Circus news from Denmark 2004

31 December 2004

In 2004 8 tented circuses toured Denmark from late March/early April to September: 3 large: Circus Arena, Circus Ben­neweis and Circus Dannebrog and 5 dog and pony-shows (what Americans calls high grass circuses): Circus Arli, Circus Baldoni, Circus Charlie, Circus Krone and Circus Mascot. Despite a very rainy summer business for most of them was rather good - the best for several years. A German family circus, Circus Renz-Berlin, toured Jutland and the Funen Island from June to August, however without attracting much audience. Often less than 50 persons saw their performances. It is very difficult for an unknown circus to do business in Denmark unless the have a large budget for marketing. And the Renz family had absolutely no money for marketing.

Some youth organisation produces circus-performances with kids as performers, using names as Circus Flik-Flak (probably the most established of the youth circuses).

Five foreign new wave circuses visited Copenhagen in 2004: First show was Le Cirque Invisible owned by Victoria Chaplin & Jean Baptiste Thierrée. Next show was Licedei from Russia with a performance called ”Semianyki”. Third show was Okidok from Belgium with the performance “HaHaHa!!!”. New wave circus number four was simply called Cirque. They were from Switzerland and France and their performance is called “Smile at the Foot of the Ladder”. The last show was Circus Baobab from Guinea with the performance ”The legend of the drumming monkey”.

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30 December 2004

Max Schumann passed away. According to Max Schumann passed away on Monday, December 27, 2004, at the age of 88 in his native Denmark. From 1954 the famous Circus Schumann belonged to the brothers Albert (1915 - 2001) and Max (1916). Albert and Max were excellent horse trainers. Albert and Max presented liberty acts and Albert's wife Pauline rode high school and "Schumannship" became synonymous with horse acts being second to none. From 1977-1982 to Max Schumann travelled with his own circus called M. Schumann assisted by his children Katja (born 1949) and Philip (born 1953). After the circus closed Katja Schumann went to America where she joined New York's Big Apple Circus. Phillip left the circus business. Max Schumann himself presented his liberty horses in Danish Circus Arena in 1986 and in Danish Circus Dannebrog from 1987 to 1992. After the summer season 1992 Max Schumann joined his daughter at Big Apple Circus. Katja, Max and Katja's two children Katherine Schumann Binder and Max Schumann Binder were members of the Big Apple company until spring 2004. Max is survived by his wife Vivi whom he married in 1946. Max Schumann's funeral will be held on Wednesday, January 5th at 2:30 from the Lundum Church in Horsens, Denmark. Flowers can also be sent to the Schumann family's home: Philip Schumann, Baekvej 91, DK 8700 Horsens, Denmark.

 max_schumann.jpg (25574 bytes)

Max Schumann

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26 December 2004

New Danish webpage with circus photos. 28 year old circus freak Stefan Rothmann has established a webpage with some of the photos he have taken during season 2004. So now we have 2 Danish webpages with circus photos: Stefan's brand new page and the photographer Lise Kokholm's page at

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22 December 2004

Exhibition about Arne Berdino. Curator Anja Olsen of the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen has for a while wanted in 2005 to make a new exhibition about Arne Berdino Olsen. Arne Berdino was a performer at fair who established Danish Circus Arena in 1955. The circus which Arne's son Benny Berdino today have turned into the largest in the Nordic countries. As part of her research Anja Olsen on 22 December visited Benny Berdino at Circus Arena's winterquarter in Aarslev close to Slagelse. Benny told with great enthusiasm about his circus and its roots. Anja Olsen hopes to have the new exhibition ready before midsummer 2005. As Circus Arena was established in 1955 it can in 2005 celebrate its 50 years anniversary.

benny_berdino_anja_olsen_a_20041222_low.JPG (25535 bytes)

Anja Olsen and Benny Berdino.

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22 December 2004

Seasons greetings from Kenny Quinn. "We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new 2005 with a lot of good circus adventures" the Danish pickpocket artist Kenny Quinn and his partner and wife Joan writes. Their gentlemanthief entrée can for the time being be seen at 8. Gelsenkirchener Weinacthscircus in Germany produced by Reinhard and Robert Probst. Local newspapers are very fond of Kenny's act calling him "Der Dieb auf Kopenhagen" (the thief from Copenhagen).

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22 December 2004

Levade Noble Horse Gala 2005. In February 2004 Swedish Robert Bronett presented his horse show Levade Noble Horse Gala in Copenhagen. The show will be back again from 7 to 24 April 2005 with what is called the largest horse show in Europe. During the shows Nordic tour in 2004 90,000 spectators saw the performance. In the 2005 performance there will be 52 horses, 30 riders and 8 dancers accompanied by a 9 piece live band. Among the performers will be Gaby Dew (repeater), Philip Astley (hardly the same person as Sergeant-Major Philip Astley who "invented" the modern circus some 240 years ago!), Kaiser Showteam (repeater) and Miguel Anchel with 8 riders and 18 Andalusian stallions. Ticketordering at BILLETnet.

 levade2004low_srfoto.JPG (28659 bytes)

Spanish riding at Levade noble horse galla 2004. Photo: Stefan Rothmann

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20 December 2004

Janos Dubsky in South Africa. The Danish clown and dog-trainer Janos Dubsky (born 1971) who is the youngest son of the well-known clowns Joseph Dubsky and Josette Rivel (Dubsky-Rivel family) has since December 2003 performed with his soccer-playing boxers at Great Moscow Circus which is owned and produced by Australian impresario Michael Edgley. The tour started in Hong Kong. A Christmas greeting from Janos tells that Great Moscow Circus for the time being is in Cape Town in South Africa. In the spring 2005 the show will visit a number of other cities in South Africa. Before Janos took over the act with the soccer-playing dogs from his sister and brother-in law Tina and Jan van Houselt he had for several years worked with his parents as the white-faced clown in Dubsky-Rivel family.

cirkus_013_RT8 copy.jpg (24807 bytes)

Dubsky’s soccer playing dogs. (Photo: Lise Kokholm)

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18 December 2004

The magician and entertainer Niels Plys have had a busy December: 16 days and 32 shows as the magical Christmas Elf at the Naestved Shopping Mall. New years eve he shall together with the musical entertainer Freddy Anthony entertain 700 people at the Danish holiday resort centre Lalandia. The honk horn playing Freddy Anthony is together with the German handstand acrobat Martina re-engaged for season 2005 in Lalandia together with Niels Plys who next summer can celebrate his 15 years anniversary as "showmaster " in Lalandia which is the largest holiday resort centre in Denmark

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17 December 2004

Cultural prize to John Newman. John Newman alias the English-born clown JoJo was on Wednesday 15 December awarded the City of Svendborg's cultural prize 2004. John Newmann is the man behind the annual clown festivals in Svendborg with many Danish and foreign clowns participating including a number of clowns from English "Clown International". When Svendborg in 2003 celebrated its 750-year anniversary John Newman got the European Jugglers Festival to the town with more than 2,000 jugglers performing in the streets of Svendborg. For those initiatives the City of Svendborg have nave awarded John with this year's cultural award. Svendborg is the second largest city on Isle of Funen the largest city being Odense.

jojo1_20041215.jpg (30075 bytes)

After having been awarded John "JoJo" Newman took seat in the Lord Mayors chair. . Photo: Lise Kokholm

jojo2_20041215.jpg (24704 bytes)

JoJo with the boy Jakob. Photo: Lise Kokholm

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 8 December 2004

This beautiful poster has just been made for The Circus Museum at Hvidovre Copenhagen. The museum has the largest circus collection in the Nordic countries. The Copenhagen county has some weeks ago granted the museum 100,000 DKK (14,000 Euro) for consultant services regarding a new strategy for the museum. The plan is to establish an activity centre connected to the museum within a year or two. A Danish labor market foundation have some time ago promised to donate 2,900,000 DKK (390,000 Euro) to the museum if such an activity centre is to be established.

poster_cirkusmuseet.jpg (29120 bytes)

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5 December 2004

A Christmas party was held at the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, on 5 December. There were a lot of visitors. Amongst the activities was a performance especially for children by the Danish magician Robert Mark.

robert_mark_1_20041205low.JPG (31624 bytes)

Robert Mark at the Circus Museum

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3 December 2004

The film about Agnete Louise Enoch. The author, circusfan and filmmaker Jorgen Lorenzen is almost done with his film about Agnete Louise Enoch. Agnete is the oldest daughter of Haddy and Solveig Enoch who established the present Circus Dannebrog in 1977. Agnete Enoch has spent her entire life in circus. Earlier she performed as handstand acrobat and with a bike act and she is trained as a multiartist. Now she is press agent for Circus Dannebrog. The film will have its first run in Aarhus on 24 January 2005. It will most likely bee shown in Copenhagen at the Circusmuseum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, on 8 February 2005.

agnete_louise_og_j_lorenzen_1_low.JPG (29788 bytes)

Jorgen Lorenzen and Agnete Louise Enoch

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2 November 2004

Several buildings under construction at Circus Arena's winterquarter. Circus Arena is the largest of the Danish circuses. At their winterquarter in Aarslev close to Slagelse a lot of construction is going on. According to plan "Circus Arena City" will open in October 2005. There will be a large area for visitors with 60-70 animals, a large basin for sealions (double size of the basin in the Copenhagen Zoo), training ring, working repair shops and workshops, museum etc. You can see some photos at

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1 December 2004

Seelions sees again. One of Hans and Vicky Pedersen's sealions 15 year old Oscar has been blind for some years. Hans and Vicky learned that the Animal Health Trust in Kentford near Newmarket might bee able to help Oscar regaining his sight through a cataract operation. Vets tell that the four and a half hour operation was a great success and Oscar can see well again. It is said to be the first time ever such an operation has been done at a sealion. But there is nothing the sympathetic sealion trainer couple Hans and Vicky will not do for their beloved sealions. The couple and their sealions toured with Danish Circus Dannebrog in 2003. Hans is a Danish citizen although he has spent most of his life outside Denmark.

 hans_pedersens.JPG (27562 bytes)

Hans and Vicky Pedersen with their sealions

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1 December 2004

APASSIONATA - The Greatest Horse Spectacular in the World will have its first stands in Scandinavia at Forum in Copenhagen on 29 and 30 January 2004. As a special attraction her highness princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg will perform at the show in Copenhagen. Princess Nathalie is the youngest daughter of her Royal Highness princess Benedicte who is the Danish Queen Margrete's younger sister. Princess Nathalie has always been very fond of horses and has been trained by Swedish Kyra Kyrklund as well as by Klaus Balkenhol in Rosendahl-Osterwick. She has participated in several competitions and won a bronze medal at the European Championship in 2001 and was number 4 at the World Championship in 2002.

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25 November 2004

"I am back from the Euroclown Festival in Barcelona," Danish comical cascadeur Freddi Steckel writes. He continues: "It was their 20 years anniversary and nothing was spared in order to make it a great event. Bandmaster Carmino D’Angelo had a 12 piece French band - just wonderful. There was lots of fun. Remember it was festival ”Memorial Charlie Rivel” starring Fumagalli, Rossyan, Housch ma housch, Fuma Boys, Sergey Prostetsov, Nikolai Ermakov and the of cause the Steckel's. Among the guest were Paulina Schumann and Eugine Chaplin. There was full house for most of the performances and several persons had to give up to get a ticket. However the show will later be TV transmitted. My next stop is Gala Tours where I again will meet Fumagalli and Rossyan. It will be great fun!"

 euroclown2004_low.jpg (28890 bytes)

From left: Fumagalli, Zora Nikodemova, Hector Rossy, Freddi Steckel, Yann Rossy, Nicolei Ermakov and Darix Huesca (Fumagallis brother and partner).

 euroclown_steckels2004_low.jpg (29819 bytes)

Zora Nikodemova and Freddi Steckel at one of the Euroclown-performances

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24 November 2004

Theft and magi in Aalborg...! On 18 November Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre had first night for their annual winter show this year presenting among others the Danish world class gentleman thief KENNY QUINN and his partner Joan. Furthermore Kenny presented the magic entrée he took over from the late Viggo Jahn ("the man with the black gloves") with a stick and stick knobs. The winter show can be seen until 11 December 2004. The newspaper review of Kenny's act was most favourable: "Even with a seat close to the stage you hardly believe your own eyes when he strip innocent members of the audience for everything at the stages without they are noticing it!" the largest Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten wrote.

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24 November 2004

Posna's poodles to Circus Dannebrog. According to German Circus Zeitung Posna's trained poodles has been engaged for the coming season in Danish Circus Dannebrog. Posna and his dogs could also bee seen at the Enoch-family produced indoor Circus Kenny in a shopping mall in Odense in October. The act toured with Danish Circus Arli in 1987 and 1991 where Posna also presented a monobike act assisted by his partner & wife at that time Cornelia. Martin Arli tells that Posna's Christian name is Joschi. He is German and comes from East Berlin. He is out of an old circus family and started his circus carrier as a boy juggler. - The main attraction from Circus Dannebrog's 2004-forestilling Chinese Duo Yingling (sometimes spelled Jingling) will in 2005 tour with the large Norwegian Circus Merano.

 posna_lkfoto.jpg (29126 bytes)

Posna's dogs. Photo taken by Lise Kokholm at Circus Kenny in Odense in October 2004

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23 November 2004

Kim Kenneth to Massy. The Danish magician Kim Kenneth who in 2004 have performed for circus owner Tony Hopkins in the large English Circus Billy Smart will be among the performers at the Circus Festival in Massy (Festival International du Cirque de Massy) in France from 13 to 16 January 2005. You can find further information on the festival at

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19. november 2004

Mystical Mr. Mox alias 23-years old Danish magician Mikkel Larsen took part in the final of the Danish version of the TV-show StarSearch on 19 November 2004. His opponents in category 'comedy' in the finale were a female stand-up comedian Susanne Billeskov Bredtoft and the two comedians Bay & Dupont. Mikkel presented a nice entrée with his very own version of the transformation trunk trick. However the winner of the competition became the stand-up comedian Susanne Billeskov Bredtoft. - Mikkel 'Mox' Larsen is born and grown up at the Isle of Bornholm but lives today in the Copenhagen suburb Herlev. He started to practice magic when he was 5 only years older. In a more serious way he began as magician when he was 12 inspired and assisted by his father, himself a magician. Since Mikkel has trained and trained with a combination of stand up comedy and magic show. He have given several performances as a professional in Denmark and hopes to be able to tour his very old Las Vegas style show first in Denmark and then elsewhere in Europe.

 Mr Mox.JPG (19336 bytes)

Mystical Mr. Mox

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17 November 2004

"We are now on full swing with Circus Nissesjov (in English: Circus Christmas elf show) this year touring with two units: one at Zealand and one in Jutland and Funen," René Marvin Moenster writes. In the summer season René is running the Danish medium-sized Circus Baldoni. Circus Nissesjov's tour started on 8 November at Zealand and 15 November for the unit touring in Jutland and Funen. The two units will visit a total of 53 cities and perform for an audience of more than 30,000 persons, mainly kids from kindergartens. René is also planning the 2005 season for Circus Baldoni. The name of the performers in Baldoni's 2005 performance will be released before yearend.

 cn4-anton-og-nis_low.JPG (31167 bytes)

Nis, alias René Marvin Moester, with his ventriloquist doll Anton the Christmas Pig. Photo by courtesy of René Marvin.

 cn4-kautchuk_low.JPG (30523 bytes)

The contortion Christmas elf Kristina is from Latvia. She is also presenting a hula-hoop act and a dancing act together with her partner Alex. Photo by courtesy of René Marvin.

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16 November 2004

CIRCUS 3 can celebrate their 25-year's anniversary.  Although the classical Danish clown trio Circus 3 have not performed together for 5 years their entrées has often been shown in TV in the children programme TV for you. But all 3 member of Circus 3 are now again performing together to celebrate their 25 anniversary. The three clowns Alfredo (Jan Maartensson), Charlie (Bo Bjerregaard) & Binalto (Jan Kierulf) have together performed at more than 6,000 clown performances in Denmark, mainly for kids, either as Circus 3 or as Charlie & Binalto from Circus 3. Their jubilee performance was presented on 6 November at Mantziusgaarden in Birkeroed 15 miles north of Copenhagen  - the same place where they 25 years ago had their very first performance. Their most popular entrée is their sandwich cake entrée. The three clowns are by profession leisure-time teachers and have never performed in a traditional circus but mainly given performances in Kindergartens, at shopping malls etc.

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12 September 2004

Greetings from Freddi Steckel. The Danish acrobat Freddi Steckel has with Isabella Enoch as partner participated with his Comedy Cascadeur act at a street festival in Japan. Freddi tells. -  Isabella and I are now back from Shizuoka in Japan. It was a great experience. It was interesting to see if the Japanese liked our act - and they surely did! The audience was enthusiastic which made it easy to work. And both Isabella and I are good to improvise and that's great fun. Everything was very well organised and we were treated very well. The Japanese are very polite and friendly. I enclose a few photos. As you can see is was a street festival taking place at streets and squares all over town. There were as far as I know more than 50 performers and it was the worlds largest Street Festival. Shizuoka has a population of 800,000 and there were 2 million visitors. Is was a great success and thirteenth time the town held the festival. I am sure it will be repeated and maybe there will be more trips to Shizuoka for Steckel’s. On Monday I will together with Zora Nidodemova leave for Barcelona to perform at the Clownfestival."

 steckels_japan_2_low.JPG (30189 bytes)    steckels_japan_low.JPG (27348 bytes)

Freddi and Isabella in Shizuaka

 isabella_freddi_japan_2_low.jpg (25917 bytes)

Freddi and Isabella. In the background Mt. Fuji

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10 November 2004

Circuscamp 2005. For several years Einar Trie from Danish Circus Charlie been the driving force for a circus summercamp for children and youngsters from 10 to 21 years of age. In 2005 the camp will be held from 20 to 25 June in Selde in the northern part of Jutland. Further information at

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5 November 2004

Circus Charlie 2005. "Look forward to 2005 when we will present our jubilee show" the Danish high grass show Circus Charlie writes at their webpage. Opening day will be 12 March 2005. As in 2004 music will be provided by the Danish pop duo Souvenirs. The clowns RED and BLUE always introduce a performance in Circus Charlie. In 2005 Genada from Riga in Latvia and Katja from Moscow will perform the two characters. You will also meet the clown Charlie alias circus owner Einar Trie. Circus Charlie was founded in 1988. But in 1985 Einar Trie toured with a one-man performance called "The tiny circus".

 Charlie & Souvernirs low.JPG (27454 bytes)

The clown Charlie together with Niels Torp from Souvenirs. Photo from Circus Charlie's 2004-performance in which Charlie and Niels presented the Busy Bee clown entrée

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1 November 2004

The photographer Lise Kokholm saw the Danish magician Henrik Christensen's show It’s magic 2004 – Vegas has to wait on 17 October in Odense. Lise writes - I saw the magician Henrik Christensen's 10 years jubilee show in Magasinet in Odense. It was a spectacular and a bit different show since Henrik had involved two singers, the sisters Anne and Mette Skovmark in the show. The youngest of the sisters is known from Danish TV channel 2's program "The winner takes all". Henrik Christensen's show was a show filled with great magical act, excellent light setting and good singing. In several numbers members of the audience was invited to the stage, both children and grown-ups. The acts presented by Henrik were outstanding. The audience was very well entertained and I had a super magical evening combined with good singing.

itsmagic 2004 a low LK foto.JPG (25406 bytes)

The magician Henrik Christensen (standing to the left!). Photo: Lise Kokholm

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30 October 2004

Hanne Berdino 60 year. Circus owner Benny Berdino's wife Hanne can celebrate her 60 years birthday on 30 October 2004. Her maiden name is Hanne Thunoe. Her stepfather was the jockey and horsetrainer Alex Reinsch. This made is quite natural for Hanne to become an artist and perform under the name Hanne Reinsch. I 1964 she married Benny Berdino who at that time was assisting manager in his father's Circus Arena. In the years to follow Hanne presented trained pigeons, dogs and horses in Circus Arena and she performed as acrobat together with her sister Myrna Reinsch using the name Reinsch sisters. She was also the female partner in the magician act Tergovas & Co. As the children Suzanne (born 1965) and Jackie (born 1969) grew up and became more and more active in the performance Hanne retired as performer. Her last season as performer was in 1984 with the magician act Tergovas & Co. Celebration of the 60 years birthday will take place at Circus Arena's winter quarter in Aarslev at Slagelse

 familien_berdino.jpeg (15889 bytes)

Jackie, Suzanne, Hanne and Benny Berdino. Photo from Circus Arena's 1976-program

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27 October 2004

Old Danish circus posters for sale.  Dutch collector Henk van den Berg offers a number of Danish circus posters for sale. Most of the posters come from the late Jens Preben Tersgov's collections. Among the posters are Benneweis posters from the period 1949 to 1989, among those 3 posters from 1973 painted by the well-known Danish artist Oscar Knudsen. Prices are from 15 to 60 Euro. The Oscar Knudsen posters cost 40 Euro each. Furthermore there is in the collection posters from Circus Arena, Circus Binger, Circus Schumann, Circus Moreno (another Oscar Knudsen-poster, price 60 Euro), Circus Meta, Circus Robert Daniels, Circus Royal and Circus Vivi. Send me an email if you want a copy of Henk's list of Danish posters and programmes for sale.

 Benneweis 1963 low.jpg (29558 bytes)

Among the poster for sale is this beautiful Oscar Knudsen poster from 1963. Photo from the front page of Anders Enevig's book from 2001 on Danish Circus posters presenting many full colour reproductions of posters by Oscar Knudsen and Erik Stockmarr. A very interesting book also for non-Danes and containing a summary in English, German, French and Spanish.

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24 October 2004

Another hoseshow to Copenhagen. In February 2004 Swedish Robert Bronett presented his horse show Levade Noble Horse Gala in Copenhagen. Since then the show has visited Aarhus, Oslo (Norway), Stockholm, Gotenburg and Malmö (Sweden). In January 2005 another hose show will visit Copenhagen: APASSIONATA - The Greatest Horse Spectacular in the World. This show is produced by two Germans: Robert Wagner and Peter Massine through their company EquiArte GmbH & Co. KG. The show can be seen in Copenhagen on 29 January. According to the press release the show will present "a beautiful, exciting and truly breathtaking equestrian extravaganza, Apassionata features Thirty-three stallions and one mare, all from some of Europe’s most famous riding centres. This dazzling show brings you five of the royal baroque breeds; dancing Andalusians, fiery Arabians, powerful Friesians, elegant Lipizzaners and royal Lusitanos, all demonstrating the perfect classical horsemanship that has been the wonder of Europe for many centuries. Apassionta promises pure entertainment for all the family. As well as opera singers, fiery flamenco dancers, dazzling lighting and exquisite music, this UK premiere will feature stunt riding, classical dressage, pas de deux and quadrilles. Even the mythical horse Pegasus makes an appearance! From Arabian desert scenes and the noble court of imperial Vienna to Spanish cowboys performing elegant dances with their garrochas, Apassionata demonstrates perfect collaboration between man and horse." Apasionate has in 2004 toured in Germany. The show to be presented in Copenhagen will have its first night on 2 January 2005 in London's Wembley Arena and will tour until 23 April, visiting Birmingham, Belfast, Copenhagen, Bern, Helsinki, Glasgow, Manchester and Geneva. Further information can be found at

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23 October 2004

Haddy Enoch 70 years. On 28 October 2004 circus owner Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog can celebrate his 70 years birthday.  Haddy Enoch is from an old circus family. His father was a musician and worked as such in a circus. He wanted Haddy to become a priest or a violinist. But Haddy had a dream of becoming an acrobat and a circus owner. For a short while he was an errand boy using a bike. But he thought that a bike could be used for more interesting purposes and changed his carrier and became a skilled bike acrobat. First touring with an act called 3 Haddies together with the sisters Grethe and Solveig Bolin. When Grethe left the act the name was changed to 2 Haddies. And after some years Solvieg became mrs Enoch. 2 Haddies toured 5 continents and 32 countries and worked in circuses, at variety theatres and other shows. Haddy's and Solveig's son Dennie and their three daughters Agnete, Isabella and Katja have all from time to time taken part in the bike act. For the time being The Haddies has up to 8 members - the leading member now being Haddy's 20 years old grandson Jimmy Enoch, son of Dennie.  Haddy's dream about becoming a circus owner came through in 1977 when he assisted by his family re-established the Enoch family's Circus Dannebrog which had toured until 1922. The first season was pretty rough. "I was free from debt when we started the season but not when it closed," Haddy Enoch admits. But despite some difficulties in the first seasons Circus Dannebrog has toured since 1977 and is now a well-established circus with a tent seating 999 persons and an international programme. And the families own bike act The Haddies is always a popular part of the program however not any longer with Haddy and Solveig as performers.

 haddy velkomst low.JPG (25167 bytes)   haddy close low.JPG (26084 bytes)

Haddy Enoch

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21 October 2004

Award to artists from Circus Benneweis. Several of the artist from this years Circus Benneweis performance was awarded at the 9 International Circus Festival in Warsaw (Cyrk Zalewski). Gold medals were awarded to the high wire artist Los Quiros and to the young juggler Allan Sulc. Mr. Dalmatin was awarded a silver medal for his act with ponies and dogs. Los Quiros have been re-engaged for Circus Benneweis' 2005-season where they will appear in Spanish costumes.

 quiros a low.JPG (27717 bytes)

The high wire acrobats Los Quiros. Golden clown Monte Carlo 2002 and gold medal this year at the Cyrk Zalewski festival. Photo taken in Circus Benneweis in 2004. Los Quiros will be back at Benneweis in 2005 working in Spanish costumes.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 October 2004

The Haddies to Zirkus Liliput. The Danish Enoch families fine bike act The Haddies will from 25 November to 31 December 2004 perform at the Christmas Circus to be presented by Swiss Zirkus Liliput in St. Gallen, Switzerland. At Liliput performing artist in The Haddies will be 20 year old Jimmy Enoch, his Aunt Isabella Enoch and his cousins Edward and David. The Haddies is sometimes called The Haddies JR or The Haddies JR JR to indicate that it is second and third generation of the original act created by Haddy Enoch together with the sisters Grethe and Solveig Bolin. Solveig later becoming Mrs. Enoch and mother to Isabella, Dennie, Agnete and Louise. - Zirkus Liliput is owned by Daniel and Rose Gasser-Belli. You can find mere information on their circus at

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17 October 2004

Several shopping malls presented circus performances as free attractions during the Danish school childrens autumn holiday in week 42. I managed to visit two of the performances. The performance at Circus Kenny in Odense ran 45 minutes. Ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch presented Posnas dogs, a female foot juggler, Swiss juggler Eddie Carello and the musical clowns di Lellos. Click here to se some photos from the performance.

Circus Macot's performance in Slagelse ran for 20 minutes. However Mascot presented two different shows. Both shows started with 7 years old Andreas Deleuran's welcome song. Furthermore you met juggler and clown Gulio, Marianne Deleuran with her poodles and a pony and Andreas as "strong man" and snake charmer. Click here to se some photos from Mascot's performance.

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16 October 2004

Performing poodles have always been a popular circus act. At least two of the circus performances presented as free attraction in Danish shopping malls during the childrens autumn holiday in October have presented performing poodles. In the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse you could meet Marianne Deleuran with Circus Mascot's poodles. And in Circus Kenny in the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense you could meet Posna's poodles.

 Mascot Mariannes pudler vippe low.JPG (30626 bytes)

Marianne Deleuran with her poodles

 Kenny efteraar Posna a low.JPG (31229 bytes)

Posna's poodles

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15 October 2004

Circus Nissesjov (in English: Circus Christmas elf show). Circus owner René Marvin Moenster of Circus Baldoni is preparing this year's version of his Christmas Circus called Circus Nissesjov. He will have two touring units. The unite touring at Zealand will start on 8 November and the unit touring in Jutland and Island of Funen a week later. The tour will end on 22 December. The performances a mainly for kids. Among the performers are some of the performers from Latvia who have toured with Circus Baldoni the later years.

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11 October 2004 

Interview with Benneweis. At the German website you can read an interesting interview with circus owner Diana Benneweis of Danish Circus Benneweis. The text can be read in German, English of French.

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9 October 2004

Circus Arena at Greenland. "Hi Ole. Here is our Greenland Circus," press agent Christian Warrer of Circus Arena writes. "Transport for our tour this year was aeroplane, a red helicopter and boat. It was this year 20-year since Circus Arena visited Greenland first time and our performance was very popular. In some cities between 20 and 25 % of the total population came to see our show. The large audience created a fantastic atmosphere in the sport centres in which we presented our performance." - At the photo below you can see from the left: Danish comical cascadeur Freddi Steckel and his partner Zora Nikodemova, circus owner Benny Berdino, the Danish clown BonBon, clown and multi artist Martin Arli, Kenya acrobat Samson, Ib "Pjerrot" Rasmussen, clown and multi artist Bettina Arli, the sword swallower Jewel, diabolo player Martin Mall and the multi artist Alexander Arli.

 Arena Greenland 2004 cwarrerfoto low.JPG (28656 bytes)
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8 October 2004

Old circus related movies on DVD. The Danish Film Institute (DFI) has launched a project to digitise and make available the Danish silent film heritage on DVD. Some of them have circus-related stories. So far two such DVD' are for sale through the DFI Bookshop:

DVD with film starring Valdemar Psilander.

Valdemar Psilander (1884-1917) was probably the greatest male star of Danish silent cinema. He died in 1917, only 32 years old. Despite his early death, he nevertheless acted in 83 films during his 6 years with the Nordisk Films Kompagni. The three films on this DVD are not only representative of Valdemar Psilander’s qualities as an actor, but also the production of Nordisk Films Kompagni during the most productive and successful years of Danish cinema.
GREAT CITY, Denmark, 1911.  THE GREAT CIRCUS CATASTROPHE, Denmark, 1912. THE CANDLE AND THE MOTH, Denmark, 1915.

Total running time 140 minutes.

DVD with 2 films directed by Alfred Lind:

The flying circus, Denmark, 1912 (running time 46 minutes). The bear trainer, Denmark 1912 (running time 40 minutes). Extra: Daredevils of the movies (1923) with Emilie Sannom.

The films can be bought at the DFI bookshop at Vognmagergade 8B, 1120 Copenhagen or at the DFI netshop.

Planed is a release of "The clown" from 926 starring Gösta Ekman Sen.

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10 October 2004

Interesting book about circus families etc. A month ago the dean of Danish circus historians published a very interesting book called "Cirkus og göglerslägter - miljö og stamtavler" (Circus- and fair performer families - atmosphere and genealogical tables). The book is written in Danish but with a "Deutsches vorwort". And the genealogical tables can easily been read and understood by non-Danes. The following families are mentioned in the book:

·         Altenburg 

·         Bech-Olsen

·         Belli

·         Benneweis

·         Blumenfeld

·         Bruun

·         Daniels

·         Daucke

·         Dubsky

·         Enoch

·         Gautier

·         Goldkette (Bronett)

·         Hertzberg

·         Hoffmann

·         Houcke

·         Kronberg

·         Lott

·         Meggele

·         Miehe

·         Mundeling

·         Moeller

·         Olschansky

·         Overgaard

·         Pless

·         Price

·         Reinsch

·         Renard

·         Rosenhagen

·         Sambleben

·         Schenstroem

·         Abe Schmidt

·         Schmidt brothers

·         Schmücker

·         Schultz

·         Schumann

·         Steckel

·         Winter

Most of the families have their roots in Germany. Most of the genealogical tables go back to about 1800 (some a tables a bit earlier, some a bit later). The book is published in hardback and has 364 pages and many interesting photos. Price for the book delivered to you address free of postage (Europe only) is 69 Euro. The book can be ordered from the publisher Wisby and Wilkens by sending an email til Then you will receive a mail with payment instructions. Orders to be sent outside Europe: mail the publisher and ask for a price.

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8 October 2004

School children in Denmark have autumn holiday from 11 to 16 October. Due to this several Danish shopping malls presents circus performances as free attraction. In the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense you can meet Circus Kenny which is owned by Haddy Enoch who also owns Circus Dannebrog. Among the performers are di Lello clowns who toured with Circus Dannebrog during the summer season this year. At the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse you can meet Circus Mascot with artists and dogs and the clown Gulio. In the Elsinore City centre you can meet Benny Schumann’s mini circus with the clown and multi-artist Benny Schumann, the ponies Laban, Musti and Shadow and Benny’s groom Brian ”Briano” Behrendt. At the shopping mall in Kolding Circus Arena presents a performance with Pierrot, the arial acrobat Miss Tina, the roller skate acrobats Duo Rollelsls`, a juggler and some performing animals. The small Danish Circus Krone will during the autumn holidays visit a number of cities in Jutland. In Esbjerg the Danish comical cascadeur Freddi Steckel performs assisted by Line Vittrup and Lucy and Patrick Berdino (respectively circus owner Benny Berdino's daugter in law and grandson). And on 15 October a performce presented by Circus Baldoni can be seen at the Naestved Shopping Mall.

 di lellos e low.JPG (30341 bytes)

The di Lello clowns can been seen at Circus Kenny in Odense's Rosengaard Shopping Mall

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3 October 2004

Rumours say that the German family circus Renz-Berlin will visit Zealand in 2005. From June to September this year Circus Renz-Berlin have toured Jutland and the Funen Island however without attracting much audience. Often only about 50 people came to their performances. But they may believe that things would have been even worse if they have stayed in Germany.

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2 October 2004

News from ECA (European Circus Association). ECA board has decided to organise a number of regional meetings for members. The board wishes to discuss with the members about strategies to be carried out and bottlenecks of members at work. The next regional ECA meeting will be held in WIESBADEN (Germany) on 6 November 2004 at 10:00 AM in the extra tent at the festival field. This meeting is organised in co-operation with the organisation of the European Youth Circus.

PROGRAMME: 10:00 hours: Talks with the ECA board and the members. ECA wish to talk about the bottlenecks at their members work and what the ECA can do.

The following meeting is open for all persons involved in the circus. Theme of the day is The youth in the circus

11:30 hours How do we get the youth back in the circus?

The Gasser family (Circus Starlight – Switzerland) relates about the strategy they followed with their circus to become more attractive to the youth. xperiences of others can also be given and subsequent discussion about possibilities.

12:30 hours Lunch

13:30 hours Education to circus children

Wouter Tuyn is manager of the Stichting de Rijdende school (Moving School Foundation) in The Netherlands. His organisation caters for education to circus and funfair children in The Netherlands. He is also involved in initiatives to place this work in a European context.

Anette Schwer will talk about the situation in Germany as representative of the organisation Schule für Circuskinder (Schools for Circus children) in North-Rheinland-Westphalia. Birgid Oertel head of the department for education to children from the professionally travelling population, of the Hessisches Kultusministerium ,will talk about actions to get the subject ‘education to professionally travelling population’ in an European context. Which experiences do the circus people have themselves and what would they like to change. An exchange of ideas.

15:00 hours Coffee / tea break

15:30 hours Training of circus artist

Philippe Haenen is chairman of FEDEC – the organisation of professional circus schools. He is also manager of the ESAC ( École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) in Brussels. He will talk about European activities of FEDEC. Those present will have every opportunity to put forward their thoughts and wishes about the professional training of circus artists.

16:30 hours Conclusion

The Wiesbaden festival organisation gives free tickets for the gala night or the Friday night shows to ECA members.

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1 October 2004

News from the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. On Friday the 1 October the Circusmuseum opened a new exhibition with the title: Aase Tribini – the Sorcerers Apprentice. The focus of the exhibition is Aase Tribini's exiting life as a child artist. Her father was the well-known Danish entertainer by the name of "professor" Tribini. He taught her tricks throughout her childhood and the exhibition contains pictures with Aase and her father and different props used in her acts. Aase has her debut in her father's variety theatre in 1949 when she was 3 years old. She stopped as an artist when she was 21 and has since worked as a dentist's assistant.

Aase Tribini 20041001 b low.JPG (27767 bytes)

Aase Tribini in front of some of her props and a photo of herself wearing a top hat

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29 September 2004

Theft and magi in Aalborg...! On 18 November Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre will present their annual winter show this year presenting the Danish world class gentleman thief KENNY QUINN and his partner Joan. Furthermore Kenny will present the magic entrée he took over from the late Viggo Jahn ("the man with the black gloves") with a stick and stick knobs. The wintershow can be seen until 11 December 2004. After Aalborg Kenny and Joan hurries to Germany where they have been engaged for Circus Probst wintercircus in Gelsenkirchen. This engagement will end in the beginning of January 2005.

 Kenny Quinn 200409a low.JPG (30616 bytes)

Kenny Quinn presenting Viggo Jahn's entrée

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26 September 2004

Human Cannonball at the GunPowder Cafe. A little less than 100 persons had Sunday afternoon found their way to the GunPowder Cafe at the western rampart in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The met as a free attraction the popular Danish clown Bonbon (Lasse Norager) who assisted by his wife Tiina presented his comic human cannonball entrée. Quite appropriate for the GunPowder Cafe which is established in a former powder magazine. After the performance Bonbon told me that he on 27 September would leave for Greenland where he takes part in Circus Arenas performance at Greenland. December and January will find Bonbon and Tiina with Circus Krone in Kronenbau in Munich, Germany.

 Bonbon 20040926 h low.JPG (29272 bytes)

Human Canon Ball Bonbon and Mrs. Tiina

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26 September 2004

As the latest of the larger Danish circus Circus Dannebrog closed their season on 25 September in Vamdrup, close to the winter quarter in Hejls. As earlier mentioned on this page Miller Benneweis joined Circus Dannebrog in early June. Miller stayed with the show for the rest of the season. As an experienced horsetrainer he managed to improve the quality of Circus Dannebrog's liberty horse act which by the end of the season was presented by Miller together with Katja Enoch and 10 years old Victoria Enoch (daughter to press agent Agnete Louise Enoch). It would be great if Miller and circus owner Haddy Enoch could agree also to have Miller training and presenting the Dannebrog horses in 2005.

miller benneweis a low.JPG (29251 bytes)

Miller Benneweis with Circus Dannebrog's horses. Photo taken in Copenhagen on 11 September 2004.

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24 September 2004

Circus Arena's 50 years anniversary. In 2005 Circus Arena can celebrate its 50 years anniversary. 2 popular Danish singers and entertainers will present the 2005 program: Soes Fenger and Dario Campeotto. Performing circus artist will be Suzanne Berdino presenting 12 Arab horses in a liberty act, the 3 Rivelinos clowns and Alexia and Marylou Casselly plus Suzanne, Charmaine and Stephanie Berdino riding high school. The 4 daredevils Diorio`s from Brazil toured with Circus Arena in 2002 driving motorcycles in their globe of death. But the globe they will use in 2005 does open under their ride! The Danish/Finnish clown duo Bonbon & Tiina will present their unique Badminton Comedy Act. Russian Truppe Puzanovi will present a skipping act and the springboard acrobatic act for which they was awarded a Golden Clown in Monte Carlo in 2003. The five persons from Truppe Flying are bungee-aerial acrobats. Furthermore in the program will be Mexican juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, Rene & Alexia Casselly with 4 African elephants and 3 andalusian horses and Rosi Hochegger with her comedy dogs. She was also with Circus Arena in 1995 and 1998. Opening day will be in Copenhagen on 22 March. After Copenhagen Circus Arena will visit 109 cities in Denmark.

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21 September 2004

Adi and Benny. In July a documentary film was produced regarding the co-operation and friendship between the Danish clown and multi-artist Benny Schumann and Austrian painter Adi Holzer. The film can bee seen at the Danish TV station Chanel Copenhagen on 25 September at 18.30 and repeated the day after at 21.

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20 September 2004

Freddi and his partners. "Season is almost over. We have given about 200 performances in 122 cities and have driven a little more than 4,000 kilometre in tiny Denmark", Danish comical cascadeur Freddi Steckel writes. Freddi has spent the summer season with Circus Dannebrog. "I have enjoyed the season and it have been great fun to be back again in Denmark," Freddi continues. In the coming months he has a lot of jobs with different partners. In Circus Dannebrog his partner has been Isabella Enoch. And Isabella will join Freddi when he in November goes to Japan to perform at a festival for 2 weeks. Before Japan Freddi goes to Greenland with Circus Arena. At Greenland his partner will be Zora Nikodemova. After Greenland but before Japan he will tour with a theatre performance for children with Line Vittrup as partner. Both Line and Zora have performed as partners with Freddi several times before. From Japan Freddi will take a direct flight for Barcelona, Spain, where he assisted by Zora has a job at a clown festival. After that festival he will make a short visit to Copenhagen before he in December together with Zora is going to Gala in Tours in France.

'steckels2.jpg (22871 bytes)

Freddi Steckel performing with Line Vittrup (photo Roger Malmer)

 Steckel's 1.low.JPG (27781 bytes)

Freddi Steckel performing with Zora Nikodemova (photo Ole Simonsen)

 Steckel's 20040911 low.JPG (29484 bytes)

Freddi Steckel performing with Isabella Enoch (photo Ole Simonsen)

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19 September 2004

Valentino Rivel passed away. Benny Schumann has told me that his uncle the Spanish acrobat Valentino Rivel after long time sickness died in Portugal on 5 September 78 years of age. Valentino was the youngest of Charlie Rivel's and his wife Carmen's four children. For many years he performed together with his brothers Charlie JR. and Juanito as The Charlivels. Charlie JR, today 80 year old, is still alive and running a dancing academy. The two other brothers have passed away.

Charlivels 2 low.JPG (30761 bytes)

Charlivels - seen from left Charlie JR., Valentino and Juanito (Benny Schumann's collection)

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12 September 2004

Circus Benneweis. "You did the hell of a good job", circus owner Diana Benneweis said by the end of this years last performance to the 12 artist who since opening day in Hilleroed on 7 April has performed in Circus Benneweis. When Diana in April 2005 will open Circus Benneweis' 2005 season it will be in a brand new tent: a 4 pole Cannobio tent with a diameter of 36 meter and a seating capacity somewhere between 1,200 and 1,400. The tent is slightly smaller than the old Benneweis tent. It is of the same size as the tents used by Circus Roncalli in Germany and Circus Maximum in Sweden. The reprise clown Francesco is reengaged for season 2005. Among the other performers will be Martyn Chabri (daughter to the clown Toto Chabri and his wife Nora). Martyn was last time at Benneweis in 1998 with her musical quick-change act.

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12 September 2004

Circus Arena ended their 2004 season with an almost sold out performance in Lyngby on 12 September. The season has been the best ever for Circus Arena. Next year Circus Arena can celebrate its 50 years anniversary. The program for the 2005 season will be released on 23 September. Opening day for the 2005 performance will be on 22 March 2005 in Copenhagen. As former years Circus Arena will late September/early October present an indoor non-animal performance in several towns on Greenland. Among the performers will be Martin, Bettina and Alexander Arli, The Steckel's (Freddi Steckel and Zora Nikodemova) with their comical casceadeur act and the clown Bonbon.

 Steckel's 1.low.JPG (27781 bytes)

The Steckel's

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12 September 2004

As mentioned 10 September a lot of foreign cirkusfans visited Copenhagen 11 and 12 September 2004. On the photo below you can se Olaf Werner and his group of 33 circusfreaks from Germany, Holland and Switzerland. The photo was taken in Circus Dannebrog 11 September. Also artistically director Urs Pilz from the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo was in Copenhagen on 11 September and visited Circus Dannebrog as well as Circus Benneweis.

 Olaf werners circusreisen i Dannebrog 2 low.JPG (28541 bytes)

Olaf Werner's Cirkusreisen had their first circus trip ever to Denmark. Olaf Werner can been seen as number three from left (behind elephant trainer Bernhard Casselly). Olaf Werner has earlier arranged circus trips to various countries in Europe.

On 12 September Olaf Wernes group and a group of Swedish circusfriends visited the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The museum is the largest circus museum in the Nordic countries and have more than 110,000 items in the collections (however not all of them at display!). Jens Frobenius of the Barly Associations (friends of the circus museum) gave the visitors a guided tour through the museum. And the visitors was delighted to meet former Benneweis press agent and ringmistress Nelly Jane Benneweis, for many years know as lady of the ring.

 Nelly Jane 20040912 low.JPG (30126 bytes)

Nelly Jane at the Circus Museum standing next to a live-size Photostat of herself

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10 September 2004

Foreign circusfans in Copenhagen. Olaf Werner’s Circusreisen from Oldendorf in Germany will visit Copenhagen from 10 to 12 September with at group of 34 circusfans from Germany, Holland and Switzerland. On 10 September they will visit Circus Benneweis. On 11 September Circus Dannebrog. 12 September in the morning they will visit the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. And in the evening they will visit Circus Arena. They will also find time for a visit to the Tivoli Gardens with acrobat performances at the open-air stage. - Also a group from the Swedish Circus Academy will visit Copenhagen during the weekend. On 11 September they will visit fist Circus Dannebrog and then Circus Benneweis. 2 September in the morning they plan a visit to the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. And in the evening they will visit Circus Arena.

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9 September 2004

Circus Charlie. On 2 September I wrote that Danish Circus Charlie would have its final stand on 11 September. It was a mistake. Einar Trie and his circus can bee seen in the northern part of Jutland at least until 22 September. You can find route etc. in What's on (Circus Routes in Denmark)

 Charlie klovn low.JPG (23771 bytes)

The clown and circusowner Einar "Charlie" Trie

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6 September 2004

Nelly Jane Benneweis retires. On 2 April 1971 Nelly Jane had her début as ringmistress at Circus Benneweis. 1974 saw Nelly Jane back at Circus Benneweis where circus owner Eli Benneweis asked Nelly not only to be ringmistress but also to be press agent and be responsible for tour planing, public permits etc. Nelly Jane was ringmistress at Circus Benneweis from 1974 to 1994. Most seasons she worked with the tented how. But from 1969 to 1982 she presented the circus performance in the Copenhagen Circus Building, which Eli Benneweis run from 1970 to 1990. She became an extremely popular ring mistress. She continued as Circus Benneweis press agent until 2003. For season 2004 she has assisted the present owner of circus Benneweis Diana Benneweis with a number of tasks including route planing. But Nelly who celebrated her 70 years birthday on 15 June this year has decided to retire when Circus Benneweis end their 2004 season on 12 September.

 Nelly Jane og Sonny Benneweis just low.jpg (28009 bytes)

Nelly Jane got the surname Benneweis when she on 9 April 1977 married the elephant trainer Sonny Benneweis. Two years later Sonny died by cancer (photo by courtesy of Nelly Jane Benneweis).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 September 2004

Benny Schumann at the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The clown and multiartist Benny Schumann will give a one-hour performance at the circus tent next to the museum on 14 and 15 September at 14.15. In the performance he will present some of his best acts and a pony show with then ponies Laban, Musti, Shadow and Benny's groom Briano. Tickets can be ordered at + 45 36 78 69 67.

 Benny Schumann 20040529 b low.JPG (28070 bytes)

Benny Schumann with the pony Musti

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2 September 2004

Denmark is a kingdom in northern part Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The tented circus season in Denmark, Norway and Sweden runs from March to September. It is too cold to continue performances in tents in October and November. Among the Danish circuses Circus Arli had its final stand for this season on 1 September. This year they visited 105 cities on Zealand. Both Circus Benneweis and Circus Arena will close their season on 12. Circus Charlie will tour until 11 September. Circus Krone will end their summer season on 17 September. Circus Dannebrog will have their final stand on 25 September. Circus Baldoni will close their season on 26 September. Circus Mascots final stand for 2004 is by the end of September. Circus Arena will visit Greenland late September/early October and furthermore present a winter circus in February 2005 in some sports centres etc. Also Circus Krone and Circus Mascot is active during the winter season with performance in shopping malls etc. René Marvin from Circus Baldoni in touring with indoor performances during the winter season. Also the Arli family is active during the winter season. - The 2004-season seems to have been fairly good for most Danish circuses with the number of visitors being somewhat higher than in 2003.

 Martinos a low.JPG (29409 bytes)

The clown Martin Arli has closed his season 2004 in his fathers tiny Circus Arli. But in Greenland he can be seen later in the month when Circus Arena visits Greenland (indoor performances only - it's mighty cold up there!)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 September 2004

No acrobats at the open air stage in Tivoli in 2005. Next year is the 200-year of H. C. Andersen's birth and Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens is celebrating that with a show, greater than ever before. Five-meter tall dolls will float in the air from at scene by the fountains before the concert hall via a podium and end up at the big open-air stage. Everything accompanied by new fantastic music, light and glitter. 10 fairytales will be shown including »The little mermaid« and »The ugly duckling«. The man behind the parade, which has been named »A Tivoli Fairytale«, is Gary Paben. Gary Paben is also known as the man who created the Disney Millennium Parade and the opening and closing-ceremonies of the Olympic Wintergames in Salt Lake 2002. For decades Tivoli has at their Open Air Stage presented some first class acrobats as free attractions. Unfortunately Tivoli has decided to abolish this presentation in 2005. Thus, you can in 2005 see mechanical dolls in stead of life performers. So better hurry up if you want to see acrobats at the open-air stage in Tivoli. The remaining part of the 2004-season, which will close on 19 September, you can meet Ukrainian juggler Ruslan Fomenko and the Canadian new wave partner equilibristic act Symbiose

Symbiose c low.JPG (30696 bytes)

Until 19 September you can in the Tivoli Gardens meet Symbiose (photo) and the juggler Ruslan Fomenko. In 2005 the artist will be replaces by a parade with mechanical dolls.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

29 August 2004

As usual some circus performers have been engaged for an autumn show from 20 September to 11 December 2004 at the variety theatre Rode Kro (The Red Inn Theatre) in Copenhagen. The owner of the theatre Charley Kaye and his wife Belita are former comical casceadeurs. For their 2004 performance they have engaged Stefan Kubik, Martina, Lynn Carol and Freddy Anthony. The comical entertainer Freddy Anthony as well as the handstand acrobat Martina did perform at Rode Kro theatre some years ago. In 2003 both of them toured with Circus Dannebrog. From 1978 to 1980 Freddy Anthony toured with Danish Circus M. Schumann. Season 2000 he spent with Circus Arli. The juggler Lynn Carol (Line Carol) is the oldest daughter of the 73-year old Belgium clown Toto Chabri and his wife Nora. Lyne performed in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1984, in Circus Arena in 1986 and 1987 and with Circus Benneweis in 1998 and during the first weeks of the 2001 season. She was engaged to Rode Kro in 2003 but had to cancel her contract because she was pregnant. But now she has got her child and is ready to start juggling again. Stefan Kubik toured with his Moiseeva-troup with Circus Dannebrog in 2002. In addition to the acrobats a number of popular actors will be on the stage. Rode Kro Theatre is amongst the smallest theatres in Denmark: only 166 seats. But at least for their autumn show they use to have a full house every night.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 August 2004

Tivoli Variety 2005. Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard had success this summer with a show in Tivoli called Tivoli Variety 2004. He will be back again next year with Tivoli Variety 2005 which according to the press release will present some top comedians and artist from all over the world.

 6 Soren Ostergaard low.JPG (26493 bytes)

Soren Ostergaard with his broken ventriloquist doll.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 August 2004

The 2004 Aarhus Festival will take place between the 27th of August and the 5th of September. This year´s theme is 'From Aros with Eros' (Aros is the old Norse name for the city of Aarhus). In 2004 the Aarhus Festival is able to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Four of the events presented at the festival are circus related. Spanish Circo Imperfecto is a trio of circus acrobats presenting a 1-hour performance in new wave style. Compagnie CirkologioM has only one performer in their 30 minutes performance: a clown performing with diabolo juggling etc. Circus Imperfecto as well as Compagnie CirkologioM can free of charge be seen daily in the daytime from 28 August to 4 September.

The “Hall of mirrors” or “Palais de Glaces” stages a cabaret show called ’L’amour de Paris. A chorus line of 8 dancers will together with a french singer and the Russian acrobat Rustam, the German develstick juggler Andy Gebhardt, the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and the comedians Jigalov and Csaba (awarded with a silver clown at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival in 2003) present a cabaret show. The show can be seen 26 August, 27 August,  30 August, 31 August, 1 September, 3 September and 4 September. The performance starts at 20:30.

Tout Fou to Fly is a French comtemporary circus company. Since 1993 they have produced a number of spectacular touring circus performances. Orfeú is Tout Fou To Fly’s new circus opera based on the ancient myth of Orfeus and Euridice – the eternal lovers of Greek mythology. Pierrot Bidon is the director of the performance, and Jean-Michel Poitreau is the originator of the overall artistic concept and the choreography. The legend of Orfeus and Euridice tells the story of Orfeus’ wanderings to find the entrance to Hades, the kingdom of the dead, from where he is determined to free his beloved Euridice, who died from a snakebite. With his pure heart and beautiful singing-voice he placates the gods, tames the wild animals, arrests the fury of the elements. The deep feelings shared by the two lovers move Cupid to reunite them and lead them back to the land of the living. Following the libretto of Gluck’s classical opera, Orfeú takes place in an Italian big top tent measuring 41 metres across. The audience is placed on a raised platform between heaven and hell. From this elevated vantage point they may let themselves be transported by the fascinating aerobatics of 14 bird-like creatures. Magically – they seem to defy the law of gravitation using techniques evolved in mountain climbing and speleology. This performance takes place in a big top tent accessed via the outdoor amphitheatre of the Concert Hall Aarhus - Thurs. 2nd Sept. and Fri. 3rd Sept. at 7.30pm, Sat. 4th Sept. at 2pm and 10pm. Duration: 70 min.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 August 2004

Circusphotos. We have often used photos by the photographer Lise Kokholm at this website. Lise have now created her own website on to show you some of the photo she take of Circuses and of different festivals around in Denmark.


18 August 2004

Nelly Jane and José Michel. When Nelly Jane Benneweis (former ringmistress and press agent for Danish Circus Benneweis) on 8 August visited Swedish Circus Maximum she met the Spanish clown José Michel. They exchanged memories about old days. The black and white photo below, which is from Nelly Jane's collection, is from the Copenhagen Circus Building and was taken in the autumn 1987 when Nelly Jane introduced the Michel clowns. José can be seen to the left of Nelly Jane. José is the only of the clowns from 1987 who still is a member of the clown trio. His brother performs today with his twin sons with the Risley Act Rampin Brothers at Cirque du Soleil. At Circus Maximum it is circus owner Bengt Källquist who introduced the Michel-clowns. The white-faced clown in the trio is today José's wife Julia. The last member is José's partner Gigi.

 nelly og jose mitchel low.jpg (27126 bytes)

José Michel and Nelly Jane in the ring 1987

 Nelly Jane og Jose Michel low.JPG (29855 bytes)

José Michel and Nelly Jane 2004

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 August 2004

Albert Schumann inducted into Circus Hall of Fame. The famous horse trainer and circus owner Albert Schumann who passed away in 2001 was on 24 July 2004 inducted into Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, Indiana, USA as a Circus Great. The men and women honoured in the Circus Hall of Fame are shown in blue frames accompanied by a personal history. There are also artifacts, costumes, photographs and lithographs of many of the circus greats. These frames are arranged in chronological order. Actually Albert Schumann never performed in the USA although he received several flattering offers from Ringling. But Circus Schumann's performances in Denmark and Sweden was shown on television in the USA making the Schumann family famous even outside Europe. Two Danes have earlier been inducted into the Circus Hall of Fame: the animal trainer Jorgen Christiansen in 1967 and Ernest Millette (flying trapeze) in 1968.

schumann albert og paulina.jpg (50482 bytes)

Albert and Paulina Schumann riding high school in 1967. From Anders Enevig's collection.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 August 2004

Circus Baldoni - Danish or German. Most Danish circus friends know René Marvin Moenster's child-friendly Circus Baldoni. But even in Germany there is a Circus Baldoni. It is owned by Anton (Tony) Kaiser and travels in Bavaria. There is no connection between the two circuses. The likeness of names is a pure coincidence.

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16 August 2004

News from Duo Aerius. Esben of the talented Danish arial cradle Duo Aerius tell that they are having a wonderful time performing at the Benidorm Palace at Costa Blanca in Spain (14o kilometres south of Valencia). Their engagement with Benidorm Palace runs into 23 October. And it is a big show: 35 dancers, a 8 piece band and up to 1,400 visitors and always almost full house. And Esben and Maja Aerius has s nice little bungalow at their own. After Benidorm Duo Aeirus has engagements at German variety theatres until august 2005. After that time they are open for offers.

aerius_benidorm low Peter Penders foto.JPG (24673 bytes)

Due Aerius performing at Benidorm Palace (Photo: Peter Penders)

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15 August 2004

The international Clown Festival at Bakken, Copenhagen was as previous years a huge success with a lot of visitors. And luckilly enough it was nice weather the 11 days the festival performance could been seen at the open-air stage at the amusement park Bakken. Favourite performer among the audience was 95 year old Konrad Thur who together with his 58 year old son John-John for many year have been performing with the comical tight wire act Thuranos. The artistically director of the festival Benny Schumann has accepted also in 2005 to be in charge of the festival which then can celebrate its 10 year anniversary. And there will be more to celebrate for Benny in 2004: he can celebrate his 60-year birthday.

Friluftsfinale 2.jpg (30252 bytes)

From the Grand finale at Bakken's open-air stage. From left to right can be seen Benny Schumann, Konstantin Mouraview, Koichiro Mori, John-John and Konrad Thur ("Thuranos"), Patricia Schumann, Pierrot, Briano and samt Toto Chabri & Co.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 august 2004

Miller Benneweis who has not been active in a circus since he left Danish Circus Arena after the 2001-season has since early June this year been working as horse trainer for Circus Dannebrog. In the beginning he was just supposed to train he horse which were presented by circus owner Haddy Enoch youngest daughter Katja Enoch and Haddy's granddaughter Victoria. But now Miller goes into the ring together with Victoria and Katja. From 27 August Circus Dannebrog with Miller and the horses and a lot of other nice acts can bee seen in Copenhagen.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 August 2004

New artist at the Open Air Stage in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens. Until the end of the 2004 season on 19 September you can see Ukrainian juggler Ruslan Fomenko and the Canadian new wave partner equilibristic act Symbiose. The actress and singer Susanne Breuning present the performance. Tivoli’s Big Band (a full size big band) accompanies the performance.

 Ruslan Fomenko a.JPG (29834 bytes)   Symbiose d.JPG (24920 bytes)

The juggler Ruslan Fomenko and the equilibrists Symbiose

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 August 2004

At the gala performance 8 August at 11 a.m. in connection with the 9 International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen you could meet several outstanding performers. Producer Benny Schumann and his daughter Patricia opened the show as Elvis and Dolly Parton. Then Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard entered the stage as the ventriloquist whose doll falls apart. Next act was Konstantin Mouraview in a fantastic comical act in a German Wheel as the fat man who wants to get thinner. It was very well deserved that he was honoured with the festival's talent prise The Golden Nose for his presentation. After another run in with Soren Ostergaard we met Toto Chabri & Co. with several of their popular entrees. Then Nelly Jane Benneweis introduced one of her and my favourite clowns: Chicky (Eugen Altenburger). Although Chicky retired by the end of January this year he had for a very last time dressed up in his famous costume to be awarded with the festivals first price: The World Artist and Clown Reward (often called the Charlie Rivel Award). A very well deserved honour for the 76 year old clown who from 1957 to January this year worked in leading circuses all over Europe including 11 seasons in Denmark and 4 seasons in Sweden. Paulina Schumann (daughter of Charlie Rivel and Benny Schumann's mother) presented the price. Next performer was Japanese Koichiro Mori with a break dance entree. The last act in the performance was The Thuranos with 95 years old Konrad Thur and his son. The audience awarded them with standing ovations.

And what does a price winner do after having received the first price at a festival? He visits a circus! Chicky's godson the juggler Serge Percelly does this year tour with Swedish Circus Maximum who at the day of the gala performance visited Malmo in the Southern part of Sweden less than one hours drive from Copenhagen. Serge is the son of Chicky's partner Bruno and Bruno's wife Patricia who was the female member of Chicky & Co. Together with Nelly Jane Benneweis Chicky visited Sunday evening Circus Maximum where Serge and his wife and their two small daughters and circus owner Bengt Källquist warmly welcomed them. Also other artist visited Circus Maximum the same night: Danish comical cascadeur Freddi Steckel who toured with Circus Maximum in 2003. This year Freddi is with Danish Circus Dannebrog. And from French Circus Pinder the owner Edelstein's daughter and son in law saw Circus Maximum's great performance.

 31 Chicky low.JPG (31251 bytes) 

The famous clown Chicky

Eugen Chicky Altenburger low.JPG (32975 bytes)

Eugen "Chicky" Altenburger together with his godson Serge Percelly's dog

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 August 2004

Danish and Swedish circusfans visiting German Circus Barum. 22 Danish and Swedish circusfreaks visited Circus Barum in Flensburg in the northern part of Germany (8 kilometre south of the border to Denmark) on 3 August. They were very impressed by the excellent performance with animal act of a quality, which you for the time being can't see in any Nordic country. As big cats acts are neither allowed in Denmark nor in Sweden is was for several of the fans first time they saw a big cage act: 4 tigers and 4 lions (3 females and one male) presented in a most charming and talented way by English Alex Lacey. All the fans certainly can recommend a visit to Circus Barum to everyone who likes to see a great circus performance.

 Montez Sandro LKfoto.JPG (25142 bytes)

Among the many performing animals in Circus Barum is the rhino Tsavo. As the horses, zebras, lamas and camels it is presented by Sandro Montez. Photos: Lise Kokholm.

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1 August 2004

Viggo Jahn - the man with the black gloves. On 26 July I mentioned that the Danish magician Viggo Jahn passed away on 20 July 2004. Viggo Jahn was born in 1907. He started his carrier as professional magician in 1942. He became internationally known when he won the grand prix at a congress for magicians in Amsterdam in 1949. From 1952-1962 he performed at leading hotels in USA and Canada. Three times he performed in Ed Sullivan's TV-shows. When performing he was often assisted by his wife Gudrun sometimes using the names Chapo and Barette. After Gudrun died Viggo left America and went back to Denmark. In the following years he performed in variety theatres, cabarets, circuses etc in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Holland and Switzerland. He retired as a magician in 1992 when he was 85 year old. In 1999 he saw the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn in Danish Circus Arena and decided to let Kenny take over his most well-known trick with a stick and stick knobs. Kenny uses this trick as introduction to his pick pocket act.

 Jahn, Viggo 3.JPG (28414 bytes)    Jahn, Viggo 2.JPG (30173 bytes)

Viggo Jahn (photos from Kenny Quinn's archives)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

31 July 2004

Benny Schumann at Roskilde. It is a tradition that the Danish clown and multiartist Benny Schumann together with a couple of other artists performs at the open-air stage at the Peoples Garden in Roskilde in the end of July. This year the performance took place on 29 July. Approximately 2000 persons many of them children from kindergartens were delighted by the one-hour performance presented by Benny Schumann and his guest artist Sorensen and Palle (Mogens "Mugge" Petersen and Palle "Mr. Toons" Bay Henriksen).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

28 July 2004

The Copenhagen circus lot ”Bellahoj”. The owner of the lot the Copenhagen city council has now completed the renovation and draining of the lot. Danish tented circuses have used the lot during their visit to Copenhagen at least since 1951. The lot has for several years been a muddy lot in a rather miserable condition. But after the renovation it will provide the visiting circuses with fine facilities. First circus to use the renovated lot will be Circus Benneweis, which this year will be at Bellahoj from 2 to 12 September.

 Bellahoej 20040724.jpg (30403 bytes)

The newly renovated circus lot at Bellahoj. Entrance for the audience is at the path through the grove.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 July 2004

Viggo Jahn passed away. The Danish magician Viggo Jahn passed away on 20 July 2004. After having won world championship in magic in 1949 Viggo Jahn performed over most of the world, including 10 years in USA. He retired as magician about 20 years ago.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

25 July 2004

Circus at Bonbon-land. The Danish amusement park Bonbon-land at Holme-Olstrup has as previous years from mid June to mid August as free attraction a 50 minute long circus performances. All performers are from the 2004 production of the Swedish Circus Skratt. By tradition, Circus Skratt does not tour from mid June to mid August. The performance in Bonbon-land is presented in the big top which Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena earlier this year bought from Austrian Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi. The clown Lars Larna acts as ringmaster. First act is a nice hula-hoop act performed by Ljuba Gorbotsjova. Then comes a run in by the clowns Yuri & Leon. Next act is liberty horses presented by the Casselly-family. The youngest member of the family, 8 years old René JR, rides on a rearing horse. Then comes another run in by Yuri & Leon showing how to make rola-bola on a human pad. Yuri & Leon are followed by 13 year old Marilou Casselly in at brand new contortion routine. Very impressive but hardly healthy for her back. Then the clown Mr. Chap invites six gentlemen from the audience into the ring using four of them as the corners of a boxing ring and boxing in slow-motion with the fifth gentleman while the last person takes care of the gong. Last act in the performance is the Caselly's with their four African elephants Mambo, Tanga, Kimba and Nanda. All in all a very nice performance.

 Cirkus BonBon just.jpg (30809 bytes)

Circus Bonbon

Bonbon-land also offers performing sealions as free attraction. The Danish trainer Addie Jepsen presents two sealions. They perform both on a stage and in a pool. Two additional sealions are being trained. The sealions belongs to Benny Berdino of Circus Arena but are trained by Addie Jepsen. Benny plans to present performing sealions at his winterquarter in Slagelse. Nelly Jane and Addie met first time in 1972 when Nelly Jane was ringmaster in Swedish Circus Scott and Addie presented sealions trained by Vivi Schmidt at Circus Scott's performance. It goes without saying that Nelly and Addie should exchange old memories when Nelly Jane visited Bonbonland.

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23 July 2004

Festival meeting of Danish Youth Circuses. The seventh Danish Youth Circus Festival will be held on 20 to 22 august in Odense hosted by Circus Flik-Flak. 250 youthful performers, educators and coaches will attend and workshops will be conducted. On 21 August from 13 to 17 everyone if welcome to see the young performers performing non stop in 5 circus tents. Further information from Tommy Hardam at phone + 45 66 11 48 83.

Bornecirkusfestival low.JPG (28357 bytes)

From an earlier youth circus festival. Photo by courtesy of Tommy Hardam/Circus Flik-Flak

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 July 2004

9 International Clown Festival at Bakken (Denmark's oldest amusement park, 8 miles north of Copenhagen). The final programme for this year's festival, which will take place from 5 to 15 August, is now ready. Festival producer and artistic director Benny Schumann has for the festival engaged the following artists:

The Thuranos (including 94 year old Konrad Thur who in 1999 received the Charlie Rivel Price), Toto Chabri & Co. (Toto Chabri was awarded the Charlie Rivel Price in 2001), the Japanese electric boogie master Koichiro Mori, Konstantin Rhörad, Patricia Schumann, Marie V. Jacobsen, Bakken's Pierrot, the orchestra Jollyday and Briano and the pony Musti. There are daily performances at 15:30 and 19:30 at the open-air stage. A special gala performance will be held Sunday 8 August at 11 with additional star clowns. Among those popular Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard and the famous Swiss clown Chicky who will be honoured with The World Artist and Clown Award (The Charlie Rivel Price). Chicky retired by the end of January this year but he has promised Benny Schumann to turn up in his famous dress and to present a short musical entrée.

 Benny Schumann 20040529 g low.JPG (31868 bytes)

Benny Schumann and the pony Musti is among the performers at this years clown festival at Bakkenb.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 July 2004

The Danish crown prince couple and Benny Schumann. On Tuesday 27 July Benny Schumann and Swedish Ludvika Young Stars will give a special performance at the harbour in Aalborg in connection with The Tall Ships race 2004. The Danish crown prince Frederik and his wife crown princess Mary will se part of the show. Furthermore Benny Schumann tells that Danish TV is producing a documentary on Benny Schumann and his co-operation and friendship with Austrian painter Adi Holzer.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 July 2004

Frankello's elephants. As in many other countries discussions regarding use of animals in circuses have been pending in Denmark. Big cat acts has been forbidden since 1962. An advisory committee to the ministry of Justice proposed last autumn not any longer to permit elephant and sealion acts in Danish circuses. However the ministry of Justice felt that very strong arguments was needed before she would issue a prohibition against elephants and sealions in circuses. And at least for this season Circus Arena, Circus Benneweis, Circus Dannebrog and German Circus Renz-Berlin (for the time being on tour in Denmark; however audience for an in Denmark unknown German family circus seems to be rather limited) has got permission to present elephants in their circuses. A very popular elephant trainer is in Denmark is German Sonny Frankello (39 years old). His first year with a Danish circus was with Circus Dannebrog in 1981 where he presented a single elephant in an act called Tarzan and Sahib. Since then he has been in Denmark in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1988, in Circus Dannebrog in 1993, in Circus Benneweis from 1996 to 1998, in Tivoli Gardens in 1999 and with Circus Arena in 2002, 2003 and 2004. This year three of Sonny's elephants takes part of the performance: Timba (24), Mala (19) and Kenia (16) all of them females. Furthermore Sonny Frankello owns two more elephants: the bull Sahieb (25) and the 25-year-old female Sandra which Sonny Frankello bought earlier this year from Swiss Circus Pajazzo. Sahieb and Sandra are at Sonny Frankello's winterquarter at Platschow in Germany together with Sonny's wife Lillian Kröplin. During his stay in June with Circus Arena the young Danish circusfan Stefan Rothmann took a number of photos of Sonny Frankello and his elephants.

 Frankello 10 low SR.JPG (25700 bytes)

Frankello's elephants (photo: Stefan Rothmann)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 July 2004

Wet cabaret at the terrace. 14 July at 20:30 was opening night for the show Untamed cabaret at the terrace at the terrace outside Culture Housea at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. This summer has so far been very rainy in Denmark. However, on 14 July there was no rain until in the evening a shortly before the performance began.  A sign on the stage mentioned that it was a show created by 30 young artist during 4 rainy days. And the opening night was rainy as well. But the young performers, many of them newly graduated from the 1 year Danish Circus School AFUK did not want do disappoint the approximately 100 people who despite the rain turned up to see their outdoor show. The show lasted for one hour and we saw acts in arial straps, tissue, swing trapeze and on slack wire. Traditional acrobatic acts were due to the very wet stage difficult to present. Producers were Rasmus Aitouganov and Josephine Wulff Randrup of Duo Pelmeni. A very nice initiative with such show. And a pity that the weather wasn't more favourable to the young artists.

 utaemmet cabaret 2 low.JPG (28900 bytes)    utaemmet cabaret 5 low.JPG (27066 bytes) 

Photos from Untamed Cabaret 14 July 2004

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11July 2004

The film about Agnete Louise Enoch. The author, circusfan and filmmaker Jorgen Lorenzen are proceeding with his film about Agnete Louise Enoch. Shooting started in May and the last scenes were taken 8 to 10 July in connection with Circus Dannebrog's visit to Blokhus and Aalborg. Jorgen is happy with the result. Now remains "only" the heavy tasks with cutting the movie. The film lasting between 30 and 40 minutes should hopefully be ready before Christmas. The film will tell the story of the life of Agnete Enoch. She is the oldest daughter of Haddy and Solveig Enoch who established the present Circus Dannebrog in 1977. Agnete Enoch has spent her entire life in circus. Earlier she performed as handstand acrobat and with a bike act and she is trained as a multiartist. Now she is press agent for Circus Dannebrog.

 agnete louise og j lorenzen 1 low.JPG (29788 bytes)

Jorgen Lorenzen and his star Agnete Louise Enoch

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 July 2004

Katja Schumann leaves Big Apple Circus. When the Danish Circus M Schumann stopped after season 1982 the owner Max and Vivi Schumann's daughter Katja left for USA. She had been with New York's famous Big Apple Circus in the winterseason 1981/82 with the stallion Dabo rented from Swiss Circus Knie. From the winter season 1982 and until spring 2004 Katja Schumann was a permanent member of the Big Apple company presenting horses (liberty horses as well as high school riding and riding acts as the Courier) as only a member of the famous Schumann family can do it. English cirusfriend Terry Willard visited Big Apple Circus on 13 March 2004 and describes Katja's act like this in the June issue of the English Circus Magazine King Pole: "Katja Schumann is next with yet another brand new routine. Three white horses with beautiful radiant blue plumes enter in turn and perform at liberty. Similarly plumed Shetlands then enter and finally, two Arabians perform intricate manoeuvres between arches. Another classic performance." The later years Max and Vivi Schumann spent a good part of the year with their daughter in USA and Max Schumann was amongst the performers in several seasons together with Katja's two children Katherine Schumann Binder and Max Schumann Binder. When Big Apple Circus in September opens their 2004/2005 season, with their new performance called Picturesque English Yasmine Smart will present liberty horses and Katja will not any longer be a member of the Big Apple company.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 July 2004

"The rainy summer has some consequences," René Marvin Moenster writes on the website of his Circus Baldoni. The bad weather destroyed many of his posters (Danish circuses ordinary reuses the posters). Thus he has changed the design and bought plastic posters, which can sustain all sort of weather. And the rainy summer has improved the number of visitors to his circus. A visit to a circus is even for a person not being a circus freaks a very nice entertainment when you have stayed some weeks in a summerhouse while the rain is pouring down.  Also other circuses seems fairly happy with the sizes of the audience.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 July 2004

Summer holiday at Circus Arena. A young Danish circus fan Stefan Rothmann spent his summer holiday in June with Circus Arena, which for the time being is the largest circus in the Nordic countries. Stefan who works for the Danish railways found it very interesting to travel with a touring circus and be part of the daily life. He took a number of photos during his stay with Arena. I will in the coming weeks show a number of these photos. The photos below was taken at a gala performance in Mogeltonder on 24 June in aid of a foundation for children with cancer

 Mogeltonder low SRfoto.JPG (27994 bytes)

Circus owner Benny Berdino, HRH princess Alexandra, HRH Prince Joakim and Benny's son Jackie Berdino entering the circus tent

 Mogentonder 2 low SRfoto.JPG (25883 bytes)

Benny Berdino present HRH princess Alexandra with a cheque of 30,000 Euro to the foundation for children with cancer.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 July 2004 

Danish new-wave acrobats in Copenhagen. "Untamed cabaret at the terrace" is the tittle of a performance produced by the Danish Circus School AFUK and InnerCirq (an association of new wave artists). You can see the show free of charge every evening at 20:30 from Wednesday 14 July to Saturday 17 July at the Culture House, Islands Brygge 18, 2300 Copenhagen. AFUK and InnerCirq do also offer "Circus workshop at the terrace" from Thursday 15 July to Saturday 17 July, each day from 14 to 16. Her you can be taught acrobatics and fair entertainment. Also this is absolutely free of charge.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7. July 2004

Swedish Circus Bronett postponed until spring 2005. Season 2003 was very bad for Swedish Circus Scott. Their season started rather late: on 1 August. The beginning of the season was fairy good but after the assassination of the Swedish Secretary of State Anna Lindh in September which shocked everyone in Sweden attendance fell dramatically. On at good season Circus Scott used to have between 200,000 and 250,000 visitors. In 2003 just a little more than 100,000 people saw the performance. This together with increased cost for transportation, increased rent of circus lots and increased marketing costs hurt the economy. And it forced the owners of Circus Scott Bronett Bros. Event Ltd. (owned by Henry and Robert Bronett) to enter under an administration order. Since then Robert Bronett has toured with a horse show Levade Noble Horse Gala and for Italian TV produced Circo Massimo in Rome. His elder brother Henry Bronett announced in April that he would start a new circus under the name Circus Bronett with at season starting autumn 2004. However Henry has now reconsidered the matter and has decided not to start his new circus until spring 2005.

 Bronett Henry.JPG (25100 bytes)

Henry Bronett

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 July 2004

Circus websites with possibility for ticket ordering. 3 of the Danish circuses offer you then possibility to order ticket at their webpages. Circus Benneweis offer you the possibility to order ticket until 5 days before the performance. Tickets are delivered by ordinary mail. Unfortunately for non-Danes you have to pay when ordering and payment can only be done if you have a Danish Credit Card. At Circus Dannebrog you can decide yourself if you want to pay when ordering (you can apart from Danish Credit Cards use a VISA-card) or wait with payment until you pick up your tickets. Tickets can be ordered until 11 a.m. at the performance day. Tickets have to be picked up not later than 15 minutes before the performance. Circus Baldoni offer you the possibility for reserving tickets at the terrace. Payment when you pick up your tickets not later than 15 minutes before the performance.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 July 2004

Kenny Quinn. "Greeting from Copenhagen where we have spent the last month after 5 months at variety theatres in Germany," the Danish world class gentleman thief Kenny Quinn writes. Together with his wife and partner Joan he will perform at the Aarhus Festival from 23 August to 4 September. In November and December 2004 they will perform at revue in the Aalborg Congress Centre. The late Danish pickpocket artist Gentleman Jack (Tommy Iversen) trained Kenny Quinn. Kenny Quinn had his circus debut with Danish Circus Arena in 1985. At that time Kenny was only 19 years old and performed alone. Today he is performing together with his partner and wife Joan and their spectacular, high class pickpocket act is at true showstopper!

 quinn kenny 2004 low.jpg (29714 bytes)

The Gentleman Thief Kenny Quinn (photo by courtesy of Kenny Quinn)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 Juli 2004

Clown Festival at Svendborg. A lot of clowns met at the clown festival in Svendborg from 13 to 16 May. The photos below are taken by the photographer Lise Kokholm

 13b.jpg (30828 bytes)

English clown Leyo; English clown Jolly Jingles and Dutch clown Antonio.

6b.jpg (29864 bytes)

The English clown Fuzzi and the clown Jo Jo alias John Newman who is the organiser of the festival.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 July 2004

New-wave circus in Odense. Not only Copenhagen and Aarhus but also Odense (the third largest city in Denmark) can this year present a new wave circus performance. From 7 to 9 July the troupe Fan-atticks can be seen at Munke Mose each day at 20. Fan-atticks is an international New Circus Company which was founded in October 2003 by students of Circus Cirkör´s education Cirkuspiloterna. They are based in Stockholm and supported by CIRKÖR EXPERIMENT. Their current show is called "Lost & Found" and had its successful premiere in Kulturhuset Stockholm (Kilen) this April. They describe the story like this: "The scene is set in an old attic full of boxes, empty birdcages, furniture, old toys and long lost and “forgotten” memories. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. There the story takes place as an interaction between the different characters nesting in the attic. The “nesters” represent memories of the past as they unfold the stories that the old boxes and items contain. Unreeling childhood memories and dark secrets of the past. . ". Members of the troupe is 24 year old Frederik Iversen from Denmark, 24 year old Lena Köhn from Germany, 24 year old Rune Andersen from Denmark, 23 year old Gry Lambertsen from Denmark and 25 year old Anja Zuber from Switzerland. After Odense Fan-atticks can be seen at Stockholm's Pride Festival from 28 July to 1. August and t the Malmö festival on 14 August.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 June 2004

Dawid Benneweis to Circus Knie. Circus owner Diana Benneweis 17-year-old son Dawid will from late July and until December be trainee at Circus Knie in Switzerland. Circus Knie is among the leading circuses of the world. Circus Knie will end their season 5 December in Lugano. Dawid is very interested in circus. His twin sister Nadia will after the summer holiday start at commercial school. She does not share her brother's love for circus. But it is said that she as many other young girls would love to have her very own saddle horse.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 June 2004

Royal command performance. "The Prince and his family were in circus", press agent Christian Warrer from Circus Arena writes. When Circus Arena on 24 June visited Mogeltonder in the southern part of Jutland the income from the ticket box DKK 215,120 (approximately 30,000 Euro) was donated to a foundation for children with cancer. Queen Margrethe's youngest son Prince Joakim, his wife princess Alexandra and the couple’s two sons prince Nikolai and prince Felix was among the audience. Princess Alexandra is patroness of the foundation for children with cancer. Circus Arenas visit to Mogeltonder where the circus lot is next to the castle will be repeated next year when Circus Arena can celebrate its 50 years anniversary.

 Mogeltonder 2.JPG (30416 bytes)

Circus owner Benny Berdino (to the right) welcomes HRH princess Alexandra and HRH prince Joakim (photo by courtesy of Christian Warrer/Circus Arena)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 June 2004

Circus Benneweis – come and train with the performers. From 1st to 18th July Circus Benneweis will visit Aarhus (the second largest town in Denmark). On Saturday 3rd

July the circus invites everyone to visit them between 12 and 14:30 and free of charge get a touch of training as artist by the performers at this years Benneweis performance. You can also meet the animals and hear about life in a circus. The Aarhus circus lot is placed at ”Tangkrogen”, Strandvejen 999, Aarhus.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 June 2004

Tara Mistry –Thyra Nielsen. The female trapeze artist in this year’s performance in the small Danish Circus Charlie is from South Africa. Her name is Tara Mistry. However she is born in Koge in Denmark as daughter of former elephant and horse trainer at Circus Benneweis Hans Nielsen. Tara’s Christian name is Thyra Nielsen. Hans Nielsen is today working as a horse trainer in South Africa where Tara has spent most of her life. She can not speak one word of Danish. But her trapeze act is very nice.

 Tara Mistry.JPG (30226 bytes)

Tara Mistry

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 June 2004

Cirkaos. If you last summer visited the western part of Jutland and passed the beach resort Sondervig close to Ringkobing you would meet a tiny two pole tent called Cirkaos. Apart from some animals there were only two performers: the owner Venzel Zalmov and his assistant presenting what they call a Musicomedy Show with no spoken words. This summer Cirkaos has moved to another beach resort: in Jutland called Blaavand. Cirkaos hope to attract the many tourists visiting Blaavand, most of the tourist being Danes, German, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians and English. They present themselves as a small circus where the horses drinks bear and are dancing. The rabbits sleep in beds, the chickens ride bicycles on a tight wire, the house cats is the stars in the ring and the two human performers Augustin and Sascha are only admitted to the ring on the terms set by the animals.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 June 2004

Circus Renz – Berlin. Danish author and circus fan Jorgen Lorenzen visited Circus Renz in Aarhus on 20 June. Approximately 200 people saw the performance. The equipment was in a good condition with 12 large trucks. The tent was a 4-pole tent with a seating capacity of 960. Members of the owner’s family did the entire performance. Classical circus act, being neither especially good nor especially bad. Best acts were high school riding, the 4 elephants and a tight wire act. But the performance was missing what Germans calls ”Spitzenleitstung”. Not much fun or smiles. But a superb 6-piece circus band from White Russia. The owner presented the performance in German however with a few words in Danish. Linda Due Mortensen from Apenrade assisted him.  At other performances he is assisted by Janni Birk whose partner former strong man Hercules is a relative of the Renz family. Danish agent is Kurt Heilmann from Krusaa.

 Renzelefanten low.JPG (28065 bytes)

Bernhard Renz Jr. with 4 Indian elephants

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 June 2004

Marianne and Jess Deluran established Circus Mascot in 1994 as a dog and pony show. They have since then every year presented nice performances. The 2004-performance is opened by 6-years old Andreas (Jess and Marianne’s youngest son) with a nice little song. Then comes the juggler Ulmas (Ulmas Gulyamov) with a nice act. Trio Bilovodska (father, mother and son) follows him with a human doll act. Miss Prymachenko (Tatyana Primachenko) has a fine act in vertical rope assisted by her husband Ulmas Gulyamov. Next act is a magician act performed by Jess, Andreas and Marianne Deleuran. Then comes Gauca Igor (the father from Trio Bilovodska) with a handstand act. Last act before the interval is Marianne Deleuran with her trained puddles. First act after the interval is Daniel (Marianne and Jess oldest son being 14) on slack wire. Jess Deleuran present his 4 ponies in a most charming way. After him comes Mykhaylo (father and son from Trio Bilovodska) with a perch act. It is first time Circus Mascot presents such an act. Gulio (Ulmas Gulyamov) who has several fine entrees does run-in clowning. The performance runs for 2 hours and is backed up by taped music. Circus Mascot has this year got new and improved seating facilities.

Jess po 3 low.jpg (30534 bytes)

Jess Deleuran with 2 of Circus Mascot’s ponies

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 June 2004

Circus Renz-Berlin in Denmark. For the time being German Circus Renz-Berlin is touring Jutland. They have horses, elephants, camels and dogs but are despite their large tent in reality a small family show where most acts is presented by members of the family. Owners of Circus Renz-Berlin are Bernhard and Theresia Renz. As ringmistress in Denmark they have engaged Danish Janni Birk, who many years ago was working in American circuses. Janni did also present the program when Circus Renz-Berlin about 10 years ago without success tried their luck in Denmark. Since then she have together with her husband the strong man Hercules run the tiny Danish Circus Pinocchio (sometimes called Circus Prinsess (sic)) with Janni and Hercules at the only performers.   The last couple of seasons have not been good to circuses in Germany. That’s why some of them try their luck in other countries. Circus Renz-Berlin intents to stay in Denmark until late August. Their first performance in Denmark this year was on 11 June in Aabenraa (Apenrade).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 June 2004

Narren international festival of street theatre and comedy. In 1995 Kulturhus Aarhus was asked to start organising the city's summer entertainment in the Aarhus Botanical Gardens. For more than 50 years the city has been organising various forms of entertainment for children during the school holiday, featuring a wide variety of music and stage performances. During the 1990s it was not financially possible to maintain the wide variety of events in the programme, and at the same time many other cultural activities were being arranged for children and families by private organisations. As part of the summer entertainment Kulturhus Aarhus has since 1999 every summer produced an international festival of street theatre and comedy called “Narren” (Narren is Danish for The Jester). This year the festival takes place from 25 to 27 June. Among the performers this year are the young Irish acrobat troupe Yella Fever Foundation, Danish/Argentinean acrobats Teatro Glimt, (Lars Gregersen and Camila Sarrazin), The Joyful Juggler (Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen), the female clown Marta Gabayo from Spain and Danish arial cradle acrobats Duo Aerius (Maja and Esben Aerius). Duo Aerius have performed at German variety theatres since the in September 2003 was awarded the first price at the Dresdner Variete- und Zirkus Festival. Esben and Maja have just started an engagement at Benidorm Palace at Costa Blance in Spain where they can bee seen until October. Thus, their visit at the Narren festival might be the only chance to see the two talented Danes in Denmark in 2004

Marta Carbayo 0.low.JPG (25800 bytes)

Female Spanish clown Marta Gabayo is among the performers at this years Narren Festival. (Photo taken at the International Clown Festival at Bakken 2003)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 June 2004

The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. On 10 June the Circus Museum opened a new special exhibition called ”The Circus Ring” prepared by 4 young ethnography students from the Copenhagen University. The museum's activity co-ordinator Mikkel Knudsen has sent me the photos shown below. As part of the new exhibition the late world famous clown Charlie Rivel's wig, guitar and clown nose is on display.

 Udstilling juni 2004 a low.JPG (29247 bytes)         udstilling juni 2004 b low.JPG (25792 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 June 2004

Nelly Jane Benneweis 70 years. Tuesday 15 June Nelly Jane Benneweis, former ringmistress and press agent for Denmark’s famous Circus Benneweis, will celebrate her 70 years birthday. She was born in Bronshoj (a Copenhagen suburb) as daughter of a master cabinetmaker. Her Christian name was Annette Otto Jensen. Her father called her by the pet name Nelle-girl. That’s where her artist name Nelly Jane comes from. After having finished school she got at job as ballet dancer at the Copenhagen variety theatre Lorry. After that she worked for several years as ballet dancer at various variety theatres especially in Germany.

 Nelly Jane ballet just.jpg (29138 bytes)

A young Nelly Jane as dancer

In 1964 she was back at the Lorry Variety theatre in Copenhagen as compére. During those days Lorry each year in December presented some Danish acrobats. The late Eli Benneweis, owner of Circus Benneweis, saw one of the performances at Lorry and offered Nelly Jane a job as ringmistress in his circus. Thus, on 2 April 1971 she had her début as ringmistress at the circus lot in Hilleroed 20 miles north of Copenhagen. In 1972 she worked as ringmistress for Circus Scott in Sweden. From December 1972 to February 1973 and again from December 1973 to February 1974 who was ringmistress at the famous English wintercircus Belle Vue in Manchester. This job gave her the well-deserved pet name ”Lady of the Ring”.

 nelly jane i Belle Vue low.jpg (30905 bytes)

Nelly Jane on the front cover of Circus Belle Vue’s 1973/74 program

1974 saw Nelly Jane back at Circus Benneweis where Eli Benneweis asked Nelly not only to be ringmistress but also to be press agent and be responsible for tour planing, public permits etc. Nelly Jane was ringmistress at Circus Benneweis from 1974 to 1994. Most seasons she worked with the tented how. But from 1969 to 1982 she presented the circus performance in the Copenhagen Circus Building, which Eli Benneweis run from 1970 to 1990. She became an extremely popular ring mistress. She continued as Cirrus Benneweis press agent until 2003. She is still assisting the present owner of circus Benneweis Diana Benneweis with a number of tasks. Nelly Jane got the surname Benneweis when she on 9 April 1977 married Eli Benneweis smaller brother Sonny. Two years later Sonny died by cancer. Nelly Jane has had a number of positions of trust in the circus world. Among those a position as judge at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo in 1990 and the European Youth Circus Festivals in Wiesbaden in Germany.

Nelly Jane og fyrst Rainer 1990 just low.jpg (25319 bytes)

Nelly Jane and his highness Prince Rainer. Photo taken at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo in 1990


 Nelly Jane just.jpg (27023 bytes)

Nelly Jane as hundred of thousands Danes remember her (Photo: Roy Himsel, from Swedish Circus Magazine Cirkuläre Notiser)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 June 2004

New artist in Tivoli. The performers at the Open Air Stage in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens change several times during the season. From 7 June to 8 August you can see French Max Weldy with his great comical trampoline comedy act and the 3 young break-dancers Old School Killarz. The actress and singer Susanne Breuning present the performance. Tivoli’s Big Band (a full size big band) accompanies the performance.

 Old School Killarz 20040607 c low.JPG (28651 bytes)

One of the three Old School Killarz

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 June 2004

Royal command performance. When Circus Arena on 24 June will perform in Mogeltonder in the southern part of Jutland the income from the ticket box will be donated to a foundation for children with cancer. Queen Margrethe's daughter in law princess Alexandra (married to the queen’s youngest son prince Joakim) and the couple’s oldest son prince Nikolai will be among the audience. Call Circus Arena at + 45 40 30 30 40 if you want to buy tickets to this special royal command performance.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 June 2004

Clowns in Hilleroed. Several of the clowns who had participated in the International Clown Festival in Svendborg from 13 to 16 May made a visit to Hilleroed 20 miles north of Copenhagen on 18 and 19 May. The people of Hilleroed could meet clowns all over town. Lise Kokholm took the photos below.

1.jpg (32193 bytes)

Female Dutch clown Masjolie as hairdresser

  3b.jpg (36821 bytes)

Clown Palle of Toons watching for the other clowns

 4b.jpg (34524 bytes)

Female clown Pee-wee (Mette Moeller) had arranged the visit to Hilleroed

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 June 2004

Benny Schumann’s Mini Circus. The Danish clown and multi-artist Benny Schumann (son of Albert and Pauline Schumann and the late Charlie Rivel’s grandson) has since 1980 performed all over Denmark with his one-man show as juggler, ventriloquist, tightrope walker, magician and clown with music and gags written by himself. Sometimes a pony show is included in the performance. The photo below of Benny and the pony Musti was taken in Elsinore on 29 May 2004. Please notice the beautiful back cloth.

 Benny Schumann 20040529 b low.JPG (28070 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 May 2004

News from the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The museum, which has the largest circus collection in the Nordic countries, have just received a donation DKK 2,870,000 (equivalent to 285,000 Euro or 470,000 USD) from the Danish Labour Market’s Holiday Foundation. Receiving such donation of cause delights the museums new management team Anja Olsen (curator) and Mikkel Arne Knudsen (co-ordinator of activities). – On 10 June the museum will open a new exhibition with clown costumes. The museum has borrowed the chair, the wig and the guitar used by the late world famous clown Charlie Rivel from Charlie’s grandson Benny Schumann.

Anja Olsen & Mikkel Knudsen.JPG (29613 bytes)

The museums new management team Anja Olsen and Mikkel Knudsen in front of the museum

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes) 

24 May 2004

German circus friends to visit Denmark in September. Olaf Werner’s Circusreisen in Oldendorf, Germany, will arrange a circus trip to Copenhagen, Denmark from 9 to 13 September. The group will visit Circus Arena, Circus Benneweis, Circus Dannebrog and the Tivoli Gardens. You can call or fax Olaf Werner on (0049) 0 51 58-20 51 for further information.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 May 2004

New tent for Circus Charlie. Shortly before season opening in March Circus Charlie’s tent was destroyed at a heavy storm. Thus, the opening took place in a borrowed tent. The destroyed tent was 10 years old and circus owner Einar Trie had planed to purchase a new tent in 2005. Now he was forced to speed up the purchase and ask his tent supplier Studsgaard Sails in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Jutland to deliver him a new tent ASAP. The new tent, which was manufactured in less than a month, is similar to the old one – a four-pole tent seating 450 people. Nice to see that it is not only Italian firms who can produce high quality circus tents.

Charlie 2004 close low.JPG (28852 bytes)

Circus Charlie’s new tent

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

13. May 2004

New wave circus in Copenhagen in June, July and August. As previous years Copenhagen’s International Theatre (KIT) will present some new wave circus performances in Copenhagen.

First show will be Le Cirque Invisible. A circus with only two performers: Victoria Chaplin & Jean Baptiste Thierrée. ” Wondrous! Quite simply. When Victoria Chaplin and her husband Jean Baptiste Thierrée enter the stage to create their invisible circus the effect is magical, fantastic, poetic and mysterious. ”The greatest show on earth with the smallest cast imaginable” The Observer wrote. Le Cirque Invisible can be seen from 28 June to 2 July.

Next show is Licedei from Russia with a performance called ”Semianyki”. ”Semianyki” is Russian for ”family”. Licedeu is Russian Clowns at their best. This highly entertaining family show about a completely chaotic Russian mother and her spoiled children can melt hearts within minutes with their original and both believable and unbelievable figures. With an amazing technique and perfect timing they communicate the most complex situations through facial expressions, rubberlike bodies, twitching eyebrows, slap stick and a nonsense language. The performance can be seen from 6 to 10 July.

Third show is Okidok from
Belgium with the performance “HaHaHa!!!”. It can be seen from 10 to 13 July. Based on the classic clown and inspired by Tolkien’s universe, the duo Okidok takes us into their make-believe world, where the smallest details can make a world of difference, normality changes into complete absurdity, and simple things become amazingly complicated. This is Laurel and Hardy staged by Beckett for the family. “As a result, the audience of all ages is soon helpless with laughter” The Guardian wrote.

New wave circus number four is simply called Cirque. They are from Switzerland and France and their performance is called “Smile at the Foot of the Ladder”. Less is really more. Magic simply grows out of nothing in this life-affirming and glowing creation. The story should be based on a novel by Henry Miller. Cirque will perform from 8 to 14 August.

The last show, which can be seen on 12 and 14 August, is Circus Baobab from Guinea with the performance ”The legend of the drumming monkey”. Directed by the legendary Archaos director Pierrot Bidon, this is an African extravaganza of uninhibited dancing, high-risk acrobatics, amazing juggling and clowning to high energy traditional live West African music. With an extraordinary set of the Baobab Tree as the central feature of a show which literally explodes in a sensational finale which will light up all the open-air amphitheatre of Hedeland.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes) 

10 May 2004

News from Teatro Glimt. ”I hope everything is well in Denmark. Down here at Barcelona in Spain we are still waiting for the summer”, Lars Gregersen of the Danish/Chilean artist troupe Teatro Glimt (Lars Gregersen and Camilla Sarrazin) writes. He continues: ”We will this season give 3 performances in Denmark: on 18 and 19 June in Copenhagen and on 25 June in Aarhus. It will be with our new show. "...2 minutes, and we open!" The history occurs in a travelling bar, where the barkeepers, a most peculiar couple, prepare to receive the clients. It is the history of the two proprietors, of their love and hate between themselves and their customers.  It is streettheatre, circus techniques, dance, live music, humour and with a lot of love. A mix of the stagearts. The show can be done in the street and in indoor theatre. You can find further information on Teatro Glimt and their new shows at (language: English)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 May 2004

Ulla Böttner passed away. On 16 April circus owner Diana Benneweis half-sister Ulla Böttner passed away 53 year of age. For some years Ulla Böttner had been chief financial officer in Circus Benneweis and in this and other capacities an outstanding assistant to Diana Benneweis. On 16 April the staff from Circus Benneweis had a day off in Roskilde. Ulla Böttner had been doing some shopping in town together with her boyfriend Leszek. Shortly after they were back on the circus lot Ulla Böttner suddenly collapsed in a coma in her living wagon. She died shortly after without regaining consciousness. Funeral took place on 23 April in Middelfart. The death of Ulla Böttner has been mentioned in a couple of weekly magazines in Denmark.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 May 2004

The Danish dog and pony show Circus Krone (no connection with the large German circus) can this year celebrate its 20 years anniversary. The present circus owner Irene Thierry’s late father started in 1939 a small circus "Circus Thierry" giving performance at local fairs. Later on the name was changed to Circus Krone. There were only 3 performers: Regner Thierry and his wife Ebba and his brother in law Ejner Holmberg. Later on Irene Thierry and her brother Ricard joined the team. Later on the family bought a touring carnival and the circus stopped. In 1984 Irene Thierry re-established Circus Krone together with her sons Frank and Mark. Since 1984 Circus Krone has been on tour every year. For this season Irene Thierry has engaged Roland and Nemeth Dittmar from Hungary, Ivana and Konstantin Bessogonov from Czech (rola bola and quick change act) and Ruth Salama from France (tight wire and arial act). Frank Thierry presents a comical magician act. Irene Thierry’s husband Jan Allan presents liberty horses and performs at the clown Allando.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 May 2004

Circus Poodle as a movie star. One of Marianne Deleuran’s poodles has recently had a minor part in a new Danish movie about Danish fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen. If the shot is used in the final version one can for about 20 seconds see Pico dancing around on his forelegs. Shooting took place in 7 April. The day after Pico and Marianne Deleuran were back in the Deleuran familily's Circus Mascot.

 Marianne 4 low.jpg (29346 bytes)

Marianne Deleuran with some of her dogs. I believe it is Pico pushing the pushchair.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

30 April 2004

New management at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.  The Circus Museum has engaged Anja Olsen as curator as of 1 May 2004. She has an BA in ethnology from Copenhagen University and has previous worked at the Danish open-air museum. She was in January 2004 involved in the preparation for the Circus Museum’s special exhibition of ventriloquist dolls. Furthermore the museum has as of 1 May engaged Mikkel Arne Knudsen as co-ordinator of activities. He has a BA from Aarhus University in history and has worked for the Aarhus City Museum.

 Olsen Anja 2004 LKfoto.jpg (25370 bytes)

The new curator Anja Olsen seen at the opening of the special exhibition of ventriloquist dolls on 29 January 2004.  Photo: Lise Kokholm

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

28 April 2004

The Copenhagen circus lot ”Bellahoj”. The owner of the lot the Copenhagen city council has now started a renovation and draining of the lot. Danish tented circuses has used the lot during their visit to Copenhagen at least since 1951. The lot has for several years been a muddy lot in a rather miserable condition. The cost of renovation is estimated to 470,000 Euro. The renovation will take some months. First circus to use the renovated lot will be Circus Benneweis, which this year will be at Bellahoj from 2 to 12 September.

 Arena indgang b low SRfoto.JPG (29010 bytes)

cirkusplads ren b low 2004.JPG (28836 bytes)

Shortly after the audience has left Circus Arena after their last performance for this year at the Bellahoj lot (photo: Stefan Rothman) the Copenhagen city council started the renovation and draining of the lot. Both photos are taken form the same position at the corner of Hulgaard Street and /Borup’s Avenue.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 25 April 2004

For a number of years I have every spring send a short review of the previous circus season in Denmark to some friends in the English-speaking part of the world. Click here to read The circus year in review 2003 - Denmark.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 April 2004

Valentin Glazyrin does retire. ”Our fantastic trainer, good colleague and close friend Valentin Glazyrin has decided to leave his position as trainer/teacher at the Copenhagen Circus School AFUK and revert to Moscow to enjoy his retirement. He will be celebrated at a reception to be held Tuesday 27 April from 16 to 19 at AFUK, Kigkurren 1, Copenhagen", writes a spokesman for AFUK. Valentin Glazyrun has trained a number of new wave artist among those Esben and Maja Aerius from the arial cradle Duo Aerius (well-known star performers at e.g. German Variety Theatres). ”Valentin is one of the greatest and most important personalities within the development of "cirque contemporaine" in Denmark”, Duo Aerius writes. They add: "Mji Tebja Ljubjem" – We love you.”

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 April 2004

”A small circus but a good experience!” Danish circus fan Hans Vedel writes. He continues: ” A chilly evening in the small village of Terndrup. Not large expectations for a good circus experience. The dog and pony show Circus Mascot – the Deleuran family and two foreign artist families. Worth to see?

The answer is a clear yes. There is not much room in the small tent but this is all forgotten when there is check on light setting, sound and a friendly atmosphere only to be found in smaller circuses. Ponies, dogs, magicians, jugglers, a fine act in vertical line, clowns, perch and handstand acts. A well-running performance where the light setting and the taped music backed up the individual acts especially the clown Gulio who made the kids cheer loudly. A good circus experience which made me a fan of the large circus Arena happy to realise that we still have small circuses spreading joy to the people even in smaller villages.”

 Mascot tegne low.JPG (21595 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 April 2004

Artist in Tivoli. The performers at the Open Air Stage in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens change several times during the season. Until 6 June you can see The Argentinean Devils with their Bolas/Gauchos/Argentinean Folklore Dance Act and the four young acrobats Crazy Flight presenting a Handvoltige Acrobatic/Partner Equilibristic Act. The actress and singer Susanne Breuning is presenting the performance. Tivoli’s Big Band (a full size big band) accompanies the performance.

Argentinean Devils c low.JPG (24065 bytes)

Argentinean Devils

Crazy Flight e low.JPG (26632 bytes)

Crazy Flight

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 April 2004

Circus Baldoni had at the last of the tented Danish circuses its opening day on 16 April in Dragor. However they toured Isle of Bornholm during the Easter holidays as dress rehearsal. The tent is the same as in 2004 but the stage on which the non-animal performance takes place have been rebuilded and enlarged and the entrance to the stage has been changed as it can be seen at the picture beyond of circus owner Baldoni with his lion Leonardo.

Baldoni og Leonardo low.JPG (27242 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15. April 2004

Agnete Louise Enoch. ”We are now starting to produce the film about Agnete Enoch,” tells Jorgen Lorenzen, author of circus books and film producer. Jorgen further tells that Aarhus Movie workshop will provide the funds for camera-team, equipment and editing facilities. Shooting will start in May and will take a couple of month. The film lasting between 30 and 40 minutes should hopefully be ready before Christmas. The film will tell the story of the life of Agnete Enoch. She is the oldest daughter of Haddy and Solveig Enoch who established the present Circus Dannebrog in 1977. Agnete Enoch is press agent and ringmistress for Circus Dannebrog. She is trained as an artist and has lived all her life in circuses.

agnete louise og j lorenzen 1 low.JPG (29788 bytes)

Agnete Louise Enoch and the author and producer Jorgen Lorenzen

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 April 2004

Circus Dannebrog opened their season on 3 April in Kolding but did not invite the press to se the performance until 8 April in Odense. Circus Dannebrog has got new and improved seating facilities and is considering to purchase a new tent in 2005. Their present tent having a diameter of 34 meter and seating 999 persons is from 1998. The performance took place in the ring and on a stage. After circus owner Haddy Enoch’s welcome you met Trio Tsytko (two men and a woman) whose male partners performed with a combination of foot juggling and Risley act. Next act was Marina and Igor Markevich with their dogs. Igor was dressed up as a clown and the couple had a run-in later in the performance. Next performers were the di Lello’s clowns presenting first a comical ballet act and then the classical act with the broken mirror. Katja Enoch (Haddy and Solveig Enoch’s youngest daughter) and Rachid Nouri riding high school introducing Isabella Enoch (Katja’s sister) in trapez followed them. Then Freddi Steckel who acted as ringmaster in the first part of the performance told that many visitors had been missing Dennie Enoch (Haddy and Solveig Enoch’s son) in the Enoch family’s traditional bicycle act. Thus Dennie would present the act in 2004. But after Dennie had made a few turns in the ring yelling was heard from the entrance and the younger members of the Enoch family and some of their friends entered the ring and wanted to show who was the true bike acrobat stars! In the troupe you could among others see Dennie’s son Jimmy Enoch, Isabella’s sons David and Edward Enoch, Agnete Louise Enoch’s daughter Victoria Enoch and Bernhard Cassellis two daughters. After the bike act Chinese Duo Yingling had their first act juggling and balancing sunshades on their feet. It was a very elegant act. Liberty ponies presented by Victoria Enoch and liberty horses presented by Katja Enoch followed them. Bernhard Casselly presented his camels and Mr. Vitaliy an act in aerial straps. After the interval Agnete Louise Enoch (Haddy and Solveig Enoch’s oldest daughter) took over as ringmistress and presented Duo Yingling’s second act: juggling with scarves. An outstanding presentation receiving more applause than any other of the acts. Very well deserved indeed.

 yingling h low.JPG (24501 bytes)

Duo Yingling

Next act was the comical casceadeurs Two Steckels (Freddi Steckel and Isabella Enoch) with the great act with which Freddi for several years using various female partners have entertained the audience. They got almost the same applause as the Chinese girls. Again very well deserved. The di Lellos presented their musical entrée with the female partner as white-faced clown. Before that the couple have had a couple of run-ins. Last acts in the performance were Bernhard Casselly’s 2 African elephants Rambo and Baby and the teeterboard acrobats Trio Nikita. As for the last number of years taped music was used. The performance runs for 2 hours and 40 minutes. However circus owner Haddy Enoch want to shorten the performance a bit. It will not be an easy task with such a nice and well-running performance.

 steckels c low.JPG (30381 bytes)

Two Steckels

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

8 April 2004

Circus Benneweis had their opening day in Hillerod on 7 April. It was a rather nervous circus owner Diana Benneweis who welcomed the audience. There had been many problems close to the opening – much more than usual. The most serious problem was when Laci Endresz who for several years have directed and staged the performance (as he is directing and staging several other circus performances apart from his very own performance in Blackpool Tower Circus in England) due to other activities hadn’t time to assist Diana in 2004. In her distress Diana Benneweis with short notice called her cousin Kim Benneweis who left Circus Benneweis in season 1995. From 1998 to 2001 Kim worked for competing Circus Arena and in 2002 he was property boss in Swedish Circus Scott. Apart from that Kim have been working as export truck driver. Kim promised to assist his cousin and he has certainly done an outstanding job. Thus Diana had no reason to be nervous. First act in the performance was the clown Francesco. Then Mr. Dalmatin (Sergej Prostetsov) presented his two Dalmatians plus ten poodles and two Shetland ponies in an impressive routine with the poodles as trick riders. Next act were Russian handstand acrobat Maxim Popazov with an elegant act. Duo Minasov presented a quick-change act. Last act before the interval were Evgeni Shmarlovskiy (sometime spelt Chmarlovsky) with his comical magician act with animals. Especially his living mink coat is well known. After the interval Amadeo Renz assisted by his father Franz Renz presented 3 Indian elephants. Next act was Victor Minasov as Mr. Ballon. Then followed the two best acts in the performance: First 13 year old juggler Allan Sulc bounce-juggling up to 9 balls in river-dance style and with great speed. An outstanding world class act.

 allan sulc c low.JPG (28876 bytes)

Allan Sulc

Then we saw the high wire troupe Los Quiros with the greatest high wire act I have seen for many years. When they was rewarded a Golden Clown in Monte Carlo in 2002 the troupe had 4 members. Only 3 were seen at the opening in Circus Benneweis. But the presented the same outstanding acts for which they were awarded the Golden Clown in 2002. In the interval between the other acts Francesco had several run-ins. At the opening Kim Benneweis acted as ringmaster. However according to plans he will leave Circus Benneweis in a week or so and will as ringmaster be replaced by Circus Benneweis’ press agent Jannik Stanley Nielsen. Hopefully Diana Benneweis will again in 2005 ask Kim to direct and stage the performance unless some foreign circus owner is faster to offer Kim such a task for which he has proved to be highly qualified. – The performance was backed by a 5 piece-band. Unfortunately last years bandleader Pete Robinson has become ill and can’t play his keyboard. At the opening he was directing the 5 musicians but he will probably only stay for a while.

 quiros d low.JPG (28731 bytes)

Los Quiros

 Kim og Diana low.JPG (29704 bytes)

After the performance Diana Benneweis thanked Kim Benneweis for his very valuable assistance with this years performance

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5. April 2004

The Copenhagen Tivoli Garden. As always Tivoli will at their Open Air Stage present some first class acrobats as free attractions. This season's acts are subject to change: 17 APRIL-6 JUNE: Crazy Flight (4 acrobats from Ukraine presenting a Handvoltige Acrobatic/Partner Equilibristic Act) and The Argentinean Devils (Bolas/Gauchos/Argentinean Folklore Dance Act). 7 JUNE-1 JULY+12 JULY-8 AUGUST: Max Weldy (Comical Trampoline Comedy Act). 9 AUGUST-19 SEPTEMBER: Symbiose (2 Canadian acrobats presenting a Partner Equilibristic Act) and Ukrainian Ruslan Fomenko (Ball Juggling Act).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

2 April 2004

Mark of honour to Chicky. At the gala performance on 8 August 2004 at the International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen famous Swiss clown Eugen Altenburg better known as Chicky will be honoured with The World Artist and Clown Award. Chicky retired by the end of January this year but he has promised festival producer and artistic director Benny Schumann to turn up in his famous dress and to present a short musical entrée. His partner for many years the white-faced clown Bruno (Bruno Stutz) can due to an engagement with German Circus Krone not attend. Chicky and Bruno had as Chicky & Co. their first performance in 1957 in Trolle Rhodin’s Zoo Circus in Sweden. The have performed many times in circuses in Denmark: in Circus Moreno in 1961, at Circus Schumann in the Copenhagen Circus Building 1964, in Circus Benneweis in 1972 and 1978, in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1979 and at Circus Benneweis in 1984, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. Their latest performance in the Nordic countries was in 1999 in Circus Maximum in Sweden. Then latest couple of seasons before retirement Chicky spent with Circus Krone in Germany.

 Chicky low.jpg (28112 bytes)

Eugen ”Chicky” Altenburger

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)


31 March 2004

Clown Festival at Svendborg. As earlier years the Danish Clown Association will arrange a clown festival at Svendborg from 13 to 16 May. You can find the full program and other information at

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28 March 2004

Ringmaster at Circus Benneweis. Until season 1994 the Benneweis performances were as in most circuses introduced and presented by a ringmaster. In 1971 and from 1974 to 1994 the “ringmaster” was a woman: Nelly Jane Benneweis known at Lady of the Ring. She was a gifted ringmistress. But in 1995 she stopped as ringmistress but continued as press agent for Benneweis. In 1995 no ringmaster was used at the start of the season. However by the end of the season in Copenhagen the white-faced clown Bruno of Chicky’s presented the performers. In 1996 and 1997 Gitte Jespersen was ringmistress. However she became never as popular as Nelly Jane. And since 1998 Circus Benneweis have used no ringmaster. It have only been in the printed program you could find the names of the performers. Many in the audience have been missing the ringmaster. Thus, in the coming season Jannik Stanley Nielsen will act as ringmaster. He is a reporter by education and joined Benneweis last season. This year he is also the shows press agent.

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25 March 2004

The Danish high grass circus Circus Arli has published its 2004-program. Circusowner Soren Arli's daughter in love Bettina Arli is ringmistress. The performers are Samson Power (Luka Odhiambo, born in Nakutu, Kenya) with African acrobatics and folklore. The clowns Martino & Co. (Martin and Bettina Arli) present a brand new entrée. Darius presents ladder balancing. Martin Arli can be seen as ventriloquist with a naughty doll. Picards from Hungary presents a canine act. Alexander Arli presents a rola-rola act. Vicurius is called funny jugglers and clowns. Furthermore the audience will meet pigeons and stepdansers and lots of funny clowns. Opening day is in Flong on 3 April.

Martin og Bettina Arli low.jpg (27387 bytes)

Martino & Co (photo from 2003)

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24 March 2004

German circus to Denmark? Rumours have several times said that German circuses were planning to tour the Jutland peninsula. Such rumours have often made Danish circusowners a bit nervous. In 2001 the German non-animal show called ”Manege – Visionen der Phantasie” was planning to tour Denmark for two months and last year Circus Berolina had decided to visit Kolding in the southern part of Jutland in October. But the visit was cancelled. Apparently Circus Berolina had not foreseen the problems in bringing their many animals to Denmark: big cat acts are not aloud in Denmark and permission is required to present acts with elephants. And camels and lamas have to be tested for foot- and mouth disease to cross the Danish border. This year a rumour says that Circus Renz-Berlin is planning to tour Jutland. If information at their website is to be trusted they have a large tent with a diameter of 48 meter seating 1,800 persons. They have horses, elephants, camels and dogs but are despite their large tent in reality a small family show where all act is presented by 8 members of the family. Owners of Circus Renz-Berlin are Bernhard and Theresia Renz. Bernhard Renz senior who was born in 1920 claims to be the oldest circus owner in Europe. The last couple of seasons has not been good to circuses in Germany. That’s why some of them tries their luck in other countries such as Holland and Austria and maybe now also in Denmark. Apart from some new wave shows most foreign circuses visits to Denmark has been a disaster from a financial point of view.  Even for international high quality shows it is mighty difficult to tour in an area where their name are totally unknown.

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24 March 2004

Circus Dannebrog 2004. ”A circus fairy tale – all around Denmark” is Circus Dannebrog’s 2004-performance called. Opening day is at Kolding in the southern part of Jutland on 3 April. As previous years circus owners Haddy and Solvej Enoch's oldest daughter Agnete Louise Enoch is ringmistress. Her smaller sister Katja Enoch present Circus Dannebrog’s liberty horses. Freddi Steckel presents his comical casceadeur act assisted by Haddy and Solvej Enoch’s third daughter Isabella Enoch who also will perform in trapeze. The Enoch family speciality, a bike act, can this year be seen in a new version called The Haddie’s family and international friends. Bernhard Casselly presents his camels and his two elephants. Duo Yingling from China are acrobats.  Mr. Vitality can be seen in an aerial strap act. Trio Tsytko combines foot juggling with a Risley Act. Vyacheslav’s is a juggler and Trio Nikita teeterboard performers. Marina and Igor Markevich present their dogs. Di Lellos who became very popular when they toured with Circus Dannebrog in 1999 does clowning.

 Tsytko c low.jpg (30355 bytes)

Trio Tsytko

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23 March 2004

Circus Arena had as the first of the Danish circuses their season opening on 23 March in Copenhagen. As usual circus owner Benny Berdino was ringmaster. After a short musical intermezzo by the clown brothers Hector and Yann Rossyan the ring was filled with smoke and Suzanne Berdino (Benny Berdino’s daughter) presented 6 beautiful Arabian horses in an liberty act. After Suzanne her husband Karsten Berdino presented 6 black Friesian horses. Next act was the foot juggler Claudia Bremlov who amongst other tricks built an upturned pyramid consisting of boxes of different sizes on her foots. Julia (married to Jochen Krenzola) and her poodle that is a master of balancing followed her. After Julia the Rossyan clowns made their main entrée. First the classical entrée where the white faced clown want to shoot a bullet into the mouth of the august who shall climb a chair and spit the bullet on a plate. Then a musical entrée using amongst other things air madras pumps. They were followed on Krenzola Jr’s animal acts with gooses, parrots, cats, chickens, pigeons, a fox and an eagle. An act Johcen Krenzola has inherited from his father. After Krenzola the Danish clown Bonbon had a run-in. Last number before the interval was the four Skating Aratas. After the interval Flying Neves presented a fine trapeze act with a perfect triple (hand-to-hand ant not just as often seen hand to forearm). Then Bonbon and Tiina had a run-in in form of a canon act parody. Karsten Berdino followed them with 6 dromedaries. Then Krenzola was back with an act I never before have seen: Indian runner ducks in a liberty act presentation. Shortly before the opening day two of his duck were stolen. One came back. The other was replaced by at tiny little ordinary white duck. Next act was s short run-in by the Rossyan clowns juggling with their hats. They were followed by a speedy performance by the diabolo juggler Xelo. After Zelo Bonbon presented a brand new entrée: Circus under the water. Last act in the performance was Sonni Frankello with 3 African elephants. All in all a great performance that I am sure many Danes and foreign visitors will enjoy for the next 6 months.

Suzanne_Berdino low.JPG (27376 bytes)

Suzanne Berdino with Circus Arena’s Arabian horses (photo by courtesy of Christian Warrer/Circus Arena)

 arena indgang low.JPG (30624 bytes)

Circus Arena’s new entrance seen by night.

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19 March 2004

Levade Noble Horse Gala to Aarhus. From 6th to 22nd February 2004 Swedish circus producer Robert Bronett presented the horse show Levade in Copenhagen. From 15th to 25th April the show can be seen in Maarslet south of Arhus (the second largest city in Denmark). As in Copenhagen the performers are Miguel Barrionuevo, Spanish champion from 1995, together with twenty of his finest andalusian horses and ten his best riders, Showteam Kaiser from Germany presenting some of the skills which the medieval knights had to master if they wanted to take part in a tournament and French Gabi Dew riding the Courier.

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17 March 2004

The 2004-performance in the Danish non-animal circus Circus Baldoni is called Circus from four Continents. Circusowner Baldoni alias René Marvin Monster and the circus princess Bina will present the program. Baldoni who is a ventriloquist is furthermore assisted by the “lion” Leonardo. From Africa come the 6 tumblers from Mombassa Boys. Los Gaucho's are cowboys from South America. Magician and fakir Ali Bonga (René Monster) will present a comical fakir act. From Latvia comes The Barbi Family, who also toured with Baldoni in 2002 and 2003 with a comical casceadeur act. 8-yar old Ernita performs with hula hop. The juggler Andrey presents his act on a monobike. Sergej takes care of run-ins and August present a clown entrée. Circus Baldoni will start its season on 3 April on Isle of Bornholm.

 mombassa boys low.JPG (29301 bytes)

Mombassa Boys. Photo by courtesy of Circus Baldoni

los guachos low.JPG (25287 bytes)

Los Guacho’s. Photo by courtesy of Circus Baldoni

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17 March 2004

Circus Benneweis will open their season no. 117 in Hillerod (30 miles north of Copenhagen) on 7 April 2004. The performance is called ”Startime 2004”. The clown Francesco appears with run-ins. He was also with Benneweis in 1995 and 1996 and became very popular. 13-year-old juggler Allan Sulc will present the act for which he was awarded a bronze clown in Monte Carlo this year. Amando Renz will present his Indian elephants. Mr. Dalmatin (Sergej Prostetsov) will present his three Dalmatians plus ten poodles and two Shetland ponies in an impressive routine. Duo Minasov (Victor and Elena Minasov) from Russia will present their Quick Change/Magical Transformation Act. Victor Minasov was born in 1974 in Moscow descending from a professional circus artist family. 1993-1999 he presented a bear and wolf training act together with his wife Elena. Since 2000 the couple has performed with their actual act. At circus Benneweis Victor Minasov will furthermore perform as the Balloon Man. Evgeni Shmarlovskiy (also called Chmarlowski) is working as magician using animals. He was in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1989 and with the Benneweis tented show in 1997. The four acrobats from Spanish/Colombian high wire troupe Los Quiros present the act for which they was awarded a Golden Clown in Monte Carlo in 2002.  Maxim Popazov performs an original equilibristic act using different combinations of floor and handstand acrobatic elements. He is the fifth generation of the well-known Russian artiste family Popazoi. He has formerly been with Circus Krone in Munich in Germany and with Circus Knie in Switzerland. At the Monte Carlo Festival this year he was awarded Prix du Monte-Carlo Grand Hotel and Prix Stardust Circus International.

 francesco.jpg (31345 bytes)

The clown Francesco 

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11 March 2004

Springtime at Bellahoj. Today spring came to the Copenhagen Circus lot Bellahoj: Circus Arena’s Polish tent crew raised Arenas large red/yellow tent, which Arena took in use last year. Is will be Circus Arena’s season number 50. at the Danish roads.

 arenatelt low.JPG (18468 bytes)

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9 March 2004

Small change in the program for Circus Arena. It was earlier announced that Italian Tonitos would perform at Circus Arena in flying trapeze, at trampoline and on tight wire. But Tonitos will not tour with Arena this season. They have been replaced by The flying Neves from Brazil. Flying Neves performed in Circus Krone’s February program in Munich. Also new with Arena are Italian Skating Arata’s (The Arata family – Mama Carmen and her 3 children Vittorio, Billy and Emilia). Apart from this the performers will as earlier announced be the diabolo juggler Xelo, the Danish clown Bonbon (repeat from 2002 and 2003), the musical Rossyan-clowns from France, Marina & Alex in tango trapeze, Suzanne Berdino with horses and dromedaries, Sonny Frankello’s elephants (repeat from 2002 and 2003), Krenzola JR. with goose, parrots, cats, chickens, pigeons and a fox and the antipodist Claudia Bremlov. Circus Arena will open season 2004 at Bellahoj in Copenhagen on 23 March with dress rehearsals on 19, 20 and 21 March.

 neves arena presse low.JPG (29859 bytes)

The flying Neves. (Photo by courtesy of Circus Arena)

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1 March 2004

Circus Mascot 2004. Circus owners Jess and Marianne Deleuran of the Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot have now released their 2004-program. Performing artist will be Marianne Deleuran with her poodles, Jess Deleuran with his Shetland ponies, Daniel Deleuran on slack wire and on rola-rola, 6 year old Andreas Deleuran with a magic act, the clown Gulio (Ulmas Gulyamov, repeater from 2003), the juggler Ulmas, Tatjana (Tatiana Prymachenko, married to the clown Gulio, repeater from 2003) in tissue, Duo Bilovodska with an act called the living suitcase, Iga Cauca with handstand and Mykhaylo with an perch act. Opening day will be on April 1 in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland.

 Gulio 2 low.jpg (27755 bytes)        Daniel li 2 low.jpg (30583 bytes)

To the left: The clown Gulio. To the right: Daniel Deleuran on slack wire. Photos from Circus Masot 2003.

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28 February 2004

Circus Kenny is the name of an indoor performance produced by Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog for the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense and shown from 16 to 21 February. The photographer Lise Kokholm visited the show and was impressed by the excellent performance. Ringmistress Agnete Louise Enoch presented well-known artist as the Dubsky-Rivel clowns, assisted by Dennie Enoch as white faces clown and Peter Harrison and his Hot Dogs as well as some young and very talented acrobats. Lise Kokholm mentioned especially a girl on tight wire.

kenny2004 linedans low.JPG (28851 bytes)

The tight wire danser (photo: Lise Kokholm)

kenny2004 harrisons hot dogs low.JPG (29034 bytes)

Peter Harrison and his Hot Dogs  (photo: Lise Kokholm)

 kenny2004 Dubsky-Rivel a low.JPG (27098 bytes)

The Dubsky-Rivel clowns  (photo: Lise Kokholm)

 kenny2004 Dybsky-Rivel b low.JPG (25487 bytes)         kenny2004 Dubsky-Rivel c low.JPG (22386 bytes)

To the left:: Josef Dubsky, To the right:  Josétte Rivel (photo: Lise Kokholm)

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26 February 2004

The 2004-performance in the Danish non-animal circus Circus Baldoni will be called Circus from four Continents and will present acrobats from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Season opening is in April.

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25 February 2004

Maja Aerius. On 16 February I mentioned that Maja of the Danish aerial cradle Duo Aerius had created a new act in tissue: ”Action-girl” for the EtCetera variety theatre in Bochum, Germany. Esben Aerius has sent me this picture from the act.

 Bochum Tissus1 copy low.jpg (24129 bytes)

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22 February 2004

Steckel’s to Circus Dannebrog. Agnete Louise Enoch, press agent and ringmistress of Circus Dannebrog has told me that the excellent Danish comical casceadeur act Steckel’s will be among the performers in the coming season. Freddi Steckel had great success in 2003 at the Swedish Circus Maximum first with Line Vittrup as partner and later in the season with Zora Nikodemova as partner. In Circus Dannebrog Freddi will once again get a new partner: Agnete Louise Enoch’s younger sister Isabella Enoch. Isabella is best known as trapeze artist but as a skilled acrobat she will for sure be a fine partner for Freddi Steckel.

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16 February 2004

News from Duo Aerius. ”We are happy and doing very well”, trapeze artist Esben Aerius of the Danish aerial cradle Duo Aerius writes. Esben continues: ”We have been busy since August 2003. During the summer we created a new ”doll act” which you saw in a slightly shortened version in Copenhagen at the new-wave performance Circus Grand Prix. We presented the full version at the Circus and Variety festival in Dresden in September and were awarded the first prize. Directly from Dresden we went to Kiel in Germany to perform in Variety EtCetera and after that to Variety EtCetera in Lübeck. In January 2004 we presented our doll act at a casting with a jury Chamäleon Variety in Berlin. And once again we ware awarded the first prize. In January we visited a number of German variety theatres. Among those Variete-Palast in Speyer. They saw our act in the afternoon and we saw their present performance in the night. And the next day we signed a contract with them from 1 February 2005 to 30 July 2005. For the next 3 months we will be at the EtCetera variety theatre in Bochum in the performance called "Die Alte Helden". We are still presenting our doll act but Maja is furthermore presenting her new act in tissue. The theme is "Action-girl". The sound track says almost everything: 1) James Bond/Mission impossible, 2) Perry Mason-theme, 3) The Good, the bad and the ugly, 4) Pink Panther, 5) Space-patrouille Orion. The act is created especially for the performance "Die Alte Helden" which has the movie-world as theme. In the spring we will perform at a new variety theatre Scala Variete in Fritzlar. And as mentioned the first half year of 2005 we will be at Variete-Palast in Speyer.”

 utaem.b.low.JPG (22325 bytes)

Esben and Maja Aerius with their doll act (photo taken at Circus Grand Prix 2003)

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15 February 2004

The Danish magician Joachim Solberg will in April 2004 give lectures to magicians in ten different cities in Japan. It will be Joachim’s 5th tour to Japan.

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15 February 2004

The young Danish magicians Star Magic (Anders Hansen and Jan Hellesoe) are among the performers at a variety show at Hotel Vildbjerg in Jutland. The show can bee seen each Friday and Saturday until 27 March.

 Star Magic.JPG (21810 bytes)

Star Magic

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11 February 2004

The horse show Levade which I did mention on 6 February present a lot of beautiful horses but are mainly for ”horse-freaks”. The Danish Newspaper Politiken called the show an extremely fine horseshow with all sort of riders. However the reporter Monna Dithmer found that there was a bit too much folklore in the performance. In the Danish newspaper B.T. Birgit Grue mentioned that is was the horses which were the stars – the four-legged was better than the two-legged. Producer Robert Bronett hopes to be able to tour with the show to other cities in Europe.

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7 February 2004

Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena buys the entire equipment from Austrian Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi. After some bad seasons the owner of Austrian Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, 64 year old Adolf ”Adi” Lehner decided earlier this year to sell his circus: tent, wagons and all other equipment. For a while it has been known that Benny Berdino (owner of Circus Arena, the largest circus in Denmark) was interested in the equipment. And now the deal is a reality. The equipment will in near future be transported to Denmark. Benny has not acquired the right to the name Elfi Althoff-Jacobi. Adolf Lehner has worked in Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi since the circus was established in 1974 and has been owner of the show since 1993. The last couple of years have been terrible for circuses in Austria. Another circus Österreichischer National-Circus (owner Heinz Knapp) was declared bankruptcy some weeks ago and the tiny Circus Adriano (owner Emil Pfeiffer junior) has just been declared bankruptcy.

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6 February 2004

 Levadetelt 3 low.JPG (24473 bytes)

Levade Noble Horse Gala is the name of a horseshow presented in Copenhagen from 6th to 22nd February 2004 by Swedish circus producer Robert Bronett. He calls the show one of the worlds most spectacular horse shows. The show is presented in an 8-pole tent with the measures 100 x 45 meter. It contains a riding ring of 17 x 45 meter and seats 2,500 people. Robert Bronett promises the audience a journey through the centuries of the history of partnership between man and horse and tells that some of the finest horses and the best riders have come together to perform in this spectacular show were the combination of light, sound, artistry and beauty create a unique experience never seen anywhere else before. Among the performers are Miguel Barrionuevo, Spanish champion in 1995, together with twenty of his finest andalusian horses and ten his best riders. Together with 8 flamenco dancers and 6 flamenco musicians they present classical Spanish high school riding. Showteam Kaiser from Germany should be some of Europe’s best stunt riders. In this show they will demonstrate some of the skills which the medieval knights had to master if they wanted to take part in a tournament. French Gabi Dew will present the exciting discipline called Hungarian Post or St Petersburg Courier. An act first showed by the famous rider Andrew Ducrow in 1826. Gabi Dew toured with Circus Scott in Sweden in season 2000, 2001 and 2002. Further information on Levade Noble Horse Gala can be found at

 Levadetelt 1 low.JPG (20772 bytes)

The 8-pole tent used for the Levade Horse show is rented in Germany and is according to Robert Bronett the worlds largest. The latest statement is hardly true. To the left you can see a white circus tent used for stables.

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4 February 2004

Circus Kenny is the name of an indoor performance produced by Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog for the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense and shown from 16 to 21 February. Haddy and Solvej Enoch’s oldest daughter Agnete Louise Enoch is ringmistres. Among the performers are Peter Harrison's Hot Dogs and the clowns Josef Dubsky and Josette Rivel (Josef’s wife) assisted by Dennie Enoch as white face clown. Dennie is son of Haddy and Solvej Enoch and is mostly known as an excellent bike acrobat. However he did in 2000 for some weeks fill in as white face clown in for Josef and Josette's youngest son Janos Dubsky (now performing in Hong Kong with Dubsky’s football dogs) who due to an accident wasn’t able to work. Josef and Josette decided to retire after season 2000 but have promised their close friends from the Enoch family to make a comeback for one week.

dubsky-rivel.low.jpg (28106 bytes)

Josef Dubsky and Josette Rivel, also known as the Dusby-Rivel family clowns

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 February 2004

In the coming season German Amando Renz will present the Renz family’s Indian elephants in Circus Benneweis .The Renz family performed in 1980 and 1982 with their 3 Indian elephants in Danish Circus Dannebrog. At that time Amado’s father Franz presented the act. It will be first time since circus owner Diana Benneweis in 1995 sold Circus Benneweis’ Indian elephants Thai, India and Ceylon we can meet Indian elephants in the Benneweis ring. Most of the elephants nowadays seen in Europe are African.

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2 February 2004

International Clown Festival 2004. For this years festival producer Benny Schumann has engaged The Thuranos with their comical tight wire act (including 94 year old Konrad Thur who in 1999 received the Charlie Rivel Price) and Toto Chabri & Co. (Toto Chabri was awarded the Charlie Rivel Price in 2001). Danish actor and comedian Soren Ostergaard will be guest artist on 9, 10, 11 and 15 August. From Japan comes the electric boogie master Koichiro Mori. Furthermore you can meet Patricia Schumann and Bakken’s Pierrot. At the gala performance 8 August at 11 a number of additional international clowns will participate.  The festival will take place at the amusement part Bakken north of Copenhagen from 5 to 15 August.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 January 2004

The Casselly family. The contortionist Merrylu Casselly and Alexia and René Casselly with their horses and elephants has signed a contract for the seasons 2004 and 2005 with Danish circus owner and producer Benny Berdino. In 2004 they will tour with Circus Skratt in Sweden (produced by Benny Berdino for the Swedish circusowner Bo Rönnberg) and from mid June to mid August they will perform at the free attraction circus in the Danish amusement park Bonbonland (also this circus performance is produced by Benny Berdino). In 2005 the Casselly’s will tour with Circus Arena in Denmark. René Casselly was with Circus Arena in 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1997. The last couple of years Alexia and René Casselly have toured with German Circus Busch-Roland. However they left Busch-Roland on 9 October 2003 and went to German Circus Paul Busch after a quarrel with members of the Wolf family working for Circus Busch-Roland.

 cassellyelefanter.low.2001.jpg (30773 bytes)

2 of the elephants owned by Alexia and René Cassellys at Circus Busch-Roland (photo from 2001)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 January 2004

Freddy Anthony to Danish holiday resort centre Lalandia. From 25 June to 25 August the musical entertainer Freddy Antony together with the Danish magician Niels Plys will present 6 shows a week at the Danish holiday resort centre Lalandia. In 2003 Freddy Anthony toured with Circus Dannebrog and in 2000 with Circus Arli. In 1978, 1979 and 1980 he worked in Denmark for Circus M. Schumann.

plys_Gris_ny.JPG (26042 bytes) 

25 January 2004

Danish artists at German Variety Theatres. From 6 February to 25 April you can meet the Danish arial craddle duo Duo Aerius at the Et Cetera variety theatre in Bochum. The female partner Maja will also perform in tissue. Further information about Et Cetera can be found at  At Starclub in Kassel you can meet the Danish gentleman thief Kenny Quinn and his partner Joan. You can find further information about Starclub at

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 January 2004

The collections at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen handed over to the Hvidovre municipality. A reception on 23 January marked the transfer of the collections at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre to the local municipality, which have promised to pay the cost for running the museum. The museum has the largest circus collection in the Nordic Countries.

 museum_040_RT8.jpg (23015 bytes)

The deed of transfer is presented to Ms. Britta Christensen, lord mayor of Hvidovre, by Jens Frobenius (photo: Lise Kokholm)

museum_089_RT8.jpg (18474 bytes)

Among the guests at the reception was the reporter Jorgen Siegumfeldt and former ringmistriss in Circus Benneweis Nelly Jane Benneweis (known as lady of the ring)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 January 2004 

The (un)human doll is the name of a special exhibition of ventriloquist dolls at the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The special exhibition will open on 29 January and can bee seen for the rest of the year.

Bugtaler low.jpg (26261 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)


22. January 2004

Greeting from Janos Dubsky. ”Everything is well here in China – is it Chinese new year tomorrow, the year of the monkey,” writes Danish artist Janos Dubsky who for the time being is performing with Dubsky’s football dogs at The Great Moscow Circus in Hong Kong. Janos further tells that the circus is doing splendid business and that the audience loves the show. Dubsky’s football dogs are presented as ”the most hilarious soccer match you'll ever see, 2 teams, 2 goalkeepers, lots of soccer balls and side splitting fun. The Dubsky's present a trained dog act that will prove to be a Hong Kong favourite”. Australian producer Michael Edgley produces the Great Moscow Circus. Opening day was in Hong Kong 12 December 2003 and the season will close on 6 June 2004. Performance is given in a 4-pole tent seating 2,000 people. Further information can be found at

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 January 2004

 MonteCarloFestival2004.JPG (30276 bytes)

Gold-, silver and bronze clowns. At the 28th international circus festival in Monte Carlo from 15 to 22 January the Golden Clown was awarded to La Troupe acrobatique from Beijing, to The Flying Tabares (flying trapeze) and Fratelli Errani (risley act). A Silver Clown was awarded to the Kovgar Troupe (teeterboard), Florian Richter (acrobat on horseback), Wallenda-truppen (high wire) and Stefano Nones Orfei (tigers). A Bronze Clown was given to the ventriloquist Willer Nicolodi (touring with Danish Circus Benneweis in 2002), the acrobats Les Golden Power, the young juggler Alan Sulc (will tour with Danish Circus Benneweis in 2004) and the Sea World acrobat troupe (toured with Swedish Circus Maximum in 2003). Alan Sulc was also awarded the COUPE DE S.A.S. LA PRINCESSE ANTOINETTE and PRIX MONTE-CARLO TELEVISION. In 2002 he won a gold medal at the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany.

 sulc alan low 2003.jpg (26413 bytes)

Bronze clown awarded juggler Allan Sulc will perform with Circus Benneweis in 2004. Photo taken by Thorbjorn K. Flo in Circus Merano in Norway in 2003

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 January 2004

New wave circus from Poland to visit Denmark. From 27 to 29 February Circus Ocelot from Poland will visit Denmark. Circus Ocelot is called the circus of dreams. There are 30 performers and live music at the stage. Bogdan Zajak who for many years worked for Cirque Du Soleil established circus Ocelot.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 January 2004

Circus Mascot 2004. Circus owners Jess and Marianne Deleuran of the Danish dog and pony show Circus Mascot will have new and better seating facilities for their audience in 2004 with back on all benches. Performing artist in the 2004 program will be Marianne Deleuran with her poodles, Jess Deleuran with his Shetland ponies, Daniel Deleuran on slack wire, the clown Gulio (repeater from 2003) and the juggler Ulmas. Names of a couple of additional artists have not yet been released. Opening day will be on April 1 in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland. 

Gulio 4 low.jpg (27900 bytes)

The clown Gulio (photo taken in Circus Mascot 2003)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 January 2004

The Danish magician Kim Kenneth will this season tour with Circus Billy Smart in United Kingdom. The tour will start on 15 February and season closing is scheduled for 28 November. In 1999 Kim Kenneth toured in UK with Circus Tony Hopkins. Tony Hopkins is also the owner of Circus Billy Smart. Last season Kim Kenneth toured with Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi in Austria.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15. January 2004

Joe Labero to Oslo. Swedish star magician Joe Labero’s show Expect the Unexpected could be seen in the Copenhagen Circus Building in November and December 2003. In near future the show can bee seen at the Edderkoppen Theatre in Oslo, Norway.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 January 2004

Bjorn Heimann passed away. The Danish magician Bjorn Heimann has passed away, 79 years of age. Apart from being a magician (well known for his close-up magic) Bjorn Heiman was a chef.

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9 January 2004

Circus Arena has published its 2004 programme. Opening day will be on 23 March at Bellahoj in Copenhagen. Dress rehearsals on 19, 20 and 21 March. The performers are the juggler Xelo, the Danish clown Bonbon (repeat from 2002 and 2003), the musical Rossyan-clowns from France, Marina & Alex in tango trapeze, Suzanne Berdino with horses and dromedaries, Sonny Frankello’s elephants (repeat from 2002 and 2003), Tonitos in flying trapeze, Krenzola JR. with goose, parrots, cats, chickens, pigeons and a fox and the antipodist Claudia Bremlov.

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The brothers Yann and Hector Rossyan will be among the performers at Circus Arena in 2004. (Photo taken in Swedish Circus Maximum in 2003)

As previous years Circus Arena will tour with an indoor performance a couple of weeks in January and February. The indoor tour ends up at the Faeroe Islands. Among the performers are Sebastian’s with contortion and Stephan Curaudeau on BMX-bike. Two members from the Arli family of Circus Arli will take part of the performance: Alexander Arli with ladder balance and his father and mother Martin and Bettina Arli as the clowns Martino & Co. In addition Italian reprise clown Jimmy Folco can be seen and at the Faeroe Islands even the Danish clown Bonbon will be among the performers. Claudia will present an antipode act and a hula-hoop act. In the southern part of Denmark circus owner Benny Berdino's daughter Suzanne Berdino will present horses and dromedaries. At the Faeroe Islands Samson, alias Luka Odhiambo, will replace her with his African Power-show.

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2 January 2004

Exhibition of ventriloquist's dolls. By the end of January the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen will open a special exhibition with ventriloquist's dolls. As part of the opening the Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard will give performances at the museum on 1 February 2004.

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 1 January 2004

This website had 23,253 hits in 2003.

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1 January 2004

At his webpage Benny Schumann tells that more than 90,000 people in 2003 saw his performances ”Hey Clown!" (94 performances), Schumann`s Mini Circus (35 performances) or Benny Schumann and Ludvika Young Star Circus (3 performances). In addition more than 20,000 saw the performances at the International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen. Benny is both performer and artistically director of the said festival. Benny is working on a film called Benny Schumann Circus Story, an entertaining video/ DVD, including the circus history of Benny Schumann, the circus ponies and amusing ventriloquist's dolls. The video/dvd should be ready for sale in November 2004.

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 Benny Schumann (photo Benny Schumann)

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