Circus news from 2008


26 December 2008

In 2008 7 tented circuses toured Denmark from late March/early April. 3 large circuses: Circus Arena, Circus Ben­neweis and Circus Dannebrog and 4 dog and pony-shows (what Americans call high grass circuses): Circus Arli, Circus Baldoni, Circus Krone (Irene Thierry’s circus using the same name as the mighty German Circus Krone) and Circus Mascot. All of the Danish circuses offered performances of high quality. Even the small circuses had some foreign performers of good quality.

The summer was rather worm and sunny. Some circus did slightly better than in 2007, some not quite as good as 2007. All circuses closed their season in September which is standard in a northern country as Denmark.

A Circus Arena unit toured Norway from 12 June to 10 August. The tour was not successful. There were often less than 100 persons in the audience. Circus Baldoni visited Faroe Island and Iceland early September after having closed the Danish season. Business was fair but not outstanding especially not at Iceland.

Some youth organisation produced circus-performances with kids as performers, using names as Circus Flik-Flak (the most established of the youth circuses), Circus Arcus and Circus Tvaers.

Two German family circuses toured Denmark: the tiny Circus Astoria spent most of the season on Funen Island visiting very small villages. The somewhat larger Circus Renz Berlin spent the entire season in Denmark touring Jutland and Funen. They left Denmark early December in order to produce Lübecker Weinachtcircus in Lübeck, Germany. However they left a small unit, Circus Amara, which presented Christmas Circus in the Danish holiday resort Blaavand at the western coast of Jutland. Neither Astoria nor Renz-Berlin had performances as strong as their Danish competitors’ performances. But using the “kid free” sale gimmick at least Renz-Berlin did attract some audience.

Circus Baldoni presented in December a Christmas circus at sport centres etc. at Zealand.

Several foreign new wave circuses or acrobat troupes visited Copenhagen during a New Wave Circus Festival in August, among those Les Colporteurs, Compagnie A&O, C!rca, Acrobat and Circo Aereo.

Benny Schumann presented during the season a number of performance either alone or together with one or two other artists. Furthermore he presented in August International clowns at the Danish amusement part ‘Bakken’ north of Copenhagen, starring Toto Chabri.

In Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Variety theatre in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens you could meet the excellent Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and Mrs. Joan, the juggler Claudius Specht and the bike acrobat Paul Chen.

Below you can find some photos and link to slideshows from some of the performances in 2008. Of cause the names of the performers are mentioned in connection with the slideshows.

Circus Arena: Arena Kids. Arena is the largest circus in the Nordic countries. Photo: Circus Arena/Christian Warrer. Click here for link to slideshow by Per Krogh Petersen with photos from equipment etc.  in Circus Arena.

Circus Benneweis: The Liazeed. Photo: Circus Benneweis/Arne Magnussen. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Benneweis.

Circus Baldoni: Freddi Steckel with Thessa Daniella. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Baldoni.


Circus Dannebrog: Pablo and Victoria Garcia in their space rocket. Photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Dannebrog.

Circus Mascot: Marianne Deleuran as white-faced clown. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Mascot.


Circus Arli: Martin dressed in a in a horn suite playing jazz and classical music on honk-horns. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Arli


Circus Krone: Duo Roswing. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the performance in Circus Krone

International clowns at ’Bakken’:Toto Chabri & Co. Click here for link to slideshow with more photos from the clown performance at ’Bakken’

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21 December  2008

 A circus interested Danish librarian Dan Roneklint Sorensen published last year in July a survey of museums of Circus, Artists and Showmen at

An updated version of the survey is now available. The language is Danish, German and English. The survey introduces more than 150 museums all over the world. To the extent known information is given on opening hours, email-addresses and websites. Dan Roneklint Sorensen will be very grateful for corrections, amendments and comments on his survey. Send me an email if you have any such corrections etc.

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19 December 2008

Baldoni’s Christmas Circus. Per Krogh Petersen visited Circus Baldoni’s Christmas performance when they on 13 December visited Morkhoj (Copenhagen suburb). “It was a great Christmas show,” Per writes and send me this link to a lot of photos he shot during the performance.

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16 December 2008

Several Danish visitors to the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. Brian ‘Briano’ Behrendt of Briano’s Circus Travels tells that 38 persons have registered for the trip he will arrange from 16 to 21 January 2009 to the famous circus festival in Monte Carlo. Briano started his circus travels in 2004. His first trip to Monte Carlo was in January 2006. Since then he has arranged successful trips to Monte Carlo every year. In 2008 he had 21 persons in his group. Several of his guests are from well-known Danish circus and acrobat families.

Based on press releases from Monte Carlo I have gathered the following info on the forthcoming festival and the performers:

The International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo will be welcoming this year 30 different acts, 10 major troupes and 6 animal acts in the famous Fontvieille ring! The price of fame for THE largest circus event! It is the one event in which all artists dream of taking part one day to establish their career. Placed under the high patronage of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, the Festival presents the greatest acts with awards every year: gold, silver and bronze clowns. And this year, there will be 200 artists from 16 countries striving to win these true Oscars from the world of the circus!

The traditional circus will be represented with animal acts, selected in accordance with the strict criteria of the European Circus Association. Various criteria are given priority such as the living conditions of the animals, the size of their cage, their daily care and the treatment they receive.

In accordance with these criteria, the Organising Committee has decided to engage the GIONA BROTHERS (Italy) for a completely renewed presentation of horses running free. More than a presentation, the artists are involved in a real game, whose rapport with the horses seems to drive, once again, the animals’ performance. The mystical music reinforces the feeling of plenitude achieved by the Equidae.

The clown HOUSCH-MA-HOUSCH (Ukraine) will delight the audience with a number combining miming, clowning and dance.

Working on two ropes placed at a great height, tightrope artists TSIVOV will give a unique performance – including a series of 3-man pyramids – often carried out at the same time. The music inspired by melodies from Central Asia and the extremely slow movements of the figures will enable the spectators to understand the complexity of the exercises presented … and to believe in the incredible!

ELENA DROGALEVA and her troupe made up of three jugglers will offer the public a virtuoso number featuring clubs… all performed in a style largely inspired by the famous Marlene Dietrich

The Festival is pleased to be welcoming a young French artist, ROMAIN CABON, with an act involving blue ribbons, combining poetry, aesthetics and high performance in a floor show of harmony rarely equalled.

THE 7 VIVANCOS BROTHERS. In all there are 34 brothers and sisters… but only 7 of them will be performing in Fontvieille’s big top at the 33rd International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo!

And what a performance! The seven artists have managed to create an acrobatic presentation in a dazzling succession of jumps incorporating steps from Irish, Flamenco and tap dancing! And as if that weren’t enough, they also play various musical instruments! To give you a pre-taste of the number, we can tell you that River Dance has been adapted to the world of the circus and that the Vivancos will fit in perfectly with the whole show on offer at the Fontvieille big top!

But the audience will also enjoy:

FLIGHT OF PASSION, a love story based on aerial artistry by performers at the summit of a career that has led them to the world's greatest circuses for more than ten years.

KARL-FERDINAND TRUNK will present two numbers:

- the first with farm animals. Pigs, goats and dogs out to conquer the Fontvieille ring:

- the second with ponies and horses giving a performance in a décor reminiscent of a doll’s house.

Last but not least, the GRAND TROUPE OF YOUNG CHINESE ARTISTS with oscillating poles. A number full of drive where the acrobats, who seem to fear nothing whilst creating extremely complex figures, move from one pole to another with disconcerting ease. These daredevils have a medley of surprises awaiting us!

Details of the rest of this exceptional programme will be given in upcoming press releases!

According to my sources you will also meet Wolfgang Lauenburger and his dogs, Elvis Errani with his family’s elephants and Konstantin Mouraviev in his comical entrée ‘The fat man’ using a German Wheel (Rhönrad).


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12 December 2008

Circus Arena 2009. By tradition Circus Arena is the first Danish circus to release the program for the coming season. The Berdino family’s good friend Kenneth Severinsen could already in August at his website tell about most of the program. Performers are


The comedian Barto. Photo: Circus Arenas press office


Puyang-truppen in German wheels. Photo: Circus Arenas press office

René Casselly with elephants and horses. Photo: Circus Arenas press office


Merrylu Casselly. Photo: Circus Arenas press office

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9. December 2008

Welcome to Diana’s universe. Circus owner Diana Benneweis have for a while had a dream of creating her very own website. Diana’s website, not just Circus Benneweis’ website. She started working on her website some months ago. And after some problems the website is now ready for visitors. You can find it by visiting Circus Benneweis’ website and clicking at Diana’s site

You can also use a deep-link. Then the address is

So far the site is in Danish only. Those familiar with the Danish language can read a bit about Diana and her books. And everyone – also non-Danes – can enjoy a lot of wonderful photos, especially of landscapes and from Diana’s holiday house in Sweden. Most of the photos are shot by Diana herself.  Wonderful photos which will make you in a very good mood.

The site has also a blog.  

Welcome to Diana’s universe. And enjoy yourself!

Diana Benneweis. Photo: Arne Magnussen

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7 December 2008

Christmas in Circus is the name of a performance produced by Benny Schumann for the Frederiksberg Shopping Centre in Copenhagen. The performance runs for approximately half an hour. Santa Claus himself is ringmaster. A giant snow ball rolls into the tiny ring. Out of the snowball pop the Chrisman elf clown Benny Schumann. He entertains the many kids watching the show with balancing, magical acts and as ventriloquist. Even Santa is a magician. Benny has also the ponies Labanowsky and Shadow into the ring. Last act in the show is the fair princess Kirsten Thur on tight wire. 13 year old Kirsten Thur is daughter of John John Thur and granddaughter to the late Konrad Thur. She is presenting a very nice act promising very well for the future of the next generation of the famous Thur / Thurano family.


Santa and the Christmas elf clown Benny . Click here to se more photos from the performance.

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 4 December 2008

The Order of Dannebrog (Dannebrogordenen) given to Benny Berdino. On 17 November circus owner Benny Arne Berdino-Olsen of Danish Circus Arena was bestowed with one of the royal orders: the Order of Dannebrog. The Order of Dannebrog was instituted October 12th, 1671 by King Christian V, renewing an older version of the Order, which was instituted by King Valdemar II after the Battle of Reval in 1219. According to the statutes of December 1st, 1693 the Order was to consist of no more than 50 knights, but by royal decree of July 28th, 1808 King Frederik IV expanded the Order "to recognize meritorious citizenry for all subjects, regardless of position or nobility". The same day as Benny was given the Order 37 other Danes was bestowed with the same order. In total a little less than 6,000 persons are bestowed with the Order of Dannebrog. Benny is the only living circus owner who have been given the order.


Benny Berdino (no 3 from left) together with the dean of circus reporters Don Stacey, Martin Burton of Zippos Circus and Benny’s son Jackie. Photo from 2007.

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1 December 2008 

Circus Renz Berlin returns to Germany. The German komediant circus Renz Berlin has toured Denmark since the summer 2006. Despite sometime using a tent of approximately the same size as Danish Circus Benneweis and Circus Arena is it a family show with rather few performers and a program of lower quality than seen in the Danish circuses. They closed their 2006-season with a Christmas Circus in Copenhagen. Often there were less than 100 persons in the audience, half of them kids which did not have to pay! However Renz-Berlin stayed in Denmark touring Zealand in 2007 and Funen and Jutland in 2008. But now they are at their way back to Germany planning to visit Lübeck and Berlin.

Members of the family say that the will be back in Denmark in 2009. But let’s see. Business for Renz Berlin in Denmark has not been terrific although they love to tell about full houses.

For about a year Danish Stefan Rothmann was tour manager and sometimes even ringmaster. He has hoped that Renz Berlin would end up as a circus of the same quality as the larger Danish circuses. Stefan left Circus Renz Berlin some weeks ago. I don’t know why. He might have been disappointed with the way the Renz family runs their business.


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1 December 2008

 AFRIKA AUF DER KUHWIESE / AFRICA ON THE GRAZING FIELD OF THE COWS/ --a book on elephant-keeping and -breeding in Platschow, Germany.

Recently Bianka Boock published a book about the German elephant trainer Sonny Frankello (Christian name FRANZ FRANK). Sonny Frankello have spend several seasons with circuses in Denmark: first Circus Dannebrog, then Circus Benneweis and after that Circus Arena. Zarro Zarro has written the following review of the book.

The author, BIANKA BOOCK has published an interesting book on the above subject, 94 pages, bound as a pocket-book, good but rather small photos in black and white, they deserve a bigger size. Price about Euro 15, can be bought directly from the author, email:

The book is written in German, but with a secondary school knowledge - it should be possible to read the book, provided the reader is interested in the topic and thus motivated.

It is a most lively, lovely and personal story, describing the project ELEFANTEN HOF - we follow the Frankello family's efforts and difficulties, leading the life of circus artists.

Happily, we also read about their successes, particularly the special events they organize and which attract a numerous public.

It is an amazing story about hard work, enthusiasm for the task and a lot of courage - crowned eventually with success.

See more: gør

------------------------------------reported by zarro zarro.

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28 November 2008

Kenny and Joan Quinn will tour with Circus Dannebrog in 2009. Circus owner Haddy Enoch prefers himself to decide when and where details on his program for the coming season shall be released. Many other circus owners including Diana Benneweis have the same feeling. However Pegasus, a magazine for Scandinavian magicians, have now disclosed that the Danish world class gentleman thief couple Kenny and Joan Quinn will tour with Circus Dannebrog in season 2009. Kenny and Joan Quinn spend the summer season this year in Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Variety Theatre in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens. Circus Dannebrog’s press agent (and ringmistress) Agnete Louise Enoch confirms that Kenny and Joan Quinn have been engaged for the coming season and look forward to present them to audiences all over Denmark.

In December you can meet Joan and Kenny at VARIETE STARCLUB in FULDA, Germany. Following Fulda they will go to Ravensburg in the southern part of Germany in order to participate at Ravensburger Christmas Circus from 25. 12 - 4.1.2009, In January they will be at Dinner-show BUENISSIMO. And from March to September 2009 you can meet them at Circus Dannebrog.


Joan and Kenny Quinn

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27 November 2008

Benny Schumann’s Christmas in Circus.  The clown and multiartist Benny Schumann will produce a Christmas performance for the Copenhagen shopping mall Frederiksberg Centre. Performers will be Benny Schumann, Peter Darger and Kirsten Thur and the ponies Laban and Shadow. 13 year old Kirsten Thur is daughter of John John Thur and Marjolien and grandchild to the late Konrad Thur who passed away a year ago. You can see the performance from 5 to 21 December, every Friday at 15 and 17 and every Saturday and Sunday at 12 and 14. Free entrance.

Kirsten Thur is the circus princess in Benny Schumann’s Christmas show

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27 November 2008

Christmas circus at Rold – Katja Schumann to No Name Circus. No Name Circus has contracted Katja Schumann for the entire 2009. No Name Circus is owned by Team LA which was established in 1985 as an institution for socially handicapped young persons. As part of the project No Name Circus was established in 2005. The youngsters help with taking care of and training of the animals etc. 

Circus No Name will Saturday 29 November and every Friday and Saturday in December present a Christmas performance in riding-school builded in 1912 to Circus Miehe in Rold, next to the Circus museum in Rold. Horses will of cause be presented by Katja Schumann. Zdenek Ruml from Czech Republic will juggle and play music. He has been with No Name Circus for the entire season 2008. A few years ago he was with Danish Circus Mascot for two seasons.


Katja Schumann. Photo taken in Circus Dannebrog 2008.

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25 November 2008

New tent for Circus Baldoni. As earlier mentioned at this page Circus Baldoni has sold their old tent to the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. A new tent is ordered at the tent factory Raap in Hamburg. The old tent was also from Raap. The drawing below shows the new tent seen from above. As the old tent it will have a diameter of 26 meter. It will be higher than the old tent. Circus owners Thessa and René Moenster will also get new seating. The new tent and seating will probably seat 630 persons.

Recently Thessa and René have been very busy at the winter quarter at Tureby with rehearsals for all three units of Circus Nissesjov (touring kindergartens etc). The unit touring Jutland started 24 November and the two units touring Zealand on 25 November. ”It will be the strongest program we so far have presented in Circus Nissesjov”, René Moenster tells. During week-ends the two units touring Zealand is combined to Baldoni’s Christmas Circus which will have opening night in Slagelse on 28 November. You can read more at


Drawing of the new Baldoni tent seen from above

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23 November 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS ------    but some small but interesting shows may be difficult to find-

Here is how to find them: Look in L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES, in French but with some knowledge of the language you will manage. Look in PARISCOPE, there is info in English. Check, of course, the NET.

You will find JAN MADD THEATRE DE MAGIE DE PARIS - THEATER OF MAGIC IN PARIS - a wonderful show  particularly created to entertain people who are not otherwise interested in magic entertainment.

See more:

Street performers are rather scarce today - and I feel lucky to have actively participated in the golden days of the seventies and eighties when people coming out from restaurants happily enjoyed a street show - those were the days ...

Some statistics: the average tourist spends only three days in Paris - this allows for visiting the great monuments, a museum and - perhaps - LIDO DE PARIS and the MOULIN ROUGE. Thus there remains little time for the shows mentioned above.

However - if you search -you will find -some original and interesting shows.


comments by ZARRO ZARRO.

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20 November 2008

Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Varity Theatre on DVD. During the summer you could see the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre at the Glass Hall Theatre in the Tivoli Gardens. Apart from Soren and two other comedians you met meet the German bicycle acrobat Paul Chen from Berlin,  the Swiss juggler Claudius Specht and the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn assisted by his wife Joan. Paul Chen and Claudius Specht entrées can be seen on the DVD. Kenny Quinn’s act is not included at the DVD.

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17 November 2008

Salima Peippo in TV. This summer Finnish vertical rope artist Salima Peippo toured

Denmark with Circus Benneweis. Now she has been in international TV. Salima writes: Last Friday I had an honor to perform under eyes of 100 million people on a TV recording of Domino Day 2008. At the end of my act I toppled the first Domino that started a chain of over 4 300 000 dominos and ten new world records. Click here to se a video from the event.

Salima Peippo at Circus Benneweis. Photo Arne Magnussen by courtesy of Circus Benneweis

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16 November 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN  PARIS --- CIRQUE PINDER GILBERT EDELSTEIN  features every year the Dutch National Circus HERMANN RENZ, the location is Nanterre, Parisian suburb easily reached by Metro or RER/regional express train/.

During the French tour the circus is called CIRQUE JEAN RICHARD.

CIRCUS HERMANN RENZ, manager ROBERT RONDAY presents a very pleasant family show, assisted by the 8-man circus band /I don't have the name/, Ringmasters are CHRISTOPHE IVANES and CHRISTOPHE HERRY, artistic guidance ROBERT RONDAY and CHRISTOPHE ROUSSELEAU.

I had the pleasure to preview the program; the acts may be in a different order, in the final program.

MILKO STEIJVERS and FRENKY, amusing clowns with entrées and reprises

ADRIANA FOLCO, presenting her elephant BABY

OPRESCU, daring rola bola on a high pedestal

TRIO SPACE, flying trapeze

TAMARA, acrobatics in water in a round basin


DUO ACROBALANCE, hand to hand acrobatics

ADRIANA and MICHAEL JARZ, high school riding

MICKAEL and VENKE, wheel of death

KIM KENNETH, THE DANE IN THE FAST LANE -- assisted by five chorus girls presents astonishing BIG ILLUSIONS - and that was a gorgeous finale!!!! 

Lighting and sound GILBERT WIESER-

12 circus hands worked efficiently and promptly throughout the show.

Stay in Nanterre 1 to 14 December 2008.

See more:

--------------------------------------------------------------------- reported by ZARRO ZARRO.

Kim Kenneth – the Dane in the fast lane. Photo by courtesy of Cirque Pinder

Adriana Folco and her elephant Baby. Photo by courtesy of Cirque Pinder

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13 November 2008

Press release from ECA: Experts discuss artistic trends in Wiesbaden

During the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden, the ECA organized a study afternoon under the topic “Artistic trends and developments in the circus”, with four speakers and about 45 visitors.

The Russian director Alexandre Grimailo described how new acts are created in his studio, often in a time and money consuming way. Therefore it is hard when other artists copy such an act, but it is difficult to take appropriate legal steps. According to Grimailo, really good acts cannot be copied when they are based upon the personality and high technical skill of the original artist. Meanwhile handstand equilibrist Eduard Gelazarov demonstrated how his act was put together during four years. Grimailo called upon circus managers to include the name of the artistic director in the printed programme, besides the artists’ names. The ECA members present wholeheartedly endorsed this suggestion for it also underlines the cultural value of circus acts.

The other speakers were Laci Endresz, artistic director and producer of the Blackpool Tower Circus, Isabella Enoch of the well-known Danish Circus Dannebrog and Ute Classen whose company is involved in “culture management”. She organizes tours especially for innovative circus forms and gives them technical and administrative support. She would like to use the term “Fresh Circus”, the European variation of the French “Nouveau Cirque”.


Music is very important for the success of an act, but often it is badly chosen and, especially in the case of young performers, too sombre. Frequently, the staging of the acts is too dramatic whereas humour is missing. Another trend is the combination of techniques leading to so-called “Mixed Acts”, artists becoming more and more versatile. The costume is also decisive for the public appeal of an act. Cirque du Soleil inaugurated a tendency with a completely new form of costuming. In contrast to classical colourful costumes, the Nouveau Cirque made its artists perform “in T-shirts”, a trend that is now slowly reversed. The costumes of circus school graduates are still somewhat basic, whereas productions from Russia, for example, are getting nicer and nicer and Circus Roncalli has always attached great importance to elaborate costumes anyway.  Dance and choreography are becoming more and more important in the circus ring, and so is theatre technology with state of the art sound and lighting systems. Another development, though not of an artistic nature but causing many problems is the increase of regulations and guidelines making circus life more and more difficult. In many cities, the traditional way of advertising via circus posters is banned and it is not so easy to find appropriate circus sites, either.

Finally, quality differences between circuses were discussed. The open European borders make it possible that circuses with a bad programme negatively influence the public appreciation of circus in a country where this art form still has a high cultural position. Maybe a licence system might prevent such dishonest competition.


Eduard Gelazarov demonstrates how his act was put together. Photo by courtesy of ECA

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11 November 2008

The Danish equestrienne Susanne Berdino will in December perform at a Christmas Circus in Holland with 8 Arab horses from Circus Arena’s stables.


Suzanne Berdino with three Arabian horses. Photo from 2006

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9 November 2008


The CIRQUE PINDER, management and ownership GILBERT EDELSTEIN, presents a fabulous X-mas entertainment, with a real solid and pleasant program in their BIG TOP featuring:

Monsieur LOYAL - FREDERIC COLNOT who accompanies the acts with judicious and pedagogic comments.

Sacha Houcke with exotics: camels, zebras, lamas mixed with fjord horses and donkeys.

Norma and Daniel, Argentine folklore, drums and bolas.

Old Regnas, a favorite with the audience, presenting a comic act with donkey, dogs and ... many acrobatic falls!

The Formen, fantastic acrobats with hand to hand and hand to head stunts.

Spanish famous clowns Rudy Llata with a modernized version of the entrance with the washing machine - this time --- a parody based on electronics.

Sacha Houcke, now with the elephants of Cirque Pinder, very impressive and a good example of good animal training.

The Mendoza, daring trapeze artists in the flying trapeze.

FREDERIC EDELSTEIN, the only one in the world to present a mixed group of 16 lions and tigers, in a wonderful setting of colors, lights and musical background - enjoyable !!!

SOPHIE EDELSTEIN accompanied by 5 acrobatic dancers and her Big Illusions, Las Vegas style -

a breath-taking act.

Troupe Zhuk, agile acrobats on high bar.

Alona, 17, in a fantastic acrobatic-balancing act.

Navas Brothers featuring the WHEEL OF DEATH, with seldom seen stunts as salto backwards and forwards on the outside of one wheel.

An excellent evening, where organization, welcome of public and the technical side also worked well.


----------------------------- REPORTED BY ZARRO ZARRO

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6 November 2008

Zirkus Nemo. Here comes the complete list of performing artist at the Danish variety theatre show Zirkus Nemo which is touring theatres, concert halls until the end of February:

Soren Ostergaard, Danish actor and comedian, owner of Zirkus Nemo.

Preben Palsgaard, Danish ventriloquist. Click here to read more about Preben.

Peter Rosendahl, monobike act from Sweden.  Click here to read more about Peter.

Kasper Jensen, mime, Danish, participated in the Danish version of Star Search a couple of years ago. Click here to read more about Kasper.

Wenzel Zalmov (Per Mikkelsen) run-ins. Wenzel has earlier toured with the tented version of Zirkus Nemo. Click here to read more about

Glen Nicolodi, handstand. Glen toured with Zirkus Nemo in 2007. Click here to se a video from Glen’s performance.

Susanne de Cruz and Jennifer Francois, comical trapeze from France.


The ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard in a shortie

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5 November 2008

Proposal for Danish Code of Conduct for animals in circuses. In principle Danish legislation does not permit a circus to present wild animal acts. Only domestic animals are permitted. However, the Ministry of Justice can grant exemptions. And by tradition such exemptions have been granted for elephants and sealions but not for lions, tigers and other big cats. In 2003 a committee suggested that such exemptions should not be granted any longer resulting in a ban of elephants and sealions in Danish circuses.

However many Danes wanted to protect the rights of circuses and trainers to continue to present animals as part of the classical circus. And the Minster of Justice did listen to their arguments and established in March 2007 a working group and asked them to consider the matter and deliver a report.

In the working group the Danish circuses was represented first by Suzanne Berdino and later by Klaus Jochumsen (manager of Circus Arena).

The working group delivered their report with proposal for future rules on 3 November. 

According to the proposal it will still be possible to present elephants and sealions in circuses in Denmark. And it will still be impossible to present bears, big cats etc.

The proposal is not unanimously as three members of the working group were in favour of a total ban of elephants and sealions in circuses. The other members saw no reason for such ban if animals can be ensured good living conditions.

Many of the working group’s proposals are in line with the ECA code of conduct.

Animals must be housed as appropriate for their species. They must be provided with protection from the weather, a clean dry stables / living area, fresh bedding, and freedom of movement within their enclosure. Suitable barriers must be in place between the public and the animals. Specific requirements are set for each specimen:

As for elephants the floor-to-ceiling height in their transport vehicle shall be no less then 3.2 meter and the floor not less than 20 square metres. When touring the elephants shall at each circus lot have access to a pen of no less than 100 square metres to be increased to 150 square metres if more than two elephants in the pen. For each elephant an elephant groom shall watch the elephant whenever it is outside the transportation vehicle.

As for sealions they shall at each circus lot have access to a basin (tank) being at least 1.2 metres deep and holding at least 50 cubic metre of water.

Also for horses, camels, dogs, birds etc. the proposal contains specific requirements.

Transportation of animals must be appropriate for the species and individuals involved. Also here specific requirements are set up.

All animal training must be based on operant conditioning and the use of positive reinforcement and repetition of desired behaviours. Training should showcase individual animals’ natural behaviours and athletics. Training must not place an animal in danger nor cause physical injury or psychological stress.

The proposal have now been submitted to circuses, animal right organisation etc. for consideration. They are all invited to give their comments by 2 December 2008. Following that the Minster and the Government will consider the proposal from the working group.

It seems likely that the final rules set out by the Parliament and the Minister of Justice will be in line with the proposal from the working group. The rules will enter into force as of 1 January 2010.

Click here to download the report from the working group (only available in Danish).

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4 November 2008

Tiny German family Circus Astoria which’s entire staff consists of owner Richard Köllner and is family has spent most of season 2008 on Funen visiting small villages. Now they seem to be heading back for their native Germany. Ole Callesen meet Circus Astoria at the village Aller in the southern part of Jutland and took some photos of tent, equipment and performance. Click here to see these photos.


Circus Astoria visiting the village of  Aller

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3 November 2008

Arena Circusland is the name used by Danish Circus Arena when inviting the audience to visit their winter quarters at Aarslev, Slagelse. The visitors can visit the training ring, the sealion basin, working repair shops, stables with a lot of animals, a museum section, circus wagons, an area with moon bounces etc, pony and elephant riding etc. Two times every hour there are a show with sealions, horses, camels, dogs or goats.

Brian ”Briano” Behrendt and his family visited Arena Circusland on 2 November. They were welcomed by circus owner Benny Berdino and his staff and had a great day and took some photos.


Kim Benneweis with Circus Arena’s African elephants. Click here to see some more photos from Arena Circusland. Photos:  Rikke Threms

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3 November 2008

„People are queuing up again“ - Circus fans award Future Prize for the first time

On Saturday, October 25, the young circus director Sascha Melnjak from Kornwestheim (near Stuttgart) was awarded the Future Prize of the Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde e.V. (GCD). Two years ago, Melnjak (33) took over the well-known Zirkus Charles Knie from its founder of the same name, turning it in a short time into “one of the first circus addresses in Germany” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 13, 2008).

“With this distinction, we want to set a sign,” said the president of the circus fans, Helmut Grosscurth, during the award ceremony at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. “Sascha Melnjak presents classical circus with acrobats, clowns and many animal acts in a very attractive and modern style. With an orchestra, a show ballet and a slick moving show, his Zirkus Charles Knie faces the challenges of our times, guaranteeing best family entertainment also in future.” The appealing atmosphere in the unusual red and white tent facilities and especially circus manager Melnjak’s clever marketing strategies have contributed to the exceptionally high number of patrons: “People are queuing up again in front of the circus.”

Sascha Melnjak, who trained to be a businessman in wholesale and retail, does not perform in the ring himself, but concentrates on the management of his circus with 80 employees and 110 animals. At the very early age of six years, a visit to Circus Corty Althoff, equally at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart, infected him with the “circus fever” he never got rid of again. Since 1992, shortly after finishing his professional training, he travelled with Circus Romanza from Stuttgart as tour manager and media representative before gaining more experience with other circuses in Germany and Switzerland. With his business partner Uwe Gehrmann, he stages the annual Christmas Circus in Heilbronn, considered to be one of the greatest and most important Christmas circus events in Europe. He rates the distinction by the circus fans as another confirmation that “people like the way we are making circus and have developed and improved this show.” He feels “even stronger motivated for the future.”

German circus art has a history of more than 200 years. About 2,000 committed circus fans are members of the Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde e.V. (GCD), ensuring the future of the circus and publishing the monthly magazine “Circus Zeitung”. With their newly created Future Prize, the circus fans want to distinguish people who give a fresh impetus to the preservation of the circus culture now and in future. After consulting their members, the board and the advisory committee of the circus fans decided about the prize by a large majority.

For more than 50 years, the Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde e.V. with about 2,000 members has been actively supporting the preservation and cultivation of the circus as part of our cultural heritage. Its monthly magazine “Circus Zeitung”, local groups and meetings all over Germany, circus rallies and swap shops all contribute to the contact among the lovers of the circus ring and to raise public interest in this popular form of entertainment.


mid the show ballet of Zirkus Charles Knie: Young circus manager Sascha Melnjak (centre) has been awarded the first Future Prize of the Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde e. V., represented by its president Helmut Grosscurth and vice president Ulf Körber (left). 

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3 November 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS and now the Christmas circuses are coming.

From Paris the Swedish magician Zarro Zarro who has lived in Paris for many years writes:

PARIS is incontestably the very circus city in Europe - only here can you see about six circus shows for X-mas, and for the rest of the year you have two permanent Big Tops and others do come every now and then.


We saw:

Program presented by ALBERTO CAROLI and SERGIO - who else?

Circus Band conducted by PIERRE NOUVEAU, including on top of the percussion, brass and piano -- violin and cello, very original.

The circus ballet THE SALTO DANCERS, eight beautiful dancers in a stunning choreography, underlined the show effects of the acts.

The Acts:

Hans Ludwig Suppmeier with his tigers, one of them all white, not an albino but a rare species.

Tito Medina, clown with several funny entrées.

Natalia Kuznetsova, swinging trapeze, featuring stunning tricks which necessitate a safety line.

Duet Blues, clowns from Russia, also featuring an original juggling act with red basins instead of rings.

Boris Nikishkin, balancing acrobatic act in a very original setting.

Alesya Gulevich, hula hoop - the best I ever saw, she also is an accomplished acrobatic dancer.

Regina and Joseph Bouglione, cavalry.

Valentino Togni-Bouglione and Dimitri Bouglione, horses - and beautiful ones at that-

two Bouglione children, 7 and 9 years presented a white pony - with great success.

Bull Dancers, flying trapeze with extraordinary tricks on two levels of height.

Sampion Bouglione JR, accomplished juggler and tap dancer.

Vladislav Olandar, entered the ring on a uni-cycle and with a gorgeous white car on his shoulders - this was the start of a funny and appealing act with performing cats.

He was nicely assisted by his elegant partner.

To my mind, this act in itself was worth the ticket price ---- fantastic !!!!

Bladders, acrobats on rollers, sliding up and down an inclined, special structure, never seen before.

The Monastyrsky, Russian quick change act - marvelous and stunning-

The show is presented in the newly re-furbished CIRQUE D'HIVER, rue Amelie, easy to get to by metro or bus.



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31 October 2008

Soren Ostergaard will stage Circus Arena’s 2009 performance. Until 2007 it was Suzanne Berdino who staged Circus Arena’s performance. For 2009 Circus Arena has engaged the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard to stage the show.

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26. October 2008

Variety Trapeze  - Solund, 25 October. Isaballa Enoch and Bernhard Kaselowski are during the winter season producing a number of dinner shows in their beautifully decorated variety theatre tent. Performers at a very good show in Solund on 25 October was the Danish entertainer John Batz, The Melanie Girls (show dancers), The Peris (roller skates), Paul Chen (juggler and bike acrobat) and Elena and Ingo (aerial ring, tücher and a adagio entrée), Katja Enoch and Bernhard and his elephant Rambo.


Elane and Ingo. Photo from February 2008.

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26 October 2008

Zirkus Nemo. On 24 October I could tell that talented hand stand acrobat Glen Nicolodi with his tiny dog as assistant from November to end of February 2009 would tour theatres, concert halls all over Denmark as part of the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard’s variety theatre show Zirkus Nemo. Other artists touring with the Zirkus Nemo show are the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard, the Swedish born monobike acrobat Peter Rosendahl¸ who is called ”the fastest man on one wheel” and the French magician and comedian Otto Wessely. There might also be a juggler on tour with the show.

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24 October 2008

Got Talent 2008. Got Talent 2008 (in Danish Talent 2008) is the Danish version of the popular television show Got Talent.  The live final was broadcasted tonight. Among the participants was the 16 year old contortionist Merrylou Casselly. She was dressed as Pocahontas and the music was Colors of the Wind. Part of her entrée using her feet to hold a bow and arrow, fires and bursts a balloon dead centre was clearly inspired by bronze clown awarded Elayne Kramer from this year’s Monte Carlo Circus Festival. However winner of the competition was two dancers The Robot Boys with another dancer and a singer as number two and number three. However, through the show Merrylou have become both well-known and popular in Denmark and it seems likely that circus owner Benny Berdino of Circus Arena will present her contortion act in Circus Arena in 2009. Merrylou Casselly and her parents René and Alexia Casselly have worked for Benny Berdino since 2004. Marrylou presented first time a contortion entrée in 2004 in the Berdino produced Circus Bonbon. In 2006 she presented her spectacular Little Mermaid entrée in Circus Arena which that year presented a water spectacle.

Marylou Casselly at Circus Arena 2006

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24 October 2008

Zirkus Nemo is not a circus but a variety theatre show starring the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard and some real artist. This summer the show was presented in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens as Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Varity Theatre. From 2 November to 26 February another version of the show will tour theatres, concert halls etc. in Denmark. In most of the show you can apart from Soren Ostergard meet the talented hand stand acrobat Glen Nicolodi with his tiny dog as assistant. For the time being Glen Nicolodi is on tour with Finnish Circus Finlandia which does not close the season until 2 November. Due to this you will in stead of Glenn at the dress rehearsals 31 October and 1 November and at the opening night 2 November meet the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn. During the summer season Kenny and his wife Joan was a very successful star attraction at Soren Ostergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre. Kenny will also back up for Glen at a few other dates in November.

I have so far no information which artist you apart from Glenn Nicolodi/Kenny Quinn can meet at the show.

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23 October 2008

New wave circus: Sisyphus Ascending. From 23 October to 5 November you can at the Copenhagen Theatre Kaleidoskop see the performance ’Sisyphus Ascending’ starring the Danish new wave circus artist Lars Gregersen. It is a modern tale about conquering the monotony of repetition. ’Sisyphus Ascending’ is a modern stageart. A solo performance that has elements of theatre, circus techniques, dance and live music, all brought together to express a special vision of the myth of Sisyphus. After Copenhagen the performance will tour Denmark and hopefully also other countries. Click here to read more.

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22 October 2008


The big season has just started in October - mainly with a festival of New Circus which I was unable to see, being in Sweden and mostly Denmark. However, looking at the program - there were interesting shows, and of particular interest to see if they succeeded in combining circus and theatre 

The shows took place at the PELOUSE DE REUILLY, where the traditional Christmas circuses start in November.

In France there still exist a number of small family circuses, where the program is presented and performed by the whole family. I saw the CIRQUE LOYAL, probably the oldest one, direction/manager CLEMENT LOYAL whose name has come to represent THE RINGMASTER - so there is a MONSIEUR LOYAL in nearly every French circus 

This is a popular cultural phenomenon, certainly no sensations on the program but a very good entertainment allowing three generations to enjoy a nice and pleasant show including acrobats, jugglers, clowns and trained animals: horses, dogs, cats, goats,  exotic animals: zebras, camels, llamas, - and  sometimes a small group of tigers or lions, sometimes only one of them.

Now - these circuses have to be allowed a play-ground in the centre of town, to allow everybody about the same walking distance, if not - some people will not turn up, judging the distance too long to come there with small children.

It seems that this popular entertainment should be encouraged in every possible way - but alas - the locations are too often on the outskirts of town and the rent far too high.

I was told that some people, introducing themselves as "reporters" and after having got free tickets, indulged in bad and untrue reports, both concerning circus in general and particularly the keeping of animals. These circus people are on tour all the year around, and they have neither a postal address nor email - so they are unable to defend themselves. I would call this a stab in the back - and it certainly is a case for the ECA- president Mr ARI OUDENES to look into this issue.

Let us hope that this kind of good, healthy entertainment will long live and prosper !!!!!!

Reports later will include MAGIC SHOWS of which there is a number.

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23 October 2008

Successful International ECA Meeting in Warsaw

I have received the following press release in English, German and French. And since I have some visitors who have German or French as their native tongue please find the press release in all three languages:

A really international group came together during the ECA meeting in Warsaw on October 11, 2008, in conjunction with the 10th Circus Festival organized by Cyrk Zalewski. Host of this meeting was Zwiazek Pracodawców of Cyrku I Rozrywki (ZPR), the Polish circus association.

Among the guests at the magnificent Palac Prymasowski, the former bishops’ palace, were circus directors from Poland, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Hungary and Russia. Special guests were Jerzy Wenderlich, the vice-chairman of the culture and media committee of the Polish Parliament, and Zbigniew Krzywicki, a Polish veterinarian specialized in circus animals.

Stanislaw Zalewski, the chairman of ZPR, welcomed the participants. Most attention was devoted to the topic “Animals in the circus”. The Polish regulations for circus animals are very strict; thus it is stipulated for each species which tricks may be performed. It remained unclear if the Polish authorities apply the EU transport regulation for animals also to circus animals. ECA pointed out that circuses are excluded from this regulation. The EU passport for animals has been well elaborated and introduced in Poland.

Furthermore the organization of the European Circus Day was discussed. Next year, Polish circuses will also take part in it.

Members from other countries reported again that animal rights groups exert more and more pressure on circuses. Thus, Urs Pilz reported that PETA has started a complete campaign with flyers, DVDs and letters to prominent German citizens.

In order to stand up against such activities, it is important that ECA becomes more and more widely known with politicians and media as the European representative of the circus industry. Zalewski called upon all circuses to help by printing the ECA logo on their posters and in their programmes.

The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.

Gut besuchtes ECA-Treffen in Warschau

Eine wahrhaft internationale Gesellschaft versammelte sich am 11. Oktober 2008 in Warschau zu einem ECA-Treffen in Zusammenarbeit mit dem 10. vom Cyrk Zalewski organisierten dortigen Zirkusfestival. Gastgeber dieser Zusammenkunft war Zwiazek Pracodawców von der polnischen Zirkusvereinigung Cyrku i Rozrywki (ZPR).

Zirkusdirektoren aus Polen, Norwegen, Spanien, den Niederlanden, Deutschland, Frankreich, Dänemark, Ungarn und Russland konnten in dem prachtvollen Palac Prymasowski, dem ehemaligen Bischofspalast, begrüßt werden. Ehrengäste waren Jerzy Wenderlich, der stellvertretende Vorsitzende des Kultur- und Medienausschusses des polnischen Parlaments, sowie Zbigniew Krzywicki, ein auf Zirkusse spezialisierter polnischer Tierarzt.

Stanislaw Zalewski begrüßte als Vorsitzender der ZPR die Teilnehmer. Am meisten Aufmerksamkeit wurde dem Thema “Tiere im Zirkus” geschenkt. In Polen gehen die Vorschriften für Zirkustiere sehr weit; so ist für jede Tierart sogar genau festgelegt, welche Tricks ausgeführt werden dürfen. Nicht deutlich wurde, ob die polnischen Behörden die EU-Vorschriften für Tiertransporte auch auf Zirkusse anwenden. Die ECA betonte, dass Zirkusse von dieser Regelung ausgeschlossen sind. Die EU-weite Vorschrift über den Tierpass ist in Polen erfolgreich eingeführt worden.

Außerdem wurde über die Organisation des Europäischen Zirkustages gesprochen, an dem sich im kommenden Jahr auch polnische Zirkusse beteiligen wollen.

Mitglieder aus anderen Ländern haben erneut unterstrichen, dass der Druck von Tierrechtlern auf Zirkusse weiterhin zunimmt. So berichtete Urs Pilz, dass PETA eine umfangreiche Kampagne mit Flyern, DVDs und Briefen an prominente deutsche Staatsbürger begonnen hat.

Um sich dagegen wehren zu können, ist es wichtig, dass die ECA als europäischer Vertreter der Zirkusbranche bei Politikern und Medien noch bekannter wird. Zalewski rief alle Zirkusse dazu auf, sich daran zu beteiligen, indem sie das ECA-Logo auf ihren Plakaten und in ihren Programmheften abdrucken.

Die European Circus Association vertritt die Zirkusunternehmen Europas gegenüber Behörden und Öffentlichkeit. Sie will die Zirkuskunst und –kultur fördern und diesen wichtigen Teil unseres gemeinsamen kulturellen Erbes schützen. Der ECA-Vorsitzende Urs Pilz ist Vizepräsident und artistischer Direktor des Internationalen Zirkusfestivals in Monte Carlo. Zu den Mitgliedern zählen fast alle namhaften Zirkusunternehmen Europas.

Succès pour rencontre internationale de l’ECA à Varsovie


Des participants internationaux se sont réunis lors d’une rencontre de l’ECA le 11 octobre 2008 à Varsovie en coopération avec le 10e Festival du Cirque organisé par le Cyrk Zalewski. L’hôte de cette réunion était Zwiazek Pracodawców de Cyrku i Rozrywki (ZPR), l’association polonaise de cirques.

Au magnifique Palac Prymasowski, un ancien palais épiscopal, on a vu des directeurs de cirque de Pologne, de Norvège, d’Espagne, des Pays-Bas, d’Allemagne, de France, du Danemark, de Hongrie et de Russie. Des invités spéciaux étaient Jerzy Wenderlich, le vice-président du comité de la culture et des médias du parlement polonais, et Zbigniew Krzywicki, un vétérinaire polonais spécialisé dans les cirques.

Stanislaw Zalewski, président de ZPR, a souhaité la bienvenue aux participants. Les animaux au cirque étaient le thème central. Les règlements pour les animaux sont très stricts en Pologne; ainsi, il est précisément stipulé pour chaque espèce ce que les animaux peuvent apprendre. Il n’est pas devenu clair si les autorités polonaises appliquent les règlements de transport pour animaux de l’UE également aux cirques. L’ECA a souligné que les cirques sont exclus de cette directive. Le passeport animalier de l’UE a été bien introduit en Pologne.

En plus, on a parlé de l’organisation de la Journée Européenne du Cirque. En 2009, des cirques polonais y participeront également.

Des membres d’autres pays ont une fois de plus souligné que la pression par les activistes animaliers sur les cirques continue à accroître. Ainsi, Urs Pilz a raconté que PETA vient d’entamer une campagne complète avec des dépliants, des DVD et des lettres à des personnalités allemandes.

Pour se défendre contre de telles activités, il est important que l’ECA devienne de plus en plus connu auprès des hommes politiques et des médias comme représentante européenne du cirque. Zalewski a invité tous les cirques à y contribuer en imprimant le logo de l’ECA sur leurs affiches et dans leurs programmes.

La European Circus Association représente les cirques européens vis à vis des autorités et en public. Elle veut promouvoir l’art et la culture du cirque et protéger cette partie importante de notre héritage culturel. Urs Pilz, le président de l’ECA, est le vice président et directeur artistique du Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo. Presque tous les cirques renommés d’Europe sont membres de l’ECA.


From the  ECA-meeting in Warsaw. To the far left you can see the Danish agent Jörgen Börsch

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21 October 2008






 So far we have as far as I know not seen any of the winners in a Nordic circus.

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20 October 2008

Benny Schumann’s Mini Circus had during the school children’s autumn holiday in week 42 seventeen very well visited performance in the Copenhagen shopping mall Frederiksberg Centre. The audience (mainly kids with parents or grandparents) enjoyed seeing Benny as Elvis (using an inflatable body suit), as tight wire acrobat and as ventriloquist. They also enjoyed Wolfgang Lauenburger's wonderful dog show. I believe that 36-year old Wolfgang Lauenbuerger has a fair chance to be awarded a clown of bronze or silver when he in January participates in the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. Next year the Swedes can look forward to meet him at Swedish Circus Maximum being the leading circus in Sweden. – The shop owners at Frederiksberg Centre were very pleased by having Benny Schumann and his mini circus as free attraction. He has already been engaged for a Christmas performance called Christmas in Circus which can be seen in December at the Frederiksberg Centre.


Benny Schumann with one of his many fans (by he mind my oldest grandchild Liva) Click here to se s slideshow with photos from the performance.

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17 October 2008

In even years the EUROPEAN YOUTH CIRCUS FESTIVAL takes place in Wiesbaden in Germany. The festival is known as an excellent place to spot young talents with star quality. This year the festival will take place from 30 October to 2 November. Among the participants are the Danish bike acrobats The Haddie's Jr. Jr., alias Jimmy Enoch and his cousin Edward Enoch. Both are grandchildren of circus owner Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog. In his younger days Haddy and his wife Solvej presented an excellent bike act called The Haddies.

Apart from The Haddie's Jr. Jr. the participants in the festival will be


Alina Ruppel Kontorsion

Lili & Jessica Ruppel Handstandequilibristik

Duo Elja Trapez

Nicolai Kuntz Schwungtrapez

Chris Kiliano Strapaten


Kimmo Hietanen Schlappseil

Lotta & Stina Rola-Rola / Partnerakrobatik

Tiina Tuomisto Hula-Hoops


Agathe Tixier Strickleiter

Jeanne Durand Raucher Handstandequilibristik

Polinde Luftakrobatik

Duo Handz’up Hand-auf-Hand Akrobatik


Olga Guseva Vertikalseil


Richard Kahlig Jonglage


Acro Angels Akrobatik

Maria Sarach Kontorsion

Alexey Goloborodko Kontorsion

Veronika Teslenko Strapaten

Dolls Akrobatik


Mira & Esmeralda Trapez


Jonas Egli &

Konrad Utzinger Diabolo


Rony Gómez Jonglage

The participant from Latvia Olga Guseva is well-known to the audiences in Denmark: in 2005 she toured with Circus Baldoni and in 2007 and 2008 with Circus Arli. Recently she has been at Greenland with Circus Arena.

Olga Guseva in vertical rope. Photo from Circus Arli 2007

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17 October 2008

At Kolding Storcenter you could from 13 to 16 October meet the clown Jimmi Folco, the acrobat Olga Guseva, horses from Circus Arena’s stables and Martin Arli dressed in a in a horn suite playing jazz and classical music on honk-horns. On 17 and 18 October the artist will arrange work shops for the kids. The performance was produced by Circus Arena.

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14 October 2008

Awards to Paulina Schumann. The famous now retired equestrienne Paulina Schumann has been awarded two awards: On 15 October she will receive Medallas de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes from the Spanish King and on 25 October she will receive Premi Nacional de Circ 2008. Paulina Schumann was born in 1921. Her father was the famous clown Charlie Rivel.

Paulina Schumann

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2 October 2008

More about circus in week 42. 25 September I wrote about circuses in Q 4. Here is some additional information: Circus Kenny at the Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense has their opening night Friday 10 October. There are also performances on 11 October and from 13 to 18 October.

Circus Charlie will also be in Odense from 10 to 18 October as part of the child welfare days Funnydays event.

Circus Mascot will present short performances as free attraction at Bilka Super Market in Holstebro from 13 to 18 October. They will put up their tent at the parking lot. Apart from members of the Deleuran family you can meet the Danish clown Don Carlos (Mogens Koelmeyer).

You can find further information on those and other circus performances during the autumn at What's on


At Circus Mascot you can meet the clown Don Carlos

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1 October 2008

Circus Arena at Greenland. It is a tradition for Circus Arna to visit Greenland in the autumn with a special performance. This year the visit takes place in week 40. Performers are Nicky Viva blowing soap bubbles, Olga Guseva with an arial act, Betina Arli with hair hanging, the 14 year old juggler Oliver Berdino (Circus owner Benny Berdino’s grandson), the clown Jimmi Folco, the musical entertainer Martin Arli, Karsten Simmert with a comical acrobat act, Nicki with a balancing act, the Danish clown Bonbon and the magician Pjerrot (Ib Groth Rasmussen). The performance runs for 2 hours. Ringmaster is circus owner Benny Berdino.

Circus Arena will visit Ilulisat on 30 September, Aaiaat on 1 October, Sisimiut on 2 October, Maniitsoq on 3 October amd Nuuk on 5 October.

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1 October 2008

Renovation of the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Due to renovation the museum will be closed from week 43 and until mid February 2009.

The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen

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1 October 2008

International clowns at Bakken in 2009. The festival International Clowns took part from 16 to 22 August at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen. It was a success and Bakken have asked producer Benny Schumann to produce a similar show in august 2009.

25 September 2008

Circus in Q 4. When tiny Circus Mascot on 30 September closes their season at Thiese in the northern part of Jutland all the Danish circuses have closed season 2008. Two of them have during part of the season toured outside Denmark. Circus Arena had a unit touring Norway and has also visited Greenland. Circus Baldoni closed the season by visiting the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

However end of summer season does not mean the Danes can’t se circus until March 2009.

By tradition several shopping malls offer short circus performances as free attraction during the school children’s autumn holiday in week 42.

By far the largest of those autumn productions is Circus Kenny produced by Haddy Enoch (Circus Dannebrog) for the large Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense. This year you can meet Paul Chen with his bike act and with a juggling entrée. Furthermore you can meet Duo Peris from England/Spain with a roller skate act and an entrée with gradually inflating body suits. Last but not least you will meet Hans Petersen and his sealions.

At the Frederiksberg Shopping Centre in Copenhagen you can meet Benny Schumann’s Mini Circus which apart from Benny himself presents one of my favourite dog acts: Wolfgang Lauenburger and his dogs. Wolfgang and his dogs will be among the stars presented at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival in January 2009.   

At the shopping centre in Kolding, Jutland, you can see a performance produced by Circus Arena.

Circus Krone will visit a number of sport centres in the northern part of Jutland with a short autumn performance. The tiny circus will visit Aalborg, Dronninglund, Hjallerup, Frederikshavn, Vodskov, Sæby, Brønderslev, Læsø and Ryslinge.

Close to Slagelse at Zealand you can visit Arena Circusland at Circus Arenas winter quarter at Aarslev, Slagelse.

Circus Mascot will from 27 October to 2 November perform at the shopping mall Bytorv Horsens at Horsens, Jutland.

Late November Baldoni’s Christmas Circus will start their season performing at sport centres etc. at Zealand. René and Thessa Mönster will also put three units of Circus Nissesjov on tour. The Nissesjov units are mainly performing for children in kindergartens etc. and all performances are sold performances. A unit in Jutland will be presented by Martin Maiböll and Tonni Tips. Apart from Martin and Tony you will meet Duo Monro´s with juggling and handstand. The duo, whose name sometimes is spelled Monroe, has this summer toured with Circus Rhodin in Sweden. At Zealand there will be two units of Circus Nissesjov who jointly together in the week-ends will perform as Baldoni’s Christmas Circus. In one of the units you will meet the Varadi-family who toured with Baldoni this summer with dogs, juggling and plate spinning. Furthermore you will meet Diana Varadi's sister Eva Varadi making hula hoop and foot juggling. She toured with Danish Circus Krone in season 2007. The other unit will star a family from Czech with juggling, rola bola and an arial act. At Baldoni’s Christmas circus you will meet Thessa and Danilo as teasing elks and René as Father Christmas, assisted by his ventriloquist doll Anton Antonius.

Also Circus Krone will produce a Christmas circus from 24 November to 21 December.


At Circus Kenny you can among other artist meet Duo Peris. Photo fro Swedish Circus Olympia 2006.


At Baldoni’s Christmas Circus and in one unit of Circus Nissesjov you can among other artist meet the foot juggler Eva Varadi. Photo from Circus Krone’s 2007-performance

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19 September 2008

Got Talent 2008. Got Talent (In Danish Talent) is the Danish version of the popular television show Got Talent. During the first 5 shows 4 acrobats was permitted to continue in the competition: the bike acrobats Jimmy and Edward Enoch, the contortionist Marylou Casselly and the male hula hoop acrobat Lasse Knattrup Sorensen. The two Enoch cousins and Marylou Casselly are professional acrobats who have performed in many countries. Lasse Knattrup Sorensen is a non-professional. He is 24 year year old and is studying German and Spanish at Aalborg University. During the show tonight the judges decided to that they would like to see Marylou Casselly and Lasse Knattrup Sorensen in the semi-finals. The two Enochs are out of the competition.

Lasse Knattrup Sorensen has told me that his great idol is Yelena Larkina. However, he was also very impressed when he in 2005 in Circus Benneweis saw Anton Monastyrsky and could see that hula hoop not only was for girls. Nice that also a non-professional acrobat could continue in the competition.

Lasse Knattrup Sorensen

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19 September 2008

When the Enoch family on 21 September has the last performance this year in Circus Dannebrog they will only get 3 weeks off before they have another production: By tradition circus owner Haddy Enoch produces at the Rosengaard Shopping Centre at Odense Circus Kenny during the school kids autumn holiday. Amongst the performers this year is the German bike acrobat Paul Chen from Berlin. Since early June Paul Chen has performed at the Tivoli Variety Theatre in Copenhagen with his elegant bike act. In week 42 it is the people of Odense who can enjoy meeting the talented young artist.

After Odense Paul Chen goes to Rügen in the northern part of Germany to participate in a Christmas show until 31 December 2008. For the first two months in 2009 he will be at the APOLLO VARIETÉ in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Paul Chen – now at the Tivoli Gardens but soon in Odense

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19 September 2008

Joan and Kenny Quinn, Danish world class gentleman thieves, tells that they have had a wonderful summer season in Tivoli where they have been part of Soren Ostergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre at Glass Hall Theatre in the Tivoli Gardens. Last performance will be 20 September as Tivoli close the summer season. In December you can meet Joan and Kenny at VARIETE STARCLUB in FULDA, Germany. Following Fulda they will go to Ravensburg in the southern part of Germany in order to participate at Ravensburger Christmas Circus from 25. 12 - 4.1.2009, see more at In January they will be at Dinner-show BUENISSIMO, see more at”

Joan and Kenny Quinn

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16. september 2008

New tent to the Circus Museum at Hvidovre. Copenhagen. It has been known for a while that Danish Circus Baldoni was negotiating with the Circus Museum regarding the museum’s purchase of Baldoni’s tent. The museum has now confirmed that a deal is signed. The tent will be used by the Hvidovre youth circus Circus Arcus and by the museum itself for special purposes. It is a 4 pole tent from 2006 with a diameter of 26 meter. With the Baldoni seating it seated 600 persons. However stringers and floor seats are not part of the deal. René and Thessa Moenster of Circus Baldiní will purchase a new tent for their circus for 2009. They might also get new seating.

From 2006 to 2008 Circus Baldoni. From 2009: Circus Arcus and special arrangements at the Circus Museum. Photo: Per Krogh Petersen

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12 September 2008

Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys can celebrate his 60 years birthday. Hans Vedel writes: On 13 September the talented German social education worker and animal trainer Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys reach sixty. Deep in his heart he had hoped that the birthday could be celebrated in the ring at No Name Circus at Solbjerg where he since 2005 has done a great job. He had hoped to end his career by creating a small but good circus in the Northern part of Jutland but has to realise that dreams not always come through. However life goes on. Bjoern and his girlfriend Michaela will stay in Denmark. They have just bought a nice house and Bjoern is back with his favourite job: to trains animals and to help young persons with social problems. With the photo below from season closing 2007 at No Name where my child, my grandchild and my great grandchild says hallo to Bjoern, one third of his pig act and Erling Bøgh I wish Bjoern a happy birthday and many goods years.

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12 September 2008

Benny Berdino purchase equipment from another foreign show. A couple of years ago Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena bought the entire equipment from Austrian Circus Althoff Jacobi. He kept some of the equipment but a good part was sold with a probably nice profit to Mr. Berdino. For some weeks it has been known that he was negotiating another deal from a member of the Knie family. Someone guessed that it could be Louis Knie Junior Circus Nationale or Österreichischer Nationalcircus Louis Knie. Probably with members of the Berdino family as source Kenneth Severinsen tells at his website that it is the Circus Salta Natale which Benny Berdino has bought from Gregory and Rolf Knie. Rolf Knie (born 1949) and his son Gregory (Born 1977) established Circus Salda Natale as a winter circus in 2002. Read more about Rolf Knie at

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9 September 2008

First night for Martis Brothers at Benneweis. As mentioned on this page on 7 September the young Italian Martis Brothers will from 9 to 14 September replace Liazeed in this year’s performance at Danish Circus Benneweis. The audience was very pleased with the two young super talents when they on 9 September 2008 first time ever performed in Denmark.

Martis Brothers. Click here to see more photos from their performance

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8 September 2008

With approximately 1,000 visitors in the tent Circus Arena closed season 2008 on 7 September in Koge. This year Circus Arena has visited 107 towns all over Denmark and given 197 performances. It is undoubtedly that Circus Arena has a larger audience than any of their competitors. They are selling a lot of tickets to firms and have a much higher advertisement budget than any of their competitors. Immediately after the performance the tent was pulled down and together with other equipment taken to Holland where it from 10 September shall be used for at festival. It is part of Benny Berdino’s business concept to try to use as much of the equipment as possible during the entire year and not just durig the summer season in Denmark.

Arena Circusland in the winter quarter at Slagelse will open the doors for the public every week-end from 11 October to 22 February 2009.

One of the top acts at Arena in 2008 were Kong Haitao and Fang Lili.

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7 September 2008

The Liazeed is replaced by Martis Brothers. From 9 to 14 September the young and talented Italian Martis Brothers will replace Liazeed in this year’s performance at Circus Benneweis. Benneweis is for the time being in Copenhagen where they will close season 2008 in Copenhagen on 14 September.

The Liazeed comes from Jamaica and consists of father and daughter, Omar and Zaida Liazeed, and Zaida’s fiancé Francisco who is from Cuba. Francisco joined the act a couple of years ago. Since first developing their hand balancing act in Spain in 1980 Omar Liazeed and his daughter Zaida have toured most of the world. Zaida is born in 1970, In 1984 she was awarded Best Young Talent of the Year. Now she is 38 and Omar has turned sixty. They are still doing a great act. But to perform a great handstand act is not as easy as when they were younger. On 27 July Zaida had a bad accident: During the trick when her father walks around carrying Zaida upside down in his hand she fell down and hit the ring with her shoulder. Luckily enough nothing was broken but her shoulder was strained and she was unable to work for at while. Now this trick has been taken out of their act. At Circus Benneweis’ opening night in Copenhagen on 5 September it looked at bit as Omar is preparing to leave the act. Some of the tricks performed by Omar at seasons opening in March were now done by Francisco. My guess is that Omar will leave the act which then can continue for some years with Zaida and Francisco. They might in the future prefer jobs at galas and variety theatres for the physical more demanding tour with a travelling circus.

Some weeks ago the Liazeed asked Diana Benneweis for permission to stop some days before close of season as the wanted a short holiday before their next engagement.

As a replacement Diana Benneweis has managed to engage two young, good-looking and super talented Italians: Martis Brothers who during season 2008 has carried the audience at Norwegian Circus Merino away. Circus Merano is closing season 2008 in Oslo on 7 September. From 9 to 14 September you can meet the two young super talents and rising stars at Circus Benneweis in Copenhagen.

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2 September 2008

Broad Support for the European Circus Association. ECA has send out the following press release:

The field of activities of the European Circus Association, ECA, is getting larger and larger and thus also more and more expensive.

To ensure a sound financial basis, the ECA members decided during their annual general meeting in Monaco in 2005 to create the category of “Board membership“.

Those board members commit themselves to paying an annual membership fee of € 3,000. They get the same information as the executive board members and are also invited to all ECA meetings, but they do not have the commitments of the daily board work. If they want to, their companies are also named on the ECA writing paper and homepage.

The executive board members are annually elected by all members and form the real governing committee.

In the past few months, Circ & Variete Globus from Romania, Circus Roncalli from Germany and Circo Victor Hugo Cardinali from Portugal have decided to become ECA board members, bringing their total number to 18.

Once more we see that leading European circuses appreciate and support the ECA activities.

The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are ECA members.

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2 September 2008

Fédération Mondiale du Cirque announces Winner of Worldwide Logo Competition

After a review of thirty-three entries from France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA, S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie of Monaco named Richard Molinier's logo design as the winner.

The new logo is a tri-colour design with a performing horse, flying trapeze artists and a clown's face under a circus tent set against a map of the world 

"I tried to symbolize the heart of the circus with a horse, trapeze and clown," wrote designer Molinier of L'Isle-sur-Tarn, France. A life-long circus enthusiast and friend to many European circus artists, Molinier explained that some of his fondest childhood memories were trips with his uncle to the circus.   A member of the French Club du Cirque, he is a strong supporter of the circus, including animals and humans working together. He closed his letter of submission for the competition with a hearty "Vive le cirque!"

"We were thrilled with the response to our logo competition and very impressed with the diversity of designs," said Laura van der Meer, Executive Director of the Federation.   "Narrowing down the selection to five for the Princess was a difficult task, but I think her choice captures the global circus community uniting under one Big Top."  The new logo is incorporated into the Federation website at or gør links aktive

The Federation was launched in January 2008 as a non-profit association of circus organizations. Inspired by the late Prince Rainier III of Monaco, it operates under the patronage of his daughter, S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie. Its goal is to bring together the global circus community in order to promote and preserve circus arts and culture around the world

Founding Members of the Federation comprise the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, the Outdoor Amusement Business Association of the USA, the European Circus Association, the Circus Federation of Australia, the Animal Interest Alliance of South Africa, and the Canadian based En Piste.

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29 August 2008

Circus Dannebrog had their opening night in Copenhagen on 29 August. Per Krogh Petersen have taken a lot of photos of tent, wagons and other equipment at the circus lot at ’Trianglen’. Click here to see those photos,

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28 August 2008

Old Benneweis programmes for sale. At Benneweis' winter quarter in Dronningmølle Dawid Benneweis has found some programmes from earlier seasons. It is possible to purchase those programmes in connection with the open day event at the Copenhagen circus lot ‘Bellahoj’ on 6 September from 10 to 12. If you are a collector and happen to be in Copenhagen you have a possibility to supplement your collection. The oldest programme for sale is as far as I know from 1969.

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28 August 2008

Denmark is a kingdom in northern part Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The tented circus season in Denmark, Norway and Sweden runs from March to September. It is in general too cold to continue performances in tents in October and November. Among the Danish circuses Circus Arli had its final stand for this season on 27 August. Circus Baldoni had their final stand on their tented tour 28 August. The tour will continue until 16 September in sporting centres etc. at Faroe Island and Iceland. Circus Arena will close its season on 7 September in Koge south of Copenhagen. Circus Benneweis will close its season 14 September in Copenhagen. Circus Krone will close its season on 21 September in Aale. Circus Dannebrog will be in Copenhagen until 14 September and will close the season about a week later somewhere in the southern part of Jutland. Circus Mascot will as the last of the Danish circuses close its season on 30 September. Several of the circuses will be active during the winter season with performance at shopping malls etc. The German family circus Renz-Berlin has toured Denmark since the summer 2006. In 2008 they have toured Jutland and Funen. They will probably close their season with Christmas circus performances in Copenhagen as they did in 2006.


Rene Mönster of Circus Baldoni has sent me this photo of his tent at one of the last lots visited this season. The tent have been sold and Baldoni will get a new tent for season 2009

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21 August 2008

Got Talent 2008. Got Talent (In Danish Talent) is the Danish version of the popular British television show Got Talent. It is a search for Denmark’s best talent act, featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, artists and other talents of all ages. It is for the time being broadcasted by DR TV. Anyone who believed they have talent was encouraged to audition DR TV had hoped also to find some young and unknown acrobats. But in order to get talents they have also permitted professional acrobats to try their luck. On 21 August you could meet Marylou Casselly presenting the same contortion act dressed as a mermaid as she presented at Circus Arena in 2006. 16-years old Marylou is daughter of René and Alexis Casselly, winners of a silver clown at this year's Monte Carlo Festival. She continues in the competition. Less luck has 18 year old rola-bola acrobat Daniel Deleuran of Circus Mascot. He presented a nice act, but not nice enough to please the judges.

Marylou Casselly performing at Circus Arena 2006

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21 August 2008

When medium-sized Danish Circus Baldoni has given their performance 28 August in Køng they will tear down the tent for the last time this season. They will continue the season touring the Faroe Island and Iceland where they will perform in sports centres etc. Performers will be the same as for the Danish tour apart from the Varadi Family. One of Varadi’s acts is a dog act. And it is too difficult (or even impossible) to get permission to bring dogs from Denmark to the Faroe Island and Iceland. As replacement Martin Maiböll will present his entrée as the man in the balloon.

Circus Baldoni had last autumn a very successful visit to the Faroe Islands. The have never before visited Iceland. But the owner was daily manager for Circus Arena when they in 1986 visited Iceland. At that time Circus Arena had full houses 10 days in row in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Baldoni is however not the only circus planning a visit to Iceland in 2008: also Norwegian Circus Agora has plans for such a visit.

The Danes can meet Circus Baldoni again by the end of they year when they present a Christmas circus in some towns at Zealand.

Martin Maiböll at the man in the balloon. Photo from Circus Baldoni 2007

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18 august 2008

International clowns at Bakken.  As mentioned 13 August Benny Schumann is after one year’s break back as artistically director of a clown festival at the amusement park ’Bakken’ north of Copenhagen. The festival took part from 16 to 22 August. You met Clowns Pilula with their entrée with a pram which if lifted up in the air and used as a trapeze, Benny Schumann as ventriloquist and Florin with his dog Cato. The last act was one of the greatest living clowns: Toto Chabri assisted by his wife Nora and his partner Gregory. Toto Chabri was with good reason awarded the title honour artist of the year.

Toto Chabri & Co. Click here to see more photos from the festival.

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15 August 2008

Open day at Circus Benneweis on 6 September at the Copenhagen circus lot Bellahoj. When Circus Benneweis this summer visited Aarhus, they invited to a very successful and well visited Open Day event.

Due to this the Open Day event will be repeated on 6 September when Circus Benneweis is in Copenhagen. It takes place from 10 to 12, and there is free entrance. You can get a guided tour at the circus lot, see the artists train in the tent, ask questions and meet other circus friends. You can meet representatives for the association of Danish Circus Friends and for the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. A number of circus books will be for sale. Some of them you can even get inscribed by the authors. Also some Benneweis programmes from former seasons will be for sale.

For foreign circus fans considering a visit to Wonderful Copenhagen the first week-end in September is a very good choice. Apart from Circus Benneweis you can in Copenhagen find Circus Dannebrog and in the Copenhagen suburbs Circus Arena. Ant there are international artist in Soren Ostergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre at the Glass Hall Theatre in the Tivoli Gardens.

Circus Benneweis at the circus lot ”Bellahoj”. Photo from 2006. Photo: Arne Magnussen/Circus Benneweis

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13 August 2008

International clowns at Bakken. Benny Schumann presents a number of international clowns at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen from 16 to 24 August. You can meet

v     Toto Chabri and Company (Toto and Nora Chabri and their partner Gregory Rousseau)

v     The clown Florin with his dog Cato.  

v     The 2 Clowns Pilula

v     The Danish comedian Tøffe

v     Benny Schumann himself

Performances take place at the Open Air Stage every day at 17:30 and 19:30, 21 August however only at 17:30

Next to the Open Air Stage the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, present a special exhibition in honour of the late Konrad Thurano (Konrad Thur) who died earlier this year and who several times performed at Bakken.

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8 August 2008

Liazeeds back in the ring again. After the accident in Circus Benneweis in Sønderborg on 27 July where Zaida fall down and got a strained shoulder the troupe have for some days been unable to perform. In stead Finnish acrobat Salima Peippo in addition to her entrée in vertical rope presented a very poetic hula-hoop entrée. But now is Zaida again fit for fight. And the Benneweis audience can again meet one of the world’s most spectacular hand stand acts.

 Liazeed_amfoto_low.jpg (14929 bytes)

The Liazeed. Photo: Arne Magnussen. By courtesy of Circus Benneweis

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5 August 2008

A storm in Denmark and the southern part of Sweden 4 August resulted in problems for several circuses. Circus Arena which was visiting Ronne at the Isle of Bornholm had to cancel the performance.   In Scandia in the southern part of Sweden the gale caused problems for Circus Olympia which was visiting Smygehamn. It was impossible to get up their big top. And without a tent no performance. In Lomma the leading Swedish circus Circus Maximum managed to get up their big top. But to get it down again without causing damage at the tent was mighty difficult. Circus Dannebrog was visiting the harbour city Blaavand in Jutland and the tent was raised only a few meters from the North Sea. Dannebrog had also performed at Blaavand Sunday evening. Thus, the tent was up. But it was very difficult and time consuming the get it down after the performance. In Helsinge in the northern part of Zealand the youth circus Circus Kanutski’s tent was badly damaged by the storm.

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4 August 2008

Alexander Arli, grandson of Soren Arli of tiny Danish Circus Arli is a very skilled artist who easily gets engagements during the winter season. In 2007 he had great success in at revue/variety theatre performance in Herning, Jutland, together with the Danish actor Jan Schou and others. When Circus Arli end their summer season on 27 August Alexander will once again show his many talents as acrobat and dancer in a show produced by Jan Schou. This year the show can be seen at Menstrup Inn in the southern part of Zealand each Friday and Saturday from 5 September to 8 November.

As mentioned Circus Arli will close their season on 27 August. For many years the Arli family has stopped their season late August as the number of visitors by experience drops down in September. Their performers will continue to other engagements. Alexander Arli as mentioned to the revue at Menstrup.

Olga Guseva and Andrejs Fjodorovs who has toured with Circus Arli this summer will take part in performances produced by Circus Charlie in connection with the Aarhus Festival. During the first week of September, the Aarhus Festival presents a wealth of local, national, and international performances. There is something for every possible taste to be seen or heard in Denmark's second-largest city. The Aarhus Festival is among the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and showcases both local, national and international artists. The Aarhus Festival was first held in September 1965 and has developed into both an international festival and a major local cultural event.

The Magic Mirrors Pavilion at the festival presents a wide range of highly enjoyable events including a Night Cabaret. Performers at the Night Cabaret this year are the comical magician Otto Wessely from France, the arial acrobat Rustam Tsodikov from White Russia, the entertainers Lost Locos from Latin America and the Danish magician Michael Deutsch.

 scoutur2008_low.jpg (90882 bytes)

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1 August 2008

Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys stops at No Name Circus. The skilled horse trainer and former trick rider Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys has as of 1 August terminated his co-operation with Team LA and its owner Luffe Bögh. He began working for the Team La circus project called Circus No Name in April 2005. After Kim Benneweis left Circus No Name Bjoern presented the 6 camels owned by Bernhardt Kaselowsky. In 2006 he builded up the tent used for the permanent Circus No Name in the Team LA park in the northern part of Jutland. They acquired more and more animals. Today there are about 40 animals in No Name Circus’ stables. Apart from Luffe Bögh's ponies all of the animals are trained by Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys. In season 2008 Bjoern has trained and presented Big and Small (horses), 4 liberty horses, a Da Capo horse, tree pigs in a comical entrée and the bull “Beef”. An act with chickens was presented by Bjoern's girlfriend Michaela. All animal acts are now presented by Jesper Vestergaard and Luffe Bögh.

Bjoern has the major part of the credit for making No Name Circus a “real” circus. Time will show if No Name Circus can continue without Bjoern of if it after a while will end up as No Circus. Team LA was established in 1985 as an institution for socially handicapped young persons. As part of the project No Name Circus was established in 2005. The youngsters help with taking care of and training of the animals etc.  

 noname_bjoern_2008.jpg (17395 bytes)

Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys with the bull Beef. Photo: Hans Vedel

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30 July 2008

Circus Mascot. Circus Mascot which calls itself ”Denmark’s family circus” is for the time being touring Zealand. As always they present a nice and family friendly performance. The owner Jess Deleuran is ringmaster and presents his liberty ponies. His wife Marianne presents her dogs – not only poodles but all sorts of breeds. Furthermore she is whitefaced clown in the final act in the performance. The owner couples youngest son Andreas assists the clown Gulio. Their elder son Daniel is a skilled multi-acrobat. This year his has a fine juggling entrée, juggling with 7 balls. And furthermore he presents a nice balancing act on slack wire. There are also a number of foreign acrobats. Miss Svitlana is a contortionist, Oksana Fabrykowa present a beautiful act in vertical rope. Miss Tanya present pigeons in a classical pigeon entrée. Dressed as spidermen the Kamenski Bros has a great trampoline entrée. 5 year old Husik is doing hula hoop. And his father Gulio who have been with Mascot for 6 years is doing a lot of good run-ins. His contact to the audience is marvellous. And they love him! Click here to see a slideshow from performance on 29 July at Kr. Hyllinge.

Click here to se some photos taken by Per Krogh Petersen of tent and equipment.

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28 July 2008

Sealions in Sommerland Syd at Tinglev. At the amusement park Sommerland Syd in the southern part of Jutland you can meet Pete Harrison who assisted by his son present sealions. For many years Clarrisons sealions, presented by Pete and his wife Claire, was on of the best sealion acts in Europe. The act was handed over to Claire's son Ingo Stiebner. In the alter years you have med Pete Harrison with a comical dog act called Harrisons Hot Dogs. But now he seems to be back in the sealion business.

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27 July 2008

Accident for Zaida Liazeed. At a performance in Circus Benneweis 27 July at 17 Zaida Liazeed had an accident. During the trick when her father walks around carrying Zaida upside down in his hand (see photo) she fell down and hit the ring with her shoulder. She was taken to the hospital. Luckily enough nothing was broken but her shoulder was strained. She is expected to be back in the ring in about one week. The Liazeed’s world class hand balancing act is the last act in this year’s Benneweis performance.

 liazeed_2_amfoto.jpg (11929 bytes)

During this trick Zaida Liazeed fall to the ring. Photo: Arne Magnussen. By courtesy of Circus Benneweis

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27 July 2008

Mihailovits. - I am looking for information about my family Mihailovits, Vivian Davidsen (born Mihailovits) writes. Fenenc Mihailovits born 10th of February 1914 in Budapest (my father), Ivan Mihailovits born 24th of February 1920 in Budapest (my uncle) and Miklos Mihailovits born 20th of October 1922 in Budapest (my uncle). They were all artists and have performed together in Copenhagen in 1942, 1944 and 1945. The used the name 3 Mihalovits or Mihailovits Brothers. There parents were:

Ferens Mihailovits born 23rd of May 1989 in Budapest

Margarete (Margit) Mihailovits born Rátz in Budapest (no date of birth)

They have lived on this address at least from 1941 to 1945: VII Nagyatàdi Szabó-U,4 (in Budapest.) I will be grateful if it is possible to find anything about my family, for instance if I have any brothers, sisters or cousins I could get in contact with. Off course, it is very doubtful if my father or his brothers are still alive.

Send me an email if you have information about Vivian’s father or the Mihailovits Brothers.

 mihalovits_low.jpg (65976 bytes)

3 Mihailovits.

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23 July 2008

Circus Charlie at the harbour at Thisted, Jutland. From the northern part of Jutland Lasse Knattrup Sorensen writes:

Since 13 July Circus Charlie have performed at the harbour in Thisted only a few meters from the Limfjord inlet. The guest performance is arranged in co-operation with the Thisted Tourist Office wanting to establish a circus school for the many visitors from especially Norway. However according to circus owner Einar Trie most of the visitors are from Denmark.

It is a non-animal performance. Apart from Einar Trie the performers are a group of young people, 8 girls and a boy, all of them between 6 and 20 years of age and coming from Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. The performance does not run as an ordinary circus performance. There is no opening act neither a grand finale, no grooms and as mentioned no animals, just the young artists. Einar Tries himself is clown and two assistants take care of sound and light. Despite of this the performers are fairly good although you can see that some of them still are in a training process.

The first part of the performance consist of a hand stand entrée by the girl Oksana, an act in arial ring, two girls in a nice act in arial straps, a juggler with cigar boxes, a hula hoop act and several runs-ins with Einar Trie as comedian and magician.

In the second part of the performance you met a 6 years old girl with another hula hoop entrée (not as good as the entrée in the first part of the performance), another act in arial straps (same girls as in the first part of the performance), a very good contortion act by two girls from Lithuania (one of them Oksana), several run-ins with Einer Trie and as last act a skipping entrée involving all performers.

All in all a nice show especially appealing to smaller kids.

Circus Charlie can be seen at the harbour at Thisted until Sunday 10 August.

 cirkus_charlie_c_2008_low.jpg (54335 bytes)

cirkus_charlie_a_2008_low.jpg (49889 bytes)

cirkus_charlie_b_2008_low.jpg (54328 bytes)

Above: Circus Charlie’s tent at Thisted. Below photos from the performances. All photos taken by Lasse Knattrup Sorensen

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22 July 2008


The New Nordic Circus Network founded in 2007 by contemporary circus operators of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, will organise two artistic laboratories during Autumn 2008 with the title Juggling the Arts. One artistic project from each country is selected by the mentor team. The artists and projects selected will participate in both laboratories and will be granted a production support. The project is funded by a grant of Kulturkontakt Nord.

The partners in Juggling the Arts are:

Finland, Cirko Centre for New Circus. Mentor: juggler-director Maksim Komaro

Norway, SIRKUNST network. Mentor: director Sverre Waage

Sweden, Cirkus Cirkör / Subtopia. Mentor: director-professor Tilde Björfors

Denmark, Copenhagen International Theatre (KIT). Mentor: choreographer-dancer Kitt Johnson

Guest mentor: director-researcher Jean-Michel Guy (FR)

The objectives of Juggling the Arts are e.g. to:

offer artistic and financial support to Nordic contemporary circus projects

to support dialogue and building of connections and networks among Nordic contemporary circus artists and programmers

to support the development of creativity and professionalism within the contemporary circus field in the Nordic countries

Juggling the Arts give Nordic artists the opportunity to have 2 one-week residencies to work on their project. The artistic teams have the opportunity to test ideas, to get inspiration and feedback from the mentors involved as well as from their Nordic colleagues. Afterwards the artistic teams receive a production support as well as support from the partners of the New Nordic Circus Network in terms of presentation and distribution aid on a national, Nordic and an international level.


1. An Open Call for proposals until July 20thh 2008

An open call for professional Nordic artists (circus artists, circus oriented choreographers and theatre directors) to propose their artistic projects to the mentoring team. Proposals will be given through the form included in this message.

2. Selection on July 21st 2008

The criterions for the selection made by the mentoring team will be artistic. One proposal from each country will be selected. Information of the selection will be delivered to the selected applicants on July 28st 2008 at the latest.

3. Artistic laboratories

The artistic teams of the selected projects will be invited to participate to the artistic laboratories at the premises of Subtopia in Alby/Botkyrka in Sweden in two periods. The first laboratory will take place on September 15th-19th and the second on November 7th-11th 2008.

The travel and transportation costs as well as the accommodation and meals will be covered by Juggling the Arts.

During the laboratory periods the artistic proposals will be evaluated and supported through discussions and workshops given by the mentoring team. The results of the laboratories will be presented in an open performance at the end of the second laboratory period.

4. Development work and possibilities for performing

The artistic development continues in each country with the financial aid (2500-5000 euros) granted by Juggling the Arts.

The members of the New Nordic Circus Network will continue to support the artistic projects by trying to provide additional production aid from national sources, by international promotion of the artistic projects as well by presenting the projects in their festival programmes during 2009.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 July 2008

CIRKUS TRAPEZE at Family Park West at Hee, Ringkøbing.

Isabella Enoch’s has a dream about re-establishing the old variety theatre in Denmark.

For the last two summers she and Bernhard Kaselowski have for the amusement park Family Park West close to Ringkøbing in the western part of Jutland produced a fine circus show as free attraction (when the entrance fee to the park have been paid). This year the performance runs for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Author and circus fan Jorgen Lorenzen writes: The big attraction is Pipo Sosman – brother of Isabella’s late husband Eddy Sosman who passed away in 2002. Pipo is the best white faced clown in Europe. He has 5 run-ins where he is playing on musical instruments of the Renaissance, including concertino and concertina. Furthermore there is a cowboy act done by Bernhard Kaselowski. Nadia Enoch, daughter of Isabella’s smaller sister Katja Enoch and Henry Fröchte present liberty ponies and later in the performance hula-hoops. Her father Henry Fröchte is foot juggler, dressed as the Indian Winnetou. Later in the performance he presents a plate spinning entrée. Isabella’s youngest son, David Sosman, has decided to follow his father Eddy Sosman’s footsteps. At he has the necessary talent. He is working together with Francesco Fratellini. When the make their entry dressed in dress coat it is like seeing Eddy Sosman together with Petit Gougou. Bernhard Kaselowski present camels and his elephant Rambo. Bernhard’s daughter Melanie works in tissue and joined by two other girls in the ballet. And then there is a surprise: 15 year old Monsieur Lauge presents an excellent juggling entrée – 5 clubs and 7 balls. He could very well be a rising star.

 pipo_sosman_nellytegning.jpg (3979 bytes)    pipo_sosman_nellytegning2.jpg (3872 bytes)

Pipo Sosman as young and as a bit older. Paintings by Nelly Jane Benneweis.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 July 2008

Circus Animal Funds. ECA writes:

Dear Circus Friends Organisation:

The European Circus Association (ECA) is pleased to announce the creation of a Circus Animal Fund.   With contributions made to the Fund, ECA will be able to undertake more work to protect the rights of circuses and trainers to continue to present animals as part of the classical circus.  Contributions made to the Fund will be used exclusively for this purpose under the direction of the ECA Board of Directors.

We know that Circus Friends already do a lot for the circus but we need your help to do more!   Without funds, we cannot fight the campaigns of well-funded activists who are seeking to eliminate all animals from the circus.   With your help, we will have the resources necessary to convey the facts to politicians and decision-makers and to preserve this beautiful art-form for future generations. 

Funds can be raised in many different ways.  Circus organisations may decide to make a donation to the Circus Animal Fund directly and/or to ask their members for special contributions.  Alternatively, the organisation can organise raffles for prizes, plan a special fundraising dinner (where a portion of the cost per participant is provided to the Fund) or find other fun ways to generate funds.  In America, circus organisations identify one or more individuals who agree to serve as “Circus Fund Agents” to coordinate fundraising activities. 

ECA will produce a new collectible pin each year to encourage support for the Fund.  ECA’s first collectible pin (2008) features a tiger, celebrating the long-standing contribution of cage acts to the classical circus programme.

The ECA will send pins to circus organisations that request them for individuals who make a minimum contribution of 25 Euros to the Fund.   Circus organisations may order pins in advance, by paying the equivalent of 25 EURs/pin into the Fund or may order the quantity of pins needed following completion of their campaigns and the deposit of proceeds into the Fund.   ECA regrets that it cannot mail pins to individuals.

As an additional way of saying “thank you!” the names of organisations and individuals who contribute more than 100 Euros to the Fund on an annual basis will be posted (with their permission) on the ECA website as Supporters of the ECA’s Circus Animal Fund.    ECA requests that circus organisations provide ECA with a list of names for 100 EUR plus donors who have agreed to the publication of their names.    

For more information or to make a contribution to the Circus Animal Fund, please visit: or contact Arie Oudenes at the ECA Headquarters.  We hope you accept our invitation to participate in building our Circus Animal Fund and, once again, express our sincere appreciation for all that you do.

First seen in London more than two hundred years ago, the classical circus remains a vital part of European arts and culture. From the beginning, animals have been an integral part of the travelling circus. Performing animals amaze and amuse millions of people with their natural beauty, and capabilities. Circus animals today are born in captivity in Europe but serve as ambassadors for their respective species in the wild.

The European Circus Association (ECA) requires all of its members working with animals to comply with its Code of Conduct. It also encourages its members to undertake activities to support conservation programs and efforts for the long-term survival of endangered species. ECA supports the establishment of good regulations for circus animals and strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. ECA has created and offers to governments that lack applicable laws a Model Regulation for the Care, Transport and Presentation of Animals in the Circus.

 frankello 20040912 low.JPG (26771 bytes)

If animal right activists who are seeking to eliminate all animals from the circus success you can’t see a photo like this. The photo shows Sonny Frankello with his elephants in their fence outside Circus Arena in 2004.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 July 2008

ECA has circulated this press release:

Planned Meetings of the European Circus Association

October 12, Warsaw, Poland. In cooperation with the X. International Festival of Circus Art Warszawa 2008. ECA board meeting and special meeting with the Polish organisation of circus proprietors Zwiazek Pracodawców Cyrku i Rozrywki.

October 18 and 19, Latina, Italy. In cooperation with the 10th International Circus Festival “City of Latina.“ Meeting with Italian circus directors and special assembly about regulations for circus animals in Italy.

November 1, Wiesbaden, Germany. In cooperation with the European Youth Circus Festival, a study afternoon is organised with the theme “Trends and developments in the circus.“

December 8, Paris, France. Instructive meeting in cooperation with Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione.

January 16 and 17, 2009, Monte-Carlo. In conjunction with the 33rd Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo – ECA 7th annual symposium. The theme will be “Circus – culture for the millions.“ The program will focus on artistic and cultural aspects of the circus and its enduring appeal to the public. ECA General Members Meeting and Circus Business Exhibition. All events will be held at the Auditorium Prince Rainier III, Monaco.

The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.

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16 July 2008

Circus Charlie 2008. 2007 was not a good year for the small Danish Circus Charlie. They were forced to close their season on 18 June 2007. This year Charlie’s owner Einar Trie has in the spring trained kids in Salling Circus Club (Salling Circus Kids) and been in charge of a Circus Summer School in Selde from 29 June to 5 July. Following the summer School Circus Charlie gives performances from 14 July to 10 August at the harbour in Thisted in the northern part of Jutland. The performers come from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Denmark. Performances Wednesday and Sunday at 17, Tuesday and Thursday at 11 and 19. Circus school for kids Tuesday and Thursday from 14 to 15:30.

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14 July 2008

Royal visit to Circus Benneweis. The Danish Quinn Margrethe, her husband prince Henrik, crown prince Frederik, crown princess Mary and their children prince Christian (3 years old) and princess Isabella (15 months old) visited Circus Benneweis in Aarhus on 13 July. Prince Henrik is a regular visitor to circus Benneweis but is was 21 year since Quinn Margrethe last time visited Circus Benneweis in Aarhus.

The royal visitors was welcomed by Circus owner Diana Benneweis and her boyfriend Freddy Kolding and Diana Benneweis’ twins Dawid and Nadia Benneweis who the same day could celebrate their 21 years birthday.

 kongebesog1_20080713_alberto_serejofoto_low.jpg (21283 bytes)

Crown prince Frederik with princess Isabella on his arm, prince Henrik, crown princess Mary, Quinn Margethe , Freddy Kolding and Diana Benneweis. Photo:  Alberto Serejo.

 kongebesog2_20080713_alberto_serejofoto_low.jpg (18242 bytes)

An elephant seems very large when you are a 3 years old prince. Good to be on mothers arm. Daddy can then take care of my smaller sister. Photo: Alberto Serejo.

 kongebesog3_20080713_alberto_serejofoto_low.jpg (17509 bytes)

But it is fun to pet the elephant on the trunk. Photo: Alberto Serejo.

 kongebesog4_20080713_alberto_serejofoto_low.jpg (14057 bytes)

But it is LARGE. Good that mum is next to me! Photo: Alberto Serejo. All photos by courtesy of Circus Benneweis.

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11 July 2008

Considering a circus trip to Copenhagen? For foreign circus fans considering a visit to Wonderful Copenhagen the first week-end in September is a very good choice. A possible program for a perfect circus week-end could be:

Friday 5 September in the evening: visit to Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens including a visit to Soren Ostergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre at the Glass Hall Theatre in the Tivoli Gardens where you can meet the German bicycle acrobat Paul Chen from Berlin,  the Swiss juggler Claudius Specht, the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn assisted by his wife Joan and the Danish comedians Soren Ostergaard, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Peter Frödin.

Saturday 6 September in the morning they might be an interesting Open Day event at Circus Benneweis at the Copenhagen circus lot known as Bellahoej.

Saturday at 13:30 fans can visit Circus Dannebrog at another Copenhagen circus lot, known as “Trianglen”. Performers this year are the young juggler Marco Moressa, the Balders clowns (Christian, Engelbert and Sidney Balder, Christian being the white-faced clown),  the famous equestrienne Katja Schumann with liberty horses and riding high school, Miss Zeudy with a foot-juggling entrée, Miss Fossett (Victoria Garcia, née Fossett) in an entrée combining Washington trapeze with sword balancing, the Messoudi Family (father and three sons) with a handstand act and a juggling entrée, Elvis Errani with his three Indian elephants (invited to perform at next years Monte Carlo Circus Festival), a combination of a magical show presented by Katja Enoch and her cousin Jimmy Enoch with glass balancing on monobike, Vicky and Hans Pedersen with their 3 sealions and many penguins, Signorina Priscilla (Errani) with hula hoop on and Pablo and Victoria Garcia with their space rocket entrée.

Following that fans can go back to the Bellahoej lot and see the performance in Circus Benneweis at 17:00. Performers this year are German Karl Ferdinand Trunk with ponies in all sizes and later in the performance with pigs, goats and dogs, a comical taxi act presented by The Gaspars, the reprise clown Titto Lester, Salima Peippo in an arial rope entrée, the elephants Tich and Lacké presented by the brothers Alex and Christian Gärtner assisted by their wives, The Gaspars with a rola-bola entrée, performed by Gaspar and his two sons, the French magician Jidinis who assisted by his three female assistants presented a nice and well choreographed act and last but not least The Liazeed with their world class hand balancing act.

Sunday 7 September in morning visit to the Circus Museum at Hvidovre (Copenhagen suburb, easy to reach by bus from downtown Copenhagen).

Sunday afternoon at 13:00 visit to Circus Arena at Koge south of Copenhagen. The trip from Copenhagen to Koge takes 30 minutes by train – train service every 20 minutes.

Performer this year are ladder balancing by Roby Berousek, the reprice clowns Bonbon and Jimmy Folco, liberty horses are presented by Merrylu Casselly, Brazil Brothers in their wheel of death, Ingo Stiebner’s sealions, Merrylu in an arial act done in a globe which she can open and close during the act, Mrs. and Mr. Dittmar with their their comical act where Mr. Dittmar is courting the girl in the small house, Diorios with their Globe of Death, chair balancing act done by Kong Haitao and Fang Lili, the juggler Picasso JR, the Shaolin-monks show with Asian battle arts and Arena Kids: circus owner Benny Berdino's grandchildren Anastacia and Patrick Berdino assisted by Merrylu and René Casselly JR. jumping from the ring to the Casselly elephants and using elephants for their trick riding.

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4 July 2008

Open Day at Circus Benneweis.  Circus Benneweis which for the time being is visiting the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus (estimated population 275,000) had on 28 June invited to an Open Day event. Danish circus friend Soren Kastoft Nielsen reports that a lot of people visited the circus and enjoyed 1½ hours of free entertainment. Ringmistress Judy Glosted welcomed the visitors into the tent. Karl Ferdinand Trunks showed how he is training his ponies. Tito Lester had several good run-ins, including the one with the baby in the pram. His two daughters had their debut in the ring with an antipodian/Risley act. According to Soren Kastoft Nielsen it was an act which easily could be part of the ordinary program. Tito Lester and his wife had good reasons to be proud of their talented daughters.

Svetlana from Russia (member of Jidinis’ ballet??) had during the season been taught several tricks in vertical rope by Salima Peippo. Salima Peippo offered the local kids an opportunity to perform hula-hoops in the ring. Zaida Liazeed showed how she warmed up for her outstanding hand stand entrée. And she invited two kids to do a trick in the ring. The Gaspars showed that it can be dangerous to be a rola-bola acrobat. The last act in the Open Day event was one of the Gärtner elephants. It was nice outside the tent to see that the Gärtners brothers newly acquired African elephant walked free and unchained around as its Indian cousins!

Circus Benneweis plan to invite for another Open Day event when the in September is visiting Copenhagen.

salima_20080628_low.jpg (68923 bytes)

Salima Peippo gives lessons in hula hoop. Photo by courtesy of Circus Benneweis

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27 June 2008

The amusement park Dyrehavsbakken (Bakken) north of Copenhagen is said to be the oldest amusement park in the world. Legend says that is was established in 1583 when a young girl Kirsten Piil found a spring in a forest known as Dyrehaven (“The Deer Park). The park covers around 11 square kilometres. Legend states Kirsten was a pious woman, who, through her devotion, gave the spring curative powers, which made it a place of pilgrimage for the sick who would come to drink the water. Plenty of people came to the spring and fair performers and other entertainers took advantage of the situation and offered all sorts of entertainment and established Dyrehavsbakken ("The Deer Garden's Hill").

Due to the history the owners of the rides, other entrainments and restaurants at Bakken had decided this year to celebrate Bakken’s 425 year anniversary with a Kildemarked (“fair next to the spring”) taking place from 21 to 29 June. The have tried to recreate Bakken as it looked like about 200 years ago. Per Krogh Petersen has visited the Kildemarked and taken a lot of photos of performers etc. Click at to see those photos

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 June 2008

ECA has sent out the following Press Release

Daring Experiment Becomes Great Success

From June 17 to 29, the Romanian Circ & Varieté Globus organized the first “Festivalul International de Arta a Circului“ in Bucharest, at five different sites, mostly in public parks.

The concept was unique because no individual acts were judged, but complete circuses. The Hungarian National Circus (Richter, Hungary), Circus Nikulin (Russia), Circus Medrano (Italy), Circus Busch-Roland (Germany) and Circ & Varieté Globus each presented a complete circus programme. These shows were judged by a media jury, a youth jury, a jury of politicians and a professional jury. Besides a high number of special prizes, e.g. for the best music choice, the nicest costumes and the best staging, three Lions were awarded. The Golden Lion was given to Circ & Varieté Globus, the Silver Lion to Circus Medrano-Casartelli and the Bronze Lion to Nikulin‘s Circus on Ice. As the festival took place during the summer break of a lot of circuses, many directors and proprietors were able to attend.

The European Circus Association used the occasion to organize an informative meeting. In cooperation with the Globus organization, it ended with a press conference announcing that Circ & Varieté Globus had become ECA board member. Another piece of news was that during a meeting with members of the European Parliament in Brussels on June 11, it was announced that next year again, the European Parliament would offer its due attention to the circus.

The stimulating engine behind the organization of this festival was directress Brindusa Novac. For all her efforts, she received an ECA Award and another award was given to Sorin Oprescu, Lord Mayor of Bucharest. This festival was made possible by public subsidies and a lot of sponsors.

The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.

  klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 June 2008

Most circus owners seem to prefer to advertise their circuses as large. But the Danish dog and pony show Circus Krone (Krone (Irene Thierry’s circus using the same name as the mighty German Circus Krone) is different: they call themselves the smallest circus in Denmark. This year’s performance proves that the artistically quality in the smaller Danish circus is high. Much higher that what you often can see in medium sized circuses south of the Danish/German border and higher than seen in the two German circuses Astoria and Renz-Berlin who for the time being is touring Denmark without much commercial success. This year’s performance in Circus Krone is opened by the poetic clown Alando (Jan Allan, married to circus owner Irene Thierry) who is looking for a reserved seat and placing a chair in the middle of the ring. He is thrown out but manages to get in again and have a lovers meeting with a mop. A very charming entrée! Then Irene Thierry welcomes the audience. Then the diabolo juggler Jonas comes driving into the ring on his tiny motorbike with a tiny caravan. The caravan contains his two diabolos. His entrée include an original trick where a diaoblo is a tight wire dancer! After Jonas Alando is back with another run-in, this time assisted by the penguin doll Pingo (Irene Thierry is inside the doll). Then follow an arial act: Angelika Flügel in vertical rope assisted by her husband as websitter. They are also called Duo Roswing. Then a young and very talented Danish magician Hans Ulrik is introduced with his entrée with pigeons. After the interval Jan Allan present his three liberty ponies. Then Jonas is back this time in an illuminated costume and with illuminated diabolos. Very spectacular! Also Hans Ulrik is back once again with a fine magic entrée. Then come an act of a sort which I haven’t seen in Denmark for many years: a juggling strong man, assisted by his partner (Duo Roswing). Last time I saws such act was in 1979! The last act in the performance was another run-in with Alando and Irene, ending up with Irene as a puppet playing on xylophone. Alando and Irene have some very good run-ins and could with their poetic entrées easily get success in much larger circuses. They love running their own circus. But engaging them in the winter season them might be very worth while for a winter circus owner to consider! – The performance run for slightly less than two hours and is accompanied by a drummer and taped music.


 duo_roswing_20080622_low.jpg (61043 bytes)

A type of act whicg I haven’t seen I Denmark for many years: the strong man jugglers Duo Roswing. Click here to se more photos from this year’s performance

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 June 2008

A number of Nelly Jane Benneweisexcellent drawings of white-faced clowns are until the end of July on display at the art gallery Bastillen in Copenhagen, cf. the photos below.

nellyklovne_bastillen_20080620a.jpg (75426 bytes)    nellyklovn_orlando_arias.jpg (46376 bytes)

Nelly Jane Benneweis and her clown drawings. The clown at the photo is Orlando Arias.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 June 2008

Circus Arena’s tour i Norway have not had too succeful a start. It is always rather difficult for a foreing circus to have a succesfull tour in another country where its name are totally unknown. And Arena is a good circus brand in Denmark but as a circus not known in Norway. Opening night in the Nowwegian capital Oslo was on 12 June. Nowegian circus fan Thorbjorn Klaebo Flo told me that there was aproximately 450 persons in the tent, which has a seating capacity of 1,300 persons.  A lot of the 450 persons seemed to be invited guests. Diorrios had only two bikes and not as advertised 3 bikes in their globe of death. Thorbjorn found the wheel of death act presented by Gengis van Gool very weak and by far the worst act in the performance. Highlights in the performance were Terskiy Brothers, Los Alamos and Duo Brazil. Also Duet Clowns (he worked alone and without his female partner) had some nice run-ins. The performance run for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

After Oslo Circus Arena visited Hamar where they gave two performances. A local reporter tells that there at both performances were less than 100 people in the tent.

None of the large newspapers in Norway did mention the opening. By tradition Norwegian papers write almost nothing about circuses.

It is not Circus Arena’s first visit to Norway as the also visited Norway for 6 weeks in 1989. At that time they were assisted by Viola Mundeling who from 1975 to 1981 had run her own circus in Norway.

 terskiy_brothers_norge.jpg (7461 bytes)

According to Thorbjorn Flo Terskiy Brothers is one of the highlights in the performance. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arena.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 June 2008

On 5 June 2008 I mentioned then sailing new wave circus Compagnie Aquanaut which was on their way to Denmark with their schooner Lovise. “I saw the Aquanaut's last Monday in Sonderburg and took some picture of the show. It was a good show, I like it very much,” Anja wrote and send me the photos below.

 aquanaut1_20080616anjafoto_low.jpg (20780 bytes)

aquanaut2_20080616anjafoto_lo.jpg (24167 bytes)

Compagnie Aquanauts

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 June 2008

Press release from ECA

Together even stronger

On June 11, a meeting of representatives of four organisations safeguarding the interests of circus and carnival took place in Brussels. It was an initiative of the Council of Christian Organisations for the Pastoral care of Circus and Carnival workers. The European Circus Association (ECA) organised this meeting with the aim to put up common procedures and to inform the members of the European Parliament about the developments in the sector. The following organisations were represented: the European Network for Traveller Education (ENTE), the European Showmen’s Union (ESU), the Council of Christian Organisations for the Pastoral care of Circus and Carnival workers and of course the ECA.

The basis of the talks was the answer of the European Commission to the European Parliament, indicating what they would do with the questions and recommendations they got following the resolution about “New Challenges for the circus as part of European culture“   adopted on October 13, 2005 (report by MEP Doris Pack). Since then, two and a half years have passed and it is time for an analysis submitted to MEPs Doris Pack and Maria Oomen-Ruijten.

Circus as culture

Not nearly all EU countries recognize circus as culture yet. ECA has elaborated a survey of the different ways some EU countries recognize circuses as culture. It can be sent to those countries which do not consider circus to be a form of culture yet. The carnival/funfair sector would also like to be accepted as a form of culture.

Technical regulations

The rules in several technical spheres are another big worry. The new EU norms for temporary structures have now come out, but we must see that some countries make their introduction more difficult by additional high demands. Thus, we are still far away from standardized regulations and promotion of free traffic of goods and services. Another menace are severe environmental regulations banning funfair and circus vehicles from the centre of some European cities (low emission zones) or allowing them in only after paying high fees. And not all European countries have exempted circus and funfair vehicles from the European Transport Regulation, although this possibility is included in the regulations.

School education for children

Concerning the school education, things look somewhat brighter. The report “The school education of children of occupational travellers in the European Union“ came out recently and contains good recommendations. A supporting network such as ENTE is considered to be important. But it is also stated that financial means are necessary, and good practical experiences (e.g. the “Rijdende School“ in the Netherlands and “Schule für Circuskinder“ in North Rhine-Westphalia) must be communicated to countries which still lack comparable experience. Thus, it is a positive report, but who cares for money and further activities?

Circus schools

Co-financed by the EU, the EPE project produced the excellent “Basic Circus Arts Instruction Manual“. At the present time, the Miroir project, equally subsidized by the EU, is working on a better adaptation of the circus school curricula to the practical demands of the circus.

There are still enormous problems with visas and work permits for workers and artists from non-member states of the EU.

Animals in the circus

The Council of Christian Organisations for the Pastoral care of Circus and Carnival workers expresses its concern for people working with circus animals. They feel threatened by the continuous pressure from animal rights groups and are branded as animal abusers instead of being held in high esteem as representatives of an old culture. ECA informed that they have elaborated model guidelines for care, transport and presentation of circus animals, especially for countries which do not have any relevant regulations yet. In Ireland these guidelines are already applied.

The members of the European Parliament appreciated the information and the good cooperation among the participating organisations. They will continue to support the circus and funfair culture in Europe.

 eca_euparlement20080611_low.jpg (17504 bytes)

From the left: Nicole Vermolen (ESU), Kristiaan van der Linden (Council for Pastoral Care), Albert Ritter (ESU), RIA Oomen-Ruijter (MEP), Doris Pack (MEP) Guest (from Ria Oomen), Arie Oudenes (ECA), Bernard van Welzenes (Council for Pastoral Care), Wouter Tyijn (ENTE), Laura van edr Meer (ECA), Zuzsanna Mata (ECA).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 June 2008

Photos of circus tents, wagons, equipment etc. A circus interested Dane Per Krogh Petersen has made a great new circus website with a lot a photos of tents and equipment from circuses in Denmark. You can also find a lot of other interesting information on Per’s Circus World. Languages: English and Danish.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 June 2008

New acrobat in Søren Østergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre. As earlier mentioned at this website the Swiss ventriloquist Fred Roby should have been amongst the stars in this summer’s show at the variety theatre in the Tivoli Gardens. Now Tivoli has engaged another artist: the German bicycle acrobat Paul Chen from Berlin. Apart from him you can meet the Swiss juggler Claudius Specht, the Danish magician and gentleman thief  Kenny Quinn assisted by his wife Joan and the Danish comedians Søren Østergaard, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Peter Frödin.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 June 2008

AFUK Festivitas 2008. Everyone interested in the new wave circus world who is visiting Copenhagen 19 or 20 June should pay a visit to a sort of festival held by the Copenhagen Acrobat School AFUK at the address Enghavevej 82 B, Copenhagen. Amongst others you can meet the following performers etc.: Anders Astrup Jensen, Big Ass Barbeque, Cirk, CPH Skatepark, Daniel Andersson, Ellen & Maja, students from Circus Space (London) & Cirkuspiloterne (Stockholm), Frida Odden, KaKaboom Kenn Harrison, Kys en Tigers performance team, Linnea Bäckgaard, Marilen Ribot, Nina Hansen, Samuel Gustavsen, To The Beat etc. On 21 June there will be a night cabaret at 22.00.

AFUKfestivitas.JPG (86503 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 June 2008

Circus Arena in Norway. Circus Arena have released the names of the performers they will present from 12 June and until late August when they as mentioned at this page on 30 May will tour a second unit in Norway:

The Rivolinos clowns. Rivolinos have toured several seasons with Circus Arena in Denmark. They are also known in Norway as they have toured with Norwegian Circus Merano. Diorios with their globe of death and 3 riders in the globe. Another unit of Diorios is this year touring Denmark with 5 riders in the globe. KATJA KOSSMAYER presenting Frisian horses from the Arena stables and riding high school. MASLYANOVS with trained (house) cats. Furthermore they have entrée as balancing acrobats. LOS ALAMOS with knife throwing. DUET CLOWNS witu run-ins. TERSKIY BROTHERS in areial straps. The have earlier toured with the small Norwegian Cirus Zorba. GENGIS VAN GOOL with a whell of death.

So far the tour list in Norway says:

12. juni kl.18.30 OSLO v/Munch Museet (opening night)

13. juni kl.18.30  OSLO v/Munch Museet 

14. juni kl.13.00 & 16.00 OSLO v/Munch Museet 

15. juni kl.13.00 & 16.00 OSLO v/Munch Museet 

16. juni kl.18.30 HAMAR v/Vikingskibet

17. juni kl.18.30 HAMAR v/Vikingskibet

18. juni kl.18.30 LILLEHAMMER Lurhagen

19. juni kl.18.30 GJØVIK Huntonstrada

20. juni kl.18.30 HØNEFOSS Benterud

21. juni kl.16.00 HØNEFOSS Benterud

22. juni kl.16.00 KONGSBERG v/Kongsberghallen

23. juni kl.18.30 NOTODDEN Jernverkstomta

24. juni kl.18.30 DRAMMEN v/Drammen Travbane

25. juni kl.18.30 DRAMMEN v/Drammen Travbane

26. juni kl.18.30 ASKER Foyka grusbane

27. juni kl.18.30 HORTEN Havneområdet

28. juni kl.16.00 TØNSBERG Jarlsberg Travbane

29. juni kl.16.00 SANDEFJORD Grusbanen v/Bugårdsdammen

30. juni kl.18.30 LARVIK Hovlandsbanen

1. juli kl.18.30 STAVERN Grusbanen Stag

2. juli kl.18.30 SKIEN Stevneplassen

3. juli kl.18.30 SKIEN Stevneplassen

4. juli kl.18.30 GRIMSTAD Gundersholm

5. juli kl.16.00 ARENDAL Barbu

6. juli kl.16.00 ARENDAL Barbu

7. juli kl.18.30 KRISTIANSAND v/Gimlehallen

8. juli kl.18.30 KRISTIANSAND v/Gimlehallen

diorios_norge08.jpg (19884 bytes)

Diorios and their globe of death is advertised as one of the big attractions in the Norwegian unit of Circus Arena.

palsgaardnorge2008.jpg (66967 bytes)

Ringmaster in Norway is the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard.  Photo by courtesy of Circus Arena

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 June 2008

Compagnie Aquanauts - Sailing circus again on their way to Denmark. The sailing new wave circus Aquanaut will for the fourth year in row visit some Danish harbours giving performance on the deck of the schooner Lovise. Artist and musician from several European countries are members of the Aquanaut Company. This year’s visit will take place from 14 to 18 June when the company will visit Graasten, Sonderborg, Faaborg and Svendborg.

aquanaut1_lkfoto_20060702.jpg (27776 bytes)   

aquanaut2_lkfoto_20060702 .jpg (31693 bytes)

Aquanaut. Photos taken in Faaborg in 2006 by Lise Kokholm

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 June 2008

Tv-shoots from Circus Arena. At Circus Arena’s website they have collected a number of links to short on-the-spot reports shoot by local TV channels. Click here for link to this part of the Arena website.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 June 2008

From 29 June to 10 August the amusement park Family Park West at Hee, Ringkobing will offer short circus performances as free attractions when the entrance fee to the park has been paid. As in 2008 Isabella Enoch will produce the performance at be the ringmisstress.

The performers will be: the clown trio Sosman/Fratellini with Pipo and David Sosman (Isabella’s youngest son) and Francesco Fratellini. The foot juggler and plate spinning juggler Henry Fröchte (also known as Winnetou). Bernhard Kaselowsky with his elephant and camels. Melanie Kaselowsky with a dancing entrée. There will be a wild west act in which also Edward Sosman (Isabella’s oldest son) takes place and a tableau called Aladdin. Nathalie (daughter of Henry Fröchte and Isabella’s younger sister Katja) will present 6 ponies and do a hula hoop-entrée.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

30 May 2008

Circus Arena in Norway. As earlier mentioned at this page circus owner Benny Berdino will tour a special unit of his Danish Circus Arena in Norway in June, July and August. Opening night will be on 12 June in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Most of the equipment and several of the performers come from the Swedish Circus Skratt which is produced by Benny Berdino.  Circus Skratt does never tour in the summer months. Ringmaster in Norway will be the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard. Tour list is not yet made public. But is it known that Circus Arena has booked circus lots at the Kongsberg Centre on 22 June, in Sandnes on 12 July and in Aalesund on 26 August. Benny Berdino will himself be in Norway during the tour. His task as ringmaster in Circus Arena unit in Denmark will during his absence been taken over by the Danish/Italian singer Dario Campeotto (June and August) and the actor Morten Eisner

Circus Arena has not yet stated advertising in the Norwegian papers and the papers have hardly mentioned the visit by a Danish circus. By tradition the newspapers in Norway does not write much about circuses. Benny Berdino will probably try to change this tradition in a try to get a lot of Norwegians to visit his circus as supplement to or in stead of a visit to a Norwegian Circus. Norway has 4 circuses: two large ones, Arnardo and Merano, a medium sized one, Agora, and a smaller one, Zorba. The quality of the performance in the large circuses is on the same high level as in Denmark.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

29 May 2008

The Danish Cikaros & TinCan Company winners of the Umore Azoka 2008 Award in the Basque Country. The IX Umore Azoka – Leioa Festival of Comedy Street Theatre, in the Basque Country, Spain, took place from May 22nd to May 25th. Last Sunday, may 25th, the jury announced the winner of this year’s Festival. As every year there are tow awards, one for a Basque company, and this year this award went to Gaitzerdi for “Otsoko”; and a second award for an outside of the Basque Country company. This year this award went to the Danish companies Cikaros and TinCan Company for their show “Freaks”, for being a new circus proposal where the technique and the dramatic conception are captured in a funny show and where each artist shows their qualities.

This 2008 47 companies took place, 14 international (China, Belgium, USA, France...), 21 Spanish companies (Andalucia, Madrid, Catalunya...) and 14 Basque. More than 160 shows took place and there were 19 releases. Over four days, Leioa provides a unique opportunity for companies, distributors, programmers and media to coexist with theatre in its purest form. It is a setting for making contacts, sharing ideas, displaying work and contracting performances, a forum for experiencing theatre 24 hours a day.

Based on street theatre, the Umore Azoka has consolidated its status as a festival through the presence, over the years, of leading companies from the Basque Country, Spain and abroad, featuring the premiers of numerous acts and, at the same time, providing up and coming performers with a chance to show off their work. A blend of youth and experienced that helps to keep the Umore Azoka fresh.

Over these past nine years, a plethora of companies have passed through Leioa, with their performances being rewarded by the applause of a huge audience. The festival has grown steadily over the years, thereby enabling it to uphold the quality of its program.

 Cikaros_200805_low.jpg (68436 bytes)

Photo from the performance Freaks in Leioa. Photo by courtesy of the Umore Azoka – Leioa Festival. Click here to see some photos from the performance in Copenhagen last year

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)


29 May 2008

Kim Benneweis and Tim Delbosq. On 21 I mentioned that Circus Arena had engaged Kim Benneweis as trainer for the three African elephants they last autumn acquired from Spanish Circus Deros (Gran Circo Italiano). In this connection I wrote that “When Kim Benneweis’ father Sonny Benneweis passed away in 1979 Tim Delbosq took over training of the famous Benneweis elephants. Some years later Kim Benneweis took over the training.”  Kim Benneweis and Tim Delbosq have informed me that Tim never have trained the Benneweis elephants or worked for Circus Benneweis. Sorry for the wrong information.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

25 May 2008


Video clip with the Danish clown Bonbon. At YouTube you can find several video clips with performers. Click here to see a clip with Bonbon ad his son Joakim, shot during the Open Air Gala in Monte Carlo in 2007.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 May 2008

Newspaper reviews of Søren Østergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre have mainly be friendly although one newspaper was a bit disappointed. Apart from the Danish comedians Søren Østergaard, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Peter Frödin whose entrées are easily understandable also for a no-Dane (not that many spoken words) you can meet the Swiss juggler Claudius Specht and the Danish magician and gentleman thief  Kenny Quinn assisted by his wife Joan. The Swiss ventriloquist Fred Roby should also have been amongst the stars and he took part of the performance at the dress rehearsals. But shortly before the opening night it was decided not to have him as part of the show.

 Quinn_pressefoto_2008_low.jpg (74102 bytes)

Apart from being a gentleman thief Kenny Quinn is a magician: here with the entrée The Man with the Black Gloves

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 May 2008

Kim Benneweis engaged as elephant trainer for Circus Arena. Circus Arena has engaged Kim Benneweis as trainer for the three African elephants they last autumn acquired from Spanish Circus Deros (Gran Circo Italiano). The elephants have since they arrived to Denmark been at the Circus Arena winter quarter at Slagelse where Tim Delbosq has been in charge of training. Circus owner Benny Berdino plan to use the elephants in his performances and not just keep them as winter quarter attractions. When Kim Benneweis father Sonny Benneweis passed away in 1979 Tim Delbosq took over training of the famous Benneweis elephants. Some years later Kim Benneweis took over the training. For many seasons he every year impressed the audience with a number of new tricks he had taught the elephants during the winter season. Kim Benneweis left Circus Benneweis in 1995. From 1997 to 2001 Kim worked for Circus Arena, most seasons presenting elephants trained by and rented from the Italian Togny family. Tim Delbosq will continue as trainer for Circus Arena’s horses etc.

 delbosq_20071209_low.JPG (58509 bytes)

Tim Delbosq with two of Circus Arena’s newly acquired elephants. Training has no been taken over by Kim Benneweis

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 May 2008

10th International Clown Festival took place at Svendborg on the island of Fyn from 14 to 18 May. More than 80 clowns were registered for this year’s Jubilee Festival. Clowns from around the world came to Svendborg: clowns from England, USA, Germany, Spain, India, Chile, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, New Zealand and of course Denmark. A Clown Wedding took place between Clown Boris and Florescent Flo, the ceremony performed by the mayor of Svendborg. The wedding guests were all in full clown costume. Clown Jo Jo was the organiser of the festival. The festival was all based around a large community hall.  Workshops were held there, shows for the public, the dinner, socialising, green room, cafe run by volunteers and dorm upstairs for the Comedia school attendees. There were visits to hospitals, old folk’s homes, homes for special needs adults etc. There was a parade, a Gala show and some sort of a social outing.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 May 2008

New Circus Festival 2008. Contemporary Circus is characterized by strong physical challenges, attraction and direct contact with the audience. It combines, refines and constantly finds inspiration in various art genres. In this area of the performing arts development and fusion becomes a necessity and points to the future for many other art-forms, presenting different perspectives. This year Copenhagen International Theatre (KIT) brings in performances from France, Finland and Australia to the New Circus Festival which will take place in Copenhagen in August.  Performances that combine the classic clown with sampled music, tight-rope dancing with the force of space geometrics, physical expression with the philosophy of living, body with urbanity and juggling with studies of object and light. The locations for these varied and exciting presentations have been chosen with great care. Some will take place in traditional theatre venues whilst others in architecturally significant settings, where the surroundings assist in completing the experience, to provide an exceptional evening.

During the festival you can meet:

Companie A&O with the performance KaO, starring the French clown Joël Colas.

KIT_Compagnie_A&O.jpg (96258 bytes)

Joël Colas. Photo by courtesy of  KIT

Les Colporteurs: The dreams of the creator meet those of the audience in the aerial ballet; The Wire under the Snow. Seven tight-rope dancers struggle in a web, dangling between life and death, love and pain, trust and treachery, sensitivity and joy. The wires are stretched into geometrical figures in the circle separating the audience.

 KIT_Colporteur_Photo_Jean-Pierre_Estournet.jpg (75990 bytes)

Les Colporteurs. Photo: Jean-Pierre Estournet

Finnish Circo Aero with Jani Nuutinen: A very intimate and close atmosphere in a small circus tent between one circus artist and 120 spectators. A play of glances, shadow, music and circus. Un cirque plus juste is the second performance of Jani Nuutinen’s solo trilogy. A series which moves a way from traditional virtuosity towards a smaller-scale, minimalistic performance – closer to the audience.  

Acrobat from Australia with their performance Smaller – Poorer – Cheaper. The title is the essence of the show. “smaller, poorer, cheaper” is the naked truth (in all senses of the word) from some of the world’s best acrobats living “on the edge” of normality and society. In this new production a searing double bas meets naked screaming bodies telling very personal stories. For some of us – just mind blowing.

C!RCA from Australia. ABC is quoted for saying: “by the light of stars that are no longer... is a concept and a show that really has to be seen to be appreciated. No amount of words could really describe what happens or the range of emotions one feels in watching such an ensemble do such incredible things with their bodies. As I said, the emotional journey one is taken on is quite something and, I suspect, very subjective. I feel fairly confident that each and every audience member on the evening I attended would have got something quite different out of the experience but that is indeed the beauty and artistry of the piece.”

Samuel Gustavsson with the performance Night For One. In an underground bunker, where time is playing according to its own rules, he is trying to get his existence straightened out. In an attempt to make time precious he entertains himself and his audience with fabulous juggling and technical virtuosity. Maybe the night is getting closer up there and you are now invited to self composed vinyl clicks, object manipulation and dusty jazz in a new circus performance.

Yoy can read more and order tickets at

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 maj 2008

Shorty (1915-2008) in memoriam. The oldest fair performer in Denmark Knud Edvard "Shorty" Andersen passed away on 14 May. He started as a performer in 1931 with a magic entrée. In the following years he toured Denmark with the female hypnotist Karina de Waldoza and the American step dancer Fred Fredin. Fred gave Knud Andersen the nickname Shorty telling him that was what Americans call a man of modest height. After this Shorty toured fairs etc. with Hans Rasmussen's variety theatre Ritz and Rubini's variety theatre Olympia Auditorium. After the second world war Shorty worked at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen together with the singer and dancer Miss Florens (an elderly and in Denmark rather popular lady of modest talent) with whom he later on toured Denmark. In the 1990's you could meet Shorty at fairs where he did magic acts and sold conjuring articles mainly to kids. His last years was spend at an old folks home in Valby, Copenhagen

 shorty_lkfoto2.jpg (24202 bytes)

Shorty entertains an audience at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Photo: Lise Kokholm

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 May 2008

European CircusCamp 2008 in Selde, Nordsalling. As for several years there will this summer be a circus camp for kids in the northern part of Jutland. It will take place from 29 June to 5 July. Interested can contact Camp Leader Einar Trie of Danish Circus Charlie at mobile +45 20 20 00 33. The price is only 1,000 DKK (a little less than 150 Euro) for each person.

After the circus camp Einar Trie plan to tour his Circus Charlie for month or so. Circus Charlie decided this year to skip their traditional full season tour due to poor income in 2007.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 May2008

Søren Østergaard’s Tivoli Variety Theatre. When Tivoli Copenhagen on 19th May open up the doors to the old and elegant Tivoli Variety Theatre “The Glass Hall Theatre” you can apart from the comedians Søren Østergaard, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Peter Frödin meet three international top artists. As earlier mentioned at this website Tivoli has for the 2008 season engaged the Scandinavian world class pickpocket couple Joan and Kenny Quinn who evening after evening will prove their unique entertainment skill as pickpockets with an amazing stealing technique and sleight of hand. In front of everyone’s eyes will watches, neckties and glasses vanish quicker than the police allow. Furthermore Tivoli has engaged the Swiss juggler Claudius Specht. While his classmates were playing football, Claudius practised juggling with clubs already at the age of 8 at the well-known Swiss Youth CIRCUS BASILISK. “Infected with the juggling-virus”, Claudius used every opportunity in his spare time to practise. After graduating, he was engaged at CIRCUS FLIC-FLAC for the season 1994/95, and by that he finally turned his hobby into his profession. During the following winter Claudius performed at CIRCUS KRONE-BAU in Munich, in GOP-VARIETY in Hanover, Germany and during the season of 1996 he impressed and fascinated the audience at CIRCUS KNIE in Switzerland. In 1997 he performed at the Open Air Stage at the Tivoli Gardens. In his juggling act, Claudius concentrates only on two types of props: clubs and cups. Impressively quickly he swirls up to seven clubs in the air, and he is the only juggler that throws ten cups in the air and is able to catch them all again. He has already set his next goals: “Don’t dream of your life, live your dreams” is Claudius motto. The last artist is the ventriloquist Fred Ruby. He was born in Geneva, Switzerland. When he was six years old, he saw a ventriloquist who conversed with his dummy at a school party. He was spellbound and fascinated. At the age of fifteen he built his first ventriloquist doll from a wood log. From fifteen to nineteen years of age, he learned and improved my art by performing once or twice a week in various shows. At the age of twenty, he became a professional and has since them toured most of the world with his act. Click here to see a video clip from his show. You can find more about Fred at

Søren Østergård’s Tivoli Variety plays until the 20th of September 2008.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 May 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - a new pop-up at the very end of the season: THEATRE TALLIA  features French magic entertainer CLAUDE MONLOUIS who presents a magic and ventriloquism program. MAGIC EFFECTS, dynamically presented, I particularly noted a production of a gold-fish-bowl filled with water - an item from the Chinese repertoire - and seldom seen today. Furthermore funny sketches with three animated "talking" dolls - very lively indeed. A pleasant performance and a performer with good contact to his audience. Well worth seeing. Address: 40 rue de la Colonie, Metro Tolbiac. Reported by ZARRO ZARRO.

 CLAUDE_MONLOUIS.JPG (84285 bytes)

Claude Monlouis

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 May 2008

A big small circus. Sometime in the early 1980’ies Jess Deleuran built a model of Circus Benneweis as it looked in 1984. At that time Jess Deleuran worked as part of Circus Benneweis advertising and poster team. Today he and his wife Marianne run their own dog and pony-show Circus Mascot.

Jess’ model of Circus Benneweis has since May 1 been on display at the Circus Museum at Rold, Jutland.

modelcirkus_jess_1_low.jpg (74468 bytes)

modelcirkus_jess_2_low.jpg (68797 bytes)

Jess Deleuran is putting up his fine model circus

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 May 2008

School for circus kids. Even if you are daughter of a clown and is travelling all over the county with a circus you need to go to school. The Danish TV channel TV2 Nord has broadcasted a short video with Julia Myllykangas who is daughter of the clown Lasse ”Bonbon” Norager and his Finnish-born wife Tiina. Julia and her brother Joakim travel every summer all over Denmark together with their parents who are working in Circus Arena. Click here for a link to TV2’s website where you can see the video.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 May 2008

Circus Mascot 2008. The owner Jess Deleuran is ringmaster and presents his liberty ponies. His wife Marianne presents her dogs – not only poodles but all sorts of breeds. Furthermore she is whitefaced clown in the final act in the performance. She is probably the first female Danish white-faced clown. (Of cause we have seen many male whitefaced clowns and some females as well – by no of the females were Danish).

The owner couples youngest son Andreas assists the clown Gulio. Their elder son Daniel is a skilled multi-acrobat. This year his has a fine juggling entrée, juggling with 7 balls. And furthermore he presents a nice balancing act on slack wire.

There are also a number of foreign acrobats. Miss Svitlana is a contortionist, Oksana Fabrykowa present a beautiful act in vertical rope. Miss Tanya present pigeons in a classical pigeon entrée. Dressed as spidermen the Kamenski Bros has a great trampoline entrée. 8 year old Husik is doing hula hoop. And his father Gulio who have been with Mascot for 6 years is doing a lot of good run-ins. His contact to the audience is marvellous. And they love him!

For the time being Circus Mascot is on tour in Jutland.

 o4_gulio_20050618.JPG (71810 bytes)

The clown Gulio is amongst the performers this year in Circus Mascot. Photo from 2005

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 May 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - even when the real season is finished. From Paris my local reporter ZARRO ZARRO writes:

THEATRE LES DECHARGEURS presents French magician MR GREG who, sitting at a half-moon-shaped table performs magic effects with cards and coins and also a stunning prediction. Public 20 persons sitting as close as possible, the manipulated things are small.  Adults only, kids cannot understand and follow this.

The POINT OF INTEREST: this kind of entertainment, featured at small theatres, is particular to Paris. When will we see it in Scandinavia or -- in London, ten times bigger than Paris?

 Mr_Greg_paris_low.jpg (72008 bytes)

The magician Mr. Greg at Theatre Les Dechargeurs. Photo by courtesy of the theatre


klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

30 April 2008

The Tribini Award to Rune Klan. Bakken north of Copenhagen is said to be the oldest amusement park in the world, established more than 400 years ago. In honour of one of the last centuries most popular entertainers and market performers Professor Tribini (1915-1973) Bakken has established a new award called the Tribini Award. The first person to receive this award was the Danish stand-up comedian and magician Rune Klan who was presented the award on April 29.

 tribini-pris_2008_Rune_Klan_bakkenpresse_low.jpg (70748 bytes)

Rune Klan was handed over the award by Bakken's managing director Arne Høy-Nielsen. Photo: Bakken’s press agency

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 April 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  - also when the main season is over in APRIL - there are some nice and interesting shows popping up.

THEATRE DES MATHURINS presents a little magic play, featuring magic entertainer SEBASTIEN MOSSIERE who gets a visit by a  female journalist, some incidents do happen - but eventually they find each other - SEBASTIEN floats above his seat out of pure bliss /The Yogano chair for those who are in the business .../

Partner LOUISE performs dynamically and has a sympathetic character.

The POINT OF INTEREST is, that plays of this kind do not exist in Scandinavia, not even in London which is ten times bigger than Paris.

CIRCUS: ADRIENNE LARUEFORAINE has put up her small blue top near the Fleamarket, at Porte de Clignancourt. This is part of a social project aiming at providing good, healthy entertainment for your people in this rather poor area. They can take part in workshops to try out their skills at various circus disciplines. Address: 62, rue René-Binet, Métro Porte de Clignancourt.

Paris, April - ZARRO ZARRO.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 April 2008

EUROPEAN CIRCUS DAY. In a press release ECA writes:

Great success for the circus in Europe.

We have received generally positive reports from all European countries and cities where the first “EUROPEAN CIRCUS DAY!“ was celebrated on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Here are just some of many examples:

In Mühldorf am Inn in Germany, Circus Krone, the greatest circus in Europe, celebrated with an elephant breakfast and many other activities in the city center (see pictures) and the city’s mayor handed over a cheque for 3,000 euros in aid of the work of the European Circus Association. But German festivities took also place on a small scale, for example at Circus Paul Busch in Dormagen where circus people, circus fans and a youth circus celebrated together. Several important daily papers, among them the renowned Süddeutsche Zeitung, reported about that day.

In Hungary, the masses flocked to the square in front of the circus building in Budapest (see picture): Artists and animals made publicity for the classical circus and the opening speech of Ján Figel‘, EU Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, was read in public).

Finland also reports many activities, for example by that country’s leading circus Finlandia, but also by many youth circuses and a unicycling club. The national press wrote about the growing success of circus in Finland in general.

In England, the public animal training at the Great British Circus of Martin Lacey Sr, the father of circus stars Martin (Circus Krone) and Alex Lacey (Zirkus Charles Knie), attracted many people, and money was collected for an association of owners of guide dogs.

At the Magic Circus in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a “Golden Big Top Key“ was handed over and an exhibition about circus history took place. 

The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.

 Krone_circus_day_low.jpg (84050 bytes)

Elephant breakfast at Mühldorf am Inn. Photo: Astrid Reber

 Budapest_circus_day_low.jpg (76942 bytes)

Masses flocked to the square in front of the circus building in Budapest

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 April 2008

Opening night for No Name Circus. After a few days delay the permanent circus at Team LA Park at Solbjerg in the northern part of Jutland had their opening night on 17 April. This year’s performance is according to a local circus friend Hans Vedel the best they have presented so far. No Name Circus is owned by Luffe Bøgh who runs it as part of his institution for young people with social and other problems.

This year the young performers are supplemented by the acrobat family Zdenek from the Czech Republic: he is doing juggling and plate spinning and she performs in arial ring. Clowning is done by a talented female clown Micky. No Name’s speciality is animal acts trained by Luffe Bøgh and Bjoern Schult Bjoernlys: ponies, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs etc. Especially Bjoern Schult Bjoernlys liberty act is very good.

 noname2_zdenek.jpg (88973 bytes)

The juggler Zdenek. Photo: Hans Vedel

noname3_bjoern.jpg (74394 bytes)

Bjoern Schult Bjoernlys. Photo: Hans Vedel

noname_4_micky.jpg (83749 bytes)

The clown Micky. Photo: Hans Vedel

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 April 2008

Walther Potthoff passed away. Earlier this month the former circus and variety theatre acrobat Walther Potthoff passed away. Together with his wife Birgit Walther Potthoff had performed with their comedy perch act in circuses and variety theatres all over the world. Walther was born in Germany and Birgit in Denmark. After retirement they couple lived on Funen, Denmark.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 April 2008

Niels Plys can celebrate his 20 years anniversary at the Danish holiday and waterpark Lalandia. The Danish magician Niels Plys has for 20 years entertained the visitors at the holiday park Lalandia at Rødby giving shows twice a day 5 days a week. As Lalandia has approximately 700,000 visitors every year (mainly Danes, Swedes and German) a lot of people know the popular entertainer.

 niels_plys_low.jpg (85639 bytes)

Niels Plys during a show

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 April 2008

Café Clown. Skallerup Holiday Centre in the northern part of Jutland at the edge of the roaring North Sea have invited the Danish painter Viggo Salting to decorate its former bistro which now has been renamed Café Clown. In the café Viggo’s clown figures meets the visitors. From 1985 and ten years onward Viggo Salting and his wife toured part of the season with Circus Benneweis getting inspiration for their paintings. In the later year either Viggo or his wife Helle Abildgaard has made the posters for Danish Circus Krone (a new and beautiful poster every year). Click here to see some of their circus paintings.

 salting2.JPG (93124 bytes)

salting3_low.jpg (83001 bytes)

From Café Klovn. Viggo Salting can bee seen at one of the photos

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 April 2008

Circus Arena Junior etc. 18 April the Danish circus fan Kenneth Severinsen mentioned at his website that Benny Berdino and his son Jackie had decided in 2010 to establish one more circus in Denmark as supplement to Circus Arena, which for the time being is the largest circus in Scandinavia. The new circus will be named Circus Arena Junior and use a 4 pole big top with a diameter of 36 meter. The same tent size as Circus Benneweis and Circus Arena but somewhat smaller than Circus Arena which use a tent with a diameter of 45 meters. It is well-known that Benny Berdino for several years has considered establishing another circus in Denmark.

Time will shows if Arena Junior will tour a full season or only in the summer months when Swedish Circus Skratt (produced by Benny Berdino but owned by Bo Rönnberg) is taking a summer holiday thus making equipment as well as performers available after Benny Berdino lost his contract for producing a summer circus at the Danish amusement park Bonbonland. Skratt does never tour from the middle of June and until the middle of August.

Circus Arena closed season 2006 with a visit to Holland. Later this season they will send a unit to Norway during the months where Swedish Circus Skratt is taking their summer holiday. Interesting to see how business will be in Norway for Circus Arena. By tradition it isn’t easy for a circus to make a successful tour in another country. The owner of the 4 Norwegian circuses are not to happy to get a Danish visitor and several Norwegian circus fans has told me that they don’t expect Arena to make money in Norway. Many circus fans have strong feelings in favour of their own national circuses.

Apart from touring Norway with a unit Benny Berdino has also considered sooner or later to take his main show abroad again. Despite some seasons with economical problems in the late 1980’ies and early 1990’ies (including a personal bankruptcy for Benny Berdino after the 1987 season) Arena has grown under Benny Berdino's ownership and Benny is today undoubtedly the Scandinavian Circus King running a successful business.

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20 April 2008

As mentioned at this website on 19 April 18 several Danes paid a visit to German Circus Charles Knie during its visit to Flensburg. Among the visitors were former Circus Benneweis press agent and ring mistress Nelly Jane Benneweis and the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn. They saw a very strong performance proving that the new owner of Circus Charles Knie Sascha Melnjak has made a turn around changing a medium sized circus with a good reputation to an international top quality circus. “I was deeply impressed – by far the best performance I have seen this year” Swedish circus fan Martin Lasson Berglund writes. Also the German audience loved the performance granting the owner several well deserved full houses. The performance took place in a brand new Scola Teloni tent with a diameter of 38½ meter and chairs at all seats. Many German circuses are still using old fashioned benched.  Light and sound was excellent and so was the 8 piece circus orchestra. 4 top professional show dancers gave the show a great “variety theatre” touch.

Marek Jama has taken over presentation of the many of the animals trained by the former owner Charles Knie. The performance began with his presentation of exotic animals: oxen, lamas, emus, zebras and a kangaroo. Later in the performance he presented the two elephants Cautni and Patra rented from Corty Althoff and liberty horses. Clowning was done by the reprise clown Versace with many fine run inns. The juggler Anthony had a nice entrée. But some of his balls and pins hit the trapeze. This upset Anthony who had nasty comments on the unpleasant trapeze acrobat! The young Mairen Brothers presented a spectacular hand stand entrée using a motorbike as a platform. Elaine Courtney presented her entrée in cloud swing. Not a discipline often seen in a circus – but she does it second to none. Maria Eleky from Hungary presented a foot juggling act. In the end of her act she is standing on her head while juggling! Fantastic! Monika Sperlich showed a hula hoop entrée skilfully assisted by the show dancers which also assisted other acrobats during the performance. Dany & Denisa rode a pas de deux with difficult tricks – amongst those Denisa standing on Dany’s head. Impressive!

After the interval Alexander Lacey presented his big cats: tigers and lions. Probably the world’s greatest mixed big cat act. Duo Stipka (Dany & Denisa) had an elegant act in tissue. Susan Lacey presented sealions, trained by Charles Knie. In the business Susan I mainly known as big cat trainer – both she and her two sons have been awarded a silver clown in Monte Carlo for their big cage acts. Fratelli Rossi presented an outstanding Risley Act. The young ventriloquist Kenneth Huesca is both charming and a very good and entertaining ventriloquist. The last act was the trapeze artist Anthony Wandruschka, The same guy as the juggler speaking nasty about the trapeze star! He did an outstanding act in swing trapeze – a discipline where most of the performers by tradition are females. It took strong nerves to watch his last trick! But the audience – especially the younger part of the audience – was simple mad about him.

Special thank to Sascha Melnjak for such a warm welcome and for producing such a strong performance. I look forward to seeing the show again.

IMG_1108_lacey_low.jpg (86377 bytes)

Alexander Lacey with his head in the lion’s mouth. Click here to se s slide show with more photos from the performance and of the equipment.

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19 April 2008

Anders Enevig 85 years old. On 22 April the dean of Nordic circus historians Anders Enevig can celebrate his 85 years birthday. Anders has written a number of excellent books about circus and circus families. Many non-Danes knows and are very fond of his book Circus Posters from 2001 with full colour prints of posters by Oscar Knudsen and Erik Stockmarr and with summary in English, German, French and Spanish.  Also of interest for persons without knowledge to the Danish language is his book Cirkus- og gøglerslægter from 2001 with genealogical tables for 37 circus and market performer families, many of them with roots in Germany. This book has a “deutches vorwort”.

 enevig.jpg (18213 bytes)

Anders Enevig.

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19 April 2008

18 April was a national holiday in Denmark and several Danes paid a visit to Circus Charles Knie in Flensburg, a few miles south of the border between Denmark and Germany. They saw a great performance. One of the very best you can see in Germany in 2008. The famous Guide Michelin is awarding one, two or three stars to restaurants offering the finest cooking.  One star is awarded to a very good restaurant in its category. Two stars are awarded to a restaurant with excellent cooking worth a detour. And three stars are awarded to e restaurant with exceptional cuisine and worth the journey. If the same categories were used for ranking circuses Circus Charles Knie would be awarded three stars: certainly worth the journey. You can read a review of the performance when this page is updated on 26 April. Until 20 April you can see Circus Charles Knie in Flensburg. From 22 to 24 April they will be in Eckenförde and from 26 April to 5 May in Lübeck. Phone number to ticket office: + 49 0171 946 2456

charleskniekasset_low.jpg (17106 bytes)

Queue in front of the box office in front of Circus Charles Knie's brand new Scola Teloni telt (diameter 38½ meter) is well deserved.

 gruppe_cirkuscharleskni_lkfoto.jpg (64516 bytes)

Some of the Danish visitors. In a reed coat in the middle of the photo Nelly Jane Benneweis. Standing to the right with a poster in her hand the circus photographer Lise Kokholm. Behind her the gentleman thief Kenny Quinn. To the left Ole and Lars Simonsen, editor respective webmaster of this site. Photo: Lise Kokholm.

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19 April 2008

Circus Dannebrog 2008. Opening night for a circus is always great. But it is common knowledge that the performance runs better after a couple of weeks. That’s why circus owner Haddy Enoch of Danish Circus Dannebrog first invites the gentlemen of the press to see the performance some weeks after the opening night. This year the “press premiere” was in Odense on 17 April.   

As always when a circus performance is staged by Isabella Enoch it is a very well staged performance with show dancers, nice costumes, elegant light setting (due to Isabella’s nephew Jimmy Enoch) etc.

The circus ballet headed by Isabella’s smaller sister Katja Enoch opened the performance. Then you met the young juggler Marco Moressa who is a member of the Errani-family. He was followed by a short run in done by the Balders clowns (Christian, Engelbert and Sidney Balder, Christian being the white-faced clown). The three brothers had a number of fine and short run ins during the performance. The first run in was the well-known entrée with Whisky in the barrel.

Then the famous equestrienne Katja Schumann entered the ring with 4 of Circus Dannebrog's own Arabian stallions. It is first time Katja can be seen in a Danish circus since her father Max Schumann closed his Circus M. Schumann following season 1982. It was nice to watch the elegant and calm way in which Katja was presenting the act. She has only trained the horses for a couple of month. Furthermore, Circus Dannebrog lost two stallions due illness shortly before the opening night. Due to this 2 of the 4 horses in the act are new horses who are starting to learn how to perform together with the 2 older horses. Such training takes time. But I am sure it will end up as a very fine liberty act, looking forward to se Katja's entrée again later in the season.

Katja was followed by the Balder clowns with a nice and short version of the entrée where a double murder is committed in slow motion. Then came Miss Zeudy with a fine foot-juggling entrée. Also Miss Zeudy is a member of the Errani-family. Then it was time for an aerial act: Miss Fossett (Victoria Garcia, née Fossett) has a fascinating entrée combining Washington trapeze with sword balancing. Next came Katja Schumann riding a beautiful high school on her own horse: the magnificent American Saddlebred Ushastik.

Then Engelbert and Sidney Balder entered the stage with a short run in. Next act was one of the acts getting most applause: Messoudi Family (father and three sons) with a handstand act. Both as for content and dresses it was something along the acts presented by Pellegrini Brothers and Encho. Although not at good as those world class performers certainly a good act which the audience loved. Last act before the interval was Elvis Errani with his three Indian elephants. Especially his last trick where he sitting amongst the audience by voice directs one of his elephant walking over three of the female members of the Errani family laying in the sawdust was impressive.

The second part of the performance was opened by a combination of a magical show presented by Katja Enoch and her cousin Jimmy Enoch with glass balancing on monobike. Elegant! Then 3 members of the Messoudi Family entered the ring with a very good juggling entrée. After a short clown run in Vicky and Hans Pedersen presented their 3 sealions and many penguins. This season Hans had left most of the presentation to his wife Vicky.

Then the Balder clowns had their main entrée: a good musical clown entrée with David Crockett and a saloon desk. Both children and adults laughed loudly. Nice to see another entrée than the ordinary mirror entrée, the boxing machine or busy bee. Signorina Priscilla (Errani) did hula hoop on the stage (Circus Dannebrog has a stage as well as a ring). The Pablo and Victoria Garcia presented their space rocket entrée. When I last time saw the act at Circus Arena in 2001 I was not too impressed. But today it is certainly a great and thrilling act which very well deserved got the evening’s highest and longest applause. Following Garcia’s came the grand finale and ringmistresss Agnete Louise Enoch bid the audience goodbye. The audience had certainly every reason be happy with this years Dannebrog performance

Click here to see at slideshow with photos from the performance. (Not all photos will be uploaded until 20 April in the evening)

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16 April 2008

EUROPEAN CIRCUS DAY. ECA writes (text in German below!):

Don’t forget to CELEBRATE with the circus and the European Circus Association (ECA)! Saturday, April 19, 2008, will be the day of the days: All over Europe, the first “Circus Day“ will be celebrated, the EUROPEAN CIRCUS DAY! The circus in all its diverse forms, classical or modern, must not only be recognized as a form of culture, but will be put into the public limelight on that special day, and from now onwards always on the third Saturday in April.

Ján Figel’, EU Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, delivers the opening speech, stating for example: “The circus is a unique form of entertainment that deserves recognition and support, as was also expressed by the European Parliament in its resolution of 2005. ... Indeed, the travelling circus tradition embodies one of the central features of the European Union: The circus is an art form without borders.“ (Complete speech see below!)

In Germany, Circus Krone for example celebrates with an elephant breakfast in Mühlheim am Inn, joined by Krone’s Shao Lin monks with a kung fu demonstration. Clowns will provide face painting and there will be a lottery of free tickets for Krone’s shows on that day. In Karlsruhe, the local juggling scene will celebrate together, drawing public attention to the European Juggling Convention to be held there later this year.

Also in other countries such as France, Spain (e. g. by unicyclists) and Finland (e. g. at Circus Finlandia), the circus day will be celebrated in the most diverse forms, either by professional or by youth circuses. In the circus building in Budapest, an exhibition of circus posters will be opened on that day. The Hungarian National Circus of the Richter family will donate part of the day’s income to a project for children suffering from leukemia.

An example from the Netherlands is an exhibition at Circus Herman Renz and an open day at the „Staatscircus van Moskou.“ In Yakutsk in Russia, the circus organises street performances and other events. The Great British Circus in England invites to public animal training to contribute to a better understanding of the work with wild animals.

The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.

Ján Figel’  - Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth – writes:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am happy to address you today on the occasion of the European Circus Day in my capacity as European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth.

The circus is a unique form of entertainment that deserves recognition and support, as was also expressed by the European Parliament in its resolution of 2005.

The circus is part of our artistic and cultural heritage.

Although the circus has its roots in many cultures, the circus – as we know it today – is largely a European invention. The first circus performance took place in 1768 in London. Horses and acrobats performed in a ring filled with sawdust, amazing and amusing the public with their daring feats and antics. This simple concept, consisting of a variety of acts presented in a ring, and later under a moveable tent, known as the Big Top, spread throughout the world.  It came to be known, in many places, as “the people’s art.”  

Today millions of people across Europe enjoy the circus every year.   The circus can offer simple fun for families or feature high quality and polished artistry. The circus is many people’s first experience of the live performing arts. While circus sometimes takes place in purpose-built facilities, its mobility ensures its accessibility to the broadest possible cross-section of society. Indeed, the travelling circus tradition embodies one of the central features of the European Union: it is an art form without borders.

The circus, in short, is a universal art-form, offering something for everyone. It’s traditional, yet modern too, constantly updating and renewing itself.  Its artists, many of them international citizens since birth, are at home wherever they go, speaking their own languages and following their own customs. They are working together towards a flawless and seamless production nearly every day of the season.     

The European Union is about links, about joining together.  That joining should be in leisure and art as well as in business.  You may be aware that 2008 is the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.   Few art forms bring together so many languages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in one place as the circus.  Indeed, the circus is a natural home for intercultural dialogue and provides daily opportunities for cultural differences to be better understood and celebrated.   That’s why I’m pleased and proud to have been invited to inaugurate the first annual European Circus Day.  Thank you for your attention and now….. on with the show!!

The above message is also available in German. Knowing that some of my readers have German as their nature tongue please find below the German version:

Vergessen Sie nicht mit dem Zirkus und der European Circus Association (ECA) zu FEIERN! Am Samstag den 19. April 2008 ist es so weit. Dann wird in ganz Europa der erste „Tag des Zirkus“ zelebriert, der erste EUROPEAN CIRCUS DAY! Der Zirkus in all seinen verschiedenen Arten, ob klassisch oder modern, soll nicht nur als Kulturform anerkannt, sondern an diesem Tag ins Rampenlicht gestellt werden, und das auch in Zukunft an jedem 3. Samstag im April.

Ján Figel’, EU-Kommissar für allgemeine und berufliche Bildung, Kultur und Jugend, hält dazu die Eröffnungsrede. Darin sagt er u.a.: „Der Zirkus ist eine einzigartige Art der Unterhaltung und verdient Anerkennung und Unterstützung, wie auch vom Europäischen Parlament in seiner Resolution im Jahre 2005 ausgedrückt wurde. …  So verkörpert die reisende Zirkustradition in der Tat eine der wesentlichsten Eigenschaften der Europäischen Union: Der Zirkus ist eine Kunstform ohne Grenzen.“ (komplette Rede siehe unten!)

In Deutschland feiert der Circus Krone z.B. in Form von einem Elefantenfrühstück in Mühlheim am Inn. Mit dabei werden Krones Shao Lin Mönche mit einer Kung Fu Demonstration sein. Kinder werden von Clowns geschminkt und es werden Freikarten verlost für die Krone-Vorstellungen an dem Tag. In Karlsruhe wird an diesem Tag schon mal auf später in diesem Jahr hier stattfindende European Juggling Convention hingewiesen und durch die örtlichen Jongleure gefeiert.

Auch in Länder wie Frankreich, Spanien (z.B. von den Einradfahrern) und Finnland (z.B. im Circus Finlandia) wird auf verschiedenste Art uns Weise gefeiert, entweder von den professionellen Zirkusunternehmen oder von Jugendzirkussen. Im Zirkusgebäude von Budapest wird eine Ausstellung von Zirkusplakaten an diesem Tag eröffnet. Beim Ungarischen National-Circus der Familie Richter wird ein Teil der Einkünfte des Tages an ein Projekt für Kinder mit Leukämie gespendet.

In den Niederlanden gibt es u.a. eine Ausstellung im Circus Herman Renz und einen Tag der offenen Tür beim „Staatscircus van Moskou“. In Yakutsk in Russland organisiert der Circus u.a. Straßenauftritte. Beim Great British Circus in England werden öffentliche Tierproben stattfinden, um zu einem besseren Verständnis der Arbeit mit Wildtieren beizutragen.

Die European Circus Association vertritt die Zirkusunternehmen Europas gegenüber Behörden und Öffentlichkeit. Die ECA will die Zirkuskunst und –kultur fördern und diesen wichtigen Teil unseres gemeinsamen kulturellen Erbes schützen. Der ECA-Vorsitzende Urs Pilz ist Vizepräsident und artistischer Direktor des Internationalen Zirkusfestivals in Monte Carlo. Zu den Mitgliedern zählen fast alle namhaften Zirkusunternehmen Europas.

Ján Figel’ - Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, writes:

Meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren,

Ich freue mich, heute anlässlich des Europäischen Circustages zu Ihnen in meiner Eigenschaft als EU-Kommissar für allgemeine und berufliche Bildung, Kultur und Jugend sprechen zu dürfen.

Der Circus ist eine einzigartige Art der Unterhaltung und verdient Anerkennung und Unterstützung, wie auch vom Europäischen Parlament in seiner Resolution im Jahre 2005 ausgedrückt wurde.

Der Circus ist Teil unseres künstlerischen und kulturellen Erbes.

Obwohl der Circus über Wurzeln in vielen Kulturen verfügt, ist er so, wie wir ihn heute kennen, im wesentlichen eine europäische Erfindung. Die erste Circusvorstellung fand 1768 in London statt. Pferde und Akrobaten traten in einer Sägemehlmanege auf; sie verblüfften und amüsierten das Publikum mit ihren waghalsigen Leistungen und Späßen. Dieses einfache Konzept aus verschiedenartigen Darbietungen, die in einer Manege und später unter einem Zelt, dem Chapiteau, präsentiert werden, hat sich auf der ganzen Welt verbreitet. In vielen Orten wurde es als „volkstümliche Kunst“ bekannt.

Heutzutage erfreuen sich alljährlich Millionen von Menschen in ganz Europa am Circus. Der Circus kann einfache Unterhaltung für die ganze Familie oder hochkarätige und ausgefeilte Kunst bieten. Der Circus ist für viele Menschen die erste Begegnung mit live gezeigter darstellender Kunst. Wenngleich der Circus manchmal auch in speziell errichteten Gebäuden stattfindet, gewährleistet seine Mobilität, dass er auch breitesten Schichten der Gesellschaft zugänglich ist. So verkörpert die reisende Circustradition in der Tat eine der wesentlichsten Eigenschaften der Europäischen Union: Der Circus ist eine Kunstform ohne Grenzen.

Kurz gesagt, der Circus ist eine universelle Kunstform, die jedem etwas bietet. Er ist traditionell, aber auch modern, und erneuert sich immer wieder. Seine Künstler, von denen viele seit ihrer Geburt Weltbürger sind, sind überall zu Hause, sprechen ihre eigenen Sprachen und pflegen ihre eigenen Sitten. An fast jedem Tag der Saison arbeiten sie gemeinsam daran, eine fehlerfreie und nahtlose Vorstellung zu präsentieren.

Die Europäische Union hat mit Verbindungen, mit Zusammengehen zu tun. Dieses Zusammengehen sollte für Freizeit und Kunst ebenso wie für das Geschäftliche gelten. Sie werden wissen, dass 2008 das Europäische Jahr des interkulturellen Dialogs ist. Nur wenige Kunstformen bringen so viele Sprachen, ethnische und kulturelle Milieus am gleichen Ort zusammen wie der Circus. Er ist in der Tat die natürliche Heimat des interkulturellen Dialogs und verschafft alltäglich die Gelegenheit, kulturelle Unterschiede besser zu verstehen und zu feiern. Deshalb bin ich froh und stolz, mit dieser Rede den ersten alljährlichen Europäischen Circustag zu eröffnen. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit, und nun ... Manege frei!!

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11 April 2008

Circus Krone is the smallest of the Danish circuses. It has noting to due with the mighty German Circus Krone, but is a dog and pony show owned by Irene Thierry and her family. Opening night for season 2008 will be on 15 April at Toerring in Jutland. Amongst the performers this year is Duo Roswing with arial ballet, the magician Ulrich and Jonas with diabolo comedy. Furthermore I am pretty sure that the audience will met the clown Alando, liberty ponies presented by Jan Allan and Irene Thierry as ringmistress and partner in the clown entrées. Despite its small size Circus Krone does always present a very nice performance with acrobats of good quality as Irene is very good to spot new talents.

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6 April 2008

As earlier mentioned on this page The Danish Artist Union being the trade union of performing artist could celebrate its 90 year anniversary in the beginning of March. A gala was given on 2 March at the Vega Concert Hall in Copenhagen. Among the performers were Lars Lottrup with his mega balloon, the juggler Jens Sigsgaard and the magician Magical Mr. Mox. In connection with the jubilee the union’s former chairman Nick Olander was made an honorary member. A slidehow from the gale can be seen at The Danish Artist Unions website. Click here to see those photos. Photographer: Martin Rosenauer.

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2 April 2008

Opening night for Danish Circus Arli was in Floeng (Copenhagen suburb) on 29 March. The total staff consists of circus owner Soren Arli, his wife Lotte, their son and daughter in law Martin and Bettina, their grandson Alexander and his girlfriend Ailona, 4 foreign acrobats and a tent crew of 3 persons.

Soren Arli welcomed the audience and handed over presentation of the program to Bettina who is a both charming and competent ringmistress. First act was Miss Olga in an acrobatic act in a big ring. Then Martin Arli entered the stage (Arli is using a stage and not a traditional ring) dressed in a in a horn suite playing jazz and classical music on honk-horns (see photo). A very funny and charming entrée probably inspired by French Michel Lauzière. Then Miss Olga’s fiancé Fjodorovs presented his trained pigeons. I have never seen a pigeon act like this; the pigeons performed tricks as those you are used to see poodles performing! Fjodorovs’s contact with his pigeons is unique. I am sure that we in the future will meet this gifted artist in larger circuses. Following the pigeon act a very proud Bettina introduce her son Alexander who assisted by his girlfriend Ailona whom he met when she was touring with Circus Arli in 2007 present a great comical cascadeur entrée. Then we met the roller skate acrobats 2 Pawels. The female partner is first dressed as a clown, then as traditional roller skate acrobat. A charming act which closed the first part of the performance.

IMG_0645j_martin_low.jpg (15972 bytes)

Martin in his horn suit

After the interval we met Darja’s trained cats presented by the female partner from the roller skate entrée. Also a very charming act. Bettina can this year celebrate her 25 year anniversary as an acrobat. And she does it by presenting one of the first acts she presented to the audience many years ago: hair-hanging. Then we met the Arli clowns: this year Soren and Martin, assisted by Bettina. The kids loved their entrée. Last act in the performance was the magician Castrix alias Alexander Arli who showed some fine tricks, including the penetration and the substitution trunk. The performance ran for 1 hour 50 minutes. It is accompanied by taped music (this year classical music arranged by Martin Arli). All in all a very charming performance proving that the quality in the smaller circuses can be very high!

 IMG_0712ju_bettina_low.jpg (13309 bytes)

That how you can celebrate a 25 year anniversary: Bettina Arli. Click here to see a more photos from the performance. (The slidehow will not be ready in its final version until 6 April).)

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1 April 2008

Per Krogh Petersen has at his website made a page with a lot of photos from this year’s performance in Circus Arena. Click here for a link to Per’s website.

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1 April 2008

A circus interested Danish librarian Dan Roneklint Sorensen published last year in July a survey of museums of Circus, Artists and Showmen at 

An updated version of the survey is now available. The language is Danish, German and English. The survey introduces more than 150 museums all over the world. To the extent known information is given on opening hours, email-addresses and websites. Dan Roneklint Sorensen will be very grateful for corrections, amendments and comments on his survey. Send me an email if you have any such corrections etc.

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1 April 2008

As mentioned on 27 March 2008 Circus Baldoni had their opening night on 26 March.

First we met the clowns Daniel Dim (also called Danillo) and Ib Ibbermand (Martin Maiböll), assisted by the assistant stage manager Thomsen (Tonny Steinveg). Both Martin Maiböll and Tonny Steinveg started their carrier as circus performers at the Hvidovre youth circus Arcus (former called Regnbuebørn). They have several nice run in's during the performance. Their first run in was the classical “don’t play here”.  Following the clowns circus owner René Moenster welcomes the audience and all the performers enters the stage (Baldoni is using a stage and not a traditional ring) singing Baldoni’s traditional welcome song. First acrobat act in the performance are Chinese 4 Gao Chen with a nice combination of lion dancing and diabolo. Then Daniel Dim and Ib Ibbermand are back with a comical magic act. Next is the Hungarian couple The Ferrencys with a special balance with a bike on top of some globes (see photo).  Then René Moenster and his ventriloquist doll Leonardo the Lion introduces The Varadi’s with their 6 dogs. It is a charming act which the Danes last year could see in Irene Thierry’s tiny Circus Krone. The Daniel Dim and Ib Ibbermand are back wanting to play music one again. Assistant stage manger Thomson is upset but when he is invited to join them and being “star for night” he is more than willing to let them play! Next comes young Miss Eszter (daughter of Ferrencys) who has her debut on the ring juggling with cotton balls. Last act before the interval are Gao Chen with a nice tissue act.

 IMG_0326_ferrency_low.jpg (18242 bytes)

The Ferrencys bike balancing act

Second part of the performance begins with The Ferrencys in their wheel of death. The wheel is not as great as in Circus Arena or the act as dangerous as the fabulous Crazy Wilson's. But it is an act which match perfect to a tent of the size used by Baldoni (a tent with a diameter of 26 meter). And as something unusual we are also meeting the female partner in the wheel. The entrée includes juggling as well as hula-hoop. All in all it is an act much more charming than most Wheel of Death-acts. While the wheel is taken down Daniel Dim has another run in: the well-know run in where members of the audience are invited to play music using bells. Then come Varadi’s with a funny plate spinning act where the male partner is loosing his trousers. They are followed by René Moenster and Daniel Dim in the clown entrée where René wants Daniel to catch a bullet in his mouth and a lot of plates are smashed. Then the  Varadi-family’s son Nandor enters the stage with a nice juggling act. Leonoardo the Lion tries his luck as sword swallower. Then came Freddi Steckel with his excellent comical casceadeur act. This year assisted by René Moensters wife Thessa. Freddi and Thessa are born in 1950 respective 1959. It is a pleasure to see that not only youngsters can present a great acrobat act! Last act in the programme was the Gao Chen-troupe with a very good hand balancing act. Easy to understand why their agent Jorgen Borsch is proud of “his” artist. Jorgen has given me a link to a part of his website where you can see video clips from some of Gao Chen’s acts. Click here to use this link. The performance ran for slightly more than two hours and was accompanied by a two pieces band, sometimes backed-up by taped music.

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28 March 2008

World Circus Federation Logo Competition. Announcement of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque under the patronage of S.A.S. Princess Stéphanie at the 32nd Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo in January of this year has been greeted with great enthusiasm.  The Federation soon will identify its initial projects in pursuit of its goal of promoting circus arts and culture. To highlight the new opportunity for global cooperation, the Federation’s Founding Members announce a world-wide competition for the design of a logo for the Federation that captures the heart of circus.  Graphic designers, artists, students and circus fans, young and old, are invited to submit their best design(s).  The winning logo will be selected by Federation Honorary President, S.A.S. Princess Stéphanie.   All entries in the competition should be sent to no later than 31 May 2008.

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28 March 2008

Opening night for Circus Dannebrog was on 27 March. A review if the performance will be given when Circus Dannebrog on 17 April invites the press to see the performance.

They always prefer not to invite the press to see the performance until it after some weeks runs smoothly. I have however heard that it should be a very strong performance.

 KatjaS_dannebrogpresse.JPG (100787 bytes)

Among the performer this year are the famous equestrienne Katja Schumann. Photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 March 2008

Circus Baldoni had their opening night on 26 March. Circus Baldoni was established by René Moenster in 1998 under the name Cirkusteatret Aloe ("The circus theatre”). René Moenster worked from 1986 to 1994 with circus Arena as assisting manager and performed for some seasons as magician under the name Ron Marvin. From 1998 to 2001 the Circus-theatre was more a theatre than a circus although the performance included several circus acts. The play within a circus was scripted. After a poor 2001-season René Moenster changed concept to a more traditional show touring under the name Circus Baldoni. Today it is owned by René and his wife Thessa and this year’s performance are the best they have presented so far. A review will be given when this page is updated next week.

 IMG_0326_ferrency_low.jpg (67445 bytes)

The Ferrencys are among the performers in Circus Baldoni in 2008

IMG_0442_steckels_low.jpg (74471 bytes)

Freddi Steckel present his world class comical cascadeur entrée, assisted by Thessa Danielle Mønster. Click here to see a slideshow from the performance (the slideshow will not be completed until 31 March).

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25 March 2008

The Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot will open their season in Roslev on 27 March. From the owner family we will meet Daniel Deleuran as juggler on slack wire, his smaller brother Andreas as clown, his father Jess Deleuran with ponies and his mother Marianne Deleuran with her dogs. Furthermore circus owner Marianne and Jess Deleuran has as always engaged some talented foreign acrobats: Kamensky brothers are trampoline stars, Miss Svitlana is a contortionist, her twin sister Oksana Fabrykova works in arial rope, Miss Tanya presents her trained pigeons, and her 7 year old son Husik has a nice hula-hoop entrée (he is really good!). Clowning is apart from Andreas done by Gulio who is married to Tanya and father of Husik. In the performance you will also meet the musical clowns Charlettis (Marianne as white faced clown, Gulio and Andreas).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 March 2008

Large audience for Circus Arena during the Easter holiday. Despite bad weather (or maybe because of the bad weather) a lot of Danes visited Circus Arena in Copenhagen during the Easter holiday. On 24 March Circus owner Benny Berdino decided to give an extra performance. Part of the success could be due to heavy TV advertisements.

On some weekdays the audience is more limited.

 tentindoor_mergefoto_20080321_low.jpg (72504 bytes)

Large audience for Circus Arena during the Easter holidays.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 March 2008

Tiny German Circus Astoria whose entire staff consist of the owner Richard Köllner is for the time being on Funen in Denmark where they intent to stay this summer, visiting small villages with populations from 500 to 1,000 people. They not pretend to be a big show and call themselves mainly a circus for kids with a performance which runs for 1½ hour. The explanation for their visit to Denmark can be seen at their website where they write:”Wie viele Circusse gibt es in Deutschland? Es gibt etwa 300 bis 400 Circusse in Deutschland. Nach Meinung von Ricardo Köllner, Direktor von Astoria, gibt es jedoch nicht genügend Zuschauer für so viele Circusse, weil zu den Circussen auch noch die reisenden Kaspertheater, Varietées und Palazzos (Winterveranstaltungen z.B. von großen Hotels) kommen.“

 Astoria_Sonderso_2008_low.jpg (85989 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 March 2008

CIRCUS IN WINTER WEATHER - SNOW ON TOP OF  --- THE BIG TOP. CIRQUE ZAVATTA FILS,/ managed by one of Achille Zavatta's sons/ got  too much snow on top of the big top - the result was that it collapsed - on top of the public during a show.

Fortunately noone was hurt. It all happened recently /today MARCH 24/, in the department of Pas de Calais,in the north-west of France. French television had an extensive coverage of the accident - the ZAVATTA circus family is well-known and apprciated in France. Reported by ZARRO ZARRO.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 March 2008

From Paris Zarro Zarro writes:

THE MAGIC THEATRE OF PARIS - MAGIC SHOWBOAT METAMORPHOSIS. International magic entertainer JAN MADD with partner  CHOUPINET run a fantastic MAGIC SHOW from their showboat METAMORPHOSIS, started in 1990 when JAN MADD felt like stopping an international travelling career, having brought him around most of the world, also to places where there is no longer possible to get a contract, particularly places in the Middle East. The showboat is a barge, having been refurbished to house a splendidly decorated restaurant, where you can enjoy the French cuisine, a bar and a theater. The atmosphere is unique, as is the show - there is no other magic theater in Europe playing every night, except Mondays, and even in Las Vegas there are less magic shows than a couple of years ago.

The show is geared to a very general audience, thus not particularly to magicians and to those interested in magic - and that's the strong point - the guests get a total event, dining, wining and watching a funny, original and interesting show.  Partner CHOUPINET plays an important role, performing on stage and running the public relations/sales service. Two oriental show-girls participate in the illusions, which alternate with cabaret magic effects.

Thus, after an international career spanning from 1960 thru 1990, JAN MADD perpetuates the memory of French master magician ROBERT HOUDIN, the father of modern magic. On Sundays there is a family show, aimed at parents and their children of 6 years and upwards. The "What's on in Paris", called L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES informs you about shows in and around Paris, Euro 0.35 in all news-stalls. At your next visit to Paris - A WONDERFUL AND EXCITING MAGIC SHOW --- is eagerly waiting for you !!!

 jan_madd_a_low.jpg (61524 bytes)

Jan Madd and his company

INTERVIEW FRANCESCO BOUGLIONE. The Paris public transport system Metro RATP, edits a magazine "A NOUS PARIS" =/Paris is ours/ and frequently publishes interviews with famous people. Currently - an interview with FRANCESCO BOUGLIONE, master juggler and a member of the great circus family BOUGLIONE, who presents a circus show from OCT thru MARCH, and this is repeated every year, at the CIRQUE D'HIVER PARIS.

Excerpts from interview:

A NOUS PARIS: Who goes to the circus?

FRANCESCO BOUGLIONE: Everyone!! Circus is not particularly for children, people go there WITH their kids - that's different! Often the parents use their children as an alibi for going to the circus. Among our public we see a lot of young couples without kids and a number of teen-agers. Most of our public are adults.


FB: It's a performance executed by an artist. At the circus, people expect to see - a PERFORMANCE - there is no story to tell, no message to deliver. You recognize an artist who is able to communicate with the audience - there has to be a spark - or something ... - that springs from artist to public. Also - the setting of the ACT, the music, the costume play a great role - that's how you spot an artist.

ANP: What about your competition?

FB: Really - we have none /he laughs/ - we don't have any special target group, we target all and everyone. Circus remains a popular entertainment and we aim at keeping our entrance fees low. And - very important - contrary to other kinds of entertainment, circus has no social or cultural barriers.

ANP: Today, we have a lot of "virtual" phenomenon - does that harm circus ?

FB: It doesn't seem so, on the contrary it appears that the more people are confronted with virtual, artificial and unreal entertainment - the more they will want a show that is LIVE - without any bogus element but with a strong human presence - the audience sees artists who perform a real and tangible show where no faking is possible.

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21 March 2008

Master Pickpocket Quinn in Tivoli Copenhagen 2008 - Søren Østergaards Tivoli Variety theatre – now with Kleptomaniacs..!

When Tivoli Copenhagen on 19th May open up the doors to the old and elegant Tivoli Variety Theatre “The Glass Hall Theatre”, you better watch your wallets and hold on to your watches! Because Tivoli has for the 2008 season engaged the Scandinavian world class pickpocket couple Joan and Kenny Quinn who evening after evening will prove their unique entertainment skill as pickpockets with an amazing stealing technique and sleight of hand. In front of everyone’s eyes will watches, neckties and glasses vanish quicker than the police allow. Søren Østergårds Tivoli Variety plays until the 20th of September 2008.

The original Glass Hall Theatre served from 1863-1902 as Tivoli's concert hall. In 1946 The Glass Hall Theatre was razed to the ground by a sabotage action in 1944 during World War II. In 1946 The Glass Hall Theatre was rebuilt by the father and son architect team Poul and Simon P. Henningsen. The Glass Hall Theatre is hosting national and international concert and theatre venues all year around. From rock and jazz concerts to Variety and theatre for children.

 Quinn_Kurt_Filex.JPG (67243 bytes)

Kenny Quinn together with German TV-producer Kurt Filex

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 March 2008

Circus Benneweis 2008. Opening night was on 19 March 2008. As in 2006 and 2007 Judy Glosted was ringmistress, skilfully assisted by circus owner Diana Benneweis former husband Marek Benneweis as performance director. First act in the performance was German Karl Ferdinand Trunk with ponies in all sizes. The ponies did not only do the ordinary liberty horse tricks but could also sit in a chair, bob up and down on a seesaw, ride a merry-go-round and go to bed. A fine act which the kids loved. Next act was an act which I have not seen in a Danish circus for many years: a comical taxi act. In this year's Benneweis performance it was presented by The Gaspars who realised what happens when you ask Marek Benneweis get you a cab to London! They were followed by this years reprise clown Titto Lester. True to her tradition and ambition Diana Benneweis has found a clown who if different from most other reprise clowns. And a clown which the grown-up part of the audience loved! In his first run in you met in a comedy routine impersonating Elvis Presley and having problems with his taped music, then transforming Elvis into a classic juggling ballerina. Then we met Salima Peippo in an arial rope entrée. Then Titto Lester was back with an entrée with a pram with a rather annoyed child! Next act was the elephants Tich and Lacké presented by the brothers Alex and Christian Gärtner assisted by their wives. A very pleasant act presented without whips or elephant sticks. Last act before the interval was The Gaspars with a spectacular rola-bola entrée, performed by Gaspar and his two sons.

 Karl_Ferdinand_Trunk_amfoto_low.jpg (66664 bytes)

Karl Ferdinand Trunk and his ponies. Photo: Circus Benneweis/Arne Magnussen

After the interval we once again met Karl Ferdinand Trunk in an entertaining act with pigs, goats and dogs. Then Titto Lester has his main entrée: The cinema sketch. It is a very funny visual comedy sketch as a Hollywood film director using three men and one woman from the audience as actors. I have seen other clowns doing the same entrée. But no one as good as Titto Lester. He was followed by the best act in the program: The Liazeed with their world class hand balancing act. Last act in the program was on opening night 19 March the French magician Jidinis who assisted by his three female assistants presented a nice and well choreographed act. – After the opening performance Diana Benneweis told me that she will change the order of the performers a bit having the best act The Liazeed as the last act in the performance. A brilliant idea. It is always good to end the performance with a “wow-act”. The performance was accompanied by a 6 pieces band, although taped music was used for some acts. Several acrobats seem to prefer taped music for music played by a life band. Most circus friends, including myself, prefer life music.

 Liazeed_amfoto_low.jpg (63013 bytes)

The Liazeed. Photo: Circus Benneweis/Arne Magnussen. Click here to see a slide show with more photos from the performance.

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20 March 2008

Circus Arena 2008. Opening night was on 18 March 2008. First act was classical ladder balancing by Roby Berousek. Then we met the first of the two reprise clowns: Danish Bonbon first as owner of a puppet, later as a puppet himself. Arenas liberty horses are trained by Tim Delbosq. At the opening night the horses was presented by Merrylu Casselly. The other reprise clown was Jimmy Folco. In his main run-in he invites 4 persons from the audience into the ring and makes a rock bank out of them. Jimmy’s routine makes it possible to get his ”band-members” to join the act and have fun. The wheel of death is always one of the audience’s favourite acts. Also at Arena where the act was presented by Brazil Brothers making the usual wheel of dead stunts. Nice although

far from Crazy Wilson-standard. Ingo Stiebners sealions have been with Arena several times. But you never get tired of seeing those clever animals. Merrylu had her second entrée: an arial act done in a globe which she can open and close during the act. Then Mrs. and Mr. Dittmar have their comical act where Mr. Dittmar is courting the girl in the small house. When she gets out of the house you can see that she is 2.17 meter tall! Last act before the interval was Diorios with their Globe of Death. This year with 5 riders in a globe, which during the ride could split in two sections. An upper section with three riders and a lower section with two riders.

 Brazil_Brothers_cwfoto_low.jpg (62931 bytes)

Brazil Brothers in their wheel of death. Photo: Circus Arena/Christian Warrer

Second part of the performance begins with a marvellous chair balancing act done by Kong Haitao and Fang Lili. An incredible act. After a run in with Jimmy Folco we met Picasso JR in a wonderful juggling entrée. Bonbon had another run-in assisted by his wife Tiina as the princess which Bonbon should free from the dragon (a tiny dog dressed as a dragon). Then came the Shaolin-monks show with Asian battle arts, sword battles and as a highpoint the leap through a rotating, with knives studded burning tyre - and that blindfolded! Last act on the program was Arena Kids: circus owner Benny Berdino's grandchildren Anastacia and Patrick Berdino assisted by Merrylu and René Casselly JR. jumping from the ring to the Casselly elephants and using elephants for their trick riding. René even mastered a backwards summersault from one elephant to another elephant. The performance was accompanied by a 4 piece orchestra. No use of taped music but much use of a sequencer to get a sound as if the band have had 12 members.

 Aren_Kids_2008_cwfoto.jpg (15497 bytes)

Arena Kids – this year with elephants. Photo: Circus Arena/Christian Warrer.  The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet has on their website a video clip from the training of Arenas Kid’s act. Click here to see this clip.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 March 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - and ---- all the year around !!! From Paris Zarro Zarro writes:

After a break, due to computer problems, I would like to forward the following information:

Paris is really THE circus capital - and the Paris TOWN HALL boasts: PARIS AIME LE CIRQUE /Paris loves circus/.

Every year, a number of circuses do come to Paris, most of them located at LA PELOUSE DE REUILLY, a big park, Metro Porte Dorée. We usually see: Cirque Pinder and Circus Hermann Renz, here called Cirque Jean Richard, Cirque Arlette Grüss, Cirque Alexis Grüss, Cirque du Grand Celeste, Cirque Romanes gipsy circus, Cirque Bouglione playing at Cirque d'Hiver, Cirque Moreno, Cirque Franconi/BOBOSS CLOWN/, Cirque Phénix, Cirque Messidor, Cirque de Noël avec Christian Bouglione, Cirque ALIBORO CLOWN AND DONKEY SHOW.

In January there is LE FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU CIRQUE, Ringmaster Christophe Ivanes, located in Massy, a Parisian suburb, in February comes LE CIRQUE DE DEMAIN with the stars of tomorrow. In March you will find LA FOIRE DU TRONE, a funfair/carnival but - alas - having no shows anymore, I saw the last one some years ago: THE WOMAN WITHOUT HEAD, disappeared, since such side-shows are no longer profitable.

Circus COMPAGNIE RASPOSO appears at intervals, they stage a medieval show where everything is faithful to medieval culture: music, costumes and program.

Cabarets: LIDO, MOULIN ROUGE, PARADIS LATIN do have shows, although with few specialty acts. Most of the middle-sized or small cabarets  disappeared about twenty years ago, they all had nice visual acts and - of course Paris being Paris - some strippers of high quality - I think of Folies Pigalle as an example, it has been converted to shows featuring drag queens and music.

Street performers are nowadays seldom seen, although there is a tolerance /but no permit/   for them. Musicians can get a permit to play in the Metro, renewable every 6th month, they have to present themselves for an audition, which should ensure that the decibels they produce remain inoffensive.

Crazy Horse has no more visual acts, only a dozen or so of tableaux featuring excellent show-girls - but ---- about 50% of the public is --- women...

LE MUSEE DE LA MAGIE has a non-stop magic show Wed-Sat-Sun as well as the museum and a magic shop.

A list of theatres where you - often - can see visual acts, mainly magic:

Trévise/ Clavel/ Antre Magique/ La Loge/ Mathurins/ Comedie de la Passerelle/ Vieille Grille/ Mélo d'Amélie/ Renaissance/ Le temple/ Ciné 13/

As for SHOWBOAT METAMORPHOSIS JAN MADD MAGIC THEATER , please separate write-up, which will be published next week by Circus in Denmark.

You will find these places in L'OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES /in French only/ and PARISCOPE /also in English/ - available at all news-stalls.

This list does not pretend to be exhaustive, but the main points are covered.


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17 March 2008

Circus directors and circus fans call for the cultural recognition of the circus. In a joint resolution, the European Circus Association (ECA) and the German Circus Fans‘ Association (GCD) have called on the Federal Government to recognize the circus as part of the cultural heritage. Already in 2005, the European Parliament took a decision about this topic, but so far it has not been implemented in Germany. Therefore, both associations call on the Federal Government to finally take appropriate measures. On Sunday, March 2, 2008, Urs Pilz, chairman of the ECA, and Helmut Grosscurth, president of the GCD, signed the resolution in the ring of Circus Krone in Munich. 150 circus directors and circus fans gathered there to discuss the preservation of the classical circus with animals and to evaluate the successes and activities of the ECA in the different EU member states.

In the resolution ECA and GCD call on the Federal Government to recognize the circus in any form, especially in the classical circus with animals, as a part of German culture, and promote it accordingly.

To mark the occasion, the GCD presented a special issue of its CIRCUS ZEITUNG with the topic “Animals in the Circus.“ This extra of the monthly GCD magazine was developed together with circuses, animal trainers and scientists. The first copy was handed over in Munich to Martin Lacey, Jr, Circus Krone‘s famous wild animal trainer. The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.

 ECA_GCD_res.jpg (65088 bytes)

Board members of the ECA and the GCD applauding the passing of the joint resolution in the ring of Circus Krone in Munich on Sunday, March 2, 2008. Photo: Ottmar Liebicher

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 March 2008

International clowns at Bakken. On 27 February I mentioned that Benny Schumann would be back at the Danish amusement park Bakken presenting International Clowns at the open air stage from 16 to 22 August. Bakken has now disclosed that Toto Chabri & co.  and Florin and Cato will be among the performers. 75 year old Toto Chabri is one of the most popular clowns in Denmark. Danes met him fist time in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1966. From 1969 to 1998 he spent 10 seasons with Circus Benneweis, two seasons with Circus Arena and one season with Circus Dania. His latest performance in Denmark was in April and May 2006 where he stepped in for some clowns who didn’t turn up in Circus Dannebrog.

k_toto_2_20060413_low.JPG (45771 bytes)

´Toto Chabri. Photo from Circus Dannebrog 2006

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 March 2008

New lay out of the Circus Benneweis website. For a while circus owner Diana Benneweis and her boyfriend Freddy Bergman Kolding has worked on a new design for Circus Benneweis’ website. The new and very elegant website was launched on 11 March. Click here to see the website. As for other Danish circuses: language is Danish only. But enjoy the photos etc.  

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9 March 2008 

Circus Arena’s new tent with a diameter of 45 meter was today set up at the Copenhagen circus lot ’Bellahøj’, The tent have room for 1,800 people all of them seated on chairs. It is the largest circus tent in the Nordic countries. Circus Arena has season opening on 18 March. Per Krogh Petersen has made a nice slideshow of the set up of the new tent. Click here to se Per’s photos.

arenetelt_20080314_low.jpg (69573 bytes)

Circus Arenas new tent – the largest in the Nordic countries

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 March

Some Danish circus friends headed by Brian “Briano” Behrendt visited Circus Krone in Munich on 29 February and 1 March to see both the February and the March program. Click here to see a slide-show from the magnificent performances. 

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 March 2008

Circus Arli 2008. Tiny Danish Circus Arli is calling this year’s performance ”CLASSIC FANTASTIC”. As always circus owner Soren Arli has engaged some high quality performers. Furthermore several members of his own family will take part in the performance. DARJA will present her trained (house) cats. A very charming act which the Swedes could se in Circus Brazil Jack in 2007. Together with her partner Darja will also present the roller skate act 2 PAWELS. Tiny MISS OLGA has an acrobatic entrée in a ring. ANDREJS FJODOROVS from Latvia will present a unique act with dogs, pigeons and chickens. A musical comedy act with honk horns will be presented by MARTIN ARLI (son of circus owner Soren Arli). Martin Arli's charming wife BETTINA ARLI can in 2008 celebrate her 25 years anniversary as an acrobat with an entrée, in which she in hanging in her hair. Apart from this she will be ringmistress. Clowning is done by MARTINO & CO. A magical entrée is presented by CATRIX MAGIC SHOW (probably Marin Arli). MONPILO has a diabolo juggling entrée. ALEXANDER ARLI is the third generation of the Arli family and a gifted multi-acrobat. This year he will do a comical casceadeur entrée. In creating his act he has been assisted by the international well-known but now retired acrobats Belita & Charley Kaye. Opening night for Circus Arli will be on 29 March. After that they will visit 107 cities on Zealand and give 155 performances.

 Andrejs_Fjodorovs_presse.JPG (61818 bytes)

ANDREJS FJODOROVS with pigeons, chickens and dogs. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arli

bettina_arli_haarhang_low_presse.JPG (64739 bytes)

Bettina Arli. Photo by courtesy of Circus Arli

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 March 2008

Police commissioner robbed by thief. Take it easy. It was not a criminal offence which had Kassel’s polizeipräsident (chief constable) Wilfried Henning as a victim. But it was the King of gentleman thieves Kenny Quinn who on 20 February 2008 visited the central police station in Kassel giving the cops a 65 minutes long lecture on how criminal pickpockets are working. At the end of the lecture he showed the 80 police officers attending the presentation how he works when on stage in circuses and variety theatre. In this connection he managed to steal watches from several police officers and the belt from the chief constable! In a letter thanking Kenny for the interesting presentation polizeipräsident Wilfried Henning writes: “Ich konnte am eigenen Leib spüren, wie Sue als genialer Mesterdieb einen sicherlich nicht unkritischem Publikum durch Ablenkungstricks und außerordentlicher Geschicklichkeit de Gegenstände aus den Taschen schützen können. Ich hoffe, dass Sie niemals de Seiten wechseln und ihre Kunst nur af der Bühne ausüben werden.“

Kenny and Joan Quinn have just returned to their home in Copenhagen after 2 month successful performances at the Starclub Variety Theatre in Kassel, Germany. Click here to see a short video clips from German TV channel HNA with Kenny and Joan Quinn’s at the Starclub.

 kenny_quinn_hessen_low_20090220.JPG (44319 bytes)

Kenny Quinn in action at the police head quarter. Click here to see a slideshow with more photos

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 March 2008

Circus Charlie is one of the small Danish circuses, mainly touring in Jutland. On 5 March a local TV station told the Circus Charlie in season 2007 had a loss of 500,000 DKK (67,000 Euro) and due to this will not tour in 2008. Circus owner Einar Trie tells that the poor result in 2007 was due to increased costs, including increased cost for renting lots from municipalities (most Danish circus lot are owned by a municipality) and unchanged income. Furthermore several municipalities took his posters down making it very difficult to get anyone to know that circus was in town. The two German circuses which for a couple of years have toured Denmark might also have “stolen” some customers from Circus Charlie.

Einar Trie will now concentrate on his circus summer school and the youth circus Salling Circus Kids. Furthermore, Circus Charlie will most likely make some sort of tour giving shows with a limited number of performers on camping lots in July and August and performing at the Aarhus Festival in the first week of September.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 March 2008

The small German family circus Astoria is for the time being touring Funen. The do not pretend to be a large show and are admitting that they are just at very small circus with a performance mainly for kids. The show runs for 1½ hour. You will meet Ricardo with chair balancing, the two horses Maxi and Mini, miss Velicka with her trained poodles and Ricardo and Velicka’s daughters on six and eight year with a hula hoop entrée.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 March 2008

Circus No Name 2008. In Jutland Luffe Bögh assisted by Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys from April to September 2007 presented Circus No Name in the Team LA Park in Solbjerg. They are now getting ready for the 2008 season which will open on 14 April. As in 2008 Luffe and Bjoern will present a number of animal acts. Furthermore they have this season engaged the Zdenenek family from the Czech Republic. The will do a plate spinning act, an arial act and a juggling act. Last year Zdenek toured with the Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot.

 bjoern_No_Name_2007.JPG (115418 bytes)

The experienced trick rider and horse trainer Bjoern Schult-Bjoernlys is artistically director of Circus No Name

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 March 2008

World Circus Trade show 11-13th April 2008, Paris, Porte de Versailles

For the first time in the world, an event bringing together all of the professions and all of the spheres of influence pertaining to the circus! A festive and convivial event entirely devoted to the circus, to the rhythm of activities, acts, shows, meetings, debates, exchanges, circus arts workshops... Exchanges market Sunday, April 13th between 10 am and 12 am. A unifying event to celebrate the Circus Arts and a big top space at the centre of Hall 6. Read more at or call Floriane Gaber at 00 33 1 49 12 91 68

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 February 2008

Benny Schumann back with clowns at Bakken. From 1996 to 2006 Benny Schumann was artistic director of The International Clown Festival held each year in August at Dyrehavsbakken (Denmark's oldest amusement park, north of Copenhagen). In 2006 he wanted a break and the festival was changed to a festival with only Danish clowns. But in 2008 Benny will be back at Bakken presenting International Clowns at the open air stage from 16 to 22 August. The names of the performers will be released in April. “But it will be a reunion with some of my favourite clowns,” Benny tells.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 February 2008

ECA ANNOUNCES FIRST ANNUAL EUROPEAN CIRCUS DAY. In December last year The European Circus Association proclaimed 19th April 2008 as the first-ever European Circus Day. The ECA plans that European Circus Day will become an annual event taking place each year on the third Saturday in April. The Day is designed to let adults, children, and public figures see aspects of the circus tradition which are normally ‘behind-the-scenes’, and also to include conferences, street parades, art exhibitions, and many more related activities. The Europe-wide event will include input from circus companies of all sizes as well as from supporters of the circus arts, and will be backed by ECA ‘branding’ of logos and publicity. The Day will be heralded each year by a brief message from an important personality.  The message will be available on videotape for media use.  For 2008, we are very pleased to announce that European Commissioner Jan Figel has agreed to serve in this role.


The European Circus Association hopes that every circus and circus-related event throughout Europe on that day, and also on the days leading up to it, will join in.   The ECA can provide back-up material, including a recording of the official Inaugural Speech by European Commissioner Jan Figel.


ECA President Urs Pilz said “We want to create a new circus tradition to draw attention to this branch of the Arts and to demonstrate our everlasting commitment to its continuation.  We also hope that by celebrating the same day together across Europe, we will show our unity and the cross-frontier nature of the circus”.


The ECA has now issued the official logo shown below for use in connection with ECD. 

 ECD_LowRes.jpg (79907 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 February 2008

Circus Benneweis 2008. Diana Benneweis has released the program for the coming season which will open on 19 March in Hillerod 20 miles north of Copenhagen.

As the last couple of years Judy Glosted will be ringmistress, assisted by Marek Benneweis as performance director.

Trio Gaspars comes from Portugal and are world class rola bola acrobats. The troupe consists of father and two sons, assisted by Mrs. Gaspar. The troupe was established in 1988 and has since then toured all over the world. Apart from the rola bola act the have a comical taxi entrée.

The Liazeed comes from Jamaica and consists of father and daughter, Omar and Zaida Liazeed, and Zaida’s fiancé Francisco who is from Cuba. Since first developing their hand balancing act in Spain in 1980 Omar Liazeed and his daughter Zaida have perfected a totally new kind of equilibristic entertainment. Their original approach, superlative skills and incredible charisma have ensured that The Liazeed is one of the most sought after acts in show business today. The daughter of European trapeze artist Ketty Jarz, a celebrated flyer who executed the notoriously difficult triple somersault, Zaida won her first medal at an international circus competition in Spain at ten years of age. She then went on to win many other awards and prizes, including a silver medal at the international Festival in Milan in 1990 and the Golden Artist Award and first prize from the jury at the International Circus Festival in the Netherlands in 2001. Zaida was also proud to be the first female hand balancer in five years to be included at the Bal du Moulin Rouge in Paris. Omar and Zaida have performed at numerous world famous venues from the Tivoli in Copenhagen to the Casino in Monte Carlo, Gop's Tiger-Palast in Frankfurt, Apollo Duesseldorf,

Friedrichsbau-Stuttgart to the Cacino Fortuna in Torrequebrada. They have also been featured on many TV shows both in Europe and the US, including the Grand Cabaret in Paris and 'Good Morning America' with Regis and Kelly in New York City. The Liazeed made their US debut in 2002 with the African American show, Universoul Circus and it was here that Zaida met her fiancé Francisco, a trapeze artist from Cuba. Francisco soon began working with Omar and Zaida and by the end of 2003 The Liazeed had become the acclaimed three-person hand-balancing act that it is today. In 2004 they returned to the Universoul Circus for a second season and in 2005 they accepted an invitation to the prestigious International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo where they won the famous Horse of Liberty from the Circus Moira Orfei. After a season at the Palazzo Dinner Show and Gop's, The Liazeed made their debut appearance at New York's celebrated Big Apple Circus in their 2006 - 2007 production "Step Right UP! You can read more about The Liazeed at

Jidinis are one of the few magicians who also does a great act when performing in a circus. Many magicians prefer performing at a stage with the audience in front of them. Click here to see a video clip from one of Jidinis’ performances.

Salima Peippo from Finland has her own circus company SirkusSalama. But this year she is with Benneweis. She works with loops and rope and hula hoops. Read more at

The animals at Benneweis will as last year be presented by Karl Ferdinand Trunk (ponies etc) and Alex and Christian Gärtner (elephants). This year’s run-in clown is named Tito Lester. He is fourth generation of an artist family from Portugal.

It will be Circus Benneweis season nr 122. No other circus has in the ownership of the same family toured for that many years.

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22 February 2008

Circus Dannebrog’s 2008-programme has been known for a while and has earlier been mentioned at this page. But the Haddy Encoh-family has just send out the press release for 2008 in which it is written:

The management is proud this year to present Katja Schumann – the international famous equestrienne. Katja is daughter of Vivi and Max Schumann. Max Schumann was together with his brother Albert owner of Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building. It was in this building Katja was trained by her father and uncle. For many years Katja have worked for an American circus. But now she is back in her mother country. She will ride the high school and present liberty horses. This year we will once again meet 18 years old Elvis Errani. Last season he presented elephants in a relaxed and charming way. No doubt about the close relations between the bulls and him. From Italy comes the juggler Marco Moressa. You can also meet the hula hoop dancer Priscilla. And the foot juggler Zeudy. Hans Pedersen. The name is Danish and Hans Pedersens father was a Dane. His mother is English and lives at Funen. Hans Pedersen has taken up the family tradition by training sealions. From Spain comes Pablo and Victoria Garcia. The Garcia-family has tradition for difficult arial acts. And Pablo and Victoria will do a space-act, rotating under the big top in a spaceship. Signorina Victoria will do a very difficult sword balance in a Washington-trapeze. The Massoudi-family comes from Australia. The have a juggling entrée and present furthermore a difficult hand stand act. The Enoch family is represented by Jimmy Enoch. He is riding a monobike while balancing with a lot of drinking glasses. No circus without clowns. This year The Balders from Germany have several entrées. Ringmistriss is Agnete Louise Enoch. The performance is staged by her younger sister Isabella Enoch. Opening night is on 27 March at Vojens.

 Garcia_raket_dannebrogpresse.JPG (76747 bytes)

Pablo and Victoria Garcia with their space ship. Photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 February 2008

The Danish Artist Union 90 years. Yesterday 20 February the Danish Artist Union being the trade union of performing artist could celebrate its 90 year anniversary.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 February 2008

Circus during the winter holidays. Among the many shopping malls presenting circus performances as free attractions was Ballerup Centret where the actor Finn Bendixen in week 7 could present Circus Bonbon. The performance was produced by Circus Arena. First we met the contortionist Ellena. She was followed by Samson with comical magic and fire eating. Then we met the acrobat couple Ellena & Ingo in a very good entrée which I would like to see in a “real” circus. The performance was closed by Samson with his Samson Power-show. Apart from Ballerup Centred the following Danish shopping centres presented artist performances in week 7 and week 8: Glostrup Storcenter (Benny Schumann’s mini circus), Herning Centret (Circus Mascot), Kolding Storcenter (several magicians), Rødovre Centrum (the Circus Theatre) Vestsjællandscentret (Benny Schumann’s mini circs) and Aalborg Storcenter (Circus Mascot).

 IMG_9398_ellena_ingo_20080216_low.JPG (63425 bytes)

Ellena & Ingo at the Ballerup Centre. Click here to see more photos from the performance

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 February 2008

On 8 February 2008 I mentioned the ECA AWARD GRAANTED TO PLAYMOBIL TOYS. Chris Barltrop of ECA has kindly sent me the photo shown below of ECA Managing Director Arie Oudenes presenting Award to Mrs Andrea Schauer, senior manager of Playmobil’s owners Geobra Brandstätter. 

 Playmobil_Award_2008_low.JPG (58872 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 February 2008

Circus Arena 2008. Italian tent maker Scola Teloni is busy with making the new tent to be used by Circus Arena in Denmark in 2008. The new tent will have a diameter of 45 meter and seat 1,800 people. 4 king poles and no quarter poles. Certainly the largest tent used by any circus in the Nordic countries. Circus Arena will open season 2008 in Copenhagen on 18 March. The name of the performers was announced in October. But let me repeat the names as minor changes have been made:

Diorios with their globe of death, this time with 5 riders

11 Shalolin monks with a Kung Fu-show

Carlos and Lucio in their wheel of death

Liberty horses from Arena’s own stables

The Caselly family and their elephants (winner of a Silver Clown in Monte Carlo this year)

Ingo Stiebner with his sealions

Arena Kids (trick riders)

The juggler Picasso JR

The Jinan troupe (balancing)

Robin Berousek (ladder balancing)

The clowns Bonbon and Jimmy Folco

The Ditmar's (comedy act)

Apart from touring Denmark circus owner Benny Berdino will produce the performance for and provide the equipment to Swedish Circus Skratt. Skratt does never tour in the summer months. For several years the Skratt artists and the equipment have during the Swedish holidays been used in the Danish amusement part Bonbonland. However, Bonbonland got new owners last year and the contract with Benny Berdino has not been renewed. Due to this Benny Berdino consider using the Skratt equipment and performers and some additional performers for a Norwegian tour under the name Circus Arena. The 4 Norwegian circuses – Arnardo, Merano, Agora and Zorba – are probably not too happy to “welcome” a foreign competitor to Norway.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 February 2008

Benny Schumann’s Mini Circus could this week be seen as free attraction at the shopping mall Vestsjællandscentret in Slagelse. It was the 10th year in row Benny performed in the centre during the school children’s winter holiday. This year he presented a new magician show followed by sealions presented by Steven Pedersen and Steven’s 19 year old daughter Perry. Next week Benny Schumann and Pedersen’s sealions can be seen in the Glostrup Shopping Centre close to Copenhagen.  

Schumann_Mergedfoto_low.JPG (53489 bytes)

Benny Schumann had a large audience at Vestsjællandscentret. Click here to see a slide show from the performance.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 February 2008

Vivi Schumann at the TV channel TV2 Fyn.  On 10 February the Danish TV channel TV2 Fyn broadcasted an approximately 20 minutes long documentary with and about Vivi Schumann, widow of the late Max Schumann and mother to the star equestrienne Katja Schumann. The broadcast can bee seen at TV2 Fyn’s website. Click here to see the broadcast.

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8 February 2008

Small German circuses touring Denmark. Tiny Circus Astoria which visited Denmark for some months in 2006 and 2007 will in this spring tour Funen. Also the somewhat larger Circus Renz-Berlin will start their season at Funen claiming to be an international top-circus which certainly is an overstatement. To be an international top-circus takes more than a fairly large tent and several animals in the stables (most of them not taking part in the performance). But with all acts done by family member and the same family members working as tent crew costs are rather low and Renz-Berlin seems to be able to attract a small audience by offering low-quality performances with free entrance for kids if accompanied by a paying adult. However, many visitors are disappointed as the quality of the performance is much lower than in the Danish circuses.

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8 February 2008


ECA, (European Circus owners Association) have released the following press release:

Circus is culture -- that’s the message behind the work of the European Circus Association, which counts more than 100 leading European circuses among its members.

And the ongoing work of one of Europe’s leading toy-makers in adding to that vivid culture is about to be recognised as ECA presents an Award to the Playmobil company, renowned in the US and Brazil as well as throughout Europe.

Circus culture goes deep.  It’s a lot more than just a performance.   Circus is far from passive.  It grips the imagination and makes you want to take part!

For many years, Playmobil have made it easy for children (and some bigger ones, too!) to ‘take part’ in their own version of the circus. The first Playmobil circus models appeared as far back as 1978, when a box office wagon, musicians, clowns, a cage wagon and a performance cage with lions, and a circus caravan were brought on the market.

Since that date, repeated updates have kept the Playmobil circus at the forefront of our imagination. The full collection includes trapeze artistes, high-wire walkers, a knife-thrower, cowboys, clowns, a strong-man, a juggler -- even trapeze flyers, complete with safety net!  There’s lighting and seating, too, to add to the atmosphere.  Plus, of course, those essential participants the animals --   tigers, rhinoceros, hippoes, monkeys, giraffes, elephants and horses, complete with a real stable.

Like the circus itself, Playmobil takes in the latest developments.  The newest addition to the range has a cage wagon with extending compartments to give the animals extra living space, and an exterior ‘playground’ cage with enrichment materials for lions and tigers to play with and to sharpen their claws.   Just like the 21st-Century ‘real thing’!

Presentation by ECA is this Friday 8th February at 14.00 hrs, when Mrs Andrea Schauer, senior manager of Playmobil’s owners Geobra Brandstätter, will accept the Award on the Playmobil Messstand in Hall 12.2 – P – 7 at the Spielwaren Messe in Nurnberg, Germany.

 danskecirkus_20070201_low.JPG (53297 bytes)

At the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, you can see this large playmobil circus, constructed by Julia and Joakim Nørager and their grandpa Arne Nørager. Julia and Joakim are son and daughter of the Danish clown Bonbon and his wife and partner Tiina.

  klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 February 2008

Do you want to see the three biggest circuses in Sweden in one weekend 28-30 March? the Swedish circus fan Martin Lasson Berglund writes. He continues:

Circus Maximum, Circus Olympia and Circus Brazil Jack in Sweden will soon open for 2008! A car/bus will go from Malmö morning 28/3 to Maximums evening show. After a goodnight sleep we continue to Olympia for the afternoon show! If we have time it’s possible to visit the big low-price shopping store called GeKås! In the evening we go back to Malmö for another goodnight sleep. Then 30/3 we visit Brazil Jack at noon! For more information and price for the trip, please send me an e-mail as soon as possible! Last day for registration for tour is 14/3! Mail to

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6 February 2008

The collector’s circus. The story about Jess Deleuran is the storry about a circus fan who met the love of his life – she is named Marianne – and together with her established his own dog and pony show Circus Mascot. The show was established in 1994 and is today know as a nice and respected circus. Besides owning his own circus Jess has a very nice circus collection. He is also a model builder and has built a fine model of Circus Benneweis as is looked in 1985. For a short while (December 2006-January 2007) the model was on display at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Now its back again in Jess’s private collection.


 Benneweis_model_1985_jess_deleuran_low.JPG (58089 bytes)

The collector’s model circus – Jess Deleuran’s model of Circus Benneweis 1985

 mascot_luftfoto_red_low.JPG (48388 bytes)

The collector’s very own circus – Circus Mascot seen from the air

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 February 2008

No more government funds for new wave circuses. Fore some years the Danish Ministry of Cultural affairs have granted economical support for new circus performance. Due to a reduction in the ministry’s general budget for support to culture it has now been decided that such support to new wave circuses as a main rule not will be given in the future. Traditional circuses have never received any sort of government support in Denmark.

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30 January 2008

At the circus festival in Budapest bronze medals was awarded to several artists whom we in the later years have seen in Denmark. Awarded was the couple Roland and Nemeth Dittmar who toured with the small Danish Circus Krone in 2004 and in the coming season will tour with Circus Arena (the largest circus in Scandinavia). Furthermore a bronze medal was given to the hand stand acrobat Glen Nicolodi who performed at Circus Benneweis in 2003 and in Zirkus Nemo in 2007. A bronze medal was also given to Flying Spiders who toured with Circus Arena in 2007. The gold medal was awarded to Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.

 danskere_budapest_low.JPG (57091 bytes)

Several Danes from the world of circus visited the festival in Budapest. From the left can be seen the agent Jörgen Börsch, Irene Thierry of Danish Circus Krone and René and Thessa Mönster of Circus Baldoni. Jörgen, Irene, René and Thessa was not the only Danes visiting the beautiful Hungarian capital.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 January 2008

 briano_20080120_roy_himsel.JPG (68501 bytes)

As mentioned earlier a lot of Danes visited Monte Carlo this year. On this photo you can see several members of the Enoch family, all of them wearing the festival scarf. From the left you can see Dennie Enoch, his father circus owner Haddy Enoch (Circus Dannebrog), Haddy’s wife Solvej Enoch and their daughter  Agnete Louise Enoch. Behind Agnete you can see her nephew Jimmy Enoch (son of Dennie). Between Dennie and Haddy you can see a representative from another famous Danish circus family: Nelly Jane Benneweis. Photo: Roy Himsel

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 January 2008

Circus Manager the man of the year at Funen. The man behind the largest youth circus in Denmark. Circus Flik-Flak of Odense, Tommy Hardam has recently by a local newspaper been awarded the very well deserved prize as The man of the year at Funen. The chairman of the jury Flemming G. Andersen said that Funen without Tommy would be as a circus without clowns. Circus Flik-Flak was established in 1988 when the City of Odense (Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace) celebrated its 1,000 years anniversary. Right from the start Tommy Hardam have been primus motor in the circus and due to his effort it is today the leading Danish youth circus.

 flikflak_2007_low.JPG (60729 bytes)

Circus Flik-Flak. Photo from the summer 2007. Tommy Hardam can be seen in a silver jacket standing at the right of his performers.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

25 January 2008

Lotte Arli 70 years on 30 January.  When Lotte in 1957 met a young and handsome painter’s apprentice Soren Arli Hansen both Lotte and Soren fall in love. They became a couple and Soren who a few years earlier have had his debut as an artist at the variety theatre Alhambra at the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen persuaded Lotte to try her luck not at a painters wife but as a artist wife and assistant. They created a comical juggling act called Lott and Arli. Furthermore Soren performed as whiteface clown and Lotte did thought reading using the artist name Madame Zarina. With acts like those Soren and Lotte toured with circuses among those the Danish circuses Moreno and Arena. As many artists Lotte and Soren Arli had a dream about establishing his own circus. In 1971 their dream came through when Soren and Lotte opened Circus Arli in a tiny 1-pool big top they had made themselves. The staff consisted of Soren, Lotte and their son Martin (born 1960). The first two seasons was spent in Jutland Mini Zoo in Haustrup. Since 1973 Lotte and Soren Arli and their circus has toured Zealand with a two pole tent with a seating capacity of 149 people. Family members do the acts: Martin and his wife Bettina, their son Alexander born 1987) assisted by a couple of foreign artist of good standard.  As in many circus families Lotte take care of the ticket office (and the finances!) and Soren of the performance, in the later years skilfully assisted by Martin and Bettina.

 lotte_arli_1_web.jpg (60223 bytes)

Lotte Arli

Lott_arli_1963.JPG (47057 bytes)    lotte_arli_1986.JPG (54577 bytes)

To the left: the juggler duo Lott & Arli 1963. To the right: Lotte Arli as ringmistress in Circus Arli 1986

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 January

QUINN´S at a clinic. ”Not Aufnahme” is the name of Variety Starclub in Kassel's new production, built over the theme from at popular German TV-series ”Swartzwald Clinic”. Among the performers are the Danish gentleman thief couple JOAN and KENNY QUINN who are introduced as kleptomaniacs! Read more at

 Starclub_2008_b.JPG (63532 bytes)

Starclub_2008_c.JPG (66871 bytes)

How to get a new tie. Joan and Kenny Quinn at Starclub in Kassel

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 January 2008

Danish Circus Krone at the Gellerup Stage. It is a tradition for tiny Danish Circus Krone to perform a week in the beginning of February at the Gellerup Stage close to Aarhus. This year you can meet them from 7 to 13 February. In the performance, running for 1 hour, you will meet Jan Allan with his ponies and as the clown Alando being teased by Pingo the penguin (Irene Thierry), Eduardo Williams with rola bola and chair balancing and Miss Williams as the girl in the arial half-moon.

 alando_2007_low.JPG (70737 bytes)

The children’s favourite -  Alando the clown

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 January 2008

Several Danes at Monte Carlo. A fairly large group of Danish visited the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo this year. From the Danish circus world you met Nelly Jane Benneweis (former ringmistress and press agent of Circus Benneweis, member of the Monte Carlo Jury in 1990), Freddy Kolding (Circus Benneweis), Haddy and Solvej Enoch (Circus Dannebrog), Dennie Enoch  (Circus Dannebrog), Agnete Louise Enoch  (Circus Dannebrog), Isabella Enoch  (Circus Dannebrog), Jimmy Enoch and Melany Kaselowski  (Circus Dannebrog), the agent Jörgen Börsch and his brother Per Börsch, Jacki and Ulla Steckel (Circus Skratt and Circus Arena), Addie Jepsen (Circus Arena), Bent Soelberg (Circus Arena) and Ib Groth Rasmussen (Circus Arena). Some but not all of them was travelling with a group headed by Brian “Briano” Behrendt of Briano’s Circus Travels.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 January 2008

Establishment of World Circus Federation (Fédération Mondiale du Cirque). ECA’ writes: The international circus organisation under the patronage of S.A.S. Princess Stephanie of Monaco was announced 18 January 2008.  The Fédération Mondiale du Cirque brings together circus organisations around the world for the purpose of preserving and promoting circus arts and culture.  The six Founding Members include the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, the European Circus Association (ECA), the Outdoor Amusement Business Association based in the United States, the Circus Federation of Australia, the Animal Interest Alliance of South Africa and the Canadian organisation En Piste. The Federation will serve as the voice of the worldwide circus community and will represent its interests at relevant meetings of United Nations bodies and other international organisations.  The headquarters of FMC will be in Monaco, and will be supported by Monte-Carlo Festivals. 

Speaking to the media and more than 120 circus directors, artists and fans gathered for the occasion, Monte-Carlo Circus Festival President Urs Pilz noted that, in the early 1970s, S.A.S. Prince Rainier III already envisioned the need for the creation of a world -wide circus organisation.   Mr Pilz said that the conditions for creating such an organisation did not exist at that time.  Increasing collaboration among circus directors over the past few years across Europe and on other continents now enables national and regional circus organisations to join forces for their mutual benefit. The Federation will soon announce its initial projects and activities.  A world-wide competition is planned to create a logo for the new Federation.   Speaking for the European Circus Association, which undertook the preparations for the creation of the Federation, Ms. Laura van der Meer stated “the European Circus Association is extraordinarily pleased that the vision of the worldwide circus community collaborating for the preservation and promotion of circus arts and culture, will soon will be realized.”   Ms. van der Meer will serve as the Director of the Federation.

From Denmark Nelly Jane Benneweis and Agnete Louise Enoch (Circus Dannebrog) participated in the press conference and the cocktail party following the conference.

 FMC_Fouding_members.JPG (64093 bytes)

They are (left to right/gauche a droit) FMC Director Laura van der Meer, Bernard Petiot (En Piste / Cirque du Soleil), John LeMare (Circus Federation of Australia), Brian Boswell (Animal Interest Alliance of South Africa), Wayne McCary (Outdoor Amusement Business Association of USA), Her Serene Highness / Sa Altesse Serenissime Princess Stephanie of Monaco, President of the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival Urs Pilz, and ECA Founder and Ambassador Martin Hanson. 

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 January 2008

Monte Carlo awards 2008. At this year’s circus festival at Monte Carlo 3 acts was awarded a golden clown, 5 a silver clown and 3 a clown of bronze.

A golden clown was awarded to the 4 Pellegrini Brothers (hand-to-hand balance), the Florian Richter-troupe (jockey riding) and Li Wei of the Chinese Guangzhou-troupe (slack wire).

Chinese Shenyang-troupe was awarded a silver clown for sword balancing, done by 5 girls and 4 men. The Casselly-family was awarded a silver clown for their pas des deux at elephants and horses. The Catana-troupe was awarded a silver clown for their teeterboard act. Crazy Wilson was awarded a silver clown for his wheel of death. The last silver clown was awarded to the two acrobats from Vertical Tango,

A bronze clown was awarded to the contortionist Elayne Kramer, to Marina and Svetlana for their foot-juggling with scarves and to Sergei Akimov for a strapat entrée,

 casellyelefanter_cwfoto_low.JPG (58202 bytes)

She and her husband were awarded a silver clown: Alexia Casselly riding the courier at elephants. Photo: Christian Warrer/Circus Arena

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 18 January 2008

Miller Benneweis 50 years on 20 January. Michael Benneweis with the nickname Miller is the second oldest son of the late elephant and horse trainer Sonny Benneweis and his first wife Lis. Miller grew up in Circus Benneweis. After his father passed away in 1979 Miller and his elder brother Kim took over their father’s duties. From 1984 and until 1995 Miller was responsible for the horses in Circus Benneweis tent performances, from 1988 assisted by his then wife Anjes. From 1998 to 2001 Miller worked for Circus Arena. After some years away from the world of circus he returned to the ring, this time in Circus Dannebrog, for part of the seasons 2004 and 2005. Since then Miller has worked outside the circus world.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 January 2008

Circus during the winter holidays. School children in Denmark are having their winter holiday either in week 7 or week 8. By tradition a number of shopping centres are during those weeks offering short circus performances as free attractions. During week 7 the actor Finn Bendixen will as ringmaster in Ballerup Centret close to Copenhagen present the contortionist Ellena, Samson as fire-eater, the acrobats Duo Ellena & Ingo and Samson as strong man. The performance is produces by Benny Berdino of Circus Arena.

 elena_ingo.JPG (50986 bytes)

Elena & Ingo

During week 7 Benny Schumann is in Vestsjællandscentret at Slagelse. At 12 and 16 he will present his new magician show, followed by Perry (daughter of Steven Pedersen) with the sea lions Teddy and Candy. At 14 Benny will present his clown circus entrée, including performing ponies. During week 8  Benny Schumann is in Glostrup Centret (Glostrup is a Copenhagen Suburb) where he will start the performance with a mixture of balancing, magician and ventriloquist acts, followed by Perry with the sea lions and penguins.

Perry_Teddy_low.JPG (62642 bytes)

Perry with the sea lion Teddy

During week 7 Circus Mascot are performing at Herning Centret and during week 8 at Aalborg Storcenter. Apart from the Deleuran family - Jess, Marianne, Daniel and Andreas ­– the audience can meet Marianne’s poodles, the clown Gulio, then juggler Ulmas and Miss Tania.

 o4_gulio_20050618.JPG (71810 bytes)

The Clown Gulio (Ulmas Gulyamov)

At Kolding Storcenter there will be performances by several professional magicians: Jørgen Storebjerg, Steen Pegani, Jesper Grønkjær and Asger Rasmussen.

You can find further information on those and several other circus performances etc. at What's on.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 January 2008

Announcement of Fédération Mondiale du Cirque under the Patronage of

S.A.S. Princess Stephanie. In connection with the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, which will start on 17 January, the European Circus Association (ECA) have invited to af press conference Friday, 18 January 2008 at 17:15 in the Auditorium Rainier III. Laura van der Meer, Consultant and Brussels Representative for ECA, will inform participants about the past, present and future of the circus. S.A.S. Princess Stephanie, President, Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, will formally announce the establishment of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque. Urs Pilz, Vice-President of the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo and President, ECA, will respond to questions from the press. Following the Press Conference, a Cocktail Reception will be offered by the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo in the venue of the Circus Business Exhibition and the exhibit of Photographs of Frederick W. Glacier from the John & Mable Ringling Museum, Sarasota Florida.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 January 2008

Die Balders are taken lessons in Danish. As earlier mentioned on this page Circus Dannebrog has for the coming summer season engaged the musical clowns Die Balders from Germany. The last couple of months Die Balders have been one of the attractions at Cirque Pinder in Paris. In Paris the have met my Paris correspondent the Swedish magician Zarro Zarro. The three clowns Christian (white-faced clown), Engelbert and Sidney wanted to learn a bid Danish before start touring with Circus Dannebrog from late March. It is always nice if the local audience can understand what they are saying. Due to this Zarro Zarro has taught Die Balders some Danish. Together with his Danish wife Inger Lise Zarro Zarro has spent several years in Copenhagen. Apart from being a semi-professional magician he is by education teacher and has taught English and Swedish at high schools in Sweden and elsewhere. Sidney Balder has sent me the photo below and write:” Wir freuen uns auf Dänemark  wir waren nie in Scandinavien  ist ja was neues für uns.“

 balders_zarro_a_jan2008_low.JPG (56055 bytes)

From the left: Sidney Balder (with a black cap), Zarro Zarro, Christian and Engelbert (wearing a red cap)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

2 January 2008

New winter quarter for Danish Circus Krone (Irene Thierry’s circus using the same name as the mighty German Circus Krone). Jan Allan of Circus Krone tells that the tiny circus from Jutland now has acquired a new winter quarter at Silkeborg. They sold their old winter quarter in the spring 2006 and have since than not had any winter quarter. Furthermore Jan Allan who is married to Irene Thierry tells that Irene’s two sons Frank and Marc assisted by their wifes Tina and Manna had decided to be co-owners of Circus Krone which claims to be the smallest of the Danish circuses. Irene Thierry will continue as managing director and ringmistress. From 7 to 13 February you can meet Circus Krone with an indoor performance mainly for kids at the Gellerup Stage at Aarhus. And from April to September they will as usual have a tented tour in Jutland, Funen and Ærø. – Regarding the Krone name: the name of the Danish currency is “krone” as the US currency’s name are “dollar”. When Irene Thierry’s father established his circus he charges one krone for a ticket to his circus. And then it was called Circus Krone.

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2 January 2008

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS  --   CIRQUE TSIGANE ROMANES, management ALEXANDRE BOUGLIONE. From Paris Zarro Zarro writes: This circus has an original concept: GYPSY CIRCUS /tsigane = gipsy/ - ALEXANDRE BOUGLIONE and his gipsy wife DELIA ROMANES present a program backed up by a gipsy band of five musicians/violin, bass, guitar, accordeon and clarinet/ and DELIA who sings in a very emotional way. The program is based mainly on aerial acts /trapeze, aerial ring, vertical rope and textile/ performed by young girls, coming from circus schools. Furthermore there are: a skillful football juggler, a hula-hoop girl in oriental style, a pleasant contorsion act performed by a young girl, working in the way we usually see Chinese girls do and - performing goats. I also remember a young girl dancing on the tight wire.

Alexandre Bouglione is a former lion trainer and has established this circus as a very special concept, attracting a solid audience to his Top /not a big one/, holding 300 - 500 persons, depending on the installation of seats, by the way rather uncomfortable - raw wooden planks. The Bouglione children perform as well: acrobatics and dancing, allowing them to get a first contact with the general public. There is a very intimate atmosphere in this rather small tent, with an excellent contact between artists and public. Te show always ends with a little improvised party, where people can buy soft drinks and snacks. All in all, a very charming program, showtime about 1 hour 15 min. At your next visit to Paris, look in the OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES  for --- CIRQUE TSIGANE ROMANES - there are no sensations but an unforgettable atmosphere and very pleasant acts !!! Read more at Læs

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1January 2008

Birthdays with a round figure in 2008. Several personalities from the Danish circus world can in 2008 celebrate a birthday with a round figure. On 20 January Miller Benneweis can celebrate his 50 years birthday. On 30 January Lotte Arli of Circus Arli can celebrate her 70 years birthday. On 22 April the dean of Danish circus historians Anders Enevig can celebrate his 85 years birthday.

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1 January 2008

This website had 40,697 hits in 2007. It is an increase by more than 9,000 compared to 2006 and the highest number of hits in a year since the website was established in 2001. The counter can be seen at the bottom of the opening page.

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