Links to Danish circuses

(These links are only in the Danish language)

Circus Arena

For time being the largest circus in the Nordic countries, established in 1955

Circus Arli 

Small Danish circus, established in 1971

Circus Baldoni  

Medium sized Danish circus, established in 1998 (2002)

Circus Benneweis

Large Danish circus, established in 1877, making it the world's oldest circus still owned by the same family. Has not been on tour since 2015. .

Circus Krone

Small Danish circus, in its present form established in 1984

Circus Mascot

Small Danish circus, established in 1994

Cirkus Trapez

Medium sized Danish circus. Established in 2006, but apart from special (sold) performances and since 2014 two weeks of winter circus in sport arenas etc. not touring regulary in tent until 2016

Zirkus Nemo

A combination of circus and comedy show. Owner the comedian and actor Søren Østergaard. Established 1999

Other Danish links

(Unless otherwise mentioned these links are only in the Danish language)

The Danish Artist Union

The trade union for professional artists. The Danish Artist Union was founded in 1918 and has approx. 1500 members. Part of the website is The Artists’ Handbook containing photos and information on each member.

The Gautier Family (Danish, English and French)
Information on the Gautier family and Elvira Madigan

Tivoli Gardens (Danish and English)

The famous Danish amusement garden established in 1843 is an oasis in the heart of Copenhagen.

The Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen (language Danish and English)

Step into the marvellous world of the circus and experience fun props, beautiful costumes, amazing photos and rare footage. The museum displays the life of the circus, the family traditions and the different acts you can find in the circus from fleas to elephants and clowns to acrobats. You can experience some of the greatest artists from the variety scene and circus ring such as Charlie Rivel the clown, whose famous guitar is on display, Truxa the magician whose famous mind-reading trick is revealed, Paulina Schumann and many more.

We want you to explore the exhibition: Press the buttons, open the hatches, play the games and a new world will reveal itself.

For a more fun-filled experience the children can try on some of the costumes in the exhibition or you could try our quiz or circus challenge as a family .

The Circus Museum in Rold (language Danish and English)

The Circus Museum in the village Rold is established in the old winter quarters of Cirkus Miehe by the inn "Rold Gl. Kro" and houses the only preserved wooden circus building in Denmark. The museum gives you an impression of circus as a working place through 200 years. Hear about the everyday life of the circus manager, the artist, the stable man and the child in an environment, which includes much more than applause and admiration from the audience.

Danish Circus Friends (Danske Cirkusvenner)

The Danish association of circus friends. Publishes jointly with the Circus Museum in Hvidovre the yearly magazine Cirkusbladet and several time every year the e-magazine CirkusPosten.

Links to circuses in Finland, Norway and Sweden

Cirkus Agora (Norway)

Medium sized circus, established in 1989 by the tight wire acrobat Jan-Ketil Smørdal. It grew and quickly became a medium-sized business with nice programs. Later Agora got problems and was declared bankrupt in November 2008. It started up again in 2009, but the season ended with another bankruptcy. Not on tour 2010 to 2016 but reasumed touring in 2017.

Circus Arnardo (Norway)

Large circus. The oldest circus in Norway, established in 1949 by Arne Arnardo, now owned by his son Arild Arnardo.

Circus Brazil Jack (Sweden)

Large circus. Today owned by Carmen og Trolle Rhodin Jr., daughter-in-law and son of Trolle Rhodin (1917-1997) who for many years was artistic director for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. The circus is named after Trolle Rhodin Jr.'s grandfather, the artist Brazil Jack. 

Circus Finlandia (Finland)

The largest circus in Finland, established by Karl-Gustaf "Calle"' Jernström i 1976

Circus Maximum (Sweden)

Large circus. Established in 1983 by Bengt Källquist (born 1958), who still is the owner of the circus. Will not be on tour in 2018

Circus Merano (Norway)

Large Circus. Established in 1975 by Knut Dahl, who still is the owner. Has not been on tour since 2014.

Circus Olympia (Sweden)

Medium sized circus, established in 1985 by Herbert Bengtsson (1947-2014). Now owned by Herbert's widow Henrika Bengtsson in corporation with her children Niklas og Jessica. Apart from running Cirkus Olympia the Bengtsson family rent out horses, camels etc. to other circuses.

Circus Scott (Sweden)

Large Circus. Established in 1937 by the brothers Herman (1885-1949), Carl (1889-1937), Bruno (1891-1937) and Nantini Bronett (1895-1952). Today owned by Bruno's grandson Robert Bronett (born 1964). Has not been on tours sinde 2016.

Circus Wictoria (Sweden)

Medium sized circus. Established in 1986 by Birgit and Stig Mosshagen. Since 2009 owned by Karin and Lars-Åke Jonsson.  Season 2016 stopped in June. Has since then not been on tour.

Other links

Museums of Circus, Artists and Showmen (language Danish, German and English)

A survey made by a circus interested Danish librarian Dan Roneklint Sorensen of museums of Circus, Artists and Showmen all over the world.

Circus Gastspiele (languages: German and Dutch)

Michael Uhleman's excellent website with information on circus routes (especially in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland)

Circus Online (language: German)

Daily updated website with short news from the European circus world.

Circopedia, the free encyclopedia of the international circus (language: English)

American website with e.g. biographies of a lot of artists, circus families etc. 

Circusmuseum (Languages: English and Dutch)

Duth website with close to 8,000 posters and 7,000 photos

Circus Historical Society (language: English)

Website for the American Circus Historical Society publisher of the Magazine Bandwagon. Includes the Circus History Message & Discussion Board, where you can put messages and questions and get answers. For the time being the message board is inactive.

Czech website with a lot of photos, most of them from circuses in the Czech republic and other east European countries.

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