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Facts about circus fans


Danish Circus Friends (former name The Barly Association) is an association of circus friends originally established with the purpose to assist in putting Barly's Collection on display. Facts on Barly's Collection can be found under facts about Danish circus collections. Today the purpose of the association is to promote interest for circuses and circus history, including supporting the Circus Museum at Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

Every year the association celebrates the World Circus Day in co-operation with the Cirdus Museum and some circuses. Together with the Museum it publish an annual magazine “Cirkusbladet”.

The association has a website at and can be contacted at

Cirkushusets Museumsforening (Circle of Friends of the Circus Museum) is closely connected to the Circus Museum in Rold in Jutland. You can mail the chairman Jorn Schou Rasmussen at

The Circus Academy in Sweden. The Circus Academy (Swedish name: Cirkusakademien - Akademien för cirkuskonstens bevarande i Sverige) publish in the Swedish language the bi-monthly circus magazine Cirkuläre Notitser and a number of other booklets about circuses and artist.

Homepage: http.// (language: Swedish only).

Norwegian Circus Forum (Norsk Cirkus Forum) was founded in 1986 and has aprox. 100 members. The association publish one a year a magazine with circus historical information, news etc. A collection, Norwegian Circus Collection, is under establishment. In charge of both the Forum and the collection is Øivind R. Larsen. The board of directors consists of Øivind R. Larsen, Thorbjørn Flo and Herman Berthelsen. Address: Norsk Cirkus Forum, P.O. Box 119, N-1441 Drøbak, Norway.

The English-speaking part of the world has a number of circus fans associations:

Circus Fans Association of America  P O Box 3187, Flint, MI 48502, USA

The CFA was established in 1926 to enjoy and preserve the circus as an institution. It is over 2500 members strong. The organisation publish the magazine, The White Tops. Published six times a year, The White Tops is a cornucopia of the national and international circus news, tent and top interests, performer profiles, updates about legislative initiatives, and historical facts and photos of circuses past.

Circus Historical Society, 2515 Dorset Road, Columbus OH 43221 USA 1-614 488 1271. Publishes bimonthly the worlds leading circus historical journal "Bandwagon" mainly with historical information on American shows. Website:

At the websites Circus History Message & Discussion Board you can post questions regarding circus history and very often get answers on your questions 

Circus Friends' Association This British association of circus friends has since 1934 kept its members in touch with all that is new and exiting in the world of circus. The "King Pole" circus magazine is published quarterly (March, June, September, and December) plus one King Pole Extra by the organisation. Link to homepage:

Germany has its Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde, Weserstrasse 11, D-45659 Recklinghausen, publishing a monthly circus magazine (in the German language) and holding a convention each year in April.



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