Circus news from Denmark 2003

26 December 2003

As usual some circus performers have been engaged for an autumn show from 20 September to 4 December 2004 at the variety theatre Rode Kro (The Red Inn Theatre) in Copenhagen. The owner of the theatre Charley Kaye and his wife Belita are former comical casceadeurs. For their 2004 performance they have engaged Stefan Kubik, Martina, Lynn Carol and Freddy Anthony. The comical entertainer Freddy Anthony as well as the handstand acrobat Martina did perform at Rode Kro theatre some years ago. In 2003 both of them toured with Circus Dannebrog. The juggler Lynn Carol (daughter or the clown Toto Chabri) performed in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1984, in Circus Arena in 1986 and 1987 and with Circus Benneweis in 1998 and during the first weeks of the 2001 season. Stefan Kubik toured with his Moiseeva-troup with Circus Dannebrog in 2002. In addition to the acrobats a number of popular actors will be on the stage. Rode Kro Theatre is amongst the smallest theatres in Denmark: only 166 seats. But at least for their autumn show they use to have a full house every night.

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21 December 2003

The talented elephant German trainer Sonny Frankello have with his 4 African elephants been reengaged to tour with Danish Circus Arena in 2004. From 15 to 22 January 2004 Sonny, his wife Lilian Kröplin and their elephants will perform at the Circus Festival in Monaco. Sonny is treating his bulls very well. Sonny and Lilian have made a videocassette showing how the animals are treated when they are on tour. The video is called ”Vier Rüssel und zwei Beine” (Four trunks and two legs). If you want to buy a copy you can write to Frankello at this address: Am Doftplatz 22, D-19372 Elefantendorf Platschow, Germany. – Also the Danish clown Bonbon has been reengaged to perform at Circus Arena in 2004.

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18 December 2003

Levade Noble Horse Gala is the name of a horseshow to be presented in Copenhagen from 6th to 22nd February 2004 by Swedish circus producer Robert Bronett. Most likely the show will be presented in the same tent as is used by Swedish Circus Scott during then summer season. Among the performers will be Miguel Barrionuevo from Spain with 20 of his finest Andalusier and Lusitanos horses and 10 of his best riders. Together with 8 flamenco dancers and 6 flamenco musicians they will ride the Spanish School. Showteam Kaiser will present tornerspiel and French Gabi Dew will ride the courier on extra large horses. Gabi Dew toured with Circus Scott in Sweden in season 2000, 2001 and 2002. In total more than 40 horses will take part in the show.

Gabi-dew.jpg (23977 bytes)

Gabi Dew (photo taken in Circus Scott on 12. november 2002)

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 8 December 2003

Economical problems for Swedish Circus Scott. Season 2003 was very bad for Swedish Circus Scott. As for the last couple of years their season started rather late: on 1 August. The beginning of the season was fairy good but after the assassination of the Swedish Secretary of State Anna Lindh in September which shocked everyone in Sweden attendance fell dramatically. On at good season Circus Scott will have between 200,000 and 250,000 visitors. This year just a little more than 100,000 people saw the performance. This together with increased cost for transportation, increased rent of circus lots and increased marketing costs hurt the economy. The owners of Circus Scott the brothers Henry and Robert Bronett have sent out a press release saying they are aiming for a reconstruction of Bröderna Bronett Event AB (Bronett Bross Event plc) in order to avoid a bankruptcy. And Henry is pretty sure that Circus Scott will continue. Circus Scott is the eldest of the Swedish Circuses. It was established in 1937 by Henry and Robert Bronett’s grandfather Bruno Bronett and his 3 brothers Herman, Carl (called Calle) and Natini (called Tini). The 4 brothers had for several years performed with their well-known clown act 4 Bronetts. Later Bruno Bronett’s widow Käte took over circus Scott and after Käte her son Francois became circus owner. When Francois passed away in 1994 his sons Henry (born 1961) and Robert (born 1964) took over Circus Scott. Apart from Circus Scott the brothers produces the all-female circus festival Prinsessan and for Italian television Circo Massimo.

 color of brazil 2 low.JPG (35054 bytes)
This photo of the acrobat troupe Color of Brazil was taken in Circus Scott on 3 November this year. As can be seen most of the seats were empty.

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3 December 2003

Elephants and sealions in circuses. As in many other countries discussions regarding use of animals in circuses is pending in Denmark. Big cat acts has been forbidden since 1962. An advisory committee to the ministry of Justice proposed earlier this year to stop granting permissions for showing elephant and sealion acts in Danish circuses. On 3 December 2003 the Association of Danish circus owners represented by Benny Berdino and his tour manager Klaus Jochumsen (Circus Arena), Haddy Enoch (Circus Dannebrog) and Martin Arli (Circus Arli) had a meeting with the Danish minister of Justice Mrs. Lene Espersen. The purpose was to discuss the use of elephants and sealions in the Danish circuses. The circus owners want to keep these animals in their performances. The circus owners handed over to Mrs. Espersen the result of a questionnaire answered by more than 30,000 circusgoers who all wanted still to have the possibility to see elephants and sealions in circuses. And it looks as the meeting had a nice outcome: After the meeting Mrs. Espersen said that very strong arguments was needed before she would issue a prohibition against elephants and sealions in circuses. So at least for the time being it looks as we still can meet elephants and sealions in circuses in Denmark.

 elefanter&soeloever.jpg (28061 bytes)

Elephants, sealions and horses. Part of a poster from 1951 painted by Oscar Knudsen. From Anders Enevig’s book: Cirkusposters, published in 2001

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2 December 2003

The Copenhagen Circus lot ”Ballahoj”. At the Copenhagen city council’s meeting in June 2003 it was decided during the autumn 2003 to renovate and drain the circus lot at Bellahoj used for many years by Danish circuses during their visit to Copenhagen. The cost of renovation was estimated to 3,500,000 DKK (470,000 Euro or 560,000 USD). However the renovation has been postponed and is now scheduled to take place in the summer 2004.

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28 November 2003

Dangerous to be a magician? According to some Swedish newspapers Swedish World Class Magician Joe Labero had a serious accident during his performance earlier this month in the Copenhagen Circus Building where his show ”Expect the unexpected” can be seen until 20 December. The accident happened on 13 November while Joe Labero was laying chained on the ”table of death” from which he has 45 seconds to escape before a heavy steel plate with sharp iron spikes fall down piercing the table. Something went wrong and Joe was according to the newspapers badly hurt by a spike. He was bleeding and one could see part of his skull. However he went through with the performance but had after the performance to hurry to a nearby hospital together with his wife Louise. He had got a concussion of the brain and a bad wound was sewn with 6 stings. Strangely enough the accident was not mentioned in any of the Danish newspapers. Maybe a press agent made the story somewhat more dramatic than it really was. Together with my son and webmaster I saw the show on 14 November (the day after the accident) and Joe Labero did certainly not look like a person who have had a severe accident the previous night. A Swedish paper has also told that Joe Labero should be negotiating with Siegfried in order to replace Roy Horn in Siegfried & Roy. Roy was badly hurt by one of his white tigers on 3 October 2003. However Roy’s recovery is said to be underway and he continuos to get better. And anyhow it does not seem likely that Siegfried will team up with Joe Labero. But of cause Joe would as almost all magicians love to be part of a show in Las Vegas.

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21 November 2003

Chat Noir Variety 2003. Lasse Norager the male partner in the Danish /Finnish clown duo Bonbon and Tiina is this winter co-director of a variety theatre show at the well-known Chat Noir-variety theatre in Oslo, Norway. Opening night was on 13 November and the show will run until 20 December. Apart from Bonbon and Tiina with their comedy badminton act one can meet Xelo with diabolo, the trampoline acrobats Trampo Brothers, Norwegian magician Roy Bjerke, Alexander Tchainykov with rock ring juggling, the Norwegian comedians Ylvis Brothers and Malambo with gaucho dancing. The show has been very well received by the Norwegian newspapers.

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19 November 2003

A while ago I wrote that the Danish pick-pocket artist Kenny Quinn (Kim Thygesen) who this summer travelled with Finnish Circus Finlandia and for the time being can been seen at Star-Club in Kassel was inspired by Charly Borra. Kenny Quinn has corrected me. The late Danish pickpocket artist Gentleman Jack (Tommy Iversen) trained him. Gentleman Jack was also known under the names Tommy Atkins and Jack Atkins. His wife Majlis (also called May) often assisted him. Gentleman Jack died in 1984. Kenny Quinn had his circus debut with Danish Circus Arena in 1985. At that time Kenny was only 19 years old and performed alone. Today he is performing together with his partner and wife Joan and their act is at true showstopper! Kenny and Joan have engagements at variety theatres mainly in Germany for the next year or so.

 quinn kenny 2002 a low.jpg (26826 bytes)

Kenny Quinn and Joan with a ”client” in the Austrian Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi 2002 (photo by courtesy of Kenny Quinn)

 quinn kenny 2002 b low.jpg (23907 bytes)

Kenny Quinn at Variety Star-Club in Kassel i 2002 (photo by courtesy of Kenny Quinn)

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18 November 2003

The Danish magician Kim Kenneth who spent this summer with Austrian Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi will from 21 November to 12 December perform at German Circus Fliegenpilz at Brussels Belgium. Danish comical cascadeur Freddi Steckel can with his act Steckel’s and his partner Zora Nikodemova been seen at Gala Tours in France.

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17 November 2003

Producer Benny Schumann tells that The International Clown Festival 2004 at Bakken north of Copenhagen will be held from 5 August to 15 August 2004. The names of the performing clowns are not yet disclosed.

 Benny galla 2.low.JPG (30241 bytes)

Benny Schumann as King of Rock. From the Clown Festival 2003

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16 November 2003

Janos Paul Dubsky – Dubsky’s football dogs. The Danish artist Janos Dubsky has just established a website at the address Janos and his wife Florentina (often called Ana) perform with their soccer-playing boxes-dogs Dubsky’s football dogs. From 12 December 2003 the act can be seen at The Moscow Circus in Hong Kong produced by Australian agent Michael Edgley. More details can be found at  Janos and his dogs will travel by a cargo flight leaving Brussels on 6 December. ”The dogs are used to travel,” Janos says. ”I will sit with the pilots but several times during the flight I will feed the dogs and make sure that they are all right.” Janos, Ana and the dogs were also in China December 2002 to February 2003 when the performances were cancelled due to the risk of SARS. Janos took over the act with football-playing dogs from his sister and brother in love in 2000. Until then he performed as a white-faced clown together with his parents Josef Dubsky and Josétte Rivel in the clown trio Dubsky-Rivel family.

 cirkus_013_RT8 copy.jpg (24807 bytes)

Dubsky’s football-dogs (Photo: Lise Kokholm)

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10 November 2003

Film about Agnete Louise Enoch. The author, circusfan and filmmaker Jorgen Lorenzen want to produce a film about Agnete Louise Enoch. Agnete is the oldest daughter of Solvej and Haddy Enoch who owns the Danish Circus Dannebrog. Agnete Enoch has spent her entire life in circus. Earlier she performed as handstand acrobat and with a bike act and she is trained as a multiartist. Now she is ringmistress and press agent in Circus Dannebrog. Jorgen is asking several funds etc for economical support to the project. A couple of years ago Jorgen produced a film about circus clowns.

Lorenzenforedrag20030121 udsnit.jpg (24437 bytes)    Agnete-Enoch.495_400.JPG (14162 bytes)

Left:    Jorgen Lorenzen (photo Lise Kokholm). Right: Agnete Louise Enoch (photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog)

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4 November 2003

Swedish world class magician Joe Labero in the Copenhagen Circus Building. Opening night for Joe Labero's new show Expect the unexpected was on 1 November. Most of the newspapers were favourable in their review of the show. In the newspaper Politiken the reviewer Monna Dithmer called Joe Labero a superprof showmand who without problems could hold the attention of the 1,200 people in the audience. In another paper Jyllands Posten reviewer Frede Rasmussen called the show a roaring succes and an international magical show. More sceptical was Birgitte Grue in the newspaper BT giving the performance 3 out of 6 possible stars. She called Joe Labero a Swedish version of Siegfried & Roy and was missing a more intimate form of magic. The producer of the show has until now sold approximately 25,000 out of the approximately 50,000 tickets offered for sale. The show can be seen in the Copenhagen Circus Building until 20. December. You can find further information under What’s on.

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3 November  2003

New act in Swedish Circus Scott. There has been a change in the program in Circus Scott which end their 2003 season in Malmö on 9 November 2003. (Malmö is 20 minutes by train from Copenhagen). The acrobat troupe Zebra has left Scott due to an engagement in Germany. They have been replaced by a ”living statue act” called Golden Pyramids.

 golden pyramids 2 low.JPG (29016 bytes)    segura 4 low.JPG (27024 bytes)

Left: Golden Pyramids have replaced  Zebras. Right: Segura – one of the top acts in this years performance in Circus Scott.

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31 October 2003

Star for a Night is the name of a popular talent competition in the Danish TV. Among the competitors tonight was the drummer Marc Thierry from the Danish dog and pony show Circus Krone. Marc is the youngest son of circus owner Irene Thierry. But competition was hard and although Marc did a good presentation he didn’t win. Tomorrow 1 November Marc can celebrate his 30 years birthday.

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30 October 2003

If you are visiting Copenhagen next week you can see a nice circus performance if you cross the bridge to Malmö Sweden. The large Swedish Circus Scott end their 2003 season in Malmö from 5 to 9 November. Ringmaster is circus owner Henry Bronett. Marcus Jaichner conducts circus Scott’s large orchestra. The performers are the clowns André Brogger and Karin Alder, the juggler Francois Borie, Seguras with an acrobatic act, the Zebra troupe of acrobats, Sergej Akimov in an arial act, Color of Brazil with judo like acrobatics, Jimmy Johansson with 6 Irish Tinker Horses and the 7 perch acrobats from the Kahilafov-troupe. Phone number to ticket office + 46 732 10 48 28.

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26 October 2003

This autumn some Danish artists have given talks on their life and adventures at the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. On 26 October you could meet the bike acrobat, magician and ventriloquist ”Sir” Benny Fjeldsoe. Benny was born in 1946. From 1965 to 1974 he was a member of the bike acrobat troupe Trio Findal the two other members being his uncle Svend and Svend’s wife Hanne. In 1965 Trio Findal worked in Yugoslavia. In 1976 the toured with Fossett's Circus in Ireland. After that tour they stayed in Dublin in 2½ year performing at the Olympia Theatre. After Ireland the travelled with Circus Windship in the southern part of England. 1968 brought Trio Findal to the Far East: Formosa (Taiwan) where Chiang Kai-shek saw their performance at his 81st year birthday. Next stop was Japan where they toured for 2 or 3 months with a show with the singer Trini Lopez as the main attraction. Thailand and Singapore followed Japan. Back again in Europe they spent 3 years in Yugoslavia – on and off. 1971 brought Trio Final back to Denmark. In 1974 they was engaged at the new Swedish Circus Benzo. However they left after 3 weeks due to missing salary payments and Circus Benzo did not survive its first season.

 findal trio 1 low.jpg (29566 bytes)

Trio Findal – Hanne, Svend and Bent

Benny had for a while considered starting at his own. Thus he left Trio Findal where Svend’s and Hanne’s son Ronald replaced him and started as magician under the name Sir Benny (Sir Benny and his rabbits). He started in Yugoslavia and came then to Astoria in Milan. The manager at Astoria suggested Benny to bring a partner into the act. And thus Benny’s first wife Susanne joined the act. They worked at Olympia in Paris (together with Julio Iglesias), at the Casino in Nairobi in Kenya, in Greece and at the Sheraton hotels in the Middle East. 1981 was spent in Nice where Benny and Susanne performed at the Casino. 1982 Sir Benny performed at the Monte Carlo Casino.

I 1983 brought Benny back to Denmark where he for the next 10 years performed at many revue theatres. In 1984 he divorced Susanne and was married to an actress Lone Lau.

Since 1987 Benny Fjeldsoe and Lone Lau has spent each winter at Club La Santa Sport at Lanzarote (Canary Islands) presenting a weekly show. But Benny mainly works as artist agent although you still can meet him as an entertainer, magician and ventriloquist. ”It has been a good and exciting life”, Benny tells. ”I would change nothing if I got the chance to live my life once more.”

 fjeldsoe benny 4 low.JPG (25162 bytes)

Benny Fjeldsoe anno 2003

 fjeldsoe benny 5 low.JPG (27068 bytes)

The act in which Sir Benny uses persons from the audience as ventriloquist’s dummies is always great fun

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26 October 2003 

During the Danish school childrens autumn holiday from 13 to 18 October several Danish shopping malls presented circus performances as free attraction. In the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense you could meet Circus Kenny which is owned by Haddy Enoch who also owns Circus Dannebrog. The photographer Lise Kokholm visited the show and took these pictures of Dubsky’s soccer-playing dogs and Hans and Vicky Pedersen and one of their 4 sealions.

 cirkus_013_RT8 copy.jpg (24807 bytes)

cirkus_115_RT8 copy.jpg (24120 bytes)

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24 October 2003

From 27 October to 5 November the small Danish Circus Baldoni will visit 8 villages on the Faeroe Islands. Local sport clubs sponsors the tour. The performers is circus owner René Marvin (magician and ventriloquist), the female clown Karla and some of the acrobats from Latvia who toured with Circus Baldoni during their summer season in Denmark this year.

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19 October 2003

Diana Benneweis (owner of Danish Circus Benneweis) was member of the jury at this year's circus festival from 2 to 11 October 2003 in Böblingen in Germany. Among the performers were Ingo Stiebner and his sealions and the teeterboard troupe Catana. Booth Ingo and the Catenas toured Denmark with Circus Arena this summer.

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17 October 2003

Yong juggler to Circus Benneweis. According to several Norwegian newspapers the top act at this years performance at the Norwegian Circus Merano was the young juggler Alan Sulc from the Czech Republic. In 2004 the Danish circus audience can meet Alan Sulc at Circus Benneweis. In November 2002 Alan won a gold medal at European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden in Germany. One of the jury members was Nelly Jane Benneweis (former ringmistress in Circus Benneweis and now their press agent) who probably has suggested to circus owner Diana Benneweis to engage Alan for the coming season.

sulc alan low 2003.jpg (26413 bytes)

Alan Sulc (photo: Thorbjorn K. Flo)

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16 October 2003

Star for a Night is the name of a very popular talent competition in the Danish TV. When the Danish dog and pony show Circus Krone visited Frederikshavn in Jutland on 13th October their drummer Marc Thierry was told that he should participate in the Star for a Night-competition on 31 October. Marc is the youngest son of circus owner Irene Thierry. Many thousand more or less talented youngsters want to participate in the talent competition but only the most talented get the chance. And more news from Circus Krone: on 8 October 2003 I told that Circus Krone would visit Dublin in Ireland from 22 October to 5 November. Irene Thierry further tells that they will bring their own tent, costumes and other equipment and a staff of 11 people including artist. 24 performances will be given in Dublin. It is Circus Krones first visit to Ireland.

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14 October 2003

On 10 October 2003 I mentioned that German Circus Berolina planed to visit Kolding in the Southern part of Jutland from 15 to 19 October. But the visit was cancelled. Apparently circus owners Katharina and Bernhard had not foreseen the problems in bringing their many animals to Denmark: big cat acts are not aloud in Denmark and permission is required to present acts with elephants. And camels and lamas have to be tested for foot- and mouth disease to cross the Danish border. Due to this the Spindler’s cancelled their visit but hope next year to be able to visit Denmark and have the necessary permissions etc ready. It is not the first time a foreign circus has cancelled a visit to Denmark. And apart from some new wave shows most foreign circuses visits to Denmark has been a disaster from a financial point of view.

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10 October 2003

School children in Denmark have autumn holiday from 13 to 18 October. Due to this several Danish shopping malls presents free circus performances. In the Rosengaard Shopping Mall in Odense you can meet Circus Kenny which is owned by Haddy Enoch who also owns Circus Dannebrog. Agnete Louise Enoch is ringmistress and presents Hans and Vicky Pedersen with their 4 sealions, the Russian clowns Irina & Jury Kosincev and the foot juggler Miss Franza. Both the sealions and the clowns toured with Circus Dannebrog during the summer season this year. At the West Zealand Shopping Mall in Slagelse you can meet Circus Mascot with artists and dogs. In the Elsinore City centre you can meet Benny Schumann’s mini circus with the clown and multi-artist Benny Schumann, the ponies Shadow and Benny’s groom Brian ”Briano” Behrendt. Circus Krone presents a family performance lasting for 45 minutes at the Soeding Shopping Mall in Esbjerg. Also some other circuses and artist are active during the autumn holiday week.

Marianne 4 low.jpg (29346 bytes)    Benny Schumann tallerken.JPG (24970 bytes)

 Left: Marianne Deleuran with Circus Mascot’s poodles (photo: Ole Simonsen)

Right: Benny Schumann with his plate-spinning act (photo by courtesy of Benny Schumann)

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10 October 2003

A German circus in Kolding. Surprisingly the German Circus Berolina has announced that they are going to visit Kolding in the Southern part of Jutland when they have ended their stay in Flensburg just south of the German/Danish border on 12 October. The will perform in Kolding from 15 to 18 October. Wild animal acts are forbidden in Denmark. Thus they will have to leave their elephant-riding tiger and their two bears south of the border. And the can only bring their 7 elephants to Denmark if they have got the necessary permission from the Ministry of Justice. However they have plenty of other animals: 24 camels, a lot of lamas and 18 horses. Despite using a large 3-ring tent Berolina is not one of the leading German circuses and their performance is somewhat weaker than the performances presented by the leading circuses in Germany and Denmark. In fact it’s only a big family circus with lots of animals and only few artistic. Owners are Katharina
& Bernhard Spindler.

berolina 1.JPG (25171 bytes)

  klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 October 2003

The Danish pickpocket artist Kenny Quinn and his partner Joan will work at German variety theatres after they on 2 November end their tour with Finnish Circus Finlandia. Until Christmas the  couple perform at Krystallpalast Varieté in Leipzig and after New Year at Varieté Star-Club in Fulda.

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8 October 2003

The small Circus Krone from Jutland (no connection with the large German circus of the same name) will visit Dublin in Ireland from 22 October to 5 November.

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7 October 2003

EU-report on the situation of the circus in the EU Member states. The European Parliaments Directorate-General for Research has released a working paper called ”The situation of the circus in the EU Member States”. You can download the report at You can get the report in English, French or German.

The 183-page report contains a comparative Summary, a description of the situation of circuses in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Furthermore some European Union Initiatives are mentioned.

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6 October 2003

Today the European Circus Associations (ECA) organised a meeting in the Brussels Parliament where directors / proprietors of leading circuses in Europe looked for solutions concerning the animal activist action that will forbid (wild) animals in circuses. Representatives from the Danish Circuses Arena and Dannebrog took part at that meeting.

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3 October 2003

Almost everyone knows that Santa Claus is living on Greenland. And right now Santa has a great chance to get entertained: The largest circus in the Nordic Countries, Danish Circus Arena is visiting Greenland with a number of indoor performances. Circus Arenas press agent Christian Warrer has sent me the photos shown beyond.

 Groenland 3 low.jpg (31517 bytes)

The clowns Martino & Co (Martin and Bettina Arli)

 Groenland 2 low.jpg (28702 bytes)

The BMX-artist Stephan Curaudeau. In front of the curtain circus owner Benny Berdino.

 Groenland 4 low.jpg (15260 bytes)    Groenland 1 low.jpg (24155 bytes)

Left: Miss Bernadette in Silk. Right: Martin Arli (all photos by courtesy of Christian Warrer)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 October 2003

All Danish circuses closed their summer season in September and is now back at the winter quarters. Several of the circuses present indoor performances during the winter season. Circus Arena is for the time being touring on Greenland. One of the Danish circuses has got a new winter quarter: Circus Baldoni has rented premises at a manor in the southern part of Zealand. ”We have very nice facilities in a beautiful countryside” circus owner René Marvin tells. He tells furthermore that Circus Baldoni during this year’s summer season travelled 3,500 kilometres and visited 147 cities and gave 156 performances. 

 baldoni vinterkvarter 2003.JPG (16209 bytes)

Circus Baldoni‘s new winter quarter (Photo by courtesy of René Marvin)

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25 September 2003

Anders Enevig dean of Danish circus historian published his first book in 1963. Thus he can this year celebrate his 40 years anniversary as an author. The anniversary and the publishing of Anders Enevig's newest book Goglere, hypnotisorer og savoyarder (Fair performers, Hypnotist and Savoyards) was celebrated at a reception on 25 September in the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Jens Frobenius of the Circus Museum paid tribute to Anders Enevig for his outstanding works.


 museum 20030925 enevig frobenius low.JPG (28879 bytes)     museum 20030925 enevig boger low.JPG (26279 bytes)

At the left: Anders Enevig and Jens Frobenius. To the right: Enevig with some of his books

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 September 2003

Circus Arena on Greenland. It is almost a tradition for the largest Danish circus Circus Arena to visit Greenland when the tented season in the southern part of Denmark is over. This year Circus Arena will visit the cities Ilulissat, Aasiaat, Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, Nuuk and Sonderstrom from 29 September to 5 October. All performances are given in sports centres. The performers are French BMX freestyle biker Stephan Curaudeau, the juggler Carl Ramwell and the clown Bonbon. All three of them toured with Arena during the summer season. Engaged just for the Greenland tour is Miss Bernadette (arial ballet) and the clowns Martino & Co. (Martin, Bettina and Alexander Arli). Alexander Arli performs with ladder balancing. Futhermore there is an antipodes act (foot juggling) and a hula-hoop act. The singing circus owner Benny Berdino presents the performance.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 September 2003

One more elephant for Circus Dannebrog. Bernhard Casselly (Bernhard Kasselowsky) who for the last 3 seasons has presented his elephant Rambo in Circus Dannebrog consider elephant as gregarious animals. A while ago he bought another elephant to give Rambo a pal. For a while this elephant has travelled with Dannebrog without performing for the audience. But shortly before the close of Circus Dannebrog's stand in Copenhagen the new elephant joined Rambo at the performance. Circus Dannebrog has during the season had to make another change in the program: German handstand acrobat Martina is pregnant. For this reason a hula-hoop acrobat replaces her.

Dannebrog African-Explorer.495_400.jpg (6933 bytes)

Bernhard Casselly standing to the right of his elephant elephant Rambo. (Photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 September 2003

The 28th September will be celebrated as the Copenhagen Fortifications Day. The
Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen is situated in a former fortification and military camp and participates in the celebration of the Fortifications Day by presenting several short magic shows with Paul Arland at 11.30, 12.30, 13,30, 14.30 and 15.30. Paul Arland is the Danish magicians’ grand old man. The chairman of the Barly Association Jens Frobenius will arranged guided tours at the museum at 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

frobenius low.JPG (25133 bytes) 

Jens Frobenius at the Circus Museum

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 September 2003 

Several magical show can be seen in Denmark in the coming months. On 19 October Henrik Christensen will present a show called It’s magic 2003 – Vegas have to wait in Odense. Star Magic (the young and talented magicians Anders Hansen and Jan Hellesoe) will on 16 and 17 October present a show called STAR MAGIC  - SHOWTIME!   at Sonderborg in the southern part of Jutland. Magician Joachim Solberg and actor and comedian Peter Larsen are presenting a show called Larsen & Solberg – fighting against the law of gravity. The show will tour in a number of cities from 10 October to 19 November. And Swedish world class magician Joe Labero can bee seen in the Copenhagen Circus Building in November and December at the show Expect the unexpected.

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11 September 2003

A book about Circus Arena. Leif Damsgaard is working on a book about Circus Arena. Circus owner Benny Berdino plans to have the book published in connection with Circus Arenas 50 years anniversary in 2005.

 arenasunset low.JPG (28777 bytes)

Circus Arena had its final stand in season 2003 on 11 September. The photo shows the tear down of Arena’s new tent (Photo taken 31 August)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 September 2003 

First price to Duo Aerius. On 6 September Danish arial cradle artist Maja and Esben Aerius from Duo Aerius won the first price at the Dresdner Variete- und Zirkus Festival in Germany. Their winning act was their act with Maja as a floppy doll. For the time being Duo Aerius can bee seen at the Et Cetera Variety Theatre in Kiel, Germany. The duo has engagements at German variety theatres until May 2004.

 utaem.d.low.JPG (25391 bytes)

 Duo Aerius at the start of their floppy doll act

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 September 2003

Season closing for Circus Benneweis. Last year Circus Benneweis closed their season with 18 performances in Copenhagen. The number of visitors was somewhat disappointing (Copenhagen is not a good circus city). Thus circus owner Diana Benneweis had this year shortened the season by one week and only 12 performances was given in Copenhagen. Final stand was on 7 September with two almost full houses. After the last performance Diana thanked the artist, the orchestra and the other staff members. "May the sun shine on your way. And may Good bless you,” she said.   Main attraction for the 2003 Benneweis performance was the brilliant Italian clown Fumagalli. On the photo you can see Fumagalli and Nelly Jane Benneweis (former ringmistress with Benneweis and now their press agent) together with Fumagalli waiving good-bye.

 fugmagali_nellyjane.jpg (10631 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 September 2003

Denmark is a kingdom in northern part Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The tented circus season in Denmark, Norway and Sweden runs from March to September. It is too cold to continue performances in tents in October and November. (Well - Swedish Circus Scott does not have its closing day until mid November - but it is pretty expensive to heat their tent!). Among the Danish circuses Circus Arli had its final stand for this season on 1 September. This year they visited 98 cities. Circus Benneweis will close its season on 7 September and Circus Arena on 11 September. Circus Charlie will tour until 14 September. Circus Krone will end

their summer season on 19 September. Circus Dannebrog will have their final stand on 27 September. Circus Baldoni will close their season on 28 September. Circus Mascots final 2002 stand is on 30 September.

Circus Arena will visit Greenland late September/early October and furthermore present a winter circus in February 2003 in some sports centres etc.  Also Circus Krone and Circus Mascot is active during the winter season with performance in shopping malls etc. And René Marvin from Circus Baldoni in touring with indoor performances during the winter season. Also the Arli family is active during the winter season.

 fumagalli 2 low.JPG (25416 bytes)        bobonhimsel low.JPG (29054 bytes)

7 September is last chance to meet the clown Fumagalli at Circus Benneweis. And 11 September is last time this year to meet the clown Bonbon (here standing together with Roy Himsel, CEO of the Swedish Circus Academy) at Circus Arena

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 September 2003

From Bergen (Norway) to Oslo (Norway). The Danish/Finnish clown duo Bonbon & Tiina has for the last two years for six weeks in November and December been with the Bergen Variety Theatre in Norway. Bonbon & Tiina may be best known for their famous Badminton Comedy Act. The Badminton-Act is an outstanding number and for the time being probably the only Badminton-Act in the circusworld. However this year there will be no variety theatre in Bergen. The producers have moved the entire performance to the Norwegian capital Oslo (a much larger town than Bergen). And Bonbon and Tiina has been hired for the Oslo performance.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 September 2003

Swedish circus-friends visited Copenhagen. 15 Swedish circusfans was Copenhagen in the weekend 30 to 31 August. The Swedes saw the Copenhagen Circus Building (not used by circuses any longer) with the Cafe Wallmans which are decorated with posters and photos from the many circuses and artist who have performed at the Circus Building. 30 August in the afternoon the Swedes saw the performance at Circus Benneweis and in the evening the performance at Circus Dannebrog. Seven of the circus friends visited the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, 31 in the morning and had a guided tour by Jens Frobenius of the museum assisted by Nelly Jane Benneweis. In the afternoon some Swedes visited Circus Arena and others Circus Arli.

 museum 4 low.JPG (28689 bytes)

Nelly Jane surrounded by Swedish circus friends. From left: Lennart Holmgren), Ingo Renz, Jan-Erik Larsson, Roy Himsel, John-Erik Wallbom, Nelly Jane, Björn Seger og Johan Vinberg.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 29 August 2003

Circuses in Copenhagen. Friday 29th August did Circus Benneweis as well as Circus Dannebrog have their opening night in Copenhagen. Among the visitors at Circus Benneweis was the Danish Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs Mrs. Tove Fergo who was in close contact with the Italian star clown Fumagalli during his marvellous act ”Little bee give me honey”

fumagalli 5 low.JPG (26918 bytes)   fumagalli 6 low.JPG (30392 bytes)

Left: Fumagalli and Tove Fergo. Right: Fumagalli and his brother and partner Darix

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 August 2003

Circus without elephants and sealions? As in many other countries discussions regarding use of animals in circuses is pending in
Denmark. Big cat acts has been forbidden since 1962. An advisory committee to the ministry of Justice has now proposed not any longer to permit elephant and sealion acts in Danish circuses. However a decision is not yet taken. Hopefully it will still be possible to present good elephant and sealion acts in Denmark.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

19 August 2003

New artist in Tivoli. The performers at the Open Air Stage in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens change several times during the season. From 19 August and until close of season 21 September you can see The Simets on high wire and Jidinis & Magic Co. with an illusionist/magic show. The actress and singer Susanne Breuning is presenting the performance. Tivoli’s Big Band (a full size big band) accompanies the performance.

Simets 5 low.JPG (32483 bytes)

Laszlo Simet

Jidinis 6 low.JPG (28883 bytes)

Jidinis & Magic Co.,

big band low.JPG (28552 bytes)

Susanne Breuning and Tivolis Big Band

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 August 2003

Dresden in Germany and not Brazil. On 28 May 2003 I could tell that Maja and Esben Aerius from the Danish arial cradle Duo Aerius has been pre-selected for the Act Competition Show at the Brazilian Circus Festival which was to be held from August 26 until August 31, 2003 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The two talented Danes were looking forward to the trip to South America. Unfortunately the festival has been postponed a couple of weeks. And since Duo Aerius from 13 September has an engagement at the Et Cetera variety theatre in Kiel in Germany they have had to cancel their trip to Brazil. In stead they will participate at a Variety and Circus Festival in Dresden, Germany, from 5 to 7 September.

utaem.b.low.JPG (22325 bytes)

Duo Aerius

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

13 August 2003

From 5th to 13th August the European Juggler Convention has been held in Svendborg at Isle of Funen. The city of Svendborg is this year celebrating its 750-year anniversary. The photographer Lise Kokholm has visited the congress ant have send me some pictures from the event.

6.jpg (32753 bytes)       13.jpg (32210 bytes)

The photo to the right shows the English clown Dez. The photo to the left shows a young juggler.

18.jpg (14645 bytes)        21.jpg (11852 bytes)

Two of the Nordic jugglers performing at the Nordic Show.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 August 2003

At the gala performance 10 August in connection with the 8th International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen you could meet several outstanding clowns and other artists: English Arthur Vercoe Pedlar, Les Frères Taquin from Belgium with their Mechanic Man, the new-wave clowns Kotini Jr. and Ludmila , the female clown Marta Carbayo from Spain, the Italian mime artist Paolo Nomi and producer Benny Schumann and his daughter Patricia. Danish The Flying Super Nuts presented a comical acrobatic act and young Swedish 4 Dolls from Ludvika Young Stars a act with tubes. At the end of the festival the World Artist and Clown Award was given to Kotini Jr. and the Golden Nose to Fumagali and his brother Darix (Gianni and Darius Huesca). Due to an engagement in Danish Circus Benneweis Fugamali and Darix was not able to be present in person. On their behalf Nelly Jane Benneweis received the award.

 Marta Carbayo 1_low.JPG (24328 bytes)        taquins galla 1_low.JPG (19794 bytes)

From the Galla performance: to the left Marta Carbayo, to the right on of Les Frères Taquins as the mechanic man,.

prismodtagelse 1.low.JPG (17872 bytes)    Prismodtagelse 2.low.JPG (19805 bytes)

Left: Pierrot of Bakken with the Golden Nose Awards together with Nelly Jane and Benny Schumann. Right:  Nelly Jane, Benny Schumann and Kotini with his award (a painting by Austrian artist Adi Holzer).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 August 2003

Today was opening day for the International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen. Performing at the festival are the classical English clown Arthur Vercoe Pedlar, the modern clowns Les Frères Taquin from Belgium, the new-wave clowns Kotini Jr. and Ludmila and the Danish clowns Patricia and Benny Schumann. Benny Schumann is also producer of the festival. Furthermore a new Danish comical acrobat act The Flying Super Nuts was introduced. A nice act inspired of the famous Swedish acrobats Veteranerna who was an international top act 30 years ago. Benny Schumann has in his earlier days at a plate-spinning juggler performed together with Veteranerna in Florida. Benny has shown the super nuts Lars, Asger and Michael a film with Veteranerne to give them inspiration for their new act.

 arthur 3.low.JPG (28145 bytes)   Patricias cafe.low.JPG (26889 bytes)

Arthur Vercoe Pedler  / Patricia and Benny Schumann and their pony

 supernrder 1.low.JPG (26512 bytes)

Two of the flying super nuts           

  Finale.low.JPG (31231 bytes)

Grand finale

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 august 2003

A sealion was born at Circus Dannebrog.  When Circus Dannebrog 27 July visited Ulfborg in Jutland Hans and Vicky Pedersen’s female sealion gave birth to a sealion baby. Sealion babies are very seldom born in a touring circus.

Hans Pedersens.jpeg (30620 bytes)

Vicky and Hans Pedersen and their sealions (Photo by courtesy of Circus Dannebrog)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

2 August 2003

The comical casceadeurs Steckel’s – Freddi Steckel and his partner  – was the last act hired for this year’s performance in the Swedish Circus Maximum. But when you read Swedish newspapers and listen to the reaction from the audience Steckel's ought to have been the very first act hired by circus owner Bengt Källquist for this year performance. When I recently saw Circus Maximum’s excellent performance Steckel’s was sure showstoppers. Freddi's partner for the remaining part of the season with Circus Maximum is Czech born Zora Nikodemova.

Steckel's 1.low.JPG (27781 bytes)

Freddi Steckel og Zora

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes) 

2 august 2003

Birthdays. The youngest circus artist in Denmark Andreas Deleuran can celebrate his 6 years birthday on 3 August 2003. He is the youngest son of circus owners Marianne and Jess Deleuran from Circus Mascot and he starts this year's Mascot-performance with a nice little song. Furthermore he perform as a ”strong man”, cf. photo. Also on 3 August the singing circus owner Benny Berdino of Circus Arena can celebrate his 57 years birthday. Apart from presenting this year’s Arena performance Benny is probably preparing Arenas 2004-program. It will be Arena’s season number 50 on the Danish roads.

 Andreas.low.jpg (30230 bytes)

Andreas Deleuran

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1. August 2003

Circus Flik-Flak. The youth circus Flik-Flak from Odense is one of the best in the country. Since 28 July 215 children have prepared for this years gala performance to take place in the week-end 2 to 3 August. The photo beyond if from an earlier performance at Circus Flik-Flak.

 Flik Flak 4.JPG (31217 bytes)

Circus Flik-Flak (photo by courtesy of Tommy Hardam)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

31 July 2003

The International Clown Festival at Bakken. At the gala performance on 10 August you can apart from the clowns performing at the Open Air Stage (I mentioned the names of those clowns on 22 July) meet Paolo Nani from Italy and Marta Carbayo from Spain. Furthermore you can meet the 4 Swedish girls from Ludvika Young Stars performing with tubes. This act was very popular at the recent performances by Benny Schumann and Ludvika Young Stars at Aalborg, Aarhus and Roskilde.

 roernummer b.JPG (28155 bytes)

2 of the girls Ludvika Young Stars with the tube act

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 July 2003

Success for Benny Schumann and Ludvika Young Stars Circus. More than 10,000 people saw one of the 3 outdoor performances given from 22 to 24 July in Aalborg, Aarhus and Roskilde by Benny Schumann and his guest artist from Swedish Ludvika Young Stars Minicircus. And none in the audience was disappointed: Benny himself is well known and popular among children all over Denmark and the young Swedish artist were very talented. The bike act Cycling Triss is surely a world class act. 4 Goldies presented nice acrobatics on a table (the same table as their trainer Barbro Nordström used in her time as an artist). An act with 4 young girls performing with tubes was a new and fascinating way of using such props. Benny Schumann hopes to bring back the Ludvika Young Stars Circus in 2004 or 2005.

 400.jpg (22724 bytes)

Benny Schumann and his stars from Ludvika Young Stars Circus. 


0376.JPG (17926 bytes)   0389.JPG (14810 bytes)

The tube act and The Cycling Triss

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 July 2003

Moira Orfei’s Circus. Normally this page will concentrate on news regarding Danish artist and Circuses in Denmark. However Filippo Ferretti from Italy has recently send me an interesting article on Italy’s leading circus Moira Orfei. Click here if you want to read the article.


 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 July 2003

At the Gala Performance at The International Clown Festival at Bakken on 10 August Fumagalli and his brother Darix will be awarded ”The Golden nose”.  Producer Benny Schumann does not want to reveal the name of the clown who will receive The World Artist and Clown Award. Due to an engagement at Circus Benneweis Fugamalli and Darix can not be present at the gala performance which takes place at 1 p.m. since Circus Benneweis the same day has performances at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Viborg in Jutland. Thus Nelly Jane Benneweis will receive ”The Golden Nose” on behalf of the Fumagalli and Darix. Amongst the performers at the clown festival which runs from 7 to 17 August with daily performances at 15:30 and 19:30 at Bakken’s Open Air Stage will be Kotini Jr. and Ludmila. Kotini has for a couple of years been with Circus Roncalli in Germany, He was together with Jigalov & Csaba awarded a Silver Clown at this year's Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. Furthermore you can meet Les Frères Taquin, Clown Arthur Vercoe Pedlar and Allan Forte, a new Danish clown act called The Flying Super Nuts and of cause Benny Schumann and his daughter Patricia.

klovnefestival.b.2002.jpg (14140 bytes) 

Benny and Patricia Schumann at the International Clown Festival in 2002.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 July 2003

Klaus Lüthje of the German circus magazine Circus Zeitung is loud in his praise of Danish Circus Arena. He is impressed both of their beautiful new 4 pole Scola Teloni tent and of Arena's 2003-performance. Then top act is according to Klaus Lüthje the elephant trainer Sonny Frankello's presentation of his elephants Timba, Mala, Kenia og Balumba. But he also has favourable comments on the teeterboard troup Catana making a 5 man high and The flying Ciobanu performing a perfect triple. Furthermore he is impressed by the fact than most cities plaid by Circus Arena is one-day stands.  Most circuses in Germany are playing several days in each town.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 July 2003

New artist in Tivoli. The performers at the Open Air Stage in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens will change several times during the season. From 14 July and until 17 August you can see the two male German trapeze acrobats Duo Sorellas, Jidinis & Magic Co. with an illusionist/magic show and the famous gentleman juggler Kris Kremo. Guinness Book of World Records notes Kris Kremo’s quadruple pirouette and catch of three cigar boxes. But his skill with three balls and three hats are equally captivating. Kris Kremo debuted with his father Bela Kremo (himself a well known juggler) in a double act in 1970.  And Tivoli has live music: Tivoli’s Big Band (a full size big band) accompanies the performance, which last for aprox 30 minutes.


            Duo Sorellas 3 low 20030714.jpg (32604 bytes)   Duo Sorellas 25 %  20030714.jpg (24715 bytes)     

 Kris Kremo 25% 20030714.jpg (8059 bytes) 

Duo Sorellas, Jidinis & Magic Co. and Kris Kremo

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

12 July 2003

A rather limited audience attended the Danish new wave circus performance Untamed Circus Grandprix 2003 at the opening night on 14 July. However the performance was very nice and of equal standard as many of the new wave performances foreign new wave groups have presented in Copenhagen. The performance was done by graduates from the Copenhagen Circus School AFUK assisted by some former graduates who have had talent and luck to get success even outside of Denmark. The two best acts was done by such performers: Duo Pelmeni (Josephine Wulff Randrup and Rasmus Madsen) in double trapeze and Duo Aerius (Maja and Esben Aerius) in arial cradle. Among the other performers were Mille in rope, Casper with his devilstick juggling,  Rune & Gry at slack wire, Frida in trapeze, Anders in tissue and Rebecca & Sofia with acrobatic on a table.

 utaem.d.low.JPG (25391 bytes)

utaem.b.low.JPG (22325 bytes)

Duo Aerius in their new act

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 8 July 2003

The Circus Hotel. The circus- and acrobat atmosphere has inspired many painters. Remember some of the French impressionist such as Georges Seurat, Edgar Degas and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. A couple of Danish artists Helle Abilgaard and Viggo Salting have several times travelled with Circus Benneweis to get inspiration for their paintings, sculptures etc. Some years ago the bought a tiny hotel at the Isle of Funen (the island on which Hans Christian Andersen was born). Their hotel is now known as the Circus Hotel due to the many paintings and decorations inspired by circuses and acrobats. If you want further information on the hotel call the couple at + 45  65 34 10 49.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 July 2003

A visit to Circus Cirkaos. On 23 June 2003 I mentioned the tiny Circus Cirkaos performing in a small tent at the beach resort Sondervig in the western part of Jutland. The Danish author and circus fan Jorgen Lorenzen has visited the show in Sondervig. He calls it a nice and poetic performance certainly worth the price of admission. Thus if you are spending part of this summer in the western part of Jutland you ought to visit Circus Cirkaus and see their Musicomedy Show with no spoken words. Apart from several animals there are two performers: Venzel Zalmov and Ilone Björkman. The performance runs for 50 minutes. The tent is a two pole tent with a diameter of 17 meter (57 feet).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 7 July 2003

Danish pick pock artist Kenny Quinn is this summer touring with Circus Finlandia in Finland. He is doing fairly well despite the fact that he hardly can speak Finnish. For the time being Circus Finlandia is in the northern part of Finland in the country of the midnight sun. In average 600-700 people watch the performances. In the southern part of Finland the audience use to  be a couple of hundred persons larger.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

4 July 2003

From 12 to 15 July you can in the Copenhagen Theatre Kanonhallen see a performance done by Danish new wave acrobats. The performance is called Untamed Circus Grandprix. Among the performers are Danish arial cradle Duo Aerius (Esben and Maja Aerius) who will perform with their new act. It is the same act they will perform with at Festival Mundial de Circo de Brasil in August and after Brazil at several variety theatres in Germany. Duo Aerius has engagements at German variety theatres until late April 2004.

flyer%20forside.jpg (33503 bytes)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

29 June 2003

When Circus Arena on 24 June performed in Mogeltonder in the southern part of Jutland the income from the ticket box was donated to a foundation for children with cancer. Queen Margrethe's youngest son prince Joakim, his wife princess Alexandra and the couple’s oldest son prince Nikolai were among the audience. The royal visit did of cause create a lot of public relation for circus owner Benny Berdino and his circus. The charity-performance was recorded by Danish television and will be shown in television next Christmas. On Circus Arenas website you can find a slide show with pictures from the royal visit.

The day after Circus Benneweis had its first night (not season opening which was in April) in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus. Benneweis’ top star for this year Italian clown Fumagalli invited a popular Danish singer Richard Ragnvald into the ring and had the singer to assist him with some gags.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 25 June 2003

On 25 June Cafe Wallmans opened in the Copenhagen Circus Building. Cafe Wallmans is decorated with posters and photos from the many circuses and artist who have performed at the Circus Building. Thus a visit to Cafe Wallmans is almost a must for every circus freak visiting Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Circus Building is situated in downtown Copenhagen close to the Tivoli Garden and the Town Hall Square. Several of the posters and photos in Cafe Wallmans are provided by the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen or are from the collection of the Swedish Circus Academy. Tino Rivoro who for several years worked as trapeze acrobat with Ringling has been in charge of the decoration.

cafe 20030625a.jpg (36564 bytes)

 cafe 20030625c.jpg (28131 bytes)    cafe 20030625d.jpg (30252 bytes)

From Cafe Wallmans

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23 June 2003

If you this summer are visiting the western part of Jutland and pass the beach resort Sondervig close to Ringkobing you will meet a tiny two pole tent called Cirkaos. Apart from some animals there are two performers: the artists Venzel Zalmov and Ilone Björkman presenting what they call a Musicomedy Show with no spoken words. They hope to attract the many tourists visiting Sondervig, most of the tourist being Danes, German, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians and English. You can find further information on Cirkaos at

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

22 June 2003

In 1994 Marianne and Jess Deluran started their dog and pony show Circus Mascot. Thus Circus Mascot can this summer celebrate its 10 years anniversary. And the anniversary is celebrated wit a very nice performance the best Circus Mascot has presented so far. 5-years old Andreas (Jess and Marianne’s youngest son) open the performance with a nice little song. Then come Tatyana with hula-hoop, the juggler Zdenek and Marianne with her poodles. Then Zdenek is back with plate juggling. Daniel (Marianne and Jess’s oldest son being 13) presents a rola-bola act. After the interval Tatyana tilbage this time under the name Prymarchenko and with a nice act in tissue. Then Daniel is back on slack wire. Jess Deleuran present his ponies. Then we meet Miss Maria with a fine act in arial ring. Clowning is done by Gulio.

Daniel ro 3.jpg (20138 bytes)    Tatyana 2.jpg (21501 bytes)    Zdenek 4.jpg (21526 bytes)

Daniel Deleuran, Tatyana and Zdenek

klovn.gif (1460 bytes) 

21 June 2003

Duo Pelmeni, alias Danish trapeze artists Josephine Randrup and Rasmus Madsen have just returned after 1½ years engagement in Stockholm where they have performed with their double trapeze act in the ABBA-musical Chess at the Stockholm Circus Building while Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm was singing "You and I". About 450,000 people have seen the Stockholm version of Chess.

josephine & rasmus.jpg (13517 bytes)

Duo Pelmeni – Josephine Randrup and Rasmus Madsen

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 June 2003

Comical and new wave circus festival in Aarhus. For the fourth year in row there will be a comical and new wave circus festival in the second largest city on Denmark Aarhus. It will take place from 23 to 29 June. Among the performing artist will be the Spanish clown Martha Carbayo, Go-So Sisters, the clown Tapé, the Gruve company from Norway, the jugglers Strington Bros., Ken & Saxi, Circus Chapoe (Tonny Trifolikom, Astrid Søndergård and Frank Thierry) and the acrobat trio Coexistence with Zora. You can find the full program at

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

16 June 2003

Facelift to website for the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. Some months ago the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen had its own website at Assisted by the photographer Lise Kokholm and my webmaster Lars Simonsen the museum's website has now got a facelift creating a much more interesting and informative website. The museum has the largest circus collection in the northern part of Europe.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 June 2003

The Copenhagen circus lot ”Bellahoj” will be renovated. At the Copenhagen city council’s last meeting before the summer holiday it was decided to renovate and drain the circus lot at Bellahoj used for many years by Danish circuses during their visit to Copenhagen. The cost of renovation is estimated to 3,500,000 DKK (470,000 Euro or 560,000 USD). The renovation will start when Circus Benneweis has closed their 2003 season at Bellahoj on 7 September. First circus to use the renovated lot will be Circus Arena at their 2004 season opening in March 2004.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 June 2003

As always you can see some excellent artist at the Open Air Stage in Tivoli in Copenhagen. Until 13 July you can see French Duo Aragorn (aerial cradle), Consuello Reyes (Foot-Juggling) and the two Sharkov Brothers (Partner Equilibristic). And Tivoli has live music: Tivoli’s Big Band accompanies the performance, which last for aprox 30 minutes.

 Duo Aregorn 1 20030610.jpg (10882 bytes)   Consuello Reyes 5 20040610.jpg (17220 bytes)    Sharkov Brothers 3 20030610.jpg (13619 bytes)

Due Aregorn, Consuello Reyes and Sharkov Brothers at the Open Air Stage in Tivoli

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

10 June 2003

Teatro Glimt on tour. The three young new wave artist from Teatro Glimt, Camila Sarrazin, Lars Gregersen and Rasmus Skovmand will this summer perform many places in Europe with their performance called ”The Dinner”. On 14 May they performed at the National Museum in Copenhagen in connection with the presentation of the European Museum of the year Award. Late May saw them in Sestri Levante in Italy.  From 4 to 8 June they performed at a street theatre festival at Pennabilli in Italy. On 14 June you can find them at Castel San Pietro and on 15 June at the Festival Internazionale di Teatro ragazzi  in Firenze. 19 and 23 June Teatro Glimt will be in San Giovanni di Marignano and 19 June in Varese, Italy. From 5 June to 1 July they are participating in an international street theatre festival at Ljubljana & Maribor in Slovenia. 3 to 6 July will find them at the Busker Festival in Colmurano, Italy. 12 and 13 July they are in Castiglioncello and 25 to 27 July in Certaldo.  Both cities are in Italy.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

9 June 2003

The new tenant of the Copenhagen Circus Building Swedish Wallmans Nöjen is just about to open an artist café in the Circus Building decorated with posters and photos from the many circuses and artist who have performed at the Circus Building. Several of the posters and photos is provided by the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, or from the collection of the Swedish Circus Academy. In charge of the decoration is Tino Rivero who for several years worked as trapeze acrobat with Ringling.

 CB 2002.jpg (17319 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

6 June 2003

The Danish New-wave circus school AFUK in Copenhagen present a small summer festival on 20 and 21 June 2003 with new wave circus, performance, crossover etc. AFUK is also involved in a performance called Untamed Circus Grandprix at the Kanonhallen concert house in Copenhagen from 12 to 15 July. Among the performers will be students from AFUK’s circus school and artist and performers from the new wave group Nova Exit.

festival8.jpg (23142 bytes)

Performers at AFUK’s summer festival 2002

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

5 June 2003

The Copenhagen Circus Lot ”Bellahoj” to be renovated? The Copenhagen Circus lot called Bellahoj used by Danish circuses for almost 100 years looks rather shabby. The City of Copenhagen owns the lot. Nowadays the lot is used by Circus Arena 4 weeks in March/April and by Circus Benneweis 3 weeks in August/September. The price paid by the circuses for using the lot is approximately 3,000 DKK a day (400 Euro or 475 USD). The city councils committee on construction and technology has considered whether the lot should be renovated or sold and another lot found for circuses. On a meeting on 4 June the committee decided to recommend to the city council that the lot should be renovated and drained. The city council is expected to take decision on the matter on 11 or 12 June.  

 Bellahoj.jpg (11184 bytes)

As you can see the Copenhagen Circus Lot looks rather shabby. Photo taken 7 June 2003

bellahojplads 2003.jpg (14289 bytes)

The Circus Lot on 19 March 2003. Circus Arena is setting up their new tent.


 benneweis2001.1.jpg (17101 bytes)    benneweis2001.2.jpg (14512 bytes)

Circus Benneweis at the Copenhagen Circus Lot September 2001

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

1 June 2003

On 9 May I mentioned that the late Danish magician Spinoza's collections of books on magic and illusionism and the Swedish artist  Benny Indrikson's collection of orig. signed photographs from Circus artists would be on auction on 26 May 2003 at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art in Copenhagen. And the prices were much higher than expected: the collection of books was knocked down at the price of 95,000 DKK (12,800 Euro or 15,100 USD) and the photos for 5.800 DKK (780 Euro or 920 USD).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

30 May 2003

Circus Arena donates the income from a performance to children with cancer. In co-operation with Leif Wivelsted (popular host in Danish radio programmes) and the Association of Parents to Children with Cancer Circus Arena will on Monday 2 June in Aarhus present a special performance with popular Danish singers as performers together with the singing circus owner Benny Berdino, clowns etc. The entire income from the ticket office will be used for at new convalescent home for cancer-sick children and their families.

 arenatelt.jpg (29831 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

28 May 2003

Maja and Esben Aerius from the Danish arial cradle Duo Aerius has been pre-selected for the Act Competition Show at the Brazilian Circus Festival which will be held from August 26 until August 31, 2003 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The two young talented Danes have also been asked to offer three days workshop during the event.

 Aerius 1 22.12.2000.gif (34494 bytes)

Duo Arius (arkivfoto)
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28 May 2003

At Circus Arenas website you can se a slide-show of the working crew building up Arenas brand new tent.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

27 May 2003

New special exhibition at the Circusmuseum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen. On 15 June the museum will open a new special exhibition where the magician Jorgen Samson costumes and props will be on exhibition. Jorgen Samson who died last year 75 years or age was internationally well known for his act during which hundreds of flowers popped up – at the end of his act the entire stage was covered with flowers. You can find further information on the museum at

 samsom.jpg (18132 bytes)

The magician Jorgen Samson (photo from the collection of the circusmuseum)

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26 May 2003

As usual some circus performers have been engaged for at autumn show from 29 September to 8 December 2003 at the variety theatre Rode Kro in Copenhagen. The owner of the theatre Charley Kaye and his wife are former comical casceadeurs. For their 2003 performance they have engaged comical trampoline acrobat Max Welby who toured with Circus Benneweis in 1991. Furthermore engaged is juggler Lynn Carol (daughter or the clown Toto Chabri), who performed in the Copenhagen Circus Building in 1984, in Circus Arena in 1986 and 1987 and with Circus Benneweis in 1998 and during part of the 2000 season. Also engaged is Stefan Kubik who’s Moiseeva-troup toured with Circus Dannebrog in 2002. In addition to the acrobats a number of popular actors will be on the stage.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

24 May 2003

Maria Jimenez Circus Princess of the year. At the worlds only all-female circus festival Prinsessan (”The Princess”) in Stockholm in Sweden German Maria Juana Jimenez last evening won the title as The Circus Princess 2003. It was the ninth year in row Swedish circus producers Bronett Bros. arranged the festival. In 2001 Marie Jimenez toured with Circus Arli in Denmark.

 Maria Jimenez.JPG (15573 bytes)

Maria Jiminez. Photo by courtesy of Bronett Bros.

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23 May 2003

Zora with Circus Maximum. For part of the season Freddi Steckel of Danish comical casceadeur duo Steckel’s will have another partner. Steckel’s replaced with short notice Old Regnas (Peter Freeman) who due to health problems had to cancel his 2003-engagement with Swedish Circus Maximum. And Freddi’s usual partner Line Vittrup is due to other appointment not able tour with Maximum for the full season. The female acrobat Zora from the Danish New Wave Circus School AFUK will for part of the season replace Line Vittrup.

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22 May 2003

As usual Swedish Circus Scott will start its season fairly late: This year opening day will be 1 August in Gävle and closing day 9 November in Malmö (the Swedish neighbour city to Copenhagen). The usual summer season for circuses from the Nordic countries is from late March to late September.

 scott 2001.jpg (24447 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

21 May 2003

New winter quarter for Circus Baldoni. ”It’s a nice season,” René Marvin Moenster of Circus Baldoni wrote. At the same time he told me that Circus Baldoni after season closening in September will use a new winter quarter in a former manor at Tureby 35 miles south of Copenhagen.

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19 May 2003

Benny Schumann and Ludvika Young Star Cirkus. In July the Danish clown and multi-artist Benny Schumann will present a number of performances in Aalborg, Aarhus and Roskilde together with the leading Swedish youth circus Ludvika Young Star Circus. Roskilde (20 miles west of Copenhagen) will be visited on 24 July.

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15 May 2003

Russian clown Duo Zapashnaya who was engaged to perform at this years International Clown Festival at Bakken north of Copenhagen from 7 to 17 August have cancelled their engagement. To replace them producer Benny Schumann has engaged Les Fréres Taquins who last time visited Denmark in 2001 with their act The Mechanical Man. This year they will perform with a clown act called Cinema. Other performers at the International Clown Festival are Kotini Jr. And Partner, Arthur Vercoe Pedlar, Allan Forte, Paolo Nani and Benny Schumann and his daughter Patricia.

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11 May 2003

New wave circus in Copenhagen 25 June to 15 July 2003. As previous years Copenhagens International Theatre (KIT) will present some new wave circus performances in Copenhagen.

First show is ”Aurélias Oratorium”. With her incredible energy, her joy in highly imaginative transformations and her irresistible charm, Victoria Thierrée Chaplin mixed once again the most enchanting visions. The impressive images for her dream-like landscape were composed together with her daughter Aurélia Thierrée. The performance tells the story of Aurélia’s world, a world, where nothing is what it seems. Everything is slightly out of place or upside down. The main characters are fantasy-like monsters, curtains and wooden puppets. People cross this „monde à l’envers" like by accident. Aurélia floats through time, lost and full of longing, but not innocent. Again and again she meets a dancer, a lover who is not in love with her, but only with her clothes. Aurélias Oratorium can be seen from 25 June to 29 June. The perfomance runs for 75 minutes without interval. 

Next performance is ”GOPF” from Switzerland. They move strangely and far from gracefully. The set is constantly reconstructed. Placed at the very top, as God, sits a DJ. He scratches, composes and accompanies odd creatures through a Kafkaesque world. This company has found new ground within the theatrical circus. Combining dance, circus, architecture and live music, dancer Gregor Metzger, artist Martin Zimmermann and DJ Dimitri de Perrot have created a jewel. They build the performance on precision and focus, Bauhaus inspiration and sculptural awareness, as they move about like bald buffoon-artists in architectonic space and profiles. GOOF can be seen from 2 to 4 July. This performance runs for 60 minutes without interval.

The third performance is the Australian company Acrobat. Long hair and beards. Their looks contrast their amazing talents, and contrast all other circus artists. Partial to leather, naked boobs and rock music Acrobat has become New Circus' answer to ZZ-Top. Thus compiling their black sense of humour. The roots of this Australian circus company are to be found in the performance community, where physical theatre is the predominant philosophy, far from the fashion houses of Tokyo and Paris. When the arena is taken over by the six performers and their riveting guitarist, they leave all good manners, cheery faces and courteous youngsters behind. As cool as Crocodile Dundee, having a drink with a suicide candidate on top of a New York skyscraper, they perform their stunts in your face – so direct and to the point, well timed and powerful that you'll laugh till you cry. Acrobat is as Australian as it gets. Acrobat can be seen from 4 to 6 July. The performance last 60 minutes without any interval.

nycirkus acrobat.JPG (16295 bytes)

The artists from Acrobat (photo by courtesy of KIT)

The last show is Collectif AOC from France. Matrix clones make STOMP. Raw, simple aesthetics set the stage. The music is tensely animated, composed in and around the physical structure of the stage. Almost weightless, the performers soar in the air. A realm devised from one single captivating movement in body, sound and image gives Collectif AOC an entirely new significance. Choreographer Fatou Traoré has developed a brand new and inventive fusion of circus, dance and music in Collectif AOC's debut "La Syncope du 7". The 6 performers and dancers delve into gravity defying somersaults from the scaffolding-set onto a predominant trampoline and magically they climb walls like human spiders. Whilst the DJ grabs the entire performance by the jugular, using the set as a drum-kit. Collectif AOC transforms the spectacular display of technique, found in traditional circus entertainment, into sensually choreographed magic. Collectif AOC can be seen from 10 to 14 July. The show runs for 75 minutes without any interval.

 nycirkus collectif.JPG (7564 bytes)

Collectiv OAC (photo by courtesy of KIT)

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9 May 2003

Collections of books on magic and illusionism and of orig. signed photographs from Circus artists on auction. On 26 May Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art in Copenhagen has a large collection of more than 300 books on magic and illusionism for sale. Among others: Robert J. Albo: Classsic Magic Series. 8 vols. San Francisco 1973-86. 1st ed. All in red cloth, housed in cloth box. Rare limited set (700-1000 copies), all signed by Albo. + Wiegleb: Die natürliche Magie. Vols. I-XIV (lacking vol. IV). In all 13 vols. Berlin 1782-1800. In all with 175 engraved plates. Cont. half calf. + [Anon.]: Die spielende Magie. 2 vols. Berlin 1790. With 5 engraved plates. Cont. half calf. + Goodliffe (ed.): Abracadabra Magazine. 32 vols. 1946-61. + The Sphinx. 24 vols. 1911-50. + The Linking Ring. 16 vols. 1934-57. Provenance: The Danish magician Spinoza (pseud. for Johannes Ronde Christensen). Spinoza was during the 1960's and 1970's known as one of the most professional illusionists of Europe and performed in TV-shows and circus stages around. The same day a collection more than 250 orig. signed photographs from circus artists around the world. 1940-50's. Mounted in 3 albums. Most of the photographs are with greetings to The 3 Indriksons who travelled as acrobats all over Europe in the 1950's. Provenance: Benny Indrikson. Further details can of the two collections offered for sale and the auctioneers can be found at

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7 May 2003

Harry Belli. On 23 April I mentioned the late animal trainer Harry Belli and his performing horse and tiger. Dutch Isabella Braak has provided me with the photo below of Harry Belli and his horse and tiger and the cover of a German Circus Belli program. She has told me that Harry Belli is of the same family as the members of the Danish Circus family Belli. Isabella Braak has nearly finished the family tree of the Belli’s and Strassburger’s. There is also a family connection with Rose Gasser Belli from Circus Liliput from Switzerland. Isabella Braak has been receiveing in past years very much pictures, programs, posters and information and she is busy making it into a book because she thinks it is a waist to put it all on a shelf. Isabella Braak is very interested in stories about Belli and Strassburger. She has have found out that many people have dear memories of those circuses. Send me a mail if you have informations for Ms. Braak.

 harry belli color.JPG (13198 bytes)    belli program.JPG (12754 bytes)

6 May 2003

Danish circus historian Jorgen Lorenzen has made an excellent film on clowns. It is named between tears and laughter - a film on the circus clown. The film runs for 20 minutes. Amongst the clowns portrayed in the film is Dubsky-Rivel family who retired after season 2000. The film is for sale on videocassette. The price is DKK 150 + VAT. Send an email to Jorgen Lorenzen if you wish to purchase the film.

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2 May 2003

Juggling conventions in Denmark. This year the Nordic Juggling Convention is being held in Odense from 6 to 9 June 2003. NJC has been organised 19 times and this is the second time in Odense. Jugglers from all over the northern countries will be involved in work-shops, open stage, public show, games, parade and eating great food for three and a half days. This year’s convention is organised by Danish Youth Circus Association. European Juggling Convention will be held in Svendborg from 5th - 13th August 2003. You can find further information on the two conventions at and

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30 April 2003

Joe Labero in the Copenhagen Circus Building. From 1 November to 20 December the new tenant in the Copenhagen Circus Building Wallmans Nöjen will present the magical show "Expect the Unexpected" with the Swedish magician Joe Labero who for the time being probably in an international perspective is the most well-known magician from the Nordic Countries. Joe Labero has toured in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Dubai, Monaco and the Scandinavian countries.

labero1.jpeg (16073 bytes)

Joe Labero in front of the Copenhagen Circus Building (photo: Wallmans Nöjen)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

26 April 2003

Poul Preben passed away.  Danish Magician Poul Preben Kjeldsen passed away on 22 April 2003, 93 years old. As magician he was known as ”The New Kjeldsen”.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

25 April 2003

Golden jubilee. On 30 April 1953 Soren Arli has his debut as an artist at the variety theatre Alhambra. A couple of years later Soren together with his Lotte, née August (a half-sister to award winning Danish movie director Bille August) created a comical juggling act called Lott and Arli. Furthermore Soren performed as whiteface clown and Lotte did thought reading using the artist name Madame Zarina. With acts like those Soren and Lotte toured with circuses among those the Danish circuses Moreno and Arena. As many artists Soren and Lotte Arli had a dream about establishing their own circus. In 1971 their dream came through when they opened Circus Arli in a tiny 1-pool big top they had made themselves. The staff consisted of Soren, Lotte and their son Martin (born 1960). The first two seasons was spent in Jutland Mini Zoo in Haustrup. Since 1973 Soren Arli and his circus has toured Zealand with a two pole tent with a seating capacity of 149 people.

Family members do the acts: Martin and his wife Bettina, their son Alexander (born 1987) assisted by a couple of foreign artist of good standard.


 arli.s&l.jpg (6741 bytes)            arli.s.jpg (6422 bytes)

At the left :Soren and Lotte Arli 1986 Photo: Jorgen Lorenzen, at the Right : Soren Arli 2003


 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

23. april 2003

Harry Belli. On 10 2001 May I asked if anybody could help Dutch I.V.D. Braak with information on Harry Belli and his performing horse and tiger. On 19 May 2001 I could tell that Charly Ross, retired world class klischnigger now living in Mexico, had provided me with the following information: Harry Belli was one of 6 or 7 children all working in the circus of their parents in Germany, Circus Belli. For some reason this circus stopped and Harry went into engagements with his 7 lions. The act was wonderful as he had all big male lions (with those big heads and all that hair) and Harry knew very well how to present the act. The circus Strassburger from Holland made a season in Germany in 1956 and had Harry with his lions in the program, as well for the program in the building in Scheveningen (Holland) in the same year. After that, Mr. Belli worked with circus Strassburger in the Carré building in Amsterdam in the winter 56-57, was on the next season (Holland 1957). It must have been in 1958 and part of 1959 that he trained his TIGER ON THE HORSE, because he worked with this act for the first time with Strassburger in Scheveningen, summer 1959. He married Elly Strassburger in 1957. In 1961, '62 and '63 the circus Strassburger did not go on tour, but in those years Harry Belli went on tour in Holland as Circus Belli. The tiger on the horse-act was very spectacular, there where two little dogs in it as well. Harry was with this act also in Argentina, and when his circus stopped he went with this act to several other countries.

 Harry Belli tiger.jpg (11658 bytes)

Harry Belli and his tiger Bila on horse-bag

Recently I received an email from Bill Weber, President of Language Services International, Inc. Hawai, with interesting additional information on Harry Belli. Bill wrote: ”By pure coincidence I found your request when I "surfed" the net for Harry Belli. When I was a teenager, I was a daily guest at the Circus of Regina and Elly Strassburger in Scheveningen, between 1953 and 1960, and had the great privilege to see Harry work, mainly with his tigers and lions. However, he was equally gifted with elephants and especially horses. As a dressage rider myself, we spent many hours together and Harry left me with many invaluable insights into his "gentle" manner of dressage. I will never forget when he was playfully preparing four young tigers and lions for a new act. After a few months, he said he would like to see them work with the presence of somebody else and asked me to accompany him. As I knew the act by heart, he asked me to work with the animals in his presence. I went through the whole act when I heard somebody applaud from the stands. I had not noticed that Harry had left me alone for the second part of the act... Just thinking about it still send chills down my spine. What a mark of confidence that was.

In 1960 I went to Geneva to study there, and the last times I saw Harry and Elly (Strassburger) was when he toured with Circus Knie in Switzerland in the mid sixties. He presented his famous act of the tiger on horseback. The tiger's name was Bila and the horse was a heavy but most gentle Percheron. The dog was Bila's constant companion. She lived and slept in Bila's cage, even after she had several litters of puppies. It took a lot of "tricking" Bila to let us approach the puppies as she guarded them jealously. You will find some information about Elli on the net by searching for "strassburger". There is a biography on his wife Elly, in Dutch. Harry Belli died in Hilversum in 1975 of a heart attack.

 Harry Belly og Ellt.jpg (18351 bytes)

Harry Belli and Elly Belli-Strassburger

Bill Weber was never really working in the circus world but spent all his vacations with the Dutch part of his family in The Hague from 1953 to 1960 and was a daily guest in the building of "Circus Strassburger" in Scheveningen. He always kept in touch with the riding world though and still teaches dressage in Hawaii.

Harry Belli had no connection to the Danish Circus Belli although the founders of Danish Circus Belli probably belonged to the same family. German Circus Belli visited Denmark in 1888. In 1904 German Circus Belli Bros. visited Denmark. They also used the name circus Frants Alouis. Belli Bros. might have visited Denmark even before 1904. One of the brothers Giovanni Belli married Danish Meta Jensen in 1908 and Circus Belli Bros. stayed in Denmark.  In 1919 the partnership amongst the Belli brothers was dissolved. Giovanni and his wife Meta stayed in Denmark and formed Circus Giovanni Belli. From 1924 the name was changed to Circus Belli. Giovanni died in 1929 and Mete Belli became sole proprietor. She went into partnership with German Willy Borchardt and from 1930 Circus Belli (sometimes using the name Belli-Borchardt) was among the leading circuses in Denmark. The partnership was dissolved in 1933 and Meta Belli became once again sole owner of Circus Belli, since 1934 assisted by Fredy Wachman who was considered as Meta's husband although they was never formally married. In the late 30's Circus Belli had grown to be the largest Danish circus. In season 1939 the major attraction was American cowboy-movie star Tom Mix. Meta Belli died in 1953 and her circus was sold to investors without any connection to the Belli family. Those investors sold Circus Belli to Eli Benneweis (owner of circus Benneweis) in 1955. Circus Belli's last season was in 1957.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

18 April 2003

Anders Enevig 80 years. On 22 April 2003 the Danish author and circus expert and folklorist Anders Enevig can celebrate his 80 years birthday. From 1945 to 1965 Anders Enevig worked as a police officer. While working as a constable on the beat he became interested in the fortune and conditions of life of scavengers, tramps and meths drinkers. In 1964 and 1965 he published two books on this subject. Later on he felt interest in gypsies and other people travelling around. In 1965 he quit his job at the police to become assistant museum keeper at a museum in Odense. From 1981 to 1983 he published in 3 volumes the book Cirkus i Danmark (”Circus in Denmark”) with an impressively amount of informations on the Danish circus families such as Schumann, Benneweis, Miehe, Belli etc. Anders Enevig’s latest book is a book from 2001 on Danish Circus Posters. The book has 161 pages with 40 beautiful full-page reproductions in colour of circus posters by well-known Danish artist Oscar Knudsen and Erik Stockmarr. The book includes a summary in English, German, French and Spanish and is thus also of interest for non-Danes. It is published by Borgen publishers in Copenhagen. ISBN 87-21-01555-4.

 enevig.jpg (18213 bytes)

Anders Enevig 

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

15 April 2003

The new tenant of the Copenhagen Circus Building Swedish Wallmans Nöjen have now started the renovation of the building. First new thing will be an artist café decorated with posters and photos from the many circuses and artist who have performed at the Circus Building. Several of the posters and photos will be provided by the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen, and from the collection of the Swedish Circus Academy. In charge of the decoration is among others Tino Rivero who for several years worked as trapeze acrobat with Ringling. The café should be ready for opening by the end of May 2003.

WC_bygningen_dk_vit.gif (14153 bytes)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

11 April 2003

As previous years there will from 14 June to 10 August as free attraction be short circus performances at the amusement park BonBon-land in Holme-Olstrup. Among the performers will be the 3 Brazilian daredevils from the Diorios troupe in their globe of death. Diorios toured with Danish Circus Arena in 2002. Daily performances at 3:30 and 5 p.m.

 Dioris.jpg (19809 bytes)

Diorios, photo taken in Circus Arena 2002

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8 April 2003

Schumann-news. The clown and multi-acrobat Benny Schumann has updated his website Language: Danish, English, French and Spanish. From the site it is now possible to download short video clips from Benny’s films and shows. Benny is the grandson of the late clown Charlie Rivel and son of Albert and Pauline Schumann and cousin to Katja Binder Schumann of New York’s Big Apple Circus. - Benny Schumann is producer of the annual International Clown Festival at Bakken (amusement park north of Copenhagen). Among the performers in the 2003-festival will be Kotini Jr (silver clown winner from Monte Carlo), Russian Duo Zapashnaya music act (first time in Denmark), Arthur Vercoe Pedlar and Allan, comical bike act and The Flying Super Nuts, (first time ever – a new Danish act) and Benny Schumann himself. The International Clown festival takes place from 5 to 17 August.

Benny, Briano og ponyerne.jpg (16323 bytes)

 Benny Schumann with ponies and assistant animal trainer Briano

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

7 April 2003

The Copenhagen Tivoli. As always Tivoli will at their Open Air Stage present some first class acrobats as free attractions. From 12 April to 25 May you can see Laszlo Simet (Giant Wheel) and Sharkov Brothers (Partner Equilibristic). From 26 May to 3 July you can meet Duo Aragorn (Aerial Voltige), Sharkov Brothers (Partner Equilibristic) and Consuello Reyes (Foot-Juggling). From 14 July to 17 August: Duo Sorellas (Double Trapeze), Kris Kremo (Gentleman Juggling) and Jidinis & Magic Co. (Illusionist/Magic Show). And from 18 August to 21 September The Simets (High-Wire) and Jidinis & Magic Co. (Illusionist/Magic Show). Several of the performers are old friends of Denmark. Lazlo Simet/The Simets performed in Tivoli in 1998, at Circus Benneweis in 1999 and in Tivoli in 2001. Consuela Reyes toured with Circus Benneweis in 1983 and 2001, performed in Tivoli in 1985 and 1995 and travelled with Circus Arena in 1987. World class juggler Kris Kremo was in Tivoli in 1992, 1993 and 1999 and toured with Circus Circus Benneweis in 2002. Jidinis performed at Benneweis in 1998 and in Tivoli in 2001.

 Plaenen 2002.jpg (21297 bytes)

Performance at the Open Air Stage (photo from 2002)

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

3 April 2003

Circus Charlie has its opening day in Frederikshavn on 8 April. Among the performers are the clowns Red and Blue, Miss Magic, artist from Scandi Balti Circus School in Latvia and the clown Charlie (alias circus owner Einar Trie). Circus Krone (no, the not the large German one but the Danish dog and pony show) presents a musical act called ”Los Cauchos” from Ukraine and a bike act performed by Voronin Andrey. Misi is supt. Canvas and presents a dog act. Eva Varadi presents her antipode (foot juggling) act. Circus owner Irene Thierry’s husband Jan Allan present liberty horses and performs as the clown Alando. Circus Krone will open the season on 10 April at Haarup (Krone’s winterquarter).

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

2 April 2003

Danish comedy casceadeurs Steckel’s (Freddi Steckel and Line Vittrup) is this year on tour with Swedish Circus Circus Maximum. They have replaced Peter Freeman (Old Regnas) who due to illness could not as scheduled tour with Maximum in 2003. Last year Steckel’s toured with Norwegian Circus Merano. Freddi Steckel’s brother Jacki Steckel is as in 2002 daily manager for Swedish Circus Skratt. Swedish Bo Rönnberg, who rents the circus, tent and all, from Benny Berdino of Danish Circus Arena, owns circus Skratt.

 steckels2.jpg (22871 bytes)

Steckel’s at Circus Maximum 31 March 2003 (Photo: Roger Malmer)

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

25 March 2003

Danish dog and pony shows. Two of the small Danish circuses have now released the name of the performers for their 2003 summer tour. Circus Arli who have their season opening on 5 April in Floeng (Copenhagen suburb) present the bike acrobats Saschas, the acrobats Duo Lorenz and the comical acrobats Blues Brothers. Furthermore several member of the Arli family can be seen: Alexander Arli (circusowner Soren Arli’s grandson) will do juggling and Bettina Arli (Soren Arli's daughter in love) present a dog act. Martino & Co. (Martin, Alexander and Bettina Arli) does clowning. Furthermore Circus Arli will present a contortion act and ladder balancing. Circus Mascot this year celebrating their 10th season, presents Miss Tatyana with a hula hoop-act, Prymachenko with an arial act, the juggler Zdenek and Miss Maria in airring. Circus owner Jess Deleuran present ponies, his wife Marianne Deleuran poodles and their 13 years old son Daniel a rola rola act and a juggling act on a swing wire. Opening day is on 3 April in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

20 March 2003

Circus Baldoni will start the season by a visit to Isle of Bornholm from 12 to 21 April before the official opening day on 25 April in Dragor (Copenhagen suburb close to the Copenhagen Airport Kastrup). Circus owner René Marvin (alias Mr. Baldoni) presents The skipping Baltics, Jane in an arial act, the clown Ploppi, Bro Brothers in straps and as comical cascadeurs, The Barbie Family, plate spinning jugglers, Tatjana handstand acrobat, Katya in an arial act and Rene Marvin himself as magician and ventriloquist.

 Baldoniforestillung.jpg (20869 bytes)

Photo from Baldoni’s 2002-performance. René Marvin is standing to the far left,

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

17 March 2003

For a number of years I have every spring send a short review of the previous circus season in Denmark to some friends in the English-speaking part of the world. Click here to read The circus year in review 2002 - Denmark.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

14 March 2003

Circus Benneweis. Circus owner Diana Benneweis calls her 2003 program for ”Startime 2003”. Main attraction is the Italian clown Fumagalli (awarded with a silver clown in Monte Carlo 2001) performing together with his brother Darius. Fumagalli (Gianni Huesca) and Darius Huesca are former teeterboard acrobats and toured Denmark with their teeterboard act called The Darix Troupe in 1976 with Circus Benneweis and in 1986 with Circus Arena. Other performers with Benneweis in 2003 are handstand acrobat Glen Nicolodi who I last time saw in 2001 with German Circus Barum where he used a poodle as his partner. Ronald and Tyranna Spindler present camels and African elephants. Danish born Steven Pedersen present his sealions and his penguins. Ministrelli's street theatre presents an act with dogs. Russian arial acrobats Duo Urunov performs in Asian Ring and ride high school under the name Dzen. From Italy come the diablo jugglers Alessandro and Isabella Troici with an act called Double faces. And the 5 Russian acrobats from Novikovs perform in a horizontal bar.

 klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

13 March 2003

The tent crew from Circus Arena has put up Arena’s brand new Italian-made big top with 4 king poles at the Copenhagen Circus lot known as Bellahoj. The tent is a 41 x 49-meter big top with slightly more than 1,700 chairs. Circus owner Benny Berdino claims that it is the largest circus tent in Scandinavia. Swedish Circus Scott uses at 4-pole tent with a diameter of 46 meter. It takes calculation to figure out if such tent is larger or smaller than Arena’s tent. Circus Benneweis use a tent with at diameter of 42 meter. Circus Dannebrog's tent is 32 meter in diameter. Circus Baldoni's tent is 32 meter in diameter. So at least in Denmark Arenas tent is the largest circus tent.

klovn.gif (1460 bytes)

 6 March 2002

Circus Dannebrog has published its 2003 programme. Opening day will be on 27 March at Vojens in the southern part of Jutland. Circus owner Haddy Enoch calls this year’s performance ”Around the world with Circus Dannebrog". Mademoiselle Martina presents a handstand act. The 9 artist from the Dascal troupe present a skipping act. In 2002 this troupe toured with Circus Olympia in Sweden. The Enoch family presents their excellent bike acrobat act called The Haddies jr.jr. Isabella Enoch and Les Superfemmes present Arial acrobatic in a rotating trapeze. Irinich Doinitza performs with her poodles. Katja Enoch (youngest daughter of Haddy Enoch) present liberty horses. Freddy Anthony presents his musical comedy act. He toured in Denmark with Circus Schumann from 1978 to 1980. In 1993 and 1994 he performed at the Copenhagen amusement part Bakken and 2000 he toured in Denmark with Circus Arli. Josephine Casselly presents elephants. Vicky and Hans Pedersen presents their 4 sealions and 4 penguins. Bernhard Casselly Kaselowskis present his camels. The Liubas Troupe are acrobats (they toured with Swedish Circus Olympia in 2002 using the name the Moldavia Troupe). Russian Irina and Jury Kosincev do clowning. Ringmistress is as previous years Haddy Enoch’s oldest daughter Agnete Louise Enoch.

 Moldavia 2002.jpg (19225 bytes)

The Liubas troupe, photo taken in Circus Olympia 2002

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28 February 2003

Danish circuses 2003. The first Danish circus to open summer season 2003 will be Circus Arena with opening day 22 March in Copenhagen. The performing artist was mentioned at this page on 16 January 2003. 27 March is opening day for Circus Dannebrog at Vojens in the southern part of Jutland. The program will be announced on 20 March. 3 April is opening day for as well Circus Benneweis as tiny Circus Mascot, Benneweis in Hilleroed north of Copenhagen and Mascot in Roslov in the Northern part of Jutland. Silver-clown winning clown Fumagalli will be among the star at Benneweis’ performance. Circus Arli will begin season 2003 at Floeng (close to Copenhagen) early April 2003. Circus Charlie and Circus Krone will open their doors sometime in April both of them in Jutland. On 25 April Circus Baldoni has opening day at Dragor (a Copenhagen suburb). Most of the performers are from the Latvia Circus School in Riga.

fugmagali2003.jpg (16476 bytes)

Fumagalli will be amongst the performers at Circus Benneweis’ 2003-performance. At the photo he is seen together with his brother and partner Darius at a performance in Swedish Circus Scott 2002.

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24 February 2003

Male contortion. In the beginning of January I mentioned that Walter from Rio de Janeiro was searching for information on male contortion. If have now learned that such information can be found at . I mentioned that retired world class contortionist Charly Ross was German. Charly has corrected me: I understand that you are "mixed up" about my nationality. Well, I am Dutch even if "Kahmann" sounds German. I think a great great grandfather or someone like that was a German, but I am pure from Holland. "Charly Ross" was my artist name. - Charlys civil name is Carlos Kahmann.

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17 February 2003

The green lady at Valencia – Lillian Leitzel. Last year Danish world class magician Heinz Saxburger published his memories. In his book he tells the following story (my translation from Danish):

”In the 1960’ies I performed at the Valencia Music Hall in Copenhagen. When on the second or third night I was sitting in front of the mirror in my dressing room I suddenly in the mirror saw a young blond lady in green tights smiling at me leaning at the doorframe. Of cause I turned around to say hello to her but she disappeared which I found was a strange behaviour. Just smile to me and then disappear without saying anything. I could not spot her amongst the performers. I found it a strange meeting and mentioned it to an older colleague at the Artists Trade Union. His reaction was to say: ”Oh, you have seen her. Be happy for that”.

He told me that the first arial performer to complete the triple from trapeze to catcher died after a fall in Berlin in the early 1930’ies. His widow continued as trapeze performer but fall to her death a couple of years later at the Valencia Music Hall. Once in a while performers at Valencia saw her. And it meant good luck when she was smiling at one standing in the same tights as she wore the night she fall to her death! She was only seen in the mirror – to the best of my knowledge no one ever saw her directly. But I was told that such incident was not something to talk about. For almost 40 years I have mentioned the incident to no one. But now when the Valencia Music Hall is closes years ago I feel that I can tell about my knowledge. I guess there might be other artist, which have had the same experience as me. Whether my good luck after 1960 is due to the smile of the green lady I don’t know.

There is a few mistakes in Saxburger’s story: The arial acrobat Lillian Leitzel who died 15 February 1931 after a fall in the Valencia Music Hall 13 February did not perform at trapeze but in Roman Rings. Part of her performance was a series of swing-owers or one-arm planges. Generally she executed around 100 turns but her record was 249 flips. From 1919 she was the reigning queen at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily where she met and married a fellow performer Alfredo Codona the King of Trapeze being famous for his triple somersault. During the winter months when the circus was not on tour Alfredo and Lillian played engagements at various theatres in America and Europe. On 13 February 1931 Lillian was appearing at the Valencia Music Hall in Copenhagen and Alfredo at the Berlin Winter garden. Lillian had finished the first part of her performance and was preparing for the second half consisting of planges of the swivel ring. As she started that part of her performance suddenly the swivel ring snapped ant she fell twenty feet to the ground. She tried to get up but was overruled and taken to hospital where she died two days later. Afterwards Alfredo Codona became more reckless than ever in his performance. He married another circus performer but the marriage was not lucky. When the marriage was about to terminate Codona was asked by his wife to meet her at hers lawyers office. Codona appeared pulled out a revolver shot his wife and killed himself.

A few hours before her tragic fall Lillian gave an interview to a Danish Newspaper.

Click here to read a translation to English of this interview.

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20 February 2003

Teatro Glimt. Teatro Glimt (glimt is the Danish word for glint) is a newly created performing company that try to blend the respective scene arts of theatre, dance, circus, music and street theatre into a hopefully enjoyable cocktail. Camila Sarrazin and Lars Gregersen formed Teatro Glimt in the summer of 2002. Drawing on their past experiences, they wanted to make a company that expressed the mix of theatre and circus. Creating performances that blended theatre, dance and street theatre with high quality circus techniques. In January 2003, the musician Rasmus Skovmand joined. They are now, together with Johnny Sorensen from the Danish theatre group "Batida", working on a new street theatre show "The Dinner" for the summer of 2003. Camila is born in Chile and have a o taken classes of trapeze and tissue in Santiago, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona. Lars Gregersen is educated at the circus school of Copenhagen and in the National circus school of Russia. He performs a o on slack rope and with handstands. Besides being a musician Rasmus Skovmand has received education in Acrobatics and Circus skills. Lars Gregersen has  - sometimes together with Camilla – performed at several new wave performances such as Apropos, Nova Exit, False Majeure etc. Find more about Teatro Glimt at


Lars Gregersen.JPG (9939 bytes)    Rasmus Skovmand.JPG (11722 bytes)    Camila Sarrazin.JPG (6636 bytes)

Lars Gregersen         Rasmus Skovmand      Camila Sarrazin

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19 February 2003

”New” tent ready for Circus Baldoni. ”Our new tent is now at our winterquarter”, René Marvin of Circus Baldoni tells. ”Last weekend Thessa (René’s fiancée) and I went to Cologne in Germany to pick up the tent. It is the same size as the old one being 26 meter in diameter. It is 5 or 6 years old. On our way back from Cologne we visited Frantz Althoff´s Pferdepalast in Hamburg. A true circus theatre with artists and actors and a lot of performing horses. Everyone ought to see that show.” – Pferdepalast is for the time being touring Germany with the performance ”Der Zauberwald”. More information to be found at 

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18 February 2003

Many visitors to Benny Schumann’s minicircus. From 10 to 15 February Benny Schumann presented his minicircus at the West Zealand shopping mall in Slagelse. More than 7,000 saw one of the performances.  At one of the performances Benny had a rather unpleasant experience. After having finished the act with the sleeping pony Mustafa a guy entered the circle and told in a threatening way Benny to behave and not call his pony for Mustafa. Benny told him that the name wasn’t chosen to make fun on anyone but because a horse called Mustafa performed with the same act in Circus Schumann 50 years ago. But the guy was still very upset although he left the circle. Benny will in the future call the pony by its nickname Musti although most Muslims are just smiling when the hear that the pony is named Mustafa.

 Mustafa - Benny.JPG (18501 bytes) 

Benny Schumann and the pony Mustafa (photo by courtesy of Benny Schumann)

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14 February 2003

Circus Arena’s new tent is under production in Italy. It will be a 41 x 49 meter big top with slightly more than 1,700 chairs most of them numbered. You can find a slide show from the production of the tent and the seating facility at Danish - click at ”Sidste nyt om teltet under ARENA NYT”)

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12 February 2003

Circus Arena at the Faeroe Islands. Due to a cancelled flight Arena spent only two of the scheduled 3 days at the Faeroe Island. 3 performances was given and seen by 3,400 people.

 suns .JPG (17365 bytes)

Chinese Tseng-Hai Sun-family performing in Circus Arena at Torshavn, Faeroe Islands (photo by courtesy of Christian Warrer/Circus Arena)

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3 February 2003

Circus Kenny which today is owned by Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog present an indoor performances at the Rosengaard shopping mall in Odense from 17 to 25 February 2003. Among the performers are Belgian Sandrine Bové with her dogs, the Finnish juggler Calle Jernström (son of circusowner Carl-Gustaf Jernström of Circus Finlandia) and the musical clowns di Lello (Alan and Jeany di Lello) who toured with Circus Dannebrog in 1999. Circus Kenny was founded by the late Kenn Anker Petersen (one of the magicians Key Brothers) as a wintercircus with indoor performances. Later Kenn Anker Petersen sold Circus Kenny to Haddy Enoch.

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2 February 2003

Tent for sale. René ”Marvin” Moenster of Circus Baldoni wants to sell his old tent. It is a 4-pole tent 26 meters in diameter. Some repair is needed. The price is 55,000 DKK (7,400 Euro). Send René an email at if you are interested in his old tent.

 baldonitelt2002.jpg (9831 bytes) 

This it the tent René Marvin offers for sale

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2 February 2003

Duo Aerius. ”We are doing pretty well,” Esben Aerius of the Danish arial cradle duo Aerius writes. From 8 January to 16 March Esben and his partner Maja can be seen at Roland-Frosch Variete in Münster, Germany. Maja is also working in tissue (aerial silk). From September you can meet Duo Aerius at Variete EtCetera in Bochum. The two talented Danes are interested in offers for April, May, June, July and August. Find more about Duo Aerius at

Aerius 3 22.12.2000.gif (16589 bytes)

Duo Aerius in their cradle routine

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2 February 2003

I might have been too optimistic when I on 28 January wrote about the planed renovation of the Copenhagen Circus lot at Bellahoj. The City of Copenhagen is looking for cost cutting at their budget and the result could be that the Copenhagen Circus Lot is closed and not renovated. The City is considering to offer circuses a lot at Amager Faelled – a long distance from the city centre and not a very attractive location for circuses.

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29 January 2003

Christer Nilsson from the Swedish Magical Archive suggest you to visit and write ”circus” – then you can se a lot of old circus movies. Or write ”magic” if you want to see magicians.

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28 January 2003

Renovation of the Copenhagen Circus lot at Bellahoj. For some years the circus lot at Bellahoj in Copenhagen used by Danish circuses for more than 50 years has been a rather muddy lot in a pretty bad condition. The City of Copenhagen owns the lot. The city council will this summer have the lot renovated and drained and changed to a gravelled lot more convenient to travelling circuses. Renovation will not be started until late April when Circus Arena has left the Bellahoj after their traditional opening stand in Copenhagen from late March to late April.

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26 January 2003

Facelift on My youngest son and webmaster Lars felt that this page needed a facelift. We do hope you will like the new look. Fell free to send us an email with comments.

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24 January 2003

Clown Festival in Lyngby. Around 5,000 persons mainly children from kindergartens visited one or more of the clown performances given in connection with the so-called National Classical Clown Festival in Lyngby (a Copenhagen suburb) from 22 to 23 January 2003. Photographer Lise Kokholm took the photos printed beyond.


Lyngbyklovn2.jpg (28094 bytes)

  Lyngbyklovn_350_RT8.jpg (14210 bytes)    Lyngbyklovn4.jpg (10958 bytes)    Lyngbyklovn_455_RT8.jpg (13956 bytes)  

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23 January 2003

Sir Benny. ”I wonder if you could help me with the Mail Address from Benny, a Danish
artist who for a long time was a partner in the Trio Findals and later made
his own magic-act. I would like it very much to get in touch with him and
thank you in advance in case you can help me”, former world class contortionist Charly Ross writes. Assisted by Christer Nilsson from the Swedish Magical Archive I got in contact with Danish magician and entertainer ”Sir” Benny Fjeldsoe who for the time being is working at Club La Santa at the Canary Islands. And Sir Benny could confirm that he and his wife has known Charly Ross since the 1960’ties and would love to hear from Charly.

 Sir Benny 2.GIF (37055 bytes)

Sir Benny (photo by courtesy of ”Sir” Benny Fjeldsoe)

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16 January 2003

Circus Arena has published its 2003 programme. Opening day will be on 22 March at Bellahoj in Copenhagen. Karl Ramwell should be one of the fastest jugglers in the world. Swedish trick-riders Kosowiik’s have built up an excellent reputation and have appeared in many circuses but this is their first visit to Denmark apart from 3 days in 2001 when Swedish Circus Scott ended their 2001 season in Denmark. Stephan Cureadeau presents a bike act. Ingo Stiebner performs with his sealions Ruby and Cecil. He was with Circus Benneweis in 1998, Circus Arena in 2000, Swedish Circus Maximum in 2001 and Swiss Circus Knie in 2002. Flying Ciobanu performs in flying trapeze. Suzanne Berdino (daughter of circus owner Benny Berdino) will present liberty horses. As in 2002 Sonny Frankello will present his African elephants. He has in earlier years performed at Circus Benneweis and in the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. The Catanana Troupe will present their teeterboard act. Clowning will be done by Los Sittos from Spain and (as the last two seasons) Bonbon from Denmark.

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16 January 2003

As previous years Circus Arena will tour with an indoor performance a couple of weeks in January and February. The indoor tour will this year end up at the Faeroe Islands. Among the performers are Chinese acrobats Tseng-Hai Sun family, Finnish juggler Kalle Järnstrøm and Danish comical casdeadeurs Steckel’s. Two members from the Arli family of Circus Arli will take part of the performance: Martin Arli as magician, his son Alexander Arli with riverdance step and handstand and father and son together as the clowns Martino & Co.  Furthermore the Danish balloon clown Larna and Suzanne Berdino and her liberty horses, dogs and camels will be in the performance. Also Russian antipodist Svetlana and her hula-hop-dancing daughter Marina can be seen, however not at the Faeroe Islands.

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14 January 2003

Elvard ”Elwardo” Johansson passed away. Danish handstand acrobat Elvard Johansson has passed away 77 years of age. In his younger days he was internationally well known and had performed with celebrities as Marlene Dietrich and Edit Piaf. His son Nick Olander is chairman of The Danish Artist Union

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13 January 2003

Jens Preben Tersgov passed away. Jens Preben Tersgov also known as the magician Tergovas died on 29 December 2002. Jens Preben Tersgov was born in Hoeng in 1930. As a young man he won the first price at a competition arranged by the Danish Magicians. Many Danes will remember him from the years 1974 to 1984 when he under the name Tergovas & co. presented magician acts in Circus Arena assisted by circus owner Benny Berdino’s wife Hanne Berdino and daughter Suzanne Berdino. From 1963 to 1966 Jens Preben worked with German Circus Barum which in these days was owned by Eli Benneweis. From 1968 he worked as manager with Circus Benneweis. Later he moved to circus Arena where he as mentioned besides being manager presented his magician act. In 1985 he returned to Circus Benneweis however not as a performer. 5 year later he retired. Besides being a performer Jens Preben Tersgov was a collector – his collections contains more than 4,000 posters.

tergovas1.jpg (14342 bytes)             tergovas2.jpg (9264 bytes) 

Tergovas – at the photo to the right together with Suzanne and Hanne Berdino

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10 January 2003

cirkusskolen.jpeg (14635 bytes)

Einar Trie from Circus Charlie has for several years each summer arranged a one week circus summer camp in Frederikshavn in the Northern part of Jutland for children and youngsters from 10 to 21 years. This year the circus summer camp will take place from 23rd to 28th June. Further information and a lot of pictures can be found at

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6 January 2003

The talented Swedish trick riders Kosowiik’s will perform at Danish Circus Arena from 22 March to mid September 2003. The Kosowiik´s comprise of the Wiik brothers who are the younger generation of the World famous “Jerry Jimmy & Johnny” who were the circus trick riding stars of the 1970´s. There are 4 members in the troupe, 3 of them on horseback each with their own white Arabian stallion horse. These young artists have built up an excellent reputation and have appeared in circus, TV shows, stunt filming, show jumping and circus festivals. The have just returned from the Circus Festival in Liege in Belgium. The Kosowiik´s act is fast and furious, with many precision stunts to keep the adrenaline flowing among their audience. The show is complemented by excellent lighting, smoke effects and action music. Kosowiik's toured with Swedish Circus Scott in 2001 and Finish Circus Finlandia in 2003. For the time being the troupe comprise Jerry Wiik’s two sons Antony (born 1980) and Gary (born 1982), Antony's girlfriend Rosalie and an additional rider.

 Kosowiiks1s.gif (5401 bytes)             Kosowiiks2s.gif (4285 bytes)

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5 January 2003

The comical cascadeurs Steckel’s are among the performers at an indoor winter circus presented by Circus Arena the first two weeks of February in some sport arenas etc in Jutland.

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 5 January 2003

Male contortion. “I enjoy very much your site. Very useful for those, like me, who love circus and circus arts. I have an special interest about male contortion which is getting to be rare in the modern circus programme and would appreciate any further information (who and where performing) you could kindly send to me,” writes Walter from Rio de Janeiro. - Yes male contortion seems to be rare these days. For many years German Charly Ross ("Die Schlange") was the champion. He has written a book: Die Schlange erzählt (language German). I received an email from Charly Ross in may 2001.He was then living in Mexico and was although retired still interested in the circus world. Charly was born in 1939 and got the idea to dress as "the human snake" in 1983. He told me that he retired on 30 December 1996. Last time we saw male contortion in a Danish circus was in 1991 when Argentinean Hugo Zamoratte was with Circus Benneweis. Hugo Zamarotta called himself the man in the bottle – one of his props was a 5-gallon bottle into which he pressed himself. Walter remembers seeing Zamoratte perform in the 80ies in an Argentinean circus, which was in season in São Paulo. "I chat with him briefly, nice man, he seams to be at the beginning of his career then," Walter tells. – Send me an email if you can provide Walter with further information on male contortion.

 charly ross 1.jpg (6221 bytes)             Charly Ross 3.jpg (12121 bytes)

Charly Ross – die Schlange

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3 January 2002

Success for Bonbon & Tiina in Norway. According to Norwegian newspapers the Danish/Finnish clown duo Bonbon & Tiina had great success at the Bergen Variety Theatre in November/December 2002. The summer season 2003 will bring Bonbon & Tiina back to Danish Circus Arena. The two funmakers were also on tour with Circus Arena in 1999, 2001 and 2002.

 bonbon.gif (14167 bytes)

Bonbon & Tiina

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3 January 2003

Bike acrobat Malte Knapp and fireeater Tabasco (Rickard Ljungberg) will be on tour with Norwegian Circus Agora in 2003. Opening day is on Hamar on 15th March 2003. Swedish Circus Maximum can celebrate its 20 years anniversary in 2003. Among the performers this year are the two French musical clowns Yann and Hector Rossyann who also was on tour with Maximum in 2002. Other performers are Dutch juggler Bert van Vaigt, Swedish Jessica Bengtsson with liberty horses and English Sean Wilson Smart presenting 4 elephants rented from Italian Enis Togni who earlier provided Danish Circus Arena with performing elephants. Also an Italian troupe in flying trapeze will be among the performers in Circus Maximum. Opening day will be 28 March 2003 in Älvsered.

 rossyann clowns.jpg (18795 bytes)

Rossyann clowns in Circus Maximum’s ring in 2002

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2 January 2003

Nelly Jane Benneweis will be guest of honour at the Swedish Great Circus Day arranged by The Circus Academy in Sweden. The arrangements takes place 1 February in Stockholm. It is 26th year in row the Swedes arrange a Great Circus Day. Nelly Jane was ringmistress at Danish Circus Benneweis for many years. At the Great Circus Day she will tell about her life in circus.

 Nelly Jane.jpg (14419 bytes)

Nelly Jane, photo by Roy Himsel (CEO of The Circus Academy)

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1 January 2003

From today and for the next 10 years Swedish Wallmans Nöjen (Wallman’s amusement) are the tenant in the Copenhagen Circus Building. Wallman's will primary use the building as a variety theatre and dancing restaurant.

 hasseframcirkus_s.jpg (21283 bytes)

Hasse Wallman CEO of Wallmans Nöjen in front of the Copenhagen Circus Building

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1 January 2003

This website had 11,759 hits in 2002. Hits through deep-links is not registered.

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