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29 October 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  -- always excellent performances -- mostly during the autumn season.

NOW : THEATRE DES BELIERS PARISIENS  proudly presents a  MAGIC SHOW by and with SEBASTIEN MOSSIERE, actually it is a kind of children's theatre play, reminding me of the Danish couple  HENRY AND ANN ALAKAZAM who performed a kids' magic show in  COPENHAGEN,in the sixties, it was quoted as children's theatre - and quite right so.

THEATRE DES BELIERS PARISIENS is a middle-size theatre, nicely decorated in red, a big stage and a first class  PA address system, sporting about  200  seats.

SEBASTIEN MOSSIERE is wearing a funny-looking costume, being elegant as well, his tricks and stunts are hilarious, giving loud reactions from the kids, all of it boils down to happy and satisfied parents who have offered their offspring a treat!

The entire show is super funny, the small fry has a wonderful afternoon, at the same time this shows has a quiet flow, making it possible for them to follow all that happens on stage, and there is nothing to scare them.

This is an important point of view, peace and quiet - instead of lots of noise that the kids are confronted with every day!!

The entire performance is composed to be full of laughter, there is much interaction where  everything  boils down to a positive atmosphere and a solid contact with the audience.

Photos by courtesy of Sebastien Mossiere

Point of interest: instead of being exposed to all kinds of electronic, the small ones see  A MAGIC THEATRICAL SHOW , and LIVE , we have here the audience of tomorrow - whom we hope to see - later !!!

From 20/10 to 04/11 and from 26/12 to 05/01: From Tuesday to Saturday at 14:00. Sunday at 11:00.


See more: www.theatredesbeliersparisiens.com


...................................... reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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24 October 2018

Circus during the autumn holidays. I spent the autumn holidays in Dubai. Thus, the only circus performance I was seeing in week 42 was the Benneweis performance in City 2 on 13th October. A review this performance was posted on this website the same day. Rud Kofoed has also written a review accompanied by many excellent photos. Click here to see Rud's review/photos.

Good friends have helped me with reviews of some of the other autumn holiday performances:

Cirque Berserk in Esbjerg

The circus queen Agnete Louise Enoch saw the performance on 14th October and writes (my translation):

I was most grateful to receive an invitation from Julia Knight and Martin Burton to see Cirque Berserk which had performance in Esbjerg on Sunday 14th of October at 15.00.

I have known Martin Burton for many years. I met him first time more than 30 years ago when I performed with a combination of contortion, jumping and handstand in Chessington Zoo Christmas Circus Tamara Coco, Martin Burton often visited the show. Already at that time he ran Zippos Circus.


First, the light was switched off, to be switched on again, with a nice welcome in English! Then the show started faster than the whirlwind with nonstop performances but an interval after 45 minutes!

The stage was filled with props and among other things the world's smallest globe of death and steel stairs most back from the stage. Then it became exciting! As the first act 7 very well-dressed dark-glittered beautiful men with waistcoats entered the stage with very strongly performed acrobatics, jumps and pyramids in a completely different way than traditionally presented by Moroccan troops. They had a fantastic charm that went right into the hearts of the audience. I imagined myself being in Chicago.

Timbuktu Tumblers. Press photo from Cirque Berserk

The artists who had just performed then elegantly sat on the built-up steel stairs. And then Cirque Berserk began presenting the most impossible, which one did not know existed anymore. One thought it was impossible that there could be so much on one stage at a time. There were springboard artists from Cuba, old-fashioned knife throwing with a very charming man dressed as circus director along with his female partner, which he luckily did not hit with the sharp knives.

The Czech knife thrower Toni hurls knives and axes towards the board...while his wife Nikol skillfully avoids them! Press photo from Cirque Berserk. Photographer Piet Hein Out, www.circusphotographer.com

High above the theater stage there were beautiful young girls in the aerial hoops while there was also a talented Brazilian woman who was rotating in a hurry with a rope around her throat. There was a world class adagio handstand's duo and a contortionist who made me remembering myself 30-40 years ago with very old-fashioned disciplines. There was a female foot juggler, a hanging perch and one of the thrill acts in the world: the Tower of Chairs ending with a balance / handstand right up on the top chair made by a young man with very big muscles.

Zula is a Mongolian master of the Tower of Chairs; one of the oldest thrill acts in the world. Despite its age, the stunt has lost nothing of its thrilling quality. Press photo from Cirque Berserk. Photographer Piet Hein Out, www.circusphotographer.com

We saw fire eaters, street performers, harem ladies and much more. The comedians Duo

Mustache Brothers were outstanding. They were the main thread throughout the show. The two wonderful people are some of the best entertainers I have ever seen, there was so much comedy and acrobatics in their entrées that you almost got tears in your eyes of excitement.

It was only at the end of the show after a table came into the stage where the comedians performed their world-famous knock-about table act I recognized them: They had had a season in Circus Dannebrog 5-6 years ago. There was the world's smallest water bowl with a female artist performing acrobatic disciplines in a degree of difficulty that went up into a higher unit. All performers in Cirque Berserk were outstanding. I must not forget to mention the globe of death. In the world's smallest globe of death, I saw 4 men and a woman doing the most daring and dangerous globe of death act I have ever seen in such a small globe. They run on motorcycles wildly! 4 men on top of each other in a mirror with fasting speed. Bravo!

The Lucius Team in the Globe of Death. Press photo from Cirque Berserk. Photographer Piet Hein Out, www.circusphotographer.com

The whole show was completely different from what I have previously seen. Director Martin Burton and Julia Knight have surely traveled all over the world to find the rare and very different acts than those you usually see and incredibly great talents whose acts have been renewed in a version up to date. The whole Cirque Berserk was super amazing! Thank you for an unforgettable day I will never forget!

Circus Arena in Kolding Storcenter

Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance on 17 October at 13. He writes (my translation)

The performance lasted 40 minutes and offered versatile circus art.

Bettina Arli welcomed the hundreds of spectators - most children.

Jelena Vasiljeva presented a traditional tissue act, where both the tissue and the costume were kept in red and white colors.

Jelena Vasiljeva. All photos: Jørgen Lorenzen

The clown Francesco was snake charmer. The children helped him finding the snake that had hid in his headgear. Laura Berdino was a guest star. She presented 6 ponies. Then Sarah and Francesco came with an act where Sarah was the human doll, which during the act turned out to have its own will and a live body.

And then came what for this reviewer was the main act in the performance: Alexander and Martin Arli, assisted by Francesco as the ghost. The ghost entrée is - perhaps with the exception of the broken mirror entrée - definitely this reviewer's favorite clown entrée. It's crazy funny. The children whine of joy and the participating clowns are allowed to romp about. The number must be strictly constructed, otherwise it may end up in chaos. But it's not as tight in the structure as the broken mirror entrée, where every move and detail should be a dot. It seems more improvised. And just that, it fits Martin Arli, whose comments are a cascade of witty remarks. In today's edition, there was a greeting to "the merry wives of Kolding." Finally, he lost his pants. This act was worth trip to Kolding!

Martino & Co.

Jelena and Sergei Populans entered the ring with a handstand/hand-to-hand act before juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, known from the summer's Arena performance, finished the show with a versatile juggler entrée with clubs, ping-pong balls that are catapulted into the air from the mouth - 5 at a time. And he ended up throwing rotating hats into the air. The hats had boomerang characteristics, so they returned to his hand.

Juan Pablo Martinez

A versatile performance, which showed the circus art from its best side. Always worth a trip.

Circus Land in Slagelse - Autumn Holiday 2018.

Jacob Boas Leitisstein visited Circusland and writes (my translation):

True to tradition Circusland in Slagelse was open during the autumn holiday. Once again the autumn holiday program featured a lot of different shows and performances. In addition, one could still have fun in the large playground and visit the stables with the circus animals and the circus museum.

During the summer holiday, Circusland had premiere on a whole new pirate theme - this theme was also used during the autumn holiday. Thus, the program's first show were of course a pirate parade and pirate show. The pirate parade with all Circusland’s artists was a prelude to the pirate show and led the audience from the playground to the sea lion arena where the show took place. The pirate show told the story of the pirate contest, where all pirates would like to impress the pirate king. The show offered on acrobatics, foot juggling, one of the sea lions, the fakir Abdullah and hula hoop.

The fakir Abdullah. All photos shot by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

On the small stage in the playground you could see a children's show with Plukfisk Marie and Kalle Kanonkugle (Suzanne Berdino and Briano Behrendt). The first act in the show was parrot show with the parrot Goje and Daniel Koscik. Then two children came to the stage to participate in a hula hoop competition. The competition in hula hoop led to a real hula hoop act with Charmaine Berdino.

Daniel Koscik, Suzanne Berdino and Goje

In Circusland, you also celebrated the 250th anniversary of the circus. During the autumn holiday, you could see the special exhibition "Circus for 250 years" and in Circus Landino you saw "Circus like in the good old days". The circus performance was presented by Professor Landino (Briano Behrendt) and Suzanne Berdino. The first act was Suzanne Berdino herself in the ring with a beautiful liberty act with four white Arab horses.

Suzanne Berdino with horses in liberty

Then, the Spanish musical clown Antoni's came in the ring and presented a classic clown entrée with the white-faced clown and two Augusts. The entrée ended of cause with  music.


The next act was a Duo Biasini's quick change and illusion number. From the Circus Arenas Greenland Tour you saw giant soap bubbles with Diana Boiachin.

Diana Boiachin was this summer with the Norwegian Circus Arnardo and in early October with Circus Arena in Greenland.

After that, the winner of this year's Danish talent prize Charmaine Berdino presented her impressive liberty act with her two horses.

Charmaine Berdino

Oliver Berdino juggled and the last act in the performance was Circus Arenas three elephants together with Rudi Althoff.

Circus Arena's 3 African Elephants. Maybe their last appearance in a circus ring. Click here to see more of Jacob Boas Leitisstein's photos from Circusland.

The autumn program was completed with Circusland’s well-known sea lion show in the big sea lion pool. The circus's two sea lions were during the autumn holidays presented by Patrick Harrison, best known from his dog show which you could see in this year's Circus Arena performance.

Circus Mascot in Spinderiet 2018

Jacob Boas Leitisstein saw the performance and writes (my translation):

After a number of years where Circus Mascot has presented their autumn holiday performances in Bytorv Horsens, Mascot moved this year to Zealand. Throughout the autumn holidays, you could see Mascot's performances on the square in the Spinderiet shopping center in Valby, Copenhagen.

At the performances 21 October (last day) a lot of people had found their way to the ring on the square.

The performance was as usual with some of the acts that have been presented during the tented summer season. Daniel Deleuran welcomed and made sure everyone came in the right circus mood. Then an inflatable Gulio entered in the ring.

Gulio. All photos shot by Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Next feature was a Mascot classic: Marianne Deleuran's dog show. The dog show had as always a lot of happy dogs, who together with Marianne do a lot of tricks. The arithmetic dog Bobby, who became known at the beginning of the year in the Danish version of “Got talent” was of course also in Spinderiet.

Marianne Deleuran and the dogs

Then the clown Gulio was back, this time together with his wife Tatyana. They did a comic magician act together. The same act which Gulio this summer presented together with his daughter Juliya.

Comic magic with Gulio and Tatyana

Juliya's brother Husik was part of the performance. He presented his act combining both juggling and hula hoop. At last Daniel and Gulio did their clown entrée with crossbow and balloons.

Husik. Click here to see more of Jacob Boas Leitisstein's photos from Mascot in Spinderiet.

All in all, a nice little performance running for approx. 30 minutes.

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18 October 2018

Swedish Albin Ganovic honored as the personality of the year. The marketing association in the Helsingborg region in Sweden has an annual business life gala called Mih Gold, celebrating the winners in the categories "Company / Business Idea of the Year", "Happening of the Year" and "Personality / Inspirator of the Year". This year the gala took place on 17 October. The award as the personality / inspirator of the year went to 24-year-old Albin Ganovic, who is producer of Helsingborg’s successful Cabaret Candy Club.

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18 October 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- always new and interesting shows -- THEATRE TREVISE  proudly presents an original cabaret show, by and with FREDERIC LECLERC, with friends and back up crew.

All photos by courtesy of Sandrine Donzel

Since this show is super original, it can't be described in detail, but nevertheless - here comes some info: several sequences of projections on giant screen, accompanied by live artists on stage, including some unexpected , thus original , interaction.

A number of comic interludes pop up ... more video projections, but now the audience sees the pictures on the white stage apparel, that  FREDERIC LECLERC is wearing, this very dress has a kind of wings attached to it , functioning as a screen.

When entering the theatre saloon, people are given a pair of protective gloves, in several colors, they are encouraged to put them on - and moving their hands -  following the rythmic moves that FREDERIC LECLERC conducts from the stage -- a wonderful effect and an entirely original stunt!

This show is geared to all public, children and adults, everything is suave and nice, sometimes hilarious and - nothing that can scare the small fry.

Show  90 minutes. The performance can until 29 December be seen every Saturday at 16:30, but not on 3 November.

Well worth seeing!

See more: www.apzurde.com


..................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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13 October 2018

Circuspark with Benneweis is the name of the autumn holiday offer from the shopping mall City 2 in Høje Taastrup (Copenhagen suburb). There was premiere today. The circus park offers both the possibility of circus fun where kids can try their luck as acrobats with the instruction of talented artists and short performances. The performers are the he clown Bonbon clown and his children Julia and Joakim with Mama Tiina backstage to take care of the technical. Bonbon and Mrs. Tiina had their Danish debut in Circus Benneweis in 1992 and 1993 and were later in several seasons with Circus Arena. They are clowns of international format with performances in many well-known circuses, including the large German Circus Krone, where they were in February together with their children who in Krone successfully had their international debut

In the approx. 30 long performances we meet Bonbon with three of his best entrées: the one with the "heavy suitcase", the bell entrée and the one with the turtle. Children from the audience were involved in the first two entrées. Julia and her younger brother Joakim presented juggling and bike acrobatics. The performance is the tent which Søren Østergaard's Zirkus Barnly used during the summer tour. No doubt the audience was excited about the show which hopefully will get lots of people to visit City 2.

Bonbon and bells. Click here to see more photos from the show. The slideshow will not be finalized until Sunday morning.

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12 October 2018

As previously mentioned, the shopping mall Kolding Storcenter has performances produced by Circus Arena from 15th to 21st of October. As usually in Kolding Bettina Arli is ringmistress. From the Berdino family (owners of Circus Arena), the audience meets Laura Berdino as a guest star. Francesco Fratellini and Sarah Florees present the living doll entrée which the audience in Circus Arli could see last year. From this year's Arli show Jelena Vasiljeva comes partly in tissue, and partly in a handstand act together with her spouse Sergei Populans. In this year's Arli show, Sergei presented his handstand act solo, but in Kolding there is a joint act with Mrs. Jelena. The clowns Martino & Co. consists in Kolding of Martin and Alexander Arli together with Francesco Fratellini.

Francesco and Sarah with the living doll entrée. Photo from Circus Arli 2017

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11 October 2018

English Cirque Berserk in Denmark. Cirque Berserk is called "Real Circus made for theatre". For a few days they visit Horsens, Randers and Esbjerg in Jutland. There was opening night with full house Tuesday 9 October at «Værket» in Randers. The performance was part of a customer event in Kronjylland Savings Bank and the audience was very happy with the spectacular and fast-running performance.

Randers culture centre «Værkets» large auditorium has room for 1,000 spectators. There was full house at the Danish premiere at the show

Cirque Berserk is not a contemporary circus, but a circus show created for theatres. Berserk is hardly a performance for smaller children. But both teenagers and adults will surely enjoy the performance.

In the performance, you met among other artists an acrobat troupe, Timbuktu Tumblers, who skipped, built human pyramids, jumped through hoops and did limbo. The Tropicana Troupe presented a springboard act. There were jugglers, both some who used their hands and one who used the feet. There were knife throwers, gauchos with bolas, aerial acts, comedians and knock-about table acrobats and much more. The comedians / knock-about table acrobats were Mustace Brothers, who some might remember from Circus Dannebrog 2013. And as the last act in the performance 4 riders, The Lucius Team, in the motorcycle Globe of Death.

"The wildest show ever," wrote Lisbeth Stryhn List about the performance and gave it 6 stars in the local newspaper Randers Amtsavis. She continued: "Tempo, timing and professionalism are the code words of the British company that blow up the classic circus tradition in atoms. On the other hand, the supreme artists take their audience into the galaxy - all the way out where everything can be done and you disregard the force of gravity and other obstructive laws of nature. "

The circus queen Agnete Louise Enoch will see the show on Sunday in Esbjerg and has promised to write a review. Look forward to one of Agnes's always well-written and colourful reviews!

Smartphone photo from the grande finale at Cirque Berserk

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6 October 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  people go to the theatre, concerts and circus -- an ancient tradition dating back from MOLIERE'S time, -- now: COMEDIE SAINT MICHEL, a small theater offering an impressive program, proudly presents  AUGUSTIN, clown, comedian and magic entertainer.

This show is geared to the smaller fry - and to their parents !

AUGUSTIN sports a colorful costume and has a nice and sympathetic approach to the audiencee, hence getting their attention and interest - a prerequisite for all success !

Following a sequence with  all sorts of funny jokes, really  appreciated as much as magic tricks,  we were treated to a session of giant soapbubbles, created from soapy water in a bowl, then came a number of  MAGIC STUNTS: all of them simple and clear, thus making it possible for the small ones to follow the action: colorchanging silks, the soft rope that turns stiff, goldfish appear in a bowl filled with water, a cute little brown rabbit appears out of a box - to the kids' delight.

Clown Augustin. Photographer : Jean Blanc.

Enter now on stage a PANDA, an actor sporting a  PANDA outfit, that sings and dances with the children, eventually a photo session is organized with them - great success !!

Everyone has been enjoying an extraordinary afternoon - surely the children will be inspired to various plays by the happenings of this AUGUSTIN show !!

Augustin with the Panda. Photographer : Jean Blanc


Venue:  COMEDIE ST MICHEL, 95 Boulevard ST MICHEL, 75005 PARIS.  RER/local train/


.................................. reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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5 October 2018

Circuses etc. during the autumn holiday. All schools in Denmark are closed in week 42. During the school's autumn holidays you can see circuses and artists in some shopping centres etc.

Here is an overview of the events I know of:

In Jutland

Kolding Shopping Mall is visited by Circus Arena from Monday 15 October to Sunday 21 October. Short performances every day at 11, 13 and 15. As usually for the Arena performances in the shopping mall the clowns Martino & Co. from Circus Arli are among the performers. Free admission.

Circus Arena in Kolding Storcenter. Photo from the show in 2017

At the market place in Løkken you can Tuesday 16 October and Friday 19 Otober at 13 met the family from Katja Schumann's Circus Farm with a funnny show with their goats. Free admission.

In Broen Shopping Center in Esbjerg, Circus Big has performances from Monday 15 October to Saturday 20 October, every day at 13 and 16. There will be laugh, thrill and fun when the clowns Benjamin aka Mr. Big and Clown Knud beat their own world records. Here is magic, music, juggling, dance, giggles and artistry in comic style.

Circus Big at Broen in 2017. Photo: Find Stendevad

From 13 to 21 October, the Circus Museum in Rold is open from 11 to 16. In addition to seeing the exhibitions, you can step into the Artist's Workshop, where you can try your luck as a circus artist

On Funen

Dynamo - Workspace for Circus & Performing Arts in Odense presents TWO - A Children's Circus Performance and Workshops Wednesday 17th of October frem 12.30 to16 and Thursday 18th of October from 12.30 to 16. Admission. The address is Finlandkaj 6, Odense C. Admission.

In Copenhagen and elsewhere at Zealand

At the Circus Museum in Hvidovre you can from 15 to19 October every day at 11 see a  juggling show with Lauge Benjaminsen. Admission. The museum writes (my translation):

In the autumn holiday you can have a great experience when we offer a show with Denmark's probably best juggler, Lauge Benjaminsen. Wheh he was 14, he won the "The Stage is Your" TV contest, and ever since, he has only improved his skills and has, among other things, become a YouTube phenomenon. Tickets can be booked at info@cirkusmuseet.dk, and they cost 20 DKK for children and 70 DKK for adults (admission to the museum is included).

Lauge Benjaminsen

In the autumn holidays from 15 to 19 October  there are Circus Fun 12:30 to 14:30. The first half hour will focus on juggling, where you can get instruction by Lauge Benjaminsen. After juggling you can also try trapez, tissue, tight wire and more.

In Spinderiet Shopping Mall in Valby, Copenhagen,  Circus Mascot has performances in the days 15 to 21 October. In the approx. 30 minutes long performances you will meet the clown Gulio and his family and Marianne Deleuran with her poodles.Free admission.

Gulio. By courtesy of Circus Mascot

Marianne Deleuran and her poodles. Photo: Per "Mr. Sputnik "Krogh Petersen

City 2 Shopping Mall in Høje Taastrup offers this year Circuspark with Benneweis with workshops and short circus performances. Høje Taastup is a Copenhagen Suburb. Performances Monday to Friday at 13.30 & 15.30 and Saturday and Sunday at 12 & 15.30. Admission 30 DKK.

In the Frederiksberg Center, Copenhagen, you can from 13 to 21 October every day from 12 to 14 meet the clowns Charlie & Binalto. Free admission.

Charlie and Binalto

Circusland in Årslev by Slagelse. Circusland is owned by the Berdino family and situated in Circus Arenas winter quarter. Circusland writes (my translation):

Get a experience besides the usual for the whole family when Circusland in Slagelse open the doors in the autumn holidays from the 13th to the 21st of October - all days from 10 to 16.

"In the autumn holiday 2018 we will reopen with our pirate theme. Here the whole family has the opertunity to explore the theme park, participate in the treasure hunt and meet the pirates on new adventures," park manager Suzanne Berdino says.

Pirates in Circus Land. By ourtesy of Circus Land

Come close to circus life in Denmark's only circus park and feel the smell of sawdust and animals. Composed with a wealth of experiences, nostalgia and great shows. All activities and shows are free when the entrance fee is paid.

As circus this year all over the world celebrates its 250th anniversary we have managed to get a special exhibition abot circus for 250 years in Circusland during the autumn holiday.

Every day in the autumn holidays you have the opportunity to see a number of shows. You can, among other things, watch the great pirate show with artistry, and the Indian pirate fakir Abdullah who is a true fire pirate. There is children's show for children and adults of all ages.

In the occasion of the circus' 250th anniversary, we celebrate the circus genre with a true old-fashioned circus performance. In the autumn's circus performance we are lucky to present our horse whisper from Cirkus Arena, Charmaine Berdino, who got the award as the Year's Talent 2018 from Danish Circus Award for her work with her horses. In addition, Circus Arena's own African elephants, Lara, Jenny and Djungla, can be seen for the verylast time in the autumn holiday in Circus Landino as a ban against elephants in circuses is expected to emter into force from 1 January 2019

Charmaine Berdino received the Danish Circus Awards talent prize in 2018. Photo by courtesy of Circusland.

Cirkus Landino present the Spanish musical clowns Quiros. Photo by courtesy of Circusland.

Circusland has both outdoor and indoor activities. In our indoor playground you can play miniature golf, go for a ride with our little circus train, go on the water in the waterrollers or try a tour of the ancient carousel. You can also take a ride on the rodeo bull, ride on ponies, drive in the mooncars or try a ride in our nostalgic air swings. Outdoor in our circus tent you can go to a circus school where you can try various circus disciplines,such as monocycling, tight wire walking, juggling etc. Look at our stables, take a rest in the circus cinema, visit a original circus van or take a look at our circus museum and experience the 'Circus for 250 Years' exhibition. Here you can also try different costumes.

Admission: 119 DKK. Children under 90 cm. has free admission. Family tickets for 4 persons: 396 DKK. Free parking.

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4 October 2018

Kim Kenneth and Jessica Caveagna to London. From 22 November 2018 to 6 January  2019, the Danish magician Kim Kenneth and his partner and girlfriend Jessica participate in the circus performances produced by Martin Burton in London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Martin Burton owns both England's largest touring circus, Zippo's Zirkus and Cirque Berserk. Kim will together with Jessica and 4 other girls present his illusions. Jessica will also do sword balancing. Just as she did in this year's performance i Danish Circus Baldoni

Kim Kenneth with Jessica and an additional assistant. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press


Jessica with sword balance. Photos: Ole Simonsen

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2 October 2018

The European Youth Circus Festival Wiesbaden is this year held from the 25th to the 28th of October. There are 3 acts from the Nordic countries: From Finland comes Saana Leppänen, who performs in vertical rope, and the juggler Aki Haikonen. From Sweden comes in trapeze Duo Olivia, who is educated at AMoC in Copenhagen. At the festival, which is one of the most prestigious for young artists, 25 acts from 11 different European countries participate this year. The festival is held every second years.


Duo Olivia (Olivia Englund & Olivia Bjurling) comes from Sweden and prestent a nice and slightly different act in trapeze. Photos from AMoC's graduation performence 2018

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2 October 2018

From the 17th to the 20th of October there is a contemporary circus festival in Sundsvall, Sweden. Click here for more information

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1 October 2018 (updated 5 October 2018)


Please get this info: Circus in general has a difficult time and hard conditions  --  the various terrorist acts have got people = the public , reluctant to join gatherings and crowds, the economic situation made  CIRQUE PINDER stop the summer tour, as the government changed the organization of the schoolday, circus lost the main part of the necessary income as the pedagogical school shows no more could fit into the school scheme and thus were cancelled.

The sometimes violent discussions about wild - and other - animals as part of a circus program -- are not to the advantage of circus -   far from that !

CIRQUE PINDER has announced that they will perform their Christmas season , about OCT - JAN 2019.


BOUGLIONE will play OCT 06 - MARCH 17, 2019, their program is called  EXTRA, featured mainly Saturdays and Sundays, as well as certain other dates.

Program: ERRANIS' elephants, juggler TU TOJO, GOLDEN DREAM, golden statues in aerial act with tissues, clowns STEVE AND RYAN, DUO FRENESI Chinese pole, WOLFF BROTHERS comic trapeze and knockabout table acrobats, REGINA BOUGLIONE doves, ANDREY ROMANOVSKY contorsion, JOSEPH BOUGLIONE horses, FLYING MENDONÇA trapeze, LIVIV TUDOR comedian, CHLOE GARDILO aerial ring, SALTO DANCERS  and a  first class circus band back up this program.

Wolff brothers. In Denmark known from Circus Arli 2011 and 2014 and in Sweden from Circus Olympia 2013 and Circus Brazil Jack 2017 and 2018

The Danes met Andrey Romanovsky in Circus Benneweis i 2014.

CIRQUE GONTELLI performs in the parks and squares of Paris until Christmas. There was a review on this page dated 8 September.

CIRQUE BORMANN MORENO mainly a family circus, proudly presenting clown SASHA,   are present all the year  JAN - JAN, as mentioned earlier in www.circus-dk.dk There was a review on this page dated 16 September

L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES is a weekly WHAT'S ON ??, that every week reports on ALL shows and entertainment features in PARIS, thus including CIRCUS.

Please find a short text, from L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES, issue 3745, page 57 :

The very number of visits, FRANCE, shows that CIRCUS has a great place in people's heart, viz. concerning live entertainment. Continuously several million visitors, indeed after fun fairs and tivolis, cinemas and zoos, but well before theater, dance productions and opera.

We can certainly find this success in all that CIRCUS has to offer: a concoction of risk, emotional sensations, sound-effects, music  --  all these elements tie together artists, sometimes animals and the attending audience.

......................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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28 September 2018

Cirkus Arena visits Greenland for the 35th time! Circus Arena writes (my translation):

From Tuesday 2 October until Sunday 7 October we have performances at Greenland. This year we visit Ilulissat, Aasiaat, Maniitsoq, Sisimiut and Nuuk. The star-spangled performance offers inter alia balancing human body, jugglers that can keep everything flying and soap bubbles in giga size! The two clowns Francesco and Martino are part of the performance with a wealth of ideas that children of all ages can join.

As it is 35th time, Cirkus Arena is on tour in Greenland, it is a great pleasure to present the tour's special guest star: Mille Gori, who will again be in Arena's ring - now in Greenland.

Mille Gori, a popular young Danish actress and television star, was ringmistress in Circus Arena in 2017

Among the performers are apart from Mille, Martino (aka Martin Arli) and Francesco Fratellini, Francesco’s girlfriend Sarah Floores and Jelena Vasiljeva and Segeis Populans, all known from this year's performance in Circus Arli. From this year's performance in the Norwegian Circus Arnardo, Diana Boiachin has been picked up, presenting poetic play with soap bubbles. From Arena's own performance, the Greenlanders will probably meet the juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, one of the three nominated artists for the award for the best circus act of the year.

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26 September 2018

The Danish circus season 2018 is over. We have had 8 touring circuses in 2018: Arena, Arli, Baldoni, Barnly, Mascot, Krone, Nemo and Trapez. Circus Mascot and Circus Trapez closed as the last Danish circuses their season Sunday 23 August. Despite the extremely hot summer that did not increase the number of visitors all circuses has managed to complete the season as scheduled. Søren Østergaard of Zirkus Nemo even claims that he has had his best season ever with more than 50,000 visitors, equivalent to an average occupancy rate of more than 75 %.

Some circuses are active in the winter season, including in the autumn holidays, the Christmas holidays and the winter holidays.

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26 September 2018

Goodbye to circus elephants. Circus Trapez's performance in Vojens was perhaps the very last time Danes could see an elephant in a ring in a touring circus. Before the end of the year a large majority in the Danish parliament will change the animal welfare act making a ban against performing elephants in circuses. It is unclear whether there will be a shorter transitional scheme for the elephants already in Denmark. The future is therefore unclear for Circus Trapez's elephant Ramboline, who has been performing for 35 years together with her owner Bernhard Kaselowsky. She can hardly be put together with other elephants.

Ramboline. Originally she was called Rambo, but some believed that Ramboline fits better for a female elephant. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Ramboline was born in 1983. She is an African savannah elephant. Bernhard bought her in 1985 for 30,000 D-mark, equivalent to approx. 15,000 Euro, from an animal dealer in Zimbabwe. Had she been allowed to stay at an African savannah, she would probably be dead for long. Either of diseases or shot of the poachers, which is a major threat to African elephants. In the wild half of all African elephants die before they are 15 years old and only 1/5 of all elephants reach the age of 30 years.

Circus Arena's 3 African elephants Lara, Jenny and Djungla can be seen in the indoor Circus Landino in Circus Land in Slagelse in the autumn holidays in week 42. It may be the last time you can see performing elephants in Denmark.

The Arena elephants Lara, Jenny and Djungla. The three elephants were born in 1985. Circus Arena took over the elephants from the Rossi family in Spain in 2007

The most famous Danish elephants are probably the Benneweis elephants Thai, India, Ceylon and Siam. All four were Indian elephants. Thai and Siam arrived in Denmark in 1969 and India and Ceylon in 1971. They were not caught wildlife but purchased from an elephant farm in Thailand.

Eli Benneweis with Thai and Siam. Photo from 1969

They quickly became part of the performances in Circus Benneweis. First as baby elephants, since as teenager elephants and then as grown up elephants. Until 1978 it was Sonny Benneweis who trained and presented the elephants. In 1979, when he was seriously ill, his sons Kim and Miller took over the act. From season 1980, Kim Benneweis took over. Year after year, Kim Benneweis, often assisted by his wife Kirsten, impressed the audience with new and impressive elephant acts. Siam was put down after an event in Nyborg in 1994, where she overturned Kim and trampled on him and later ran around in the city before she lumbered back to the stable. Thai, India and Ceylon performed in Circus Benneweis through season 1995, where Kim stopped a few months before the season ended. After the end of the season they were sold to a German animal park, which to Diana Benneweis’ disappointment handed them over to an Italian circus. Diana had believed and wished that they should end their days under peaceful conditions in an animal park and not in another circus.

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23 September 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS --- original, interesting and funny shows --

THEATRE AKTEON proudly presents magic entertainer SEBASTIEN, present in my earlier write-ups, featuring an entirely new program, inspired by magic, but now on the theme:


All photos by courtesy of Sébastien Gayou - Magic'Seb Production

The magic effects are performed with and by the children's active action, thus big interaction, the various plays and stunts are interpreted and conceived in order to remind the audience of the activities you meet when visiting a fun fair.

The show is very theatrical, and very clearly and pedagogically composed - the result is that the small fry easily can follow the actions.

The stage is loaded with props that appeal to the audience's interest and it is beautifully and tastefully decorated, all the people present do eagerly follow all that happens on stage.

The grown-up particularly appreciate that -- their offspring is happy!!

SEBASTIEN is an old hand as a children's entertainer, he treats them in a friendly and sympathetic way, and everybody is happy.

An original show, well worth seeing - even for the adults!!

The performance can until 11 November be seen every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 14:30.


See more: https://votrespectacledemagie.com/

Venue: THEATRE AKTEON, 11 rue du General Blaise, 75011 PARIS.  Metro ST AMBROISE   -- there is a plan over the vicinity in the metro, to facilitate the location of the above street /rue/.

.........................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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20 September 2018

On 19 September Wallmans had premiere in the Copenhagen Circus Building on their new dinner show Urban Nights. There have been a number of dress rehearsals since 25 August. In the show you will meet young singers, dancers and artists. Ticket prices for show, 4-course dinner and nightclub are from 399 DK (approximately 63 Euro).

The circus acrobats in the new show are the juggler Grygoriy Lovygin, who can hold no less than 9 balls in the air, and aerial acrobat Igor Zavadko. They both come from Ukraine. The third circus performer of the show is Danish Ylva Maia (Ylva Havndrup), who was among the artists who completed their education at AMoC in 2017. Thus, she contributed to the talent award from the Danish Circus Award in 2017 being given to AMoC.

Igor Zavadko. Wallmans press photo. Photographer: John Resborn

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18 September 2018

On Friday 14 September Circus Arena had a charity performance supporting the artist Tetiana Koreneva from the Bingo Circus Theater, who in August had a bad accident in connection with Arena's performance in Hornbæk. The performance was held at Charlottenlund Beach Park north of Copenhagen and was a normal edition of this year's Arena show. However, the performance ended with the ringmasters Clemens and Patrick Berdino thanking the audience for their support. At the same time, they told that a total of more than DKK 40,000 had been collected in connection with the charity performance. Text and photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

One of the three Arena elephants, photographed during the charity performance. Circus Arena ended the season on 17 September and the forthcoming ban against elephants in Danish circuses might mean that it was the last time the audience could see elephants in Circus Arena's ring. The future for the three elephants is uncertain. Circus Arenas 3 elephants is among the youngest of the barely 50 circus elephants left in Europe. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

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17 September 2018

Winter Circus in Malmo and Helsingborg, Sweden.

Albin Ganovic, who for several years has been the main force behind the Swedish Cabaret Candy Club and who presented the Helsingborg Christmas Circus in 2013 and 2014, will try his luck with winter circus in January and February 2019. First in Malmö, where there will be performances in a heated tent at Møllepladsen from 10 to 20 January, and since in Helsingborg. There is the tent put up next to the castle Sofiero, and there are performances from 26 January to 3 February.

In the press release is written (my translation):

Winter Circus is a musical and exhilarating experience in a traditional circus environment. The smell of popcorn, the heated circus tent, our world-famous acrobats in combination with the big ensemble and the joyous circus orchestra, tells our very own winter story that touches big and small.

The popular opera diva Marianne Mörck and our circus director Albin Ganovic take the role of the clowns. They tell you this exciting winter story of the small Ofelia who runs away with a circus and ends up being a circus director. Eva Rydberg makes the narrative voice that takes the audience through the circus performance.

Follow courageous Ofelia, our crazy clowns, the fast acrobats, the trapeze artist high up under the circus doom and the jugglers on a journey through winter dream and circus wisdom.

The performers are Alex Michael in trapeze, the jugglers Trio Sarkozi, Romy Meggiolaro with foot juggling, Duo Solys + Hector handstand and Yosvany Rodriguez Peña, tight wire and straps. Clowns are as mentioned Clown Cito aka Albin Ganovic and Clown Mama aka Marianne Mörck. There is also a large ballet, an orchestra and a children actor as Ofelia.

Alex Michael toured with Swedish Circus Olympia in 2013 and Danish Circus Arena in 2014. His spouse Romy Meggiolaro has not previously worked in Scandinavia.

Trio Sarkozi was in Denmark in 2014 with Circus Trapez in 2014 and in 2015 in Sweden with Circus Maximum.

Duo Solys won the award for the best circus act in Denmark in August this year. They performed in Zirkus Nemo, where the male partner Hector also presented his handstand act. They were also at Nemo in 2016 and at the Swedish Circus Maximum in 2017. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Yosvany Rodriguez Peña making a backward salto. He was with Swedish Circus Scott in 2013 and at Danish Circus Benneweis in 2014.

Before the winter circus, Albin Ganovic and his team once again present the Cabaret Candy Club. This year's performance is called Aphrodite the Burlesque Extravaganza, and there are performances in Helsingborg Arena 15th, 16th and 17th of November and in Malmö in the Morian Pavilion 22 November to 15 December. Starring is apart from Albin Ganovic with large ballet and orchestra Duo Solys, who as mentioned just has won the award as the best cicus act in Denmark, and the performer and juggler David Eriksson (bald with balls), which you can read more about at www.baldwithballs.com/

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16 September 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- always interesting and sympathetic shows -- it is UNIQUE that PARIS has a circus that is playing actively all the year around.

CIRQUE BORMANN MORENO thus features a circus event presented by a traditional circus family where ALEXANDRA, daughter of MARQUIS PAUWELS, wife of ERIC BORMANN, holds an important part and role, super juggler mastering 9 rings in the air!

Alexandra Bormann Pauwels. All pitos by courtesy of Cirque Bormann Moreno

The show is performed in a  BIG TOP, holding 900 seats, we have the impression to be seated in a concrete circus-building, beautifully and tastefully decorated.

CIRQUE BORMANN MORENO invites us to an excellent and entertaining show, all the acts are performed by the family , except the clown SASHA who is a good juggler as well and he creates fun, laughter and life to this performance.

The clown Sacha de PAZ

Before the opening -- the children, and the adults if they want, are invited to try out various circus disciplines, like the spinning plates etc. After the finale, everybody is invited to visit the animals' quarters: tigers, horses, lamas, it is included in the ticket price, a good idea and very popular.

The program: cowboy act using whips and lassoes, aerial act, juggling, RICHARD BORMANN features an advanced handstand act, the classical horse act "big and small", clown entrées both in the ring and on the gradins, where SASHA and partner make a lot of fun - and play the trumpet !

Richard Bormann

Silvana Bormann

The tiger show is presented at special events and occasions.


See more: www.cirquebormann.fr

Venue: Pont du Garigliano, 5 rue LUCIEN BOSSOTROUT, 75015 PARIS, Metro  BALARD,then about 15 minutes' walk / there are a few stairs to climb/.

........................................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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14 September 2018

As the poster shows the City 2 Shopping Center in the Copenhagen suburb Hoje Taastrup presents during the Danish autumn holidays in week 42 "Cirkuspark with Benneweis". There are workshops and short circus performances. In 2016 and 2017 the name of the autumn holiday event was "City 2 Circusland" and the producer was Karsten Mathiasen and his small Circus Bella Donna. This year the circus park and performances are produced by Nadia and Dawid Benneweis. – Circus Benneweis toured every summer from 1887 to 2015, but has not been on tour since 2015. The twins Nadia and Dawid Benneweis (born 1987) hopes later to resume Circus Benneweis’ long run.

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10 September 2018

Kenny Quinn to Chemnitz. It is almost tradition for the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and Mrs Joan to have job in Germany in the winter months. Often in one of the many German Christmas circuses. But this year it is the audience is in the dinner show Moments 2 in Chemnitz who can see the elegant gentleman thiefs. There is premiere on 18 November and the show runs until 6 January 2019.

Chemnitz is a city with approx. 250,000 inhabitants in the German Land Saxony. It was named Karl-Marx-Stadt between 1953 and Germany's reunification in 1990.

The show's title Moments 2 is due to last year's successful show being called Moments.

You can read more about Moments 2 at www.moments-chemnitz.de

The producer of the show is Guido Gentzel, the long-time leader of the German Rock-'n'-Roll-Band The Firebirds. Guido Gentzel also produces dinner shows in Dresden and Leipzig. Kenny Quinn had a couple of years ago had great success in Guido Gentzel's dinner show Mafia Mia in Dresden.

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8 September 2018

Support performance for the injured artist Tetiana Koreneva. On Friday 14 September Circus Arena has a performance in Charlottenlund, Copenhagen, where all ticket revenues go to the artist Tetiana Koreneva from the Bingo Circus Theater. On 1 August Tetiana was injured under her aerial act when a wire holding her tisues broke.

Tetiana photographed at the premiere in Circus Arena in Copenhagen. It was during during her act in tissue a wire broke and she fell into the ring. The wire was part of the Bingo Circus Theatre’s own equipment. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Cirkus Arena writes (my translation):

Tetiana has subsequently undergone a successful operation and is getting better. However, the fractures she suffered during the accident requires time to heal up and all of Tetania's former source of income as an artist is for this reasons put on hold. In order for Tetiana to get rest, both physically and economically, so she can recover in the most optimal way, it is with great pleasure that all artists and all staff in Circus Arena can present this special performance, where all ticket income will go to Tetiana and her future treatment.

The performance of the 14th of September in Charlottenlund will be a completely normal version of this year's performance "The Clown and Crown Prince - The Search for the Lost Tear".

If you have not yet seen this year's performance, or would you like to see it again, there is the opportunity to do it now and support Tetiana. We hope to see as many of you as possible so that we together can contribute to the already ongoing collection

Tetiana is employed by the Ukrainian circus company Bingo Circus Theater, which Circus Arena has booked to do two acts in this year's performance. The Bingo Circus Theater receives a salary and pay the wage to the members of the troupe. "It is the Bingo Circus Theater, which unkoown to us has stopped paying her salary after the accident. Previously the Bingo Circus Theater had told us that she would still be paid," Kristoffer Ditlevsen, Press Officer at Circus Arena, says to TV 2 Lorry.

Tetiana has now been moved to a hospital in Germany where her boyfriend Sebastian Hoffman lives. He has told TV2 Lorry that Tetian's doctor says she should be happy if she can get a normal job in a year. But to become a circus artist again or do extreme sports the doctors do not expect to be possible. But we maintain our hope, Sebastian Hoffmann said. He told TV2 Lorry that fr the time being more than 150,000 DKK (equivalent to aprox 20,000 Euro) have been collected in support of Tetiana.

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8 September 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  now the season is starting up --CIRQUE GONTELLI is here - they are a UNIQUE circus, albeit rather small, sporting 120 seats, they specialize in shows for the youngest kids and as the tent is a small one, it has a human dimension that makes the small fry feel safe and at home.

All photos by courtesy of Serge Gontelli

The kids participate in the show and do so happily as they are treated very nicely - a prerequisite for success!

SERGE GONTELLI with wife FABIOLA take turns in MC-ing the show, SERGE performs an elegant antipode /footjuggling/ act, ending it by turning a big table on his feet. Furthermore: their son CHRISTIAN juggles and balances on a rola bola and makes lasso tricks, dressed as a cowboy. OPHELIE shows off beauty and grace, performing in trapeze, aerial ring and on tight wire, she also is an elegant QUEEN OF DOVES, together with beautiful white doves.

Her sister MARY performs on a rolling giant globe as well as with hula hoops, the youngest son CLINTON amuses the audience with various clown stunts, and.... with the beginning of acrobatic skills.


All join in featuring the classic sketch MUSIC IS HERE FORBIDDEN; sometimes they perform THE WATER ENTREE.

The program also includes a cat, some white mice /but not together with the cat, there is a goat that mainly shows herself eating pop -corn..... these animals basically do as they want, the atmosphere is relaxed, everybody enjoys it all, and the kids mainly want to pat the goat!

When the show, lasting 90 minutes, is over, it doesn’t mean that no more effort is needed:

publicity posters have to be put up, and later pulled down, licence to perform must be obtained from the local TOWN HALL, the tent is pulled down, and many other menial tasks.

This circus is UNIQUE, the only competition may come from the PUNCH AND JUDY SHOW.


See more:  http://les-gontellis.e-monsite.com/

Venues: squares/parks in Paris, summertime, idem in Marseille, wintertime.

You find addresses in L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES, in all newspaper stalls, Euro 1.

......................................... reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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7 September 2018

Cirque Berserk is coming to Denmark. From 9th to 14th of October, Horsens, Randers and Esbjerg will be visited by the large English circus made for theatre Cirque Berserk. Some of the performances are sold performances, but for the performances in Horsens October 12, Randers October 13 and Esbjerg on October 14, it is possible to buy a ticket. Check out in What’s on.

Cirque Berserk is produced by Martin Burton, who also owns England's largest touring circus, Zippos Circus.

Cirque Berserk has every year season opening at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London. Winter Wonderland is a large Christmas market in London, which, in addition to various rides also offers entertainments and shows, including special Christmas performances in both Cirque Berserk and Zippos Circus.

Front page of the printed program

After Winter Wonderland, Cirque Berserk tours with performances at a number of theaters in England and Ireland. And this year the tour is expanded with performances in Denmark and Belgium.

Showcasing the finest in traditional circus thrills and skills, Cirque Berserk celebrates the 250th anniversary of the invention of Circus by bringing this treasured form of live entertainment bang up-to-date in a jaw-dropping spectacular created especially for the theatre.

Combining contemporary cirque-style artistry with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this astoundingly talented international troupe includes over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers and daredevil stuntmen.

Featuring the world’s most hair-raising circus act – the legendary motorcycle ‘Globe of Death’.

English The Daily Express gave the performance 5 stars and wrote: "This amazing show is like Cirque du Soleil on steroids ... brings the big boys to the big top in an outrageous, death-defying circus that will leave you gasping for breath. and outrageous, this is gripping grown up fun that makes you wish you were a kid again so you could run away and join the circus. "

From the finale in Cirque Berserk. Press photo from Cirque Berserk. Photographer: Piet Hein-Out. Click here to see the official video trailer for the performance.

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6 September 2018

A Bag of Laughs. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the year's edition of Aarhus Festivals nightcabaret at Hermans, Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, 5th September at 18.30 and writes (my translation):

The dining guests were situated at 10-peron tables. Thus there was good opportunity for talk and conversation over the tables. The menu was delicious, the surroundings aesthetic, black walls with golden skylights from small bulbs. And there was a good acoustics – also important.

At my table in the sold-out hall we agreed that the concept was very good: delicious food - followed by great entertainment. Not revue, not stand up, not theater - but artists and comedians. The printed program uses the word cabaret the performance. It is a question of definition.

The show began at 21. The director was circus director Frank Thierry (Danish Circus Krone), who had put on stage in such way that the artists used the entire hall as a stage - also during the dinner, where they entertained at the tables. Frank’s brother Marc Thierry and his trio played live music to most of the performance and played in the foyer before the event began. A live orchestra gives the performance rhythm and pulse and should be mandatory!

Marc Thierry. Photo by courtesy of Aarhus Festival

I told my companions that a performance can be judged by two criteria: the severity of the individual number and the way it is "sold". A slightly weaker act can easily be improved if it is presented correctly. And a top act may lose effect if "wrapping" is not okay. This Frank Thierry obviously knows better than most and the performance was excellent. Nothing less!

Royer and Emelie started with a classic roller skating act. Naked Lunch turned out to be two cheeky comedians who ate vegetables and played on frying pans - with a multitude of gags, whims and comic sounds and chats with the audience

Naked Lunch. Photo by courtesy of Aarhus Festival

Men in Coats were also two male comedians. They were wearing a duffel coat, and they thrilled with themselves and a bunch of cheeky props inside a large black box made of fabric which they used to go in and out of, while various props and finally body parts flew up around the black box.

Camille and Louis Marc worked in two aerial straps that hung down from the ceiling, or rather: two big loops. A prop, which was a gap between tissue, aerial rope and straps. A good idea. The act was a superb presentation of power, beauty and movement. And at the same time it contained elegant aesthetic where which colors, light and motion went into a unity with the costume and the individual tricks.

Camille and Louis Marc. Photo by courtesy of Aarhus Festival

Galina and Sonny Hayes were comedians, or maybe better: eccentrics. A multitude of gags, bitches, misunderstandings and ideas were presented in a live dialogue with the audience.

And then the main act: The Swedish juggler Johan Wellton juggled with balls - what is called bouncing in the technical language, throwing the balls into the ground instead of throwing them into the air. He juggled on a table, but could get the juggling balls to jump under the table - and even find their way back. It was as if they were living and had their own will. He also juggled against a chair that was slanting. 5, 6 and 7 balls. In the end, he covered his eyes with black tape stood on the chair, which was put up at table, bouncing with 7 balls. And then he had a nice contact with the audience. Highlight of the performance.

The Swedish juggler Johan Wellton. Photo by courtesy of Aarhus Festival. Johan

Wellton won a well-deserved Silver Pierrot for his comedy juggling act at the Budapest Circus Festival in 2012.

2nd part of the performance was opened by Galina and Sonny Hayes as unsuccessful magicians. They performed the trick with the 3 buckets on a table where a head pops up. Here done with fresh variations and surprises.

Galina and Sonny Hayes. Photo by courtesy of Aarhus Festival.

Camilla and Louis-Marc were back again. Now with a handstand act with added acrobatics. Difficult, but extremely aesthetic. Great!

Men in Coats was back with new gags. Naked Lunch turned up undressed, only with a fig leaf, or rather: a frying pan. At the beginning there were 4 pans, but on the way they lost three, and even managed to hide their noble body parts, even with a single frying pan. Funny, but not vulgar. And a nice timing so it did not end in embarrassment.

The teeterboard artists Step Out consisted of 3 artists, if you saw the picture of them in the printed program. This evening there were only two, maybe because the third had an injury. But the two remaining did well. Double salto with twist and jumps in long series, where they ran from one end of the board to the other and thus changed position.

A lovely evening. The guests at the table will come again. Some were already "regular customers". The rest will be. And in the final there was a glimpse of Preben Palsgaard, who had a role behind the stage.

Big applause! Adoration, enthusiasm and gratitude.

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4 September 2018

La Soiree. Jorgen Lorenzen saw the performance in the Mirror Tent Paradiso - at Skråen, Aalborg on 30 August at 20. Skråen is a theatre and music venue in Aalborg. Jorgen writes (my translation):

The Belgian mirror tent, which has been used in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, is the ideal setting for a show: well proportioned, intimate, aesthetic and atmospheric. This wooden tent was the framework of Skråen's music hall performance La Soiree - a performance almost in the cabaret genre. There were daily performances from 16 August to 1 September. Before the show started, there was a banquet for those who wanted to dine before the performance.

You ware welcomed by a compère before the excellent Elvis-like singer Mikelangelo sang his first song - accompanied by a local pianist. He appeared several times in the performance, and his repertoire was versatile. His diction was fine, his voice was good and he sang with a technical surplus. A few times he sang the duet with the other performers. His feature gave the impression that for a while you were moved to the cabaret world.

The performance began with a strong number - acrobatics in the pole. The genre is from China, and it is based on the sailor’s jumps from mast to mast. Here the mast was a wooden pole. The two artists coming from India was named Rajesh Amrale and Rajesh Rao. Their costumes and the entire outfit also pointed to India. And their ability was impressive. Jump on, to and from the mast - individually, in pairs, synchronously and individually. The strongest act of the show.


Pole-acrobatics.  Photo by courtesy of Skråen. Photographer: Pia Kirstine Langgaard

The multi-artist Victor Rossi was - along with the singer - a main figure. He was a good juggler who mastered up to 7 balls in the air. He could play on xylophone and clarinet. He performed an escape act number with a touch of comedy. For such act can also be funny. His run-ins was spiced with humor, gags, and comic ideas

Victor Rossi. Photo by courtesy of Skråen. Photographer: Pia Kirstine Langgaard

An act in tissue and aerial straps ended on the floor of the ring where the female artist turned into a snake girl. Another woman did hair hang and floated like an angel over the audience. However, the angel lost her wings and angel costume and turned into an attractive woman.

The 2nd part of the performance started with dance before the artist ascended in a ring trapeze that could rotate across the audience. There was hula hoop dance with luminous rings. There was a male air artist in fishing net. Strong, virile and fast-paced. Perhaps an aerial act like this works better for a man than for a woman as you usually see. The masculine strength gives more expression possibilities and stronger pace in the individual tricks.

A gentleman in the fishing net. Photo by courtesy of Skråen. Photographer: Pia Kirstine Langgaard

The performance ended with a female contortionist who could take her legs on her neck. But she could do more. In handstand she could shoot with a bow - that's with her feet as her hands had already been used for the handstand. With her back to her goal, which she could not see, and a bow that was served by her feet, she hit the bull’s eye - and even in the first attempt.

Embitter your joy in a performance that was really good. Mirror's interior design and design appeal to romance, poetry and beauty. Why, then, turn the sound up as if you were into a hard rock concert? My companion said: that's because they want the youngsters into the show. But it seemed disharmonious and disturbing with such a loud noise. When the compère welcomed, no-one could hear what he said because the music was too high. But as my companion also said, maybe it's us that have become too old.

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31 August 2018

Obituary: Egon Larsson from Trio Hoganas. At the age of 91, Egon Larsson, passed away on 29th of August in his home in Höganäs, Sweden

Egon Larsson. Photo: The Swedish Circus Academy

Egon Larsson was one of the members of the world-famous Swedish Trio Hoganas. The troupe had their heyday at the end of the 1950s and until 1975.

In May this year, the municipality of Höganäs now set up a monument in memorial of Trio Hoganas.

Egon Larsson was honorary member of the Swedish Circus Academy.

Trio Hoganas. From the collections of Per Arne Wåhlberg

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31 August 2018

International night cabaret at Aarhus Festival. Again this year, Aarhus Festival produces the international cabaret. An exceptional show with international comedians, magicians and artists of the highest calibre. The cabaret can be seen at Hermans Culture and Theater House in Tivoli Friheden and there are performances from 1 to 8 September.

Comedy and modern circus are the core of the show entitled ‘A Bag of Laughs’. You can experience artists performing part of their act among the audience, and others who are brought in directly from the world famous Cirque Du Soleil. Finally, top shelf comedians will make sure you get a good laugh.

In this year’s cabaret you can among others meet:

Naked Lunch

A crazy comic couple who performs without a dry stich on. Their nakedness is only hidden behind a few frying pans while they in the most absurd way struggle not to get completely undressed.

Step Out

Patrick Schuhmann, Slava Hahunou and Elias Larsson are from Germany, Belarus and Sweden and have earlier been with Cirque du Soleil. Their fascinating springboard number is a trinity in timing, precision and body restraint.

Step Out. Press photo from Aarhus Festival

Men in Coats

The Englishmen Michael Dow and Mark Felgat take the comedy up at the highest level when they perform with their original, crooked and crazy ideas, so there is no eye dry.

Camille & Louis-Marc

In both their handstand and aerial acts their capabilities is beyond you when their bodies work together as one organism.

Camille & Louis-Marc. Press photo from Aarhus Festival

Galina & Sonny Hayes

The charming Russian comedian Galina assists the British magician Sonny in the worst possible way, so everything which can go wrong goes wrong.

Johan Wellton

The performance of the Swedish juggler is both original and comical. The audience both laughs and is astonished by his impressive abilities and overview.

Johan Wellton. Photo: The Swedish Circus Museum

Royer & Emilie

An amazing roller skate act which takes place at a tearing speed among the audience. Spectator sits with their nerves outside on their clothes.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

30 August 2018

Baldoni without Danilo. Circus Baldoni's popular clown Danilo - Daniel Dimitrijevic - had his debut at Baldoni in their Christmas circus in 2007. Since 2008 he has been a main character in the performances, however with a break in 2013. In recent years he has performed together with his girlfriend Cindy Binau. The couple met in circus and became deeply in love.

They are still in love, but in the 2018 version of Baldoni's Christmas Circus, where he usually plays the role of Pixie, and in season 2019, the audience will look in vain for the popular and beloved clown. Baldoni's September tour to the Faroe Islands will be the last time Baldonis's audience meets Danilo.

Danilo. The last 10 years a main character in the Baldoni performances. But in 2019 he takes a break from Baldoni

Daniel starts a new era in his life at Nordisk Film's museum, where he is going to act as member of the Olsen Gang (in German: Die Olsenbande) and all the other well-known figures in the film company's special exhibition about the eponymous fictional criminal gang. Daniel has previously participated in the exhibition and acted as the gang member Benny. This he will do again every Saturday and Sunday from the middle of September and to yearend. And maybe longer if the exhibition period is extended.

Instead of Danilo you can next year in Baldoni meet Peytchev Plamen Metodiev, also known as Mr. Jumping. But with clown entrées, not with his comic trampoline entrée. When he last time toured with Baldoni, in 2017, he also presented a cat act together with his wife Fatime. But the cats will not be part of the 2019-performance as Baldoni continues to be a circus without animals. It is René Mønster Baldoni's experience that his audience is far more interested in acrobats, clowns and magicians than in acts with animals.

The magician Kim Kenneth has throughout the season been one of the very big drawcard for Circus Baldini. Thus, Kim and his girlfriend Jessica are back next year with brand new illusions and magic-intermezzi.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

28 August 2018

Circus without animals has meant more spectators in Brazil Jack. The Swedish Circus Brazil Jack has not had any animal acts in season 2018. They believed that their audience would rather see acrobats and clowns than animals and that some even did not like animal acts. In an interview with Swedish TV4, Director Trolle Rhodin says that the decision has increased the number of visitors. Click here to see the approx. 5 minutes long video that also brings clips from the show, including a longer clip with Companie Havana in Chinese Poles.

Companie Havanna

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28 August 2018

Holbaek Clown Festival is an annual event, where the town of Holbaek is filled with clowns and other artists most of week 35, this year from 28 August to 1 September. During the week, there will be lots of shows and parades in Holbaek and the surrounding area. It all peaks Saturday evening with the great Gala Show.

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23 August 2018

The Danish Circus Award 2018 – prize-giving Wednesday 22 August at 12:00 noon.

Like a previous year, the award ceremony became a festive event. It took place in the Fencing Hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

The crowded Fencing Hall. To the right at the microphone the jury chairman Ole Simonsen. At the front table to the left museum curator Anja Olsen, Mayor of Hvidovre Helle Adelborg and the Minister of Culture Mette Bock. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The Danish Minister of Culture Mette Bock presented the Danish Circus and Artist World’s finest prize, The Danish Circus Award, to Martin Arli, who is both owner of Circus Arli and Chairman of the Danish Circus Owners Association.

Martin Arli and the Minister of Culture Mette Bock with the visible symbol of the prize: a painting by “the master of clown painters” Viggo Salting, who had donated the painting for the purpose.

In her speech to Martin Arli, the minister expressed that when you as she knew the efforts made by Martin as chairman of the Association of Circus Directors to create better conditions for the Danish circuses it was easy to understand that it was him the jury has chosen to receive this year’s award. She praised Martin for the fact that in negotiations with her and other authorities, he did not just like many others ask for money but pointed out a number of possibilities for administrative simplifications that would make life a little easier for the circuses. The minister has dialogue with several of her minister colleagues about such simplifications and knew that a result had already been obtained in the Ministry of Justice.

As in previous years, the compére and jury member Jan Hertz presented the nominated artists. As something new, his presentation was accompanied by slides with photos from the individual acts so that you also got an impression of the talented artists who did not get a prize. A nomination itself is a clear quality stamp, even if it does not trigger a prize.

This year's talent award, sponsored by the Simon Spies Foundation, was given to Charmaine Berdino from Circus Arena. It was handed over by Hvidovre’s mayor Helle Adelborg. The prize is 10,000 DKK (approximately 1,350 Euro). Charmaine tells that she will spend the money producing a horse-training DVD, where she teaches others in liberty dressage and tricks with their horses. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The award for this year's best act was given to Duo Solys from Zirkus Nemo. The prize was handed over by Kim Thanning Olsen, chairman of Danish Circus Friends Association, and Jørn Rasmussen, who is chairman of the Circus Museum Association in Rold. The two associations are the main sponsors for this prize which is on 750 Euro. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The circus owners chairman Martin Arli handed over this year's effort award to mayor Anders Gerner Frost. The prize goes to the politician or public person who has done the most for circus in the past year. Gribskov municipality, where Anders Gerner Frost is mayor, wants to be the country's most circus-friendly municipality. The visible proof of the award was a painting made by Viggo Salting. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

In his thank-you speech, Anders Gerner Frost told him that he and his family  every year visited every Danish circus and that there is fantastic traditions in the travelling circuses which for this reason should remembered and assisted when possible.

Photo from the prize-giving. From the left, the jury chairman Ole Simonsen, the talent award winner Charmaine Berdino, the painter Viggo Salting, the award winner Martin Arli, the compère and jury member Jan Hertz, Tatiana and Hector from Duo Solys, Mayor Helle Adelborg, museum curator Anja Olsen and the Minister of Culture Mette Bock. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

No circus prize-giving without a circus act. This year, the talent prize winner from 2016 Alexander Arli took care of it. Together with Francesco Fratellini and Sarah Florees he presented before the award ceremony a juggling entrée with clubs as trio The Arlinis, just as they had done during the summer season in Circus Arli. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

In his final speech the jury chairman Ole Simonsen said:

If the "inventor" of the modern circus Philip Astley visited a circus today, he would nod in recognizing of the circular ring, but otherwise discover that much else has changed. He will undoubtedly miss the 3-4 different acts riding high school which was usual in his time. On the other hand, he would be impressed by the many talented artists. As he himself was a man who focused on development, he would be both proud and happy about the way his "child" circus has evolved and that it has become an important part of the cultural life. And he would probably have awarded well-deserved prizes to a lot of the acts we've been able to see in Denmark this year.

I am pleased that today we have had the opportunity to honor a few of the talents we have met here in Denmark since the award ceremony last year. I would like to thank the Minister for Culture for despite busy calendar finding time participate in the prize-giving, to the Simon Spies Foundation which has sponsored this year's talent award and promised to repeat the sponsorship the next two years and to our other sponsors, including Danish Circus Friends Association and The Circus Museum Association and the painter Viggo Salting, without whose support the prize-giving not would have been possible.

Also thank you very much to the Municipality of Hvidovre and the Circus Museum for  housing this year’s prize-giving and taking care of all the practical issues in connection with the award ceremony today.

Also a warm thanks to my two fellow jury members Jan Hertz and Rud Kofoed for their great and committed efforts for the Danish Circus Award.

Finally, I thank you for the attendance here today, where I know that many of you have come from far away.

We hope that we also will be able to award circus prizes next year. Again, thank you all for coming here today and contributing to the prize-giving being such a festive event.

Three cheers for the Danish circuses!

Three cheers for the circus! Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Click here to see Rud Kofoed's reportage and many photos from the award ceremony.

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21 August 2018

Denmark's International Street Theatre Festival is one of Denmarks many street theater festivals in August with performances in Esbjerg, Silkeborg, Randers, Ikast-Brande, Guldborgsund, Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Gentofte and Køge.

On 21 August I saw two of the many performances next to the Forum Arena in Copenhagen.

"La fem fatal" is called contemporary circus with trapeze. The two Spanish artists Anton & Polina presented a nice, but not sensational, act in trapeze, where Anton, among other things, throws with Polina. The act was “wrapped” in a somewhat absurd story, where Polina followed Anton almost as a dog and came when he whistled. At the beginning of the show she had her hair down in front of her eyes, and in the end he rode at her back as if she had been a horse. Almost 50 people attended the free show at 16 at Julius Thomsen's square next to Forum. The performance lasted 15 minutes.


Photos from La Fem Fatal (A dangerous woman)

At 16:30 3 male artists from the English Barely Methodical Troupe appeared in front of the stairs to the Forum Metro Station. They had put a large, thin and collapsible plastic sheet over the flagstones. Up to 200 people stopped for a shorter or longer time to watch the show, which lasted 45 minutes. It was initiated with pre-recorded speech, which was in English and therefore couldn’t be understood by the half of the spectators, who were smaller children. However, the performance was quite entertaining, although it could advantageously be shortened a bit. Artistically, it offered nice handstand, breakdance, parkour, throws and cyr wheel etc.



Barely Methodical Troupe calls their performance Bromance. Bromance comes from a combination of "bros” and “romance”.

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17 August 2018

Dynamo Circus Festival took for the second year in row place on 10 and 11 August 2018 in Odense.

Lise Kokholm saw the performances on August 11 and writes (my translation):

The first show I saw on Saturday was called "AROUND" with Race Horse Company. It was a small circus show with classical numbers with juggling, hula hoop and acrobatics. But the animal acts were replaced with a mask like an elephant, and the snake whistled up by a box was the female artist in snake-like clothing. Very entertaining.

The elephants. Photo: Lise Kokholm

No. 2 performance was called "BABEL GLÖM" and was with the Kaaos Kaamos artist group.

A performance of 6 artists showing how to climb throw in each other in every possible way. A show where we not only have to clap when 2 or 3 artist are standing on top of each other, but where the actual way of getting up and standing on its own is a performance. Incredibly nice show, and during the show the tricks became more and more difficult and beautiful. So even though you usually only see such exercises in max. 10 minutes in a circus, we saw without getting bored for about an hour how much you can do with the human body.

From Babel Glöm. Photos: Lise Kokholm

Later there was an outdoor open stage.


Open Stage-performances. Photos: Lise Kokholm

Saturday night there was a super good late night cabaret which was a great composition of all performances and workshops. The performance was ‘spiced’ with a great musician and singer.


From Late Night Cabaret. Photos: Lise Kokholm

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13 August 2018

The Danish circus season 2018 is coming to an end. In the Scandinavian countries the circus season usually ends in August or September.

Yesterday, Zirkus Barnly, Katja Schumann's Circus Farm at Løkken and Circusland at Aarslev, Slagelse, ended their summer season 2018.

Circus Arli closes the season on 22 August. Circus Krone closes the season on 26 August. Circus Baldoni close the season on 29 August. Zirkus Nemo closes the season on 15 September. Cirkus Arena closes the season on 17 September. Circus Mascot and Circus Trapez will end the season on 23 September.

Some of the mentioned circuses are active with indoor performances in the winter season, including in the autumn holidays, up to Christmas and during the winter holidays. Circus Baldoni visits the Faroe Islands in the beginning of September and Circus Arena visits Greenland in the beginning of October.

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9 August 2018

The Danish Circus Award - Nominations for this year's awards

Since last year's award ceremony on 9 August 2017, members of the jury have seen more than 90 artists / acts.

The jury has now decided which of these should be nominated for the award to the best act presented in Denmark in 2018 and this year's talent award.

For the prize for the best number of the year is nominated:

• Juan Pablo Martinez, Circus Arena

• Vlad Olander, Circus Arli

• Duo Solys, Zirkus Nemo

For this year's talent award is nominated:

• Charmaine Berdino, Circus Arena

• Karel "Kaya" Janecek, Circus Baldoni

• Sofia Speratti, Circus Krone

The prize ceremony will take place on Wednesday 22 August at 12 at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, with the participation of the Danish Minister of Culture Mette Bock and Hvidovre’s mayor Helle Adelborg.

4 awards will be given:

• The honorary prize "The Danish Circus Award"

• Talent award

• Best act of the year

• The special effort prize

There is no nomination for the honorary prize and the special effort prize.

About the awards

The honorary prize is awarded to a person in recognition of his or hers particular worthwhile efforts to promote the art of circus in Denmark. The honorary award can only be received once. Nominations are not made for this prize. The honors prize consists of a painting by the painter Viggo Salting, known as the Master of clown painters.

The award for the best act of the year is awarded to the act which, in the Jury’s opinion, is the best of the year. The prize consists of a diploma and a lump sum of 750 Euro.

The talent award is preferably awarded to a younger artist. The prize consists of a diploma and a lump sum of DKK 10,000.

The special effort prize goes to the politician or public person who has made most efforts to support circuses in the past year.

About they nominated artists

JUAN PABLO MARTINEZ from Mexico is the juggler who is an explosion of joy of life and incorporates every part of the ring in his dynamic act where he juggles with both hats, clubs and ping-pong balls in what almost is a volcanic eruption. As Arena's printed program well states: "When the earth burns under the feet, one must have more than one juggling ball in the air”. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

VLAD OLANDER. It must be extremely difficult to make such an elegant number with 6 white angora cats, as Russian Vlad Olander does. The cats run freely on as well as under a balance beam - hanging in 'two arms' when it is necessary. Olander started as a juggler before he got his first cat and he was so fond of it that cats have been his way of life in the ring ever since. The cats have previously visited Denmark - in Cirkus Benneweis in 2009 and 2013 - but the act has developed and is perhaps the circus world's very best house cat act. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

DUO SOLYS is the most beautiful example that body and love can go up in a higher artistic whole. During a trip to New Caledonia, Cuban Hector Yzquierdo, in the midst of his complicated handstand act, caught eye contact with a beautiful girl from the audience. He was struggling to concentrate, but managed to complete his act. When he looked after the girl she was gone - until he left the place. She waited at the exit. Shortly after Tatiana left her family and her office job and became a world-renowned circus artist. Today, the couple is married and internationally known for winning one award after another. Easy to understand. The act is an acrobatic enjoyment. They were also at Nemo in 2016. But the act has since then became even better. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

CHARMAINE BERDINO is the daughter of Suzanne Berdino and thus Benny Berdino's granddaughter. Like most circus children, she has had an all-round training in many disciplines. Like her mother, Suzanne, she has especially thrown her love on horses. She has been able present her acts in Circusland in Slagelse and, for that matter, at the Orion Theatre in Stockholm, but it is in the Arena’s ring she belongs! It's breathtaking when she enters the ring in with her 'naked' wild horse and 'talks' to it. It's poetry, both humble and beautiful. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

KAREL 'KAYA' JANACEK is the 8th generation of a well-known Czech artist family. He is only 11 years old, but presents an impressive rola bola act where he hugs with his father Eddie Janecek about who is the best. Last year he was part of in Baldoni's children's performances as well as in their tour of the Faroe Islands and their Christmas circus. This year he shows the youth's charm his act in Circus Baldonis 'general' performance and is clearly among the favorites of the audience. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

SOFIA SPERATTI from Argentina is a rising star which you can get crazy with. Her ball-handstand with four ‘footballs’ is absolutely superb. Her bodily ball treatment hits an originality, that's probably will qualify her for a lot of international circus prizes. She also presents an excellent hula hoop number. Photo: Ole Simonsen.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

August 5 2018

At the season premiere, Circus Arlis clowns Martino & Co. consisted of Martin and Alexander Arli as augustes assisted by Francesco Fratellini as a ghost until he eventually played the trumpet together with Martin and Alexander. During the season there has been a small change. Now it's Alexander and Francesco, who is augustes, and Martin who is a ghost. In the final, Martin has a dingdong instead of a trumpet.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

2 August 2018 updated 17 August 2018

Accident in Circus Arena. Wednesday 1 August at 17 Circus Arena had a performance in Hornbæk. During the performance, a female acrobat, Tetiana, fall three meters down at the end of a number in vertical rope.

The policeman on duty Henrik Alstrup from North Zealand Police said they were notified of the accident at 17.25.

"The accident happens at the end of her number," he said. Here, a wire should stop her fall approximately three meters over the ring, but it broke and she fell three meters down.

The woman was in a helicopter taken Rigshospital's trauma center.

"She was all the time conscious and able to talk to people," Henrik Alstrup said.

After the accident, the circus continued the performance.

The unlucky is a member of the Ukrainian Bingo Theater Troupe.

The versatile Ukrainian Bingo Theater Troupe master a wide range of artist disciplines, including aerial acts. It was during an aerial act in vertical rope the accident happened. The photo above of the troupe is from the premiere in Copenhagen at this year's Arena performance. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

TV 2 Lorry was shortly after the accident in contact with Cirkus Arena's tour manager, Klaus Jochumsen.

"It was shocking both for us and for the public who watched it," he says.

He tells that there were two female doctors present among the audience. They quickly recovered the woman until the doctor's ambulance arrived.

He states that the woman who is in the 20's comes from a Ukrainian artist group called the Bingo Theater. Klaus Jochumsen describes the group as being "top professionals" and tells that they have their own equipment and own props with them.

- They are legally self-employed and self-insured. Such is the case in the circus world, he says, adding that there is no insurance company that wants to insure circus artist such as trapeze artists.

On August 2, Klaus Jochumsen informed me that Tetiana from the Bingo Theater was in an ongoing operation as she unfortunately had a break on the neck vertebrae. Subsequently, she has to go with a stiff collar for 12 weeks and then in rehabilitation so she will not work anymore this season. On 17 August Klaus told me that Tetiana still are at the hospital, but probably can leave it in a week or so.

In a facebook message dated 17th of August from the clown David Larible he starts a collection in favor of Tetiana, which he calls by her nickname Tanya. Circus Arena welcomes the initiative, but states that Larible's information stating that Tetiana has broken almost all the bones in her cervical spine and got a shattered left pelvis isn’t true. According to the orthopedic surgeons at Rigshospitalet, she has "just" broken 3 of the 7 neck fractures. But such damages are of cause serious enough. If you are on Facebook you can see the David Larible’s message here.

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2 August 2018

Circus Big Anniversary. Circus owner Benjamin Breith writes:

On August 1, 1998 Denmark got a brand new circus - and a small one of the kind; Benjamin's Interactive Gambling Show! Over time, the name changed to B.I.G., then Mr. Big and finally Cirkus Big. 20 years have passed and Circus Big can now boast to be Denmark's most exclusive circus!

Of course, the anniversary must be celebrated with a huge celebration of a birthday party, and where could it be more obvious to hold the party than the city where it all started? [In Faaborg]

Experience a magnificent gala show where you'll be able to experience funny clowns, nerve-racking sword swallowing, award-winning magic, and acrobatics without safety net, world-class gymnastics and amazing live music. An experience one will soon forget! Cirkus Big always has 100% laughter guarantee.

Ordinary, the performance in Circus Big is done by two or three performers.

The tent that Cirkus Big uses for their Funen and Jutland summer tour seats 149 persons.

Lise Kokholm saw the anniversary performance and writes (my translation):

On August 1st, I was lucky enough to see Benjamin's 20th anniversary performance in Faaborg in a crowded tent. A very funny evening where nobody got the money back - Benjamin has a 100% laughter warranty!

The tent got the best possible lot in Faaborg - but it was very well deserved as Benjamin is born in this beautiful harbor town at the southern part of Funen. We experienced everything from magic, song, acrobatics, sword swallowing, diablo, hats-juggling, balloons, clowns - all you could wish for.

Benjamin ”Mr. Big” Breith in the ring in his tiny circus. Photo: Lise Kokholm

The team from the anniversary show. Photo: Lise Kokholm

Lise Kokholm is a fan of clowns and of Circus Big. Here she is seen together with Mr. Big.

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27 July 2018

Circus Flik-Flak in Odense. Odense Children's and Youth Circus Flik-Flak which is one of Denmark’s very best, writes (my translation):

As it has been a tradition in Odense children and youngsters welcome to a circus performance for the whole family in Circus Flik-Flak in week 31.

The program is composed of our many young artists and offers an exciting show where inspiration is taken from the circus world.

Here you will meet an artist troupe consisting of 230 children and youngsters in good form, presenting all sorts of artistry, subtle and funny clowns, dizzying aerial acrobats, spectacular challenge of the law of gravity and illusion you can hardly understand.

In Circus Flik-Flak you can give yourself and your family, a child or a boy- or girlfriend a vitamin injection of joy, happiness and good mood!

The circus tent is just the perfect setting for a great experience for the whole family.

It is with great pleasure that Cirkus Flik-Flak this year again will present a unique performance.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Circus Flik-Flak now has the pleasure to welcome you to this year's circus show for children of all ages."

The tent is put up at Herluf Trolles Vej 138, 5220 Odense, for the following performances:

Friday 3 of August at 13:30

Saturday 4 August at 13 and 15.30

Sunday 5 August at 13 and 15.30

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27 July 2018

Circuses in Scania. If you visit Copenhagen and want to see Swedish circus performances there are good opportunities in the first half of August.

Scania, also known as Skåne is the southernmost province of Sweden. Scania's largest city is Malmö, which is also the third largest in Sweden, as well as the fifth largest in Scandinavia. There is a bridge/tunnel from Copenhagen to Malmö.

Sweden's largest circus, Circus Brazil Jack, returns to Scania from 6th to 12th of August. 10 and 11 August they have performances in the Malmö Suburb Limhamn.

They had premiere in Malmo in March and have since then traveled all over Sweden with this year's performance. Among the artists, they themselves emphasize the clown Emiliano, the diabolo juggler Pierre Marchand and the human cannonball Jody Bellucci. They have chosen not to have animals in the performance this year. Click here for link to tour list with possibility of ticket ordering.

The amazing diabolo juggler Pierre Marchand is among the performers in Circus Brazil Jack

Brazil Jack's clown for the season is named Emiliano. He is from Argentina. It is his first season in a European circus

Trolle Rhodin found the human cannonball Jody Bellucci in a small Italian family circus

Sweden's second largest circus, Cirkus Olympia, visits from 4 to 10 August a number of cities that are easy to reach from Denmark. For example, they are in Helsingborg on August 10th. 20 minutes with ferryboat from the Danish city Elsinore. They have lots of animals: horses, camels, alpacas and dogs. Artistically speaking, the top act is Duo Stauberti, who received a silver clown in Monte Carlo in January for their impressive perch act. In addition, they offer on classical musical clowns. Click here for link to tour list with possibility of ticket ordering.

All the artist in this year's Olympia performance. Press photo from Circus Olympia, photographer Linda Himsel

A world class act in Circus Olympia: the silver clown winners Duo Stauberti. Press photo from Circus Olympia, photographer Linda Himsel

Clowns with red noses - Cito and Danny Rivelino. Press photo from Circus Olympia, photographer Linda Himsel 

Both circuses have live music: a 6 pieces band.

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26 July 2018

Contemporary circus and street theater in Denmark. In the coming month, you can several places in Denmark see contemporary circus and street theater performances. Most places with free admission as the performances are funded by the Ministry of Culture, the Danish National Council of Art and a number of municipalities or foundations. Denmark’s 8 circuses, which do not receive any such support, hardly find the competition from the contemporary and street performances quite fair!

There are no less than 6 street theater festivals which also feature contemporary circus performances or performances with artists:

Bornholm’s International Street Theatre Festival, held from 26th to 29th of July on Bornholm. Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, to the east of the rest of Denmark, south of Sweden, northeast of Germany and north of the westernmost part of Poland.

Passage International Street Theatre Festival, which takes place from 31 July to 5 August in Elsinore, Denmark, and Helsingborg, Sweden and in the neighbor areas.

Fanoe Street Theatre Festival Gadeteaterfestival 2018, held 9th to 11th August. Fanoe is the northernmost island in the Wadden Sea.

STREET CUT - Næstved's international street theater festival, which takes place on 10 and 11 August in Næstved. Næstved is a town in the municipality of the same name, located on the island of Zealand in Denmark.

Denmark's International Street Theatre Festival, which from 12 to 26 August has over 100 performances in Esbjerg, Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Guldborgsund, Ikast-Brande, Copenhagen, Køge and Silkeborg.

Among the many theater performances is La Fem Fatal with the Spanish artists Anton and Polina. Press photo from the Danish International Street Theatre Festival.

The show Bromance with the English Barely Methodical Troupe features new circus, parkour and wild stunts! Press photo from the Danish International Street Theatre Festival.

About the performance Udul the Street festival writes: A mysterious tent stands upright. It does not look like a typical circus tent. And inside, you will not find normal circus artists. Los Galindos is a handsome family with father, mother, son and daughter-in-law. UDUL could be seen in Elsinore in 2017 and can now be seen in Randers, Silkeborg and Gentofte, with room for 90 people per performance. Press photo from the Danish International Gadeteater Festival.

Street International Street Theater takes place from 23rd to 26th of August in connection with Triangle Region Festival 2018 with performances in Fredericia, Give, Haderslev, Jelling, Kolding and Vejle. The Danish Triangle Region is a cooperation consisting of seven Danish municipalities on the Danish peninsula of Jutland and the island of Funen.

In addition, August offers two contemporary circus festivals:

Dynamo Circus Festival, which takes place in Odense on 10 and 11 August 2018 at Finlandkaj 6, Odense C.

The Heaven and Harbor Festival which is called Taarnby's own festival with modern circus, acrobatics, clown and live music for the whole family. It will take place 11-12 August at Kastrup Marina, close to the Copenhagen Airport. Taarnby is a Copenhagen suburb on the Isle of Amager.

In addition, as mentioned on this page on 20 July Aquanaut with the performance The Golden Fleece can from 31 July to 4 August be seen in a number of ports in the southern part of Jutland, on Funen and at Ærø. Also in August, GLiMT present the performance opHAV in the ports of Kastrup, Hvide Sande, Ringkøbing and Esbjerg.


Finn Stendevad took these photos when opHAV on July 19 could be seen in Esbjerg. Finn writes (my translation): They presented just 3 acts from the full performance. The first act was a nice slack wire act. 2nd act was a water splash act where a female clown demonstrated how she meant they were doing the personal wash on the large sailboats. The third was a brilliant vertical rope act in a rope that hung down from a tall crane. The performance ran for 20 minutes. My only complaint is that the water clown spoke English although the act was for children. You should have let the young guy, who was a sort of ringmaster, say what should be said in this act so also children you could have understood what it was all about.

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24 July 2018

Campsite with circus wagon. Frederiksværk City Camping has both a campsite and a hostel. Connected to the campsite there are 5 cabins and as something new a real circus wagon from Cirkus Maximum in Sweden. Here you can stay 2 adults and 2 children, there is a small tea-kitchen, but to get to the toilet you need to walk 50 meters. The circus car is isolated and can be used all year long. It cost 800 DKK to rent the circus car for a night. Photo: Frederiksværk City Camping. Further information at www.fredfyldt.dk

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20 July 2018

Maritime contemporary circus performances in the summer months

The Danish contemporary circus company GLiMT’s harbourfront performance called “opHAV”, which they are co-producing with Teatret OM, could be seen in the harbor in Esbjerg on Friday 20 July. The performance will be repeated Tuesday 24 July at 18.30 at Assens Harbor. In Esbjerg, the performance was part of the Tall Ship Races. In Assens it is the part of the Assens for Full Sail event, arranged by the municipality of Assens.

11 and 12 August the performance can be seen at Kastrup Marina in Copenhagen during the Heaven and Harbor Festival. A festival with modern circus, acrobatics, clown and live music.

17th of august at 15 the performance can be seen at Hvide Sande Habor. 18 August at 13.00 in Ringkøbing Harbor and 26 August at 14.00 in Fredericia Harbor.

Free admission to all performances.

Press photo from GLiMT. Photographer: Søren Meisner

GLimT writes:

opHAV is a site-specific performance with acrobatics, physical theatre and live music about our relationship to the sea.

The crane stands on the quayside, solidly planted – the link between land and sea.

In the company of the crane and its operator we’re allowed to dream about distant horizons and new adventures. And we experience how we receive new opportunities and new people, who come from elsewhere, with curiosity, joy and distrust.

From the harbor, travelers embark into the world. And here we welcome new people and wares coming from foreign regions. The crane leads us up into the heights and all the way down to touch the water, and through aerial acrobatics in rope, slackline dancing, live music and much more, the 4 performers give soul and energy to this story about our eternal yearning for new horizons.

Compagnie Aquanaut presents its newest show: The Golden Fleece, a contemporary circus performance happening on a sailing ship in the harbor. Stunning aerial artistics, acrobatics, juggling, dance, theater and live-music. It is a German contemporary circus company which using their ship "Lovis" as a sailing stage for more than 10 years every summer has visited some Danish harbors.

From a previous performance with Aquanaut. Photo: Lise Kokholm

Lovis and its crew have the following performances in Denmark:

31 July at 19: Graasten harbor

1 August at 19.00: Sønderborg harbor

2 August at 19: Faaborg Harbor

3 August at 19: Ærøskøbing harbor

4 August at 19: Marstal harbor

Everywhere there are free admission thanks to financial support from Flensburg City, Sønderborg Municipality and Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality.

Both GLimT's performances and Compagnie Aquanaut performances can only be presented thanks to money from local municipalities. Thus, they are a taxpayer-funded competition to the Danish circuses which not receive any form for economical support.

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19 July 2018

Circus Elvira. For the 10th consecutive year, Swedish Circus Elvira has performances at Norra Berget in Sundsvall City Park in Sundsvall. From the 2nd to the 28th of July, the show is called Sommarskoj (Summer Fun), and the performers are the clown Daff-Daff and artists from Sweden, Finland and Norway. The performance run for approximately 45 minutes and can be seen daily at 12 and 14. 29th and 30th of July at 19 Circus Elvira presents the contemporary circus performance Revolt. Further information at www.sommarskoj.nu


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17 July 2018

Small Danish Circus Krone has had a couple of performances at the Danish Long Island ‘Langeland’. Of cause the photographer Per "Mr. Sputnik "Krogh Petersen who has his home at Langeland visited the circus. ”Circus Krone does not just make circus with the heart, but also for the heart," he writes. Click here to see Per’s photos and video clips from Circus Krone’s visit to Langeland.

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13 July 2018

Circus Krone, Denmark's smallest touring circus is currently on Funen. Here their small tent is photographed at Camp Hverringe north of Kerteminde.

Just like Circus Arena and Circus Trapez, Circus Krone has live music, but only to part of the performance. The juggler Kasper takes care of the drums and circus owner Frank Thierry plays the keyboard.


Circus Krone’s usual clown Allando has chosen not to be part of the performance this year. Instead, the clown for part of the season is Tonny Trifolikum and for another part of the season Don Carlos. Both of them Danes. At Camp Hverringe, it was Don Carlos who had the task. It is the first time since 2002 Don Carlos is on tour with a Danish circus.

Among the artists, the young Sofia Speratti from Argentina impressed me. She present handstand with the use of balls (see photo). Elegant and something I have never seen before. In addition, she has a very good hula hoop entrée.

The juggler Kasper Bujanauskas is also in a special class. Last year he won the Lithuanian version of "Got talent". At Krone he shows his winning act where many different juggling disciplines with talent are presented in a very short time. - The performance in Circus Krone 2018 was reviewed on this page on 24 May.

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12 July 2018

Pirates in Circusland. "The pirates are coming," Circusland in Circus Arenas winter quarter at Aarslev, Slagelse, write about the summer season, which lasts until August 12th.

Two of the pirates: Kalle Cannonball and Pirate Foam Beard

Where other Danish amusement parks like Tivoli, Bakken, Legoland, Bonbonland and the many summer lands mainly offer a lot of rides main emphasis in Circusland is on a number of entertaining shows: pirate shows, Circus Landino and sea lion show. In addition, there are a number of amusements, mainly for the smaller children, such as moon bounces swings boats, a merry-go-round, a small train, fun balls and a (mechanical) rodeo bull. There is also a circus school where visitors with the help of artists can try their skills. The entrance is reasonable: 119 DKK (16 Euro) and free parking. Thus Circusland is an excellent destination for parents and grandparents with children up to 10-12 years old. The visit does not have to cost a fortune, since you can bring your own food. However, food can also be bought at the bistro.

The Pirate Show which takes place in the sea lion hall begins with a small parade, where the pirates of course fight another. With Suzanne Berdino as a narrator there is a story: the evil witch, played by Sylvana Biasini, has bewitched the beautiful princess (one of the Wolff family’s female members), so she has become a mermaid.

The elixir, which can heal her, hangs in a chest high up under the ceiling. The pirates - the two male members of the Wolff family - try to reach the chest with the aid of Claude Biasini. Of course, by means of ladder balancing which is one of the Wolff family’s specialties.


They do not succeed at first. The mermaid is even spelled to a sea lion after the pirates have tried to spear the witch in a basket.

But of course there is happy ending: the brave pirates reach the chest and the princess becomes a princess again.


Pirate Foam Beard’s show first presents a ventriloquist act with Pirate Foam Beard aka Preben Palsgaard. Denmark's best ventriloquist!

Sorcerer Black Beard (Daniel Koscik) then has a short entrée with his parrot.

Kalle Cannonball (Brian Behrendt) and Codfish Marie (Sylvana Biasini) present python snakes which however are not as large as those your years ago could meet in circuses and at fairs. Kalle Cannonball and Pirate Foam Beard then has an entrée with comic magic before the show ends with an act with of one of the small girls from the Wolff family.

The performance in Circus Landino is presented as Circus as in the good old days by Professor Briano and Preben Palsgaard. The first act is tight wire performed by one of the female members of the Wolff Family while the wire is held by Daniel Koscik (see photo). How I do not want to disclose

Next Sylvana Biasini presents her foot juggling act.

The comes Tim Delbosq with 6 beautiful Frisian horses.

After a short magic run in with Suzanne, Briano and Preben Palsgaad the Wolff family present their excellent juggling entrée. 

The are followed by Claude and Sylvana Biasini with an illusionist act which also includes a short quick-change. Last act in the performance is Tim Delbosq with dromedaries and llamas.

The last show of the day is a short sea lion show with with a pirate theme and both of Circusland’s sea lions.

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11 July 2018

On Tuesday, July 10th, Benny Schumann appeared with Max Carling at the ‘GREEN* in Nyborg as part of Nyborg's summer entertainment. Benny's good friend Per "Mr. Sputnik" Krogh Petersen was on the spot and took the photos shown above and below. Click here to see more of Per’s photos.

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4 July 2018

Circus Trapez’ truck with tent stolen. The night between 2 and 3 July, Cirkus Trapez’ truck with big top, foyer tent and poles etc. was stolen from the lot in Fjerritslev, where they had a performance on July 2nd. It was ready to be driven to Saltum, where Circus Trapez should have a performance on July 3rd.

Fortunately, the truck was found later in the day. However, not in time to put up the tent for the show at 19:00 in Saltum. Circus Trapez therefore chose to have an Open Air performance. The show must go on! On Facebook a visitor wrote (my translation): "A quite unique experience; to see this year's performance in the evening sun in Saltum, without a tent, without trapeze and aerial acrobatics, but with lots of humor and commitment"

From the circus lot in Saltum. Photo: Circus Trapez

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3 July 2018

Zirkus Barnly 2018. Sunday 1 July at 15 there were gala premiere in Søren Østergaard's new zircus for children: Zirkus Barnly. Zirkus Barnly offered 45 minutes of good and child-friendly entertainment.


To the left: a summer-dressed circus owner Søren Østergaard welcomed the audience when they arrived at the lot. Here he is seen in conversation with the "old" theater reviewer Rud Kofoed and Søren’s main star in Barnly: Captain Frodo. Apart from Zircus Barnly Søren Østergaard owns the very successful Zirkus Nemo, which he calls zirkus for adults. To the right: Before the performance, Captain Frodo acted as barker, just at the older generation remembers it from old days at fairs. Photos: Ole Simonsen

A look into the tent, where there are some ring side chairs and 4 rows of benches around the little sawdust filled ring. The tent has previously belonged to the Danish clown and entertainer Tonny Trifolikom. Photo: Ole Simonsen

The small curious Canadian mini pigs are the first to welcome the audience around the ring, However, they are not included in the performance. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The first act in the performance is a honk horn concert with the one-man orchestra Henning Amstrup. The two ring girls are to the left Line Vittrup and to the right Jennie Mikaelsson. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Captain Frodo welcomes and shows a completely different part of himself than the one known from La Clique, La Soirée and Zirkus Nemo. In Zirkus Barnly he is a very entertaining and talking as a waterfall. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Frodo juggles and balances with household tools. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

A large part of the performance consists of Frodo's cozy magic for children with the use of among other things a magic change bag and the trick with the rope, cut into 3 pieces. He also gets a lot of fun from the invisible egg and the lost shoe. He is not a stranger of magic: he is the son of the Norwegian magician The Great Santini. The artist's name has his father probably borrowed from an American novel, also filmed. The novel/film is however not about a magician. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

There are animals in the show! Here you can see Line Vittrup riding a bird. Line and Jennie also have a few other short run in’s in the performance, including a knockabout entrée. Line was for many years partner in Steckel's well-known knockabout table act. Photo: Ole Simonsen

The last act of the show is Frodo's famous act with buckets. Photo: Ole Simonsen

The show ends with Frodo and the 3 others in parade leading the children to circus fun in front of the tent. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press. Click here to see more of Rud Kofoed's photos from the show.

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3 July 2018

Last show in Wallmans 2017/18 performance ENTOURAGE in the Copenhagen Circus building was Saturday 23rd June. Benny Schumann who was among the performer writes (my translation)

After the last show we were all gathered up in the stables where show producer Johan Espeland gave each of us a gift and nice words. Latter, I also received the honor that CEO Dorthe Ekelin appointed me as a guest of honor at the Circus Building.

It has been an unforgettable season. Not just to be back the Circus building (the Schumann family run the building until 1969), but also to see how fine all the staff is doing and to meet a unique audience at every show.

Photos by Schumann

Wallman's new show URBAN NIGHTS has gala premier on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, where the press, VIPs and friends of the house are invited up to the red carpet. There are dress rehearsals from August 24th. The circus artists in the upcoming show are the juggler Grygoriy Lovygin, who can keep no less than 9 balls in the air, and the aerial acrobat Igor Zavadko. They both come from Ukraine. The third circus performer on the show is Danish Ylva Maia (Ylva Havndrup), who was among the artists who completed their education at the Danish circus school AMoC in 2017. She thus contributed to the talent award from the Danish Circus Prize in 2017 being given to AMoC. "I am particularly proud of working with Ylva, since she is Danish and has been educated at AMoC. It is always fun to be able to employ artists from the domestic education in performing arts," Wallmans show producer Johan Espeland writes.

The skilled Danish contortionist and hand stand acrobat Ylva Maia Havndrup is among the performers in Wallman's upcoming show. Photo from AMoC's graduation show 2017. Photographer Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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1 July 2018

The Swedish Circus Olympia has visited a few cities in Scania in the southern part of Sweden. They will return to Scania again in August. This year's performance was reviewed here on this website on 27 March 2018. Below are a few photos from the show on June 30 in Lomma.

Until now the Swedish Circus Olympia’s act with goats has been presented by David Hammarberg and Natascha Jarz. But a few days ago, Natascha has handed her task in the act over to her and Niklas Bengtsson's 12-year-old son Simon, as Natascha is pregnant and she and Niklas are expecting an addition to the family in August.

As can be seen, Mama Natascha is in the background. But Simon did fine!

An old-fashioned musical clown act is today seldom seen. But that's what Cito Rivelinos and his son Danny does in their main act in this year's Olympia performance. Intro with the two clowns playing trumpet, then the gag with the bomb in the tuba (see photo), a custard pie gag and finally Cito playing saxophone and Harry trumpet. They received more applause from the audience than any other clown act I've seen in season 2018. - Cito was part in the Rivelinos troupe which in some seasons toured with Danish Circus Arena and Swedish Circus Maximum, last time in 2009 with Circus Arena. Then for a few years he was tent boss Zirkus Nemo, but stopped when Jackie Berdino lost the contract with tent rental to Nemo.

The last act in the performance is Duo Stauberti, who received a silver clown at this year's Circus Festival in Monte Carlo and next year is going to the large German Circus Krone. The duo has since 2015 consisted of Dimitr Stauberti and his niece Nancy. In their final trick Dimitr is sitting on a high mono bike while balancing the perch with Nancy in handstand at the top - see photo. Impressive that Cirkus Olympia has been able to book such a top act!

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30 June 2018


Mr. Plys has sent me these photos from the tropical holiday center Lalandia Rødby, where the artists Nedyalko and Veselka and their daughter Yana until 12/8 can be seen at the Circus stage every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 20:00. The show lasts approx. 30 minutes.

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29 June 2018

As usual Circusland in Circus Arena’s winter quarters in Aarslev close to Slagelse is open during the Danish summer holidays. This year from 7 July to 12 August, every day from 10 to 16.

Circusland is a theme park. This year the theme is apart from circus pirates

"In the summer of 2018 we will open up a whole new pirate theme with spray and pirate fun. Here the whole family will be able to explore the park and meet the windy pirates who have captured Circusland with brand new adventures," park manager Suzanne Berdino says.

In a press release is written (my translation):

A world of fun and experiences for the whole family

Come close to circus life in Denmark's only circus park and feel the smell of sawdust, animals and popcorn combined with a lot of experiences, nostalgia and great shows. Throughout the day you can explore the park and meet the pirates from the windy seas who have captured Circusland. Feel the mood of the pirate sea and talk to Kalle Cannonball, Captain Foambeard or Codfish Marie, who together with the other pirates walks about in the park. All activities and shows are free when the entrance fee is paid, so no unexpected expenses occur.

Every day you have the opportunity to see a number of unique circus shows. You can, among other things, watch the great sea lion show or the big pirate show with stunt and artistry in sea lion hall. Meet Captain Foambeard with Denmark's cleverest parrot, or watch the ship’s boy Jokke presenting the sea lion Sally. During the day, the pirates Blackbeard and Kalle Cannonball entertain children and adults of all ages. There is also the opportunity to see a splendid circus performance with Circusland's own artists, clowns and animals, and for the first time ever you can see python snakes in Circus Landino's great show.

Circusland has both outdoor and indoor activities. In our indoor playground you can play crazy golf, go for a ride with our little circus train, go on the water in the water rollers or try a ride on the ancient carousel. You can also take a ride on the rodeo bull, ride on ponies, drive in the moon cars or try a ride in our nostalgic swings boat. In our circus tent you can join a circus school where you can try various circus disciplines, such as ride on monobikes, walk tight wire and juggling assisted by our international artists. Visit our animal stables, take a rest in the circus cinema, visit a real circus wagon or take a look at our circus museum, where you can try different costumes and see both new and old circus items.

Admission per person 119 DK (16 Euro). Family ticket 4 persons 396 DKK (53 Euro). Free admission for children under 90 cm. When the entrance fee is paid, all shows, rides, activities and parking are free.

Address to Circusland: Årslevvej 6, 4200 Slagelse.

Park Manager Suzanne Berdino tells that the year's artists in Circusland are the Wolf family with ladder balancing, the foot juggler Silvana Biasini, Samson Power with a combined strong man / fire eater act and the ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard. And of course Suzanne herself, her husband Daniel, as well as Circus Arena’s chief animal trainer for many years Tim Delbosq.

Suzanne Berdino with horses. Photo by courtesy of Circusland

The Wolf family does great ladder balancing. Photo from Danish Circus Krones 2017 performance. Photographer: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

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27 June 2018

Zirkus Barnly, Søren Østergaard's new circus for children, has put up their tent at a lot at Raffinaderivej 20, Copenhagen. There was dress rehearsal on 26, June. The gala premiere is on Sunday 1 July where Søren Østergaard, who has put performance on stage, is present. As he performs in Zirkus Nemo (his circus for adults), which until Saturday is in Aarhus, he cannot be present at the dress rehearsals.

In Zirkus Barnly’s approx. 50 minutes long performance you will meet contortionist Captain Frodo, the multimusician Henning Amstrup and Jennie Mikaelsson and Line Vittrup. Photo by courtesy of Zirkus Barnly. Photographer Olivia Rutherford.

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26 June 2018

New exhibition at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

From the 1st of July to the 12th of August you can see the museums new special exhibition Circus for 250 years, made to celebrate the circus art’s 250th anniversary this year. In the exhibition you can get answers on some of the frequently asked questions. The answers also tell us about the marvellous circus world. The exhibition is supported by the Danish Artist Association.

The exhibition will be set up on the 2nd floor of the museum. It is a banner exhibition that is made in duplicate so that it can also tour to other venues.

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24 June 2018

Photos from Circus Jesper in Kristiansand Dyrepark, Norway. Lasse "Bonbon" Nørager writes (my translation):

The actor in the green jacket and high hat is the robber Jasper, who in the Norwegian children's book written and illustrated by Thorbjørn Egner When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town is appointed Circus Director in the last chapter. This year Jasper is accompanied by the hard Miss Aunt Sophie and her niece Little Kamomilla. Both show brand new aspects of themselves in this year's performance, where Aunt Sophie is hypnotized to float. The entire story is prepared in close cooperation with the Egner family, who must approve all the additions we make to Thorbjørn Egnes famous book, constantly focusing on what they think the father (Thorbjørn Egner, 1912 -1990) would have thought about our ideas. Fortunately, Thorbjørn Egner was incredibly fond of circus and he and his family visited Circus Arena during their summer holiday in Denmark. At the premiere, Thorbjørn’ oldest son Bjørn Egner handed us a copy of one of his father's sketches from the 60's, where he has drawn Circus Arena.

Other program:

Lajos Nagy is plate spinning dressed as Simonsson the barber, who also has a 60's sponsor feature for his new hair product, which is said to be so strong that people can hang in the hair when using this product (Julia demonstrates). All photos by courtesy of Lasse Nørager.

Julia and Joakim (daughter and son of Lasse and his wife Tiina) with a new juggling entrée.

Nelma Pietela foot juggler (Finland). Costin Bellu trampoline.

Bonbon & Tiina badminton. Bonbon turtles. Joakim as comic mascot through the performance.

The show run for 70 minutes without an interval and can be seen day except Mondays from 23 June to 4 August.

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22 June 2018

Circus Olympia in Malmö, Sweden. If you want to see a Swedish circus with many well-kept animals and good artists, then visit Cirkus Olympia, which on 30 June at 18 has a performance in the Malmö suburb Lomma, where they put up their tent next to McDonalds. There is a bridge/tunnel from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Malmö, Sweden, making the trip quite easy if you visit Copenhagen.

Among the performers is Duo Stauberti in perch. They got a silver clown in Monte Carlo in January this year.

The performance is accompanied by a 5-piece live band. There was a review of the performance on this website on 27 March 2018.

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21 June 2018

Sirkus Jesper. Lasse Nørager, also known as the clown Bonbon has sent me this year's trailer for the performance in Circus Jesper in Kristiansand Dyrepark in Norway. Among the performers are in addition to Lasse and his wife Tiina the couple's children Julia and Joachim and the trampoline acrobat Costin Bellu, who the Danes met in Circus Benneweis in 2015. Circus Jesper opened the season on June 16 and has performances every day until August 4th.

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20 June 2018

The new Danish for children Zirkus Barnly which is produced by the Danish comedian and owner of Zirkus Nemo Søren Østergaard will open the season on Tuesday 26th of June at Raffinaderivej 20, Copenhagen. They will stay in Copenhagen until 22 July and there are performances Tuesday-Friday at. 17.30 and Saturday-Sunday at 11 and 15. On 1 July there is an official opening with the zircus director and instructor Søren Østergaard. Søren cannot be present on June 26 as Zirkus Nemo has a performance in Aarhus. And no Nemo performance without Søren ...

In addition to performances, Zirkus Barnly offers Zirkus summer school: 3 wonderful days in Zirkus BARNLY, Zirkus for children. Participants work with juggling, diabolo, devilstick, hula hoop, jumping, clown, magic and acrobatics. The circus school takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9-12.30 and it costs 950 DKK. Or 1.050 DKK including a ticket to Zirkus Barnlys own performance.

Age: 8 - 16 years.

The head of the Zirkus school is Denmark's uncrowned circus queen when it comes to teaching children circus skills: The Circus Museum permanent house artist Line Vittrup. You can read more about the Zirkus school at http://zirkus-barnly.dk/

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20 June 2018

Untamed Night Cabaret 2018. AFUK (Academy of Untamed Creativity) writes (my translation): Come and join us when six handfuls of international artists meet and put a perfectly untamed show together - in just one day. Copenhagen gets a visit from Europe's wildest contemporary circus-, Theatre- and Side Show artists who together will create AFUK's Night Cabaret 2018: "Celebration of Life". A tribute to shamelessness, freedom, devil-may-care and love. This year's night cabaret is presented by the Norwegian action-Circus company Norwegian Ninjas, and the whole show is accompanied by Copenhagen Laptop Orchestra's fabulous electronic music universe.

It will take place at AFUK, Enghavevej 82 B, 2450 Copenhagen on Saturday 23 June at 22.

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20 June 2018

Kolding Municipality invites old-age home residents to circus. 320 residents have said yes, and they can take children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to the performance in Circus Arena on Friday 21 June.

It gives residents a chance to get close to something that many of them can remember from their childhood. In addition, the municipality invites a number of volunteers, associations and kindergartens in circus, and ice-cream and soft drinks are offered.

The municipality sets up lifts for transporting the many nurses.

Also elsewhere in Denmark some nursing homes find money to invite residents to the circus. There were several nursing homes residents to Circus Arli’s performance in Herfølge on July 15 in Herfølge, where the circus lot is situated next to the nursing home.

A great initiative when municipalities give their older residents such opportunity for a visit to the circus!

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16 June 2018

The Circus Farm in Løkken. Again this summer you can see performances at Katja Schumann's Circus Farm in Løkken in the northern part of Jutland. As of 31/12 2014 Katja Schumann  bought the 21,000 m2 large former farm which earlier the same year had been subject of a compulsory sale for 375,000 DKK (at little more than 50,000 Euro).

Katja Schumann in front of the farmhouse

At that time the property looked like it was waiting for a bulldozer. But since Katja and her friend Luffe Bøgh have worked hard to put the ramshackle property in order and to create a circus farm focusing on animals as well as a circus museum focusing on the Schumann family.

The last goal has not yet been completed, but Katja and Luffe have certainly created a circus farm and an environment worth a visit. And they are also working to get the museum established.

The Circus Farm is located on Vrenstedvej 287, just 3 kilometres outside the holiday resort Løkken. On the top photo the farm is seen from the road. At the bottom photo it is seen from the courtyard.

Two of the wings have been repaired and house now an indoor circus with ring, seating and stables. And it is primarily about the animals. Katja and Luffe themselves still live in the old caravans from the Schumann years!

Katja Schumann and Luffe live in the old wagons. There are plans to arrange a residential apartment on the first floor of the farmhouse. But Katja does not really know if she wants it. When you open the door from your apartment you should be able to get out straight in the open, she believes! Click here to see more photos from the Circus Farm. The album is not yet completed but will be finalised 17 June.

"Dream - Play - Learn - Master," Katja Schumann wrote in her vision paper (my translation). "Everyone has dreams. Playing never stops. You can learn. And we will master. The site will be internationally recognized in order to develop and translate ideas for the benefit of circus as culture. And strengthen the interaction between animals and humans. - Katja Schumann's circus. A hippodrome. A place where the circus develops. A training centre. Sense the presence of history. The past must form a foundation for innovation. Create understanding for animals and their interaction with humans. There have to be performances where the audience can see horses in the ring. And experience the circus in a historical and modern light."

In Guide Michelin 1 Michelin star say: "A very good restaurant in its category". 2 Michelin stars say: "Excellent cooking, worth a detour". And 3 Michelin stars says: "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey".

If the Circus Farm’s show is to be judged according to this scale, it will get 2 stars. Using the 6-star model of the daily magazines it will get 4 stars.

The main emphasis in the almost 2 hour long performance is the animals. Especially the horses. Besides the animals, there are only 3 performers: Luffe Bøgh, who also is ringmaster, Katja Schumann and the 16-year-old Victor Høegh Abrahamsen.

The show begins with a short video clip about the work creating the Circus Farm. Then Luffe welcomes. He has the gift of the gab and is a man with attitudes which he does not hide! And he talks a lot!

Now, an elderly lady is entering the ring wearing a dressing gown and using a rollator. It's the 69-year-old Katja Schumann who however soon throws her dressing gown and without the rollator does pole acrobatics on a level that is far above what her peers can handle.


Katja with rollator and in pole

Then Luffe presents a puppy and tells you how to train it. It is a continuous feature of the performance that he both tells what he is doing and how to do it.

Next act are 3 beautiful white horses, probably American Saddlebreds. They are, of course, presented in liberty by Katja Schumann.

American Saddlebreds. Katja can be seen in the background

Victor then has a short run-in, riding an elephant (a doll, not a real elephant). He is replaced by Katja with 3 geese. Luffe is, however, is naughty enough to say that there are 4 geese in the ring J

Next, Luffe shows a pony potpourri, which also includes a donkey (I think) and a big black Frisian horse.

After another short clown run-in with Victor, there is a goat in the ring and Luffe shows Victor (and the spectators) how to train a goat.

Luffe with the goat

Then Katja enters the ring a white and a brown horse. Probably Arabian horses. And like the other animals beautiful and well-groomed.

Luffe then teaches Victor (and the audience) how to train a pony.

Next come Victor's own entrée, where he turns out to be a good diabolo juggler.

Victor Høegh Abrahamsen

Last act is Katja Schumann with a beautiful brown Arabian horse (forgive me if there is another race), which she present in liberty and ride.

Katja Schumann on horseback

In the finale Luffe and Katja is dancing

It may not sound like much. Some will ask: how can it take almost 2 hours? But the 16 members of Danish Circus Friends Association who saw the performance on Sunday, June 10 agreed that it had been an exciting performance.

If you visiting Central or North part of Jutland the circus farm is definitely worth a visit. Katja and Luffe hope that in the long run the Circus Farm will be taken over by a foundation which can continue to run it when Katja and Luffe feel it is time to retire. I hope the will wait many years before they retire and that they will be able to fulfil their dreams.

Click here to see more photos from the show at the Circus Farm.

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14 June 2016

Circus Friends in Rold.

Saturday the 9th of June, Danish Circus Friends Association and the Rold Circus Museum’s Friends Association organized a successful rally to the Circus Museum in Rold.

Inside the Circus Miehe's old wooden circus building the Rold Circus Museum’s Friends Association chairman Jørn Rasmussen welcomed and told about the establishment of the museum.

Later the visitors visited the museum, including the new exhibition “Life on wheels” in two restored caravans: a residential wagon and a baggage wagon.

Danish Circus Friends chairman Kim Thanning Olsen and the cashier Søren Kastoft in front of one of the museum's wagons. Whether the carriage originates from Circus Miehe or not is not known for sure, but Cirkus Miehe used cars of the same type. Click here to see more photos from the visit at the Circus Museum. The album is not yet completed but will be finalised 17 June.

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13 June 2018

Obituary. The Swedish circus owner Ketill Thordarson passed away on May 25th. He was 81 years old. Ketill worked at Swedish Circus Lillebil Rhodin in 1969 as a driver, ticket seller and groom. In the summer of 1972 Ketill started his own Circus Carneval. The first season was spent in the People's Park in Malmö. From 1973 to 1984, Circus Carneval toured calling itself "Sweden's nicest circus". Season 1984 was very bad and ended with a bankruptcy.

After that, Ketill worked for some seasons as an advertiser for Circus Brazil Jack, Circus Benneweis and Öland's Animal Park. However, he had not lost the desire to run a circus himself, and in 1990 he established Circus Cavalcad. In 1990 it was in Skara Summerland for a long time and the entire season 1991 was spent in Tomelilla Summerland. Circus Cavalcad toured in 1992 and 1993 and again from 1996 to 1998. After this season Ketill chosed for health reasons to stop and all the equipment was sold.

Ketill Thordarson wearing dinner jacket together with Trolle Rhodin. Photo from 1992

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9 June 2018

Photos from Circus Mascot. Mr. Sputnik alias Per Krogh Petersen visited Circus Mascot in Langeskov on June 7th. Click here to see Per’s photos and video clips from the show.

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7 June 2018

European Circus Camp. Again this year there is the European Circus Camp at the Circus Factory in Lindum at Skive. It takes place from July 1 to 7 when young circus artists from Europe meet and train circus for the entire week with the help of professional artists from all over the world. There is a lot of work in circus and artistry, making it possible to train with everything from showdance to juggling, one-wheeled bikes to clown, trapeze,  acrobatics and much more.

Among the instructors of the year are

From Belgium: the diabolo juggler Alexis Levillon. Click here to see clip from his act

From Hungary: Tommy Teibler.


Tommy (Tamas) Teibler and his troupe were among the performers at the Hungarian show at the Circus Festival in Budapest in 2016. Click here to see a video clip with the troupe.

From Hungary: Márk Fábián, a specialist in jumping with a monocycle. Click here to see what he can manage.

From Kenya: the tumblers and builders of human pyramids Nafsi Acrobats. Click here to see a clip from their act.

The organizer of the big event is DUBAL (Danish Youth and Children's Artists' Association), which is an association for the Danish Children's and Youth Circuses. Currently, the association has 20 members, but with financial support from the Nordea Foundation several more children and youth circuses will be established.

At the same time as the European Circus Camp, there is the Danish Unicycle Trials Camp 2018.

In connection with the European Circus Camp and the Danish Unicycle Trials Camp, there are several shows open to the public. Tickets can be bought outside the circus tent. Price: 40 DKK per show or 100 DKK for all shows.

Monday July 2nd 2018 at 20:00: Opening show in the Circus tent: Professional international artists who teach at the European Circus Camp show their skills, along with some of the participating youth artists.

Friday July 6 2018 at 17:00: Performance with young artists in the Circus tent.

Some of the participants at the European Circus Camp present what they have learned during the week.

Friday July 6 2018 at 19:00: Unicycle show – at the trial course

Young artists on the one-wheeled bike show what they have been training throughout the week.

Friday July 6 2018 at 20:00: Gala show in the Circus tent

Saturday 7 July 2018 at 11:00 and 13:30: Performances with young artists in the Circus tent

Einar Trie from DUBAL especially emphasizes the Friday performances and writes: "UNBELIEVABLE: Three unique shows, with several world-class acts and a dinner during 4½-hour. That's Tempo-Tempo. So if circus friends are to experience something unique, they must visit us. Not many Danish circuses can show acts of such as high quality as we do at our Gala show Friday evening."

The Circus Factory is located in a converted former dairy in Lindum. The village of Lindum is far from the main road somewhere in Salling in the northern part of Jutland. But as you approach the village you can see that it has a landmark: it is the top of Circus Charlie's characteristic cone-shaped tent which towers over the small village. When you get closer you can see that the dairy has been turned into a circus town.

The address is Skivevej 84-90, 7870 Roslev

The Circus Factory's landmark: Circus Charlie's tent, which since Cirkus Charlie stopped touring in 2007 has been put up permanently outside the Circus Factory

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3 June 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS ---  conditions do change --- from cabarets featuring good, mainly visual programs , performing until late evening, and even nightly, to the STAND UP COMEDIANS and  various theatres presenting theatre plays, including magic shows, for children and their parents.

PARIS was known to have a number of small cabarets, proudly presenting singers and musicians, but even more so - visual performers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, ventriloquists and magicians - it was for some people the highlight of PARIS BY NIGHT.

The patrons coming to these cabarets were basically tourist groups, a good audience that came to enjoy an evening that was joyful, hilarious and sympathetic.

Another kind of  patrons were business people who were out for an evening that could end in an unexpected way ... some cabarets employed "hostesses" whose work was to push the clients to pay for expensive drinks,  the patron got the real stuff, the hostesses were served --  tea ...  same color, thus undetectable.

The managers of these cabarets wanted to earn more money, they refused the tourist groups who, of course paid a reduced fee -  and welcomed  the business people in order to cash in.

But this scheme didn't work out as expected, as eventually many noticed that they were being ripped off, paying for expensive Champaign, and the attractive hostesses ... were not enough...

There are now about 50 ancient cabaret venues that stage STAND UP COMEDIANS. There are many who want to try their luck - not easy as it takes a tremendous talent to keep an adult audience captivated for a little more than one hour.

In the afternoons , / Wednesday when French kids have half a day off from school and weekends as well as school holidays/, those converted cabarets feature theatre plays for the small fry and their parents, including several magic shows.

Recently I saw magic entertainer SEBASTIEN GAYOU with partner LÆTITIA, at the THEATRE AKTEON and, lo and behold -  same  SEBASTIEN, but now solo at the theatre  LA CIBLE, where I performed during my active career, as I did at /nearly/ all of the cabarets of that time: LA PARISIENNE,  FOLIES PIGALLE, CABANA RYTHM, CABARET MOUNE, CHEZ MOON , and others.

LA CIBLE was now entirely and newly refurbished, sporting an elegant and appealing interior, luckily the floor of colored glass has been kept, it is still lightened from below, giving a nice effect.

The entrance to La Cible

Thus these converted cabarets now cater for a family audience, including the small fry - they present plays and magic shows that are beautiful, hilarious, funny and interesting.

The young audience will understand, and hopefully appreciate that shows don't necessary have to be based on electronics, but on live performances.

This is a great and ancient tradition in France, particularly in Paris: we go to the theatre!!

It might be of interest to know that the BIG GAME is still alive and kicking:

The LIDO, MOULIN ROUGE do present splendid revues, including some specialty acts,

PARADIS LATIN (works exclusively with Dutch tourist cars), FOLIES BERGERE features various shows. CRAZY HORSE has first class dancers but no longer specialty acts. Formerly good magic entertainers could be seen there.


Le Lido is a cabaret and burlesque show located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. It opened in 1946 at 78 Avenue des Champs-Élysée and moved to its current location in 1977. The entrance is not impressive and looks almost as an entrance to a cinema. But the auditorium inside is magnificent!

Moulin Rouge (French for "Red Mill") is a cabaret in Paris, France. The original house, which burned down in 1915, was co-founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller, who also owned the Paris Olympia. Close to Montmartre in the Paris district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy in the 18th arrondissement, it is marked by the red windmill on its roof. The closest metro station is Blanche.


...............................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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29 May 2018

Living Room Circus. About 100 people attended the show, which The English circus company named Living Room Circus presented at the Circus Factory at Lindum in the northern part of Jutland. The show will have its first real performance in London by the 14th of July.

Maybe it was not a circus performance, but merely a theatre show with a touch of circus?  There were genuine circus acts, e.g. a skillful artist in aerial straps and acrobatics and balance acts. But all was wrapped in a story, which took place in a dining room on, below and above a sofa. A penguin was part of the show – of course a man dressed like an animal. The actors were moving in slow movements, with empty glances and in addition there was a symbolism, which a professor in metaphysics and philosophy could hardly interpret.

There was applause to the real circus acts. But in the meantime there was silence – but a will to understand and make a try to understand. And the children? A child sitting behind me asked his father 10 minutes after the start: when will it be finished?

Living Room Circus with the penguin in the armchair. Smartphonephoto, shot by Jørgen Lorenzen

Living Room Circus is an experimental circus company, creating and performing intimate and immersive shows.

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27 May 2018

Søren Østergaard establishes a new children's circus. In circus circles it has been known for a while: The Danish comedian Søren Østergaard, owner of Zirkus Nemo will establish a new circus for children. I quote from a press release, send out to day (my translation):

Denmark well be another circus richer in June, when Zirkus Nemo's owner Søren Østergaard open the tent for the brand new children's circus Zirkus Barnly, which this summer will be in Copenhagen and Aarhus respectively for a total season of seven weeks.

"I fell over an old canvas tent that I bought, and I thought, now I have challenged the way to make circus for adults , so why not try to make a circus for children in a different way?” the circus freak Østergaard says. He has persuaded the world star and his playmate Captain Frodo, who he knows from two previous seasons with Zirkus Nemo, to fly in from Las Vegas to be the key figure in the new cicus.

Captain Frodo appeared in Zirkus Nemo in 2014 and 2016. The latter year he got the award for the best act of the year from the Danish Circus Award. Photo: Grethe Nygaard

The high artistic level is matched by the music, which is placed in the hands of drummer and multimusician Henning Amstrup, known from among others the Danish show band Østjysk Music Supply and the Danish Comedian Trio De Nattergale. In addition, the circus hostesses Jennie Mikaelsson and Line Vittrup also contribute to a brand new circus school for the children in the daytime.

The director himself calls Zirkus Barnly for a "big experiment", where he who himself will put the first performance on stage will see if he can make it a hit as he did with Zirkus Nemo. The children's circus starts, just like Zirkus Nemo did in 1999, with six employees and a small tent which seats 240 people.

"And we hope we can expand the tour in the coming years. We are really looking forward to getting started and are very excited hoping for a success" Søren Østergaard says.

There is a season opening in Copenhagen on June 26th, where Zirkus Barnly will be until July 22th. The lot is situated at Raffinaderivej 20, Copenhagen S. Then Zirkus Barnly goes to Aarhus, where they will be at Officerspladsen next to the Concert Hall from 24 July to 12 August. Performances Tuesday-Friday at 17.30 and Saturday-Sunday at 11 and at 15 with the opportunity to have a third performance at 13. The performance lasts approx. 50 minutes.

At least in Aarhus and maybe in Copenhagen, there will be a 3-day Circus Camp for children between 8 and 16 years, where they can try out the various circus disciplines in the company of two professional artists under the leadership of Line Vittrup. Line's co-hostess at Zirkus Barnly Jennie Mikaelsson is Ingo Stiebner's girlfriend. Also Ingo is associated with Søren Østergaard's circus empire: The former sea lion trainer is currently responsible for the animals in Zirkus Nemo.

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26 May 2018

There was a great tribute to AMoC's headmaster AnneSophie Bergmann Steen after the premiere Friday evening at this year’s graduation's performance. Here she is seen to the right together with one of AFUK's and AMoC's fiery souls Stine Pilmark

AMoC - The Academy of Modern Circus - was established in 2014 as a 4-year experimental higher education program, equivalent to the bachelor's degree at international circus schools. This year’s graduates are the second and last team of students. The future of the education program is uncertain: It is AMoC's clear wish and ambition that a permanent education for contemporary circus artists shall be established. E.g. at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. The Danish Minister of Culture Mette Bock agrees that this is where the education belongs but does not have additional funds for the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

The graduation performance proved like the similar performance last year that AMoC is fully capable of giving artists an education that gives them the necessary skills, whether they are to perform in a contemporary circus, in a classical circus, in a theatre or elsewhere.

AMoC received in 2017 the Danish Circus Awards talent award in recognition of AMoC's talent for educating artists with skills that can be used both in contemporary circus and in the classical circus and at theatres.

Of the 13 graduates 4 was from Denmark, 4 from Sweden, 2 from England, 2 from the Czech Republic and 1 from Portugal.

Below you can find photos and short description of the 11 acts in the graduation performance. The captions and the selection of pictures cannot be considered as an expression of my assessment of the individual acts. I am the president of the Jury of the Danish Circus Award and a jury member never reviews its assessment before the jury has voted. But AMoC's graduates are certainly among the artist the jury will consider. This year's Circus Awards will be handed out on August 22 and the names of the nominated artists will be published mid-July.

English Duo Aassay (Maya Peters and Liam Jones) did great partner acrobatics

Danske Villads Bugge Bang calls himself a musical performer. With musicality, timing and humour, he makes a comic act

Swedish Erika Hansson did acrobatics with a hula hoop. She initially focused on a career as a parterre acrobat, but had hip problems. Great that despite the problems completed her education.

As a general rule you see male artists appear in Chinese Pole. But Danish Ida Langkilde demonstrated that girls also can master the discipline. She also elegantly used the straps that kept the pole upright, just as she had a hand stand tricks in her entrée.


Love Dahlin, who comes from Sweden, presented an innovative juggler number with balls


Duo Olivia (Olivia Englund & Olivia Bjurling) comes from Sweden and presented a nice and slightly different number in trapeze

There was a lot of new thinking in Danish Martha Errboe's entrée in rope


Filip Zahradnický uses his rings for much more than juggling. He comes from the Czech Republic.

Danish Line Helweg's number included dance and acrobatics.

The second last act in the show was the Czech handstand acrobat Jan Jirak


At last year's graduation show Danish Alfred Hall von Kriegbaum was assisted by the Portuguese 2-year-student Sonia Matos. This year, Alfred's assisted Sonia with her act, which began with Sonia peeling and Alfred acting as toilet and washbasin. Later he became both a bar chair and a sofa before the act ended with acrobatics.

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26 May 2017


The Argentine artist Martin Denda performed on Saturday from 11-11.45 in the Sædding Shopping Center, Esbjerg, and could actually do a lot, including monocycle and tricks with a cyr wheel. He had good contact with the audience. Photos are all shot by Claus Brinch-Danielsen, Volunteer Point in the Sædding Center.

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25 May 2018

Clowns by turn in Circus Krone. The small Danish circus writes (my translation):

We are fortunate enough to have 2 clowns who will work by turn with us this season!

It is a pleasure to be able to present the legendary Tonny Trifolikom, who with his quiet understated clown character captivates both children and adults. Tonny is actually trained in Circus Krone by the 1st generation owner Regner. Regner quickly discovered Tonny's talent and great ability as a clown. It was in connection with the Aarhus Festival in “Den gamle by”. Tonny has since travelled all over Denmark as a clown and with his own tiny Circus Mongo.

Tonny Trifolikom. Press photo from Circus Mongo. Photographer Ulla Trædmark Jensen

It is also a pleasure that the clown Don Carlos's will be with us part of the season. Don Carlos aka Mogens Koolmeyer also had his debut in Circus Krone under the 2nd generation Irene Thierry's supervision. Mogens arrived in the morning and Irene liked his figure and not least the bouncing chair. As the years have gone and with several tours, both in Denmark and abroad, Mogens has developed Don Carlos as the classic clown to whom the kids shout and hide because he simply cannot figure out anything.

We are proud to have Mogens and Tonny back as part of Circus Krone in 2018.

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24 May 2018

Circus with the heart.

Danish Circus Krone – season opening - Silkeborg, May 18th, 17. Jørgen Lorenzen was among the guests and wrote (my translation):

Many friends and acquaintances met to celebrate the "new" Circus Krone after the change of ownership from Irene Thierry to her son Frank Thierry. Among the visitors were - mentioned in random order - Jenny Abelgren, Laura Schumann with family, Ulla and Jacki Steckel, Mogens Koelmeyer, Johan Plesner, Jörgen Börsch, Einar Trie, Søren Stockmar and probably others who should also have been mentioned.

Circus Krone’s house clown for more than 20 years Jan “Allando” Allan decided shortly before the season opening not to tour with Circus Krone this year. Thus, Tonny Trifolikom was called in with short notice. Krone’s tent is somewhat smaller than last year. It can seat only 200 guests. The big top comes from the youth circus Flik Flak. And by keeping the tent's size down you don’t need tent workers. The seating is quiet new.

Jorgen Lorenzen and Frank Thierry in front of Circus Krone. Photo: Lise Kokholm

Interior in the tent with the ring, fence around the ring (no track) and seating. To the left drum set and keyboard. The "old" entrance tent is used as artist backstage and to the left of this is the audience entrance right next to the artist entrance! Hereby the entire middle section of the seating is unbroken. Photo and information: Jörgen Börsch

The performance sparkled in many directions: true circus with the craziness and madness of which Frank Thierry is a master.

Professor Trifolikom will only be with Krone part of the season. His warm, naive and faithful clown is loved by adults and children. His interaction with Frank has been built through years of friendship and cooperation. Tonny present "the best acts I can’t do ". He "puts his hat as the hat like it". He confuses children with the questions as: "How old do you live in first name". He fills his big mouth with tomatoes, so it sprays with tomato juice in all directions and his tongue falls down on his chest. And he gives the role of dismissed rocker, which is a confused version of the Phantom and Batman.

Tonny Trifolikom. Photo: Lise Kokholm

But it's not just hot air and gags. There are great artists. The juggler Kasparas Bujanauskas present a nice act with cigar boxes. He can keep 20 boxes together and the last one collected from the floor. Sofia Speratti is a handstand acrobat. She balances on her hand with big balls that almost adhere to her body and seem to disregard the nature laws. It is an aesthetic number with a high degree of difficulty. Balance, power, grace and beauty in a total concentration.

Sofia Speratti. Photo: Lise Kokholm

Frank presents his rola bola act, where he climbs through a ring, assisted by a female from the audience. And while he does the act he has a lot of comments, jokes, comments and profound philosophical comments. To the female assistant: "You must look dangerous - and now you should let go unless you want to come with me home."

Frank Thierry and the volunteer. Photo: Lise Kokholm

Irene shows up and presents a part of the show, just like in her time as owner of Circus Krone. And we get the familiar story about grandfather's pole.

And there are several classic, stylish artist numbers. Alex and Vlad are acrobats who master both handstand and head stand.

Alex og Vlad. Photo: Lise Kokholm

Kasper juggles with balls, rings and clubs.

Kasparas Bujanauskas. Photo: Lise Kokholm

And Sofia Speratti dances with hula hoops. But in a humorous way.

The "new" Circus Krone has found a niche where there is room for it. Not too big, but big enough. Old but at the same time youthful. With the CEO's words: "We want to go back to grandfather's time, where everything was small and good." Denmark's smallest but nicest circus. This is how Krone presents itself. Circus with the heart. Yes, and with warm-heartedness.

Team Krone 2018. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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20 May 2018

CIRKUS TRAPEZ on SHOW tour 2018. Per "Mr. Sputnik "Krogh Petersen has sent me a link to photos and video clips from this year's performance.

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20 May 2018

Denmark's smallest circus, the Thierry family’s Circus Krone, opened the season in Silkeborg on May 18th. Jörgen Börsch has sent me this photo of the 4 Krone’s: Marc Thierry, his mother Irene Thierry and director Frank Thierry (Irene’s oldest son) with his girlfriend Kate.


In the new smaller Krone tent is no ringside chairs but a set up with 4 rows of benches. The tent itself was previously used by Circus Flik-Flak from Odense. Photo: Jörgen Börsch

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20 May 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS --- the French and particularly Parisian tradition of going to the theater is still very much alive and kicking - inclusive theater plays for the small fry, and I include magic shows which also and indeed are a kind of theater!

The theater   AKTEON proudly presents a very worthwhile   MAGIC SHOW, created particularly for the younger children, by SEBASTIEN GAYOU, the running theme is "when I grow up, I will be a magician".  This show will play now in springtime and during part of the summer season.

Sebastien Gayou. All photos by courtesy if the artist

A most successful show that captivates the kids,   some of them are allowed to participate on stage, which is called ”interaction",  to the great joy of both kids and parents as this gives the show life and meaning.

This theater is one of the numerous small ones in Paris, it is completely refurbished, everything elegantly conceived, including a good sound-and-lighting device.

SEBASTIEN GAYOU  together with his dynamic partner LAETITIA PINCOT feature a  MAGIC SHOW, entirely adapted to the children's taste and preferences, at a brisk pace, but adapted to the kids'  attention span.

This is important as this moment may be the   children's first contact with live theater, hopefully they then realize that everything is not electronically based - but here they  watch living stories , produced by ­­ magic!

The Grand finale is elegantly conceived: red light spots appear everywhere and - from nowhere - a smashing and esthetical hit!


Venue: Theater AKTEON, 11 rue du General Blaise, 75011 Paris.  Metro: St.  AMBROISE.

See more:  http://votrespectacledemagie.com/

………………...............  reported by   ZARRO ZARRO.

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 18 May 2018

Argentinian artist in Esbjerg. Saturday, May 26 is a market day at the Sædding Shopping Center in Esbjerg. In addition to good deals to the customers, the center has provided a poetic street performance at the Center Square with the Argentine artist Martin Denda who performs, and he attaches great importance to get children and adults laughing together.

Martin Denda is also responsible for the Mission of Smile activity - where he performs free of charge for poor children in Asia, South America and Africa. According to Martin Denda, there is a special value in creating amusement without material things and in offering laughter against pain and hatred.

On May 26 at 19 you can see Martin Denda at the Circus Square, next to Circus and the Theater Group Phoenix Bird’s Theater and Culture House at Amagervej 10-12 in Jerne, Esbjerg.

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18 May 2018

Walmanns dinner show Entourage can be seen in the Circus building in Copenhagen until 23 June. In show you will amongst others meet Benny Schumann and Duo Creative, who last year were among the nominees for the award for the best act of the year in Denmark.

Benny Schumann and his spinning plates. Photo by courtesy of Wallmans

Duo Creative. Smartphone Photo. Before their time with Wallmans the two talented artists have worked at Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus in England and at the Caesar Palace in Las Vegas.

From June 24th there is summer break until August 24th, where there is a premiere at Wallmanns' new show Urban Nights. Wallmans writes:


Prepare yourself for an irresistible journey in Wallmans at the Circus Building along with your friends, colleagues or family. The show URBAN NIGHTS will transport you through a fantastic universe of lavish music, stunning artistry and impressive, top-notch acrobatics.


Hold tight as we wow you with an incredible show, glittering costumes and interpretations of numbers by some of today’s greatest stars such as ACDC and Adele, and legendary songs from the Great American Songbook.

You can also look forward to a magnificent, effervescent opening number to get the party going, and a moving musical and visual journey featuring the classic musical West Side Story.


Nor is there any shortage of spectacular acrobatics and artistry this season. But when it comes to the amazing circus acts we have up our sleeve, we’re keeping them to ourselves for now!


URBAN NIGHTS culminates in a colorful, pinball pop finale, in which great female artistes such as Christina Aguilera and Pink join forces – a terrific kick-off for the party in the nightclub!


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16 May 2018

Planck. Lise Kokholm saw the contemporary circus performance Planck at the harbor in Odense in a brand new circus tent located within a large old harbor building. Lise writes (my translation):

Rune welcomes the audience and sends us down on knees to get into this little intimate tent.

On the way into the tent. All photos: Lise Kokholm

In the tents there was quite dark and magical, and Gry puts the show in motion. A performance blend of classical circus acts, from the run inn clown, the magician, the horse, the acrobat, the aerial act ... all just put together for a fun comic, sour and amazing little theater performance. Only great praise for the 3 artists Rune Vadstrøm Andersen, Gry Lambertsen, who generally runs TinCanCompany, and Camilla Bang, who were hired specifically for this performance.



From the show. You can see more of Lise's photos on her facebook page.

Planck can be seen in Copenhagen 31 May to 2 June at Cphstage.dk, Nørrebrogade 37, Copenhagen.

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15 May 2018

Magical Michael at the Circus Museum. About 40 spectators being 8-10 adults (mostly grandparents) and 25-30 children had found their way to the Circus Museum in Hvidovre when they on Sunday, May 13th, offered a magical Sunday with one of Denmark's funniest and most talented magicians:  Michael Frederiksen. Michael presented a good and entertaining show of approx. 45 minutes duration. Two of my grandchildren saw it together with their father and enjoyed themselves.


Smartphone photos taken by Lars Simonsen

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13 May 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --  Theatre  COMEDIE NATION proudly presents a  MAGIC SHOW, called  ZYGOMAGIQUE / the name refers to the hilarious and funny character of the show/, it is performed by  CLEMENT THE MAGICIAN - a young, very clever magic entertainer.

Photo: Olivier Pendu. Al photos by courtesy of Clement

CLEMENT is dynamic, enthusiastic and has plenty of patience with the small fry - and their parents -- he keeps a good contact with the audience through the entire show and he is wearing an elegant suit - and we all say: THANK YOU!!

He plays a lot on interaction, both with the kids seated in the saloon, and with those - necessarily few - who are invited up on stage.

Excellent interaction with kids. Photo: Olivier Pendu.

I noted particularly: his funny entrance, good stage presence, excellent use of facial- and mime-expressions, and plenty of effects that could interest the young audience, for example THE UMBRELLA ILLUSION, having added a moment of rain, i.e. water from a small bottle in top of the umbrella / the milk that a girl from the audience just had swallowed - is retrieved from one elbow, for sure a classical effect, but it always receives a great reaction.

Milk from the elbow. Photo: Olivier Pendu

Grand finale, after having invited a lady up on stage, red lights twinkle, come and go, apparently from nowhere and - everywhere!

Well worth seeing, and the entire family can together enjoy - a nice and pleasant afternoon, watching a healthy entertainment.


Venue: COMEDIE NATION, 77 rue de Montreuil, 75011 Paris.  Metro: NATION.

See more: www.clementlemagicien.fr

...............................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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10 May 2018

This summer's artists at the circus stage at the tropical holiday centre Lalandia Rodby come from Bulgaria: Veselka, Nedyalko and their daughter Yana. In Denmark, they are known from Circus Baldoni 2013 and Circus Krone 2015, 2016 and 2017. They can be seen from 29/6 to 12/8 at the Circus stage where also Lalandia’s children’s entertainer Mr. Plys can be seen.

Yana in Danish Circus Krone 2017.

Veselka and Nedyalko in Danish Circus Krone 2017

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9 May 2018

Memorial to Trio Hoganas. Trio Hoganas (Danish-born Bente and her Swedish spouse Egon Larsson together with Swedish Gert Karlsson) was a Swedish artist number of world class. They had their grandeur in the late 1950s and until 1975, when they chose to retreat. 

Trio Hoganas. From the collections of Per Arne Wåhlberg

The municipality of Höganäs now set up a monument in memorial of Trio Hoganas. The Swedish Circus Academy writes (my translation);

Welcome to Höganäs Saturday the 26th of May 2018!

Finally, the official unveiling of Höganäs municipality's photographic memorial of Trio Hoganas will be held at. 11:00.

This solemn moment will take place in front of the sports centre Höganäs Sportcenter at Lerberget. The memorial consists of three enormously enlarged black and white photographs of Trio Hoganas, which are mounted with polyurethane lacquer, that is to say glued on a plate of aluminium. The work measures about 40 sqm and is signed by the artist Thommy Svensson and the engineer Henrik Rasmusson.

After the ceremony, a new documentary about Trio Hoganas can be seen in the hall. It is a documentary made by Torbjörn Dencker.

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8 May 2018

New exhibition at the Circus Museum at Rold, Jutland. Jørgen Lorenzen writes (my translation):

On May 3rd at 14 the Circus Museum in Rold had inauguration of two newly restored caravans. The wagons have been Olga and Alfred Fiedel's home. They have barely put their wheels in a traveling circus, but they are a fine example of how "cheapjack’s other travellers lived and resided.


All photos by courtesy of the Circus Museum in Rold

Museum director Lars Chr. Nørbach welcomes the approx. 70 guests welcomed before the conservator Per Hadsund explained the caravan's restoration and decor and described the caravan as "an ordinary apartment in an uncommon home."

Museum inspector Dorte Kook Lyngholm thanked the Fiedel family, who had readily provided information about the family. Special thanks went to Olga and Alfred's grandson Reno Fiedel, who was present - along with other members of the family.

The chairman of the museum friend’s association Jørn Rasmussen told how the two wagons had come from Aarhus to Rold.

Jørn Rasmussen

Then there was access to the two wagons, and in the luggage van there is a small but very instructive wall sheet exhibition about the traveling people’s lives and work on the roads.


The Circus Museum in Rold is situated in Rold in the northern part of Jutland. The museum was established in 1982 in connection with the riding-school builded in 1912 to Circus Miehe. The museum has a nice but not very large collection and is a part of The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland. The museum is from 1 May to 30 September open daily from 10 to 16. Monday closed.  Address: Østerled, Rold, 9510 Arden.

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7 May 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- shows that are interesting, funny, and worthwhile seeing --

Now -  COMEDIE SAINT MICHEL  proudly presents  OPERA MAGIQUE, where magic entertainer ALFREDO, also being a famous singer, performs an act, where he blends songs and music from  VERDI'S  opera  LA TRAVIATA together with stunning magical effects , and with an excellent result. This show is colorful, amazing and esthetic and utterly original, as a journalist, I take it that it is about the only one of the kind.

Photo: Michel-André Drode. Al photos by courtesy of La Comédie Saint-Michel

The positive impression is strengthened by the fact that ALFREDO is wearing a costume from Verdi's epoch, complete with a suitable wig. The effects are seldom seen, i.e. the color changing gloves, it fits into the scenario as colors play a large part in this show.

Alfredo. Photo: Michel-André Drode

When shows for a family audience are featured, it is common that some kids, or even adults, are invited to come on stage - to participate.

Not so here, and to my mind, it is a good way of performing as the artists thus avoid the unforeseen behavior of these individuals - difficult sometimes to control.

An excellent performance, original, funny and pleasing!

Alfredo. Photo: Michel-André Drode

The show can be seen on selected dates until 27 June. Click here for link to ticket order



RER /local train/ station Luxembourg.

See more: http://www.comediesaintmichel.fr/?q=node/439

.............................  reported by   ZARRO ZARRO.

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4 May 2018

Circus Mascot 2018. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Stevnstrup on May 1 at 18 and writes (my translation):

The show has two "foreign" artists - the Polish couple Waldemar and Pawel. In the first part of the performance they do parterre acrobatics on mat combined with knockabout acrobatics. In the second part of the performance they are trampoline jumpers. Trampoline acts are festive acts - a “fireworks” of jumps and gags which brings high spirits and joy. It's a good number to have as the last act in the performance. And it confirms that a performance last act shall be a strong act - like a climax.

Waldemar & Pawel. All photos by courtesy of by Circus Masco 

And then the families Deleuran (the owner family) and Primachenko / Gulyamov do the rest of the performance. The Clown Gulio has for many years been the house clown in Circus Mascot. But he always tries something new. His entrées are original and presented with charm. He seems to mingle with his audience. And he reaches out to the children, but also others with a childish mind smile when he shares out of his crooked clown universe. This year, it is especially an entrée where he persuade a man to enter the ring and with his voice imitates a lot of sounds as you hear them when drinking from a bottle. And after the two players have drunk, it ends in a hearty boxing match. Gulio's tools are simple - but that's exactly what characterizes a good clown.

Gulio aka Ulmas Gylyamov and his wife Tetyana Primachenko have been with Circus Mascot since 2003. The later years also their children Husik and Julia have been part of the performance.

The beautiful Tetyana is aerial acrobat - in an aesthetic act with silks (tissue). Husik further develops his juggling entrée as we also saw last year, and his sister Julia, together with his father Gulio, makes a magic number.


And then there are the animals! There were many who saw Marianne Deleuran in the Danish version of Got talent! Her involvement in several broadcasts was a good publicity for circus - and proof that animals in circus are treated well. Nobody was in doubt that the animals were Marianne's pets. The dog number is - again this year - versatile, and with an innovation: two dogs drive round in a self-propelled mini-car. And there was a reunion with the reckon dog Bobby, who has not forgotten what it learned as a puppy. And of course, the pig Yrsa, who not always want to move in the right direction. But that's funny, especially when it finally finds the goal. Circus Mascot ponies were included - 4 pieces. And the goats were there. You can make a circus without animals. But the animal acts give a performance a lift and remind you of the fairy tales where animals act as if they had humanity and own will. And if can’t be large animals due to the diameter of the ring then at least as at Mascot smaller animals.


Marianne Deleuran with dogs and pigs

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3 May 2018

German Zirkus Charles Knie 2018. When Charles Knie after a couple of seasons with the German circuses Barum and Cirkus Fliegenpilz in 1995 established his own German circus it was a nice medium-sized business. In 2006, he sold his circus to Sascha Melnjak, who in 1999 had started the Heilbronner Weichnactscircus which quickly became Germany's leading Christmas circus. Sascha invested significant funds in new equipment for Circus Charles Knie and quickly made it one of the three leading circuses in Germany. The other two are Krone and Roncalli.

28 April to 2 May Zirkus Charles Knie visited Flensburg close to the border between Denmark and Germany and several Danes paid a visit to the circus.

Animal acts with beautiful and well-groomed animals are essential elements of Zirkus Charles Knie's performances. The chief animal trainer in Charles Knie is Marek Jama. At the photo at top, he is seen with 5 white Arabs, who originally belonged to Danish Circus Arena. They sold them to Swedish Circus Maximum, which again sold them to Circus Charles Knie. Also some exotic animals were bought from Circus Maximum. The photo at the bottom shows Marek Jama riding high school.


In the hope of getting rid of the animal welfare activists who always stand outside the large German circuses, Zirkus Charles Knie tried last year with a season without big cats. But the protesters still came because they believe that there also should be a ban against presenting horses, dogs etc. in a circus. And at the same time a large part of the audience skipped the circus visit as Germans love seeing a lot of beautiful lion and tigers in the ring. This year, Circus Charles Knie has booked Alexander Lacey, who was with them for several seasons before going to the United States where he for six seasons was the main star in the Ringling performance Legends. After Ringling closed last year, Alexander Lacey returned to Europe and Zirkus Charles Knie, where he now presents an outstanding act with 11 lions and tigers. You could clearly feel the close and loving relationship between Alexander and his big cats.

Many Danes remember Messoudis, who was with Circus Dannebrog in 2008 and 2014. The Swedes know them from Circus Maximum 2010 and Circus Brazil Jack 2015. And the Finns from Circus Finlandia 2013. Normally they are 3 brothers in the acts, sometimes assisted by their father. One brother has recently been injured. Thus, at the performances in Flensburg they did not present their juggling act and only 2 of the brothers took part of the handstand entrée. The 2-person edition was rehearsed just 5 minutes before the show on Saturday afternoon. But the 2 brothers did it excellent. Those who did not know the original entrée could not see that there was a missing artist in the act.

The clown in the performance is Henry. He is presented as The Prince of Clowns. He is from Venezuela. In Flensburg he had (too) many run ins, including a not too impressive version of the orchestra entrée. The explanation was that Messoudi's juggler number had been taken out and Henry required making an extra entrée. Most successful was his version of the well-known spaghetti entrée to which he had added a couple of original elements: there was a spaghetti fight between him and the audience, and he used a gag going down to a basement which I have only seen a single time before.

Duo Medini did a nice and fast-paced roller skating number 

Flying Wulber had a great act in flying trapeze. The act included both a perfect triple with a backward jump, double passage and a dead leap where an artist hangs in a trapeze with his feet and drops down into the net. The male members of the troupe also did a number in trampoline.

Tatiana appeared on the slack wire.

Can you recognise her? Katie Azzario-Lacey was one half of the famous Azzario Sisters, daughters of the clown José Michel and his wife. Azzario sisters dissolved when Katie a couple of years married Alexander Lacey. At Charles Knie she turned out to be a good singer. She is pregnant. That’s why she not like her sister Quincy did a handstand act. Click here to see more photos from the show.

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29 April 2018

A queue in front of a circus is a sight, every circus friend and circus director love to see! The large German Zirkus Charles Knie was from 28 April to 1 May in Flensburg. For the afternoon performance on April 28th there were 1,000 spectators in the tent which seats 1,350 guests. When the afternoon show ended at 18:30 a lot of people stood in long queues to enter the evening performance at 19:30 for which there according to the director was sold around 1,000 tickets. On the picture to the left the author and circus connoisseur Jørgen Lorenzen, who visited circus together with 24 other Danish circus friends. The visit was arranged by Briano's circus tours.

Brian "Briano" Behrendt (back row to the left) and part of his group. In the middle of the group, Charles Knie director Sascha Melnjak.  In front of him Agnete Louise Enoch is seen together with Heidi Messoudi (mother of the Messoudi brothers). Photo: Glenn Sthyr Jonassen

The visit, among other things, gave the group and the many other Danes who went to Flensburg the opportunity to see an act with lions and tigers. Something which has been banned in Denmark since 1963. But Danes are still allowed seeing such acts south of the border. The Danish ban was due to a few unfortunate episodes. Set through today's glasses the cages which circus lions and tigers had at that time was also quite small. Just as they cages the predators at that time had in zoos. Today, lions and tigers in circuses and zoos have much better conditions. The photo above shows the large outdoor cage in Zirkus Charles Knie.

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27 April 2018

In Norway, politicians appreciate the circus! The foreword in Cirkus Arnardo's 2018 program is written by Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who thanks circus for the efforts they make every year and for the joy they spread

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27 April 2018

Circus Trapez 2018. Rud Kofoed has seen this year's performance, which he gives 4 out of 6 possible stars. He writes (my translation):

NATHALIE IS THE NEW YOUNG STAR IN CIRCUS TRAPEZ - Cousin and Cousin Party with great success in Circus Trapez with a young, energetic performance with many animals.

Nathalie Enoch. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Circus Trapez surprises and underscores its raison d’ètre with a close, animated, young and very entertaining performance. If you had somewhat shady expectations after last season's accidents with defection, problems with animal welfare activists and negative reviews you became ashamed when you saw the brand new performance in Vamdrup.

The 250th anniversary pervaded the performance which offered both elements of street circus, but also was also high up in the air and with nice animal acts.

The Circus Trapez Troup gives all that they have  ... in good old-fashioned style to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Philip Astley's invention of circus. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Isabella and her spouse Bernard Kaselowsky started Circus Trapez on terms of the animals. Now it's also with some members of the family as backers: Isabella's youngest son, David Sosman, is a full-time artist after his university education and graduation from an Italian circus school. He is both a gifted ringmaster and an excellent juggler, better than we - and for that matter the Pope - have ever seen him before. His agile look is emphasized by the fact that he – hey presto! - has lost more than 25 kg in weight following a targeted diet.

David Sosman - Isabella Enoch's youngest son - has for two years been studying in Italy attending both an international high school and the recognized circus school Accademia d'Arte Circense. This is where he has been trained as juggler and created the entrée for which has won several awards around Europe. In parallel with the juggler career, he has taken a university degree in Political Science and History at The University of Glasgow and Sciences Po Paris. In the summer last year he graduated and was able to spend full time on the circus career. That's what he's doing now - with his juggling entrée which he has presented for amongst others the Pope in the Vatican, at a circus festival in China and Budapest, Cirque d'Hiver in Paris and several other circuses in France. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

David Sosman's "trick" with the two end pieces on his otherwise open juggling entrée is now so well-developed that it can have success in the international league - and has also have had it, including at the circus festival in Budapest.

The elegant David presents a new Enoch star in spe, namely his cousin, the foot juggler Nathalie Enoch, daughter of Katja Enoch and granddaughter of Circus Dannebrog's Solveig and Haddy Enoch. But she is also granddaughter of the German circus artist Willi Fröchte. In his time he handed over his foot jugling entrée to his son. He is Nathalie's father, and it's him who has trained his daughter up to what she can today - and it's not so bad. We will certainly see more to her in the future.

Nathalie Enoch's main act is her foot juggling entrée. This is primarily what she is trained for - and you can clearly see it. It's a beautiful and convincing entrée she has. While attending her secondary school education she has spent all the holidays and days off in circus. She is not just granddaughter of two circus families, but is so hooked by circus as a job as artist is on top of her 'job application' list. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

All the holidays and breaks she had during her youth education has been used for circus performance, so when she got her high-school certificate last summer she only had one wish for a job: Circus. In addition to her main entrée she presents goats, ride on back of Kaselowsky’s 37-year-old elephant Ramboline, dances and is almost during the entire performance in the ring as member of the Trapez Troupe. She is a pleasure to watch.

Portuguese Erica Chaves, 22, makes a beautiful aerial act in tissue. She is a flying, fresh mermaid.

Her big brother is almost also flying, but on a motorbike. Kevin Chaves, 35, is a skilled rola bola artist, but it is unusual that the performance takes place on a motor bike. It's smart, nice and compassionate in its dynamics.

Portuguese rola bola on motorcycle - Kevin Chaves has found a new way to present rola bola on. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Alt thanks to the Chaves family's father, Angelo Chaves. He does not retains himself in any way, but effectively fills up as a run-in clown with a broad-spectrum of gags that triggers lots of high five recognition from the audience.

The Portuguese run-in clown Angelo Chaves has both his son and daughter in the ring. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

From Finland comes another young coming star, the just 19-year-old Amanda Juliet Attwood, who finished at a Finnish circus school a year ago. She is a handstand acrobat who can take the breath away from most people with her talent for bending. There is a future for Amanda.

The Finnish handstand acrobat Amanda Juliet Attwood is only 19 but a clear talent. Amanda graduated from a circus school a year ago and has since been touring with the Finnish rock band Teflon Brothers and also performed her act during the London Fashion Week. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Mathilde Gormsen from Fredericia is David's singing co ringmistress - and she is very good at it. She was last year with Trapez in the second half of the season after Judy Glosted quit. She did it so well that she was booked for the entire 2018 season - again together with the house orchestra, the Tino Aeby Band, an animated and effective circus trio which can play anything from reef, rap and Charleston to New Orleans.

Circus director Bernhard Kaselowsky seems to experience his second youth together with Nathalie and Ramboline. But he also close the performance with his Frisian horses in an dressage dedicated to the 250-year-old jubilee Philip Astley for whom the horse was the most important ‘artists’ in the circus.

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25 April 2018

Danish Circus Krone opens the season in Silkeborg on May 18th, Friday before Pentecost. The owner Frank Thierry writes (my translation): In the ring this year you will meet Lithuanian Kasparas Bujanauskas who we have managed to book for our small circus. He won Lithuania Got Talent in 2017 with his remarkable speedy juggling entrée.

Sofia Popi Speratti from France will present impressive handstand balance and hula hoop.

Of course, Irene Thierry and the clown Alando will also be found in the ring.

Come and see a strengthened Circus Krone when we start the season on May 18, 2018.

Click here to see Kasparas Bujanauskas entrée at the Lithuanian talent show.

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24 April 2018

World Circus Day 2018. On 21 April, Danish Circus Friends Association celebrated for the 9th year in row the World Circus Day in collaboration with the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, and Circus Baldoni. There were a lot of happy children for circus fun in Circus Baldoni’s ring, an exciting lecture with Irene Thierry and a fun and entertaining performance, enjoyed by both children and adults, with Irene and her spouse the clown Allando (sometimes spelled Alando). As well as a successful gala performance in Circus Baldoni.


Many had found their way to the Auditorium, where Irene Thierry told about her life. All photos from the day: Ole Simonsen 

The clown Allando captured the audience in the Fencing Hall. Click here to see more photos as well as video clips, shot by Per "Mr. Sputnik "Krogh Petersen.

Among the performers in Circus Baldoni was the magician Kim Kenneth, who after many successful seasons abroad has taken a season with his old friend René Mønster Baldoni


Kim Kenneth's famous signature trick in which he drives a motorcycle through the cage with his chained girlfriend Jessica

In Esbjerg the day was celebrated in collaboration between Danish Circus Friends Association and Circus Trapez. Saturday morning about 70 children and parents saw the animals being trained and were allowed to try their luck as artists in the ring. The gala performance at 15 was opened by the circus connoisseur Finn Stendevad from Danish Circus Friends Association telling a little about the association and circuses for 250 year.

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24 April 2018


Magic entertainers and stand-up comedians:


FREDERIK LUND, liquid magic


After intermission:

CHRISTIAN DE WILDE, the classic egg bag

EMIL ROSENDAL, Russian roulette, using stapling machines

JIMMI LAURIDSEN, stand up comedy talk

MORTENN CHRISTENSEN, juggling chewing gum /!/, knives and performing sword swallowing

All in all, an excellent combination  of  magic entertainment and comedy talk, and - maybe - a  beginning of the revival of the entertainment from THE GOOD OLD DAYS - that certainly would be appreciated by large audiences!!

A little note:  CHRISTIAN DE WILDE was elegantly dressed as a showman should always be - the rest of the crew would be well advised to adopt his good example!

RESPECT for the audience!!!


Danish author and circus connoisseur JØRGEN LORENZEN wrote the text, of which ZARRO ZARRO, Paris, formerly stage magician and now journalist,  conceived the write up as per above.

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21 April 2018

New chairman and new treasurer in Danish Circus Friends Association

Following the annual meeting in the Danish Circus Friends Association the Board of Directors elected a new chairman and a new treasurer:

New chairman is Kim Thanning Olsen, Slagelse. Kim has been the treasurer of the association since 2011.

New treasurer is Søren Kastoft, Ringkøbing.


To the left: Kim Thanning Olsen. To the right: Søren Kastoft

In connection with the annual meeting, Danish Circus Friends Association appointed the former artist, theatre director and local politician Charley Kaye as honorary member of the association. It was Charley Kaye's long-term prompter from the Red Inn Theatre Bente Puggaard-Müller, who on behalf of the Danish Circus Friends attached the small silver medal, which is the visible proof of the honorary membership, on Charley's chest.

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20 April 2018

Zirkus Nemo 2018. Zirkus Nemo is a combination of a circus and a comedy show owned by Danish actor and comedian Soren Ostergaard. In the later year’s Zirkus Nemo have been very successful with their “circus for adults”-concept. Apart from the comedy part of the show, this year with Soren Ostergaard and Laura Kvist Poulsen, you will meet some very good artists in the show. I quote from a review by Rud Kofoed, who gave the performance 5 out of 6 possible stars (my translation):

One of Soren Ostergaard’s own comedy characters: the smash man with his new killer dog. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

In the midst of the presentation of all Soren Ostergaard’s creepy characters, we are rewarded with some of the artists best ever seen in Zirkus Nemo. We have said something like this 19 times earlier, but have to do it again, for the aesthetic and quality is that high that you hardly find it possible in a zirkus with room for slightly less than 600 visitors. It's a Nemo specialty to have such a high artistic level. And this alone is a good reason for visiting them, even if you don’t understand Soren Ostergaard’s Danish spoken sketches.

After seeing the Russian podge Konstantin Mouraviev rolling around in the ring and holding 4,000 visitors in the palm of his hand at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, one would foresee that the act couldn’t be fit into a Nemo performance. But it is possible. The little 'Fat Man' Russians are exciting in his struggle to become fitness-trimmed with a waistline that most of us would not dare to dream about. Mouraviev's enthusiastic German wheel runs straight to the edge of the stage.

Konstantin Mouraviev has been in Denmark before, but never as present as here! Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Duo Solys proves that body and love can go up in a higher artistic whole. During a trip to New Caledonia, Cuban Hector Yzquierdo, in the midst of his complicated handstand act caught eye contact with a beautiful girl from the audience. He was struggling to concentrate, but managed to complete the performance.

When he after his act looked for the girl she was gone - until he left the lot. She waited at the exit. Shortly after, Tatanias left her family and her office job and became a world-renowned circus artist. Today, the couple is married and has got a lot of awards at festivals etc. I’ll bet! They are an acrobatic enjoyment.

Love makes strong. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Against all that 'slow' sensuality, Mario Berousek is the world's fastest juggler. He is double-listed in the Guinness record, but also at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, where he won the Bronze clown last year. Since 1756, his Czech circus family has allegedly lived as artists. Mario learned the speed juggling during his upbringing, where his father gave him four to five hours of instruction daily. There is only to say that it has worked. He's outstanding.

It's so fast that you cannot distinguish the clubs from each other. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The thought of meeting yet another beautiful young hopeful hula hoop artist may well give one a little tired feeling. That's how I felt when I heard about Geraldine Philadelphia. But I was wrong. I have rarely - if ever - seen a more fast-paced and perfect hula hoop act. It is so amazingly beautiful and perfect that you clearly recognizes her upbringing as the German 10th generation circus child - and juggler. The now 22-year-old Geraldine is by far the youngest artist in Nemo to date. She has developed her very own style that fully justifies it.

German Geraldine Philadelphia, 22, is the youngest artist ever in Zirkus Nemo. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Well, and so a bit of puppet theater, one could think. Error again! Well, the Cabaret Décadanse is a matter of taste, but it's true to virtue not for kids. It is a volcanic eruption of a sense bombardment with masks and big bands music - a kind of spiritual savage dance.

Behind Cabaret Décadanse is the Canadian couple André-Anne Leblanc and Colin Cyr Duhamel who literally make their wildly entertaining performance served with a cocktail of decadence, humor and sex appeal. It started as a street theater in Montreal in 1999. Well it's here. It is overwhelming.

Cabaret Décadanse is a special and impressive experience in the best Tina Turner style. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press. Click here to see more photos from the premiere show on 18 April.

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16 April 2018

The small Swedish Circus Rhodin, who currently tours in Scania in the southern part of Sweden, has ponies, dogs and parrots in this year's performance. The parrots are presented by Benjamin and the dogs by Mr. Golfy, who Danes might remember from Danish Circus Krone 2012. Diana Rhodin calls her circus for "Sweden’s most cheerful cicus – circus as when grandfather was young” and writes that "Circus Rhodin this year celebrates 5 years in the small format."

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13 April 2018

World Circus Day in Denmark and Sweden. Held on the third Saturday each April, World Circus Day is a special day to celebrate Circus Arts and Culture.

The 9th World Circus Day will be held on 21 April 2018.

This is the biggest common international feast of the circus communities around the Globe.

Celebration in Denmark

In Copenhagen

Organizers: Danish Circus Friends Association in cooperation with Circus Baldoni and the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.


Free admission to the Circus Museum, circus fun in Circus Baldoni's ring (free admission), children show at 1 p.m. (free admission) and gala performance at 2 p.m. in Circus Baldoni (reduced ticket price)


21 April 2018 from 10 - 15


The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Hovedporten 6, Avedørelejren,  Hvidovre. From central Copenhagen you can take Bus 1A to Avedørelejren right in front of the museum.

In Esbjerg

Organizer: Circus Trapez


The day will be celebrated with free training for children the morning of World Circus Day. The children who learned some circus skills, will be invited to perform as special guest in that afternoon’s show or in the performances Sunday. Before the performance Saturday at 15 there will be a lecture of the circus history by the circus connoisseur Finn Stenderup. Furthermore there will be competitions for circus tickets and merchandise. When?

21 April 2018 from 10 to 17


Gryden at Gl. Vardevej

Celebration in Sweden

Organizer: The Swedish Circus Academy


Open house at Circus Museum, show in small circus tent, lecture, magic, acrobatics and music!


21 April 2018 from 10.00 - 15.00


The Swedish Circus Museum, The Old School, Ingesträde (20 km north of Helsingborg)

Organizer: Circus Brazil Jack


We celebrate 250 of circus in Karlstad with  a mini show open air show, open doors  for looking the practice and  listen about circus history ,lottery where you can win tickets for the shows in Karlstad


21 April 2018 - 22 April 2018 from 13:00 to18:00


Karlstad Norra Fältet

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7 April 2018

The small Swedish Circus Rhodin is currently playing in Scania in the southern part of Sweden. They use once again the tents they bought from Danish Circus Arli a few years ago. Circus Rhodin is owned by Diana Rhodin. She is the sister of Trolle Rhodin JR. from Circus Brazil Jack. In 2000 she worked for Danish Cirkus Dannebrog and in 2002 for Danish Cirkus Benneweis presenting high school riding, liberty horses and her two elephants. Both her elephants died a few years ago, and there are therefore no elephants in the performances in Circus Rhodin. - Photo: Martin Lasson Berglund.

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4 April 2018

Long live Circus Arli. The visitors to the season opening performance on April 1 at the Mill Hill in the Copenhagen suburb Floeng agreed to this statement after having seen another wonderful Arli performance. By the way this year’s performance is called "Long live the circus."

Circus Arli at the lot next to the Mill Hill.  A playground has been established on the lot since last year, so it was not quite easy to make room for Circus Arli. Photos where nothing else is stated: Ole Simonsen

"Long live the circus" was just what Martin Arli was singing as he welcomed the audience after a short slide show about circuses for 250 years had been shown on the tent roof over the stage entrance.

It was biting cold on the premier day. When Alexander Arli welcomed me, he said he was looking forward to feeling his frozen fingers again. The cold fingers were probably the explanation for a few drops in the elegant and cheerful formation juggling entrée with The Arlinis, which opened the performance. Arlinis consists of Alexander Arli and his good friends Francesco Fratellini and Sarah Florees.

The Arlinis. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

It is the third season in row Francesco and his girlfriend are with Arli. Every year with brand new entrées. Circus owner Martin Arli has previously said that 2018 would be the last season for the couple at Arli as they wanted something new. However, when you see the charming couple and Francesco's excellent interaction with Alexander, it would be nice if the Arli family booked them again in 2019! Something Martin Arli has promised to consider.

The next act was a fine act in tissue with Jelena Vasiljeva from Latvia.

Cozy magic with Martin Arli is a “must” in an Arli performance. This year he conjured pigeons out of a saucepan, a painting and a changer bag. The pigeons were placed in a cage on a table. The cage was covered and thrown into the air. And then, both the cage and the pigeons were gone.

Martin and one of his pigeons. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Next, the ‘Snake charmer’ Francesco had a charming entrance with a dangerous ‘snake’.

It is not every year Circus Arli has animals in the performance. They demand high standards both of quality and of animal welfare. Both things are met with Vlad Olander’s elegant number with angora cats. One of the circus world's best acts with cats. He has performed in leading circus worldwide, most recently in the Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione's tented circus. The Danes met him most recently in the Jimmy Enoch’s Winter Circus in 2014 and at Circus Benneweis in 2013. He was also with Benneweis in 2009. Swedish circus friends know him from Circus Maximum 2008 and Circus Brazil Jack 2011. He makes regularly made minor changes in his act and you can clearly feel the close relationship between Vlad and his 6 cats.

Vlad Olander and one of his cats. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Last year, we met Alexander and Francesco in a magnificent knockabout table act. This year we meet the in an equally wonderful act in Chinese pole. Normally these kinds of acts are elegant but gave. Alexander and Francesco have chosen to put a lot of comedy into the act, including elements from their knockabout acrobat entrée. Bravo!

Alexander and Francesco. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

There are many hula-hoop acts. Maybe too many. But Jelena from Latvia presented an elegant version where she with the rings spinning round her arms, legs and waist was hoisted up under the circus dome. So she's definitely not "just" another hula-hoop artist. Her act was the first act after the break.

Jelena Vasiljeva. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Then the charmer Francesco again entered the stage, this time with a baby carriage with a screaming baby. It was a lot of fun when the baby could also eat, burp and break a wind,  Last but not least the baby - no, you have to visit Circus Arli to see what the baby did!.

Francesco with his pram. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

A good bird in a net is always nice. And so it is in Circus Arli with Sarah Florees in a fishing net. She made elegant acrobatics and ended up using the net as a vertical rope.

The bird Sarah Florees. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

"Do you want to see the clowns?" the elegant ringmistress Bettina Arli asked. And of course, both children and adults wanted to see clowns. This year's entrée was a wonderful mix of the shooting gag and the entrée with Martino and Alexander singing "Out in Charlottenlund ...". This year it was a ghost which disturbed them. Of course with Francesco under the sheet. The act ended with a music entrée.  "Oh when the saints" should be renamed "Oh when the clowns" ...

The light is turned on

Dancing with a ghost. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The last act in the performance was a handstand act with the strongly build Sergei Populans, who used a kind of giant penny-farthing as trinky and proved that he was a skilled handstand acrobat.

Sergei Populans. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

In the final, Martino took of the make-up from his face and returned to be Martin before presenting the artists of the year who received well-deserved standing ovation for the wonderful performance. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Of course, Lotte Arli also entered the stage and was honored. In January she turned 80, and Martin and Bettina allowed her to retire. But only if she still take care of her job! Thus, we can still meet Lotte in ticket office. She had invited her half-brother Bille August (famous movie director) and his family to the circus. They looked certainly as they enjoyed the show.

Lotte, Martin and Bettina Arli in the finale. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Former Chairman of the Danish Circus Directors Association Benny Berdino, former director of Danish Circus Krone, Irene Thierry, and current chairman of the Danish Circus Directors Association, Cirkus Arli Director Martin Arli. There was enthusiasm when Irene during the banquet after the premiere presented Martin with Circus Krone’s award for his efforts for the Danish circuses. Very well deserved. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Click here to see a lot of Rud Kofoed's photos from the show.

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2 April 2018

The shark in the bath. There was a mistake in my mention February 23th of the Swiss clown André Broger, whom I honored to have invented the entrée with the shark in the bathtub. John Cooper has sent me a link to a 1971 video clip with the Russian clown Andrej Nicolajew ("Nico"), who makes an almost similar entrée with a crocodile. At least 10 years before André had his debut as a clown. Click here to see Nico’s act.

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1 April 2018

Photos from Circus Arena. Jacob Boas Leitisstein saw the show one of the Easter days and took a number of photos, which you can see by clicking here.

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30 March 2018

The Clown and the Crown Prince – Circus Arena 2018. The performance is this year named The Clown and the Crown Prince – the search for the lost tear. Season opening took place at the Copenhagen circus lot ‘Bellahoj’ on 28 March.

The Clown and the Crown Prince aka the rapper Clemens and Patrick Berdino who also in the real life is crown Prince in Circus Arena. Together they have the task as ringmasters in this year’s performance.

Rud Kofoed saw the opening performance and writes (my translation)

”A man travels the world over in search of what he needs” 38 year old Clemens says. Good idea - and not as demanding as it sounds. It's just going to Circus Arena, because they offer a trip with Captain Clemens as debuting run-in clown in the midst of a stressful life, where nobody has time for taking a break!

Together with Patrick Berdino, 26, of course in the part as Crown Prince, to which he is born and raised, the adventure can start in all its fascination. The point is that we must learn to be ourselves - and be content with it.

Clemens trick is making Circus Arena’s logo clown which now for the 63rd season appears on posters and other printed matter, but never have said a beep, living. He does it very good with his steady expression which against Patrick's hearty fellow-attitude is a great mix for a host couple - formerly known as ringmasters.

Clemens with red nose. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Clemens has theater and scenic experience to face Patrick’s sawdust artist experience. They may not be the world's greatest actors, but they have the 'childlike' flair which means that you with pleasure want to join in.

"Give me an A. Give me a R. Give me an E. Give me a N. Give me an A. Shall we go. To A-re-na. Yes we shall. It’s 'Arenaday today,” Clemens raps surrounded by the 8 girls from the Bingo Troup. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Despite the earthly conclusion, the artistry begins with a moonwalk - with the Hungarian Lazlo Simet in a Neil Armstrong balance assisted by his two space women Fanni Cseh and Georgina Szotkó who also are ready for a bicycle ride in moonlight. The moon walkers come from this year's Monte-Carlo Circus Festival with several special prices in the bag for their silent stunts in the unsymmetrical spacecraft.

Laszlo Simet and his crew at their prop which Simet calls a Giant Semaphor. The act was first time presented by Koch Sisters in the 1940s, but was the forgotten until Laszlo a few years ago took it up. The 58-year-old Laszlo Simet is an old high wire and wheel of death artist. The Danes saw him the first time in 1998 at the Open Air Stage in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens and the following year at Circus Benneweis. In 2001 and 2003 he was back in Tivoli. Many people remember when he on a motorbike drove on a wire from the top of the concert hall to the Open Air Stage, while his wife at that time Olga did acrobatics on a trapeze under the motorcycle. The motorcycle + video clips from the number can be seen at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Laszlos's current crew is quite new in the act. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Also from the Monte-Carlo festival comes the Ukrainian Bingo Circus Theater, which this year got the jury's special award. In Arena they are sent back to the circus school - and they get the marks. The girls have such a surplus of breathtakingly energetic that at least this reviewer totally lost the breath. It's impressive what the girls can - both together and separately. And then they are as magnetic in the air as in the sawdust. For 22 years, the Bingo show has run for full blow - and there's a win every time!

The Bingo Troupe is a large troupe which sometimes is divided into smaller units. In 2014, one of the units performed in Circus Dannebrog. This year, eight of the group's female members will thrill the audience in Circus Arena. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Romanian Trio Angelis is sent out in Siberian cold to work themselves warm - and they did - with the woman at the center of the Russian bar on two men's shoulders. Twice, Mrs. Angelis failed in doing a triple summersault and landed on her back. Ouch, you said, but not the Mrs. Angelis. She tried once again and succeeded to thundering applause. As the Clemens adventure tells: When you find the heat itself, you can give it to others who freeze!

Trio Angelis. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The spotlight on the world trip we meet in Mexico's volcanoes with the juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, who is an explosion of joy of life and uses every part of the ring in his dynamic number where it gets both hats, clubs and ping-pong balls to the closest possible a juggler can come to an volcanic eruption. As written in the program: When the ground burns under your feet, you must have more than one ball in the air. 

Juan Pablo Martinez ends his breathlessly entrée by juggling with hats while he is running between the seats in the seating. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

But most beautiful of all: The Crown Prince's fever hallucination: 24-year-old Charmaine Berdino. We have seen her in Circusland in Slagelse and, for that matter, at the Orion Theatre in Stockholm, but she belongs to the Arena ring! And that’s flat! She is one of Suzanne Berdino's triplets. When she enters the ring with her 'naked' wild horse and 'talks' to it, she gets almost ready for delivery of the lost tears the whole show is all about. Namely the tear of joy. It's poetry - and so humble that it's breathtaking - while others are talking about the World Cup in dressage.

Last year Charmaine presented her act in Circusland at Slagelse. Since then, she has trained further and her beautiful entrée works perfect in Arena's ring. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Charmaine had been injured during the morning exercise and was suffering from pain. But did anyone notice that? The undersigned did not. She's cool, the horse girl!

We also had a visit to the ‘Casualty department” (that’s the name of the entrée) with her brother Oliver Berdino, who together with his cousin the Crown Prince Patrick Berdino presented a breathlessly trampoline act.

The third family member in the ring is the ‘desert circus princess' Laura Berdino, becoming more beautiful and more beautiful with her eight white thoroughbreds Arabian horses, this year beautifully ‘dressed’ with harnesses bought from Circus Benneweis. The dressage is a bit “loose” and “springy” but it is probably a matter of few performances until the act works perfect.

Laura Berdino presented 8 splendid white Arabian horses. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

If you sees everything upside down you see everything clearer, it sounds from India's tree top. So does the Spanish Alexander Lichner. He makes a trapeze act with difficulty levels which can give breathlessness. It is not every day for everyone to be able to hang in his heels up high up under the circus dome. He is dazzlingly skilled and a clear top number in the show.

Alexander Lichner. The Spanish trapeze star was last year in Sweden at Circus Maximum. Fortunately, he uses safety lounge under his dangerous act. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Down in the ring we find the Czech Jan Navratil, 43, who celebrates summer in Tyrol as foot juggler. Agile and entertaining like the animal trainer the English Patrick Clarrison, who are used to well-prepared Hot Dogs with his funny, "crooked bastards"

Jan Navratil's signature trick with the ball to end in the basket. The Danes met him first time with this trick in 2006 at Charley Kaye’s Red Inn Theater at Amager. In 2009 he was with Circus Benneweis and last year in Circusland. The Navratil family was also with Circus Arena in 1992, but at that time Jan did no yet master the trick with the pole and the ball. - Those who have seen the act before knows that it's not a real accident when the pole overturns during the first attempt to get the ball to the top. Many artists use this kind of fake accident to make sure that the audience is aware of the severity of the act. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

Patrick Clarrison with his hot dogs. A number he has taken over from his father Pete Harrison. In 2013, he presented the act in Circus Benneweis using his Christian surname Harrrison. He has also several time been part of Benny Schumann's performances. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Arena's Italian House Clown Jimmy Folco, 47, is this season presented as a reporter who finds: Being a clown is not just fun. He has his manners, but also his successful entrées. This year, among other things, as the film photographer who directs selected volunteers from the audiences in bizarre roles. The female “volunteer” was probably his wife Claudia.

Jimmy Folco with the well-known western film routine with audience volunteers. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

It a matter of taste if you like Rudi Althoff as trainer, but it is a very nice act he presents this year with the African giants Jenny on 29, Lara and Djungla at 31. Elephants which are in top form, quick, sensitive, fast and very well-trimmed. Come on, don’t tell me that these animals are suffering! They are a pleasure to follow. All the forces used to ban animals in circus were probably better used to prevent poaching on the African savannah or battery hens the Jutland region.

The 3 Arena elephants, which a majority in the Danish Parliament now want to ban from the circus. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Click here to see more of Rud Kofoed's photos from the show.

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28 March 2018

Diana Rhodin's small Swedish Circus Rhodin opens the season Easter in Bunkeflo, located in the Malmö area just south of the Øresund Bridge. There is dress rehearsal on Saturday 31 March at 13.00 and premiere Sunday, April 1 at 13.00 and 16.00. Earlier, years Diana Rhodin has used a tent that she bought by Circus Arli a few years ago. Most likely she will also use this tent in 2018,

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27 March 2018

Circus Olympia 2018. Martin Lasson Berglund visited the opening performance in the Swedish Circus Olympia on March 24th. He writes (my translation):

On Saturday, the family Bengtsson opened a new circus season in a winter cold Oskarström.

This year's program is very varied and entertaining. Now Olympia is the circus in Sweden that has highest number of animals and circus friends need to take up the fight against all those people who affect municipalities and shops to stop supporting circuses with animals. Olympia has first-rate animal welfare with large pens, short haulage from circus lot to circus lot and good staff who care for the animals.

This year, Jessica Bengtsson presents an exotic tableau with camels, lamas and two Jersey oxen. All photos shot by Martin Lasson Berglund

A funny and pleasant act in the ring! Henrika Bengtsson's dogs are as happy as ever. They jumps around the ring charming the visitors

Niklas Bengtsson presents both Irish tinker horses and ponies in a new dressage and is the same time the performance’s ringmaster.

Natascha Jarz, her and Niklas’ son Simon and David Hammarberg, in front of the circus's alpaca and goats dressed in farmhouse clothes and using western music.

David also preset his bungee-trapeze act wearing a nice glittery suit. Unfortunately recorded music is used during his act.

Something else is Robert Cawley who presents a cool laser show which is a hit for the lager children in the audience. I think it's quite right to have such an act in a modern performance.

Martii and Liina from Finland present an exciting crossbow act and vertical rope act, two acts which works perfectly together. (Martii with crossbow and his spouse Liina in vertical rope).

Martti Peltonen with his crossbows

It's great to see musical clowns again and Rivilinos offers good clowning and nice music without needing to drag “volunteers” into the ring. Stauberti starts hanging in her hair and ends with her partner with a perch act which has been in Monte Carlo proving that it is a world class act.

Duo Staubeti from the Czech Republic has since 2015 consisted of Dimitr and his niece Nancy. The duo got a silver clown at this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo.

Of course there is live music and I hope the family Bengtsson also in the future continues to have a live band. This year, bandmaster is as for many years Valentin Smirnov and the five musicians do a good job during the performance.

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26 March 2018

Prohibition on use of elephants in Danish circuses. The government, the Danish People's Party and the Social Democracy which together form a majority in the Danish Parliament entered into an agreement on 23 March that when put into the Danish legislation prohibits wild animals in circuses. Specifically, it's about elephants, sea lions and zebras, since all other wild animals have been banned from Danish circuses since 1963.

The ban is expected to come into force on 1 January 2019. But there will be a transitional period making it possible for the three elephants owned by Circus Arena to continue for a while. It is unclear whether there will be ceiling over the number of years they can continue. It is also uncertain whether a transitional arrangement will apply to Circus Trapez's elephant Ramboline. Already today, the law says that elephants must be kept in socially harmonious groups. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration may in exceptional cases grant exemptions from this requirement. Such exemption has been granted Circus Trapez regarding Ramoboline. However it is possible that after the forthcoming change in legislation such exemption cannot be granted any longer.

The liberal party’s animal welfare spokesman has indicated that a transitional arrangement will last for a maximum of 3 to 5 years. Circus Arena hopes that politicians will allow a longer transitional regime.

Circus Arena's 3 African Elephants Lara, Djungla and Jenny are the last act in this year's performance. Elephants, which a majority in the parliament now wants to get out of Danish circuses after a certain transitional period. It is unclear what fate the 3 elephants will have the day they not any longer are allowed to perform in Circus Arena.

Bernhard Kaselovsky's elephant Ramboline in Circus Trapez. Uncertain if season 2018 will be the last season Ramboline is allowed to appear in a Danish circus. And what fate she gets when she not any longer are allowed to perform in Circus Trapez.

Circus Benneweis stopped having elephants in the performances in 2014. The Swedish and Norwegian circuses skipped elephants some years ago. Thus, in Scandinavia, itmis only Cirkus Arena and Circus Trapez which has still have elephants in the performances.

Today there are less than 50 circus elephants left in Europe. They are aged from about 30 to about 60 as a result of a worldwide ban on trade in elephants in the 1990s, with the effect that circus and trainers could no longer buy young elephants. Circus Arena states that the elephant Jenny is 29 years old and Lara and Djungla 31 years old. Circus Trapez states that Bernhard Kaselowsky's elephant Ramboline is 35 years old. Thus, the 4 circus elephants in Denmark are among the youngest circus elephants in Europe.

The number of circus elephants drops year after year as elephants passes away or retire. Thus, elephants will be phased out of circuses even without legal intervention.

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22 March 2018

Circus Baldoni 2018 - magical elegance. This year's performance, which premiered in Lyngby on March 20, is the most elegant performance which Cicus Baldoni until now has presented.

Circus Baldoni on the circus lot at Firskovvej in Lyngby. Photo: Ole Simonsen

Although the beautiful new Cannobio tent only has room for 70 more visitors than the old tent and only is 1½ meter more in diameter than the old tent it seems significantly larger because it does not like the old tent end up in a tip. The tent can seat 486 persons on 2 rows of ringside chairs and 5 rows of plastic bucket seats. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The main team in a Baldoni show is usually René Mønster Baldoni, his lion Leonardo (a ventriloquist’s doll) and Danilo the clown. This year, the illusionist Kim Kenneth has also joined the team and presents several great tricks, which he not before has presented in a Danish circus. Kim has also contributed to the staging the show and you can recognizes his fingerprints.

This year's performance is called Danish Dynamite, because there are more Danish star artists in the performance than in previous Baldoni performances. Of course the Lion Leonardo wore a Danish Dynamite Wiking Hat when he helped René Mønster Baldoni welcoming the audience.

René and Leonardo. Who loves children - with sauce and potatoes! Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

René then welcomed his old friend Kim Kenneth.

In their young days, they had a dream of becoming Denmark's answer to Siegfried & Roy, but only Kim got a successful career as magician.

Assisted by René, his girlfriend Jessica as well as the clowns Danilo and Eddie Kim juggled with cards and presented an illusion where Jessica and Leonardo were locked into a box, which was then opened as an accordion (see photo).

Danilo and Eddie with the box with Jessica and Leonardo

Then the house clown Danilo came on the stage and led everyone through Baldoni's welcome song "We shall be the best of friends, everyone come join us now."

Then there was a reunion with last year's Mombasa Boys. However, with a few adjustments: 2 of the 4 artists in the troupe were new. They did a funny act with a kind of formation juggling with hats.

Mombasa Boys. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

René and Leonardo then presented a mermaid: Maria Janacek in aerial hoop.

The mermaid Maria. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

A few years ago, the clown Danilo had great success with an entrée where he as "Little Danilo" mimed to a number of hit songs. This year he presented an updated version of this entrée with a potpourri with songs by Elvis, Michael Jackson and other celebrities.

Little Danilo. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

We have previously seen Eddie Janacek in Circus Baldoni with a fine rola bola act. In last year's school performances as well as in Baldoni’s Christmas circus in December we saw his 11-year-old son Karel, called Kaja, with rola bola. Now he present his act in the general for performance with a fine entrée where his father is presented as a world star and Karel comes in with a ghetto blaster and repeats his father's tricks, only in much greater severity. A nice way to present a good act.

Baldoni's wonderboy Kaja Janacek. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Then followed Kim Kenneth's main entrée in which he was assisted by Jessica and Maria Janacek (married to the clown and the mother of Kaja). Kim conjured Jessica up from a prop in fire. He spirit her away in a box and then conjured both Jessica and then Maria up of the box. With the assistance of an approx. 10-year-old boy from the audience Jessica was crushed in a box but ended up unharmed. The last trick in the entrée was his signature trick, where he on a motorbike drove through a cabinet that contained the chained Jessica. Fortunately, she turned up to be unharmed.

Kim Kenneth, Maria and Jessica. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The Dane in the fast lane - Kim Kenneth & co. Photo: Ole Simonsen

After the interval Danilo, with the assistance of the girlfriend Cindy and a volunteer from the audience had an entrée where the self-timer on a camera had its own life when they tried to take a selfie.

The teasing camera. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Then there was a reunion with Kim Kenneth's girlfriend Jessica Caveagna. But this time with her solo act: spectacular sword balance, where she ended up walking up on a ladder in fire - see photos.

Jessica on the ladder. Photos: Ole Simonsen

Now it was time for the Baldoni Clowns' main entrée: Cindy, Danilo and Eddie with the classic "Busy Bee, Give Me Honey". The older generation of Danes may remember the version which Circus Arena’s founder had with the clown Larno. Quite understandable the younger generation has not seen it as it is 42 years since Arne Berdino passed away. But the younger generation of circus friends knows the brothers Darix and Fumagalli's drunken version of the entrée. It has been this version which has inspired the Baldoni clowns. However, the bee Eddie does not like Fumagalli spit water in the face of the spectators who are closest to the ring (stage). Fine! It is not everyone who likes to have water in the face which has been in the mouth of another person.

Photos: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

After the clowns, Kim Kenneth came again on the stage. Now with a trick he never before has presented in a Danish circus: A small locked chest is placed on the stage. Kim turned his back to the audience and threw a (rubber) brick over his shoulder. The catcher should name a city where he wanted to see circus, what the tickets would cost and what means of transport he would use. Kim wrote all 3 things up on a flip chart and then asked the catcher to throw the brick to another spectator who should tell what he would buy in the kiosk and what the first act of the show should be. Also, these answers were written on the flip chart. Then Kim unlocked the chest. It turned out to contain a paper roll with the words he had written on the flip chart!

Kim offered after the show to sell the predictions of the coming week's lotto numbers!

His entrée ended when he together with Jessica presented a nice and original version of the trick magicians call the substitution trunk.

When you see Kim Kenneth's elegant entrées and with what charm and talent for misdirection he presents them it is easy to understand that he has been successful throughout Europe. Great that René Mønster Baldoni has persuaded Kim to take a season in Denmark and also allowed him to show other tricks than those he presented at Benneweis a few years ago. (Kim Kenneth was with Cicus Benneweis in 2009, 2010 and 2015)

After Kim, Mombasa Boys was back on the stage. This time with a handstand and hand to hand entrée.

Mombasa Boys. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Got talent popular is on TV. Thus, René asked if there was anyone in the audience who wanted to show their talents on the stage. An elderly gentleman volunteered and entered the stage after some discussion with his hysterical wife. The older generation remembers both Karl Kossmeyer and Calle Svensson, who started their entrées in that way. The old gentleman was like the two mentioned not a real circus visitor. It was the 68-year-old artist Freddi Steckel, who, with René Mønster Baldoni as a more or less volunteer partner, presented his comical knockabout table act. He proved that in a circus there is not just room for the young and pretty but also for the old and wise.

Freddi Steckel and René. Photos: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

This ended a very nice 2 hour long well-presented circus performance. The audience on Zealand and Lolland-Falster has something to look forward to when Baldoni visits around 100 cities in the next 5 months.

Click here to see Rud Kofoed review of the show with lots of photos.

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17 March 2018

Zirkus Nemo's rubber man to present children's circus. In Aarhus Herald Tribune you could on March 16 read that Søren Østergaard, the owner of Zirkus Nemo, will visit Aarhus with a brand new children's circus. It will just visit two cities: Aarhus and Copenhagen. Østergaard will not be with the circus (he will be with Zirkus Nemo) but the contortionist Captain Frodo, who has been featured in some Nemo performances, will be responsible for the circus. The tent will be put up at the Officers Square next to Ridehuset in Aarhus in July and August. It will be a kind of summer vacation activity for children with a circus school where children can learn how to act and be active. There will also be a performance of 45-50 minutes, and the whole thing will take place twice a day, Søren Østergaard told Aarhus Herald Tribune.

Captain Frodo was with Zirkus Nemo in 2014 and 2016. The latter year he received The Danish Award's award for the best act of the year.

Captain Frodo at Nemo in 2016. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press.

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16 March 2018

Circus Brazil Jack (Sweden) 2018. There was icily cold at the Mill Square in Malmö, when Circus Brazil Jack opened their season on March 15th. But the tent was very well heated and the atmosphere of the audience at the top when Trolle Rhodin III welcomed to this year's performance.

The season opening was at the same time a generational change, as Trolle Rhodin JR and Mrs. Carmen Lupasco Rhodin this year have handed over the responsibility for daily operation to their son, Trolle III. At the same time there was a change in concept as Trolle chose not to have animals in the performance this year. It's not because he thinks that animals in circus not are treated well but because he feels that audience’s interest in seeing animals in circus is reduced. He has probably also been a bit tired of the so called “animal friends” who in recent years has been standing outside the Swedish circuses and attempted to make the visitors believe that circus is maltreating their animals. The “animal friends” have usually rejected dialogue with persons of another opinion, just as they have rejected by self-esteem to see how the animals are treated.

This year “animal friends” could not be seen. Neither as pickets nor as circus visitors. They are only AGAINST animals in circuses, not IN FAVOUR of circuses without animals.

28-year-old circus director Trolle Rhodin welcomes the audience

The performance was opened by this year’s run-in clown Emiliano who comes from Argentina and never before has performed in Europe. Several of his run-ins were original, such as one with a "horse" and one with an invisible ball. He held the audience’s attention well and will probably get even better after he has learned the Swedish audience's reactions. From other clowns, I know that from country to country there is a big difference between the audience's reactions.



After Trolle’s welcome, two artists from Compania Havana entered the ring: Isabella and Aylin who, under the name of Duo Bella, did hair hanging i.e. an aerial act where they hang in their hair. Normally, these kinds of acts consist of the artist being raised in the hair and doing some juggling. But Duo Bella could do more than that: they made an exciting aerial act. For example, one headed down in a kind of aerial cradle and carried with her hair an aerial hoop in which the other made acrobatics in (see photo). In another trick, they hung "hair to hair", while the lady below rotating with high speed.


Then followed a comic juggler act with the Wolff brothers, who also were with Brazil Jack last year and who the Danes knows from Circus Arli. In this act big brother Richard constantly disturbed his little brother David, who is more than a head higher than his big brother!

After Emiliano’s reprice with a "horse" - or was it another animal? - Compania Havana came in the ring with their main number, where the 6 female acrobats did spectacular acrobatics in 2 Chinese poles.

Emiliano on horseback

Compania Havana

Then David and Richard Wolff returned with a comic human cannonball entrée. Clearly inspired by one of the Danish Clown Bonbon's entrées.

Following this act followed a real human cannon ball: Italian Jody Bellucci who Trolle Rhodin discovered in a small Italian circus. From his cannon he is shot as a human cannonball over the ring and lands in an inflatable airbag at the audience entrance. An old fair act which has now found its way to Brazil Jack's ring. Children and adults among the audience cheered, although the preparation of the cannon took a long time in comparison with the few seconds the human cannon ball was in the air.

Jody Bellucci

After the break, Anaisi and Norely from Companie Havana (probably the same as Isabella and Aylin) under the name of Duo Capricorn did an act aerial hoop.

Emiliano then had a run-in with a fictional ball which he throwed to and from spectators.

In a comic magic number, the Wolf brothers were assisted by David's wife.

David tries to hypnotize his wife, but it is Richard who is being hypnotized and collapse

You have to save the best thing to the last. And according to the audience’s reactions, the last two acts in the performance were the best of the year.

First Emiliano with the well-known camera routine.

"Oh no, not again", many circus freaks might think.

But Emiliano's version of the act is clearly one of the best versions of the act which I have seen. And when choosing volunteers he is working with tactfulness and accepted a “No”. Some other clowns could learn from that! I know people who never again will visit a circus after reluctantly being dragged in the ring by an insisting clown. Something every circus director should forbid his clowns to do.

The last act in the performance was a reunion with the marvelous diabolo juggler Pierre Marchand. He was last time in Brazil Jack in 2015 and last year at Arena in Denmark. His talent and charm are amazing and he "sells the act” better than any other diabolo juggler.


Pierre Marchand

Did you miss animals in this year's performance? The answer must be a clear no: Trolle has proved he easily can produce a good show without animals. When a couple of minor errors are corrected - there is always a premiere nervousness and some of the artists did not arrive until the day before the premiere - this year's performance will be remembered as another fine Brazil Jack performance.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 March 2018

Circus Arnardo (Norway) 2018. Circus Arnardo had as the first Scandinavian circus premiere on 10 March in Arendal.

There was snow at the lot when Cirkus Arnardo opened the season on March 10th. All photos: Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo.

Thorbjørn Klæbo Flo saw the performance and writes (my translation):

A number of fine artists this year with Duo Costache with perch and an aerial act where they hang in their teeth. Great artists whom we have seen at Merano and Brazil Jack.


Duo Costache. The Danes saw their perch act in Circus Arena in 2017.

An excellent Siberian Husky and Samoyed dogs act. Earlier seen at Brazil Jack and Benneweis.

The Saabel family's great dog act could be seen by Danes in Circus Benneweis in 2011 and in Circus Dannebrog in 2013. In Circus Arnardo, it was the young generation, the sisters Jennifer & Kelly Saabel, who presented the act.

Nandor Varadi has become even better since I last time saw him a few years back at Arnardo. An amazingly good artist.

Nandor Varadi. The Danes have met him in Danish Circus Krone in 2007 and at Circus Baldoni in 2008 and 2010. Already at that time he was good, but today he is even better.

The clown André binds the performance together with original reprices reprices and a few classic run-ins. Pleasant appearances, for the first time in Norway. Seen early at Scott.


The talented Swiss clown André. His only performance in Denmark was in Jimmy Enoch's Winter Circus last year in the Rosengaard Shopping Center.

The Are and Poulina Arnardo Family work with their illusions and include a new variant of Houdini's mysterious box with a blanket. Smooth and fast performed at the premiere.

The ponies had opening night nervousness and were presented by Yvonne Lübben. The nervousness is definitely over in a few days

The strongman Denis Ilchenko was last year in Sweden at Brazil Jack. This year, it is the Norwegians who can meet him

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 March 2018

Circus Olympia 2018. The Swedish Circus Olympia is Sweden's second largest circus. Season opening takes place in Oskarström, Saturday, March 24th at 15.

Ever since Herbert Bentgsson (1947-2014) established his circus in 1985, animal acts have been an important part of the performance. Always Circus Olympia's own animals: horses, camels, bulls, goats, alpacas and dogs. Animals which the Bengtsson family has trained to ensure that the animals are raised and trained under good conditions and are treated well and careful

In this year's performance, the siblings Jessica & Niklas Bengtsson present an exotic mix of camels, llamas and bulls and liberty dressage with horses and ponies. Their mother Henrika Bengtsson presents her playful dogs. Niklas spouse Natascha Jarz presents alpacas and goats, assisted by David Hammarberg.

The other performers are:

Robert Cawley - Laser show from England.

Nancy Stauberti – aerial acrobat from the Czech Republic, hanging in her hair.

Duo Stauberti – Perch acrobats from the Czech Republic. They received 2 special prizes at this year's circus festival in Monte Carlo.


Duo Stauberti. Photos from performance in the German Circus Krone in Munich March 2017

David Hammarberg - Aerobatics in the bungee-trapeze. He was last time with Olympia in 2015. In season 2016/17 Danes saw him at Wallmans in the Circus Building in Copenhagen.

Martti Peltonen – crossbow marksman from Finland. He was also with Olympia in 2014

Liina Aunola - Vertical rope. She was with Olympia in 2003 and 2014

The Rivolinos clowns. The Danes met them in Circus Arena in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 and the Swedes in Circus Maximum in 2000 and 2006. However, there may have been changes in the troupe. Another troupe from the Rivelino family, the Pedro Rivelono troupe, will spend season 2018 with the Norwegian Circus Agora. The Rivelino family is NOT the same as the famous Rivel family.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 March 2018

Circus Agora 2018. Jan Ketil's circus, Norway's second largest, has season opening in Straume on March 14th.

The performers in this year's performance are presented as follows (my translation):

Jan Kjetil. Our beloved circus director is always ready to welcome the audience to Circus Agora, and this year, like any other year, he has surprises on the nap. Rejoice!

Bianca Renz. Hula hoop. Everyone knows the traditional hoop. This lady rocks a little more hoops than most people. Bianca Renz comes from one of the large circuses in Switzerland to Norway and Circus Agora. Hula hoop is grace, pace and grace at its best.

Tony Garcia. From Spain, Agora receives visits by the world-class high speed juggler Tony Garcia. He has impressed tens of thousands of people in some of Europe's largest and most renowned circus and has received honours after honours at festivals, among critics and from the audiences.

Brad Garcia. Comic trampoline. On the trampoline, Brad shows acrobatic masterpieces combined with a good dose of humour. He is shot in the air and returns ... with a lovely and comical twist.

Miss Sandra. The princess of the air. High under the dome, Sandra Quaiser from Germany takes us on tense turns in a chandelier and in tissue. Elegantly and graciously, she takes the breath of the audience with her risky twists. It is not without reason that she is referred to as the princess of the air.

Irena. Foot juggler. World-class balance art. The world is turned upside down for our young promising juggler, where she uses her legs instead of her hands to juggle. Her technical skills are probably second to none in the world in this exciting and demanding discipline. Only Irena knows how it's feasible!

The knockabout table acrobats Duo Lagroni. These two knockabout acrobats works with pace and humour, when they make jumps that gets the even the saddest of us to giggle and to pull on a big smile. You get in a good mood when seeing this act.

Sandra Quaiser with her ponies. Meet our four-legged charmers Felix and Alex, presented by Sandra Quaiser.

Los Rivelinos. Award winning clowns. Rivelino clowns are award winning clowns from Spain. With live music and a lot of humour, they create laughter and joy in our circus ring.

Pedro. Agora's funny run-in clown.

Peter Taylor's dog show. Peter's best friends are the dogs Leon, Sky, Sammy, Blue and Zorro. Peter is a postman and the dogs are his assistants. Whatever Peter is trying to do, the playful dogs interrupt him and show us who's really the boss. An act with a lot of humour and a lot of charm!

The Danes saw Peter Taylor's dog show in the performances which Benny Schumann presented during the winter holiday in Elsinore City Centre. However, Peter Taylor has more dogs in the Agora show than in Elsinore.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 March 2018

Artist names at Circus Mascot. The 2 Polish artists, who participate in this year's performance, are Waldemar Solek and Pawel Dziki. They have two entrées: Trampoline and a comic acrobatics act.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 March 2018

Bonbon & Co. in Munich. The ongoing artists in the German Circus Krone’s February program in the circus building in Munich were the clowns Bonbon & Co. The Danes know Danish Bonbon (Lasse Nørager) and his Finnish wife Tiina from several seasons, first in Circus Benneweis and later in Circus Arena. But since 2009, you have not seen them in a Danish circus.

Thus, it was a great pleasure to see them at Krone in Munich. And now the couple's children, Julia at 20 and Joakim of 18, have joined their parents. They have run-ins with papa Lasse and mother Tiina and a number of fine run-ins of their own.

It is said that a photo says more than a thousand words. Therefore, you can below see a number of photos from Bonbon’s, Tiina’s, Julia’s and Joakim's entrées.

A happy reunion with 5 x Bonbon - it's the real Bonbon in the middle

Of course, we saw Bonbon and Tiina with their signature act: the one with the badminton match. Bonbon has told me that actually he isn’t a good badminton player...

Julia has hit the head into the stomach of her younger brother Joakim



Julia and the big balloon



How to control a big sister...

Bonbon and the heavy suitcase which a child can move …


In Circus Krone’s February program, Danes also met some other old acquaintances: the juggler Michael Ferreri, even better than when we saw him in Circus Arena in 2015 (he has just got a bronze clown in Monte Carlo) and Duo Garcia with their rocket, known by Danes from Circus Arena 2001 and Circus Dannebrog 2008 and 2014.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 March 2018

A small change in Circus Arena's program. Due to an injury, the Chinese slack wire acrobat Zang Fan has been forced to terminate his contract with Circus Arena. The Swedes saw his impressive act which is a bit similar to his countryman Cong Tians act in Circus Maximum 2014. The Danes knows Cong Tian from Circus Benneweis 2010 and the first part of the season 2015.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 March 2018

Circus Brazil Jack 2018. Circus Brazil Jack is today the largest circus in Sweden. There is season opening the Mill Square in Malmö, Sweden on Thursday, March 15th. The performers are:

Diabolo juggler Pierre Marchand

The Argentine clown Emiliano

The human cannonball Jody Bellucci

The Wolf brothers with brand new routines

Compania Havana from Cuba. Their main act is 6 artists in Chinese Pole.

Duo Bella - acrobatics hanging in the hair

Duo Capricorn from Cuba in aerial hoop

The performance is child-friendly and this year without animal acts

Circus Brazil Jack at the Mill Square in Malmö. Photo from 2016

Circus Brazil Jack presents the artists as follows (my translation):

Pierre Marchand: From the world famous Lido in Paris comes our diabolo artist. The diabolo originates from China, where it is considered as the world's second oldest toy, next to the ball. Pierre already fell in love with the art of circus when he was 7 years old. The following year he began at Anna Fratellini's circus school in Paris. Ten years later, he graduated and afterwards had an outstanding career all around the world.


Pierre Marchand, who many consider as the world's best diabolo juggler, was also with Brazil Jack in 2015. Last year he toured Denmark with Circus Arena

Emiliano: In the circus world you value what we call generation artists. Our clown's family has been working in circuses for 4 generations. Born in Argentina but with the world as a workplace, he gained star status in South America's largest Circus Tihany with his innovative clown gags yet still respecting the classic tradition. Now for the first time in Europe, we welcome this merrymaker.

Jody Bellucci: On a trip in southern Italy, our director Trolle Rhodin met a family circus that caught his interest. The circus which was rather primitive had a human cannonball. The flight was limited by the modest size of the tent, but Trolle saw the potential of the act. He thought that in a tent of our size this number could have been a sensation. Now after mathematical calculations and corrections of material, this daredevil will fill the airspace over Brazil Jack’s ring...

Wolf Brothers: With a solid background in the circus culture, 4 generations back bursting from the Wolf family’s own great circus, our 2 comedians are back. What they do not master in classical circus disciplines is not worth mentioning. Juggling, acrobatics, tight wire and magic but the desire to make people laugh eventually took over and led to the two characters that we met last season. Now they are back with completely new routines ready to gym your laughing muscles.

Wolff Brothers was also at Circus Brazil Jack in 2017. But this year they have brand new entrées. The Danes know them from Circus Arli 2011 and 2014

Compania Havana: This year, Circus Brazil Jack has chosen to extend their hands across the Atlantic and invite a cultural exchange with the Cuban Acrobatics Companion Havana. In their main act all 6 artists participate in an act with so-called Chinese poles. An ancient Chinese art form which has got a much more modern look. The artists who are aged from 21 to 26 come from the world of gymnastics, but this collective was formed due to a desire to appear for an audience.

Duo Bella: Isabella and Aylin do not belong to those who have pain in their hair. Even this act is taken from the ancient Chinese artistic culture, but is here turned to suit the taste of a modern audience. The secret lies in the method of binding one’s hair. Properly trained and with the hair properly bound the artist can hanging in the hair carry much more than her own body weight and also perform acrobatics at a high level. This is certainly not something you should try at home!

Duo Capricorn: Beauty grace and elegance high under the circus dome. Here we will once again see some of our Cuban acrobats in a classic circus act. There are many sorts of aerial acts. There are Roman rings, the trapeze, the double trapeze and many other tools. Yanaisi and Norelys appear in a so-called aerial hoop which gives the artist more varied opportunities to do their arts.

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2 March 2018

Circus Arli 2018. This year's performance is called "Long Live The Circus". Season opening will take place at Møllebakken (‘the Mill Hill”) in the Copenhagen suburb Floeng in the weekend 31 March / 1 April. From then and until the end of August Circus Arli will tour Zealand with Faxe Ladeplads as the southernmost point. The performers in the upcoming season are:

Sergei Populans, handstand on a special bike - from Latvia

In 2018 we can celebrate the 250th anniversary of the modern circus. For Circus Arli it is 48th season they are on the road. In their brand new 2018 program you can see handstand acrobatics in top class on this very special prop. All photos by courtesy of Circus Arli.

Jelena Vasiljeva, hula hoop in the air as well as tissue.

This year we will see hula hoop in a whole new way: in the air. From Latvia comes adorable Jelena Vasiljeva. She the wife of Sergei Populans

Vlad Olandar's trained cats

In Circus Arli they are very selective with the choice of animal acts. Animal welfare and the quality of the act must be on a high level. Therefore, they are proud to present Russian Vlad Olandar and his cats which is one of the best such act in the circus world. Vlad and the cats come directly from Cirque Bouglione in France. In 2009 and 2013 they toured Denmark with Cirkus Benneweis. In Sweden they have been with Circus Maximum (2008) and Circus Brazil Jack (2011).

Alexander and Francesco, - Chinese pole

In this year's performance, you can see French Francesco Fratellini and Danish Alexander Arli in a brand new act in Chinese pole

Sarah Florees in the fishing net

The Arlinis club juggling - Sarah, Francesco & Alexander.

The Arlinis - the name is a combination of Arli and Fratellini

Martin Arli, the magic circus director (50 years anniversary as magician)

Francesco Fratellini with new reprices

The clowns Martino & Co.

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2 March 2018

Circus Mascot 2018. The Deleuran family’s small circus opens the season in its hometown Roslev on 28 March. This year's performance is called "High Mood". As in recent years, Daniel Deleuran is ringmaster. It is also him who presents Circus Mascot’s ponies while his mother presents her lovely poodles as well as pigs and goats.

The versatile clown Gulio and his family are also an important part of the performance, just as they have been since 2003. Gulio himself is the overall figure of the performance. His son Husik performs with hoops and juggling and mom Tatyana does an aerial act. Two few male artists perform in trampolines and with comic acrobatics. Season 2018 lasts until September 23rd. During the 6 month season, Circus Mascot visits the whole country with the exception of Bornholm. The performance lasts 1 hour 45 hours incl. a break of approx. 15 min. In July, Circus Mascot will again this year be in Sommerland Zealand as free attractions for the visitors in the amusement park.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 February 2018

Judy Glosted as pop singer. From 2006 to 2008 and again from 2011 to 2014, Judy Glosted was singing ringmistress in Danish Circus Benneweis. For a few months last year she had the same job in the much smaller Circus Trapez. In the coming season she will be a singer in Danish dance band Fede Finn & Funny Boyz.

Judy Glosted in front of the Circus Trapez tent. In the coming season you can’t see her in circus, but on various Danish pop music stages.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 February 2018

Circus Arnado 2018. The large Norwegian Circus Arnardo has as the first circus in the Nordic region season opening on 10 March. In this year's performance you will meet Jennifer and Kelly Saabel with Siberian Huskies and Samojed dogs, the strongman Denis Ilchenko, Yvonne Lübben with pinto-colored ponies, Clown André (André Broger), Diana Boiachin in aerial ring and with soap bubbles, the African acrobats Kenya Boys, Duo Costache with perch and trapeze, the juggler Nandor Varadi and Are & Paolina Arnardo with illusions. Ares late grandfather, Arne Arnardo, the Circusking, is Norway's most famous magician throughout the ages and founder of Circus Arnardo.

The strongman Denis Ilscenko spent season 2017 with the Swedish Circus Brazil Jack.


Although internationally known, the Swiss clown André Broger only once had a tour with a Nordic circus: in 2003 with Circus Scott. The photos above are from the German Circus Charles Knie 2012. Both the entrée with the shark in the bath and the entrée where a clown mime to "Save my love" was invented by André Broger, but with more or less talent copied by a number of other clowns

Duo Costache has performed in Swedish Circus Brazil Jack as well as in Danish Circus Arena. Nandor Varado has performed in the Danish circuses Krone and Baldoni.

"I am convinced that this year's performance is in the very best Arnardo tradition. An adventurous and magical world where the audience meets the joy, fascination and excitement of the around two hours they are our guests. And we know how to take care of our guests,” director Arild Arnardo says. He has seen countless numbers of children and adults go into the circus tent with hopes in their eyes. They have opened their senses and given Arild and the artists the opportunity to fill them with sound, light, smell, excitement, fascination and not least laughter.

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22 February 2018

Baldoni’s Winter Circus had performances in week 8 in Ishøj Shopping Center in the southern part of greater Copenhagen. The school children in a number of municipalities south of Copenhagen have winter holidays in week 8. Thus, it was in week 8 that the Ishøj Shopping Center for the third consecutive year presented Baldoni's winter circus. All the approx. 35 minute long performances were extremely well-attended and undoubtedly attracted many visitors and customers to the shopping centre. True to tradition the performance was presented by René Baldoni and his lion Leonardo. All photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The first act in the performance was Rudy Janacek, who rolled into the ring on a large ball and then juggled.

His mother Maria did fine hula-hoop artistry

The Baldoni clowns - Danilo, Cindy and Eduard - got the laughing muscles started

11-year-old Kaya Janacek completed the performance with rola bola at level with what one see adult artists do. Click here to see more of Jacob Boas Leitissten's photos from the show.

Click here to watch a 4½ minute video shot by Ole Simonsen with iPhone.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 February 2018

Winter Circus 2018 produced by Isabella Enoch Sosman. Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance in Hobro Arena on February 18 at 3 p.m. and writes (my translation):

There were between 100 and 200 visitors. Among the artists in the performance were the Konyots clown trio. And it's been a long time since we've witnessed a White Clown together with two Augusts. Here she was a woman - not white-faced, but dressed in white. And in interaction with the two Augusts. And especially the elder August mastered the clown profession. He started the performance with the entrée where the music paper descends from the music stand until he tape it - with the unforeseen consequence that he tapes himself.

Isabella Enoch welcomed before Marian presented 6 mountain goats in fine routine where she showed the versatile skills these animals possess - agility and balance. A diabolo act then entered the ring where Duo Markewich juggled with diabolo props - among other things on high monocycle. Henry Fröchte then presented the classic plate spinning act before The Konyots appeared as musical clowns and played on trumpet (two!), clarinet, watches, harmonica, whistle, honk horn - and finally concert for a tube with funnel.

The second part of the performance was initiated with a puddle symphony, presented by Anton Tarbeev. The main trick was probably the dog standing on the forepaw in the hand of the trainer. David Enoch Sosman has grown thinner. It makes his juggling entrée better because he has acquired the springy steps of the juggler. He performed difficult tricks without any drops. What the most difficult in his versatile entrée is he only knows himself. But at last he bounced with 8 balls which seems to be extraordinarily difficult - at least it's spectacular.

David Enoch Sosman. Photo by courtesy of Isabella Enoch Sosman

An interlude with Katharina as a hula hoop artist was replaced by Henry Fröchte, alias the Indian Winnetou in his robust foot juggling entrée - assisted by his daughter Nathalie. The last act in the performance was a lasso and cowboy number, presented by Lilli Lasso.

And then it was all over. Isabella presented the 11 performers before audience left for the cold winter weather.

Isabella Enoch Sosman and her team

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17 February 2018

Circus Big in Slagelse. Among the winter holiday performances was Circus Big, who performed at the West Zealand Center in Slagelse. As the pictures below show, there were a lot of spectators when Mr. Big (Benjamin Breith), Clown Knud (Thomas Larsen) and Andreas Magic were on the stage. Shops and eateries in the centre undoubtedly enjoyed the occurrence of something that attracted visitors and thus also customers to the centre during the winter holidays.


 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 February 2018


Bertrand Crimet and Carmelo Cacciato. Photo by courtesy of Theatre Clavel

THEATRE CLAVEL is built in the style of an amphi-theater, sporting 120 seats, and a rather large stage, giving plenty of space for the artists to perform.

Both CARMELO and CRIMET are good actors, performing the different sketches in an attractive and pleasant way.

After an hilarious entrée, using a white handkerchief, taking different forms - this stunt is called  NAPKINS NONSENSE, a lot of public interaction follows, which all does involve the audience in all that is happening:

We saw paper-cutting, the classic MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR,  a vertical levitation, and a sequence where both CARMELO and CRIMET act behind and in a picture, hanging on the wall , difficult to describe but very funny  and vivid.

Some sublime effects may have got lost for the smaller fry / 6 - 10 years old/ - but all had a hilarious and pleasant afternoon, both kids and adults.

Carmelo Cacciato. Photo by courtesy of Theatre Clavel

Showtime:  60 min.

A sympathic, funny and appealing show - well worth seeing!!


Venue: THEATRE CLAVEL, 3 rue Clavel,  75019  Paris.  Metro:  Pyrénées.

See more:  www.theatre-clavel.com

.......................  reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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16 February 2018

Enoch's Circus Show 2018. Jacob Boas Leitisstein has seen the performance and writes (my translation):

Jimmy Enoch has been presenting Enoch's Circus Show for a number of years in the winter holiday at Rosengaard Shopping Center in Odense, and it has to be said that the circus show has become popular among the guests of the center. Long before the show start, all the ringside and tribune seats were occupied, and around the ring there were a lot of people standing up.

This year's edition of Enoch's Cirkus Show featured a number of acts that the Danish circus audience on Zealand probably will remember from the last two seasons in Circus Arli. The show started with a clown entrée with Francesco Fratellini, who had a camera with him in the ring. He was followed by Jimmy Enoch, who entered the ring on bike and did a few tricks before he welcomed.

Jimmy Enoch. All photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

Francesco Fratellini came back in the ring again - now with juggling and a one-wheeled bike. First juggling with balls and then on the mono-bike on which he with his foot was throwing cups and plates to top of his head.

Francesco Fratellini

Now there were animals in the ring - it was Gina Giovanni's dog show. A nice dog act with tricks as jump through hoops and skipping. The act ended with all Gina's dogs getting a roller-coaster ride.

After the dog act the clown Francesco came back - now with a baby and a pram. Next artist was Sarah Florees with a nice hula hoop show. Sarah combined both acrobatics and hula hoop.

Sarah Florees

The last act in the show was a fun and fast-paced knockabout table act with Alexander Arli and Francesco Fratellini. All in all, Jimmy Enoch once again presented a great winter show!

Alexander and Francesco, Click here to see more of Jacob Boas Leitisstein's photos from the show.

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14 February 2018

Circus Krone. Jorgen Lorenzen saw the performance in The Concert Hall in Aarhus on 13th of February at 14 and writes (my translation):

The hall was crowded - many children. The spirit became high while the clown Allando walked around and chatted with the children. And when he finally found a way to the ring there were beach balls everywhere. Of course, they had to get out of the ring before the show could get started, and Allando threw them to the audience - who returned them under deafening delight.

Allando small talks with the audience. Photo: Jørgen Diswal

The Krone Band, more precisely Marc and Frank Thierry played Krone’s signature tune before the former director Irene Thierry welcomed the audience using her usual ritual, which ends with the audience bowing for her. And then we were in Denmark's coziest circus. Later in the performance, she presented her successor to the executive chair, her son Frank Thierry.

The Janacek family from the Czech Republic masters 8 different acts. We saw some of them. Rudolf being 5 years old dressed in beautiful, tailored suit was "Kugelläufer", as it is called in German when artist balances on a large ball. He juggled with rings, balls, clubs cones and sword.

Rudolf Janacek. Photo: Jørgen Diswal

Then we went, or rather Allando went, on a picnic. But a mischievous pony disturbed him, and it would certainly not leave the ring willingly. Great enthusiasm and sympathy with the pony.

Allando and the mischievous pony. Photo: Jørgen Diswal

Eduard, the father of the Janecek family, performed with chair balance, dressed as Agent 007. 4 chairs in alternate positions with juggling in the top.

Eduard Janacek. Photo: Jørgen Diswal

Allando entered the ring with an animal of indeterminate nature. Even he was in doubt. Was there a duck, a lion, a dog, a seal or a sea lion? The children helped him with well-intentioned shouts and it was agreed that it was a sea lion. But then a mischievous penguin appeared. Here too, Allando’s zoological knowledge failed. Was it a quack-quack, a dinosaur, an ant, a toad scratch or a pingeling? Together with the children, the animal was determined as a penguin, which, however, showed a behavior so that one could be misled to believe that there was a human behind the ham, which actually was the case.

Kaya (= Karel) being 11 years old was a competent rola bola acrobat. He was used 3 and 4 cylinders, and he also mastered the trick in which the artist, standing on his board at the top of the rollers, maneuvers his body through two rings.

Kaya Janacek. Photo: Jørgen Diswal

And then there was a finale. Irene Thierry is now no longer the director, but employed and certainly not ready for retirement! And we are excited about what the new director has for ideas when Circus Krone starts the season something in the spring.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

13 February 2018

Circus Mascot. Jorgen Lorenzen saw the performance in the Herning Shopping Center Monday, February 12th. pm. 14 and writes (my translation):

Daniel Deleuran welcomed. The clown Gulio disturbed before Daniel showed Gulio some magic tricks of which a couple was easily seen through by the kids. Which also was the intention. Husik then presented his beautiful juggling act with "overgrown" rings before Gulio provoked laughter with a kidding and rubbish clothes dog. But soon the real dogs came in the ring when Marianne filled the ring with her pets - in a symphony of dog tricks.

Husik and the hoops. Photo from an earlier performance

Gulio and Julia performed a sketch with a mechanical doll. The same as you could see last summer in Mascot's tent. But the number was further developed so it became more poetic and lively. The new was that Julia's mimic had been refined, so her face radiated many emotions - far more than in the tent. The entire emotional registry from irritation and amazement to banter and fun.

Gulio and Julia. Photo from an earlier performance

Circus is a nice feature in some of the major shopping malls programs during the winter holidays. Large centers may actually seem a little sterile and hurried with the many flagged and glass facades and busy people on shopping. But it is obvious that the shopping centers are trying to add an aesthetic and cultural dimension: green oases and decorations - and also circuses. In the long term, one can hope that there will be space for circus and street performers in the pedestrianized streets - in the centers and in the city streets. There must be opportunities for popular art here. And the shop owners will make the experience that street performers, acrobats and street singers doesn’t hinder the sale - on the contrary, they reinforce it because they contribute a nice and relaxed atmosphere and provide space for imagination and amazement.

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13 February 2018

Circusland in Slagelse - Winter Holiday 2018. Jacob Boas Leitisstein writes (my translation):

Again this year, Circusland in Slagelse has been open during the winter holiday. This winter holiday was the last chance to experience the theme "The Wild West" in the circus park. In the summer of 2018, Cowboys and Indians will be replaced by pirates.

In addition to the amusements at the playground, circus school, pony rides and the circus museum, there is still greatest focus on live entertainment in the form of various shows. The first show on the program was the Western show, which during the winter holidays presented by Texas Jack.

Texas Jack. All photos: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The first act in the show was a dog act with Stephanie Berdino. She was followed by fun with the clown Christian Folco and the whip-cracking Texas Jack. Then Charmaine Berdino came in the ring with her two beautiful horses. The last two acts in the Western show were revolver juggling with Texas Jack and a pony show presented by Daniel Koscik and Timm Delbosq.

Charmaine Berdino with one of her beautiful horses

After the western show, it was time to meet Arena’s own sea lions Luna, Sally and Oscar. During the first part of the sea lion, Stephanie Berdino told a little about how sea lion training takes place in Circusland. Afterwards, the sea lions did a nice show with tricks both on the dry and in the water.

After lunch there was a children's show on the small stage in the playground. Chief Talking Waterfall presented Texas Jack, who did a magic show. In the children's show you also got a little taste on the summer's pirate theme - it was a pirate show with the parrot Gøje.

Circus Landino was now ready for a new, beautiful circus performance, presented by Charmaine and Patrick Berdino. The first act of the show was Laura Berdino with a beautiful liberty act with a total of eight horses.

Laura Berdino

The clown Christian Folco, who also was part of Landino’s performance during the autumn holiday, had a couple of new entrées. The first gag was one where one from the audience is invited to the assist in a springboard act that does not end as expected.

Christian Folco

The next act was an illusion act with Duo Biasini, followed by Daniel Koscik with Indian ducks. Christian Folco now entered the ring with a very "dangerous" animal that ended up flipping his clothes J Then Patrick Berdino and his cousin Oliver Berdino made a nice and fast-paced juggling and knockabout table act.

Patrick and Oliver Berdino

The circus performance was completed with lots of circus animals presented by Timm Delbosq - there were both dromedaries, zebras, llamas and a pony.

Click here to see more photos from Circusland

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13 February 2018

Magic at the Circus Museum. The circus museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, presented during week 7 a 45-minute show with one of Denmark's most internationally renowned magicians and illusionists, Kim Kenneth. He and his two assistants presented also tricks which they never before have presented in Denmark.

There was a booked up at the performances

Kim started juggling and conjuring with cards, while telling him that he, with his father as teacher as a kid started with doing magic tricks with cards. Later, however, he wanted to do magic tricks with women J - and then he had to change the cards with illusion acts!


The trick where Kim puts fire on the prop and conjure up his girlfriend Jessica. In addition to this act we saw the illusion in which Jessica is locked into a box which immediately after appears to be empty. Afterwards, it appears to contain both Jessica and an additional assistant Henrika. We also saw the illusion where Jessica is squashed in a box.

The show also offered mind reading. A couple of randomly selected spectators should tell in which town they wanted to see a circus, what the tickets would cost, how they got to the circus lot, , what they bought in the kiosk and what the first act in the performance was. The answers Kim Kenneth wrote on a flip-over. Then Line Vittrup hoisted down a small box down from the ceiling, containing a roll that turned out to contain a paper with the exact answers Kim had written on his flip-over!


Jessica also presented her own act: elegant sword balance. Due to the fire regulations, however, without her final trick, where she balances swords over a burning ladder.

The final trick in the performance was a nice and original version of the number called the substitution trunk. Click here to see more photos from the show.

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12 February 2018

It is a longstanding tradition that Benny Schumann presents a performance in Elsinore City Center during the winter holiday. It is also a tradition that he 10-15 minutes before the show begins inviting some children in the ring. All photos: Ole Simonsen

Among the performers in Benny's performance was his niece Laura’s husband Luis Torres who years ago was partner for the famous clown Bello Nock. At Benny’s performance he did pole acrobatics.

Benny Schumann's 2018 performance also featured Peter Taylor's comic dog show. Benny himself appeared among other things with magic and as ventriloquist. - The Photographer Per "Mr. Sputnik" Krogh Petersen has also visited the performance. Click here to see his photos.

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10 February 2018

The Swedish Circus Brazil Jack, which this year is the largest touring Sweden, opens the season at the Mill Square in Malmo Thursday 15 March. They stay in Malmo until Sunday, March 18th. Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg, and the sixth largest city in Scandinavia, with a population of above 300,000. There is a tunnel/bridge connecting Malmö with Copenhagen, Denmark.

This year's performance offers artists and clowns, but not on animal acts. Amongst the artist are the outstanding diabolo juggler Pierre Marchand.

The Danes met Pierre Marchand in the Circus Arena in 2017. The Swedish circus audience remember him from Circus Brazil Jack in 2015. No doubt that the Swedish audience is looking forward to seeing this superstar again. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The second Swedish circus, Circus Olympia, will open the season on Saturday, March 24, in Oskarström.

Norway's largest circus, Circus Arnardo, has the premiere on March 10 in Arendal.

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9 February 2018

Addition to overviev of circuses during the winter holidays. A show at Funen which wasn’t mentioned in my overview dated February 2:

Enoch's Circus Show is produced by Jimmy Enoch and can be seen in Rosengaard Shopping Center in Odense from Monday 12th February to Saturday 17th February. You will meet clowns, acrobats, bike show and animal acts. Free admission.

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8 February 2018

Book Review: Dick H. Vrieling: The Best of Best - The Unique Circus Collection of Jaap Best. Publishing Special Collections (Amsterdam University). Softcover, 48 pages, 21 x 21 cm. Many illustrations in colour. Reviewed by Ole Simonsen

There are many collectors, but far less valuable collections. And many collectors overestimate the value of their own collection. But it happens that a collector has a really valuable collection. One example is Danish Ølund Barly, whose unique collection today is an important part of the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

In Holland, one of the most important collectors was Jaap Best (1912-2002). From 1947 to 1961, he worked as a secretary for a number of major circuses. At his death, he left about 9,000 posters and 7,000 photographs, which have since been photographed and digitized and made available on the website www.circusmuseum.nl The site is currently under reconstruction and will be expanded with some other circus collections.

Dutch circus historian Dick H. Vrieling tells in the book about Jaap Best’s life and about his unique collection, which just has been transferred to the Amsterdam University’s Department for Special Collections. The book is well written, highly presentable and richly illustrated, and includes presentation of some circuses that have been touring Holland. It is available in both English and Dutch. The price is very reasonable; 14.95 Euro + shipping. The book can be purchased at https://bijzonderecollecties.hexspoorwms.nl/NL/webshop/museumwinkel

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4 February 2018

In my overview about circuses during the winter holidays dated February 2 I wrote that the clowns in Isabella Enoch Sosman's Winter Circus, the Hungarian The Konyots, not

previously had performed Scandinavia. English John Cooper has corrected me. They were in Norway in 1999 where David Konyot and his wife Ansca together with a third partner toured with Circus Arnardo.

The couple's daughter, Lilli, was born then, but too young to be involved in the performance.

Thus, it was wrong when I wrote that the clown trio never before had worked in Scandinavia. I should have written that "Singing Lilli Lasso, turning and throwing ropes in all sizes and directions" not previously has appeared in a Scandinavian circus ring. .

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4 February 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS   -- but certainly also in   DUBAI - where we during the BIG DUBAI SHOPPING FESTIVAL can see marvelous acts in the various SHOPPING MALLS.

Management:  DREAMMASTER.

This year I have chosen to highlight some unique performances that combine physical prowess and musical talent, and all that in a wonderful decoration and becoming costumes.

ELECTRIKA STRING QAURTET are 4 female musicians, who play baroque music, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 violoncello, they are dressed in costumes from that time, including artful wigs. They walk around playing among the potential shoppers, a great moment for those who never saw anything like that. It is a unique visual and musical show -  NEVER SEEN HERE BEFORE.

ELECTRIKA STRING QUARTET. By courtesy of Dreammaster. Photographer ADRIAN CHITIC.

SUPER DRUMMERS are 8 musicians who display lots of energy and rhythm, they feature an outstanding show, also musical and visual, as they follow a carefully studied choreography, dressed in colorful costumes with matching hats, and they get big success with the shoppers and showing that much talent, it is evident that they were shortlisted at ARAB GOT TALENT.


Super Drumners. Photographer Marcela Bello.

See: www.dreammasterme.com

In the GLOBAL VILLAGE, a large fun fair, you can meet market sellers and traders from the whole world, the classic fun fair attractions, ethnic restaurants and wonderful shows on several outdoor stages. It was impossible for me to get details this year.

See: www.globalvillage.com


.........................  reported by   ZARRO ZARRO.

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2 February 2018

Circus during the winter holidays. School children in Denmark have winter holidays either in week 7 or in week 8. Whether it is in week 7 or 8 is different from municipality to municipality.

As previous years you can in several shopping malls etc. in Denmark see circus performances etc. during the winter holidays. Here is a summary of what you can see this year:

In Copenhagen and on Zealand

The circus museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen

From 12 to 16 February you can every day at 11 see a show with the famous Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth. He will be assisted by Jessica Caveagna who also does sword balancing.

At the Circus Museum you can meet the magician Kim Kenneth and his girlfriend Jessica, who does sword balancing.

Benny Schuman's winter holiday performances in Elsinore City Center

Benny Schumann present from 12th to 18th February a winter holiday performances in Elsinore. Benny celebrates 250 Years of Circus by telling the story between the different acts. In addition to Benny you will meet Luis Schumann-Torres with pole acrobatics and Peter Taylor (Peter Taylor Balder) with his comic dog show. Free admission.

Circusland in Aarslev by Slagelse

From the 19th to the 18th of February there is open every day from 10 to 16. In a press release Circusland writes (my translation):

The winter holiday is the last option if you want to see all the best of the Wild West in Circusland as the summer's theme will be brand new.

Talk to Chief Talking Waterfall, try out gold mining, archery and pony riding in our big playground. All activities and shows are free when the entrance fee is paid. See Circus Arena’s sea lions, zebras and other animals inside and outside the ring and have a look into a real circus camping. Get stuck on the prairie, train circus skills with our artists or go for a walk on the water in our waterballs.

Circusland offers a western show with Texas Jack, here seen together with Chief Talking Waterfall, sea lion show as well as performance and circus school in Circus Landino.

Baldoni's winter circus in Ishøj City Center

From 19th to 24th: Ishøj City Center (Shopping mall in Copenhagen suburb). The performers are in addition to René Moenster Baldoni the clowns Danilo and Cindy as well as the Janacek family from the Czech Republic: The 11-year-old Kaya with rola bola, Maria with hula hoop, and Eddie as part in the clown act. Free admission.

Kaya Janacek was also part of in Baldoni's Christmas circus

In Jutland

Isabella Enoch's Winter Circus.

From 9th to 18th February, Isabella Enoch presents winter circus in a number of Jutland arenas.

The program is

Isabella Enoch welcomes

Gentle goats from the Alps presented by Marian

Beautiful Kathrina from Hungary with hula hoop

Diabolo with Duo Markawich

World-class juggling David Enoch Sosman

Henry Fröchte from Germany foot juggler

The clown trio The Konyots from Hungary

The namesakes David and David. Magic as if they were twins.

Dancing plates presented by Henry and Nathalie.

Dog act presented by Anton Tarbeev from Russia

Singing Lilli Lasso, turns and throws ropes in all sizes and directions.

The Zealand circus audience knows Katarina Markawich and Anton Tarbeev from Circus Arli 2013 and Circus Baldoni 2015. The photo picture is from Circus Arli 2013

Henry Fröchte performed for several seasons in Circus Dannebrog under his artist name Winnetou. Together with Katja Enoch, with whom he was married for a while, he has the daughter Nathalie.

The Konyot family is a well-known Hungarian artist family. David Konyot worked for several years as a white clown together with Toni Alexis. As far as I know, The Konyots have not previously worked in Scandinavia.

Circus Krone in Aarhus Concert Hall

From 11th to 19th of February Circus Krone present winter circus in Aarhus Concert Hall.

In the press release, Circus Krone writes (My translation):

Circus Krone & Aarhus Concert Hall present the International Winter Circus 2018

Cirkus Krone and Musikhuset have over the years created a tradition for winter circus in the winter holidays. The music hall's small stage creates the perfect setting for a warm, present and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

NEW! In 2018, there will be a generational change in Circus Krone as Frank Thierry has become managing director. However, this does not mean that former circus director Irene Thierry not will be in the ring this year, just because she has withdrawn from the management of Circus Krone. But the generational change will mean that Cirkus Krone hopefully will continue for many years.

This year we can proudly present acts from the very young generation in cooperation the Czech Janecek family. 11 year old Karel (Kaya) and his family have chosen this year to spend their winter holiday in Denmark with us in Circus Krone. Karel makes a very nice rola bola act on level with what adults can do. Together with him come his smaller brother Rudolf and his father Eduard. Rudolf makes a nice juggling act on the rolling globe. Eduard comes with a slightly different handstand act, where the props consist of kitchen chairs. Mama Maria makes sure that all the boys get their props.

Jan Allan is the clown Allando - in all modesty Denmark's undisputed, best clown! Allando is working with his best friend Pingo this year. With the two together in the ring a lot of things can happen!

Of course, the small ponies are also in the Music Hall. They might tease Allando!.

The circus music is provided by Marc and Frank Thierry, and in Krone's circus café the girls make sure the foyer smells of popcorn!

Irene Thierry is ringmistress and guides as always the audience safely through the performance.

Come and see a very versatile, funny, exciting, dangerous and traditional circus performance for the whole family. Circus delivered as always with the heart

Circus Mascot

Cirkus Mascot visits the Herning Center in week 7 and Aalborg Storcenter in week 8. Free admission.

The performers are members of the Deleuran family as well as the clown Ulmas / Gulio and his family: Mrs. Tatyana and the children Husik and Juliya.

Gulio with the living doll, here his wife Tatyana.

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1 February 2018

Konstantin Mouraviev to Zirkus Nemo. Soren Ostergaard has expanded the artist group in the coming season to include the raving Russian rhonrad acrobat Konstantin Mouraviev, also known as The Fat Man.

The first time the Danes met Konstantin Mouraviev at Arena in 2001, where he presented a classical act in rhonrad. The comic version with the man on slimming the Danes first time met in 2004 at the Clown festival at Bakken and in Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Variety. In 2010 he was back at Arena and in 2012 at Bakken and with Soren Ostergaard, this time in Zirkus Nemo. Press photo from Zirkus Nemo, shot in 2009, where Konstantin was in Monte Carlo.

In addition to Soren Ostergaard’s own comedy figures Zirkus Nemo will in 2018 present the French-Cuban Duo Solys, the hula hoop star Geraldine Philadelphia, the world's fastest juggler Mario Berousek, Konstantin Mouraviev and Cabaret Deca Dance with their sexy puppets for adults.

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31 January 2018

No animal acts in Circus Brazil Jack in 2018. On the Swedish Animal's Right Website you can read (my translation):

In a historical decision, Circus Brazil Jack, Sweden's oldest circus, announces that they stop using animals in their performances.

This year, circus art in Sweden celebrates 250 years and circuses are still something that engages and touches. But what does the circus of the future look like?

The animal's right attitude to the question has always been that circus is fun, but not for the animals. Since early autumn we have had a dialogue with Circus Brazil Jack, who now takes the historic decision to become completely free of animals in their 2018 season!

- Circus Brazil Jack is Sweden's oldest circus and we have always adapted to the time. Stop having animal acts is something we've been thinking of for a long time, and we have phased out the animals for several years now to become completely animal-free,” says Trolle Rhodin, Circus Director at Brazil Jack.

To the Swedish newspaper Expressen, the 29-year-old Trolle Rhodin explains the decision as follows:

We adapt and give the audience what they want ... Brazil Jack was an animal circus in the 1940's and 1950’s and had a lot of animals but we are adapting to present time. It is important to follow developments. For us, the circus is an art form …

Circus Brazil Jack 2016. In the foreground Rosi Hochegger's large dog pen. But such a thing is history: in the coming season you will not see stables or pens because there are no animals in the Brazil Jack performance

In Germany, Circus Roncalli has previously taken the same decision as Brazil Jack. In Switzerland, neither Circus Salto Natale, Církus Conelly, Cirkus Monti nor Cirkus Starlight have animals in their performances. And German Circus Flic Flac has never had any animals in their performances.

The last few years, Swedish circuses have in many cities had demonstrators outside the tent who have tried to tell the visitors that the circus ill-treats their animals. The demonstrators have usually rejected dialogue with persons of another opinion, just as they have rejected by self-esteem to see how the animals have it.

Circus Brazil Jack's decision is about season 2018. And they have not made a "deal" with the Animal's Right-people. But the Animal's Right organization praises them for the decision they have made about the forthcoming season.

For the last couple of years, Brazil Jack has had only a few animals in the show: in 2017 horses, presented by the Donnert family, and in 2016 dogs and a horse presented by Rosi Hochegger.

As far as we know, the other Swedish circus, Circus Olympia, will as usual have animals in their performance. However, neither elephants nor sea lions, who never have been part of an Olympia performances. But horses, dogs and camels, which have always been an important part of the Bengtsson family’s performances. Apart from the very small circuses, Brazil Jack and Olympia will be the only circuses in Sweden this year.

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19 January 2018

Lotte Arli turns 75 on 30 January. When Lotte in 1957 met a young and handsome painter’s apprentice Soren Arli Hansen both Lotte and Soren fall in love. They became a couple and Soren who a few years earlier have had his debut as an artist at the variety theatre Alhambra at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen persuaded Lotte to try her luck not at a painters wife but as an artist wife and assistant. They created a comical juggling act called Lott and Arli. Furthermore Soren performed as whiteface clown and Lotte did thought reading using the artist name Madame Zarina. With acts like those Soren and Lotte toured with circuses among those the Danish circuses Moreno and Arena.

Lotte Arli. Photo Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

As many artists Lotte and Soren Arli had a dream about establishing his own circus. Not the largest circus in the world but a small show with good atmosphere and close contact to the audience. In 1971 their dream came through when they opened Circus Arli in a tiny 1-pool big top they had made themselves. The staff consisted of Soren, Lotte and their son Martin. The first two seasons was spent in Jutland Mini Zoo in Haustrup. Since 1973 Circus Arli has toured Zealand with a two pole tent with a seating capacity of 220 people with family-friendly performances and performers from the Ali family assisted by a few foreign artists, which is always of good quality. The small circus quickly gained success and has maintained the concept that it must be small, but good.

After Søren Arli passed away in 2011, Lotte Arli continued the operation of the small circus cooperation with her son and daughter-in-law Martin and Bettina Arli, who today are the owners of the circus.

As in many circus families Lotte take care of the ticket office. And many friends of Circus Arli believe that an Arli-performance will be quite wrong if they haven’t bought their tickets from Lotte. Today, however, there are more and more who buy the tickets over the internet. It is nice for Lotte, because the work in the box office isn’t as stressed as in old days with long queues. Despite turning 80 Lotte will not stop to take care of the ticket office. As her son Martin says, "Mom are allowed to retire as long as she still take care of her duties!”

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16 January 2018

No Circus Maximum in 2018. For some time rumours has told that the large Swedish Cirkus Maximum wouldn’t tour in 2018. Now they rumours are confirmed: Sweden's largest circus, Cirkus Maximum will not tour this year. The owner Bengt Källquist chooses to take a break and "charge the batteries" and find a new concept for how he wants to run his circus.

Click here to see a video clip where he tells about his decision and the background for it. (Language: Swedish). There are also clips from some of his performances.

Bengt Källquist (born 1958) started his circus in 1983 under the name of Circus Minimum and with a tent that seated 400 persons. His circus grew and changed its name to Circus Maximum. In his last tent there was room for 1,400 spectators. He always presented an international performance of high quality, often with the same artists which the Danes met in Circus Benneweis and the Norwegians in Circus Merano.

Cirkus Maximum is the fifth major Scandinavian circus which in the recent years has stopped or decided to take a break. Norwegian Circus Merano stopped after season 2014. Danish Circus Benneweis after season 2015. Danish Circus Dannebrog and Swedish Circus Scott after season 2016.

Apart from some very small circuses, the only circuses in Sweden in the coming season will be Circus Brazil Jack and Circus Olympia.

Proposal for a ban against elephants and sea lions are pending in the Swedish Parliament. Strange as no cicus in Sweden has presented elephants or sea lions in their performances since 2013 and none of the circuses have plans to start presenting such animals again …

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16 January 2018

Danes in Budapest. The 12th International Circus Festival in Budapest was held from 8th to 14th of January. The artistic level was extremely high and clearly better than in 2016. There were no Danish artists in the performances, but many Danish visitors including 18 on a tour organized by Briano's Circus Travel. The photo shows some of Briano's guests. There were also several Danes who had travelled to Budapest on their own.

From left: Bent Soelberg (former stable master for Circus Arena), Jørgen Lorenzen (circus historian), Cindy Binau Nielsen (clown’s assistant in Circus Baldoni), Sonja Soelberg (former trapeze artist), Britta Thanning Olsen (circus fan), Kim Thanning Olsen (circus fan), Irene Thierry (former owner of Danish Circus Krone), Daniel Dimitrijevic ("Danilo", clown in Circus Baldoni), Camilla Frimann (Circus Baldoni), Ole S. Hansen (almost hidden), Frank Thierry (new owner of Danish Circus Krone), René Moenster Baldoni (owner of Circus Baldoni), Marc Thierry Deleuran (almost hidden), Lasse Nørager aka the well-known clown Bonbon, Briano Behrendt and Julia Myllykangas (artist, daughter of Lasse Nørager)

All the performances of the festival were initiated by Florian Richter and his son Kevin with a horse act: first, elegant high school riding and then the Courier with 20 horses! The most beautiful and impressive horse act I have seen since Schumann stopped in the Copenhagen Circus building in 1969. Click here to see a photo and video clip from the act.


Florian and Kevin Richter presented an outstanding horse act. They did not participate in the competition for prizes.

There were two opening acts that did not participate in the competition. In addition to Richters, the Hungarian Rippel Bros., who appeared on a platform hanging from the circus doom, assisted by trainees from The Rippel Bros. Academy.

The Nomuna Troupe and Chinese National Acrobat Troupe won the Gold Award. A Silver Award was awarded to Andrejs Fjodorovs, Duo Funcoholics, as well as the Without Socks clown trio. Stanislav Vysotskyi, the Vodyanik Group, Duo Solys, as well as Adam Fehér and Benjamin Kassai received Bronze Award.


The Gold award winners Chinese National Acrobat Troupe pretended two acts: one where they juggled with umbrellas and one with diabolos. The act with umbrellas was initiated by the artists forming a human lotus flower

There was also gold for the Nomuna troupe from Mongolia. They presented two acts: springboard and hand voltige

Lord of the pigeons Andrejs Fjodorvs from Latvia started his international career with Einar Trie in the small Danish Circus Charlie. He got his breakthrough at Danish Circus Arli in 2008, where foreign circus directors saw him and spotted his unique talent. In 2015 he was with the Swedish Circus Maximum. The silver medal in Budapest is his most outstanding distinction so far. A participation in the Monte Carlo festival a few years ago "only" got him a special award.

Victoria and Konstantin from Duo Funcolics presented an outstanding act in pole. They come from Russia. They were awarded a silver medal.


It's rare for clowns to end up with one of the finest awards. But this happened this year when the 3 young Russians who call themselves Without Socks got a well-deserved silver medal. They have four nice and completely original entrées: In the first, a camera with self-timer did not perform as expected. In the next they had fun with a floor that played music when they stepped on it. In the third two of the clowns were mosquitoes in battle with the third clown. Their fourth and last entre was a modern musical entrée.

There was bronze to Stanislav Vysotskyi, who uses the ankle and the shin while juggling (not shown in photo) - something I have never seen before.

There was bronze to the Vodyanik troupe from Russia for an unusual and spectacular aerial act.


The French-Cuban handstand / hand-to-hand duo Duo Solys, who the Danes met in Zirkus Nemo in 2016, got a well-earned bronze medal at the circus festival in Budapest. The Danes can look forward to see Duo Solys once again in the forthcoming Nemo performance.

Adam & Benjamin come from Hungary. They got a bronze medal for their act in pole.

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14 January 2018

Norwegian Circus Minimax stops. Director Carl-André Hjelvik from the tiny Norwegian Circus Minimax has decided to stop. He writes (my translation):

Circus Minimax shuts down. Unfortunately, we have so far decided to shut down our minicircus. The reason is increasing costs and other things which make running of a circus more and more difficult. We wish to thank everyone who has supported us during our five seasons! It has given us a lot of pleasure these years, but also a lot of struggle to get on the roads. We also thank all the artists who have been through us. And we will miss our amazing audience! We may come back again sometime in the future.

Circus Minimax 2016. The staff was Carl-André Hjelvik, the clown Don Carlos, the box office manager Ingrid Lone and the juggler Oliver Berdino.

Only circuses in Norway this year will be the large Circus Arnardo and the medium-sized Circus Agora.

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9 January 2018

Marianne Deleuran in the Danish version of Got Talent. The popular TV show starts a new season and sends the first broadcast on January 20th at 20:00 on TV2. Circus director Marianne Deleuran and the poodle Bobby, both from the Circus Mascot, are ready for audition.

Marianne Deleuran and Bobby ready for audition. Photo: Circus Mascot

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5 January 2018

Danish circuses in 2018. Here is an overview in alphabetical order of the circuses that will tour Denmark in 2018, as well as a list of performers in each circus. Many of the artist names have previously been mentioned on this website

Cirkus Arena: Season opening in CopenhagenBellahoj’ on March 28th. The performance is presented by Patrick Berdino and the rapper Clemens. The performing artists Laszlo Simet and his astronauts with their Giant Semaphore, the trapeze acrobat Alexander Lichner, the juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, Pat Harrison and his hot dogs, Laura Berdino with Arab stallion, the foot juggler Jan Navratil, Zhang Fan on slack wire, Charmaine Berdino with Spanish horses, the clown Jimmy Folco clown, Rudi Althoff with Circus Arenas elephants, Trio Angelis with Russian bar and artists from the Bingo Troupe.

Cirkus Arli: Season opening on 1 April in Flong (Copenhagen suburb). Among the performers are apart from members of the Arli family, Francesco Fratellini and Sarah Florees, both with other acts than in 2016 and 2017. Additional artist names are not yet published.

Martino & Co. Photo from 2017

Cirkus Baldoni: Season opening mid-March in Lyngby (Copenhagen suburb). In addition to the owner René Moenster Baldoni and the clown Danilo and his girlfriend Cindy, the performers are the illusionist Kim Kenneth, Jessica Caveagna with sword balance, the acrobats Mombasa Boys (with other acts than in 2017), Kaya Janacek with rola bola, the knock-about acrobat Freddi Steckel and the musical clown Eddie Janacek.

René Moenster Baldoni and the lion Leonardo is an indispensable feature of Baldoni's performances. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Circus Krone: Premier Date not yet published. Apart from Irene Thierry and the clown Allando, the names of performers are not yet published.

In Danish Circus Krone you can meet the lovable clown Allando

Circus Mascot: Season opening on March 28 in Roslev. Apart from members of the Deluran family and the clown Gulio and his family, the names of the performing artists are not yet published.

Marianne Deleuran and her dogs is an indispensable feature in a Mascot performance

Zirkus Nemo: Season opening on April 18th in Horsens. In the performance you will meet the comedian Soren Ostergaard, the hand-to-hand duo Duo Solys, the hula hoop star Geraldine Philadelphia, the super juggler Mario Berousek and Cabaret Decadanse with their sexy puppets for adults.

Duo Solys is back at Nemo after a season with the Swedish Circus Maximum

Circus Trapez: Premier Date not yet published. In the performance you will meet three members of the Chaves family: the clown Angelo Chaves, the aerial artist Erica Chaves and the rola bola acrobat Kevin Chaves. In addition, the foot juggler Nathalie Enoch is part of the performance. Furthermore, Bernhard Kaselowsky present his elephant Ramboline as well as with Friesian horses, ponies and donkeys. Band under the direction of Tino Aaby. The performance is presented by the singing ringmisstres Mathilde Gormsen.

Circus Trapez and Circus Arena are the only two circuses in the Nordic region that still have elephants in the performance. At Arena there is three elephants, at Trapez one, which here is seen here with its owner Bernhard Kaselowsky,

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

2 January 2018

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS -- cirque PINDER proudly presents a nice family program, geared at the family audience, including all that they might wish to see.

RINGMASTER, in FRANCE called MR LOYAL, guides the spectators thru the performance.

SOPHIE EDELSTEIN has acted as a stagesetter, thus put her competent fingerprints on this production, but we would have liked to see her big illusions show, backed up by 5 acrobatic dancers. We also missed PINDER’S elephants...

SANDRO MONTEZ features with maestria 6 Siberian camels, 6 donkeys, 2 zebras, 3 beautiful horses and - later in the program - he treats us to a sympathetic number where 6 dogs playfully perform tricks that come natural to them.

SANDRO MONTEZ © Cirque Pinder

ZDENEK POLACH is an excellent tempo-juggler, mastering up to 7 balls - great!

Zdenek Polach © Cirque Pinder

SWING URBANO /ERI and CARLOS/ feature breath-taking acrobatics on Chinese mast/pole.

Swing Urbano © Cirque Pinder

FREDERIC EDELSTEIN performs with his 12 lions, 2 males, and 10 females -- all white, beautiful and willing to play, he is sure and kind towards his lions, and they surely like him.

When the big circular cage is being taken down, we saw VALERIY on vertical rope, an act otherwise performed by female acrobats.

Frederic Edelstein © Cirque Pinder

CLOWNS RAMPINS present the well-known classic sketch "LITTLE BEE, GIVE ME HONEY” against a backdrop that is appealing and in good taste.

Clowns Rampins © Cirque Pinder

TROUPE HABANA is - to my mind - the highlight of the show - performing  salts on bar - at a height where  flying trapeze perform -- then stunt on the  RUSSIAN SWING , where these Cuban acrobats take off - only to land on a thick "mattress" or on top of a perch pole

I very much liked the only female acrobat's stunts!!

Cirque Pinder is in Paris until 21 January

Cirque Pinder use a very large tent seating 5,000. The current tent is from 2017. Unlike the German Circus Krone, which has an oval tent, Pinder has a round tent, which means that it is quite a distance from the backmost row to the ring. Probably this is the reason for the large TV-screens that are positioned around the ring, thus making it possible to see all that is going on in the very ring.


See more: www.cirquepinder.com - in French, a google translation might help out.

Venue: PELOUSE DE REUILLY, Metro: Porte Doree, 75012 Paris.

..............................   reported by  ZARRO ZARRO.

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1 January 2018.

This website had 34.500 visitors in 2017. The news section and the tour list (“What’s on) are usually updated every Saturday. Apart from news and tour list the website has pages with facts about Danish circuses, Danish circus families etc. Links to those pages can be found at the bottom of the opening page

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1 January 2018

The circus year 2017 in review

The circus year in review is an annual review published on this website by the end of each year. You can find link to the previous year's reviews at the bottom of the circus news page.


It is not easy to run a circus. The cost of live entertainment such as the circus and theatre is high. Due to this ticket prices cannot compete with the cost of a ticket to a cinema. Many adults, unfortunately, believe that visit with their kids to a circus should be much cheaper than when mom and dad are going to a concert or in the theater.

At the same time, the increasing bureaucratization makes it hard to run a circus. There are rules that give both industry and municipalities a number of useless but time-consuming tasks. For example, it's hard to understand why a circus which wants to visit several lots in a municipality must submit an application for each lot and can’t do it in a single application. It triggers more work for both circus and municipality. Another example is the rules for putting up and removing posters. They differ from municipality to municipality. And interpreted far from as liberal as when it comes to politicians' election posters. Certain municipalities are also greedy when it comes to cost of renting a lot. Fortunately, there are also municipalities that are happy for circus visits and make a lot available free if charges.

Neither Cirkus Benneweis nor Cirkus Dannebrog toured in 2017. The rest of the Danish circus had a regular tour and most report better visits than in 2016.

As usual, the quality of the performances in the Danish circus was good and the audience well pleased with what they saw.

For the ninth year in row the Danish circuses got competition from DR television’s Big Band’s and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation’s Circus Summarum. The Summarum-performances are not circus, but children's theatre that takes place in a circus environment. But for sure DR PR for Circus Summarum has moved market shares away from the circuses to Cirkus Summarum.

For the second consecutive year, sponsorship of private sponsors made is possible to give out Danish Circus Awards.

The award ceremony took place on August 9th in the Fencing hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre.

The Danish Minister of Culture Mette Bock handed the Danish Circus Award to Søren Østergaard from Zirkus Nemo. This year's talent award went to the AMoC (Academy of Modern Circus) as recognition of their ability to educate talented artists with skills that can be used both in contemporary circuses, in the classical circuses and in theaters. The award for the best act of the year went to Rafaella Honden from Circus Mascot for her beautiful act with 9 large Swiss sheepdogs. A new special effort award was given to former Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder. The award goes to the politician or public person who has done the most for circus in the past year. For many years the responsible ministry for circuses was the Ministry of Justice. This was unsatisfactorily for the circuses which wanted to have the Ministry of Culture as responsible as circuses just as theatre, ballet, opera, film and literature is part of culture. Several ministers rejected a request from the circuses to get the minister of culture as responsible. But in the spring 2016 Bertel Haarder, who at that time was minister of culture, with approval from the Danish Prime minister accepted the request and made the ministry of culture the responsible ministry for circuses.

The year's performances

During the school’s winter holidays in February CIRCUS KRONE had performances in Aarhus. BENNY SCHUMANN presented his mini circus in the Elsinore City Shopping Centre. CIRCUS MASCOT had performances in in Herning Shopping Centre and Aalborg Shopping Centre. JIMMY ENOCH produced a show for Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense. ISABELLA ENOCH presented winter circus in 6 arenas in Jutland. The Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, featured a show with the ventriloquist

Preben Palsgård.

Russian Cicus on Ice had performances in the Concert Hall in Aarhus and at the Opera in Copenhagen.

From 23 to 26 March, Cirque du Soleil visited Copenhagen’s Royal Arena with the show Varekai.

Circus Arena

The largest circus in the Nordic countries Circus Arena opened the season at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on 23 March. Rud Kofoed, journalist and for many years reviewer of theatre and circus performances for the leading Danish tabloid enthusiastically handed out six stars and writes (Zarro Zarro’s translation, somewhat shortened compared to the Danish text).

An extraordinary success!!

Pierre Marchand is an outstanding diabolo player, dynamic and super-skillful, featuring an impressive act - second to none.

Pierre Marchand. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Encho present hand-stand as it is seldom seen. Both have won medals in Monte Carlo.

Encho. Last we saw him in Denmark was in 2006. A few months later was awarded both the Audience Award as a silver clown in Monte Carlo. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The master behind this success is Motor Mikke aka Mille Gori - she is the princess of this show:  ideas, scenario, instruction and choreography, as well as the especially composed music. Mille's main idea is that a show can be created by imagination - proving that dreams can become true.

Motor Mille aka Mille Gori. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Kris Kremo, 65, world famous juggler, juggling three objects of each kind.

Kris Kremo. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Jackie Berdino’s wife Laura, presents Arab horses, their daughter Scarlett features Shetland ponies, at the age of four - her first appearance in public.

Laura and Jackie Berdino's daughter Scarlet. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Patrick Berdino, 25, presents with his cousin Oliver, 23, a knock-about-act on table - very funny.

The cousins Patrick and Oliver Berdino. Patrick is son of Jackie Berdino and Oliver of Suzanne Berdino. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Jidinis Magic Company amazed with spectacular illusions.

Keryazon Brothers:  Angel, 17, and Radostin, 14, presented a quick and slick dance-and-acrobatic act. (I believe they are sons of Encho).

Diana showed the spectators that dachshunds can be taught to perform

Diana Vedyashkina and her small dachshunds. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Duo Costache performed a breath-taking perch act.

Mille featured advanced stunts in a swing-trapeze, with bungee-jumps - amazing.

The clown Jimmy Folco, inspired by Buster Keaton - had everyone laughing.

Rudi Althoff displayed an elegant animal show:  dromedaries and lamas, then three African elephants.

Ekaterina Karmashova treats the audience to a beautiful aerial act.

All in all -- a wonderful show, also geared at children.

Jacob Boas Leitisstein also visited the show at opening night. Click here to see his photos.

In the middle of the season Bubber replaced Motor Mille as ringmaster as she was booked for Circus Summarum. Motor Mille is well-known and very popular from Danish television’s programs for kids and many children wanted to see her live. The same was not to case for Bubber and Mille came back as ringmistress in the end of the season.

Circus Arena closed the season 4 September in Roskilde.

As previous years Circus Arena kept their winter quarters in Aarslev open during the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays. Circus Land, as it is called, offered sea lion show, wild-west-show, pony rides, playground, museum etc. as well as short performances in Circus Landino. Amongst the performers in the summer season was the clown Don Christian, well-known from several seasons with Circus Benneweis.

Circus Arli

Circus Arli opened their season in Fløng on 26 March.

This year's performance was a themed show called Ship Ahoy. It “took place” on board the good ship M/S Arli. Martin Arli was wearing the uniform of a captain and Bettina Arli of a first officer. And even the grooms were wearing sailor uniforms.

After the opening spec the first act in the show was an excellent knock-about on table act with Alexander Arli and Francesco Fratellini.

Alexander and Francesco. All photos: Ole Simonsen, unless otherwise stated

Next came Latvian Olga Makejeva with a fine act in a rotating ring. She was also with Circus Arli in 2007 and 2008 and with Circus Baldoni in 2005. At that time her surname was Guseva.

Olga Makejeva

Last year there was many who missed Martin Arli’s cozy magic entrée. This year he was back in the ring and conjured with goldfish in an entrée which as far as I know was "invented" by the late Paul Arland (1921-2007) who traveled with it all over world as "The Merry Angler".

Martin conjures goldfish out of nothing

It's not every day you experience mermaids, and certainly not in an aerial ring. But you did in this year's show. The mermaid came from South Africa and was called Sarah Florees and was the girlfriend of Francesco Fratellini. Both Sarah and Francesco were also with Arli in 2016, but with completely different acts compared to what they presented this year.

The South African mermaid Miss Sarah

The mermaid was followed by an entrée where Francesco wanted to fish. "You can’t fish here," Bettina Arli says and Francesco then goes to the opposite side of the ring, as in the classic "don’t play here" -entrée. Eventually Francesco caught a small dog.

In an Egyptian tableau you met the talented Hungarian foot juggler Eva Varadi who juggled with hula hoop rings, balls and cylinders and finally a cross with flames.

Eva Varadi

Eva Varadi was also featured in the first act after the break: Donnert Quick change when she and her spouse Richard Donnert change clothes at lightning speed. For example she changes dress in a cloud of silver confetti from an umbrella.

Donnerts with quick change

Next came Francesco in the ring with a chest which turns out to contain a doll (his girlfriend Sarah). A fine act which ends up when he was “twisting” his girlfriend, see photo

Francesco and Sarah

Olga Makejeva was then back in the ring with an act in vertical rope.

Last act in the performance was the glorious musical clowns Martino & Co. This year with Martin Arli as the August in sailor suits, Alexander Arli as white-faced clown and Francesco as the last man in the trio. Alexander offers Martin 500 DKK if he can play the clarinet. But Martin can’t play the clarinet. But Francesco can. Martin offers Francesco 20 DKK if he will hide under a table and play while Martin with a clarinet mimes as is he was playing. There is a lot of fun in this all-new entrée with of course ends with a festive finale in which Alexander and Francesco plays trumpets and Martin trombone.

Martino & co.

I the finale Martin Arli paid tribute to his mother Lotte Arli, who in 2017 could celebrate her 60th year circus anniversary. Lotte's debut in the circus took place in 1957 in Circus Moreno. 14 years later, in 1971, she founded together with her husband Soren Arli (1935-2011) the small circus Arli, which since then has been on the roads every summer

Lotte Arli. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein

The talented young photographer Jacob Boas Leitisstein took numerous photos from the performance. Click here to see them.

Circus Arli closed the season on22 August in Sengeløse. As usual, they toured only on Zealand, including the Copenhagen area.

Just as in 2014, 2015 and 2016 the Arli family arranged from the middle of November and until Christmas the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Copenhagen. This year, the Christmas market was moved to Nytorv at “Strøget”, a much better location than last year.

Circus Baldoni

Cirkus Baldoni opened the season in Lyngby on 21 March.

As something new they have plastic bucket seats instead of benches which had reduced the total number of seats on the two rows of ringside chairs and the 5 rows on the grandstand from 450 to 414.

The performance was Baldoni in top form and with the features which is a "must" for Baldoni fans. For example the lion Leonardo's dialogue with the circus director René Moenster Baldoni. Leonardo, who is a ventriloquist’s doll must say "ladies and gentleman, things gets worse and worse" and tell that “I love children - with sauce and potatoes ".

As something new Circus Baldoni had this year musical clowns. Their usual clown Danilo was assisted by the super musical Eddie (Eduard Janacek) who the audience met last year as a juggler and rola bola-acrobat. Between the acts in the show, he also tried the classic juggling gag with throwing 7 teaspoons into 7 glasses. He failed again and again. Then to succeed at the very end of the performance.

Danilo and Eddie opened the show with music, respectively on trombone and trumpet, which was followed by the opening with all artists in the ring which in Circus Baldoni is a stage. The artists waved with Danish flag and sang Happy Birthday as Circus Baldoni this year could celebrate their 15th year birthday (anniversary).

First artist act was Emmanuel Zuma and his 3 Mombasa Boys, who appeared in pole. Then we saw an elegant and charming act with trained house cats, presented by Fatime (Fatime Horvath) with the assistance of her spouse Peytchev (Peytchev Plamen Metodiev). Also the cats seemed to enjoy the act!

Danilo and Cindy the had an entrée where Danilo first tried to shoot with arrows and Cindy then tried to throw knife with a member from the audience as a target.

Next came Mombasa Boys back in the ring, this time with a well presented Limbo act.

One of the four Mombasa Boys with great limbo

The last number before the break was Agnes Nemeth and Roland Dittmar's excellent entrée where Roland finds a girlfriend in a tiny house.

Roland sees a lovely lady in the window of the tiny house

The comical act with the trampoline, which is “dressed” as a swimming pool with a 3-meter diving next, is always a success. At Baldoni it was presented by Mr. Jumping aka Peytchev Plamen Metodiev. He has two times before been with Baldoni, but according to the printed program he is the artist which the audience most times have asked to be allowed to see again.

We've seen it before. But you can enjoy Danilo's version of Renée & Renato old 80’s hit Save Your Love again and again. The gag with the mop as wig is as far as I know invented by the Swiss clown Andre Broger, but perhaps best known in José Michel’s version.

Danilo "sings" Renato’s voice in Save your love my darling, save your love

Roland and Agnes Dittmar then came back with a follow-up to their first entrée. This time the crippled Roland find a lamp and the spirit of the lamp grants him 3 wishes.

Maria Janacek had then an entrée in vertical rope.

Danilo and Eddie were then assisted by Cindy in the musical clown entrée "Do not play here" where Eddie managed to play many different instruments (even two trumpets at once) before Cindy was allowed to put head to " My hat, it has three corners ". See photo

Last artist act was Mombasa Boys partly skipping and partly building impressive human pyramids.

Mombasa Boys.

The closing act was a kind of dance entrée with first Danilo and René and then all the artists wearing boxing gloves. It went into the grand finale with Baldoni farewell song "We've been the best of friends" and all the artists in ring.

Grand Finale. All photos: Ole Simonsen. Click here to see a number of fine photos shot by the talented young photographer Jacob Boas Leitisstein.

The tented season where Baldoni as usual only toured Zealand and Lolland-Falster ended on August 30 in Algestrup but was followed by visit to the Faroe Islands with performances in the arenas etc.

BALDONI'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS had in November and December performances in 17 different arenas on Zealand, including in the fencing hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre. In addition, they produced under the name CIRCUS PIXIE FUN a number of performances for kindergartens etc.

Circus Krone

The small Danish Circus Cirkus Krone opened the season on 17 April in Salten.

Circus Krone at the circus lot in Salten, where season opening took place on 19 April. All photos: Ole Simonsen unless otherwise mentioned

The performance began with the poetic and slightly naive clown Allando walking around and chatting with the audience. Then he finds that it flows with plastic bags in the ring. When he throw them in the trash bin, runny rabbits throw them out again. Allando figure out that you can juggle with the plastic bags, and at last it rained down over him with plastic bags from a small box under the circus dome.

The first artist act was Nedyalko and Veselka, who in the dark are juggling with glowing sticks.

Eventually, the couple's 8 year old daughter Yana entered the ring wearing a kind of illuminated butterfly wings.

The small family was followed by Allando's beloved entrée where two ponies will eat his apple.

Then charming Yana came back in the ring and showed her skills with hula hoop

8-year-old Yana. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Now 4 pirates entered the ring. These are the two Czech Wolf brothers with their spouses. They made nice and fast-paced ladder balance act where they also showed their skills as jugglers. In my opinion, the best act in the performance.


The Wolf family master both ladder balancing and juggling

The first act after the break was Nedyalko with plate balancing on illuminated sticks. Not the talented artists best act!

It is a tradition in Circus Krone that Allando has to fight with a dangerous animal. This year it was an elephant. Both the children and adults cheered over the naive Allando's many ideas and comments in the charming entrée.

A Krone classic is the act with Allando and a dangerous animal. This year, an elephant, who even the most fanatic animal rights activist cannot protest against being presented in a circus ring

Next number was Nedyalko and Vesalka with a nice adagio balance, where he stood in the ring while he on arms and shoulders was carrying Veselka in various positions.

Then the Wolf family came back again. This time with nice and fast-paced formation juggling act.

The last act in the performance was the not quite young artist couple Alessandro and Christina Gillert. First Christina walked on a tight wire. Then Alassandro continued on a slack wire, where he rode a mono bike, balanced with Christina on his back and ended up balancing on a ladder on the wire.

Alessandro Gillert could balance on a ladder, even on a slack wire

Click here to see more photos from the show.

Alessandro and Christina Gillert chose later in the season to leave Circus Krone. They were replaced by the skilled French Chinese pole artist Guillaume Peudon. He was born in 1983 and thus far younger than the Gillert couple.

Guillaume Peudon

In connection with a performance on Wednesday July 12 in Circus Krone, Irene Thierry was appointed honorary member of Danish Circus Friends Association. Irene has been owner of Circus Krone since 1984. She turned 70 in the spring and 2017 was her last season as owner of Circus Krone.

Cirkus Krone ended the season 3 September in Aarhus after touring in Jutland and Fyn and the isle of Ærø. It was Irene Thierry's last season as circus director. As from 2018 her eldest son Frank Thierry takes over. However, there is still the intention that Irene and Jan Allan aka the clown Allando shall be part of the performances.

Circus Mascot

Circus Mascot opened the season in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland on 29 March.

Jørgen Lorenzen saw the performance at the opening night in Roslev at 18 and wrote (my translation):

Daniel Deleuran presents the show - with a beard, a Prussian War general commendable, and this year he has arrogated a hairstyle that is guaranteed not seen before throughout Roslev and neighbourhood. His speak is enthusiastic and accurately.

The clown Gulio has gradually become a regular part of Mascots show. His gags are new every year – at least most of them. You will enjoy his open face and whimsical twinkle. He is a true children's friend, and the best thing is that the man looks as if he also is enjoying it himself.

After Daniels welcome Marianne enters the ring with her “symphony of dogs”. Surprising to see them as opening act, but the explanation is that you this year have two dog acts in the performance. One at each end of the performance.

Marianne Deleuran and her dogs is a ”must” in a Mascot-performance

Then Rafaela enters in the ring with the horse Amigo and the dog Indy. Amigo wants to go the restaurant but Indy intervenes. And then scene is set for a lot of fun, and of course Rafaela comes short when she will introduce good table manners.

Lunchtime for Rafaela Honden’s tinker horse

And then it's time for a nice rola-bola number. Latoya is doing a nice and difficult balancing act. It is for outsiders difficult to see what trick which is the most difficult, but four boards stacked up on shaky cylinder are always impressive

15 year old Latoya is daughter of Rafaela Honden and her spouse Eric Zwart

Gulio now has an entrée with a tame hen who can flap the wings on command. It can also lay eggs on command and of course it ends up with Gulio getting an egg in his head.

Gulio's son Husik is balancing and juggling rings - larger than those usually seen. And his style is becoming the true artist attitude, sure, but not confident - proud but not boastful and self-confident, but not arrogant.

The lord of the rings Husik is son of the clown Gulio and the aerial acrobat Tetyana

Ranco, Rocco, Rikki and Little My. This is the names of Circus Mascot’s 4 ponies. And now it's their turn. They are presented by Daniel Deleuran. This year, the delicate green plume not only fits neatly into the tent and sawdust in the ring but also sharpen attention on the ponies.

And there are more animals. Rafaela and Latoya present a bunch of parrots. It's weird animals, not only due to their colourful plumage. But their sound is like a commentary on what is happening - a strange sniggering guttural, which connoisseurs probably can interpret in the same way as they can interpret the sounds from domestic animals. The parrots can balance, grab something with their beaks, keep something in their beaks, ride a bike on a wire and move and push items.

Gulio then have an entrée with his daughter Juliya - a dream world where Juliya is a motionless doll.

Gulio with his daughter Juliya

Alfred and Luna is the name of circus Mascots Canadian pigs. They play soccer, hoist a flag, run down in slide and go over obstacles. They are vigorously promoted by Marianne Deleuran, but that they do not want to do tricks and must be fed with several delicious titbits is the part of the act. And the cheering will not end when a little baby pig makes enter the ring.

A good circus performance needs an aerial act. Here, it is Tatyana acrobatics in an aerial ring which is provided with two silks, see photo. It is difficult for non-acrobats to tell which trick which is the most difficult to perform. But I believe it is hanging in her feet.

The penultimate act is the performance's second dog act. 8 white Siberian sheep dogs are presented by Rafaela, also dressed in white. The act is both aesthetic and beautiful. The dogs seem happy, relaxed and very well-kept. Finally they behave almost like horses, as Rafaela call them up and ask them to stand on their hind legs. Hind leg dogs (Steigerdogs)! It is a strong act and proof that the animal acts are and shall be an integral part of the circus.

Rafaela Honden with her sheep dogs. By courtesy of Circus Mascot

The last act was before-seen clown act where the clown Gulio invites four men in the ring to participate in the four stools gag. Seen before, but for those who see it first time, it is of course very funny. And with his disarming humour Gulio get the participants to relax, so they get fund out of it.

It is absolutely the best performance Circus Mascot has presented so far! And nice that here we have the proof that animals and circus belongs together.

Click here to see more photos from the performance.

Circus Mascot closed the season on 24 September in Glyngøre. The month of July they spent just as in 2015 and 2017 as "free attraction" in the amusement park Sommeland Zealand.

Apart from performances in Bytorv Horsens shopping mall in week 42 the presented some weekend before Christmas a 30 minute long performance in a number of Plantorama’s garden centers.

Zirkus Nemo

From 26 April which was opening night in Horsens and until 16 September Søren Østergaard visited a number of cities with his Zirkus Nemo, which he called Denmark's only circus for adults. Where the other Danish circuses have many one-day cities, Zirkus Nemo staid at least 5 days in a city and had never performances Sunday and Monday. This make the work for both the artists and the tent crew less stressful than in the other Danish circuses.

Apart from the comedy part of the show, this year with Soren Ostergaard and the comedians/actors Michel Castenholt and Laura Kvist Poulsen, you met some very good artists in the show. I quote from a review by Rud Kofoed, who gave the performance 6 out of 6 possible stars (my translation):

As for the Ukrainian top athletes in Crazy Flight, Soren Ostergaard succeeded in inspiring them to return with a brand new act in addition to their groundbreaking signature act. The world premiere of the new act we attended to in a gigantic enthusiasm at the opening night in Horsens. The four five-fold gold winners in sports acrobatics are wildly sovereign and so brilliant that their acts will stand as examples of the human body's ability. It is modern classicalism when it’s best.


To the left: In the new act Sergey Sakun and his Crazy Flight work with Russian bar. To the right: Crazy Flight with their old act. Photos: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

The Englishman Ingo Stiebner and his sea lion Lappy. It is a world class act where animals and humans merge into a symbiosis of beauty. It really looks like Lappy loves to dance with her trainer - and vice versa. Pure enjoyment

Ingo Stiebner and the sea lion Lappy illustrate how humans and animals can work together ... It is a pleasure to see the couple come out of their shells. Lappy retired by the end of the season. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press

Like Stiebner with his seas lion the Spanish juggler Picaso Jr. can get his juggling balls and plates to do what he want. It is so elegant and charming done that one senses the total surrender of the audience in the sold out tent. The circus world’s Picaso thus matches the painter world’s Picasso.

Picaso Jr. is the son of the legendary juggler El Gran Picaso, who has taught him how to juggle. It is easy to understand why Junior hardly dared to make his entrance to the ring after his famous father. But he has inherited his father’s talent and learned his skills to perfection.

I watched when Junior got a silver clown on the most prestigious international circus festival in Monte-Carlo in 2002. He has not gotten worse - on the contrary! He was the first time in Nemo in 2013 - after seasons with Circus Arena in 2008 and 2012. It is not surprising that more than one mantelpiece is needed to get room for all the prizes he has been awarded.

Picaso Jr. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press. Click here to see more photos from the performance.

Zirkus Nemo closed the season 16 September in Odense. Sadly enough one of the artists Picaso Jr. passed away on 24 September, just a few days after he ended the season with Nemo, only 47 years old.

Cirkus Trapez

Circus Trapez opened the season in Kolding on 12. April toured during the season Jutland and Funen.

It was Circus Trapez’s 2 season on the Danish roads. Artist wise the performance was better than in 2016. Isabella Enoch Sosman had also upgraded its entire set-up: there was live music and she had engaged an experienced ringmaster (ringmisstress).

Tino Aeby was in charge of the music. He was for some years a band master in Circus Dannebrog, where he had eight musicians in his band. At Trapez he has only three hilmself included. But the result is surprisingly good and on par with what you experience in the much larger Circus Arena.

As ringmistress Isabella has hired Judy Glosted who for several seasons was ringmistress in Circus Benneweis. The elegant and always smiling Judy did a great job and demonstrates also her talent for singing.

Judy Glosted was back in the circus world as ringmistress.

With 550 seats in the tent Circus Trapez is a somewhat smaller business than Benneweis and Dannebrog and the economy does not allow them to book a lot of top artists. But less can also do it, and the audience seemed contented with the artists, Isabella has chosen: the versatile Spanish Jackson family, the two young German aerial acrobats Seraina and Michelle and the clown and juggler Marc Dorfner. And of course Bernhard and some of his animals: horses, ponies, camels and elephant Ramboline. Others of Bernard animal groups are leased to other circuses.

The show was opened by the run-in clown Marc Dorfner who turned on a radio. After Judy Glosted’s welcome Bernhard Kaselowsky presented in the beginning of the season 6 young Frisian horses. Young horses are often skinny, and although a veterinary said they were healthy the very skinny horses resulted in a shit storm. After a few weeks the act was taken out of the performance. 

In the original version of the performance the Frisian horses was followed by ponies.

Next act was a nice aerial act with Seraina and Michelle, who the Zealanders saw last year in Circus Arli. At Trapez there is higher to the top of the dome, which gives slightly better opportunities than at Arli, and the two young German artists present the best aerial act which I this year saw in any Scandinavian Circus ring. However, for health reason one of the girls had to leave the act before the end of season.

Then, Marc Dorfner had a fine and original run in, which he uses a long balloon as arc. Always great to see a clown doing something you have not seen before.

It must hurt to be hoisted up under the big top while you hang in your hair. But this is what Fina Micaelo Jacksonwas doing while she juggled with torches and later hang in the splits. She was followed by her husband Mr. Jackson in a run in where he says funny sounds and end up boxing in slow motion with a member from the audience.

Next came Marc Dorfner, now as a juggler with both rings and clubs. Eventually he juggled standing on a freestanding ladder.

Then Mr. Jackson was back with a comical entrée, where he was fighting a desperate battle with a microphone while singing "My Way." The idea behind the microphone fight comes probably from the legendary George Karl. Many Danes will remember the combination of singing "My Way" during the fight with a microphone from Circus Dannebrog 2012 when Cesar Dias did it and the audience was enthusiastic. But Mr. Jackson has not “stolen” the act from Cesar. Papa Jackson is Cesar Dias’ uncle and has trained Cesar Dias and made his props. And just as his nephew Mr. Jackson made the audience enthusiastic.

The first act after the breakwas a ballet entrée which turned into 17-year-old Lara Jackson’s juggling entrée where she sit on a high mono bike and with her foot throw cups and plates up on the head with her twin brother Marco as her assistant. Originally, it was intended that Marco should do some clown run ins. But Isabella skipped it at his gags and style was close to Marc Dorfner’s entrées.

A lot of visitors to a circus believe that there has to be one or more elephants in a good circus performance. At Trapez you meet Bernhard Kaselowskys versatile elephant Ramboline.

The elephant act was followed by a by a hula hoop entrée with Lara Jackson and Seraina. In the end of the act they were hoisted up under the dome while they rotated their hoops.

Next act was a combination of camels in the ring and a tissue act with Michelle in tissue. Presented while Judy Glosted was singing "Smile" to Marc Dorfner. Isabella Sosman always does a lot to create such combination acts in the performances she is putting on stage.

Judy Glosted and Marc Dorfner

After a short run in with Marc Dorfner time has come for the performance's last act: Jackson family's fine bike act which the Swedish audience last year saw in Circus Olympia. Mr. Jackson shows his great skills on a bike, even when he has her wife and their two kids on the bike.


Later in the season, Bernhard Kaselowsky's group of cows joined the show. They had been rented out to Finnish Circus Finlandia, which after a while sent the act back as the act did not match their expectations.

The season was not quite easy for Circus Trapez. In addition to the accusations of neglected animals, there were animals which run away, collapse of seating etc. In the middle of the season, both ringmistress Judy Glosted and Marketing Manager Louise Mandrup left Circus Trapez. And worst of all: disappointing visitor numbers in some cities. The season ended September 28th in Tommerup.

Other performances

Years ago you could see artistes in many amusement parks. But this is unfortunately history.

Katja Schumann has turned a farm outside Løkken in the northern part of Jutland to a circus farm where she during the summer months and until the beginning of October she presented short performances. During the school’s autumn holidays CIRCUS MASCOT had performances in Bytorv Shopping Centre in Horsens. CIRCUS ARENA produced a performance for Kolding Shopping Centre. CHARLIE AND BINALTO from Circus 3 appeared in Frederiksberg shopping mall. At the Circus Museum in Hvidovre you could meet Benny Schumann.

Benny Schumann was also one of the stars in Wallman's new dinner show ENTOURAGE, which was premiered in the Copenhagen Circus Building in September. He performed with his plate spinning act which he first time presented in Circus Schumann in the Circus Building in 1967. As the only premiere night performer, Benny was rewarded with standing ovations. My side lady refused to believe me when I told her that Benny was 72 years old!

Benny Schumann. By courtesy of Wallmans

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