's dog act - the same act that you could see in Circus Arena last year. Then there was a fire show with the fakir Abdullah. Finally, a short sea lion show with two of Cirkusland's sea lions.

After the lunch break, the little stage in the playground set the frame for the children's show with Kalle Kanonkugle. The children's show featured two artists. First it was Oliver Berdino with his juggling act. Then then came the Navratil family on the stage to perform a short knife-throwing act.

Oliver Berdino

In Circus Landino's ring you could, as usual, experience a classic circus performance with artists, animals and clowns. The performance was presented by Suzanne Berdino, who also began the performance with liberty horses. Then came last year's winner of the circus prize’s talent award, Charmaine Berdino, entered the ring along with her horses Orion and Meloso. Excellent liberty dressage!

Charmaine Berdino

The clown of the show was called Luigi - he had several run-ins where he included the audience. Another act from last year's Arena show could also be seen: foot juggling with Jan Navratil. The next act was a Landino classic: magic with Duo Biasini. The performance ended with dromedaries and llamas presented by Rudi Althoff.

The last show in the Circusland program was the sea lion show presented by Pip and Patrick Harrison. This time all Cirkusland’s sea lions participated - Luna, Sally and Oscar.

Pat Harrison with one of Circusland's sea lions. Click here to see more photos from Circusland during the winter holidays

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16 February 2019

The photographer Mr. Sputnik (aka Per Krogh Petersen) saw Charlie and Binalto from Circus 3 at Bjerringbro Library on February 14th. Click here to see more photos and video clips from the show.

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15 February 2019

Reviews of more of the Danish winter holidays performances can be seen when this website is updated on 9 March.

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14 February 2019


During the winter holidays in week 7 the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, has presented shows with the ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard and circus fun and creative workshop for children. Photos: The Circus Museum

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12 February 2019

Danish Circus Krone winter circus. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in the concert hall in Aarhus on Monday 11 February at 14 and writes (my translation):

Circus is tradition. In Circus Krone, it is a tradition that Irene Thierry welcomes the audience. She calls for you to greet the person standing next to you and then for everyone to bow to her. It is also a tradition that she says goodbye to the audience and assures that the entrance fee is not wasted - but used for rolls the next morning. Thus, circus is tradition.

But circus is also renewal. New in circus Krone is that the two musicians in the Krone Band, director Frank Thierry and his brother Marc, enter the ring and greet the audience before they sit down with their instruments and play the Krone tune  (which also is one of the traditions) . Tradition and renewal with few seconds of interval.

And then the circus' surprise. The audience should preferably, one or more times, be involved in thinking: that’s impossible. And the great surprise in Krone’s winter performance is Leonid Beljakov. His two dog acts if far better than the dog acts you otherwise can see in a circus. His first entrée is with 5 dogs of different size and appearance. They cannot just jump, roll and do what a happy dog ​​normally does. He gets further with his dog art. They can walk on the hind legs - forward and backward. They can walk on slack wire. A dog is standing on its hind legs in his hand while he makes a somersault. They climb around his neck. They balance on his feet while he is lying on his back. It is the best dog act I have seen for years

A world class dog act. All photos shot by Jørna Bækmark

And his second entrée is with a single dog - a boxer. It behaves as if it has a human mind. It lies on its back and sleeps. It stretches and shake hands when he wakes it. It can balance with a stick. And finally, it gives a concert. Leonid plays on mouth organ – the dog howls. As I said: it is dog acts of amazing high level.

The juggler Kasparas Bujanavkas is a young talent. He owns the juggler's quivering excitement, and his juggling is stylish, fast-paced - and he has a strong charisma. His first act is juggling with 3 cigar boxes, after which he collects 19 boxes in a long row between his two hands. The last one he picks up from the floor - with his foot. His second entrée is a festive juggling with balls, clubs and rings. He not only uses his hands, but lets the balls jump to and from his body - and behind the body. A juggler evokes joy and admiration. And he certainly does. And the person sitting next to me asked me in astonishment: how many thousands of hours has he spent learning it? They may not be counted. But hard work isn’t enough. Talent also needed. And Kaspares got talent!

Kasparas Bujanavkas from Lithuania is a young super talent. He won Lithuania's version of Got Talent 2017

The clown Don Carlos had many small run-ins. And his make-up is good. There is something rural about him - while being a little childishly naive and having an indomitable optimism. He never gives up even if everything is teasing - but knows how to save the situation and get the laughter on his side. And then his make-up has a touch of madness. A clown is not raving mad, but he is in a borderland between the clever, the calculating and the unlikely, where madness lurks somewhere out on the horizon. Don Carlos balances well with the many facets and modes of expression of the clown.

It was a really nice hour. And the audience was well satisfied. You could hear the comments on your way out. And after a bright and good experience like this, one gets strengthened in your belief that the true, classic circus will survive. It is so strong that nothing can beat it. It is so genuine, so vivid, and so authentic and unites tradition and renewal in a way that no other art form can do.

From the final in Krone’s winter performance

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11 February 2019

As always, Benny Schumann's winter holiday performances in Elsinore City Centre draw many visitors, including kindergartens. This was also the case at the premiere on February 11 at 11 on this year's performance. The waiting time before a performance begins can be long for kids. Benny kept the pleasant tradition of letting children help him with a bit of magic tricks and plate spinning 10-15 minutes before the performance began.

Lots of expectant spectators. They were certainly not disappointed

Benny started the performance of ​​balancing a knife on his forehead, spinning with a dish and doing the splits while balancing a shoe on the forehead. Impressive that 73-year-old Benny Schumann still can do it!

This trick would be impressive also if done by a much younger artist

Next came the Swedish juggler Erik Ivarsson in the ring juggling with clubs even while he bowed backwards (see photo). Elegant and with great charm.

Erik Ivarsson turned out to be a very versatile and skilled artist

Benny Schumann now did his number with chair balancing before Erik Ivarsson came back and had first 5, since 6 and finally 7 balls in the air.

It is 51 years ago, Benny had his debut as a plate spinning juggler. But he still masters the art with the 6 spinning and 6 dancing plates. And with an elegance, charm and routine that by far exceeds most other and much younger plate spinning jugglers.

Benny Schumann and his dancing plates. After 51 years still a top act

After a hand- and headstand act with Erik Ivarsson, Benny did magic and got help from a boy from the audience. The magic entrée closed as a ventriloquist entrée with Hunni, who presented the next cat: Dog Dancing with Louise Vig and the Ausssie dog Cherie.

Dog dancing is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners. Great that Benny Schumann this year had found such an act instead of a more traditional dog act. No doubt that the dog also enjoyed dancing with her partner.

Louise Vig and Cherie

The last act in the performance was Erik Anderson, now on monocycles of different sizes and with elements of juggling. An impressive act and a number that could easily have been presented in large circuses as Schumann and Benneweis!

Erik Ivarsson's final trick - a world-class act

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10 February 2019

WinterCircus 2019, produced by Isabella Enoch Sosman. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Søby-Højslev Arena on 9 February at. 15 and writes (my translation):

WinterCircus - a child of Danish circus Trapez - visits in the winter holidays 9 arenas in Jutland and on Funen.

The premiere in Højslev offered a varied and rich program. David Sosman was ringmaster, and his mother Isabella Sosman was present - discreet but visible - together with her spouse Bernhard Kaselowsky

The overall figure in the performance was the clown Rudi Brukson - a skilled clown, whose happy charm and mimicry one felt comfortable with. And then he could do what some clowns can't do: he could find his way out of the ring while one was thinking: couldn’t he stay a bit longer. Thus, before you start thinking: when is he finished? The art of “knowng when to stop” is not mastered by all clowns! His first entrée was the one where he tries his luck as a cook, and everything goes wrong - which is also the intention.

Rico Brukson was a tennis racket juggler. He juggled up to 5 rackets in a routine, and of course he juggled with balls on the rackets - surprisingly, because a racket is meant to send the balls over the net, but not to let the balls dance on the rackets.

The clown then had to fight with a treacherous snake that lived inside a large jar. But the snake casted off the slough - and turned into a dancing bird. Nancy Brukson presented a classic tissue act before Rico juggled a plate on a stick, which plate however was glued to the stick.

Animals belong to the circus. 5 goats were presented by Noah and Nynne Samuelsen - assisted by Bernhard Kaselowsky.

Goats in the ring. All photos: smartphone photo, shot by Jørgen Lorenzen

After the break it was time for Henry Fröchte, assisted by his daughter Nathalie. He presented his beautiful, robust foot juggler act. It was new that it wasn’t any longer with an Indian look but with a pirate look. The totem pole, however, had moved over to the pirate camp - easily recognizable from the Winnetou edition of his classic foot juggling act.

The pirate Henry Fröchte

And then there came nostalgia in the ring. Isabella's old, red solo trapeze which she used in her life as a trapeze star was now being used by the 12-year-old Nynne Samuelsen. Nynne is educated at the Circus Factory (a Danish youth circus) by Einar Trie. And she is an upcoming artist. Behind an almost confused seriousness, one knew that she has already acquired the professional artist's attitude: proud but not boastful. Happy, but not stuck-up. And with a strong physics she showed difficult tricks, for example hanging in one knee.

An upcoming star? 12-year-old Nynne Samuelsen

Clown Rico had to get help from a boy from the audience. The boy should help juggling plates on sticks. And then time had come for David Sosman's act. A new juggling entrée where his former a little heavy prop which was needed to get the balls back in surprising angles, was replaced by a podium on which he showed both juggling and bouncing - with 6 balls.

Simona Rhodin juggled with big hoops and the act became a mixture of juggling and hula hoop. The clown played on bells - with the audience's help. One of the bells was whistling, yet it became O sole mio. The performance was closed with Edi la Fortes dog act - well-presented, funny and fast-paced, as dog acts often can be.

It was a well-planned performance that had deserved a larger audience than the almost 200 people who had found their way from Skive and the surrounding area to the arena, which is located in a suburb of Skive.

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6 February 2019

Additional artist for Enoch's Circus Show. Jimmy Enoch tells that he has now booked an additional artist for his winter holiday performances in the Rosengaard Shopping Center in Odense: the young Czech juggler Sharon Berousek. She is the daughter of the world's fastest juggler Mario Berousek. The Danish audience saw her in Circus Arena in 2013. The following year she toured with Swedish Cirkus Brazil Jack.

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5 February 2019

At the Danish version of this website you can read the former Danish circus queen Agnete Louise Enochs report from this Monte Carlo festival. On the photo above you can see Agnete together with her mother Solvej Enoch. As the Monte Carlo Festival isn’t Danish or Scandinvian news I haven’t translated Agnetes’ review to English. However, the Dansh newspaper reviewer Rud Kofoed of Ajour Press took at lot of wonderful photos durring the festial. Such photos might also be of interest for non-Scandinavian readers. Thus, you can find link to some of his photos below.

Click here to see photos from Royal Circus de Gia Eradze tableau blanc’s gold clown awarded act. All photos : Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Click here to see photos from Martin Lacey JR’s gold clown awarded act

Click here to see photos from Troupe Alievs act and the other silver clow awarded acts.

Click here to see photos from the Joy Gärtner families act and the other bronze clown awarded acts. On the photo above: Francy Gärtner together with the 50 year old elephant Thai. Thai was in 1969 as a 9 month old elefant calf bought from an elephant farm in Thailand by Danish Circus Benneweis. After season 1995 Diana Benneweis sold her elephants, including Thai, to a German Safari Park which to her surprise and disaffection immediately transferred them to other circuses. Thai has now for many years been owned by the Gärtner family.

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3 February 2019

New circus cinema website. The photographer Mr. Sputnik aka Per Krogh Petersen has created a website with many of the videos he has recorded when visiting the Danish circuses. Click here to visit his website

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1 February 2019

Circus in the winter holidays. As in previous years, you can see circus performances etc. in many venues all-over Denmark in the weeks 7 and 8, where the Danish schoolchildren have winter holidays. The children only have one week's holiday. Whether it is in week 7 or 8 changes from municipality to municipality.

Here is an overview of what you can see this year. Further information on time of performances etc. in What’s on.

In Copenhagen and on Zealand

Circus Panik's winter show (small family show)

This year's winter show is called "Did We Remember Grandma?" and can be seen from 9 to 16 February in Panik's small circus building in Vanløse, Copenhagen. The address is Skjulhøj Allé 21, 2720 Vanløse.

The Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen

Performance with the ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard from Monday 11 February to Friday 15 February. Dailey at 11. Circus and creative workshop both in week 7 and week 8. In the weeks mentioned also open Friday.


Benny Schuman's winter circus in Elsinore City Center

Benny Schumann present from 11 to 17 February winter holiday shows in Elsinore City Center. In addition to Benny, the performers are the Swedish bike artist Erik Ivarsson and Dog Dancing with Louise Vig and her dogs. Free admission,

Benny Schumann between Cherie and Hunni. The latter is an entriloquists’doll.

Erik Ivarsson's love for the unicycle began as he a nine-year-old boy visited the Swedish circus school 'Ludvika Minicircus'. When he was 12 he got his first job as artist: one month's contract with the amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg. It was just the beginning. His skills have since led him to the big stages all over the world. Click here to see a short video clip from his act.

Circus Land in Aarslev by Slagelse

Circusland is a theme park situated in Circus Arena’s winter quarters. From 9 to 18 February there is open every day from 10 to 16.

Circusland writes (my translation) :

During the day you have the opportunity to see different shows. The internationally renowned sea lion trainer Patrick Harrison visits us, and he present Circusland's own sea lions Luna, Sally and Oscar in a splendid sea lion show. In addition, you can meet Kalle Canonball and his pirate friends when they entertain children and childish souls on the stage in the playground. In the big circus performance you can e.g. meet the Italian pizza clown Luigi, horses, dromedaries, llamas, talented artists and much more. It is all presented by Suzanne Berdino.

Patrick Harrison is also known for his dog act Hot dogs, which he has sometimes presented under the artist name Pat Clarrison. He is the little brother to the former sea lion trainer Inge Stiebner, who has now stopped working with sea lions.

Circus Big

February 11 to 14 in Vestsjællandscentret, Slagelse. The performers are Mr. Big and Andreas Magic. Free admission

Baldoni's winter circus in Ishøj City Center

18 to 23 February: Ishøj City Center, Copenhagen. The performers are René Mønster Baldoni, the Hungarian jugglers Trio Sáközi, the clown Don Carlos and foot juggler Nathalie Enoch Fröchte.

Trio Sáközi is among the performers when Baldoni present winter circus in Ishøj city center

On Funen

Enoch’s Circus Show is produced by Jimmy Enoch and can be seen in Rosengårdcentret in Odense from Monday 11 to Saturday 16 February. You can see everything from clowns and acrobatics to bike shows and animal acts. Free admission

In the approx. 45 minutes long performance you will meet.

Jimmy Enoch

Armando Liazeed, hand balancing from Cuba.

Many Danes will remember Armando Arano Liazeed from Circus Dannebrog 2016. That year, he was also among the 3 nominees for the prize for the year's best act from The Danish Circus Award. A clear stamp of quality, even though it was not him who got the prize.

Thai Ferreira, aerial act from Brazil

Don Christian, clown from Austria

Don Christian is known and loved by Danes from several seasons in Circus Benneweis.

Peter Taylor, dog act from Germany.

Peter Taylor. Last year, the audience on Zealand could see his cheerful act as a porter with teasing dogs in Benny Schumann's winter performance in Elsinore City Centre

In Jutland

Isabella Enoch Sosman's Winter Circus.

From 9 to 18 February, Isabella Enoch Sosman presents winter circus in 7 arenas in Jutlland and 2 arenas in the western part of Funen.

The performers are:

Edi La Forte - dogs

Rudi and Irena Brukson - clowns

Rico Brukson - tennis racket juggler

Nancy Brukson - tissue

Simona Danailova Rhodin – tight wire and hula hoop

Nynne - trapeze

Nynne and Noah Hulsig Samuelsen - goats

Henry and Nathalie Fröchte - pirate style foot juggling

David Sosmann is ringmaster and juggler, but with a different act than presented in Circus Trapez in 2018.

Simona Rhodin is the adoptive daughter of Swedish Diana Rhodin and has regularly appeared in her Circus Rhodin.

Nathalie is the daughter of Henry Fröchte and Katja Enoch. She toured with Circus Trapez's in 2018. After Isabella's winter performances she continues to Baldoni's winter circus in Ishøj city center. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Circus Krone in Aarhus Music House

11th to 19th of February, Danish Circus Krone invites you to a winter circus in Aarhus Music Hall.


In the press release, Cirkus Krone writes (my translation):

It is a tradition for Danish Circus Krone and the Thierry family to visit the Music Hall in Aarhus during the winter holidays.

After last year's generational change, it is now official with Frank Thierry as CEO.

With us this time is Leonid Beljakov - one of the world's best dog trainers whom we have wanted to present ever since we saw him first time in Circus Roncalli. Now we have finally succeeded and we look forward to presenting Leonid and his fantastic, talented, four-legged friends.

Kasparas Bujanaukas, which we had the great pleasure of working with on this summer's tour, in fact so great a pleasure that we have brought him back here for the winter holidays. Kasparas is an amazingly talented juggler, it was therefore fully deserved when he ran with the victory in Lithuania’s Got Talent in 2017. A great international career is undoubtedly waiting for him in the future. We are very proud of being able to present his great talent once again.

We are also very proud that the Danish clown Don Carlos has chosen to spend the winter holiday with us.

Grandma Irene will in the usual way lead the audience safely through the performance, in collaboration with Frank.

In our legendary Krone Band, as always, Marc Thierry sits behind the drums and provides the right circus atmosphere. He does this in collaboration with Frank, who controls the keyboard.

Circus Mascot

Circus Mascot visits Herning Center in week 7 and Aalborg Storcenter in week 8. Free admission.

The performers are members of the Deleuran family as well as the clown Ulmas / Gulio with family: Mrs Tatyana and their daughter Juliya.

Marianne Deleuran and her poodles are undoubtedly among the performers.

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27 January 2019

When the Monte-Carlo Festival does not want to come to Denmark, Danish circus people must go to Monte-Carlo. And they do - and this year more than ever before to be inspired, maybe make an artist booking, or just enjoy some of the circus world's greatest achievements - and meet good colleagues and friends from all around the world. In the group picture is seen from the left Circus Arenas 'son-in-law', Daniel Koscik, married to Suzanne Berdino, next to two who present themselves as incurable circus fans, then Agnete Louise Enoch, her brother Dennie with wife Gitte and mother Solveig Enoch, all from the now closed Circus Dannebrog. The smile on the back row behind Solveig belongs to Lasse Nørager, which many know better as the international clown Bonbon. He himself - along with his wife Tiina - has been in the festival in Monte-Carlo - in 2007 - with great success. In the midst of the entire company Briano Behrendt ("Brianos Circus Travel") In front of him is the always bubbly Irene Thierry from Circus Krone, who has now handed over the responsibility for the small circus to her son Frank, who is seen next to the artist Line Vittrup, who last season was with the new Zirkus Barnly, Circus Baldoni- director couple René Mønster and Camila Frimann, far right with red nails: Circus Big owner Benjamin Breith. Text and photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

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22 January 2019

Obituary: Steven Pedersen. The charming sea lion trainer director Steven Pedersen has passed away after some time if illness. He was 58 years old. He was known for his happy number with playful sea lions, which among other things catched rings that children were allowed to throw. He always ended with penguins on the slide. In Denmark, we first saw him in Circus Arena in 1994 and later with Benneweis in 2003 and 2005. He was also involved in several of Benny Schumann's performances. In 2006, he joined in when the family Haddy Enoch produced Circus Kenny for the Rosengård Center in Odense. His performance is known to countless Danish children from the DVD The Animals in Circus. Steven was the son of the English-born sea lion trainer Doreen Pedersen and the Danish bear trainer Henry Petersen. For many years Doreen and Henry lived in a former village school in Farstrup on Funen, where their two sons Hans and Steven also had their sea lions and penguins walking around in pools or in enclosures when they were home.

Steven Pedersen. Photo from Benny Schumann’s Mini Circus 2008

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22 January 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- unique and original performances -- THEATRE DE BELLEVILLE proudly presents a unique theatre show, inspired by a journey in NORTH KOREA and conceived to convey a - theatrical - perspective, certainly a humorous one, but all the same a realistic picture of the totalitarian, brutal, absurd and dictatorial rules that guide the everyday life of the population, brainwashed by a never ending propaganda.

Press photos from the performance Corée du nord. Photographer: Alban van Wassenhove

THEATRE DE BELLEVILLE is a rather small one, sporting 100 seats, located in the big CHINATOWN of Paris /there are a number of less important ones/, like many other smaller theatres, it has been built in a space where each tiny spot has been used.

Big stage, perfect lighting and PA-address system, very sympathetic reception of the public, full house, in Paris people love THEATRE!!

This very show is utterly visual, the actors possess an important dynamism, energy and joy of performing, it is spiced up with a number of funny jokes, stage decorations and props for special effects are spectacular, the acting in between the performers is nicely synchronized and lead us to a grand finale that makes place to a firework - a good idea!

ABSOLUTELY worth seeing!!


See more: www.theatredebelleville.com

Venue:  THEATRE DE BELLEVILLE, 94 rue du Faubourg-du-Temple, 75011  Paris. Metro: BELLEVILLE.


----------------------------------  reported by ZARRO ZARRO.

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12 January 2019

Malmö winter circus - a 5 star pleasure.

Can you produce a circus in January and February? The answer is a clear yes: of course you can.

Can you get the audience to visit a circus in January and February, when it is rather cold in the Scandinavian Countries? This is a more difficult question. 24-year-old Albin Ganovic's attempt this year to make winter circus first in Malmö and then in Helsingborg, both cities located in the southern part of Sweden, will show what the answer is. The quality of his winter circus is certainly high: 5 out of 6 possible stars.

Albin tried producing a Christmas circus in Helsingborg in 2013 and 2014. The performances were excellent. The number of visitors was reasonable the first year and disappointing the next year. Since then, Albin has paused with the circus, but each year in the autumn presented performances with artist in his Cabaret Candy Club. Now he is trying his luck with circus in January, where it is probably easier to get good artists than in December, where there are many Christmas circuses in Germany, Holland and other countries south of the Danish/German border.

The tent, which is set up at the Mill Square in Malmö, is rented from the Swedish Circus Olympia.

There is a story in the 2-hour long performance, but it is difficult to follow for those who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue. But it is about the girl Ofelia, who runs away with the circus and ends up being offered to the job as director, a job she leaves to the clown Cito aka Albin Ganovic.

The clown Cito aka the circus producer Albin Ganovic

The show starts with a festive intro with some of Albin's singers and dancers from the Cabaret Candy Club. They also act as assistant stage manager and are the prettiest assistant stage managers I've ever seen! Also the well-playing 6-pieces band is from the Candy Club.

Candy Club singers and dancers – the worlds prettiest ring girls ?

Then the clown Mama comes out of a big box. The role is played by the lovable and popular Swedish actress Marianne Mörck, who in her younger (and slimmer) days both has been Eliaza in the Swedish version of My fair Lady and Maria in the Swedish version of The Sound of Music.

The first artist act is a festive and fast-paced juggler act with Hungarian Tri Sáközi. An excellent way to start a performance.

Tri Sáközi

They are replaced by one of the show's top stars: Cuban Hector Yzquierdo, the male partner of Duo Solys. He shows an incredibly strong hand balancing act, which among other things offers jumps from hand to hand, head balance and then finish with Encho's famous trick with the bricks being pushed away. Impressive! And great to see that the back and neck injuries that bothered him at the end of the 2018 season at Danish Zirkus Nemo seem to be over.

Hector Yzquierdo

The next act was an act in aerial straps with Yosvany Rodriguez.

After a short intermezzo, where the clown Mama juggled with plastic bags, horses came in the ring: Olympia director Niklas Bengtsson presented at big and little act with a Tinker horse and a pony.

Niklas Bengtsson and his horses

Then Hector entered to the ring again, this time together his spouse Tatiana. As Duo Solys they showed their excellent act which brought them bronze at last year's circus festival in Budapest and the prize as the best act of the year in Denmark in 2018. If they came to Monte Carlo it should at least bring them a silver clown. As with Hector's own act it was a pleasure to see that he now seems fit for fight.

Duo Solys. They deserve an invition to Monte Carlo 2020!

After the break there was again a festive feature with the young dancers and singers. It led to the well-known 4 stools gag with 4 male audiences placed on stools which Clown Mama subsequently removed one by one. Pretty considerate of the "victims" she put the stools back in before they got up. Many others let them "collapse".

Then Yosvany Rodriguez came back, this time with his main act on bouncing rope. Pretty much like as in Swedish Circus Scott in 2013 and at Danish Circus Benneweis the following year he makes tremendous leaps and summersaults, though that evening I saw the performance with a little more “drops” than five years ago.

Yosvany Rodriguez

Next, the clown Cito had 3 children in the ring where they were to shoot with spray cans for soap bubbles. A nice and sympathetic entrée where they avoided spraying unreasonable amounts of water in the head of those sitting at ringside chairs.

Last artist in the performance was Silva JR (Weddington Silva), who presented his father Super Silva's famous and daring aerial act. First he walked from the trapeze to another trapeze and then jumped back to the first trapeze. Then the same trip, hanging in his and with a fake accident where one foot slipped out of the loop. Finally with another leap from trapeze to trapeze. Originally, the idea was that the performer should have been Alex Michael, who does a similar number. But Silva JR did the act as good as his father and Alex Michael.

Silva JR

A new act with the two clowns and the singers and the dancers ended the performance. Although the number of artists wasn’t large, it was a beautiful and well-composed performance. Let us hope that there will be visitors enough and that we next year once again can see winter circus in Malmö and Helsingborg.

Click here to see more photos from the performance

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12 January 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS   -- one of the most prestigious theatres, viz.  THEATRE -DES-CHAMPS-ELYSEES proudly presents a unique show -   CIRCUS ORCHESTRA, featuring a combination of juggling and classical music!

THEATRE-DES-CHAMPS-ELYSEES is located in one of the most posh areas in Paris, where all the great fashion designers have their boutiques, it is a rather big theatre, rich in traditions, sporting a large space for the audience, and even a three-level gallery, all elegantly conceived, offering a comfy surrounding, the public is welcomed by a staff in black uniforms, supposed to supervise everything.

The very stage area is a large one, thus assuring that the artistic features are enhanced and well cared for.

The entire show is based on the theme "circus and classical music", it is a reminder of the medieval musicians who often had a troupe of jesters to participate in their performances, today we would call them street performers and jugglers.

The combination of jugglers and musicians is very well orchestrated, seldom did I see jugglers of that sky-high level, it was clear that they all had a background of acrobatics, dancing and mime.

Theatre full, audience enthralled, also the kids, standing ovation!!





Lightning and special effects: CLOTHILDE HOFFMANN.

Absolutely unique!!




---------------------------------------  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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11 January 2019

Winter circus in Malmö and Helsingborg. Thursday, 10 January was opening day for this year's first Scandinavian circus production: Albin Ganovic’s Malmö Winter Circus, which is presented in Circus Olympia's tent at the Mill Square in Malmö, Sweden.

The popular Swedish actress Marianne Mörck has the role as Clown Mamma and Albin Ganovic as Clown Cito. The performers are Super Silva, Duo Solys, Yosvany and Trio Sarkozi. Furthermore you will meet Niklas Bengtsson from Circus Olympia with horses.

The Danes know the daredevil Super Silva from Circus Dannebrog 2012, Duo Solys from Zirkus Nemo 2016 and 2018, which year The Danish Circus Award voted them as the best act of the year, and Trio Sarkozi from Circus Trapez 2014. Yosvany was with Circus Benneweis in 2014.

There is a story in the performance, spoken by the Swedish actress Eva Rydberg. The story is about little Ofelia, who runs away with the circus and ends as a circus director.

The ensemble consists of Rebecca Karlsson, Josefine Sebring, Felicia Daxberg, Julia Kristoffersson, Isabelle Hultqvist, Matilda Ek, Emma Ekelund. The six-piece circus band consists of Viktor Lundahl, Joel Selsfors, Kasper Hellström, Ludvig Collden, Olle Hellbring, Lucas Gulbing.

There are performances on the weekends (including Fridays) in Malmö until 20 January. Then the performance is moved to Helsingborg, where it under the name Helsingborg Winter Circus can be seen at the square next to Sofiero Castle in the weekends 26/27 January and 2/3 February. See more at http://malmovintercirkus.se/ and http://helsingborgvintercirkus.se/

A review with photos can be seen at this website next Saturday.

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7 January 2019

Some Of It Happens In London.

Our British friend John Cooper writes:

As regular readers will be aware the Cirque Berserk production of Martin "Zippo" Burton has appeared in Winter Wonderland within London's Hyde Park from mid-November until early January.

Every day (except Christmas Day itself) there were three shows each evening at 6, 7 and 8, with each show lasting some 50 minutes. Thus there is a very quick turnaround between performances.

Music is recorded, and there are neither announcements, nor a printed programme, so I shall mention few acts.

In order to keep up the pace, most acts are split in to two or more sections, or cut a great deal. Every performer has been re-costumed and given new music, so that you are not seeing "act as known". Not that that matters to the general public.

Illusionist Kim Kenneth (The Dane In The Fast Lane) has two main spots, along with partner Jessica Caveagna.

Having produced Jessica from a fire prop, Kim crushes her to nothing before she reappears safely, only to be chained in another cabinet through which Kim rides a motorcycle. Followed swiftly by two riders from the Globe of Death act. The prop is removed with Jessica still in place, thus avoiding dead time.



Kim Kenneth and Jessica. All photos shot by the outstanding English circus photographer Andrew Payne.Andy Payne

In their second appearance, Jessica is vanished from within a cabinet, emerging with another girl. She is then secured in a large box through which blades descend mere seconds before she is found in the audience.



Kim Kenneth and Jessica Caveagna. Photos: Andy Payne

In the show's finale, Kim produces many of the performers from an empty cage.

Jessica's own sword-and-dagger number is cut to just one climb of the ladder, but she sells it as well as ever.


Jessica Caveagna. Photos : Andy Payne

Those who saw Cirkus Dannebrog in 2016 will remember the juggling act of The Centners, with Danny juggling on the back of a quad-bike. In Berserk he works with fluorescent clubs and fire clubs.

The Centners in Cirque Berserk

One other act I must mention is the balancing number of Alan and Rafael, which I've seen billed under various names. The selling point is that Rafael (the top-mounter) is a wheelchair user; a fact which is not hidden. He is an inspiration.

There is little doubt that a production of Cirque Berserk will appear in a 2019/2020 Winter Wonderland, with Zippo's Christmas Circus in the same tent earlier in the day. It is sure to be worth a visit.

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4 January 2019

The circus prince who hates the limelight. On Monday 7 January Jackie Berdino, Circus Arena, can celebrate his 50 years birthday. As son of Benny and Hanne Berdino, it was given that he would have a life in the circus. From 1978 to 1986 the audience met him in Circus Arena’s ring with e.g. ponies, horses and zebras. Jackie, however, did not have his older sister Suzanne's pleasure in performing and therefore quickly decided that he was more useful backstage than in the ring. The joy of performing jumped a generation over to Jackie's oldest son Patrick, whom the Berdino family has chosen to launch as Circus Arenas crown prince. However although Jackie is not nearly as visible as Papa Benny and his son Patrick he is certainly involved in the circus operation. For many years, he has booked the artists and been involved in staging the performances and much more of the "background work" needed to run a circus. While Jackie, as mentioned, does not show up in the ring, in addition to his son Patrick, Mrs. Laura, whom he married in 2009, is a permanent feature in the Arena performances with beautiful horses in liberty. Also their joint daughter Scarlet has sometimes participated in the performances.

Jackie Berdino. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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4 January 2019

Danish circuses in 2019. Here is an overview in alphabetical order of the circuses that will tour Denmark in 2019, as well as an overview of performers in the individual circus. Many of the artist names have previously been mentioned on this website.

Circus Arena: Season opening at ‘Bellahoj’ in Copenhagen on March 20th. The show's ringmaster is Bubber. The performing artists are Duo Costache with a brand new aerial act, Diorios with their globe of death, Andrejs Fjodorovs with pigeons, Oleg Izossimov with handstand, Kolev Sisters with hand to hand acrobatics, The Flying Wulbers in flying trapeze, Laura Berdino with horses in liberty, exotics from Cirkus Arena’s stables and Cirkus Arenas clown for many years Jimmy Folco.

Circus Arli: Season opening in Fløng (Copenhagen suburb) at the end of March. Names of performers have not yet been published.

You can for sure meet the clowns Martino & Co. in Circus Arli

Circus Baldoni: Premiere in Lyngby (Copenhagen suburb) on 23 March. In addition to the director René Mønster Baldoni you can among others meet the illusionist Kim Kenneth, Abu Brothers with their Risley act and the clown / comedian Peytchev Plamen Metodiev. Included in the program should also be a knife thrower, a tempo juggler and a Japanese tight wire dancer.

For the second year in row the illusionist Kim Kenneth and his girlfriend Jessica are part of Baldoni's performance. But with completely different tricks than those they presented in 2018

Zirkus Barnly will this year follow Zirkus Nemo (both circuses are owned by the comedian Søren Østergaard) and visit 3 cities: Aarhus (6 to 30 June), Copenhagen (7 August to 1 September) and Odense (4 to 15 September). Captain Frodo is again the main attraction. Frodo can also be seen in Zirkus Nemo

Just as in 2019, Norwegian Captain Frodo is the main star in Zirkus Barnly. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Circus Krone: Season opening date not yet published. Names of performers have not yet been published.

Like the country's other circuses, Circus Krone hopes on lots of people queuing at the circus box

Circus Mascot: Season opening date not yet published. Apart from members of the Deluran family and the clown Gulio and his family, the names of the performers have not yet been published.

Marianne Deleruan presents both dogs and goats and mini pigs. Here photographed with a goat. Photo: Mr. Sputnik aka Per Krogh Petersen

Zirkus Nemo: Season opening on 18 April in Horsens. In the performance you will meet Søren Østergaard, the rubber man Captain Frodo, the handstand artists Duo Kvas, the juggling duo Menno and Emily van Dyke and the Finnish magician with pigeons Marko Karvo.

Zirkus Nemo's artists are always excellent. But the big drawbar is probably the director himself, not least when he acts as the smash man. Press photo from Zirkus Nemo. Photographer Steen Brogaard.

Circus Trapez: Season opening day not yet published. In the performance you will meet the Indian boy Yakari and the pony Little Thunder, Bernhard Kaselowsky, who preset Frisian liberty horses as well as the Friesian horse Frederik and the little pony Bonito in a big and small act. Furthermore you will meet the Saabel family with their beautiful Siberian husky dogs, Kelly Saabel with handstand, Jennifer Saabel as foot juggler, Randy and Mila with an aerial straps act and Romany May with another aerial act, probably in tissue. The clown in the performance is Michael Cadima, who also has a juggling entrée.

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2 January 2019

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS ---  during the CHRISTMAS festivities - a great number of shows could be seen.

From 5 to 29 December ESPACE PARIS-PLAINE, a beautiful theatre, sponsored by the local  TOWNHALL, proudly presented MIRAGES /same word in English/  a concept that make people think of -  mirages , i.e. the wonderful, the dreams and poems.


The stage setting is beautiful and original, it creates the right atmosphere and enhances the artists' performances, they all excel featuring various specialities, single and formation juggling, elegant balancing, contortion, clowning and comedy, acrobatics with and without dancing stunts, several aerial features, aerial ring, tissues like the vertical rope.

All photos by courtesy of La Lanterne Magique

I particularly liked the becoming and colorful costumes, certainly created for this very purpose, the joy of performing was clear and obvious - a feeling that the artists conveyed over to the audience who expressed their joy by applauding strongly.

The music was tuned down to a reasonable and palatable level, thus being what it should be - a back up to the artists' features!!

At the end of the show, everyone left in an excellent mood, after an unforgettable experience.

Point of interest must be that the young audience had got a feeling of the joy of watching LIVE ENTERTAINMENT instead of electronic one, this confirming the importance of French theatre tradition, still well alive and kicking since MOLIERE's time !!



See more:  www.lalanternemagique.eu

Venue:  ESPACE PARIS-PLAINE, 13 rue du General GUILLOMAT, 75015 PARIS. Metro: PORTE DE VERSAILLES, then one can take the tramway or walk for about 30 min.


.......................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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1 January 2019.

This website close to had 30.000 visitors in 2018. The news section, being a eekly internet magazine, and the tour list (“What’s on) are usually updated every Saturday. Apart from news and tour list the website has pages with facts about Danish circuses, Danish circus families etc. Links to those pages can be found at the bottom of the opening page

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